Dusty and Cam - 12.12.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, December 12th
Monday Night Football, the Nick Saban effect in the SEC, and no suspensions for the Seahawks.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This isn't dusty and jam in the morning mix who has. And organized sports in this. Organized person wins dust era you know they would let me sign up for anyone else again. You can always here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland no know cure you just a turnout. You couldn't take you can morons you know. Dusty and chairman more million dollar and 1080 Justin Turner. Our ride it is 703. On you are on Tuesday morning Louisiana yet please. He lets up invitational is coming up. Best high school basketball tournament. On the West Coast for nominee of the best in the country. Out of state teams will include at the Krispy Celtics head of Encino mattered a monarchs who is a matter days that we're bull bull goes. That's cracked double feature organ dot double bowl be in town and then Oak Hill academy. One of the herd them Renny ol' national powers. Yeah of a pretty good day of Carmelo Anthony. And about eighteen other NBA players that they've had on their end of thing about it is that. Does out of state teams get to take on the best of the best from the state of organ as well and color number five at 5032501080. It's a Stanley for packet tickets to the less Robin additional comes in the nation's top high school basketball teams battle organs best that the less Schwab invitational. Presented by express employment professionals December 27 through the thirtieth at liberty high school. In hills rugged turn amid details and ticket info at less Schwab invitational. Dot com 50325. Though 1080 color number five is going to the LSI with a family four pack. Of tickets. Where he starts at 7 o'clock hour though. All man to happen again for the New England Patriots at 704. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and James in front of you brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years online and start thestreet.com. Get irritated them the personal Purdue. You know they they've been out of high percentage man team coming into and this other game like that belittle their front. How does one hell of a well made some big plays in the outside I really helped us. Jay. Cutler. He went full line Jake Hannon of last night 25382. Under 63 yards three touchdowns. As the Miami Dolphins improved to six and seven. With 827 when he wins over Tom Brady and New England Patriots were you surprised for the game last night just overall with with what the patriots were doing and just kind of the apathy. Kind of how all the pictures replying. It without Rob Gronkowski all for eleven on third down Tom Brady was 24432. Interceptions. Not the best performance certainly from the patriots leader. Is he slipping. But you got the final as well hey why don't hold on US help me find this that would I'm thrown out of a two questions it just means it is you know this is standard 'cause end. There's going to be it is getting old is he's no. Since 2000 and we both looked at the step but I wanted to find this this morning too they knew a significant. 221 in five all time since 2000 in the month of December in Miami yet why is that significant because usually the patriots have the division wrapped up. By the month of December. It's a warmer trip for them down there. It's a longer trip it's not motivating whatsoever it's not home and you get a team like this I think twice that is cost them home field advantage by browse the playoffs he collided continue to happen it just is one of those things. I can almost guarantee if you play Miami late December in the patriot you're gonna get one of these games. Yeah and it's usually in this situation to where Diego. The dolphins go out to Foxboro like a couple weeks prior. And then New England grasses and then they head down and it's like one who you sleep walk throughs and they get beat in aid. My did he make no bones about Miami beat danced in beat them handle you mention all the eleven on third down they are earth were. Extremely physical training coach some line of scrimmage at Howard kid played out of these shorts had a good game plan date intercepts Tom Brady twice. And it offensively Jay Cutler. Was awesome. And I topic Jay Cutler. You got Drake who goes for a 114 yards on the ground in all of a sudden new England's defense. Looks like the defense that was worst in the NFL after creeping up the defensive rankings over the last two months. They were awesome in November there was talk defense is in the NFL November and then boom. Even when you're the greatest in the world view that you're the greatest coach. In NFL history your your than by far the greatest cornerback now. You're the goat of all time could see them go on the road in Mexico City vs. A very good raiders team dismantled. And then suddenly what is it that goes into assisted. You can't you can't tell me that players are human because they are at stating the obvious but the emotions of the game in the motivation. What is the motivation to win this game isn't locked up they overlooked this game why. Guess who they play next week yet Pittsburgh Steelers this is one of those games where he just went cast return to folks on through this matter we get division. We had no problems ram is kind of reeling their town what they're going through it scarf this is natural because next week. You get the real team coming. Yeah everybody's looking for that and then Crocs out over eleven I gonna have third down conversion rate we have no tide and the committee catch Bennett's out he's on IR. You're missing. A hall of fame tight end what are you gonna do. ELA they grunt suspension for that cheap shot was huge last night but. I mean you look at it in that regard is yet you and you describe going over eleven and then. Yet Ayman dole and Hogan and look he's the drop c.s in a very physical defense I was getting to Tom Brady offensive line look like it was all out of sorts. Again yesterday after you know. Taping it together and yet the overlooking factor in Tom Brady. Man he was trying to force balls in the places I usually he has great success no picked off twice when it was interceptions was just phenomenal recovery. By the defense of that because he was beat. And Howard discos and exec and over the over the shoulder catch on just recovery and is bush is head down spraying the ball and and the far right is hands. And they date to may might beat them in they beat them. Handedly last night everyone. Well it was fourteen points or seventeen point lead. And it was like king this isn't some sort of fluke it was they just sat there in a guy's big punch during a face in New England wasn't able to. To get back get up off the mat. Ottawa call old games any games throwing games last night that game was exactly what atlas it was if you listen to coach Belichick is presser. He did multiple deflection yep they want. They did this stated that this is what you're gonna get Tom Brady owned up to their lost and this is why I believe in my in my heart of art that you will never ever see an undefeated team in NFL history ever again. There was it's is not mentally and physically possible to do it in today's modern age of sports with athletes that travel. Thursday night games you just you're you're not gonna see it. And they almost did it years ago let's listen in today's modern game you still wants it almost isn't almost were talking and never in eighteen and one. Yeah and I know I know but they didn't do it's you'd close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades via is it. You'll you'll you'll see one of the teams that I would expect to be able to do in the last year's women Pittsburgh. Mean they literally didn't travel lot of other times well yeah last season and this season. I think he went to Kansas City was there for the strip this year other than now they're schedule set up to build into all the time. Well now it's her is in the drivers seat in the AFC I mean obviously it was gonna come down to next week regardless of what happened this past week because. And the winner will have the tiebreaker in this one but now with district sitting on an Encino in the ten injury if Pittsburgh wins next week. Bear all but assured clinching home field advantage in the number one overall seed in the AFC. Because that would put them that twelve and seal with the Texans in the browns' remaining on their schedule. Probably Tom savage of Liz and Cleveland are Houston Texans and and the browns. And that would make it and insurmountable lead for the New England Patriots to overcome what that. With the tiebreaker did you watch king injury that is the dolphins questioned last night the dolphins better now with Kenyan Drake is a running back injury did you write something he did last night. I know Jon Gruden broken down a couple of times some of his runs in 25 carries for 114 yards. He's he does that leave you on bill kind of style. Of making guys miss being very patient and be mailed to explode. Dolphins are better without jade giant good on them to be able to adjust to be able to recognize it and I was a locker room problem. Yeah Drake. Was very very good last night I was impressed the last two weeks he's been phenomenal. To this point though he hasn't done not she is. 234. Of his 434 yards this season. The last two weeks. So he's got light at the end of the tunnel he's gotten well over half of his yards. The last two games. And he did look good man you looked electric last night in what's amazing about canyon Drake is that he's one of those guys. You said they knew it. Oh yeah he leads Alabama. I think a lot of people forget no idea he went to Alabama. In he which he's only its second season in the NF found him so he was there just a couple of years ago. And you lose him in a back field that has just been loaded. With running backs that's how towns in the universe of Alabama's that this guy is the guy who aids and the like who he was a good day. But. EU he if you played like almost anywhere else he would have been had a hype machine around him like none other but he's just a cog in the wheel in Alabama. And now he's breaking down that Denver Broncos defense in which the Broncos defense two weeks ago. He rushed for 120 yards that's still a good defense Indian 120 many as a 114 against England patriots on Monday Night Football and your neighbor is doing Greta. This dude is electric but now the ANC. Is in the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers after the patriots this twice and winning in Miami human and at the blindness can said New England won it in five all time. In the month of December. In Miami with Tom Brady as there were amazing that's an amazing except for data to death data. For a yard on the fans brought you by stark street lawn and garden about a wide way to buy power equipment since 1965. When mention. Alabama and Kenyan drinking the cog in the wheel there. Then Nick Saban effect in the SEC is real. Some Deanna. That backs up the fact that everybody is grasping for straws and chasing the Alabama crimson time and how it relates the pac twelve. Is pretty startling. Some fourteen on the San. This is just jam in the more million dollar and 1080 love soon. In fact checking. Tech's police urge for Beers tech's entire factories your five. Bull bull does not play for mattered anymore. Give you false information they're LSI each answered to you Findlay prep. Declared that a I didn't know that. I didn't know he transferred Aaron. Finley strap it up that's what I'm not. Findlay prep is owned by a guy. Yes -- of course it's private school it it is owned by a guy who owns car dealerships like in only Otto group in Las Vegas. It it's basically. He wanted day's sports school and a big school. So he just not like what's the football what's the place and I'm G academy. In Florida in kind of but not. There they actually go to school and decency or you don't think these guys go to school preparatory school know what had like honestly the way it started is he just bought a house like it was a dorm. And then. They had tutors come and and then there's is that can be good at basketball there and degree. ING they have like a big facility and it campus and all this stuff. Deion Sanders it out yet acts he had a fiscal prime it was prime prepped for very brief amount of time he's got shut down he did. Did Ed teachers and everything beautiful school eight but not before he pumped at a couple dealing cancer. Who were ineligible speculative E'Twaun op played teeth in the press credit. They're kids and they go to news and they go on to college most of them have been eligible to not knowledge and slow to a couple of minutes ago. Our town we talk about Saban effect. We're just act like Kenyan Drake the Alabama running back. Who was occurred back up he backed up Eddie lacy TJ yelled and and Derrick Henry in his career at Alabama. My goodness now as a starting running back to Miami Dolphins ego of a un but we've been talking about the scene in effect because of that retreating prowess because of the fact that he has a machine and Alabama. Then nobody in the SE seeking catcher really. Very few if anybody can catch in the country. On of what Alabama's doing they have a five star worker getting injured guess what they have a five arson as a back up in. We've always said that there's a Saban effect with every other program catching up trying to catch up in the SEC. But we didn't really have a number to it and Barry Trammell from the Oklahoman. He did send a fact finding search on this. And he found out the averaged ten year of every coach in power five conferences. The big twelve. Has the longest tenured coaches that's six years. Average coaching is average which has been that is program for sixteen bit about that. You've got. Bill Schneider's been there forever. Gundy. Has been at Oklahoma State for a long time. Fifteen degrees been at Texas Tech for what five years four or five years now. They have they got a couple new coaches in Mike Matt Campbell and Iowa State. But they've had more stability in Texas is has new coach. They've had more stability and then what you think in that number would be even higher with a daughters Paterson for six days ago the longest tenure TCU in the you have Bob Stoops if he was still there that number would be even higher. Big Ten is four point seven seasons. Along with the ACC both limber or are tied there and they have the pac twelve the average laying ten year for pactel coaches three point nine seasons. Meanwhile so that's like one full recruiting cycle and the SEC. Two point six. The average tenure of coaches in power for a conference the SEC. Is two point six seasons. Everybody in that conference is trying to play catch up with Alabama. End Dave Ball can their coaches. Or recently I mean I leave you look at it last miles gone. Mac going gone breached Jones bread be Loma means it's big of the guys who have been fired. Or eight take two years ago Mark Richt it's 47 Georgia. You know this safe and effective real in the SEC. Two things that you seen in all of all of sports thus far. Is what the patriots been able to do to the AFC east which is incredible amount quarterbacks that are breeding coaches they've faced. And Nick Saban ability to control. A conference and when I mean controlled conference. I mean. Dominate. And make sure that every other team in that conference in the sixteen teams including Alabama in the SEC. What are you ever seen in history when one team can't control not only does the conference but I think about this. Just to be able to control the entire college football. Everybody all power five. It's incredible for them and yes there in the college football playoff this year because of who they are what makes statements been able to build but to be able to control that and under and take advantage. Of the talents. You mean to tell me if you're looking at Alabama and every time EC Alabama they play football every. Fan base every coach every player goes how do we get to be like them with you don't. You know the the second longest tenured coach in the SEC is it at the time. Two guys. It's gotta be somebody that's a good skier that you don't think of. Well one of them is one and he has. Played for national title one won one has corner that school. Spousal. 2013. Second long you along with mark Steve second touch also in the state of Alabama is the armor obscured obscure name now you really think it is. Mark Steve's the Kentucky that got smiles on in March dudes are the second longest tenured coaches 2013. Mean think about that. That is is it a patience thing or an Alabama thing that's one of recruiting cycle I think that goes hand in hand to patients in it because of what you see with Alabama. You have this lack of patience in that ends allege you. What we're seeing across college football which is a mass exodus of coaches. And everybody's trying to catch Nick Saban has been there since 2007. He's been their for a decade now. And since then everybody has turned over their coaches at least one time there any view to get it there they have what three new hires this year. With Jim both featured Dan Mullen Chad Morris. I just this year if you go back to last year a daily at one coaching change at Matt Luke at at Ole Ole miss. Under and that I mean it has been her she's been in the Mississippi State job was filled as well this year mean you have had a it laundry list of teams and they are all made a mistake it is all due to Nick Saban on what he's doing. In him in the most unstable industries sports sports are so when stable from players' injuries. Specially football. Alabama Nick Saban have found away to be the most stable thing. In all of sports and just would he when you think about the consistency when you know is gonna be there you know the staffs going to be there. You know the players are gonna be you know there's three deep. Just understanding it's a recruiting advantage. Commitment a financial advantage sink. Every at every SEC team gets a forty million dollar check from the SEC network every single year. Forty million dollars on top of the not a revenue in the you can you can generate. In your own state in which your own team incredible. It's it's just stay it's a financial advantage but then there's Nick Saban like he said to what is Nick Saban do every time recruit comes into his office. He prints and he has to jury boxes. One has conference championships one has not national and bull championship rings and it will be just opens the box that will Wear a season ago. Mean every coach is looks at that I mean you think Arkansas do you think it that every team like old miss Mississippi State are just going wouldn't how do we beat this guy. Yeah it drives you insane to the the insane part is is that the fans go well will this find somebody else to be able to find somebody else to be able get the next guy that. That'll happen will indeed in other insane part about this think about the Wii is sending to espouse on Robert. He is gonna get fired at begin what did you know remember that up because they're Jason bam Nader Jason and what explains the pac twelve. When you think it is. Because the pac twelve is the second. The lowest ten year at three point nine seasons. In if you look at it in the last year. Since he got 20172018. Half of the conference has turned over there coaching staffs. Half of them what are they chase and because it's not Alabama. Is it or they are they even outlast is it like this the lure of the pac twelve. Getting a national championship in his that is acting. This chase or not they're not chasing Alabama they're chasing for other conferences. That the pac twelve is trying to catch up to everybody else. 20/20. Two million dollars is the separation on average and that this team gets. Each team gets so you're chasing. Financially chasing you behind the eight ball there. You behind the able with your networks. Because you're teams are not being shown we've gone over this that's a big one nausea debate on what it is is you Jason money because really attacker bolts bolts. He you know and then you have got a weird one. Where Gary Anderson quits after two and a half seasons who does that and that's. But that's just bizarre that's bizarre O world. But then you have you make in these tires figured you'd have to do it you ball on a budget factual was Hannah keen and you're looking for stability. And where you looking for in this conference to find the stable people. In here they just had a huge turn over this year were the ones are going to be stable woods David Shaw right now is very stable in its unique stability that is unbeknownst to anybody. Chris Peterson is stable Washington calling him Kyle would eat him is very stable there you know exactly what you're gonna deal with the other than that. Mean I I would probably say Rich Rodriguez but I always feel like he's got one foot out the door for they're just kept I'd I don't never and can last year sat out last off season. Remember he was trying to get other jobs and applying for other jobs yeah. And so they certainly USC is the most logical stable place Dodgers with a coaching but where all the talent can go. Well in how stable a Chip Kelly BA UCLA. Good question do you think he's in it for the long ball there or is this revolving door just kind of getting continue in the pac twelve. Let's be honest about Chip Kelly can I be cheek how long Lizzie back east. Where at. That. At New Hampshire via Zoe terror in general let's just look at his tenure at New Hampshire okay to advertising coaching since 1988. You know and he has had one to use. I. Thirteen jobs. Not at all different schools so he was set Nevada Columbia New Hampshire Johns Hopkins from back to New Hampshire. Or again. Philly San Francisco UC. He's bounced her yet and you will continue to about cease Chip Kelly is is who we is this is not this is not a guy that isn't it for a long haul stability he says somebody that gets bored after few years and wants a new challenge in the last two decades he has coached at New Hampshire Oregon Philly San Francisco and now you seal this is it it is what it is not not saying somebody can't be their for a long term. But since Terry Donahue who's been really in it for the long term Aggies sealed. Rick Neuheisel tried it Karl you're great. Jim Mora was supposed to be the one she will be paid two million dollars to get to pick out. You Chip Kelly is a jumper I mean he will be there to make a difference for a little while but this is this is kind of what is when you have that kind of personalities Kelly Jim Harbaugh. You we're people outs and you and then sometimes it's time for you to go and that's kind of how the tenure in the track record it doesn't that doesn't change. No. No it doesn't. And way to give the pep talk to you UCLA thing has some pep talk he might be really good for a few years there's the rub that's that's college football for years. Pay it they well they will be better they'll be more relevant of course they will hands down be more relevant. Who's he gonna have his defense grenade hit yeah or Steve that he I think he carried his defense coordinator. No he got the defense backs coach from Arkansas. And just the other day. He's very highly regarded but. He's got to get against defense of staff round because that was when they really sort of pop and at Oregon is when he got a good defense staff. Our rights five factories terrified that is average for Beers text sign the NFL network is entangled in a sexual harassment scandal. Here's preference Fortson. And jam in the morning. The NFL network has suspended analyst Marshal Paul Heath Evans and Ike Taylor. After allegations of sexual harassment and assault. The analysts that it. Word mentioned in named in a lawsuit filed by former employee genie can't or who worked as a stylist correct a decade. At the NFL network. In outside of those three guys who currently work for the NFL network also named were former executive air Weinberg. More Weinberger excuse me who now works for Bill Simmons at the ringer as an executive. Currently ESPN analyst Donovan McNabb and ESPN LA radio host air Davis who all are formally with the NFL network. They're all named in this investigation that. We sell one million was mentioned in the last recently yes and and sports is is now squarely in in the cross hairs of these sexual harassment. Lawsuits that we are seeing pop up across the country right now. No came around audiences in the mainstream yeah it's it's it's mainstream is very serious is how these guys act. And they're getting no excuses. For anything made. They've done and this is. I so very sensitive issue with a lot of people and there's no excuse for this that these actions not only in the workplace at all at all when it comes in this and a lot of these players now are looking into their past. They're very concerned a lot of these guys that were in the east dominant roles in specially we're talking about athletes or anybody in a power position when you put yourself in the situation. You eat you can't treat people the way you did you camp and some of these allegations are in Ohio. They're pretty serious and then there are egregious or and graphic they're very graphic and and I can share a few but. This is these are not things that you just you would ever want your daughter your wife your mom. Anybody even male female to ever be a part of if you're in a controlled environment and you're looking at these are supposed to leave he was my coworkers he's a people that post be looking out for me I don't go to work for this kind of experience. Marshall Faulk some of these allegations include he was asked invasive questions Shia to hurt such as favorite positions. And whether she dated black men. I he became very aggressive with her and actually propositioned her for sex. Those are things that mean I can go anymore grab this these are some of these things are what's going on Warren Sapp. It busily did he allegedly went into the bathroom and urinate and in front ever. And then Donovan can now it's way way way. She was and about term this is common read the specifically because this yes. It says allegedly came into the restroom while the plaintiff was preparing close in urinating in front for. When she screamed to him please get out sap allegedly said sorry mama but your office wouldn't be in our cropper. Win or she shouldn't be in our preference are. Keith evidence that a person we down on the show. That seems like it's in pork for like that system against that and poor form of Warren Sapp and may be just knock on the door and say hey. And eighties the restaurant and I come out dead as it. Right I mean that is this is this is a boys' locker room that around women ma'am that's not that that's an idol and seen not cool but that's not as that's not as bad as some of the things that like. Ours they got Marshall Faulk and Heath Evans and I'm Taylor. Suspended for B I. I Taylor has so inappropriate pictures and videos of him while in the shower it seems like there's a lot of pictures that have been sent back and forth by a lot of these Heath Evans is sent nude pictures to the plaintiff. This is man. Or davis' allegedly groped grabbed and made sexual charges in comments to the plaintiff. This is it's. He's geyser these guys are done man that you just. If they are get away with this crap you know why we ever want to by the way and that's that and that is the thing is that. It was like in if they thought that I keep it doesn't accept acceptable thing to view in the workplace. And it's not because. If it's not acceptable outside I would be inside the workplace an acceptable thing you know I mean. Was a proper way to handle all this with all these former athletes and these guys and knees power positions when your in this because that's all really what it is it's it's just. You're just all you're trying to do. Is is dominate somebody into stranded takeover in it gives me a little bit of a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it. Because there are a lot of people that are in the mean victims when you're in that situation go to work to be in a safe environment and you have to deal with a and now there's unity no mercy on them as all will. Wade bothered that this cancer in this whole thing is that. She filed a lawsuit lacked earlier this year about eight in October for wrongful termination. She ended up. Being fired from. From the NFL network in all these guys kept on Arden working there and she said that the supervisors knew about it the supervisors observed it. Which makes it. Even worse toward the NFL network and about those. For the league and that's one of the other things that people need to realize and out. The NFL. Owns. The NFL network. Does and so how is the league going to handle lists. And this well ultimately fall. On Roger Goodell in house. I was up I really. I wanna make this point because this is not just a football thing this is there this is a individual problem doesn't have to do. Would just athletes. Anybody in a power position if it's in film and Hollywood if it's anybody that's in a power position as. As your business owner your boss we c'mon we've seen from The Today Show. Matt Lauer it's a power thing this is not I don't know what on his door in his office decides nothing to do with with in it in in a specific industry. No it's not this is just guys. That are any dominant role they feel like they can do whatever they want because they can't like you can't. Absolutely you can't not acceptable but they weren't ever for a long time and your right away with it yeah I mean that's is like now there another lively and everything they've ever worked for. Is gone his tarnished. And made the gonna feel sorry for that. Kidding me no way. You make your bed me. And healing in the NFL in the NFL network. Is it will be you mention what's the proper way to handle this. A we're gonna find out from the league that has struggled to do the right thing and a lot of a lot of instances here. And in this network as well to see kind of where this whole thing goes. But the latest is Marshall Faulk. Heath Evans I'd Taylor all guys suspended in Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis who now currently are ESPN and yes in employs respectively also named in the sing as well a lot of former players. Named in these lawsuits. As. It is now. It's in our sports landscape now and you know that's something that sports fans there are indeed the stick to sports thing well it this is sports. Because it is is the NFL in the NFL network that are involved in this 55305 that is average for Beers Tex on back to things on the field. The. Seattle Seahawks have a big one coming up this weekend. And they got a big boost yesterday. For their hopes of knocking off the rants. Dusting camel fan. It's anything. Good the marquee matchup in the NFL this weekend's up in Seattle in the clink. As you all have. The NFC west. On the line with the Seattle Seahawks. Posting. The Los Angeles rams. Obviously there had the same record Indiana see if Seattle wins in LA loses. But Seattle would then have the tiebreaker in the scenario because they would have to had to headwinds. Over LA and be in the driver's seat TU hosted playoff game. Up in Seattle. This is a huge game and the Seahawks have little good news bad news would you want first which law. You walk Mo is a bad news first guy can mean the best of bad news is is that you still don't know the status of linebackers Bobby Wagner. Warrick TJ right. Dave both last Sunday's loss Wagner after aggravating his hamstring injury law. Being blocked him it. The accord is and the third quarter. I can't remember but then right. Sustaining concussion. On just that that was a great block by their full. Buddy he kind of got helmet helmet to helmet there boom concussion so. You're not sure you're gonna have those two guys and let's not forget Richard Sherman came chancellor clip favorable all still gonna be out for the rest of the year. So have a those two guys really is gonna be big. If you're gonna knock off the rams. Now he has good news. That gives him nobody's getting suspended apparently for the rockets. In Jacksonville at the end of the game. Not even quit Jefferson knew actively tried to climb into the stands to essentially he was doing a Lambeau leap he just couldn't get in the wreck at Lambeau leap with the couple's sweet. He's we did try to eat well eat yeah. We really realistically if those guys can jump into the stands all it was trying to do is go have a conversation with somebody then we don't know what is true intent as. I feel a little facetious. And this is one of the and he NFL was at. It anybody that was asking for a suspension I'm not asking for any links are just tell me what my opinion was. To the NFL was not gonna set a precedent of a suspending these guys for those on the field actions. Unless it was. Bloomberg Regis in their. Opinion love the one thing that made you may be pause about it. About the possibility of suspensions. Was the fact that they suspended. Due decent Shuster for standing over bonds as persons and you know wasn't a hit that he got suspended for. It was the taunting of a guy who was can cost so I ate there they took actions. As the week prior and of you know the action after the play was over and is suspended got four I would thought that couldn't Jefferson. Had a better shot of not being suspended then send Michael Bennet for being a repeat offender. A starting a fractious after the after the plays OK we can't we say that the NFL suspensions are our subjective. Absolutely tailor their subjective of who you war which team Europe the market cheering and not only who your as a player but what you did on the field what you did off the field. If you had a precedent if you're repeat if there's so many factors that go into why and you're suspended and Michael Bennett's done this stuff before. But it started off as he was swiping for the ball ended up trying to roll into the legs and in turn into a wrestling match trying to get somebody an opinion and app Nelson. Is that assists suspension. In your opinion. Well the repeat offender thing and he knew that he is Denny dated and remember how upset he got thirty. Who was at the cut him from behind and knocked Mallory had to get knee surgery a camera which game was I think it was it was last year. I said he was for Atlanta. Cutting from behind and he was so upset about his Nia that Michael Benson emotional player I'm not gonna defend I like the passion that he placed upon like the way please football is successful about it. I don't really care where else thinks what he does. What who we is on the field that's what makes him great and an act. That's that is what it is it's not large that we can judge you can have your opinion on whether he should be suspended or not that's up to the league we I don't I I don't know if he should be suspended or not. But. He acted pretty bush league at the end of the game. And so did their big case that led her to miss him well yeah and that's nobody likes to lose dean on a B I I. I don't like to lose either yeah but there's a gracious way to walk you're done. Like dead at a child who has temper tantrum at the end and I completely agree itself. That's great news though for Seattle and for this game a bit and it has gotten me suspended him you know and I am glad that if if you look at and that scope that the NFL is then going to you. Give you know seahawk fans out on lo these guys were suspended now. They're gonna let this thing gets settled on the field and you know let's see if no date the rams take anything they might get an envelope with a number in it a big one. You won't see that either they will be fine the guys will be fine devoted to in the pocketbook. That's it will be a big fine. I and I'm getting mine in the NFL is being. In perspective to us isn't as the ones on the outside yeah in in the in every day working world with those under 305060000. Dollar taking loans out to have those soft loans you're selling your house to pay those things off in so this is going to be a is going to be a bit of big chunk of change especially for Michael Bennett. Because that repeat offenders name they're saying that he can have a really big. Find that that comes along with it so. I guess best case scenario. That is it is a big game this weekend. It's it's a huge game for this this did not own this division but just for the NFC in general. And you don't want any excuses going into the ski well the bids for the rams especially. This is going to be is going to be a big and then because they're starting actually to get healthy. They of these cave on Webster and to a court in torn Achilles he's going to be out. But they give back there expecting to get back Robert Woods Connor borrow and. Into it worth in rob however seen whitworth is there left tackle. However Steen. Is is a big key to what they in the Robert Woods and can't borrow and wide receiver and inside and outside linebacker had been phenomenal for them this year. Having those guys back. Along with cornerback Jermaine Johnson they're getting healthy with the exception came on Webster and so Seattle's gonna need to be at a 100% because. The rims I think people forget how banged up the rams were them. Game going toe to toe with the Eagles and on the Eagles lost their quarterback in the fourth quarter but. They went toe to toe depleted in your friend they're going to be healthy head up to Seattle well I'm excited to tomorrow we're gonna have a guest. Is we are we're going to be able to talk about that it's Sam farmer LA times. LA times covers the NFL for the LA times yeah. He's had these covers ran studio it's easy to join us tomorrow at 730 to talk about Sam agreed. And he'll be at the NFL meetings and now he's give some insight about what Jerry jones' science project development. But the meanings or is there on. Does seem drink while because I wanna know what to bar scenes like it AME at the hotel lobby bar you know. They Eisenhower park I'd that's I know that's violent Asik kennel at the scene is down good. These that is wild Sam REIT covers in those good as anybody could easily it is fantastic it's going to be great guys we know will be there. At the bar shock con Jim percent. Robert Kraft shot on his playing the piano. On the side what's his windows with a martini. Because he's got days got the mustache you do is no he's eased tickle in the ivory and being fiscally and everybody else. Jerry Jones. Obviously at the bar. Because that's era. Finisher who else's is a lock and acting upon is known and a little or no he's up and as a ram severance room. Coming up with another billion ad dollar idea yes. That would be something to be in ever oh croc he's an active. Now yes he's here recently you know Iran. Each other. Now cracked eight and now car keys in the bar all I'm sorry sorry I thought of different thought the Atlanta as my debt so I'm marveling lengthy remind me to each other with through mustaches like you see Arthur Blank on the other said of the barges Kennison their buying itself. Here's clicks within owners diggers as clicking Mosher who area like there's the nerds there's the good old boys. And there's the colonials the mare owners tomorrow as the tissues in the Rooney's are just had to be fun stuff like game of Mark Davis is at the dinner table. Or alone. Now Andy what we know from Mark Davis is any better PF Chang exactly yeah he had the ball in his buddies at describing him as minivan. Memory because he had changed his office yeah so he's that guys go to PF that local. And be fun to be we should put that together with the owner clicks together the bigger reality better than a lot of the reality TV out there. Real housewives of the OC real the F centers of the NFL owners. Did you hit stirs the nerds in the Google whose youngest NFL owner. The youngest senate it's going to be a family member was give I see them. Could be ownership might be dot com on could be hell according to the Internet. Dan Snyder. In earnest. All right as of two years ago so out of that sounded good. And who's tables he. Now he's at the Google which I don't think so you what I don't think he's it to get yet he is. Deans and oh yeah York is 33 zodiac there you go excuse me. Keith he got kicked out by his sister's very to me. Now. Now. It out again. Jed York is 33 and icy she'll really bad about my life choices. It should Marion to something eight debt reborn into something debt leverage you family key in this world has been born into it. Always a little older now but still. And articles are different you know different years thank goodness he's like mid thirties that's young and arts 55305. Away from the owners' meetings. Let's talk about the NFC because this is more wide open than it's been before. Is Seahawks and rams will play a big role in how we view the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC. Dusting cam on the fan.