Dusty and Cam - 12.12.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, December 12th
Blazers drop their 5th straight game and Josh McCown's emotional presser.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Just jamming him. Never about money for us it was about plus against system this system that kills the human. Stands on. Dusty era and had the old bulls. Now one. An NFL veteran jammed into them. Tenet also. Are being it is to use the twelfth of December. By this and facing significant. MP3 days till Star Wars day. Yes the day that IO ignored two deaths in his Star Wars movie does the dead. Wait a minute I have several seemed one. And on but did anyone you've never seen any of these museum and 3678. This would be the ninth installment that's not true. I don't have you seen any of those nine to eight Merrill I mean nine parts of three. Parts with. Its three I'm telling you it's better than nothing I don't know I don't know I I fall asleep. During tonight you could start wears on wells it may as well be you know some form and I don't know why I I am not you're not one of those you know I'm a fantasy person that's okay you probably know Lord of the Rings guy you know let's now do I do I do like it or gatherings. I do like Harry Potter. I do use don't know not a scifi person non scifi no start trip which easily classic start Rick. Climate guys are in the red shirt is always when it's gonna die used to losses start trachea. Now as I mean as kid which won the old one or even in the middle one. I don't know we'll call that one. The Shatner. Ones yet gender card for the way if I ask you how old William Shatner is what would you sixth just off the top your head I would probably say seventy. Kate Crawford. How old is what this did not I don't want your facts don't Wikipedia and I'm not design usually think he's old lady eighty plus he is surprise surprise 86 years old hit out of town having been around forever eat for 86 on the against some snakes that talk talk but he's doing that showed Terry Brad Johnson the other guys are kind of doing that that funny surely grow old guys and around. He is 86 years of age wow. But TJ hooker. I know some people that worked with him months and films stuff he said he is the toughest person to work with that they've ever. Do encountered he's he's demanding McCain being demanding. Yet but I mean night in even in Hollywood realms he is he's a tough guy to work with the hey guys that not everybody's competes to be a part of anybody like that works here we had means it. We had me in a no class film production class in college we had a guy come any speaking tennis. And somebody asks a question him he's the toughest for you Darren to work and this guy's worked on several Hollywood films. And he goes without a doubt the biggest diva. William Shatner the biggest diva because I described as you yeah that was that was kind of interest. Vintage 86 years old that is amazing and he's in great career because I think I answered the way I write that line man he's been he. Exactly and series I went with he was probably in his forties in the eighties. But and that is thirty years ago size like gas company. Pretty impressive career yes it is Star Trek than TJ hooker in back to more Star Trek movies and the Priceline man and then. Just one of those guys. Now here's what I'm hoping to here's what I'm hoping it which I've known as you age here's one of his inevitable things is gonna happen QG days Crawford this is all organized via our heads are gonna get really big as we get older. Every head just gets enormous I'm just hoping that I can finally shrink my head. Okay it started growing tired you know that said when people they just you she did experimental head shrinking surgery now and we had just it's huge feel like your ears. Your feet are headed the only thing that and continue to grow as you age covered he seemed like you be the kind of person that knows a guy who can do that experiment. I don't I distort his garage afternoon. Shrinking ad and maybe your brain gets. Shrunken head yeah as are seen those little you know. Deck which stock yeah. In end up like that be careful and you don't let he's still going on strong and of course he's got spry Qiyue. He's got two things that'll be coming out in 2018. Nannies. Signed on to film something else called aliens ate my homework. He's he's 2018 and you hope to be 86 and still be spry an active and have crew like guys guys making the cosmic. Burnt. Down William Shatner tock. I had star worship you're industry it is just our researcher I see the connection yes stars it's all our rental store it's on the stars. But that is the Star Wars movie go back to that it does a dead are we still going backwards. Or forwards noses forwards. Now we are beyond that yet here original and so they are rogue one was in between. The new the end. Right before a new hope is in the in between united and was that the debt plans of death death star one's view the original first ones and yes okay so when princess Leah was trapped in. She got Koch who's taken off and they put plans incite her to beat this is an easy question for burgers techs into factories or five I think that we can. We can go ahead and incidents weasel long yours better Williams sat companies that I companies. I'm going Clinton yeah I TV I see our vs movie stars get different. I different it's film verses television yet but Clint Eastwood as bad as he's been in a lot of relief because stuff give them the star crossed our errors wreck. You know most could be most the most iconic. Television series. It's got to be c'mon it's an outrage and it evidently created their own language to discuss that's the Clint eastwood's ever done that really people speak cling on. Yes they do literally taught cling on there's him there's a dictionary but we also after remember he is. His time on that show. Wasn't throughout the entirety of the series two and now you. Yet the cards partners why no led to mean we're talking the longevity of the impact you know on people. Lot of people at the card yours on nearly as much as Chet. Right teammate I remember was just like yesterday. Years and as keep growing your whole life. Here's your nose and ears and nose in your body Sri spearheads this same size I don't know if your body streets. We know a young people when you get like girls yet your muscles real Reynolds oh yea so what you need to do is not treat your head. Just find the steroids that Barry Bonds didn't take sheer and maybe just get the did the muscles up and palaces sites. And as did sports history 2000. Texas Rangers and Alex Rodriguez to a record ten year 252. You. Million dollar contract. Even. Seventeen years later that is a big contract is fear remember how ridiculous that was back then Alia I. You are not a named NFL locker room at the time of doubt was signed what were you guys talking about the A-Rod contract then. No we thought that was what it cost to buy a franchise really this guy just bought the entire franchise seriously doubt you could have paid 200 million in and had a team then turns out it gets Salem here. Which in 2000 would have also been a great deal should have been a great deal. Right on today's program Josh McCown has an emotional presser. Does change the way you kind of feel about in these guys and what they give you the NFL because you haven't heard that he had to say. In my. In my view is pretty moving stuff. And from one of these price teams in the NFL I'll discuss the blazers losing their fifth straight game my goodness. As she did at the end though. Dean judges say how bomb boys' parents don't and patriots lose in Miami. Running night. Never got a stat for hitters see you Celtics helped me search never ceases to amaze you at this team does have. Okay in and we had these saved in effect in the SEC has been broken down in the numbers are pretty jarring. What did what it's like to chase one coach in one coach only in a conference. We have news sexual harassment scandal. And this time it is entering these sports room yet again. And what mark Everett is saying about the NCAA. That's a bit of a heads catcher. I'm doing go right we will talk about the blazers it's very las TV Oklahoma City Eric sees me he Golden State Warriors now let's talk about. Other games of note in the NBA including the Oklahoma City Thunder who are twelve and fourteen. The rustle us for Paul George Carmelo Anthony experience experiment not working out daily is the Charlotte. 116 L 103. They're just not very good right now so I don't know what it is going on when you have three superstars that seemed to be. You call continuity go figure out who it is fellows actually averaging the lowest he's ever had in his career. This is the Westbrook factor it's gotta be mean if that's your leader in that your point guards he is not helping those guys get better vote. The other guy is deemed extremely selfish is James Harden. Love in the Houston Rockets are totally opposite right they were in 132 once when he three in. They're 21 in four Harden goes for 26 points and seventeen assists and in the wind I mean directors are you mean he's got to be locked in the Saddam dated 26 points room Harden twenty from Paul in 28 from. The Swiss mister. Clint capella. Zone one BA scoreboard. Hey wake up I said wake up. Well in a note in the Indian school. Less than before we move on. The bulls. Got their sixth win of the year over the vesting in the east and Boston Celtics. 108 to 85 they say dump them. Okayed the balls are Lithuania down. We don't lean Angelo and low mellow ball. Will play for a team called. It filth beat shot just. They're going Philippines Lithuania to play professionally there. Lavar. Master plan is in notion here's the thing. The coach is apparently a complete jerks are gonna play 40. Brad Tinsley organ city native he was the only other American to be on the team he play he's there for a month and is like I'm out. Apparently there are several months behind on players' game checks over. And if they're going from Los Angeles to its Lithuanian city of 101000. Where nobody in the organization speaks English article no coach no GM nobody in the entire organization speaks English. And the balls are going over that applies. You don't want this is a trainer. And trainer of but oh wait what were you this every unit credit under the bright spot I was gonna find a bright spot I really don't care at this spectacle I wish them luck is. As young men maybe just maybe this is the rocky effect restate your kids over age estranged let him to be little time together Southern California sign your beautiful. Every means that you drive the school maybe he's taken a reverse well look for you oh by the way if they aren't even going to play in the highest level. Of Lithuanian basketball they're playing in the lower division essentially it's like the YMCA version of Pro Bowl here he semi professional bass I broke. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Bleeping them out estimates. 600 Lazio is ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Merits a couple of those from the NFL Carson Wentz is done for the year that news is official stocks. Yes. Yes it does we've been cheated this year with some quarterbacks Dale's a really cheated they also said. That. Knowledge person's done for years but there's no guarantee he'll be ready for the start of next pixel well. And and then Monday nights of also patriots fall to these dolphins 2720. Jay Cutler outperforming. Tom bradys we also on Alan coming to read it. That's on Tommy. Had 2 interceptions on the evening I'm one touchdown meanwhile Jay Cutler to prosecutors 63 yards three touchdowns. No interceptions. They get a 27 to anyone in a game that really does need an act close. We'll have more on the island later because that has big implications as well as we move forward. Coming up though where we start this program the blazers dropped their fifth straight. In a lot at Golden State. And banning. Does seem jam on the fan. This is dusty and salmon or more million dollar and 1080 elsewhere on. We didn't play. Heated basketball we even though they have big guy we promise we'll we didn't we never let that turn into us looking to beat her plan you know felt we can't compete. Well we kept trust each other we. Made a lot of plays for each other and adjusted only and I'm still competed on the president elect I guess that we gave ourselves a chance. Damien Millard after the blazers suffer 111104 setback. Ing Golden State to the warriors last night dropped the blazers down to use thirteen and thirteen. On the season and that loss last night I can't really blame Damian Miller. For that one as he drops 39 points. In the loss. Including. Ten of eleven from the free throw line blazers that in this is the frustrating part about NBA games for me. Remember we are talking about twelve free throws as a team for the Portland trailblazers in season rockets. And all the sudden. And they get 25 free throw attempts in game gets eleven on his own. In LB can't put this one does so when Damian Miller because he tried everything he could as a team is down by as pennies 24 points there. In the second half and browse and backed out single digit game. Eight with eight points. And several moments in that fourth quarter including the final score malevolent awful. No we campaign is good pictures you can and I don't disagree with you but the team even when you're losing you're going up against a no no dream on no staff Currie Golden State Warriors team. And you were clearly. The lacking team from the from the tip. Mean I understand your you don't have music market. But at that point on he should be step for step with this team you're you're missing 22 all stars. Yes and they're missing your Saturn they have two other all stars I don't disagree but the supposedly have two front court arms are backcourt all stars also. And yet don't and match match it up call which want he gotten just got thumped on I. I look at this team and I don't know if it's an in a funk or fear and if there's confusion after rotations trying to fight his Meyers Leonard starts. Who's the new senate when it. What is it you can put your finger on what this team is trying to do is it trying to find something because at this point Damien loader has been the only bright spot for the past seasons that we continue to say is the monolith of this team yeah he does everything for this team. You know days CJ McCollum played really well too offensively. On. In that game I mean that 21 points you're gonna need you need massive efforts from everybody I think any outside looking at demons CJ. It again we can point to the bench and saying what are we yen from there when you watch that game and say. He had twelve points. At Yvonne lane lane and yet nine points or twelve points combined nine points from Zach Collins and five from pac comments and I mean. Consummated digs three. To pull that thing within. Eight in and the blazers go down they have a chance to you. To get it within six and game this is a wide open land curtain not wildly but he misses a layup and then they go back down hit a three and boom it's back up to eleven. Mean there's kind of goes ebbs and flows to games were moments in the game of runs win in favor of the Golden State Warriors and their firepower is just better than Portland's is even without staff Korean dream on green. Because you have Kevin Durant and in in the NBA isn't it. The team that has the best player. Yeah aid they're gonna have the advantage in Kevin drain is was he has done best player. Slam only the best player it's the best. Vertical player in it with someone at seven foot putts that do it again you got its accountant who poke how how he can change a game we Ross all the way Milwaukee dismantled. The blazers anybody with a link and that kind of height and ended just the intensity athletic schism that's at the blazers can't match. Anybody in the league that kind of size. You know the thing that is that the most. I guess head scratching par from Portland. Is irrigated would be concerning is that mean CJ McCollum said he said we were going after an identity crisis right now. And the fact that you lose your identity on both ends of the floor. When you have two guys injured militarily we use certain markets is injured and you lose your identity. To this extent to Wear a five game losing streak take this game out of a typical stores out of because they're one of the best teams in the NBA. But he's still are able to go toe to sell because they were down two stars the fact of the matter is that Portland. Does not happen. And identity offensively wins you sift markets is not yet leads visible to us now players are even and. The identity is Damian Miller take the ball do what you need to do yes. Bet that's all in my opinion that's always been the blazers identity you'll get an identity and occasionally you'll get a high pick general. With what you have can bring he brings you off off off the screens the adjustments for him to be able to get to the basket and finish. If he can hit an open jumper but when you're talking about the identity is supposed to be. CJ McCollum mid range field and knock down threes and Damian Miller being able to get to the basket and carry the team. When he three of thirteen I think what was he three of thirteen last night from three fives are 513 victory. Thirteen innate I agree with you in that. That but that is their identity is being able to create those looks and they can do it I. They go back to beat being this team that. As an inability to set a screen up high to get a clean look for Damon CJ. And move around the perimeter in that mean you look at that you go. All right. You know where and how can this team how can we take this team as a viable playoff contender. When you go through these stretches now it is 26 game of the season in there and we always we always said this set. Terry Stotts usually does a good job of getting those guys in the second half surge those last forty games of the year and but right now you're Sinegal and this is where the blazers should be making it giving up pad because the schedule gets exponentially tougher. And they're not doing that Manhattan and inability to do so and that's concerning. You at the Western Conference against. Even more sell the west isn't. Isn't this murderer's row that we thought it was going to be. You know Oklahoma City is struggling the clippers are struggling. In Utah is thirteen and fourteen right now I mean Yuri in this thing to where. You had a pat on Minnesota the Minnesota is kind of playing a lot better at of the late. In each year now chasing Denver New Orleans I mean that's going to be. At that you the expectation that the blazers are better than Denver in New Orleans this year and they should be better than New Orleans right in Denver right now because of the way. That the schedule has laid out in the fact that matters the flat out. Are part of dealing with his blazer team is that your right there at the seventh seed currently you're in here in this basketball middle ground of can you. Can you rise of one of the elites can you rise available to beat Houston Golden State San Antonio even Minnesota. Then you look so far down the teams like Dallas Memphis and Sacramento it's this middle ground with the blazers have been able to what does it take to get over the hump. What is that can be a foresee can you be a top three seed Maria player away that's the hard part of the illness sometimes everyone says well I'd rather just be really crappy. And be right in the middle of euros on the fringe at least your chance you have that. The concerning thing to me is to listen to see Jaycee were were trying to find identity right now I don't. That doesn't sit well when you hear that that is that's confusing to me yeah. You bring your long enough to know who you are as a player your identity is I'd take control what I need to be. Let's that's that's just discouraging when you hear that from his heart about team identity not his own because I mean offensively he's not playing great this year so if that is that a problem that he's needs to get over or does he needs to start to take the bull by the horns and say this is a me issue. I need to be able to take it don't put it. On us you know Jason quick had this interesting note on CJ McCollum is that his shooting averages right now. Are actually in line with what he shot in his career. Every year. I mean he is this hey did you see I don't know because they'll have a great game. And then you'll fall down the consistency yeah he is being might consistency around that forty. 4546%. Shooter. From the field but he'll he'll go gamers like 60% from the field and then twenty and it's like. Use up and down you're going rule it's going on here but it's all kind of averaging out. In that is that's got to be the most frustrating part for him personally sure but if for fans and Aussie you sit there you go how in the world can a guy that. Has been kind of a model of consistency in one of the best midrange shooters in the game. These so streaky now in his what's it here in the India. And in now I know it's it's wearing on him and it's getting frustrating with him. But I also think it's a larger issue and people are importing more and more towards is this a coaching issue with the Portland trailblazers. And that's that's a fair question that's a question that people are going to be asking in the more losses that pile up in a row. The more pain on Ethier gets pointed because that's what you do in the NBA. Well I was at about head coaching and coaching in general. I'd managing egos. That too. Your team takes on the identity value of your leadership does she do you say both of those things quite off often in the right I think everybody there understands it and and looks at a goes. Head coaches are CEO. In your leadership he take on the identity of your coach wants you to play and how to beat and of this in the end is what coach Stotts is formed he is in control this is his. And and just like anything you take full responsibility and I know that you and I know he does and then the leadership starts with the -- after that. Yeah detects an average for Biersch tax 95 factories or five this and kind of hits rent district closed on they just need better. 55305 that is bridge for Beers accent ever goes the diamond and because of that and I. A lot more on the blazers dropping their history to Golden State. As a show goes on is specially because there's head scratch her here in that. Where's killers on egging on. In the blaze rotate a starter. Exactly. And so we have that we have a lot of discussions and head scratching moments here. From the blazers tied game skid that will get to his showbiz on but we're gonna go to for sexual relations is just a count. Quarterback for the New York Jets he's done for the year. And he and emotional press conference yesterday if you haven't heard it in May change the way. You view players and how they view the teams that plan. His preference Fortson. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two boys are. Niners yeah. By six. I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I think. Or is cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll they'll. Weird doesn't. This is sexual relations on the shoulder would like to leave. Overtaxed. Just didn't jam in the morning on 1082 rain of that person actually say that today. I tags. On the bridge for Beers tech's 955. At the read. 05. Josh McCown is quarterback for the New York Jets and the jets are actually playing a lot better than what people thought there where I mean member yet the beginning of the year the jets were supposed to be the team that we sat there and went. Are they going to be winless or is going to be to Cleveland Browns and go winless this year and I see people or higher on the Cleveland Browns and their word. On the New York Jets heading in this year than he's the were tanking got the roster yet taking was exactly the way that they were. They reviewed but now you look at the New York Jets 58 on the year. It could be 500 which is respectable and CC in the NFL by any means now. Because the league is built for everybody to go 500 and we obviously see some teams just can't do it in the way that they attacked the roster they couldn't and one of the main reasons why is because. They got. Incredible consistency. From quarterback client. For jets standards. On and Josh and count thousands he's getting a lot of credit allotted for his play this year he's at. Freddie a journey man he's knocking them we knew games that he's not collegiate games that's the Josh McCown way. And here is Josh McCown he broke his hand is a left hand. I in this past race game here's Josh McCown taking the podium and talking. A bow. Kind of what the injury means to him. It's been the best because of the guys. Don't know not numbers. You know. It's been there's a liberal movement couldn't. It's probably part of it. So thankful they let me be a part of this team. He's 38 years old in his fifteenth season in the NFL. And he breaks his left hand. In their right there this is five and eighteen greens and 500 niche in scope laughs and in he's brought to tears because of that team and in the locker room they're kind of what it means. To him to plan and your debts and be part of that. It's pretty emotional it's. It's and there and they'll be they'll be a few people will be things to say oh let's look at that that's that's a guy he's crying and he doesn't. It's fake or if it's not it really is and I mean if you that's the thing too is that it as I was driving I was listening to your goal can we go running game Michael said it too and that's kind of how. As former players we look at it is this tanking mentality that a lot of fans or anybody that says oh team is tanking. A player and is never never tanking they're just the you're never it does it ever cross your mind it is the it's not even possible for you to step out on the field. And really. Consciously say I want to play this game to lose it it it it's not that that's management. Those are peoples are fans of the fanatics on the outside if you if that doesn't. Listen this guy this is an average quarterback but he's played fifteen years in the league do you. You believe him but how much it means to be part of that locker room I've said this before. For somebody the day I retired. I didn't miss the football game I'm cannot say this over and over again I miss the guys I missed. Being a part of that locker room I I'd search for every single day because of how it impacts full was I think there's a lot of industries out there. That are like fingers firefighters former military people anybody that's in a business. Where you have a team when he worked as a group. You miss that atmosphere that's what really shifts its home with you this is one of those moments you get a true feeling from a guy who's not afraid to cheers emotions. Yeah in for Josh recount how much it do you think is. The fact that he's played fifteen years or seven teams journeyman and this is kind of being need. This has been the best year of his career if you look at his numbers. He's got the most completions in his career he has the highest completion completion percentage of his career. Most yards. Most touchdowns. I mean he has been. He's been outstanding. For his standard in the NFL. In how much of that do you think is he says they're going on 38 years though he knows it's coming to an end I'm done. I mean I think that may be just as much as the great experience but. On the same token he's had ten years in Arizona Oakland syrup Carolina Chicago Tampa in Cleveland in none of them have elicited this reaction from. And before so well while I was with Saint Louis Isaac Bruce hosts future hall of Famer he came out to meanings and became was greeted her young team and we are talking I would sit and talk with a Isaac. All the time called might be in. He would sit around he he was very soft spoken man but he was a lot of great things to say. He succumb to continue to play this game totally kick me out but just remember this I've been around I've seen all these players. The league will tell you know when it's time for years ago. You stay as long as you can when it's time for you to go the league will tell you did it to him as he tried to hang on with San Francisco but I talk to him after recent C. The league told me it was time for me to go no matter what it's hard once it tells you it's time for you to go in your in your thirties. And he let the thirty. Yes unfair that's life in the NFL. I am wondering if it's changing anybody's respect when you hear just accounts speak like that and you hear it talked about kind of out locker room bond in this is team that. I'm wonder is the outside noise kind of galvanized that team to make them better than they are. Does it change the way you feel kind of about these guys in their approach to football. In does that kind of senator. I guess a little bit that millions it's selfish entitled millionaire thoughts that some people have. 553 terrified that is average for your sex on. Dusting camel fan. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080 loves. I've factories here five bridge where your stick side and just McAllen cheerful. And addressing his injury end what the season with it gets has been night. They're five and eight on the year does it kind of changed the way. That you view if you're one of the people that says. These athletes there's selfish entitled. Guys. We need here and have that tearful acknowledgment of what Dan Walker remains. On us are off with this real quick and I wanted to read this text is this is this is great it is and I spent 22 years in the army when I retired. Which is a great looks forward to it I was lost for over here was born a kind of bombed around and irritated my family. And I still miss you always had people to talk to hang out with during the day and every day. Had the potential and interaction for different people it was great for small thank you for your service and that is. That's how it hits home and eat you make a good point because you asked the question. Is it about the money in the entitlement and I think this is this hits home for me. But I wanna read you something from Thomas Jones a twelve year NFL veteran and he got a spelled it out with where we're talking about football and listen to what he says football. And especially NFL is one of the most violent and brutal sports ever created. In between those white lines it's a very dangerous place to be. We take pride in the pure enjoyment out of the physics Cali and the mental mentally dominating our opponents week in and week out. But the scariest part is when you don't even care about the money anymore. Merely the satisfaction of punishing someone. Every survival and animal instinct you have is activated when the ball is snapped literally survival of the fittest. Also once those instincts are activated and fortunately there's no off switch. We have to be consistent. So consistently and controlled them or else being five years removed from a twelve NFL career game and ramifications of it are way more clear to mean now. And they ever have been four balls glorious and beautiful game. Enter your own risk. It's a combination of here here that's just yet nobody knows what it's going to be like until your in it. And then they see that it it isn't when you cross that white line it's not even about being entitled. And worried about your dollar figured there I can be honest I've seen guys quit that makes six million dollars a year. You it's for some people it's for or not but it's the miss CNET. Of the connection of that sport and being a part of the team that's kind of what is the NFL a lot of sports and former and worst workstation. We're gonna talk about doubt about what it is to be part of the team. That's what these guys miss and I think a lot of industries out there and people it's not just sports is just being part of like minded people. Very in your working together for a common goal that can connect with everybody out there. It's a such as the athletics. No way it is I mean you we got another text from a service members has you know it as an army ranger shall understand asthma emotions the connection made with your Brothers is are irreplaceable no matter how if you're labeled. As a band of misfits or your alpha is nothing replaces that feeling you get training fighting over coming with your Brothers yeah. And that is kind of EU Siri kind of boil up in. It doesn't happen very often because. As you were talking about that story size Ebbers a lot of guys don't get that opportunity. Where are big goodbye is in the forefront. Like it that's reserved for. Very few people and eerie you only see it may be in a halting speech or like when a Brett Favre or Peyton Manning announced their retirement you'll see that. But Josh McCown is sitting there with a broken hand and aired. They shuffle him out in a press conference. As part of the weekly media and gathering to talk him and ask him the kind of what this team means and he's he's seeing at thirty years old a fifteen years that. In the league. A broken hand is probably in his last snap he's ever gonna fly yet. You know most guys retirements are in professional sports here's the trash bag clear out locker exactly that's your retirement it's not about feel sorry for use just the reality of knowing. Everything you've always worked for T imagine going to school for years in your degree. And this is very similar thing training impressing being part of a team and atmosphere and then two years into your new job they told you everything you did prior to that it's gone. No you have to now start over and figure out what you're gonna do the rest of your life. That doesn't equate to the reality of a lot of regular or or normal blessing normally hate that were all the time but this everywhere every month. Yes when you buster but you get doctorate whatever UN human doctor QB doctor the risk your life yeah. It's a visit there is this week yearned to. Disconnect once sports are done. Indy do with with all of that mean the other way either get a trash bag in your gun or you just kind of float. In free agency are searching for eternity in your looking for it and it's not going to you is it's never gonna count. And so this is the unique situation that I think that if you were to stick a Mike and a lot of guys you know that this is the end of their round. That's kind of the feeling there that day there's another group one played College Baseball needed to find a job with a large presence of camaraderie. Became a cop. And has been fulfilled so true. Yeah there a connection there is and AD everybody's kind of looking for that. Brotherhood that that day you'll find and for a lot of people that don't play sports they find their brotherhood elsewhere churn its everybody is kind of searching for. The same thing because. And Dina today were all kind of still primal and we go and pacs are you know you wanna find your pack. And you'll pack do you wanna go and show up and be part of your office space three go to your cubicle and sit and nobody talks to each other and you do your coach dean or you do your type meaning the TPS reports get it didn't leave. There's not a film and of that connection mean sometimes. He just wanna go on dig some ditches with a with a shirt on. Would your boys. I take my sheared off. Mean really mean when it comes down to it I thought up a no but that is that is it in. I thought it was refreshing to hear that from Josh McCown I I really didn't ambler genuine when people hear it. Is does that register resonate at duke but this tax on the bridge for Beers Texas says you know whats the difference between that. And that's my quarterback that TO. Wondering why not get by that gets made fun of in aegis said McCown was genuine there's always this feeling that and Tia said that about Tony Romo. He wasn't that genuine because of the fact that he threw every single cornerback he's fled with under the bus you know. At the moment I can believe it's genuine because certain people are like that in the moment they live for the moment and they don't think about the pass something about the future yet live in the exact moment and in sports you have to be in the moment at all times. Because you never know when your future is gone so I don't. I don't believe that I think that TO was full of crap. I think that he really believed in and that meant meant something to lament that time but but the reason I gets made fun of his because weather is Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb yeah name his quarterback he. Drove the bus over them backed up then drove back over them the catcher in I think that's why teens at Texas questioning dot slide out and it's made fun of his because tonight. Related. But this is kind of how the day and everyone always asks how the sausage is made and that's kind of the the peek behind the curtain all these things that you see when you get to seat. An actual. NFL's player that's been their for fifteen years and they reveal themselves in a way that it's not it's. You're not supposed to do and let's be honest nobody cries of crying in baseball Tom Hanks. No crying in football when he sees that does that make you think that the guys not tough oh gosh now. And crack down. To Qaeda crimes could have got a motion that connection. And it's 2017 there. It's almost when he eighteen. Crawford cries every day that's he's battle cry every day of mud covered wagon at the NASA. The covered Latin. You know you never did I the only thing that it Dutch oven no blow of hello how it is not sorry no close. No it's not it's a wedgie over your head out. And those of atomic wedgie. Now Leo covered wagon that our rights 55305. Just McKenna doing anything for F on the bridge for Beers. Texas. Means. Police say that do it do anything for ball anywhere and immediately think of like well I think it because I think there's a lot of people out there is dead dead. Well those are just those are people that have never experienced the team and know what it's like to be part of a team and be part of a group and a don't know what it's like to wanna go out in and win something and be part of something for somebody else in with and that's really what it's about as a giving yourself. To something else to the greater cause what's amazing about. The Josh McCown thing is that if this isn't a guy who's spent eight years of his fifteen year career or his entirety of this fifteen year career. In new York and with the jets. He's played eight games of a fifteen year career. In New York Jets and it's at it it's almost instantaneous we need cats that fire and you know. That that team and what it means to you. That that's where how quickly can build. And you can get to that point and in May be the end of a long career for him and he knows it or it may just beat that day dagger in New York. Did it for handing you said some about Terry Stotts. I think this may say a lot about Todd bulls the coach. Is you haven't studded roster. Yet everybody's saying how bad you're gonna socking the laughing stock of the league. And he is able to use you know give a reason they gave their wagons in getting on there. In the jets are five and eight. Which for jets standards that's pretty good. Get ourselves going sixteen ranked according to extend their response is that somewhere else I instantly you know and I mean you play upon the answer pundits. In conflict yet. Yes no I think she would still mean it and correct me if I'm wrong here but it seems like. McCown also as Isa does he knows that this can be the last season he ever plays and is a guy who knows his passion is still on he loves full on it was playing football. And I know that that's a big thing that adding. Any pro athlete deals went pretty college app leader anybody who does sports. Or has they're you know passion taken away from it can only play sports. At that level for so long any little for so long and and it's taken away and I know like life after football watcher for you cameras aren't adjusting is not adding that every game changing. And I think that a lot of people regardless of was their pro athlete or whatever they do. Have a hard time ever finding their passionate feeling that the film and so when you find it but then you noted sending that's got to be really really tough. In that it's been that speech adjustment count gave. That's probably gonna get him another job somewhere because some there's a medium because I want a guy who wants it I don't care if he's 39 years old. I want a guy who wants and he regularly and he most definitely he'll begin the routine that's some of these guys do when they're done they've just go right into coaching is still a part of it. Have great industry. All right five factories verify that is average four Beers attacks on Monday Night Football saw the ANC. But Pittsburgh in the driver's seat. What got into Jay Cutler in the Miami Dolphins dusting cam on the fan.