Dusty and Cam - 11.24.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, November 24th
Weekend Would U Rather, Apple Cup preview, and a Civil War discussion!

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Did you sign it and Jermaine Dye made her heart could care less about one play. Our strength and this is dusty and jam in the morning on civil war week across time by failing. How to make the Palin pages last one of the nation's oldest college right reasons or again civil war and alienate. Just didn't jam in the morning on 1080000. I'd PJ meetings underway for. Automotive senator and memorial coliseum in Austin of them and they can we need to figure out a way to make Phil Knight turned eighty every year. To continue to have this. Yell last night being there it kind of dawned on me how bad ass it is that is just aids it's DPJ eighty. It's his film I'd eighty for his neighbor like they'd never really hit me that is just a birthday party for fill light. And it's the best college basketball tournament in the nation demand change college basketball. Oh yeah forever. I mean if for the better it. In worse if you know I mean you conceive a LTD to Seattle but the scale or on college basketball recruiting. But. He changed for the better because you brought such a high profile to college basketball. And he made it. So much more important. Just by ninety you know Nike. Raised the bar. In college basketball for for all the programs and DC guys like Mike she should ASCII and Tom Izzo in Roy Williams who sit there and say. Did her indebted to him for what he's been able to do I mean it it's. Amazing what he's been able to do you for the sport and if this can happen every year and they they can make this into an event every season. College basketball could become relevant. In November every year in this could be there's national people are like I didn't realize how awesome Aventis says until you see on TV you see the match etc. there. On so it's in great event go out there if you don't have tickets go find a man. Mean they're hard to come by now but you can still get in there are available doesn't matter you're watching your watch and high level about school no matter what. Portland State gave duke a run for their money yesterday. And so. And anything can happen in college hoops we've got into games you just can't get nothing the better will be out there. A dirt and Sprague broadcasting live from new industry eyes can see gonna be out there from three to seven live. In Mota senators said giddy up but accomplice Davis. Are you gonna have decreed in the recruiting special tonight to the out. I know a lot unfortunately won't make any games out there today maybe on Sunday are you regretting becoming a full time player now. No I'm jealous of the fact that you were confront in 5 AM Tilden. Tell that way you'll leave here like at eleven and yet to come back. From three until nine you know Columbia or unneeded explode implies labor of love just do the coaches ask me to deal I loved it well this is your time to shine. We tried to get you fired by starting this segment. Similarly if you would get yourself fired by saying something stupid doesn't work it's it is really southward. It's often offensive it's exceedingly entertaining each weekend would you rather but he got four G. He's well I may know your answer to this now after our last segment but I will pose this question because you brought up. Now why don't we eat Thanksgiving food every day every day why don't we see things getting food more year round. Yes obesity is what we do needed every day my question is though every day for a year would you rather. Eat Thanksgiving meal. A Christmas meal would for me Christmas is similar things I do like. I don't know what do you do for Christmas I'm fairly easy does like a prime like a primary of early to beef tenderloin air primary have in hand Deanna takeover Turkey is still popular choice were definitely uses well but I want to present data as an option. Or third options fourth of July. Which is just straight burgers and hot dogs and potato chips in watermelon. Did that to me is summary it's just intensified. On full yeah July. So some power aching knees that's there again. Thanksgiving is on the way to see you're going number one your sticking with your guns Thanksgiving is number but you know if you thinking about Christmas very underrated and that. It is very underrated eating holiday mistress and I feel like there's a much pressure a lot more troubles treats dishonor peaking at the little Keane he's got that. Green and red and then ends all over the place diabetic shock as ray. Yes Tom Golan CI Michael fourth of July. Burgers and dogs. Good I guess it if I don't you do that all someone like burger isn't eyes as his guerrillas now man gas trio. But I you know I I personally when I do grill out I'm a big Kearney a sonic ideal talkers the fireworks really intense by in. And eggs and they added into this you also must light on our ports every day it hit me. Yes I'm pro fireworks we need more fireworks holiday is Christmas should be fire solid rocket to imagine that I don't know given up a little bit of the dried tree and everything. Can be dangerous inside and I know Linux. Hold on we need you addressed affect you in fourth of July do you light fireworks up since I could not usually. But also underrated in fourth of July is. Strawberry short cake. Walk. I don't usually do is drivers. You kidding is that you need cheat on American I don't know maybe it's is something unique did meet or maybe just this area. Servers jerky guy associate that was worth decides to. OK let's take a break from the Thanksgiving talk I have another question coming out about that dad in a minute here but. And I think it was yesterday was the yeah the famous ball fumble browser today in sports history so my question for you is which embarrassing sports moment. Would you rather. Have been associated with your guess like for example you would be Mark Sanchez in this and I invited didn't include I have just three years. So Bob fumble would you rather forever because Mark Sanchez when it. To AFC championship games yet yes we know him for the buck fumble ease but tumble. Bill Buckner. As a really bad one now is he had a great career but I at least as a young youngster. Always known as the ground voluble between his legs he could absolutely or third one kind of a celebrity edition. The. Well no I don't know I think I have to go but fumble because. In Boston for eighteen years. Bill Buckner was. Big guy who kept Vickers going. Red Sox fans and held that against him for eighteen years until two dozen were when they finally got to. I'd like wanted to kill him yes in one World Series. Still. Partners bad Akashi championship. If recent years is known for and that's how you throw in nobody wants that. I mean you remember why he said he threw it portly right now I don't think I did say it on air tonight. He said he was doing too much of that activity by himself out Josh Eason did that cause to data shoulder injury. Oh I'm sad place where Dallas is a reason. You know that's not so on medical punt fumble. Is the best of the options there because buckle that. Loses and Leonard is executing. The whole world was singing. Our random. Fumbled after leaving about like if I could include XT Bartley and like he had to go and hiding. Witness protection program status. Yeah so you don't want want that now I agree with you young Golan but fumble. OK so. Ray Lewis is being sued by a horse. Excuse me so Ray Lewis has a burba and company called raised reserve Herbert in line yeah. I'm earlier this year they sponsored. Horse race horse California chrome which one between fourteen Kentucky Derby and apparently they never upheld their end of the bargain. So the course. And it's ownership group Sunni Ray Lewis. Wait a minute. What did he not holed up Aziz was the worst drunk. It was he's hosted do here I guess that the horse. And it's handler were those that get money and Durbin from raise reserve can that he never delivered on. So you don't is a classic. Kind of classic. That got me thinking did not live up to the contract a lot of people would not allow. Very very wealthy people investing horses our own horses for racing yet there rich man's game yes definitely. My question is what would you rather. Invest in are sound hoarse from ideal horse you know they go to recently as my horse and Greyhound Greyhound racing now or. College college athletes. As like a bag man like like the right to seek rejects. While for your perspective university. There's something alluring to being the bag man I I mean. I've personally if I could I would and I'm sure that the am understanding people at Oregon State University would not accept my money black. I would try to become a illegal booster for Rory sticky. Now the bagged and bad here's the thing about being a bag man two is that. You have to be the Visser that flies under the radar like nobody can know who you are as of this to let you tee it do it legitimately feel like Kia. Now known and an able able to go to London and no you have to be again and nobody's ever heard you can't make any prominent donations and word you become on the radars and you have to be flying under the radar the entire time. And that's thing about the SEC. Is that big groom these guys TV gagged and it's like no we don't want your fifty million dollar check for the new facility. No and and and enough. When 100 audience Jack you know yeah I left electric is him saying that but they grew leg other industries grew the the Baghdad. So you fly under the radar and you just end up. Paying the recruits the sentence that. But I wanted to erase person. With all that said I wanna be resources because that. That's kickass is learning resource is awesome I mean yeah you need to go to the teeth teacher wife today. Racetrack and yet you don't Triple Crown horse beat king Neil bad ass you're going to tacky derby preakness Belmont you're going to use the you gonna sane in need and Portland meadows. Yes. Going out to Portland meadows is so important clearly not gonna do the Greyhound racing. Know that seems just varies did very sleazy lead to Greyhound business is not seem on the up enough you know lately there's been a lot of the cocaine dog reports yet cocaine Dodd seemed to be very popular one and that kind of goes in mind as my thinking of Greyhound racing yeah thank. Yep that sounds about right. The sounds about right I agree I personally I would like to be a bag man for Oregon State. If they'd happily. Migrate grandpa grandpa grandpa Don east the heat is they use big doesn't trek cast. You've got to contract a lot. There is and I remember going to the doctor I can I I am far funder memories. Being at the at Portland meadows and I'd use the Greyhound park out. I'm like pressure yeah gamble and I never got because it closed yesterday I never got to go. Nice together as child and until we need in this seems like employs three smoke. Six guerrillas or whatever you know black and miles and swisher sweets there's a lot of that. There's less smoke there and remember as a kid. This everywhere I mean to the scene. But I'm not gonna invest my money in that OK last line into the scene are you really know I'm never got I would like to go. To a great boundaries. Gotta take it and did the hits and experience you can go to Portland meadows on a Tuesday is a scene yes it is. Especially the guys that are watching the outdoor races just the off track betting yes this closed circuit TDs. Off track bars are seen and Ali Al op ED good toolbar that's got the after a betting dude you're in for it I love that. You'll need an old guy he knows the ins and outs and Iverson usually do you know how do you know this yeah. The last death OK last line a very simple question. Pumpkin or peak on them. I'm not even not even includes that includes pumpkin and pumpkin pie guy. 'cause I had this talk yesterday with people and it's pretty divisive I found a lot of people are able as you brought up people are entitled game because they're pro peaks on yup. I'm very pro blows but I have to pick one. Im gonna go pumpkin. On this occasion yeah yeah and you know good crass really makes them comply to. I think that goes oh absolutely. I mean you get soggy crest absolutely when you get soggy dressing down from now. You. And I will thank you thank you for flying Egypt and on the rails on that and allows for idea. What I was gonna include like gas now undermine. Let's get to Alex Brink he's gonna join its outlook up three preview Alex regular gigs radio network. Would join us next dusty jam on the fan. This is so four week on dusty and jam in the morning brought to you buy it Monday on ten navy's program. And our idea apple cup. Eminem tomorrow. Evening. A one game in a long list of great games in college football tomorrow. As you got the apple cup with Washington State heading to Washington look and and a four game slide. And T the Huskies last time the cubes won that game was Mike Leach's first year. On the blues at the last and gives what we got that then we had this back and forth bribery that Washington with Chris Peterson is obviously taken. And that program to the next step. But this year it has the cubes in line to win a pactel north championship in head on down. T Santa Clara for the pactel Jimmie two game whether to take on US scenery Najibullah was a great game it the tubes came when we're out Alex Brink right now. Who. Big Tennessee may be in the Thanksgiving coma he's going to be busy. So I doubt it and that's why he's is comatose. Yeah I think it dead tryptophan or no I really in you and I got up this morning. Sorry if it is not hurt it is. Especially I got home. And as I was by myself because famous so Danny gene. Is in my wife's parents' house. In so. Had burden I spent four best. Global puzzle for hasn't mobile account Iliad to date yap at a double Beers and olives grape eating give beard. Yeah well sure because the college event you know sometimes they don't have the press. It's than its normal price. So a little high but not as bad as mundane as where they're not jacking up the presses on you don't know that that's good to hear. As kids and this is the type of event where they probably wouldn't jacket depresses. So it's good to hear and it's. Normal embryo in Mota senators have fairly reasonable priced beer yeah. Compared to other Arenas led paid 21 dollars for a beer at Dodger Stadium. You are kidding me 'cause I asked is it I want them to make it initial lot of style and that need to be you get you deserve that from on fancy boy. Know it's simple it's it shouldn't be any kind of fancy that behind us like how did you Michelin is download Mo Dallas. 42 dollar serves. It's excuse me. Did you have him on office I was like okay I'm having one beer today. Wow yeah. Well the apple cup will be right here on the team tomorrow Washington State in Washington. And this is this game. Stakes high in a in a rivalry game I mean this is let for Putin in husky fans this is exactly what the civil war was for that can be your transfer. You know that decade run. In the early two thousands. Young team wears something is on the line in every single and he's apple cups last handful of years and for the tubes. Mean this could be earmark of hey. Warren and we're here we're gonna we're gonna be and pactel north representative. We're not gonna full looked at ten Ng go quietly and floor. Mike Leach this is get this is a huge game not just winning the bribery not just going in the pac twelve north but it is that. We are going to be the ones that disappear late in the season Alla Oklahoma State right. Oklahoma State who it's a funny numbers offensively. They're always ranked pretty highly but they just end up squandering it in disappearing late in the season. There's a chance. For Washington State to put iron flag in the ground. In say ten into but the first ten win season since 2003 when they won 310 when year's seasons in a row. That's on the line here he can jockey for great bowl game where if you go in you win this game and and you beat USC again which you've already done it's going to be a tall task. Because of the fact that. They're gonna be ready for USC's gotta buy this week they're gonna be well rested but if you get out of Alan you could be talking years six apple for. The Washington State Cougars wrap your head around that he fans we've come and out of the dark hole fears out by the awesome especially because you know the kids would travel well. For New Year's export controls enable it now no doubt about it without being great but her husky fans that you have another chance for ten win season you won't be playing for the guy told. Championship because the fact that a warrior you conference loss resided in the tactic you. Los Stanford in the head to head sustained through be direct there but you can spoil the party for your arrival. That's also doesn't get much bigger you can hear the game right here on the fan 5 o'clock tomorrow over on ESPN Portland 910. Our sister station the iron able to. I mean the Iron Bowl is what every rivalry dreams it can be. Where you live God's huge number one vs number six it's not just the SEC west on the line it is. And college football playoff implications national championship. Aspirations for both these programs. Opera has an opportunity they win that game and then go home beat Georgia in the SEC championship game to be the first two loss team to make college football playoff they will make at college while planted they do it. Alabama. Is the number one ranked team in the country everybody's been saying you haven't played anybody yet well guess what. Auburn is a somebody and they are damn good and so backed game against got me all sorts of fired up the night games at 1230. 1230 on ES import 910 I can't wait for that game humble Bart Scott at what he did a football. Yeah. Yeah that's an amino mean OK as civil war for so like yeah obviously Nestle ties local ties. Apple cup nationally she'd be big game in his big game. And then you've got you've got day Iron Bowl witches. State Duncan attire you got. The game. Between Ohio State in Michigan which is us will live its luster because of the fact that Michigan. Isn't ranked. But. You have two very good teams and Michigan still eaten three on the year Ohio State. Has gotten up off the mat pretty impressively after. That loss to Iowa where they disc got thumped. Against Iowa. But that could be that game that. If you're looking at. Jim Harbaugh. Man he's made it tight but he has a month he isn't beat Urban Meyer yet yeah Alex Armas out of that game and. Mostly just that slate starting around 4 o'clock in the civil war in clubs in South Carolina for thirty. No thirty Stamford at five apple cup at five like Dominic go find at a sports bar was double wants to civil war. Lots of TVs. Are still command buckle up. Also. So on college out here. Allows us and you do on the air eleven and OK. He's doing you bag man. They are playing. Some lady named Lindsay Wilson. At a school that is this school. Who is also eleven and now. There are I think of the eight teams left there's combined three losses review remaining in the playoffs the DNA at a level. So they go to Lindsay Wilson for undefeated quarterfinal match at and then yeah Bloomfield College. Heads down to Mary Hardin-Baylor in SOU has not given up thirty points all yearlong. In they have. I think they have given him an opening. Drive touchdown all season. But Lindsey Wilson had like a thousand yards total offense last week. So that's going to be a great game at 11 AM. And then men's field. They haven't given up twenty points since week one when they played Mary are and are we tee when they played Mary Hardin-Baylor. They get Mary Hardin-Baylor again in the division three. Playoffs. So we had two local teams still playing in the small college classes while. So a bill Lindsay on the road in taxes there and don't know Texas. And there went on defense after when no offense all season long and then yellen southern organ in the enact lasted a small college football on our area. Take that the data. Great week in a constable I'm will be locked and loaded from 11 AM all day long no watch SE what. Iron Bowl apple cut salary earners get it all done. Yeah yeah yeah go raiders each in me would you. Eating it ever need to spark is back to our last conversation. Last does segment bag man yeah DD did ever need one or is that just irrelevant at that level. In. Hero of their man. Now any relevant ninety NMB unit payoff. To the in the payoff could end up being kind of obvious. Yeah I star's gonna. It's a little as a four star recruit gonna go ahead an am I a football pushed around Texas the only thing we get those guys in the gate kicked off of that gap big teams. Which. Side note. O'Shea done more former four star Richard Purdue university of organ he pleases of Jorge out of a in now he is not paid to get there circumstances. Serbs has been doing a great job there. Right now as well I Wear out to Alex Gregory joined in the call the next break as well other coming I nexus talk about the civil war with the ducks indeed need to do. To pick up a win. In the civil war he's Crawford to sports and. This is civil war week on dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by a Monday on ten babies go through them. We forgot an or small college shout outs on the Pedro outlined to you essential washingtonians well with the number one seed and divisions do playoffs another way up and Bellingham. But. Kevin Haynes. To data battleground. Was named the GMAC defensive player of the year and then Khamis former cams cornerback Riley Hennessy. It transferred from he's from Washington uses a newcomer of the year. Says led by two local kids right here and around backyard from Khamis and that program. So there in the deed to play out so he got an AID 3-D TU. All bases covered this weekend for small college of holiday host. Taxes sane then commerce or somebody in the division to Glasgow central Washington editor and and they're one of the top seeds eleven and now on the season. A great coaching staff up there. All right here we go civil war tucked delve. Ducks beads tomorrow 4 o'clock in India butter cup. This is one game they sit there and you look and you go man. On paper organs states backs against the wall but haven't we seen the story before where nobody's given organs say Jansen a and they go and they give organ again. Haven't we seen organ nothing to play for they don't win. Like the 08 game wherever Israel's bull forward and say if they win they hang a 65 spot on I'm expecting an expectant. Almost came all the way back to it to tie the game up in the second half behind as you Steve from Brian all I was at acumen I remember going in an idea I had about his little hope. As I have this season as a beaver fan so I was like is anything can happen I totally agree you man. The one thing though that is the toughest part league we discuss a little bit earlier in the shows that for organ state to win this game Dave got to be able to throw the football. In May gap shown an inability to do that with consistency all season law. In you have to be able to have balance because organist so good against the run this year third in the pac twelve only behind through the best. Teams in the country against Iran in Washington Washington State. It's a different organ team Brian all ran wild against the ducks in the last two civil war games but. Dow is due to the fact organ had a horrible rush defense that is not case Jim Leavitt is turn that around they're in third in the pac twelve. In rest when he ninth I think in the country against the run and that is. Dade. Will be able to load the box implant on the outside blame man on the outside or. Commit what foreign coverage you know it's seven on four. And you've got to win with you were five against a seven if you can't keep them honest with the pass and so that is going to be. That's going to be the biggest harper for Morgan State is you have you can not. Dijjer so awful early you can't go down thirty half like he did Arizona State because Arizona State took their foot off the gas organ will not. Organ one day it's a rivalry game and they're gonna wanna finish you. And give the beads credit and they have scratched pot in Clive. To stay in games and get back into games the last couple of weeks. You can't afford to do that robbery game because if you get that big goal and they came active from one last year to square deficit you can't you can't afford did go down by thirty. In the civil or give yourself a chance. Act like this conversation. About the civil war a.s is what hand Oregon State dude to have any chance in the game because. As we know organ as we know Oregon has to do to win and that's do what they did. Last week against Arizona. Borges have you know just their defense is so much better this year just Herbert when he plays let ducks team is you know down offense is so much better but this is the ducks game. To Oregon State. His does Kindle is a Oregon State can't just come in and take this game from the docks like the ducks have to screw things up a little bit and on the road injure on the road the bees have a lot of actual game since 2014. So I mean odds are on the road and on czars are side on the iPad. There are packed twelve game this year since those civil war last year since last your civil war. At home but in that staying is when are tiny about having that someone to balance this with what it did for organs. And organ last week I mean. It was kind of beating your head against the wall when they didn't have the threat. Of the deep ball or really an intermediate passing game either. When Justin Herbert was out gay ran the ball. And what. 70%. Of the time. Come when Justin Herbert was out. All of the sudden. The ducks get Justin Herbert back. In they have their best running performance of the year out of balance does it mean you occupy eyes. In the secondary you. Open up your running game. Exponentially. In organs they can not afford. To have the ducks just said they're gone I'd stop Ryan I'll start Thomas honors start sup. Yes dear editor says what five touchdowns six interceptions on the air. Yes and I think most of those touchdowns came in the last two games in the second half this one does have the makings of a getting out of hand now. When you look at dale I know me in you look at it objectively. Mean that's we have to do is that. If it wasn't a rivalry game we would even be having these conversations. In now you know all we wouldn't even like. Think about the ducks early in the season when they be an oath. Southern Utah's is a bad team but 77 point one you'll put up 77 points 49 a Wyoming like. This office when they're humming was is been reminiscent of those old ducks offenses. You know the last decade. And it. In Oregon State is. Banged up to sit at least in the secondary. Indian when they were banged up though bowl when they want banks not yeah hockey team now so yeah I greet you visiting could get out of hand it could. May you always have. You'll always have those years where you expecting an expected average and that's it that's what sucks about talking about the salaries he you say Lindy talking about about this. We've largely not talked about are in Staley along. For that reason he would lead is anal and it's been what is the point of the dean beating up on the fact that they're injured. And there's only so much you know Mike has gone wrong league there's only so much you can say. I was having this conversation. I was Sprague the other day experts are about there's some beavers stands on Twitter. That are really mad at NBC sports northwest doesn't have a believes specific. Reporter all law like adventures every camera and as for the ducks last one was brand in spring and it lives but spring and I were talking. And he was like Edwards like what would we want to see if that was the case I wouldn't. I wouldn't read those articles or one wants those videos because there's not. There's nothing to talk about how we know what's wrong with LSU in DT a beat a dead horse for the whole season. Yeah event I kind of see where those fans are coming from in in regards to you. Even when it was good there's still wasn't much coverage of me and stay out. The brand of Louis series is much smaller than organs in a yes. Ended the tough part is it that organ state has Opel has fallen on its hardest times. At the top at the time win they are trying to make a push to become more relevant and be out there more India radiation team and in. Athletic department ENG university in when you are not relevant in that sport you're not relevant. For the masses and hardcore beat her fans. They're gonna go on they're gonna get their content from Angie site you know and they're gonna goatee beaver blitz and building the dam in and wherever else you you and you want ago. But. In order for game in major outlet in our region to coverage you've got to be relevant. Yeah like you just said we haven't talked that much b.s this year. We talked a lot about a month Gary Anderson that you happen and that's like. One note we talked adamant a lot of beginning of the year because there were bull aspiration we never is. Every sign pointing to that should be the conversation that should be something that Bieber fans should expect there was a lot of hope I mean there's a video. On Twitter me saying here's how the beads can win nine games. I didn't actually they would there you know the fact that I even thought that was possible should show you debt should that be prefaced by. There's are regrettable video yeah you know it's crazy you pull one thing on the Internet one time and people letting go. And it's worked for some people can crash in. Imagine that. The Internet but I'm not forgiving place I got retreated mild takes expose you did the app for that video that's a good line hey congratulations are saying to me to tag them in their video on Wednesday. Said census the civil war let's bring this up and an old take six history tweeted it. Well good so you ma'am I'm proud of is a cold take I'm proud of you for that though because. You've made it gaffe. Hey your nine win for your only Adolph passed maybe seven you are you nail that Portland State when. Nails almost went. Now it wasn't now it but day you know the bit dad is actually the biggest saving. One of the biggest saving grace is that organs it has is that they did when that game because of it Portland State. Can teases every single game after that. And if that's their win. What are we saying about organ. I don't know I know I'm not trying to be defeatist beaver fan here I'm pumped for the game tomorrow. I deemed to bet on the beavers to cover the spread. What is it up to now it was fluctuating between 25 and thirty so I don't know we'll see my job. Also to pick line for rivalry yeah I know it's 24 and a half now although on the beast to cover that all of beaver believer it's gone down. That's actually that means it's gone down. A lot of places. In are you getting that trend I'm getting up in my ESPN's. Thing which I know doesn't update as quickly as like odd sharks are bravado are right we have got a and Vegas incited a consensus. On the organ on the civil war. Is. 25 I guess also to thieves man I agree with you though whole heartedly dusty that this is a game the ducks to win by forty. Yeah it is just because of that it's a rivalry game and I'll give coach Cory also credited keeping his players motivated all these games. Where they shouldn't be motivated or oftentimes wouldn't observation lead on any guys college kids. And are gonna get up for the games all on on the side of this are always getting SATA the civil war as everything engine to great feature of our state. It just sucks that this is the conversation that we're having in that that is a debt that is being said. Is that. This could get have a hand in ducks threw him a forty and a are we is set for a big day on the fan we got a big day. And they didn't wanna put us there at six sand because nobody could be there but coming up we have a massive day on the stand at one of the biggest sporting events in the area that we ever had. Testing camp. This is civil war we understand jam in the morning brought. That I Daylon. On ten AV program. Working for the weekend they okay. It's certainly get a bad for a lot of people. Which is cool. His who've done us man. Are we had to get taxed here on the bridge for Beers sex and class factories your five. We know at the last time the civil war had a new coaches on both sidelines. Very good question. You know the answer I gave. I do. 1924. Joseph Maddox. Was the coach and organ in his first year cautiously there the coach at organ state. Good trivia. The ducks won seven victory. The only previous time that I can find because they'd Tobler reference only lists. Organs coaches until 196 starting in 1916. Was nineteen money is scoreless tie. Between. Public. RB Rutherford. Organ state that is such in 1920 for coaching me and I'll wait no mine didn't happen any there. This shy Huntington. Was in his third year and in my 19241924. Is the only time that I according to footballer reference. That bulls teams had to new head coaches on the sidelines for the civil war. That is great trip a trillion trivia also first time we had two black head coaches in the civil war yes which is awesome. Yeah and you know. Happy down. Is that. Does dad has not been 90 overwhelming storyline because you know let. Dutch that shouldn't be the storyline like it to the thing that always frustrated me begged Doug Williams. Black quarterback in the Super Bowl you know when Russell Wilson has asked that questions of its like. Net is a cornerback jasager head coaches. But that should be as a society expectation it would yeah we should expect to have moved beyond that no doubt about it but it is a it is equal note about this game is at its first time the civil war history. Don't we have two black head coaches on the sidelines for organ to organ state. But EF percent since 1924. Well only the second time ever according to simpler reference. Exercise of those like eighteen hundreds games there's one game more organs they didn't even have a head coach. My DT 98. It's kind of so he and I am team rolled into let's go. Again be. In there that support. But civil wars coming up tomorrow at 4 o'clock tick check it out will that culminated Brickell them today. It shows from noon until seven out of PK eighty lot of things going on today a lot of things happening on balls in the air so PJD out of Mota senator. Isaac conceived from three to seven turns break from noon to three broadcasting live from the concourse there's got to check and I think it. They're going to be out in front of section nine to eleven Allen. The eleven I think is the the entrance there so go check them out sounds fun they'll be out of Mota I'm Hanover to motor right now to check out the PK eighty and then it. We've got a loaded football weekend the Iron Bowl be over any esteem Portland 910 tomorrow at 1230. Tubes Huskies. Deck game kicks off at 5 o'clock. So we are locked and loaded high school semi finals going on out it. Hillsborough stadium today before a five day state championships are tomorrow out Hillsborough stadium. I knew and in five are today's kick outs for the six A semi finals via cockiness and tiger. And then you've gets a five like Dick between Lake Oswego and south Medford. Awesome. In this small college football Winfield mayor Hardin-Baylor from bill in Texas southern organ. Eleven and now against Lebanon no Lindsey Wilson in the N am I. Quarterfinals and then division to. Central Washington. Is hosting Texas sane and university comers so. Lot of football action this weekend will be back Monday to break it fall down nuts Marcos but the big boys who. Have a great weekend thank you for being with us on this Friday of every Black Friday shopping is civil. Up next is hurt his college our nine and an industry leader in spray treated seven prime times as music and an 82 hours recruiting specials Andrew now like seven and I'm. Is investing game on 1080 the fan. Thank you all have a great smoky debut won't do.