Dusty and Cam - 12.6.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, December 6th
WTF Wednesday, Willie Taggart leaving Oregon, and dirty hits in the NFL.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin camp in the morning and we've just inherent. And NFL veteran can Cleveland from the vet have a on the local business and we'll we'll have been in them that they didn't know. On the 1080. Our I knee 8 o'clock hour coming at this hour. Does organs cycle back to coach that knows organ like organ state did. Plus to get them to speak much room to talk about. But he gave an end to soccer Medford quote in his office holding up and procedures this is this he's battled her. No that's Ian he's gonna be so great for this conference I don't care what it meant I didn't care I just I am I can't wait. Cannot I came away for the coach's call I think the coast calls going to be spear he doesn't even say he has no concept in the uniform techno. Latinos they'd they'd like let's he said this is dangerously. Yet yet they change. Is it looks like they expand. A mobile I'd see that makes me question how much football Herm Edwards has launched a lately equipment. He does setting that he's press conference at Auburn coach of football for the last ten years. Note did you rush ability is yet and for long term mr. so yeah I question that's speaking of Herm Edwards there's. And a lot of WTF moments with him. And we bringing it every Wednesday now the northwest that gets done are WT Wednesday you know with the scrubs. Yeah I'm really excited for your I'd I'd personally that's going to flame out. But no sun devil pun intended but I think it's gonna be awesome and great to watch and hope that doesn't. But. Anytime anybody says no pun intended. That their podium make any kind because you are acknowledging that the un is there he is saying that just in case somebody missed that it was the time you sing no fun and enjoy the Pont all right I definitely do puns I do okay this stumble into them Alison what I would go back and junior. We need to apologize room. Don't don't apologize always brain samples in tiny added unintended gee do you need acknowledges PI let somebody else do it again. All this kind of wink when I say it all right photo Beckham got some new ink he says he's got tenth tee is now in very realistic. Depictions. I'm Martin Luther King Jr. Obama. Michael Jackson and the Joker. And now connects the image on that is Malcolm X but the Joker is who. Is it easier larger joke guess that I got lit okay Joker and then also Allen Iverson stepping over tie live. Is on his legs somewhere. That's an intra copious they like that that's very intricate all idol almost anti a lot of recent of these. It's like Ikon Ikon Ikon Joker Allen Iverson's stepping advertise that and that's symbolic. My question is do they get one celebrity tattooed on you though bush who would you get. Hot button you have to do you can't opt out here. And on. Can easy get Trent Dilfer on your leg him BBN news attach yourself to myself over got a stealthy done on my leg. Sports legend. This is different doesn't have any sports legend. She's super you know with Tom Brady right and in the middle of your chest trying to get well. And asked to leave on my heart you know when you talk Brady's chest it's you know king viewed on an hour right here it hurts Tom middle of your body with a halo. With the halo over his head it's your chest piece they say on this Edward Brady. And maybe just a house. It doesn't SP sports person known always could be anyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to the Joker. In any celeb. But that's me celebrity adamantly getting your wife no god know that's it's just a deficits present early fall I would get Chris Farley. That's again once it is difficult I thought I got I almost got a Chris Farley said he wants no line. I have navy and again in the day on Tuesday Ted you'd be so small nobody can see it. And be nice to see the SI sports person of the year yet picture with JoAnne I need. Well JJ watts arm is around him did you hand is the size of his head. That's a good I don't know Babe Ruth. Your baby Ambien and didn't sold slot and he would Aaron Babe Ruth class on the left shoulder this offer odds of how Ross the Boehner. He's in the entry to protect them treat for unilaterally ask Britain relented on air really Portland front and angry answer this might trigger asthma trigger camp. I was at a brunch spot. Apple's Saturdays ago in college football is on at a projector screen they're playing the Bob Ross painting. I mentioned to the server and my dad was here too you know we mentioned a college football would be nice to have on NBC said it's absolutely no way we're changing Bob Ross. You. Take that. They'll get I give walkout from a table tricks are moving on she said absolutely. Not do we know if Barbara hospice. Do you do you guys hear the he was like special forces. Oh he lives I'll you know yeah true or debunked I saw his military photos are these special forces but he was in the military. Get a nice head of hair nets back there are doing is -- very tells. Moving on news in the air force eighteen years or eighteen years old he's in medical records technicality that us special forces. Different. Sellout Ryan nanny. And SB nation. Did a Twitter campaign is called football writer. Stated Twitter campaign because he wanted to be Al backs blooming onion mascots. At the gas outback ball. And it at outback city needed to doesn't retreat he can do it and he got from. And so he gets still dress up like the blooming onion and beat a blooming onion mascot a question for you guys is what sued mascot do you think would be the coolest. To dress up as. Whose mascot yes through mask it can't be like arrest strike Camby like I'm not done in a many to be front and Alec grimaced. That's gonna go West Virginia Mountaineers found out I work now I'm going is going parmesan garlic wing at the bit at the Buffalo Wild Wings fall. They have that no I just made it up occasion I don't think I mean the blooming onion is good and I love blooming onions by the way wing normally do her real wing I don't know list that's not a wing Hulu does it contenders. On an end that's a glance. And trying to think of the arms through mascots out there. Laid men and be dad are endless renters and Walsh is Andy Reid and just go. The Hamburg ruler on a huge fan agreements are hopeful. Who would begin I can think of any means they include mascots. Moment ago you got all the serial mascots. Tony the Tiger mom dad drinks bunny to get points this. That he'd religious I'm gonna look like Jonas and Ellington. Tell Josh he'll. Franken Mary. Come on your to stand on the cereal thing here so I don't Amber's there on this ever been won Hamburg Miller and and again be grimace as your partner hey listen I love and a simple we do when you are your asking. CB and a little later on the mid section eight put on your husky years ago. In this according to Bob Ross. Having held in many many military positions that required him to be in his own words tough and mean. Quote the guy who makes you scrub bullet train the guy who make she make you dead guy he screens that you for being late to work. Bob Ross decided if he ever left the military he would never scream again. And ask don't sell us the joys of painting in his home. Fantasist great pain now thanks Bob. Dunham around the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars loans Bologna sandwiches. Aren't you guys honest. But he said. When I was in college. At Syracuse MM fuels saying my god how can you eat Bologna and I always like baloney and you never have to throw it out in other words and it's in the fridge to get a little film on me is Friday and it he's getting protests yes favorite sandwich she says after every single game. It's a white bread American cheese spicy mustard and Bologna sandwich census thing. But. After the last game jaguars. He was a little hats because he was getting guests over and he was having a hard time in a sandwich at reporters asked him managers wouldn't run at the same. Now you know what's so funny that I got it is this some people want to comment I've worked with him when officers university. My former teammates is here and couple of people's lives cut. She settled Christmas crap you know like like boxes are all through the house. So like I got to go out to dinner. And believe in its home I was thing about together last under the little brown on colonial of that oil gets lo let me. I'll have Bryant student movement. Adrenaline does this crap I'd love ya that's also true that. Thank you crap everywhere nick MacWorld Haiti's have you seen. That Merom night he remembered he looks like he looks like he got his front Bologna sandwiches for guys fried Bologna sandwiches he looks like Mike Leach here. He looks like migrate I'd let her Mike Leach likes polonium two. My colleagues pointed out on a guy and what are you fathom baloney now he's got us give us five minutes on baloney. And don't quite trust baloney like I just realized I'm out of his image they're question here doesn't add to my graduates did delicate gross kind of student guilty pleasure like I've heard of people eating a mayonnaise sandwich. Just Wonder Bread with two remaining days you know. I'm never had that. My dad used to pact mean. Cheese sandwiches like he would cut the block of cheese with Mayo and then he'd throw. That occasionally my momma packed the Mayo. Peanut butter pickles and almighty taught. Well let's. That's horrible did a thing a pregnant woman craves. I don't I don't know. You really this is this is all I grew up in the were born in the thirties and the forties I don't have anything different world lives and an ending that that. But people is Sam gross because my dad used to love couldn't plan these. So why is Steve at wide dealing jointly plus we can group this week from your sweet tooth. One yet to zucchini nobody likes that the little candies and fellow good clinics. Yeah. A popular thing in my school I sat. Arnold does this PCs. But we called the Mexican dangle all the Latino kids who get a bagel with cream cheese and they put flaming hot Tito's idea. Is it what it is actually sell sell goods is now credible and they have now the the court they do it that's when a hot. She does with core yap on the cob and you roll the corn on the cob gas is person says I love talking about a male because. I didn't know that was the thing. That's for that. You've country boys. Are some of our country boy I don't know. Coldest yet. Did orient cycle back to a coach that knows organ like Morgan State did would Jonathan Smith. Testing camp on the fan. This news dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love San. We have a whole long list of criteria. And two that's a bonus comic that's not where you start is that they're supposed to be one half. A divert the school brought people. Com and we will have that it them but at the end there's you know someone with ties that if that's a bonus but it's not at the top the list. Rob Mullins yesterday discussing whether or not the next head coach at Oregon. Needed to tip the again from the northwest and with northwest ties. That is to be determined that you hear Ramones not too worried about that aspect of it and but does a Morgan cycle back to you. A guy with organ connections and in the house aired northwest connections. Alike Morgan State did we Jonathan Smith is never coached outside of the northwest. All your competitors sure have. Certainly let's think about this even though he won a state Chris Peterson's not connects in the washing heat it really isn't northwest connection. Yes northwest being at Boise State stayed in this region keeping your connection there you see that your cross state rival just decided ago. All right we're gonna stay home on after our guy former player here. We know that David Shaw's got connections we know that anywhere in the country right now the connection is Willie tiger just went FF issue. We know that Scott frost has jumped because the connection is there to Nebraska. Everybody someway somehow. You have a connection. To do we see a former coach it's been here before do we see somebody that's brand new you have missed greens excuse me start over from the get go. Every time you bring in new coach and you bring in an entire. New program yeah it's starting over from scratch. In eight Oregon State said we need a guy who understands our area understands our region I think you need to do though a bit more when year that. At orient state. Rather than or again because you're looking at a more broader. Recruiting days ago from but he came back in a ditch you bid but this past year and that's the and that's the other question in this is. Everybody's sad. K Rollins in time for change we need to shake it up Willie tiger's going to be great because of the fact that does is had been there for thirty years thirty plus years these guys are there for too long. Now we're seeing a lot of the same phone numbers that text bat coming in with all Lilly tiger wasn't right for here anyways he wasn't and and even that is not big. A las. You know. Blah blah blah blah well. Would you rather have that consistency. That thirty years of consistency back then after this one year bowl full overhauled you're looking that you're coaching staff. You're asking me out. I like chains like inevitability sometimes there's a comfort zone for some people but if if it's broke which would Chip Kelly changed he changed everything. For organ he changed it moving forward you change your expectations he changed your fan basic change in national perception along. With Phil Knight at Nike they changed the entire landscape of college football from how you Wear uniforms value play office. Yes organist changed and there's no going back to that consistency now you have to find the identity. And it starts to your head coach who do you want you want its viewers salesman is every head coach is a good salesman the ones that are good out. Yeah you're gonna need somebody that's polarizing need somebody that's interesting in you're gonna need some of I can sell across the country. Yet but the one thing that he said as relates to this conversation wanting to Chip Kelly cat was. And all that consistency those thirty years nobody laughed you know that staff that might blobby and rich Brooks as herbal. You know for thirty plus years. That's fine but what she brought. With him Chip Kelly was innovative changed changed how football is key to lead those men that there for years and years and years. This is going to be somebody coming in wanna put their own stamp an identity on organ again. And NDI and a whole heartedly agreed anytime somebody like that they thought they had with Willie Taggart he is now gone he's being introduces. Head coach RC right now yeah. And he's saying the exact same things that he said in his organ breast now. According to use that tweet that I'm seeing right now and even tonight the same gestures he's gonna do we have gray Dave quality of areas in this grab you bring milk to. I mean ducks fans love it like low name is tiger you know but it works and fully bought and I don't think. As it is it pertains this. I think rob Mullins probable is that a good job in his last higher. I mean he can do good job said the attack on track but he did good job. A finding a guy who came in and made those changes that he said. Last time and he gave the spark he gave me lefty changed the attitude now is a completely innovative now didn't mean. If you are look at her diamond in the rough. We years needle in the haystack when you're looking for a guy who's gonna change the game as we know it. And that's ridiculous are defined but he found a guy who should get up and organ enough and Willie Taggart. Any less successful. Well in my opinion guys it's time to move on quickly you have to move fast in this in this day and aids there's a lot of coaches out there is lot of people traveling there's lot of guys trying to put their stabs together. You have to attack this you can't drag your feet can't be like cal did last year drag your feet ended January for our sixth. You have to get on this now you cannot drag your feet into next week no you get no you can't drag your feet into Thursday. Oh that's tomorrow. Mean ya know all you you don't have somebody hired by the weekend. I think that this is this you have to move very quickly you have to get gauge interest and say how much money will it take to get such and such immediate. And we will see whether that is Kevin some land or just had heard or if it's Mario Kristol one guy that is off the board Dow is Chad Morris. When a hot names end in football I'm in data mine former offensive coordinator act clans in and the head coach at southern Methodist SMU. He has been hired in Arkansas so Washington State fans can breathe a little easier idols I ever believed in now I just think that Mike Leach in his system and get slaughtered in the SEC bit. It would've been great. In now you can't Tennessee's surge has narrowed and which you think he defense of ninety come if you heard to keep offensive coordinator Mario crystal ball and Marcus Arroyo. But it defense might do for you like Jeremy Pruitt of Alabama who has a history of working with. Crystal ball in would be a defense of guy. Order or Yi if you look at that who else Brent venables. From Clemson. A guy seems to me and throw out a name it exists out of a comedic neighbor which you really consider great you know now. Don't sailing if I'm not gonna say link if there's gonna save Lane Kiffin are you yeah ominously Lane Kiffin. Hell no hell. No. Ed Lane Kiffin is exactly where he belongs what an exciting time Florida Atlantic he belongs at Florida Atlantic for now K would you hires these turkeys and now. Where is steep and mean and that's pretty told you I would I would I if I was organ I'd be bringing Justin Wilcox. Yeah cobalt and appear immediately. And I have a phone call might have enough money to buy out that crap that they have down and cal because they know they're stock in organist ten times the program the countless Engel get him to get him now and I don't think I just don't think Wilcox is going to be leaving after one year I think he he's one of those guys that eat that 84 billion reasons might change your mind but the eight point seven million dollar buyout as a matter. Media pick up in that'll thing no way. But if it was that that would not be the reason why they would bring it eight million dollars would not be the reason. It would be the reason that Justin would say I can't do that to my staff and the people that I'm committed to that would be the only reason. Yeah and I don't know I am not just since sealant and they can right now I don't know either. But I also think that. There's a lot of unknown their two and just one season. With Justin Wilcox Newton and not knowing kind of what he is as a as a head coach yes. He did have it a better year than expected but he still two and seven in in pactel played five and seven overall and you know and doesn't have a recruiting class in. Editing it does say some to his ability to coach that they did when those games but. You know is the verdict still out. Did you coaches in this conference that are never going anywhere. Until they decide in their own terms are number one is Chris Peterson or Tuesday would show those two guys hurt Davis shot and offered every job in the country. Every NFL. Every college job. Chris Peterson is offered essentially every job in this conference that are worth having jobs and offered Joerg judge Arthur USC he's Annie took Washington those guys are going to anymore. Can I just look at this I don't know. If you look around the country I don't know if you. Really go anywhere. I mean there you go into power five antennae that are five trying to get in because it can get tough targets Ernie employed Chip Kelly misguided people would wanted Scott frost has got to people would have wanted to. Those guys are gone. You're not going in to get Mike Gundy or Gary Patterson out of TCU or Oklahoma State because. He and Oklahoma sting Andy just re up to Bayer deal you know deadly diseases and ring in mean total you're not going to get Dana holders and from West Virginia. A Matt Campbell just signed a massive extension was about bigger buyout at Iowa State and that's highly unlikely. Not Ramones mention that he will be using the same search firm and immediately again in this and they probably already been in the works and probably. A few weeks ago were starting with these rumblings started to put together lists and candidates of what they've attacked the American minority have a short list. In a very quick short list they're going after I just don't know who's who it is that they would be also my doorbell that offense or Nader earned a head to head coach at Memphis. He sent a message exits with a huge buyout yesterday. With Memphis so. Where the ducks go oh I'm not quite sheer. But this is going to be some we're gonna find out I was Ernie winning the NFL that you would that you would say an assistant or anybody you would save them. Interesting because this or anybody sitting in any analyst role. That you would say call this could be an uninteresting hires within that outside ship and mean look at the analysts when analysts widget and I'm just thinking on and just in general fox analyst is there anybody that's a NFL analyst is anybody that's an ESPN analyst who you'd bring in India so the analysts are Mack Brown. Dave Wannstedt hat. Mark health rich. Now the market average. Appealing a three headed monster of health reachable line you know I know Eileen I do not believe less miles either. Genome atlas miles. And but now Pete Carroll. He Carol let's go mr. invective are twelve. But the net nude picture me. The and a lot people want Kim can someone. Given someone's offenses. Have been good defense this year 81 in scoring the 59 in total defense. And and not been great. Over his six year run. At Texas and so that's to keep in mind. Right speaking of the NFL. We have got. Some news the NFL with two more suspensions in Brent massacre with clear message. To all of you out there. We're saying the NFL needs change is covered sports that are. This is just in Tampa in the morning on 1080. Sand. And let me. And the NFL. Tony did she. Has a house in Eugene. No no no no no not Tony Dungy folks. Please now know. Other fellow of the the people but Texan and then it every month the rumors to start Jon Gruden want that but to hear his owner. Doctor you would that be battery. Suspensions in the NF policy junger written. Lot of people now going back against the grain we said he yesterday morning. Our I said dad I think Sean McDonough and junger and didn't help the conversation about the tone and tenor of the game. A big dominate affable between the Bengals in the Steelers because of the fact that there reaction and meet Dennis saying shame on GG some issues your for the hit that he had it kind of still the flames in the social media opera or an analyst Hough takes about. How violent the game was between the dangles in the Steelers. Well it turns out the NFL has reacted to those. Those hits and juju dismiss Shuster. In Georgia I halo cast have been suspended each one game. I GG with a crack back block. And then taunting by standing overeat contest Vontae is perfect and then I low cut with a launching targeting. Which I thought was the dirty citadel game via on Antonio Brown each getting in one game suspension matching. Grunts people's elbow off the top broke that he got in mean bill's game. Which you think of the suspension I just this is the NFL's. Are gonna do them they're reactionary after all reactionary but don't let those sort. It seemed like that was the reaction to a social media uproar everything that the NFL does in today's vantage. Is a reaction to the PC culture and making sure that the powers that be. Doesn't look bad optically when in the end to the NFL loves it but I players lebed everybody loves it. From John eager to Sean and how they acted so. Crazy lower outraged fake outrage and called city yesterday I agreed with Inco complete he said I'm so tired of everybody. Apologizing for the NF stop apologizing. We need to apologize for game is violent and it's vicious and attacks it hits it hurts guys. Had a competent. Quit apologizing for things and who you're doing your job. You don't wanna see guys fight what happens when you take fighting away from hockey what happened when they try to do that terrible day. We don't do this with ever main route to a boxing. Fights NASCAR's. You know they tried to take it away and you are restricted plates made to get made it slow the crashes. You slowed down can you wanna know what happened to craft into those violent. Yeah so trying to sell me patty cake game I want patty kicks well a lot men big physical. Mutant athletes going after each other they're highly compensated I don't care what happens while I was talking more about their reaction to you. The gram one was that was a dirty play. In doubt was. Hey. Mean that was like after the whistle not even in the game of football agree with that one is that that Timmy is that's a cheap shot that was blatantly you guys on the ground he went after that deserted that deserves. These other two though when I say reactionary it's like it's on the heels of the ground clogged. And then not it would but those were within the play like those are. Historically those have been just fine and that sit. But there's this idea and the reactionary. Part of it is. There's this idea that that game was. Dirty in the bag game was full of dirty hits now it's I thought it was only one in and I think gruden in Indy Donna they hope still the they did that game being dirty no doubt it's just a hard hitting game their Agile makes those odds concussion he's got hit. Right she's here with a terrifying injury and that was him lowering his head down on idol dirty hit that's a bad tackle correct. Other than that it was just a hard played game of football with one truly dirty hit and then one. Illegal hit but that is just fifteen aren't. And what did you and rob would you say when they rhythm of the game AC north of it's in north of tiptoeing and eggs anything else. Tiger. Brad must burgers at yourself. Wow. Former broadcaster turned bookie. And debris it must burger. Treated out. I I do is I wish I could hear him I I hope he wins the voice to eating this like hockey news on. Because Brett must burger voice going yellow snow flakes quit preaching. The violent world of Sam hustled NFL football to the masses the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders gave us a little sex with our violence. Did you imagine Brett thus burger. Seeing that 78 year old man if indeed he is bone. Today it's not yellow snow both likes. Wow as you get older low we don't Turbo we sing anymore figures a lot of fuel other's egos of the it seventy years old week here anymore right real enemy uses all the old man he'll do that. No man this is this is the perception of a lot of people. If you don't like get it is true why do we have scantily dressed women on the side cheering. Ability to sex sells the K why do we have violent hits. Unions so why. Because people like. Us don't particularly nadir gimmick can actually keep it everything else has to be so. So no plea Keyon PCQ we just have a few things have your opinion I'm fine you want your opinion find you have the opportunity to do this. Quick. And not change the channel you don't have to watch it if you don't like it don't watch it football's not for everybody. That is sure don't ruin it for the ones that do it too I mean. In that realm. Less people are watching for all. Troop so I I think people are finally getting up inducted her cigarette and I think that ended. Like with what we're tying there. Are things like everything is supposed to be for everybody but there is kind of that thought and that's just not true. In Seoul. I think that did the start museum pushed back to where that line of football in the violence added it's like if it's not for you just don't watch. And nobody's forcing you to. If you will why are we asking everybody to like everything that we do it I don't I don't sit around and go cry over you better like this dust you better like this. This is who we are as we it's part of our environment is how we grow up. I'm a 65285. Pound man that was hit in the head at time but loves the come the competition in the abuse of the game in the violence. You guys don't know what that's like that's not me saying I'm better than you sustain I've had a different experiences in my life and haven't had different opportunities. Do you like things differently and I can convince you that one thing is bad. So what do you try to earth. No I don't try to convince anybody I share my experience that I say you know what my convincing president of a test. Literally you know I'm not convinced him saying to each their own I always say to each their own the warmer doing the football tried to make it safe for trying to stop. Doing what it's done. Its entire infancy yet in game won't get better it will become safer. It's not safe in a do you I agree with you on Annette and wholeheartedly on that in. Big game is they're doing everything they can't. Write as of right now they're trying everything that they can to make the game. Safer and more palatable for everybody to watch but at the same time there will always been an element. Which it. Won't be for and that's why we watch and that is while a lot of these were locked so and T that. It's. I think it's kind of that breaking point tipping point in its okay. Currency. Was. Here we go. 55305. Your thoughts lingering over on the organ ducks coach teachers what to expect today and what's coming up on the stand now. This is dusty can't. This disgusting and jam in the morning on 1080. And. Gays were wrapping up a show that has been dominated by the Willie Taggart. Leaving to Florida State he's doing his press conference right now. In Tallahassee. And Venus according RS and so are you the best thing I heard from from one of them on tweets or saw. I think org its schedule home and home with Florida State right now did London he London. Are states in the business author quarterback and their team act CS do it. Right to kind of losing don't do it. Don't do it as a yeah it right yeah exactly home and home. But day don't have to be in like 2030. Because I think that's where the schedule I schedule doesn't open up until then. Are you just back out of it later like everybody else from the big and so on on track Willie Taggart in the last 365. Days is had three coaching jobs. Incredible. Willie tiger by 2030 she keeps up this pace will be. The law you know I'm out thirty times three. He'll be is nine 990. Job at this point there. By 23 there ago. Thirty tents are eager to get thirty from I don't know I just 2030. That would be thirteen times three story. Those 26 job you know he'll be covered must the country at that point. But that is something that I think people need to you. Step back and think about really quick. Willie Taggart has been employed by three universities. In one year. Mean that December 70s are bio Oregon there. In so that means at this time last year he was the head coach at South Florida. The knees are bad organ and now he's being announced today it has happened before correct and it seemed to happen before me haven't Lane Kiffin later. Later he left in the middle of the night you know Borough of a mile mouthpiece out there. Or policy the biggest last year. May not be for the organ ducks. Nature Sheldon high school. I don't I don't laugh about that but if you're right that's the case that it all that we. We know Noah doughnut sign chills doesn't high school who suffer may lose Michael Johnson junior Willie Taggart junior Raymond what he does there's. A lot of talents to want to change or they could get an influx of new coach and talent and you know it sucks though in the thinking about that. For those kids that could be their third high school and went there this their transfer welcome to the coach's life helped. That's why it's it's either all later you're not your families don't get stuck when sitting go to fail it's putter roots down into. This gentry does when you're that Willie's taxes are nightmare. He's going to know taxes now a state. Move state income tax. But four point one million dollars vs four point four million dollars that was initially rumored. Net a 100000 dollars a year. Is a big difference when you think it's no stadium going to move Steve attack. Yeah. I. Up next is the herd with Colin Cowherd you'll be here from nines on the from need to think it'll be dirt and Sprague and in three to seven. It is the eyes can see duke Special Olympics radio. Marathon it's starts at three. They will be here compete seventh inning comeback from seven to seven from 7 AM to 7 PM tomorrow. All. Days. Lol agree with you for an hour tomorrow the threat from 67 bring these big time radio. And let's do it six to seven yeah. Where we're gonna have to do hard change field where. We're gonna to the a lot of things. Including your sexual relations and are on where you video and it felt challenged. Right now the caller number 550325. A 1085032501080. Gets a fifty dollar gift card. Team red tail goaltenders red tailed golf holiday sale going on now 50% off all of your holiday golfing needs. Up to 50% off all your holiday golf needs red tail golf guarantees the lowest holiday prices ticket not a reds hit a golf red tailed dot com golf red tailed dot com. Bible preaching about votes and eighty have a great. Wednesday we'll see tomorrow from six. This is hard.