Dusty and Cam - 12.12.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, December 12th
NFC wide open with Wentz out for the year, Blazers lose, and a fun discussion of the NFL Owners Meetings.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results and that's Dinara offensive line get your rest. And Jim Cleveland. Downgraded soccer because soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Yeah. An 8 o'clock hour hour and every three does seeing him in the morning. I've RD I'm starting to put together a list of NFL owners in the groups that they hang out Barth. Always gone down rabble on the sport yes I have been taking it deep group. Which is the guys in his immediate. Hands keyed up. I have the early bird special all the people who go for thirty dinner yet they go get 430 dinner there they're on the we're now at. The wanting in the cool group. That episode sect that is you're Jimmy dozens dean span NASCAR tons. Now does steps against I had to buy their way into the cool group ahead angry guy at the end of the bar. Which easier that's Arthur Blank he's by himself right now and I'm sure find somebody else. And I think shut con may be in his own little island. Pulling in yet I'm collapsed in this one. Jimmy hasn't isn't the money in the cool here but he's gonna be he's going to be to trying he'll be near the taking it deep group money I have. Welcome it's Monday that he'll begin Hinske right next term but the cool group has got to go up I we're going to be at the big horseshoe table. You can no longer cool group your tough work rules. Dear. Jimerson. Really. The Williams opened his briefcase. I've gotten your cougar voters as Marty and I was as one of those sketches. There was going to be ringleader. I've also got a craft is in that group yes with his with his air force and owns via ended. Yeah. He mainly. Did you. Here's here in the sun. 'cause I told drunk it was Tom Benson yet. I haven't gotten down to him unless a he's in the early Bieber he's yeah it's dead. Since opening for the what he's not your life is almost I mean were almost down on the seller I'm not as close as Tom Benson is right now mother nature's. Allen has other times it tick tick. He's in the yearly and Jerry Richardson mine and you figure is very special and now a senior citizens special for sure wrongly that nowhere else that's all I can get up. Swear you can get I like some sort of the senior and you get Thanksgiving dinner and he didn't know he he's a high point your life when you're like Hitler actually Nolan. Dan Snyder's sitting with Arthur Blank here either the anger again as it into the bar. That's all make sure we get all that but then I do you have the Green Bay Packers ownership is staying at these super eight pounds she. The whole city of Green Bay Alia. It's the horse community in fact they get a ring the whole city it's the big group yeah they can't super don't can't afford to be yet everybody was stock it's a room yeah. Go to this every member. Yeah. Well finish itself later. Wait who has Carole Davis. It says here that Carolyn Mark Davis are the owners of the raiders. This is Mark Davis married. To your sister. Potentially. We should know this. Well. No it is. Is ex Al davis' ex wife OK yes she's yeah. So it's his mom. Out but I played for the coolest honorable Tom Martin mommy to on him. I did. Comments and know Georgia's frontier oh yeah. It's Friday that her back she was recipes she was fantastic you know there's a big general. I know she was I I do well I didn't I sedation and they probably better packaged c.s which are naive she did you are fantastic she low. Of some Orlando Pace. She'd come out on the practice field visit HIQ do you ninety came out on the track toward this logo. I do you was very out in the open she was very. Very much a fan Overland Miller at a pace of very large man 67330. And we come out of the tracks that she gives little pep talk to give us all leather travel bags when we made the playoffs in 2013 is an effort practice. She walks out on the field and in we all huddle around and she grabs. Bingo. And his brings him right into the front and search is hungry and just give me and ended and as where she's gainers beat. She's revenue is dumb give her of Enron guys don't my revenue is back alms and out of millers and as goes ma is god. I'm. Didn't she say she was routine in the stadium or not only did she ever boutiques yet or not in the stadium and in the rams facility she had a whole boutique. That was just for the wives you could have your coffee up there you can have all these special cappuccinos and there was. BB gifts and little floral arrangements and then she had this huge apartment. That was decorated to the nines but there was dust everywhere don't you never state. You have cruises this this this and women's boutique they were corsets. It was clear he armor. Just and it lives can go up there and shop in it was easily get of the special invite she would love it up there she was awesome. All right she was awesome got teary mind that she be in trouble but it was wonderful and I've never seen a man of that size blush. But I it's I saw a man bush that's beautiful. As drum and rim in the army which you seem to think. She loved them she cut a deal she cut the check. So I mean. I eighties. Did was he bothered with the miss Perry yes you married yes. Opening and how to have back our Zuma a night match. That's it I don't know that that's not a cougar that's not a panther that was up in the I don't know where we're gonna go past that Saber chiefs. We need more of female owners in the NFL. Yeah I'm looking down here like on. Love we have Carol Davis. Eaten me Amy Adams strong is the titans owner yes there's a welcome. Is teaching tool sucked are watching and aloha. About the you'd titans that'll. Be talking about Crawford but the titans got a titan slow down the flaming thumb tack yes. So you have you have Carol Davis as tech news that she just sits in the in the periphery in yet and strong. Teary probe led the owner of the bills and his wife is co owner Virginia house McCaskey bears. She's an hamburger pick your first year out. In in the bull and family in a marked afford lines honor them. So that's at. For female owners but and there's no Georgia's yelling it was George's. She was Corey. She active. Irwin back. I don't I don't know I don't know she was always really nice scrape very personable you know she's going to launch or she. Should he show. Well yes that's right yes you'd. Script. OK well let's talk about the NFC because. This old bar situation has really got Atlanta's practice leader. And I yemenite the NFC though is shaping up the Seahawks and rams initiate what will be a wild ride. In the NFC. And don't sleep on one team testing came on the fan. This is dusty and Tim in the morning. No I'm Canadian. Carson Wentz is density or towards ACL. Not good news for the Eagles. Obvious. But what does that do to the NFC's last year and cheated this year great quarterback like. Really how's the frustrations. Aaron Rodgers Tom Watson them Carson went some of these quarterbacks. She's who have gone down. It's just it's frustrating. This point but that's what we have gone yes he did answered. This discuss on and on and on and on which. Pay don't want don't look now. Have you noticed. Jimmy growth low still unbeaten quietly and beaten to now you know as a starter as you prepare looted. There still 015 in the distant third. But the Indiana C is. Was wide open to begin with it's more wide open than ever and you look at the fact that those quarterbacks are out Carson Wentz is out. What is gonna happen with Minnesota can de overtake. Philly wins nick falls as a starting quarterback Minnesota schedule is still really tough to end the regular season. That which means that you can't rule out. The vikings. To move down a slot here. Because they've got actually no they got since he this week and then they go to Green Day and then have the bears at Honda so. They're probably pretty pretty sure to host a game but there are only one game up on. The rams the saints in the panthers'. You have a Seahawks us folks. It's not out of the realm of possibility. You have DC taxes division champ. You know if Philly loses there. Final three games there in the playoffs sure. But if Nichols loses the final three. Seattle. Could be in the mix here RBC new dad to go to New Orleans and Atlanta needs a list is Atlanta has tiebreaker over a right but you have that giants raiders cowboys left for the Eagles as earn any cupcakes and what is the NFC looking like right now. I think the ringleader of everybody thinks it is now in the driver seat of the New Orleans Saints and that's kind of as a few reports I've seen is have. The saints have the strongest group with the running game their defense and they finish with the jets. No walk in the park and and they also have the falcons were to be a major matchup in that situation and finished with a box. I like the saints at this point in time I think they're at their house they on the driver's seat of of not only consistency but they have the best balance it if you're looking at the NFC this is great because it is so wide open. This week is gonna give us a lot of great matchups it's gonna give us the patriots in the Panthers but it's also gonna give us the rams and the Seahawks and everyone else look into. Is he old by the umps are patriots Steelers patriots Steelers are and oh by the way this guy. This guy any number twelve. He wears number twelve for the Green Bay Packers. Could be making his debut Kanye back well his attorney eyes Aaron Rodgers could become back in the right now. The Green Bay Packers are seven and six if you look at their final three games of the year they don't have cupcakes but if they win at Carolina. Against the vikings and at the lions. They're sitting there at ten in six. And they came back their way into the playoffs now they have zero margin for rare. Absolutely zero no we can't lose margin for air. But if they can knock off those three teams. It would be if you if you thinking about this the teams ahead of them are Carolina. Minnesota. Detroit doctor to catch Minnesota. That's for certain. But. Bear in your chasing Carolina and they're chasing Detroit who are ahead of them in Viet tie breakers. It is to have that the ball falls there way you could see the Green Bay Packers back their way into the playoffs in with that. With a healthy quarterback in the fact that. Phillies banged up the Seahawks defense is baying doubt. In a year having consistencies and unknowns in LA. I have no idea what's a big. Who do you like now personally if you're saying a team that can make the run. What are some of the teams are what are some of the reasons they give you the most confidence going and I mention the saints to their Drew Brees and into running backs him quality defense and that's kind of my team that I would say I watch out for. Stability at cornerback who growing number one criteria do the Minnesota Vikings have proven stability quarterback even if case kingdom went down. He go to somebody's been out when you Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater as Philadelphia year Carson Wentz is now gone it is in nick full show. In knicks bulls is under appreciated to further his kids consistency in what he's done over his career. But do I trust Nichols to win the last games NATO. Jerry golf is now somebody that's never been in the playoffs is in the second yours seventh you got artist and he's part of a great team and its and that their plane is good as anybody in the conference. You trust that ability to make a push in the NF all the way through. Yet can he we knew game. I don't know but I don't think we should take what happening in absolutely no end in take that for power. A rule of law with him because the fact that when you look at their game they had so many injuries where they lose it left tackle they were without rob and I'm Robert Woods. Mean they had at some significant injuries in that game that they're really make a big difference. Sell. Probably airline realists like don't you trust. Quarterbacks that have had experience yeah I do actress quarterbacks have experience I tres teams and have a running game and have a good quality defense that's a lot to ask for but I mean at least two of those three criteria. To be. Be able to did not just being dominated but stand out to me so. The quarterbacks that have to be number one and number two running game or defense which when he got to take Baltic defense yeah you know my big concern about New Orleans going back to them really quickly. And he you know their for a losses are against. Quality teams. Knell for the good teams that they play does the vikings Boston patriots have lost the rams that lost the falcons nibble at that Hawkins once in their division and you know like and how you feel a little bit of fool's gold with the saint's days they have added they've had a very. Favorable schedule schedule when they beat the Packers it was without Aaron Rodgers. You know it's. I have my questions I have my questions about them they have beaten Carolina twice. But then I sit there and I would be Carolina and it's much of the same with Carolina schedule of inconsistencies they finally get their marquee win of the year it was this past weekend. Against the vikings you know I just if you're looking at this to from the outside now that personal it's has gone who did not wanna face in the first round. Going to their house because that's what I think is is the most. Now where is the toughest places Delaware you know we if you're wild card team and you get the upper hand right so who's gonna host. The F to look at that and that's a major factor beauty wanna face is very scary team right now. That you don't wanna play in the NFC. Is some really Hugo may not only part of that going on the road. Welcome to the NFL seed that's why this is so fun is because I think the scariest team that would be on this list would be if Green Bay gets healthy and they came back there plan. That would be the scariest. The scariest team that I can c.'s Aaron Rodgers. Because that would mean Aaron Rodgers is on fire. Heading into the seat in the playoffs can I be honest with this though. And it will be I don't disagree with you I back could be very scary their defense doesn't intimidate and his much. But from the outside perspective. If you find a team like Seattle that beats the rams this week. And they get in. Nobody wants to go to Seattle in the first round now pedal if Hillary wants that is their division winner yes but iced I just don't and I'm my biggest questions we need in the class colossus of cliff April. Kim chant their energy German and a very insurmountable by either their secondary is is bad I mean it. Byron Maxwell. Out of the worst. Q aura quarterback rating this week in the NFL yeah it was terrible I mean he got slaughtered and discharge shed is is is practicing this week he could be Barack. That's a big pickup for Seattle to help but I think your right. Or do you line some of the entries they have the offensively some of those things but. If history's always showed is that Russell Wilson in December it did a lot of success yes absolutely they have a net demo India team is in especially that's of these injuries are said Kieran has if you look at that. Filly without Carson Wentz yank your feel a whole lot better matched cells that fuel our. Seattle annuals of feeling good about the fact that you'll have to go against and you know the Minnesota Vikings defense though. And that is. That's a juggernaut and they're Minnesota maybe you'll get this thing done wisdom case Keenan because. At how well he's played in the fact you have a defense like that great story. But they're beatable. They are they art and yeah I'm I'm with you. With the Seattle thing except for as you go on in the playoffs is in your hard earned first round I that's kind of what I was may first round you're perfect for sure on your would you wanna be heading to the plan Mason now with a history of that probably not not on the road. You are in parts I mean what place do you do you go on the road. That you would say as a division winner in the sleigh around I mean Minnesota wouldn't scare me on the road to dull. Any girl that the deal wouldn't scare me mute I'll let you know that's that's so you know as a BUN be concern in Minnesota New Orleans or Atlanta no. Wouldn't be. This I think they're elements loud and Tony I'm Tony from plane in those games that and that that time. I've seen the rams lose the saints lose I've seen Atlanta we've seen all these teams that are really good. But it is about elements because the teams that travel asked why a heart it was from Miami last year fuel to go to pits remember it was hot. Football team they were good they would at Pittsburgh got destroyed. If you can't win in the outside in the cold. So layoffs you'll not be successful team so by that let's eliminate Los Angeles as well. It is LA Ime is only playing that thing in a controlled environment. That that's home field advantage for a little bit but it doesn't scare you if you go on the road. To go to LA it's seven ex wife who yet and I'm saying so you would you may not be afraid to play in currently. Four of the 69 health. And as he's filling Carolina be the only Teague is Carolina has one aspect of how I agreed but he just there's no there's a lot of history of that scary guy at the scary team Aaron Rodgers and which use the most intimidating. Is that they find a way to back there win and maybe didn't get. A home feel a home game somewhere some way there's no way to get home game programs and alone maybe it's a lot of hard wild card you know wacko wacko but they look without it and they get their way and if they backed away in they would be on the road to be and it likely the NFC west them. Cheap so that's who'd be great matchup problems Seattle and Green Bay in the first scene Allan before this we. Yet this is it shaping up I mean with those teams that are involved right now in and that's not rely Detroit is also seven and six think we're all talking about. Green Day. Detroit is technically. In front of Detroit due to tie the tie breakers right now. And their final three games against the bears Bengals and Packers and get the Packers at home to well you know while throw out. You know. I know what their record is vs forces winning teams they've lost they've they're winning wins vs the bucks losers bears losers browns losers. Packers without who Aaron Rodgers also they won vs the vikings which is a big winner earlier in the year. Case then they beat the cardinals and the giants. Well you basically read the same schedule it suffered a loss to Minnesota. But you know. I mean at no running game. Yeah I'll well he did. I call it quarterback I did it but if you if you get a nit pick their schedule you can nitpick a lot of other teams he also have to nitpick the fact that their quarterback has ever won a big game. Ever been in the playoffs. And hasn't won a super ball unlike somebody at that they're down with the saints doing the point was that they're not out of it in and they're actually ahead of Green Day. And they have a chance did date in the right funny is always a chance Izzo is a chance closed but you have nineteenth. In nineteen in the hunt is an excellent fund three weeks. And I think that the two best teams in the NFL. On the other side it just might be at now. I think possibly investing in the NFL's on the other Sen the Pittsburgh. Thank you Pittsburgh is getting it right now although this week though. You'll find what. We'll find out a lot this week yeah but I think that field advantage days. It is on the line in the AFC I think they're bad they're playing like the best team in the league are now agree there winning close games with kickers and that's scary if finding a way to do it. In win you know I don't get have guys get injured. They still are finding ways to win games and that's the most important thing in the NFL was that Boswell is now what five of five. On go ahead. Field goals in the final. Two minutes of games a season. I would say that that's pretty good and that's how you win. And they got some really good quality wins including. Against Minnesota. And Baltimore's I think Baltimore's Goodwin last week they beat the chiefs and their actually playing like that. Okay 55 threes your five batting average for Beers Texan the Portland trailblazers Lee is again five and arrow. What happened kills audience. Crawford sports. This news. The trailblazers job numbers seem go. Later room. To the warriors. 111104. Dames at how Paul was tried. Tried to wheeled into victory. He so good. They in his hometown. In Oakland in front of his home home crowd Damian Miller and his electric that don't last night when he entered the line just moved to see now while many elevated. Elevate he's fun to watch. On in what a lot of blazers. Fans thought was under watch her do a lot of blazers fans thought it was fun to watch was Kim's wanna get early in the air remember him and that let me do him he was a starter. It up well I'll talk about starter rotator minutes it was starter in their mr. He played for the first time since. November 22 last night. One minute. London OK so his rookie they're trying to get more time and Zach Hollis 25 minutes I would you think of that young man's performance last night I actually like tackle. I hit a pretty good. I didn't meaning he was sufficient for infield for a nine mean yes of 50% but. You as a Fred pull the trigger on a three. He did a great job rebounding which I mean this is the game to give Zach Johnson for confidence because without dream on green it does does that to I mean you look at. Angolan state roster in that is a roster built for him to have successes. Win it Jordan Dallas basically the former Oregon duck who. Jordan bell is doing exactly what I thought he would do. In Golden State which is rise just hustle in blazer fans are gonna sit there and be like polish it'd take it and he is a perfect match for Steve Kerr that system and that team to pump the brakes on them. But when Jordan Dell's biggest guy on the floor for them along with number cast speak. I that's a good matchup for present columns forgot about it Kevin Durant he's not touching Kenderick put up a. Yeah Kevin Durant as the biggest guy on the reserve tight lies he yeah yeah these are 769. Crown exactly but he is. In the need they weren't even get near each other now but I thought he looked pretty good on the floor I thought that. We also saw the widest lineup in NBA history with Collins. Connotation in layman's on the thwarted other shoe layman's reversed that he had as he flew through underneath color can finish no mailing and yes I know layman think on a ten. Those two guys can Jones elevate it may be that you raised him of Rex Chapman back in the day David needed to vastly Brent Barry. T best leaders on the team in Condit to the layman but yet again that's college degrees to what. Believers see via. Mean dame obviously in the dunk contest he's forget about him those two guys are athletic. But back to kill us on in winners. Can you have a rhyme or reason as to what happened to Caleb swan again. Because I have I've been trying to figure it out and I'm racking my brain. And I don't know because there's a lot of people a lot of fans that thought that. Hey we may have something here and we got to bargain on the act. You remember earlier in the year and I was just asking because. The court. We get to react to the games begin we're not the coaches so rules certainly are always wondering yourself Wynonna but certainly it and I am not gonna break down to the pure analysis side of what's going through coach Scott's mind. Of the years that I've been here billable watch I understand that he likes to get certain guys in rotation queue likes matchups depending on teams that he's going against. And I think we have rookies and they fit into that you probably your gaining influence coming from the top and management saying. We need to see we have with some of these guys and how we've drafted them I need to see them on the court so we can evaluate them and why do you wanna evaluate them coming from upper management. Well because you know yet to have no which you have in near the trade deadline I think in the blazers want to make a move especially to Richard exception you need to get them on film so you conceive and have them evaluated seek to use them for trade potential movement that's part of the game that's understandable. I I personally do not understand the inconsistency. Of how the blazers managed the starting line up yeah I'd I don't but that's just me from my outside perspective. And looking at the consistency over and over again killed one and got good minutes for awhile when Alfred comedian was out and it was working well wind a little bit no Obama is now. Q both of them to all LA coming off the bench on land has a lot to do with his minutes dissipating that he's now I don't have but I said that to last year when volley was suddenly was the starter he played ten minutes and he never play the rest of the game yeah yeah. I don't have to but it this is kind of the be ready mentality that the blazers have had a blast and and fully years Terry Stotts as you always have to be ready to this this is to step in and it it probably pretty frustrating for kids on again. There and this is a good tax worse about not having garbage minutes go to get small and isn't taken different advantages. So that's it's a good question. To really good question. Mean should hasn't been been able to be very good minutes. And other outside shooting threat is this it's it's amazing to me. You can go from being a very productive player at 1718 minutes could get points and and all the sudden been noting. In this blazers rotation yet there's been wiped off the face of the planet like you don't even exist. I don't get that well he here's where she basses and playing last night. Shaman is Livingston a six foot seven Klay Thompson is six foot seven match Andre Iguodala is six foot six Patrick McCaw is six foot seven. Though and I mean those that got the blazers are too short that. That's what you're saying and not mean should as needed that's just a bad that differs for sedans Napier because he and even the point guards. Are these monsters with with speakers' lineup you know win. A Quinn cook came in you know that the smaller guard be six to maybe bring in and then that. Could only played ten minutes so I believe our backcourt is or assert is too small. Okay. Yeah to match up with a lot c'mon the teams they've played against Milwaukee now you see Golden State. You're gonna see the rockets come to count anybody that you matchup in this conference right now tell me where they match up. We see the teams at the blazes have been able to beat. They're too small you just can't get up and down the court and I like the dame we do a dame is unique talent he is a generational talent after got. Who can else who can stop and defend. I think that goes back TBA de though that CJ McCollum is Sen we talked about this earlier if you missed it ticked down less drug tires podcast detonating a standup comedy said. We are having an identity crisis right now. And I think that day the blazers do have an effect of identity with small guards in big can be effective with smaller guards. But aides. It's within the parameters of having a dominant bigs who can come sets screens he could have a pick and roll gamer you can have a low post presence you know because that is the ultimate. Stretcher of your defense where the small guys get more space is when you have a big that people ought to respect. It's hard to come by in the way they're trying to do is putting Meyers Leonard in the starting lineup so you can stretch them out of the key you know put up the lane for Damon CJ. But their identity crisis Israel without her it's not a and that should be frightening for blazer fans because he hasn't been healthy. Dirk since he got 820 games last year starter this year in if you have an identity crisis this bad. Because of those injured in an injury to him. And so our age you may be on some there between you need some bull and a backcourt. Meaningful but it's not just cables wanna gamble Keeney guys that are athletic and long Panetta said on the court yet that and that's your for an accord yet but. Yeah on the back of backcourt with regards yeah as far as Robertson more true and who's your wing presidency your big physical power forward that you have that can give you something. Open handle on the light. If he can give you the rebound he can give you the defense the words the offensive punch are looking for made Evan Turner you're going okay. Is this guy the perimeter guy and get she's a good defender if this were always it did there's just not. There's not that dominant kind of player that you're looking for now other than dame and they didn't they did this frustrating part for lesbians to us as watching Evan Turner he goes the brackets to really easy ones at the beginning of the game. And then makes one field goal wrestling you know I mean that. In bed that's when it doesn't feel like task assignment at the beginning OK maybe maybe he's gonna have game tonight. In the end guys do does sound but Damon's have gone off and in almost all that team to win that or she's hand grenades deal. I don't know and it's frustrating right now in aids is the funny thing is that on Twitter you look at her Tex on average for your sex on fat factors are five. Terry Stotts name is coming up more and more and more openness does it feel like the team is searching when you get in the searching mode it's a little frightening well. And right now. You need to do something because you have two guys that are in their prime that are all stars. And you have a big who if he can stay healthy is going to be entering his prime. And could be an all star center. You have got game CJ are all star caliber players should. Dame CJ in her kids. You need to figure out a way to win those guys. Because when they get disgruntled and say we can't do this anymore as a adds. Very dad's. Right we get set for that day on the fan. Plus. I've got a question for you we'd be still have to go through our ownership groups and where they sit at the bar and an awful lot of time. It never questioned about airplanes for him if pretty tough from the fan. This news does MTM in the morning on 1080. Slam. I thought I'd be easier time. Which appears Texas. We take on detested. Figure well we're gonna have the same farmer Indian LA times and he's going to be telling us life in the NFL owners' meetings. So tomorrow some dirt. Yet Rossum thirty that is needs we took on the task of figuring out where at the hotel bar. Really to ask him all of these guys are. Are sitting. In I have the I have my list I think is pretty set check rejects here yet let's go criteria. OK I have. 1234. 69. Categories here. Hope that Erica of course I have the early very category in the wit wanting in the cool group in the taking it deep category. Penn which is cougar. The angry guy at the bar and I have the getting to drunken tapping utterly. And then I have PF Chang's and super eight piano man in in his until rumor myself. In the early bird special I can name almost the last three good okay now do you wanna go last and he knows. Are we all know who last who's going to literally an NC this is going to bitterly let's start with that going to better relate. The early bird special. Is having dinner at four is the Maher is the Rooney's. So we have the giants Steelers. Did well as the cardinals okay McCaskey bears owner. Richardson Jerry Richardson. 81 years old Carolyn Bannister owner I believe he's asleep for a moment during the broadcast on Sundays did against the idea is to sell it goes to bitterly. The Ford Stanley says the lion's owner she's really old doesn't like cheerleaders she's not taken a deep. The brown family dangles ownership. They just can a go through most in shuffle their feeder ransoms inning and taken a deep and then Tom Benson. Most. Yeah also against the nurture he did it he got to got after you eat right. Mean if you're just gonna play your having great truth you're just getting with your vitamin exploded after two yeah I never had dentures. Taking it deep. Is Jerry Jones a leader in the clubhouse Robert Kraft and the Boland family. Brown Brock as owners. In any name hell lot of stories of people again after there. This Scotty Steve biscotti owner of the ravens half. There's big bleached teeth dark hand these days it party animal I think I think so especially here in the nation's get near the nation's capital. And guns or Bob McNair in this group. Well is that because he's sick of Texas oil guy is no way to Baghdad is gonna let people during its barn he's not gonna be there you know. You said steam this guy right it has a like Google image search in the first ones in smoking a cigar seats are your room is late to act 57 Yankee parties yup and then Jim Irsay to. I think team this Scotty. Are you had Jere and crafts that are kind of elevating him. And then next level Irsay and it's got you're taking and I tell you tonight throw cabby out of that group who's the when the polls on their credit card first and who's the one that slides back and has to go to the bathroom. When the bill comes I know who's going to the bathroom of the bill columns. Is it I've read read in this book called patriot rained out Robert Kraft is notoriously cheap holy cheap. Notoriously cheap yes under treatment also throwing Jeffrey Miller in here. There's soon ease kind of go party animal back granting him. Yet Bradley Cooper and his owner's suite during the rams games if they got angry at the bar. Arthur Blank Daniel Snyder Jed York Woody Johnson in the blazer fan. Yeah most definitely angry at the bar just death scaring everybody at the other end lauding in the cool group the beloved bills owner. He's the easiest name Jimmie has them in Spain announced most definitely. Clark can't he's like the young hunts like hey guys big woody when the old timers and my dad gave me reading that in the Caribbean stand cranky. And Stephen Ross dolphins. Cedar us. And then add the tab better league X. Ziggy will. And in Indiana and strong. Oh that's too bad is Bud Adams was the heat is an old timer and he would've been and it's taken a deep group disease to double fingers flip off the air outing. I she's got a little party and wonder. Mark Davis is at PS chains didn't get the memo. The super eight is the packer fans because it means an owners group to hold the whole city and shotguns in the Atlanta playing the piano. John of Ghana. Because his mustache just Google not you. And then Paul owns it minister of think he's I think he's when it has no friends or no I think he has friendliest he's is conducting a way to make another billion dollars. Of that group which group do you wanna be in. Digging deep you have to sit back and happy. You dig Heidi I don't wanna be an early birds British. Go. They may read convince them to let me on the board and yeah team you may be eaten. Buddy Eddie and the favor exactly navy tell my hello on friend amount Tom Benson gives the team do you instead of the spoiled kids yes. Is eighteenth wife there. I've an airplane question and EDS tomorrow as well airplanes. This is don't like flying. I have nexus I heard of college are now in an Indian to reader and spray treated seven as friends outside the concede have a great Tuesday OC Wednesday right here on tending to him.