Dusty and Cam - 12.6.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, December 6th
Dusty and Cam react to Willie Taggart leaving and discuss where Oregon should go for their next head coach.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning. About it. Dusty narrow. An NFL veteran champ Cleveland and plus it's. Okay. Ten maybe. And. Names it is wins the happy hump day everybody. Honda. We're today it was yesterday pausing. But. All all the guys out here. We Pozen minimum OK guys guys out there were Mary you're not Crawford so children learn. You were in eighties soul. Here's what happens in my house sometimes sometimes you make decisions. He's in trouble for those decisions. Because you worked. Specific about how the decision should be made name. And wind color schemes and minds. And things and things are purchased and then all of a sudden they're not properly done and it's always your faults I want a no. No I just okay this is a big one. It's not only went on ideas color scheme there's always things of what's a proper way you're here I am a forty years old married for. Six seniors they go carried. I still can't figure out what is the proper way. To initiate. A purchase. With your wife so that she's happy all the time. When it comes to anything this decorum. I don't I don't I need help. Just let her do it I did I did in ninety but I that I did I still did it wrong added these children so we got some stool stools to some some do you see what to do the president and kitchens two full seat into what ever wrong shade of gray because I didn't allow the proper amount of time. To do that so I wonder and actually like I think they're great they're great it's functional guys we don't care about the Kora we care about functionality. That cheers that the whole issue there is that. The mood had his say in some places Schaffer from all they did was was purchase that's it I Sydney which has want. And that's the problem to it's dusty and I find some stools and and that's okay 22 months to two months yes. Yeah I love my wife to death but I'm still even a David sixteen years this indeed 42 I'm still baffled. Still baffled well I'm what is the proper way. See you just need to step away completely but it is sad when I went to sit on a stool. It broke they I could not sit on a stool because there are so broken well read too much it's okay. You know and so it didn't answer your question deserve proper procedure yes it is you failed in ordering them. We just say hey whenever you want go get it I did but now their here they're the wrong shape that's not your fault. Yes yes he was told it was well. But that's only because I think give the proper amount of time to be able to these are the colors then it your fault you pressure this situation. In this decision. If he she if she admits it takers six months and whatever. Just going need on the couch. You know. I'm with the I know it in May not be easy to hear nice to hear. It's what did it cures is obligated it is here's my other one too. Everybody out buying Christmas trees right now I think it's great Christmas trees are fantastic Christmas tree shortage real real or fake. Question mark for everybody I know you say real. And I go OK so I'm and I'm in a Tug of war also realistic what's the most fight these trees are you bigotry of 200 dollars. I don't know the wrong place. My hands or come on out to deliver a man I get letters that you cut I want the nine CU cut the experience of what the court agrees all I wanna dig it out that yeah. I'm you have. I'm in the visited northwest we don't know a hundred taller trees we don't go to the fancy place. We got a place they got assigned in its written on. In it is it is have prices I'd be most expensive tree on the lot is thirty dollars in. It doesn't matter what size they are you get. Ending it today in grand and noble maybe is that thirty dollar okay it doesn't matter if it's a foot tall or thirty feet tall. If you get a grand noble you cut that bad boy down your pain thirty bucks Alex shows you about her Jordan's ordered size fives. Yeah box of rocks the size when he wants to oxides and about Starbucks yes. And that's basically the Christmas tree farm that we got to assume we know going in twenty bucks is a lower paying for archery is the only the expense done. We did the home. Tony but she gained entry what are you against the fake side so because it's like our died down against that side because it's it's let's let's fire retardant. Is there on that you don't care Breuer OK I'm food safety you don't care about it she can be pre lit sometimes you have to string lights on I think that's part of the fun I do basis well. You come to my house. You can use it over to him. And if you spend eggs are amounts of money on Christmas trees it then turns into. In five years like he's been 500 dollars and tree trees now. See not mean that kept that these are. The this year. You go to the wrong places and yet easy ours is you know RJ sane if your man a real man born and raised as a northwest. You have to have a real tree I agree OK I agree we have a luxury being here like Crawford is from. Newport I mean they don't have Christmas. We got Gordon there's still lots of his my my Christmas. Tree experiences span in parking lots not the Forester Rodriguez go any ads but that's one of the cool things got Christmas tree lot is not a force that's on the parking on four where you guys get a big power blocs here too and chief arms reforms yet forests. To forest that I asked how one of those aluminum trees the silver ones that you you don't talk about those school 1960s. The gap of one of those and nominal mills are cool. And so. And plus when you real tree part of the fun for the kids is killed on splash. Rarity yield program that's fine cheered I don't teary text field day but I exclamation points in the I'm with you on this of course you war because. He just said. As as it says here on the Tex signs staying Elaine say I didn't tell you our ball that I put them together Dayne and I still in all I'd like to be heavy braking is stool. You go there stools. Work and nine years old are sure that was a calm reaction you would sit army moving could feel going in and I'm not red light individual not a I have a little gives you. Terrifying right so let's do this thing schools I'm sorry three year. Now you're in double trouble I am a double Mandela tokens to talk about it. I just wanted to know everyone else is Baylor too is that a guy I think now he's paying weird thing we're in this together man. Unity so non again everybody and any yes that was that destruction I could choose the long board during its. In camera you can use it to him. I remember was just like yesterday. I disdain towards history nineteen and did you Jerry Rice gets his his NFL record of 101. Touchdown reception. That is amazing indeed you know Goodyear has passed injuring nineteen ND team. Oh this is I should know this. Is gonna body margin yes it is only 32 alone Steve large it was a career leader with 100. And correct your eyes are still the leader with 197. Larry it's you'll need to play like. Twenty more years to catch him he has a 109 I feel that history here rice and I feel that streaks is safe the probably. 56 game. Hitting streak do you DiMaggio do you know who the active leader is the only touchdown receptions because it is not here Larry FitzGerald. Active players leading. Career touchdown with 112. That's a good trivia we hit. Ten and postseason win no internal studio gates that would imminent. It's always the next yes you know yes good. Right today we got. Oh wow and. Willie Taggart said in year receive organ job not just Willie Taggart. But the University of Oregon. In its cup football opening. Alluded jury initial reaction wanna know who you think the ducks should go after that or text relations. At 55305. Booted the ducks target as their next head coach. Does rob Malone have any culpability in this. How much of the staff should they keep love injuring Emmett gone that 730 or recruiting insider to discuss what's gonna happen with the doctor green kept class plus. The headway that Jonathan Smith is making on the recruiting trail as the beavers. And football coaches they host a recruiting weekend this weekend. We will talk the blazers WTF Wednesday at 8 AM. Under Kansas in the VG. And then we'll talk about these suspensions in the NFL. Few more handed down yesterday in involve people brought Brent must murdered. As hot potato mixes. In that it grinds of you've done this before and hasn't gone over. That it rhymes. With. Slope states. And help people stuff who say. Yes yes. Graham must burger blockading. Time to go. Stepped carries out two weeks with an ankle sprain blow. Does significant is that they're saying not just out to be spent out at least. Of Christmas few weeks. Yeah it does open him for her back for Christmas Day to go back to a knee injured nick punitive on Monday night they're hoping to have him. By Chris and I guess 53 weeks. But still at sun's. It's tough injury for the Golden State Warriors I think. I have the sneaking suspicion. Golden State's gonna be all right. They're going to be a variety of funny depth I think. Kevin Durant Klay Thompson may be able to carry them. Past Charlotte Detroit Portland Dallas the lakers twice Memphis and Denver. And they're via a live view. Although Kevin drinking keep it together it's not on the cubs game in their debt it's his head case right now during an. They're under him and he just kicked out of team games look that's because he does it has a burner account to get his aggression out anymore. Trying to be tough guy he need that burner count to get after people on Twitter doesn't happen anymore. Hey wake up I said wake up. Dart. Steelers linebacker Ryan it's easier remains in the University of Cincinnati medical center. That's evaluated first spinal injury suffered on Monday night. In a joint statement with the university of Pittsburgh medical senator. You see doctors say that he continues to progress and have to transfer him within the next 2448 hours. That's really algerians that they're that they're giving him she's here to do Twitter yesterday Neas said. As I think everybody for all of the thoughts and prayers. You support is uplifting mean. And my family so so both we've heard from. Refer to diagnose have a spinal concussion a contusion confusing concussion of sorts effort both this is similar to what's in the Tommy medics had from the Steelers. Quarterback Tom mathematics. So how can I do not resident. I remember Tommy not explain in excess he did play with are owned just a couple of the you know girls play something else our own our own Joshua. Our own John artsy and what are you guys. This is a little. Yeah Tommy medics there's a lot of work we got an email the other day of all the words we cannot say what my favorite words I can't say anymore. Yes. Yeah we did get that email but it rhymes with who should play again. We can't say that anymore so I mean to say something different. He considered finished with magna and Walsh what Haley said. Only injury that he may redeem I don't know I heard readout you know also words we can't saint Anna Maria your day care and I obviously don't care or six. It was ten or oh my god it's early wake of toilet trailblazers got lit up by the wizards last night's 106 then nine need to. The loss to Washington Bradley deal drop in 51 in the win that is the most points scored by a visiting player in blazers history ever. Yes ever. It eclipses critical Javaris 49. Wow. Yeah all the we go that far back from two to four yes 49 points by Graham we would hear was out. My guess 89. Seats. For don't know. It doesn't matter. Here it's a long time they. Here's here's theory get a hand up maybe double team guy because at the end of the game gets rid of deals that haven't been double teamed and John we'll double team everybody's been double teaming me nobody don't seem to me I and then not our team's only. Offense that we have sold he'll get the starting line effort to Washington. He goes. Eight points two points or point seven points 51. And hand up. Tonight the man the basketball something in you were off by quite a bit still 81 seven DT only for a Lou Hudson back in 1970 blazers first euros or 49. But now those two records are gone. It is. 51 points. Now to Charles Barkley. In nineteen. 95. Who on the rockets 85 aren't that would go to auto Oden maybe the suns on in those rockets used at that time. And are now. But he had 48 points for seven excuse me so. This circuit for the blazers meanwhile Portland shot 41% from the field and turn the ball over eighteen times so blazers is and stink it up for a third straight game to burn those uniforms and sitting. I said they yesterday exco thank you Burnham and use you scoffed at that you know are cussing and now. You did I know now good act like a season of those words or did I know you know knowledge and I know our initial reaction. Willie jagr leads or again. What's this mean for the Dutch program moving forward what does that mean about Willie Taggart. Testing jam on the thin. This is dusty you jam in the morning on 1080 I love. Yeah I was disappointed. Don't we sat down a year ago. And you know we made a commitment to him he made a commitment to us. We've done everything to support our commitment to get here today. And I'm disappointed. Proud months athletic director of the university of organ he said it and ducks fans are feeling at that disappointment. Initial reactions Willie Taggart takes the Florida State jobs. Yesterday. Bouts would just for four. And one is about 130. Dish yeah they'd all kind of broke. And Willie Taggart decided he is gonna pack up head to Florida State go home. That was something that all duck fans are bracing for is something that we said yesterday. You know. Yeah that was the day we're gonna find out in all of us and now we don't think he's going to be the coach in organ come Wednesday morning and it turns out. He wasn't on. What was your initial gallery reaction when you found out the new easily tiger. Not surprised and my initial reaction is I wanna to go right into. The uniqueness of how this happened and why this happened and what we've seen in college football might buy first thing is is is any of us. Out there are listening or anybody it's ever been in the job situation that's created leveraged. Sometimes are so unique opportunities were UC man it is a true supply and demand issue. Based upon fear. And based upon panic well. All of these things happen in it was the perfect storm how this happened for Willie Taggart and a couple other programs to him the dominoes that fell. All happen at once and when this opportunity is right in front of you you could sit there and tell you tell mean. Not the greatest coach his record seven in five to meet a bowl record you mean this is gonna be the first time that a guy's never coached in a bowl three straight years. Being the leader of a of team that's incredible to me. Three state teams he's not gonna coach a bowl western Kentucky didn't coach cities yep at Central Florida now he's got to leave before coach is a bowl again at organ. Those things are bizarre to me but I will say this I don't hate on Willie Taggart what he's done. Because he's got a pretty himself and in the college football now. But I think it's disappointing for organ it's frustrating in here's the other thing I'm gonna tell you out their fans and people list. Be upset the anger and betting you have every right to be a market to tell you not to be angry peiris beat. Think about this too is that I said things happen for a reason this is a good thing to get the person out of here than wanna be here. And made this is added a perfect storm and I don't think that it is an indictment on the universe of organ football program nor do I think it's an indictment on Willie Taggart. Because we all have a dream job nobody predicted that sort state would would open. One year after Willie Taggart got here because we there was no reason for Jim official leave Florida State certainly. It turned out there was 75 million reasons for Jim both Fisher to leave. Florida state university and a million so willing yeah and that's something that you can't predict. And you can't. Forecast now. Could organ have forecast that it by having it I don't. The steeper. Maybe at some that we're gonna have we're gonna get into that are there isn't as far as the initial reaction is no I wasn't surprised the one thing that I was surprised about. Was. The the fact that you've heard. You know Brady breeze was stopped and he talked to you I believe his keys CI. I Downey Jeanne on the front and he had to dialing complex. And he is thank you know we didn't know anything that was going on in as an Ike and time is going in more time passes and the industry announcement. Players were told that known and this is on just rumors. It's not saying you know date deflected within those zones within the buildings in recruits got the same message you know that. You know it wasn't hey it was Scott frost and there was this known that Central Florida. Nebraska's come come and call and he didn't say anything publicly but behind closed doors is the guys nude that Scott frost was the target in in the yeah of of Nebraska. Here it was. It was just now it's this kind of media driven and in that set and the players word. Having to keep up with it on Twitter just like everybody else was down a little bit surprising to me because you always hear. That day yeah we knew the rumblings are there. But you know. It is what it is this thing happened so quickly. That the players seemed stunned by and they seem surprised. They should be because it was only one year is this to me is so much different than what Scott frost situation as everybody understands when you have success at a lower level school. You Lori stepping stone school you're gonna get and the connection between Scott frost and Nebraska. It goes without saying is that it's probably. The best job in the world for Scott frost and Scott frost only there's no other coach out there that has the connection to Tom Osbourne and that university and national championship as the leader and the cornerback it is it fits perfectly. This scenario to me smells like Lane Kiffin and Tennessee. You brought in somebody that was supposed to elevate your school bring recruiting. Was a guy that can bring a lot of moxie offense. In arrogance to the university which he did and Willie tiger was good he was good it is quotes he was good it is Sainz he was good and all those things. Those quick little tidbits the way his smile was engaging. We brought in at number one recruiting class. And everybody got on board and you should've gone on board because no way could you predicted this no way to happen. And it did mapped the idea is certainly did in game one and guns and coaches where where you sit there and you go oh blow my gosh. There's no way we could have fixed this there's nothing we could've done better. I'm not gonna will scrutinize who. Moline for this later a little bit but at this point time as players in who knew. What it was going to be like sitting in that meeting and Willie Taggart announced of those players and how that reaction was gonna go. But the players don't need to know they ever were gonna know. This tax comes on average for murders sex on five factors your fives your wife leaves you for better looking guy you don't congratulate her on the upgrade. You showed that fat broken miserable Taggart. Handled the exit terribly and I'll be rooting against Florida State that comes from margin this one says Willie Taggart is about his brand deduce something. Have good days you want to stuff was all about him. The whole season was about building his Branson could take the first train to greener pastures. And about the first train but have a really big turning. I idea out there I know there Joseph I I kind of believe this there's no good job in the country that other than. What what other job can you say it was so connected to one person. I have in the country while Nebraska and Scott frost ya that's it I mean in that is that I mean this is keep in the reports are he turned down. Two major jobs in one of names rumored to be Florida via tech which is in his own state all of the reasons all of eat things that people are pointing to except for. Willie tiger wasn't a Florida fan Willie tiger was at Florida State days coming up in that is kind of what. That dry is in. So I don't think it was the first train. It was the biggest in nice pretty nice organized trained and need to heed cigarette out here. You and doesn't says as bees. Beaver fan and it I can say hey at least we had a head coach. That on this guy says eat as an amateur beaver believer life long bleeding orange and black and never try to talk negative negatively value Bobo unless. It's about the fans I've competed in college there and I greatly respected tradition you vote has but. Heard some immediate duck fans saying oh always use stepping stone job blah blah blah well I guess she spoiled university ninety fans. Two last three coaches have left you for something better. Go beats. Go about that. NB just across the now big do you feel kind. Of get a feel jilted yeah I am frustrated and this is. Ya gonna take the competition side of the schools here. I understand there's different fan bases in the passive between now now I love the passion remember right I've always I've called by this violence they care more productive you're gonna care more fun in and go after this and I think rubble and and and Phil Knight and everybody understands. And will discuss this later in the show about where ago. But be passionate and care about this right now not believe this happened for a reason truly in your heart it did yeah this Texas the worst part about the scenarios that we never got the best part of Taggart the whole year's lost his ability curtains strength. Hum was just. We were just he's good news I can't stop. Pretending. A in the moment if you remember football is an in the moments sport it is a one week to the next sport is one played to the next. Play and the games every game is scrutinized to the utmost degree so I believe that in the moment when Willie jagr was coaching and saying those things that's who he is guys. Everyone wants to jump on this thing is that he's lied and he did all this things know this is what college football does. Yeah this is a dead but that's a good point about Willie Taggart is that. You can say dot fans that's the worst part of the scenarios that w.s washed Winslow hasn't Willie Taggart ever gotten to you. Reap the benefits. Of his work as a coach now is that western Kentucky's he left before that popped in a South Florida he left before that popped. And at Ord and he left after one year before they popped and you know and that is thank you think about that ego. What. And maybe that's where it lies with him do you but initial reaction for you so that kind of money. Just take take the connection to out we've discussed the passion between what I would do for a lot of money compared to us we'll have different feelings. Thirty million dollars gets thrown in your lap to coach. What do you do. When you go back and you see if organ or give you forty. Or 35. You know I mean Indian that's the thing is that apparently that was the thing was really tagged as he came back to organ is like all right. Floors site state low balled me now they gave you money I want five years six million occurs there at the tigers are sixers 36 meters 39 game five million pop. EMI gonna get that can indicate to stay here and I don't know Dorgan said but they have the highest paid coach in the pac twelve years he led and they sat there and they went in. Okay. There you go hat have that it that's five million dollars here we were offering you four are going to be very competitive with that and adios amigo in his heart strings. Pull them back to Florida or his pocket strings pulled back to Florida in there it is he's he's now the coach of course state organ. Moves on and a lot of people a duck fans are trying to trying to spin it as hey this is actually good thing. That he gets to you. It organ is to reset. And it proves that organ can't recruit foreign five star guys we have the right guy in the on the right staff here yet here's the last thing Texas drying I can't. Can't ever fault somebody for taking an opportunity right in front of them that's something they've believed merger dreamt about their entire lives don't drink I would never. Ever tell somebody to stay put. And turned down an opportunity of a lifetime but I understand organ fans feeling jilted. The oracle iPhantom absolutely jilted because you know what for Oregon fans. That is their dream job and you know dip organ is their dream job for organ chance. Our rights where the ducks go from here that's our text relations 55 threes here five where did the ducks go who'd you want to be the next head coach of the university Morgan. Here's Crawford a sports owner. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number. Two or. Diners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we keep all of my life I think. Or is cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go weird doesn't. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that today. 55305. Hazards where Beers Tex signs. Solution the organ ducks target as their next head coach. Texas five factories or five also. We have got a fifty dollar gift certificate to red tailed golf red tailed golf holiday sales gone on now with up to 50% off your holiday golfing needs golf red tail golf guarantees the lowest holiday prices check them out. At gulf red tailed dot com. Color number five at 5032501080. That's 50325. Vote 1080 collender refined it's a fifty dollar gift certificate. To red tail golf lesson number five a three men on I was gonna call 53 are not eligible to 50. It 1080 gaga to beat me 03 co owner and LT five a 1080 colored number five to get saved fifty delegates to get. To read tea golf center right ducks where do you go if you are the university or again. Right now who do you go laughter and who do you. I'm going after Justin Wilcox and global. That's Bryant is done and I want I dots for me right now that's what I want to go after. I'm being selfish because I can do that I'm sitting behind a microphone but I don't know what a lot of duck fans want. I would love to see Justin Wilcox who's a brilliant defense of mind. And beau beau Baldwin is a proven offensive coroner appear that can do the things and dismantled. The ducks years ago with the eastern. Oh I would want that here in here's my initial reaction why in today's teenage. In knowing that the amount of money is out there in college football. The amount of money decals investing in that staff down there is laughable it is. It is a joke having just since getting just a shade under one point five million dollars and one point four that's that's what Jim Leavitt was being paid here to coordinate. At a organ. Who I know in my heart is going to end if you want a clever for third Jim Leavitt find. Remember in his contract folks it says specifically I can leave for the Kansas State job. He has that built into his contract that he would leave no matter what for the Kansas State doubles where he wants to go. That's worse artists yeah so what why would you want to do that again that doesn't make any sense to me. If he does wanna stay on a coordinator fine. But my other thing is is that you have somebody in with in ties that says organ is where I should be no I'm not in Justin's mind I don't know. I can I can just speculate and guess. But if he threw enough money. And did that. You should at least have a phone call. Yup I am I do believe that they probably will give a phone call and Justin because of Armenia one year at a cal and turn around disposed to be a dumpster fire season that they were competitive every game and they kind of got awfully large in the states. We'll see though. Justin doesn't seem like a guy that would cut bait after one year I don't know doesn't and an eight point seven million dollar buy out. Act now for this year according to USA today's coaching database eight point seven. 08 million dollars to buy him out but if you sit there and you say Justin. And beat pain you. Competitively because he's getting paid one point six million dollars a year that's chump change for for compared to a major call in California in the in Sunday or in the Bay Area he gets paid less than kansas' coach. So ticked upward its worth and I think that that call probably should be made if you're doing you due diligence and I think they well. This text and urged for Beers text aren't higher Leavitt he's the real coach this season snake oil Lilly is an excellent recruiter no question. But as a mediocre game coach at best and a ducks probably want an offense coach but Leavitt. Is a doggone miracle worker with what he did with that defense. They can find an offense and got her on the offense that side of the ball. Will be fine imagine what Jimmy can do with a few more seasons with that defense. Would think of Jim about it. I think Jim Leavitt is a fantastic coach I think she knows how to coach defense of the key change the attitude of the defense here I think it's great I think he's leaving. Yeah and geez I think he's gone the reports are. From. Done. From. Everybody that he's going win. Willie Taggart to you. Florida State but I think this is the one here Crawford where rob moans addressed that yesterday. About Jim Leavitt in those report. Leo Willy said the only thing that we talked about was that staff would remain intact till December 16 so the tease kids can enjoy the fruits of their labor. During the year. Can be rewarded with a bowl game and no one has mentioned anything to me about. Florida State and contingent. So in white with the young white plywood but act at that time you know Jim love it's gonna be here till December 16 yeah. Which Jim Leavitt also. Tweeted out yesterday his dream is to become a head coach. So throwing his name into this had a mean what would stop him live from going to Florida State. Becoming head coach of organ you know he must become a head coach again. In that is known. If he was a good head coach at South Florida we do remember. That he had them within a game of going to a BCS bowl. I mean he would just did I think they lost a richer on West Virginia. But they were within a game to do when that. So that is that's a name there that a lot of people are Irsay but. Don't read into either. Mario crystal ball being the interim head coach because that was is built into his contract when he came over as associate head coaching co offensive coordinator. That in the event summing up and he would take over as as an interim head coach her. A stand in place for. I'm Willie Taggart because of the fact that Jim Leavitt calls the defense and Willie Taggart called the offensive plays. I believe that those duties of prime be handed over to Marcus Arroyo and for the ball game I'm assuming is play calling duties and crystal ball would be basically the game managing head. And answer trouble things one is. This Texas let's back of the Brinks truck for Chris Peterson take him out of Washington. You can absolutely go and do that yet enough money with which that opportunity with Phil Knight and fact though. Is buyouts thirty point six million dollars plus with escalating up to 39 million so. If you're willing to pay that plus you're gonna have to pay him at least five million dollars years you're gonna be investing over seventy million dollars. In Chris Peterson do you think. Organ would do that. Yeah. I I I don't have that answer. Man I certainly I don't think it your fault anybody for trying so there you go you can start that end to sit there and say that it's okay for Willie Taggart to leave. Florida's differ for the state but why would Justin Wilcox and it's okay for that this is that we're not any game of what's okay anymore in college football. You were arrogant to the moral. High ground of what's great for college football winning in football is all that matters you guys you need to understand that. Coaches get paid on winning players get recruited based on their talent level to help win if you get that through your head and understand that the loyalties to the wind the W. It's not too what's best for the programs. Coaches don't believe that. Now they will tell you that because their job in what I said on Twitter yesterday your coaching our CEOs. And their leaders their mentors are father figures but their salesman. Yeah and winning your life easy ever believed everything out of the salesman's mouth yeah. Never I won't and you shouldn't. 55305. That is the bridge for Beers Tex signed. Kevin someone. The name that is coming out a lot right now we'll talk a little about Kevin someone in who ducks fans want as their next head. Coach six for six on the fan. Sam in the morning on 1080 I love sale. I hear you on an organ lot people think Kevin someone with former tech seeing him coach in just finished the circle. Finished the circle Jim about Dana circle of life Willy the Florida State and then go lions can only hear you doing for again. Just finish it out but. And here we go with Kevin someone I I asked this deductions up. Have you seen Texas and m.'s defense. Do we know where Texas San Emmons any names defense is ranked. In his time as the head coach at an end because. In four of his six years as the head coach at an am organs defense was better in scoring. And total defense. Think about that and for everybody is lamented organs defense it is. In four of the last six years they have been better. Than what Texas CNN had. In the SEC in the SEC no less with. What do we say the biggest criticism on the SEC is. They don't ever get offenses their right ya this year they finished 81 in scoring. And 1519 yards per game. Organ better in both in the past in those six years they finished in the hundreds. In total defense and scoring three times. A half the time. Ninety's are hot hundreds hurt tee times and earlier saying one doesn't have a history of of coordinating great defense Null and and that's what it comes back to is a you gotta have a head coach. Who's eight year old these dizzy assistants around him. And so that would be this it's a cause for concern is he sit there and you look at it the biggest gripe about organ has been defense lately. They've been better on defense than NN tonight. I need to ask is because I feel like in today's world between when your talking about the amount of money that's around with college football. Does your coach hire have to have some sort of connection to the school either being have previously coached there. Played there or have a connection to the recruiting ground on the West Coast because remember organ. They have a unique opportunity is good is USC or any other team in this in this conference is that they can pull kids from across the country. Kevin someone has a southern connection global. Condensed Texas saint him. That is his connections. So now that's gonna be the predominately that's going to be where he would be recruiting you're doing now. But does organ needs somebody. They'll have the connection to the West Coast of Pacific northwest could keep your own ties to be able to secure we keep our guys in our state rob Mullins. Asked that was asked that question yesterday. We have a whole long list of criteria. And how that's a bonus comet not where you start is that there's a pool we wanna have. I divert school broad pool. Com and we will have that could come but at the end there's help someone with ties into that's a bonus but at that it's not at the top the list. A young let me make a quick point to and and that's that's a great point. Right away from the discovery from from the perspective of a husky brand. Win these turkeys in jump ship when he left he took his dream job the initial reaction of the locker room in the meeting with saarc said I need to feed my family how many do we nominee get my new job. The players' reaction had Marcus Tuiasosopo former husky. Up insert quarterbacks coach everywhere so we want markets we want markets and any coach them in the bowl game and they want is we want. Wasn't ready. Be careful when you say stuff like all we want Jim Leavitt. He's got experience crystal ball deep that when you hear it from players you hear from guys that are their connecting because it's safe it's it's. It's familiar sometimes with bones and certainly with Phil Knight they're gonna go after the best hire that they understand can lead. Not jumping at the first initial reaction that you want won the polls on your purse strings. That's when Chris Peterson showed up Tina pursue arson that guys out there for organ it's gonna happen. But the powers that be in and understand rumbles of very Smart individual along with the night they know what they're doing they're not gonna jump on the first initial purse string reaction wreck that's what crap like Tennessee does yeah. Those those. Ludicrous people out there that backstabbing each other and you're not Tennessee your better than Tennessee and a. I you know let. I. I would I actually like Mario crystal ball. More than I would Jim Leavitt and I think Ballmer really good coaches. Because now it again I know that only two years Marcus ball a Tubal at Florida international. But. Have we heard of Florida international. Besides those two bowl years that Nomar interest law coast and then. And then he went and was coach Alabama regard as on the best recruiters in the country. And I think that he if you hear the players. ID is that is a guy that plays in Alabama when he left. They were sad he left end when he came orient it was you actually heard something out of the Alabama locker room. Then man that's a big blow to us in in coach Chris ball leaving. Players really like him I think I'd like actually Mara just ball has come that CEO where could he'd. Retain or finding defense. Very it was where was he remember him and I'm sorry no Florida Internet I'm sorry Florida international not the best record but he did turn them around the little we had taken a two bullets and I said to them to -- net I mean they've been a one cent and the experience of working under Andrew Nick Saban and Alabama and and developing them but there's their house to be I think to. The number one thing you need is a coach. In my opinion is the connection. But these kids in connection with these young men coming into the recruit and to be able. Stay with me here sell them. To be a part of organ. Yep you have to be able to sell you got to connect to the parent to go protected kids. You have to have that that is a number one coaching to certainly is beat there's a it and there's beat. But that commitments got it it's got to fit. How about this one. Coach wishlists ranked James Franklin won TU tie between Wilcox crystal ball for someone five Levitt six Mike Gundy. When my again he's got a huge extension you're not teaser come on let's say you let's be realistic. James Franklin apparently is flirting last year. And as leaving Penn State and he's got some common there but I don't know if you can back up enough money to get him out of there. But gets into the question of what's a better job in cedar org right. Where and then it may be witty and a better opportunity to win and Greg Orton era. You know and may need to know what to do more historically for c.'s job is to that's Penn State if you can. Convinced James Franklin for how whatever reason that you come out west. Pactel is more when we ought to go to urban and Jim Harbaugh. And Scott frost now but I gotta go through to Kelly David Shaw Chris critters Peterson it right it's. In his mind and easier. It exactly and Herm Edwards. Ethical and at Atlantic beach. Or 99 win teams here in ten win teams appear on I twelve north champions that you got to go through organ now I think that the lists though. Brain person's names come up I think the list that includes guys like Brian arson or just Bedford. I think organs team aiming higher and I think they should aim higher you know and that's not to take anything away from Brian arson or just Ted for that they do believe that. In the organ program. You can either go you can go on get a sitting coach. Is sitting head coach that should be the goal is to go out and Getty is sitting head coach at a power five school that should be your goal and then you work your way down to you. And it's not very far down the list to get to a Bryant arson or just entered but it's working your way down. Question going in OK how attractive nationally. Is the organ docs to I I think it's more attractive now than it was. Last year at this time and I'll tell you why plus rob moans culpability and Brooke Willie Taggart leaving. Does the athletic director had any culpability here testing cam on the fan.