Dusty and Cam - 12.6.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, December 6th
Dusty and Cam continue to discuss Willie Taggart leaving and what will happen to his staff down in Eugene. Also, Andrew Nemec joins the show and the Blazers lost at home.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dustin jam in the morning. Arrived. Totally cured her. Bolton says it tool. I can fix it we're dusty streets and Manning era find him come from. And former probes in Cleveland just a little more time doing it yourself. Molest little village residents dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080 plus era. So. All right 7 AM best year came to him and if you later on today. Eyes consume start. Their annual Special Olympics radio. To benefit Special Olympics organ great cause Diego started three today. And then they're going all the way till 7. PM tomorrow night we will be here though tomorrow. From six to seven for a very special edition dust and one hour edition GAAP. Yeah update all of our hot takes on one's gonna be an intense hour even action packed our it's cute but it's great cause so. It is Christmas come early for you guys greats donations. And gets that you can packages you can bid on. The guys NC special on the trading at on today right. You asked me before the break. Is well is it yes it organ is an a better spot. Now said what and how would you view the jobs are organ area. My nationally I think that it's a bad in a better spot now that it was last year or YouTube what do you think the country feels. I think that they probably feel bit of that but the senate because remember last year it was. Organs such a tough blister occurred to you can't recruit the five stars. To get up in and out to organ and then the defense and roster so depleted. That yet you can have flashy offense you get out all those tools that at defense is just garbage. And there's no hope looking forward for a quick turnaround while defense finished and top forty. On nationally in one thing that Willie Taggart did is he proved that you can recruit this year. In so I think those two things albeit small. Our ones and also organ prove that they are willing to pay assistant coaches I think those three I think that's pride the biggest thing out of it all three of them. Is that you can get good assistants to cut come out or because they finally opened up to. I was certainly commitment to football on the success of football not that runs the roost here. My only question would be what does the rest of the country think about organs football. Because of how the pac twelve been left out of the of the final four and the conference's perceived as weak. Not as committed as other parts of the country like the SEC in the ACC for certain. If you were matching up program for program at this point in time I can't answer that question were gonna bring on we're gonna try to talk some other people outside of this. Second give us those answers to the perception nationally but I'll tell you right up right now. Is that there's this there's this thought process that organ music to go outside and find somebody. That doesn't have a tire connection to the program I'm not sure I'm sold on that. I didn't gain tune to that in it which is said about tackles reception I think one of the problems that tac toes perception right now is that organ is down. And I think that a good coach on the outside the consent. The eyes shops I can if I bring Morgan back up now you have organ up Washington not USC up. Stanford is gonna be Stanford and then UCLA we Chip Kelly. The deck a coach Streisand perceptions about change bout that conference and we didn't we say that dusty if he. Mean everybody was hired Todd Graham Rich Rodriguez Chris Peterson had just taken over the ducks were on their on their highlight they just got done from the national championship run. David show all these guys we felt the pac twelve had the best coaching setup in all of the country in I still believe. That there's some of the best coaches in the country here in this conference. Now. I don't know if I don't know just the coaching side is enough to get that kind of credibility nationally but it and nobody if you think of Washington USC. Organ. Stanford and UCLA of those five programs. And begin. How does that perception not. It needs one of those. To have a Nabih. Sure does your does he means well the conference needs it 70 right. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard and a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics in the big games in front of brought you vice dark street lawn and garden ticket grass for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. Rob. When Willie first makes you aware that he was considering further later. He may be aware that in every step they called me Thursday to let you know they wonder tough. He called me later Thursday to let you know that it. Rob Mullins. Willie Taggart story didn't add up then when he talked to the press on Friday and Sunday. About. Florida State not contacting him and muscle a situation media but very clear. In money to get the message right by rob Mullins it was actually Thursday. That this whole thing went down. And Florida State really reached out to attack her. How much culpability does Willie Taggart pat Eric c.'s meet rob Mullins had been Willie Taggart leaving. The university organ if you hire a guy who's an up and coming head coach and in hot name. Why in the world would you not have a buyout. Of more than four. Million dollars. In the first year for because Ramos would never known Florida State Texas a and M and Scott Woodward would have a 110 million dollars at his disposal for Texas saint them and that. You would get Jim both Fisher away. For 75 how could he have even that those numbers are even fab mobile. Yes no way he would have known but you always trying cover your rear and say hey this buyout after after the first couple of years. You're not planning on leaving RU. This is why we have the big buyout is just in case in a lot of programs do yes and you know what she was offering that extension in season. Prior. Two. I think it was prior to the civil war the reports of your mouth that he offered dot extension America's he started to realize oh boy. There's something going down and I understand is that I wanna put that in place now could you've done it earlier. For gosh sakes it's the first nine months of his contract. To want nobody could have predicted that. No holding Ramones are gets the same this is this is what he says his ball. There's no a 100%. It's on him I don't believe that these is not it's not possible to have predicted what was gonna happen I just coaching. Carousel yeah absolutely you can't predict it but. You always recovery. CYA right every year period of months and nine months I'd. And you have you have a buy out on the front end that it that it kind of goes away if Willie tiger wants is his leverage in there. Mean then you put that you have that is a tapering. Buyout where lighten my very similar to and Justin Wilcox has your I tell ya let Matt Campbell has a violist eaten. These hot when you hire an up and coming coach. You put a massive buyout at the front end no matter who we are. Do you think grumbles a little bit upset. With the fact that Willie Taggart may be didn't give us divulge the full truth during that time. When he was asked about Florida State what I was on Friday do you think that the main issue is that Willie Taggart has lied to everybody in Oregon is that he lied. Did he deflect. Did he say I'm committed to this program right now. Is it Willie tiger's job to tell you that Florida State's coming after me play at that time. He could rob Mullins was approached first conceived come out in the media and said. Our head coach has been a been approached by another school. I would like to deflect all the questions to me right now about this part we do not have that communication with. Rob or with Willie Taggart the rest of the group but we do know that four cities reached out torque it will. Willie Taggart didn't know if you BI for the job on Thursday and so on Friday he didn't know if he's gonna be offered the job they're contacting him apart is. If you don't get off for the job and you don't take it. You know egg knowledge seeing the fact that you're having contacted by them. What's the point out that if he goes is if he goes nowhere you know if rock is here rob Mullins you know yes wide and rob Mullen stepped up. Will you do that at the risk of pissing off Willie Taggart and saying now and have an answer all these questions that I don't wanna answer. So he said I have we're in do what we're willing loss in how willing Los Angeles because we're gonna trying to park I think they both did it. Fox there isn't a right. Way to deal was discussed if I was approached for another job while I was hired by company doing a job getting ready for a ball game I wouldn't tell media that and here is lying and I'm just choosing to not tell you. Here is where rob Mullins kind of explains you know when you're talking about should there have been a bigger buyout. The message. That he had. Let 363. Days ago. From Willie Taggart. A VCL with the progress that we made and continuity is important when it's going well. And well when we sat down a year ago. Elf there was a pledge for commitment and vision for long term. And there was one that we believe. Hum obviously that's not what happened. So will be backed out there again and now we'll have the same competitions. We might have to take into little deeper assessment on how we view. That's commerce stations. Three take him at his word dot that this is a long term view and then got a good relationship. I think also when it comes to a tiger and and and that buyout situation. Why don't you look at history in the fact that. He coached western Kentucky to a bowl game rebuilt her gamble to before the bowl game he built up. South Florida and then bolted right before. Their bowl game more you read in the rewards and I wanna know what I believe isn't it that you say this guy has always kind of bulletin we need to have that buyout because. It. Matters I'll tell you why in my opinion. Is that rob moans and the rest of the people on the staff that works for the university organ in the athletic department along with a major boosters got their third or fourth pick last year. With Willie Taggart. They were not all in on Willie Taggart. Either. They will not they were not. They needed more time to proof to see what Willie Taggart was going to bring. The situation. Forced them into a hand where they were prepared for or committed to I respect that because I would never give a guy. Amounts of money that I did not know and buy into and believe in wholeheartedly specially if he was my third or fourth decision. What did did she know that you'd be there more than one or two years though nobody has no matter what we'll know it im saying if your hiring him. You're not just gonna come in fired after after one season I'm not saying he's not out and I fire reviewed but he's not all in on Dana guy amber amounts of money we know in that's not the thing it's the by notice. So after one year the buyout is Dade. After sacking year it's still big but it tapers off and that's Tom a lot of these things are structured. And that is the issue here is that. Degas and I had there may be some to your sand. And I I think that there's a lot to your sand but at the same time you're gonna firemen after just one so we know we were gonna fire but you're not a violent should have been bigger. About buyouts shows you the commitment of the coach. And they were fully committed on him well now the buyout also. Now it does show the commitment to the coach because if you think he's good you have a massive buyouts of somebody else comes along. They have to pay in years saying. We think this guy is good enough to where were gonna put a big number behind him to where if you want and I really don't want you we were saying the same thing I just think yeah I agree with you. Is that there wasn't a big buyout. For Willie tiger because organ that the jury was still out with him. With the with the rest the entire athletic now are not saying the same thing I feel I that's kind of what I feel yeah I think that's that's my initial gut reaction. Is that you don't get to have this huge massive extension if you're all in on a guy for a buyout either or. Until he's proven he can do something in organ and that was Willie's monster. Yes I felt that I agree with the fact they may be weren't. All in on him as far as is this is our first choice but. I think that you if you're kind that up and coming coach you put a big number behind and so if anybody else wants and then come get him after one year. Front yard on his right by searching on during the ban went about our agreement since 1965. Palaces current staff dia trend keep around. And you got a good recruiting class got to when he eighteen soft schedule yet good roster are turning how much of the occurrence that do you bring back. 55305. Dusting camp. Lou yeah. They're. This is testament to permanently on 1080. And but by 05 degrees for years text and this Texas thinking and finally somebody Hitler. Home Taggart. Can come Taggart even as. Organized and excited when he got the job mull another one Mullins. And everyone's still not Nolan on and I'm still not sure it's huge loss. Long term and that is that thing with Willie Taggart great anchor. But you're only as good as the statue put together around you of course you know mean if you think about that that's one of the big things that bill dollar check. Preaches in New England. I'm Nick Saban does the exact same thing. You're always gives staff you put around your head coach. Which trees to how much of the current staff and keep trying keep here and in Oregon. I don't. Have an answer and here's my first reaction is this. Is that if you're going to sit there and tell me as an athletic department and certainly as your athletic director that you're gonna hire a new coach if he's outside the building a six. Whoever it is if it's in the building I can understand that starting a conversation with somebody right now it's Kristobal whoever you're going to do that Leavitt. Everything you do I understand that but you're going outside your bring in somebody new it is a death sentence. For you to start stipulating Ku ahead coach can keep on staff. Up you could advise students who we'd like to see this but if you start dictating to head coach coming in that he has to keep certain people. You have no idea how to count Newt he's gonna work do you not go the organ state route. But I think that if you're checking your boxes crusty seasoned on your eyes with all of these. Coaching candidates. You're finding guys who offensively very similar. To the spread style with which is what you did with fully tag you found somebody who is different but similar to what your program. On. Steve find somebody in that realm. In that kind of you know and jives with what Oregon does offensively in tennis dramatically. In the personnel that they have but they need an alert look long term and let this guy make his choices. Yeah I'll let him make his choices and if you don't do that I think your checking a lot of boxes that Mario crystal ball which kind of fit attack head coach. Great recruiter. If you can't back up to bring struck in I'll pay for Jim Leavitt. And that would be great and I don't think I don't know to head coach that would not want Jim Leavitt to be his defense towards case. Which is track record of in history of running also and fit fit is. Everything. In it that's when things about Jim Leavitt as well hasn't Jim Leavitt proven that he can coordinated defense with an up tempo spread. Into slow it down pro style. You know it's a business defense EZ either coach shooter you know. Well you apples some defense core Nader's can't adjust to you. Their defense being on the field poll time with the spread off its the other I don't tell us the best defense is a good offense what Alex grinch. What he's been able to do a lot and stay with the amount of three and outs of Washington State has and for his defense to be ranked where they were nationally is. Phenomenal and ridiculous there's odd even to cordless I can be that good with the believe in my arteries or Washington State was as good as they were this year is because the outskirts of what they're able to do on defense yet so yeah that's that's in everybody's realized that. Here in the conference now here is done. Here is. Rommel and is that I can't get the bounce our freedom. Rob Mullins. On the coaching staff and what's going to be happen moving forward with the guys that they have currently. On the organ staff we talk about Marcus while we talk about Jim Leavitt these guys that are gonna be considered not just to stay on but as head coaches. Obviously you we have an outstanding staff I mean that's in them. The success that we've had on the field the success and change in the culture and the success we've seen on a recruiting trail. This we have an outstanding group of assistant coach is almond were fortunate to have a couple who've had a head coaching experience. It's just the way. It worked out from a division of responsibility. Standpoint that it. L Mario was the choice obviously we had plenty of great options and folks that will be at coaches. And there's a number of coaches on our staff who have had coached. Capability and we certainly want to talk us. So you think about those guys that can be head coaching capability guys on the organ are the staffer and I it really is my crystal ball. And why I am not that guy gave Jim Leavitt potentially Markey. What rumble its once he didn't hire those guys have Willie tiger did and that's why we're not seeing somewhere is were handing it off Rommel and is known about this being an option since before the civil war because the fact that they offered in an extension knowing. That teams have become calling out Willie Taggart. It does it is there and did handoff they would. Probably get their ducks in a row and just get ready to hand off that they truly believe that that was going to be the guy who isn't dead the next leader of the organ football program they wanna go on to slaughter seedless they have. So this text of this as well it was a rare situation how many times your first your 75 coach. Gonna become taken now it's it makes more sense that organ would rather protect themselves from disaster. And can buyout. Rather than a rare situations similar to this. Do you think that maybe a lot of schools have learned from the Charlie Weis situation. From understanding that you can get stuck. With overpaying for somebody right out of the gate before they've had time to prove I like that rubble as an organ to not overpay for situation. Right away in a knee jerk reaction because when you make knee jerk reactions. That's when you turn into the SEC and and and you turn into number amounts of money. Being thrown at people that haven't been proven to both Fisher is a proven head coach with the national championship. I that makes sense throw money at that. I don't agree with throwing money it's evident by the guy that's never coached a bowl game in the last four years. With the engine. No and I that's why I think when I say organ made the right decision you know it by not trying to. Overpaid this guy early in the season or put a crazy buyout on that I think that they made the right decision because this was not the fit that they believed in. 100%. Yet with that said though. I think you get a it is. You protect yourself because you weren't gonna firemen the first year this is all protection in a one year plan in the first two years and then. Though they'll hold. Charlie Weis saying. You taper that Baghdad is becomes energy taper off the buyout as as is contract that was our ten year contract that was just lose that seat that was is down yeah. You you. Front load the first two years because you're not gonna fire him after a first year. Because you GNU leg given time anyway especially after going four NA. And then you tapered off as time goes on that's where organist up I agree if you signed a six year deal. Years 345 and six shouldn't have massive buyout and bias by ants on the first year should. To protect yourself in the vent somebody else come my gut is telling me. Right sometimes they trust is sometimes they don't you're going on the outside you can nobody was in this staff current staff is going to be elevated head coach yes. Think you're getting another clean slate. Common right on him and come through if it is I think they are trying to see a better a more likelihood of Mario crystal ball then Jim Leavitt. And that's just in on the eleventh I joined jobs Kansas State it says in his contract if he does have an out but. I think he would probably stay at organ. If if he had that head coaching job you know I mean. It's a head coaching gig and he must be head coach again. I can't state might be you know emphasis will do more. But that's NN where we stand how where to deduct stand on the recruiting trail Mario crystal Jim Leavitt ray woody. And keep Hayward phenomenal recruiters so as Willie Taggart. What's happening on the recruiting trail plus. Howard Dietz do another turn tail and Jonathan Smith in his first rate. Injuring manic of the your gun in our recruiting inside right here and joins us next your car from the sports. It's going to be low. All right so the fallout from the tag leaving the university or in this VM one point number one recruiting class in the country now in jeopardy. For the ducks and it did. Talk about it with us is are treating insider from the you're gonna you know organ live in Connecticut joins us good morning Andrea they demand. I'm well I'm doing well. Thank you for waking up early I know that since she did the recruiting beat. A lot of people reach out your late at night so 730 is like. The crack of dawn for you so we appreciate it man. I'm not. Where is that what is. The fall out recruiting wise from Oregon win to win the Willie tegra Neil's first dropped. What did you hear from recruits. Immediately. Well I actually started hearing things about serious concern. About the Oregon program. Good morning before so yeah yesterday morning. Is win recruits kind of hard to say you know what regardless of whether he goes there's days. Organ hasn't been honest with us and that was coming from you know the coaching staff we don't feel like we're being given. Real information. And hand through a core group chat they have a group chat and all the recruits Syrian and normally and he kind of streamline. Their. Recruiting pitch to other recruits in the air they talk about they wanna go after hostages on over basic eye opening. In that group chat term release our yesterday morning and it and there was talk. A huge chunk of this class DK admitting. Together to prove a point essentially to say you know what this is and this is not right. The way were being treated as a right we're being told something that seems very unlikely to be true. The whole staff would they impact. And so things actually really started yesterday morning since that time. Oregon has lost three. Commitments from three or star recruit I expect him to lead Agnieszka and more here in the next week. Most of this class a more than half of the class could. A lot of the recruits have decided now from that group chat that they will be speaking. Their official visit this week in organ originally had scheduled a massive recruiting weekend for December 15. That got moved out because of the Las Vegas ball. Some of the kids are saying he can't visit to organize offer but it organ got a couple. Who'll want answers to questions that they may have answers to quite yet a lot of the kids are planning deacon. Injures this kind of standard procedure with a lot of the coaches and howl. They communicate with the as you say group Chad that they do they decide say hey guys stick together communicate this and how often is this happening with some of these coaches that are out their doing and how believable are them because. From my perspective on the outside I don't know with the idea that a young recruit and put any stock in what a coach is tell me until I'm signed sealed and delivered with that coach. On the grounds and where I'm going to be yet. Sure you'll addressing the group chat thing most well organized. Recruiting efforts now encourage. A culture to create they they create and on with your crew which your future group that makes it much harder he commit. When you have to help 151617. Year best friend or your close friend so programs are encouraging that. And the programs that are doing it are trying to turn losing it now. The flip side of batted if you Lucia coached. And there are all bonded and they are all kind of one voice. This can beat beat all that is that you lose a number of recruits soak. You know. It could be it could go to work in terms and if you had stability of its create cool. If you don't and you leisure coach UK it can be massive problem as far as the trust issue. I think it's really typical talk automatic restart linebacker NJ and committed organ. A couple of days ago he could you know all finding good for you say. Don't commit to a coach commit to a school and you know he said he understands that he considered academics he considered facility. But in in a modern recruit and keep what you go on an official visit you go on an artificial it's. Or you just go you know take it upon yourself a look at a hair that. The university. Paid for your visit for an official visit. And then you're only really hosted by football people you don't get to know you don't build personal connection with a professor you don't build a personal use action with the dean of students. You meet or. Secure it will be real personal connection. Two universities almost always the coaching staff and like it or not as humans we often make hard decisions based on personal connections that we built. And Kris who of course a lot to commit. Based on a Coke not because. You know the coach is the handle you all their college experience. But he's the dole. At the university presents during the modern recruiting process could take you to build its attached with the program they're gonna commit. And genetic our recruiting expert from the Oregon in Oregon live dot com foam. On Twitter at Internet like now. You said you mentioned that some of these could see like their lights it was that. As from Willie Taggart. Or from the rest of the staff I mean does this trickle down to deem Marcus rodeo Mario Cristobal Jim Leavitt the guys have been pounding the pavement. You know the kids haven't named names as far as the coaches that happen. Necessarily. Told the truth I know there's you know it's up in the air right now as to whether or not Jim Leavitt he's. Lee officially gone from Borg Warner are still silver lining. But if he would certainly pitching to recruit that he was planning on game regardless of Willie Taggart decision. And no longer seems to be 100%. Decay. And I seen it you wore that one little pop because he tweeted something I never lie to get something on the recruiting he's obviously feeling may be a little bit guilty conscience. As far as I thought nobody wrote a neat thing. Saying that he apple pie. And yet he comes that would tweak thank you I told through traumatic you know which recruits or whatever. I think there were some coaches who combed this led some kids I think it's even possible assay. There Willie Taggart kind of want to put out the door when he met with pilot shut cook or star quarterback from Arizona. While he says he you know he did feel the organic. Willie Taggart recruiting pitch in home visit. I'm just you know the morning before eclipse. You Florida State I used by accordingly there is equally tiger would receive. He sold hi Lucia on and so. You know what let you know let's build its relationship we have a Welsh you and I have a very close relationship. On any kind of used his personal relationship. With pilot shot interest in being of course is Florida State does not have a quarterback and their current lack. Already offered Tyler shot earlier in recruiting process so at least some of that cap that you would affect it. Willie wood kind of hole being PD he'd get it out of Russia says he ilk. Committed to organist a solid wood or one of that you'd say that. But that that kind of pick a different home. Now Willie Taggart is gone and was likely gone at the time that abetted on this. With the city and as any others you just mentioned one is there anyone else that you feel solvers given that commitment org this is say no matter what I'm still. And I'm gonna be part of the docs. He's and I don't discount deal arm here because you know I wanna be an accurate comment that possible. The problem is a lot of kids see their political lead when the head coach leaves because they believe it to a wholly understand that interest your authorities now. And kids think their systems are always going to stay. When they're when they can't coach he's been immediately take my until 100% solid completely cracks them on that. It comes down Q how long it might coach stage you know Christopher Wren dongle restart but wider group has been extremely. Local. About how he's 100% doc. His dad at all would we get you know it'll you know crystal ball leaves in your routine fall out from her crew to you are gonna be happy well I imagine he's talking about himself. As well. Evenly Q2 C they're a 100% committed I think you have to. Be a little bit or wanting mandate they might pick up the one that I think is under percent not going anywhere. Three star running back Travis died organs was eight big time offer for him he was organs first commitment. He's the younger brother organ linebacker Troy guy I think the others want to be together. And so I think for sure they will keep Travis be on that. I can get certain assistants leave I don't think you can say an odd percent certainty that anyone other than that guy is it's. You know a lot of these players on on the organ rosters from doing this for several years now. Many have you heard from any current players and heavy resell any current players that that were recruited to organ. That you built a relationship about how they feel from the Willie Taggart fall on how it was all handled. Yeah organ is very careful about he can't he can't talk to an in law I understand that this kind of situation. It's naturally want to know what's going on. So I had a few players reach out and eat that I've been close with over the years what do you know here's what I know. Because there partner and they're they're young hit. I secretly growing sentiment. In program. The players certainly expressed into rubble and eating eating that they would like Mario Cristobal who remain the head coach on the other question I've gotten a bunch is. How how focused it. This group right now on preparation Las Vegas or at least yesterday entered the year of the focus this. What whether or not their head coach was still going to be either of the players only meeting. At around 130. Where they discuss it or Willie Katherine formed a team that he was leaving. A lot of players especially the Florida players according to Brady Brees. Will we be upset by that news. It's a difficult is a difficult time for the certainly. And this weekend Jonathan Smith did has his first big recruiting weekend as head coach of the beads. Who is coming into town I know a lot of commits are already going to be in town but how is Jonathan Smith done on the road recruiting trail. I think doctoral will be stronger dollar you know I we've talked about it for the one of the things you can have to deal was reevaluate who we want it. In this class act and make sure that he built a connection with them. I'm a bears of their commitment double digit commitment. 678 album. And we'll be in town this weekend on the connecting you know that that an early crack at -- stay here and and it's the core group I mean it really is the group the kids sake. Probably on paper would most likely guys that they would wanna keep. Of those guys almost all of them will be in our ballots like he was huge he also hosting Forestar athlete eagle hole. You know right they Gary Anderson critical work I had. Of course our prospects during his tenure in only one problem Isiah Hodgins actually ever ate it on the field the rest either didn't make it because an academic. Or pop appeal the issue or something along those lines. You coasting or star athlete equal hall who should have no issues. As far as qualifying. Oregon State has also made extra long push already cooked or star wide receiver Isaiah Kirk. I actually think it is a very very good chance that I was a betting man. I would seem Jonathan this is going to add to force our commitment collapsed. Arc fairly quickly. He's done a remarkable job I hate again when you first get a job at picking it. Figure out who you wanna keep and make sure you encourage the next day. Within a recruiting class and you can mean sure we check that box. And then in his first pick we typical can of course star prospect. Of the Morgan State is at our time doing all fall. Okay it and here here's this with Syria I if I have I don't know if you heard this Andrews and KJ Carter Samuels. Former or grad transfer it's kind of a recruiting but think of this he's been at the university Washington. Jonathan Smith knows him he's a grad transfer could we see something that have you heard any rumblings a connection with that young man coming in for one year organ state. Yes I think. I think certainly I've heard rumblings certainly. That is me distinct possibility. And our Internet makes you the were pretty sure right here on the fan Thursday's. At seven. I got lots talk about especially the early signing period coming up and check out his work at the Oregon Nina organ live dot com Andrew thinks it's time man. Thank you very much always loved your show. Our right and frenetic of the Oregon in organized lot to chew on and now one mean sounds like they're recruits want crystal ball and let this day. That is easier said. The last week in Crawford just retreated this on the fans Twitter feed from Jim Leavitt. Is don't believe what you read in night. Okay up. Right so that is due to not believe that you're going to Florida State or doing not believe the other ones city stained. Which one when nob with eve would yet either way I don't know senators leave any of it from him it doesn't matter have. Now I let's take a little break from the duck story how about the blazers last night oh. My goodness. That that was bad and let's gets bad is it gets worse on the injured for a dusting camel fan. This is just and AM in the morning to dogs an eighty. Let's take a break from the organ coaching conversation that we will get back to. Next hour. A lot about those blazers on. How bout them folks. They lose their third game in a row. This time at the hands of the Washington Wizards without John Wall. 1061092. And eight. And utter beat down. Handed by the wizards where the blazers were outscored. In three of the four periods. But it really fell apart in the second quarter when the blazers shot 30% from the field and were outscored 27 to fifteen. And Bradley deal scores. A blazers opponent. Record 51 points. I. He shoots such as when sixteen to 69. In come up here. In his second of back to back analysts. No no. And I've nothing for this I just looked at this game and indeed there was no energy there's a sense of urgency. There was no defense of prowess there was no double teaming even Bradley Beale said everybody's been double teaming me. Everybody's been double team me I've been making my shots they still would make major. No double teams Billick demand shoot all night there was no sense of verges on no hands up no deny at the top of the key no nothing. Not. But it was. I mean Portland has it out on tire pros who has gone by the if there's one guy were island have made that one guy Venus who crowded field and in future as the rest of the starting lineup went for eight points two points four point seven points they did get Mike's got. Michael Scott. Of under missile and he scored ten points in the Achille who bray with fourteen points up the bench but. They held the story went executives is one guy went off in he absolutely crushed. The blazers last night and that's second quarter where they shot 26% from the field. I mean it doesn't get much worse for blazer starting line of shooting and that and everybody's in points the defense side of the ball and that's second quarter. They got a lot of run outs in easy opportunities often miss shots where the starting the starting lineup for the blazers they combined. To go. To eleven. From the field. In that quarter and see Jim columns shooting struggles continued and they were highlighted in that second quarter where he went over three. But Hewitt six of sixteen from the field and he shooting sub and is now up to four games. Of him is it really struggling from the field and he'll snap out of AE feel confident that but at the same time you scrap sitting there scratching your head go on. All right. Who win is again a click for anybody out listening usage circuits this plane while. Against mar Singler tot who he's historically struggled against but then he rolls his ankle. And that's a concern moving forward he says if he'd hopefully he'll be able to play Saturday against the rockets. But memories heartless goes out with a thigh contusion yields to move to play a mean. If he can't go wrong did go wrong for Portland last night you were terrible from the field shooting end defensively you give a lot of easy looks because those in the shop. So Damien Miller after the game says I quote we've got to play likes like worse somebody we've got to have some swagger about us. You always have to. We when you have to actually put it out there. The you've got to play with swagger you get in usually. In in in my experience of watching sports swagger just comes with. It's it's part of the confidence and you haven't each other as a group and as a collective as a whole in danger leader he's your four general and he's a great one. But what. This this is they re occurring theme with me is that the belief in the competency you're great team consistently in and out starts with your attitude. And to have to say that it does feel like dame is trying to convince these guys man. Come out with something I'm trying to facilitate I'm given up shots by don't have my a game tonight who's gonna step up who's always waiting for me to get started and I heard the words that I need. CJ to be more selfish last night I need deign to be more selfish. At some point in time and not in that scenario when your plane a team it's got to butt kicked on the back end of it of back to back. Go out and attack human in a knock him out I don't care what you what you're doing that's what a good team needs to do and they didn't do last siblings have been horrible and fast break points this year and Arnold taught him. The blazers are terrible. As a team and a unit big hits to score outscored on fast break points I think sixteen den not that. In fast break points 34 to 26 and points in the thick I mean let's look at those and then eighteen turnovers. And you have to look no further as to why the blazers lost that game I mean you're getting. By a team on the second of a back to back outscored on fast break points. Sixteen enough. Mean that is. Mean that's big and that is that swagger that's that will team not given up the easy buckets right but sixteen is deals mean Mikey said I mean that's. It's egregious. Mean it really is and then the big blazers to give up. Some of the turnovers that they did like the turnover at the end of the first half where. Deem EZ pass over to Alfred Aminu and he's his balls that and then dumb down the other way at the buzzer. A floater lay in. And all the sudden that lead balloons at the end of the half mean even more. Those kind of issues that are you know the demean that it does that steal get any easier than Alfred means is bouncing in off his hands. It's. To me it's a lack of commitment a lack of concentration. In either either your do you look tired we here at home we should be tired as home court is where. You have the best opportunity to win to me on the road I know it's adversity but at home you're supposed to be so confident at home you can run guys out of the gym. Like you're supposed to last night and he didn't do that that's that's the discouraging things we've seen. Again sparks have a team a can be really good with the Big Three and then we see a team that probably looks like 89. C. Yeah it's it's but I guess outs welcome to not caring about basketball till January Niro gets frustrated well Escude all in on this. And then he said something in this this morning which I agree with you before we talk about the show this is a blazers team was suddenly figures it out in February. All the media group you are saying about the rotation that terrorists are ICI were mentioned rotations the consistency of the team and everybody's gonna question it when you lose. When you win nobody questions. Well because it Terry Stotts tinker with the rotations and sinkers at the lineup throughout though whole course of the year and the first 42 games you're sitting there scratching your head but. Bill last forty games that tinkering. Pays off and they end up hitting their stride and on its super frustrating but it's also not to sign the top four seed. You know. Its top four seeds winner early in. B patients. Until January February. In integration as CJ is going to be fine and snap out of this slump but right now I just sucks coming off a 41 road trip but this homestand I going to be go winless. You think I lost three in a row at home and guess who's coming to town and the Houston Rockets. Goodness do I need your idea. He's since good in the best team in the last right now at eighteen and four. You know what sometimes you just gotta say WTF and that's or Indy next it's RW TF Wednesday right here on the fan.