Dusty and Cam - 1.12.18 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, January 12th
Weekend Would U Rather, favorite sandos, first impressions of Crawford, and a farewell.

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. It's a balls Friday on this end. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Tim in the morning Steve Tara and former all American Jim Leland online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new Canadian defense. Bulls Friday when dusty and jam on 1080 I have great expectations Australian car ride. Man yeah gate is a any in the last hour of property being employed by tending to the fans we started this that there were gonna do next. With saying that this is gonna be what gets Crawford fired him. Let's see if we can get Crawford fired it's always awkward. It's often attends this exceedingly entertaining. It's Crawford's we can figure out I've got bring it I've got some do you guys have any meaning we need him PSA before we start this. Why I was expecting to have to do because we're gonna have someone from the sales team in years who has been trying to persons on time yeah she's not listening you know I don't let work very disappointing easier it would have been a ending show without you. Barring that I hate people relate to stuff those dating thing ever. Totally I got to analyze it is laid on propel my final day learn a lesson about punctuality argument down like that in net it is wow frustrating your ride and we'll displays stocks a day. Let's talk about piercings 'cause there's a rumor going around camp as a belly button ring true I never seen scandalous Tony you can suck because this is that's that guide. Well somebody's been so it is not. Confirmed dead I mean it's we'd be really easy green to sit there and just yet look I don't have a belly button ring. Our legislature and we played basketball did you see one I don't remember that you to study and you might taking it shirts and skins was just remember you shirtless I would remember that I'd be delighted to let. I'd be polite to your total I'll get so my question is EST get it right sorry which would you guys rather half. Cams belly button ring was so incredible about drinking which is dangling sun yeah Aniston Errol according to them. Yes a dangling yin Yang and thinking you can shift. A tramp state. Of what. It what is it I don't know of transducer always like a car with an era or tanker or a bullseye idols and I did see what what does that the citadel and the real tramp stamp is the one that is below the belly button but above the pelvic region. Leaflets and I saw a girl the beach once. And pull it said sinful with two guns like pollster yet now in her at all in the frontal region and the fried upholstered in her Crocs Reid yeah yeah. Didn't really all over. Yet according to you in the dictionary. Which it is in the dictionary. It's a tattoo and a woman's lower back. Dead or the last option is an ass stats and my friend has an. So I told you don't some ideas and jammed my grandkids because we Salem radio am and asked Arnold a good statement which is asked at the cutesy Obama that are went. You can't save it and you can't say it called a slight chance of whom did you see this really quickly forget there you can't say bong on New Jersey Texas tack. Student who's in the airport waiting united TSA it's awesome to Wear it at Texas Tech sector in undated guns up thing. She he she does guns out in the guy wasn't a Texas Tech fan he's just wearing this lecture in music. ID freak out inane TSA pulled her side and like it did. The strip search honor I don't know if your codes is go blow her comment to them was. I'm not a terrorist I'm just really dumb Democrats. And let's be real I think TSA relishes and does not think that's going to be a pretty middle of a job of course it is and you're just checking people in and in someone's as guns up tonight on hell yeah I need Seattle boarding passes out please. Caiso. Asked that tramp stamp or belly button ring. Has yet nobody's gonna see that. You know and nobody seen. I if I did have one I would get a belly button link that you take it out that that that tattoo and was a human Eagles for an hour. OK so cameras and an elder daughter Elena and don't have one. The and we didn't glacier to its defense. You got your sure don't we didn't remember taken enough. Fake news they lose as a fantasy I think a hook and low. Would you rather let's talk about team kinky stuff in the bedroom and let's talk about McDonald's mascots. Would you rather. Have your significant other. Like this is their fetish allying via the user unrelenting note audit that closes a McDonald's fetish it's certainly not mine. Justification. That type character Q wait a minute mere week cheese has a massive. Cheeseburger for a head and he's. What was at third when I'm looking at I'm going in Hamburg where some steals and yak. Thought I was old cops and robbers one this we're gonna go live we got to make sure we're stealing some in bringing food to the way to do is to bring some food this is like a green and it ill knotty Berger did denominated in the kitchen. Soon to know. And nonbelievers Chris. That's pretty damn John purple thing it's NG. The good triangle that's got to come off at some point. You know. They don't it does doesn't know Europe this is your thing and that is accessible is to dress up as a McDonald's character in the bedroom. And then here burglar because it's not a cheeseburger phase we're in huge. Huge. That's it she gets the area. She just sent me a text you know. She has a son in the car but would she Wear her child I dug about here if I didn't know him not gonna get in trouble I'm in an amber about things. That agreement unity neighborhood thing again and regular hamburgers and we need is little deal. Did you at least aggressive no I'm going to should just waiting and Hamburg earlier because. Thank B grimaced certain districts she's what's I was I am just amazed time Neal won the nail cheeseburger space. Berger head. Where. Okay. Moving on line. Let's talk about if you had you. I guess this is relating to use tentative and if you had to guess the afflicted or be. Switching bodies as someone or switch like personalities as someone the fan would you rather. Be. Mike Lynch and be obsessed with. Mike Lynch is the necessities like steel like he sports detainees and dirty metal so you so you get abilities are. In these sorts of heavy metal which is it that there in future I'm not knocking it I just now when I. It's knocking it. As Cynthia. Oh just so glad you here's lagging you always have to you. I guess it's like your voice lace like so soon. Indeed arsenal in the or you can be made. And you got a little Yoon. This only desperate for a producer being trained by mr. swagger are you learn the voice inflection from its way in Crawford's got a little bit of that little slack and me. Goals are you do that I got a little slack in me. Yeah I don't Los why Kenya to have you trained by one of the the greatest fear the legendary James ray. I'll go with you I mean you know I there's there's baggage that comes of that. Yeah there's a lot of baggage that comes with that that it's an interest in life you lead. Yeah I don't know about staying up at night seeming gamer cheer listing the speed metal something that I would. Go due to cross. Danny for me. And others. Who. Can I find out why so there's this couple in Germany tried to name their son Lucifer. Any publicity we're not allowed to. And so my question is why. They were do you just not allowed in our nose in a courtroom I don't know that I don't know Lucifer yeah you Guinea here's a list of her the son of Satan. So my question is would you rather name your son. Lucifer. There's some native stuff becomes a bat that's saint's name. I'd Jesus Christ not just Casey's but yet to go at the full Jesus Christ Jesus which is a lot of pressure on the young man Jesus shuttle's earth. Yet maybe like. That's a lot of pressure imagine how many people he'd have to correct though Casey is the judge actually does this she's like that's a lot yeah you did Starbucks I know Jesus. Thank you or Saddam. Which is I'd I was gonna include Hitler but that's an automatic out like Nolan. Dealers the worst. It does again this occurred Jesus where Saddam gassed them and Jesus. And Jesus on pressure okay not a pressure. Your big break. The gap big movie film break out of gas. Would you rather. It's someone came up you to Robert money's not an option here's we you're gonna have to do would you rather. Work in the valley. Pornographic one year and for one year. Not only did you have to be the lead to film and director. Of all activities. At all times poor. Or would you rather. Be the director of Toyota Prius the commercials so we then have to drive the Prius around in the eight USC pretentious sweater. The one year so what I rather be additional fires and visualize it I mean I get the image do you she uptight USC fan correct order bottom of the barrel dirt bag greasy. Producers see an actual interact and you have to be producer actor. Oh so I have to beam porn producer actor. Man on. You know every you're gonna have to drive around in your Prius in you're boat shoes. Khakis. And you got to have the tide sweater. You know what band listen. The porn industry is. Is a really there's a lot of bad things it's negative and and I think lost in and pornography really can't ruin people's lives like genuinely if we're talking about it. I think daggers through soft I did it really can't beat you let that can Andy do anything consume you lust for money lust for sex whenever really can ruin your life at the world friendly downsized. That being said. I AM. AA. A lover. And I think that maybe if I mean my significant other could make some films and put them on the Internet media help people. By showing them this difficult planning. I don't think I'm from the good way to zero enemy he hates that it is just. I'm I'm telling you are now going CN Orlando valley for 500 Alex. I think my mobs listening damage hi Paula. I'm gonna get a tax feel good about them you're making a little sliding there was that was what does that make it very difficult for you. Yeah man I just doubt be probably more true to me. And go to Prius for you don't mind the Prius is on there's a Prius driver came like there's for the actors I like what they stand for. K we need braces would you rather your film they are making him be successful. But you never see a penny from it. War. Bomb but he's still make money off a lot of money like you UConn now lightly though lots Saturday night. It is like becomes an of those cult classic where you're cashing in money but the movie's kind of a joke. Or you never see a penny from it but the movie's successful in your disk. That's it Larry I don't know Phil knew that make successful for sure definitely out on without question. Is that right no not gonna make a ton of money off this and at least some sober for the success. Novice seriously that is how I feel OK I would rather have it be respected and successful and to get rich off our act. All coming up next is a psyche forgetting I'm thinking the Sega coming up next I'm hungry does is is it foremost hungry. Let's talk sandwiches in each of us were assailant will be DNY 55305 you're listening to dusty camp Roberts farewell show on Zenyatta fans. This is a football Friday edition of dusty and jam in the morning on night at 1080 the fan dot com and the new Canadian defense. Love in this got added to our rotator. I had to play this is like. We did a segment on it. Favorite movie theme song is a while ago this summer for back Thursday and this is mind. Likes it for Sam it is I don't know if we can. I love sandwiches and I'll do a shameless plug here you guys follow my at my friends and I have ASEAN which seems to Graham account called Sandoz in random it's. Sanders and renters and mainly pictures of random people eating sandwiches or our favorite sandwiches orders windows Cingular follows Santas and ran as I wonder now. Seance is like promptly they are foods from me. One knows if we were seen in which each of us was seen which will we be and why or what's our favorite sandwich either one all the above. We design our own sandwich at that we're talking about like this texture says I'm Rubin gusties tuna fish and Robert cream butter and jelly. With the cross cut off yeah all uniform. Do you I disagree first of all popular honey guy when I go I haven't you butter honey this morning did you crust on nine greater weight of nine grand. Of course. Those seized up I ever did. We designing our own sandwich why is dusty to you if you are kind of tuna fish those smelling. No. But tuna is kind of sour on you you're you're like a man of the people. Ninety Barak is American people these are the people like tuna melts tuna melts or to wish not to my hours ago when a mile remains denying college v.s Tibet to denounce and you could call in that favor whenever you wanted to like 4:5 in the morning. It was Hank. On dancing and it's. Gotta make I'd get up out of bed make that sandwich. And that's good I like that signaled that that's a good bet that may result doesn't actually think you could be a tuna melt it's kind of like its. I'd say it's universally. Pretty pretty love and it's it's got protein it's not too expensive usually tune is pretty cheap in the can yeah. I actually -- I didn't as a really tough question I never asked myself before so I was online which is that everybody does and I Google what kind of sandwich semis to take a quiz on bus teeters on the enduring real thing yet during the during that clay is. I answered all the questions during the break in it came back I may Philly cheese steak. You are comfort personified you were the sheet on a rainy day you were the light at the end of a dark tunnel basically everyone loves you because what's not to love that I wanna blanket. Fire right now right Khamis al-Qaeda nine set him as whatever sealant guys seek to prove their masculinity and even though might not be the best it's written that's their cameras like a barbecue beef with the beats a little chewy like not the best brisket yeah it's Diego we're gonna get it. Notice and yeah got like you get a lot of it. But it's gonna be lowered whatever it is it's got to be bigs got a failure up he might not love it the boys are gonna fill yup why is that one. What is like is there a sandwich that somebody says. Everybody likes it but nobody can really understand why club. Club. Crawford to club all eyes raked in love clubs with three layers of bread all new that's the word that throw you in there and proposal to pick and cut it up and it triangles and cellular and bigger. Nothing. If there at the did you do what you do it'll claw could also have retaliated club I I say. Where's the club Allen joined I see what the club I would like to be in the club board this sandwich originated from. Along club sandwiches hope real options in the club did a to make up my mind some dimes and a glove you besides that yeah. Can be different. They did. Turkey sourdough bread to our bills Cardoza yeah I love sourdough artists agree to spread ever created is that the one thing and you show unanimously agree all of sourdough Brad -- yeah that's my. We may have sourdough is the A one it is the it is it's it's the shiny diamond of bread I don't you ever do selling a sour at that site never. Newton while you butter and jelly. You read to you but in jail in soured yeah you still have time Philip via. Not a fan of got to do it it's and it's not the best for PB and toasted. Garlic butter on it follow. Well yeah my step dad's that's from San Francisco says he's to have like his Brothers send out some sourdough bread for us. From from San Francisco it is better if they are there and it's like a crash in July and I'm gonna San Francisco this weekend dumb idea. It some dams Florida where we get a good sandwich important one you're number one spot to get a good sandwich aboard city grow. Follow shout out to our guide clip which ribs and grow doesn't want it closed at the denial of the right now stand out that was it that he tried to United States right now it was a fairy gets out and brick and mortar and so would I city grill is my favorite sandwich in bridge out and hands off. Yes that's a good line. There's a lot I've actually thought long and hard about this from. People really like Laredo but to me and large it was a good sandwich but to me Largo tries a little bit too hard. They did I know who did not go to monster. Art art art you artisan yeah yeah I want like a simple sand out my favorite spot and I don't know there's. Please Texan final deal by my favorite type a similar spot is that like Italian Delhi's mete out all the different cured meats all of oil and vinegar. I am a huge fan of taste stickler. And are you guys have been accused me taste stickler it's over I believe there's not a it's not a soccer clubs Isa teams know we're not at the strip club yet glides. He's stickler to me is it's about it's Korean owned sub shop CB Gillick and Korean people goat he beef cheese stated. Is incredible but also there be guilty is good they're T stickler itself as good as comic salami ham. It's days are rising eleven to northeast Broadway simmer over there hole in the wall long time place. Some good shot I go to trial this that's what we do we do we Crawford isn't Crawford's leaving cities like really sad so he's giving out all of the shout outs in now he'd be in the most Portland hipster way. He's doing and as the last day because he didn't want anybody else know about it has didn't wanna wait in line so why is there and now he's giving all this free odd taste it taste of garlic and OG spot a shot just takes and says a Grant High School. Staple it's a hole in the wall that. You did your team GAG junior whose sub. Also I agree with this text or who. Text in and said east side Delhi is really good. And they got beat in options if you're into that and then Kenny and ZX I think has the best. Pastrami and Portland sea are you guys are Rubin because I am a Ruben connoisseur I love review and you're not a Ruben guy does he write your low oil idol there's some good Rubens in this in this town I look Jewish Delhi's who yes that's there's a lot of those down and L I am excited for that. Like the love the sauce and onions in them. Rye bread is only right yeah you can be the marble bread when it at all why are you silly to breads. Like his sound and I don't yin and Brian adamant that we give the mayor. I line. Maybe. I'm just saying I'm just saying good red really makes a Sanyo. Again like you get good Bret there you get good rot to get you get an old stale play yet. There you get a fresh baguette flaky all you get a real. Fleet is retired and everybody usually goes global attitude you need to have yet at one of those about a probably not an authentic dinner you at that no I never knew you're such a bread man. But it's a treat to. Him and he joked on the arms you know big thermal going to be very careful little sandals you know and okay. Hungry now well now that's great now's a good suck. Up our clients bends okay let's talk moving on that list. Could you does cigarette in my work that laugh and it is because I'm trying to keep down one what is. Lonely few by a cigarette after that segment okay. And do the roll over and not players and oh okay snow. Let's talk. A one annoy your guys first impressions of anywhere in our favor moments no you don't during the tough. Steve and cam error the first for the very last time. Ever here's Crawford with a sports center update. This is a football Friday edition of dusty and jam in the morning online at 1080 the fan dot com and the new teenage defense. I have we have got but 24. Minutes left actually just twenty minutes left of Crawford's. Time as the producer the dusting him in the morning antennae can fan he wants to know what his first impressions were. From you and I can't. Tell us start with that good and failing favorite moments to see some different moments on the show a dozen downs. Like any relationship worst moment as having two produce a show and hosted. Oh yeah an hour and a half late I'd say now's the lowest weight room which means every times two and a half hours late well it is for an hour and a half late for the start of the show which means you were two and a half hours late now to start the show when you're supposed to get here is relatives of the dead air show. Dead air show and we're go as the golf course it's for a yeah because he didn't show up for that either when was that panel of love summer summer August via thirty been removed. So. Wearing their first lead out of of young talent you have you're gonna kill I have mine OK I have not mean to go first yeah our right. So if you guys remember back in the day when we first got ready to start. There was a a feats of strength or athletic event that we had to participate does the very first time I met you it was attended the fan com the online yeah I didn't participate because I was just getting going in and I'm like you look I don't need to do this because I wanna be able to walk later. So all of the fan people. Participated dusty you were NN you're out you're like that she what you and then. Another some other guys participated certainly Isaak and search yeah everybody adoration and then now Wilcox was there is tagged yes or zip everybody participated and I. Took one of two things away so right after the vertical jump got them re jumped up on a pad. Super about blue was ankle a couple times and then proceeded to go on the bench press implicit. Bush did that pushed and pushed and pushed the bar. Four inches off his chest and try to tell us that with a full bench press I think Z it was very competitive that day. Yeah don't quit keep it. He moved to four inches and try to sell me that was the full bench for anyhow that's in miniscule because that was funny to me. Then there. Crawford this Randall I mean I'm standing there I have no idea who this dude is this Brando comes up to me. And he's in full. I wanna say eighties. Eight is enough sock in the likable Geary engine heat and then he had a deed is blue Adidas I think you still have the ocean daddy was a little blue Adidas with the 88 is enough socks the triple colors. The high a jogger shorts were talking though white bordered ringing jogger shorts yeah. Attended deed is ticked up a deal this tight tight and add a fetus it was Nash but it was tight. And end the top off a sticking tricolor has been. And he comes up to me goes hey hey you pay man. I'm Alex I'm I'm your producer Hamlet who is this. What is this a death in the first thing in my mind I said what is this man went young man argument when I said you. Let's eighties it's unlike. Very don't speak like let's get in the us were Carlos get it done exactly what they did a strict coach beat you to death and Ireland again I got a lot of work with this guy. What Mike ended in his Edison did. As Joseph from rest of almost say I've made huge missed count I had no idea what you were who you were how he reads and functioning and what you were doing in media and sports. It was a post up. The first impression of view was having an argument functioning I was as light for me America it was there was somebody there was so much stimulation going on in that building at that point time it felt. He was it was a good means could first to first off. My first meeting his view is that when I was producing. Primetime it's right and you were in turning on and then Buffalo Wild Wings game yup. In the first time I ever met you was the day that you. Had come back from the Portland's prettiest vagina pageant. And yes is going to put that on the air you went to cover that the regulation yes. And yes you covered that. For a Sanjay. Shut the front door I saw a pre opening myself poster and it said Portland's. Pretty is. Dies vagina beauty is catch he is actual event and he'll say it's him and so I told the guys about it and the and they said well that's an excellent we should send our intern to cover. I say we'll shoot. And in that at that point you were so excited when you came into the studio like oh boy I got audio golds I thought you were. Even weirdos spaz that didn't really wanna be in radio you were just in turning for credit to. And I never thought that you would make a career out of radio that was my first impression he is who is getting. You wanted to do this Jesse you could get the credit indeed gone forever in as likeness. More power Tia then has got to know him. In no yo I was like okay. Yet he actually does want to make a career not as a producer but as entertaining people and that's basically. From what you've done. That's right an inner. Try to entertain people people people are tried he has entertained yes we've had a lot of fun for to greet you we've been a show for years and tell mark said include the afternoon and we started to yet is our very first show ever was march 10 2000. Fifteen come along way. This Fisher always enjoyed the first 6 AM update and judge how rough Crawford. Neither Arizona fans there yeah married at that time I used it as you were in smoking yes I just thought that I can they'd I just. Don I can really burn the candle at both fans you were drunk. No we all know there were you drug I smelled view when he walked in the door seed and I learned the trick of showering and deodorant Steve couldn't tell but that is nobody is true that you can't she you learned a trillion dollar in salary and deodorant has come along micro it's no it is true though I could never hide my dial horse as a my voice at 6 AM particularly on Monday. Or like I used to think that I could go out. I mean I still do it's it's got to be smarter about it but the guy can go out to a show and party was my friends who are fun employees or. Employed by their music or whatever and it still show up like I lied to do it all mean the real you got. And you know you've got to make choices in life or asking girls out in front of us or at least to command and just not how to slowdown and not have an extra beer you know what I mean like he got out you can do it only has got to be Smart about it but yet that's a good look from argent ya. Favorite show moments I mean I think our favorite interview was Pauly Shore in studio was though and it had a lasting the most on. Polly was great. I like the first show that we ever did we can would you rather where is this kind of let you go off the rails and and yeah this to would you rather and then you nailed it and nail we never went away from members Friday. That's kind of how those things happen it's spontaneous combustion of until he's back offered TC did a good job that they did. And a for emulated nude to do a lot of things that we did with you. Depends on who we have next. In a way to seminal and well I just don't know do you know for certain I don't know what nominated if I'm gonna make it out of the building so no I don't. Right today thanks. Yeah I'm trying to think I'd get a cudgel ambling garlic I guess is is that a lot. He's switching I remember dusty when you came to my house to sit we were switching from units Rita. The six to nine. Broke the news to you see over my house to tell me and you're like we want you are you ready for this and in my head I was like are the Sox absolutely not like job already. And tonight I could see it on your tomatoes that liar that's lamb wanted to and no audio in personal same noted that opportunity if it's telling you wanna do well I know but I I remember going these kids such liar he's lying directly to me. Right now. This is all lies. Our act we give our farewells you can give your Feller farewell to Crawford on the fan Tex signed 55. 305. A eulogy if you go to the radio curve Alex Crawford RIT. Dusting came on the fan. This is okay. The bulls Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning. Online at 1080 the fan dot com and yeah. All right. Crawford the last show with us he is going for those few that don't know we've sent it a million times. Not to say that in the past week but don't you Dexia leg like where you work Crawford's leaving people don't listen all the time daily show analyst at 69 AM Monday through Friday. All the time he wants done. Crawford is going she may came in film in California he's going to chase his dreams and we're happy for you. So officially we don't watch ago but. We nonetheless he is leaving us. You go and make his feature film so about about your hometown yeah on information on FaceBook dot com slash. Old Newport only ports and immunity and all you porn movie artist Ingraham that's right. Go ahead and you'll follow along there. Or there's a celeb set has like a teaser yet at the what's its Newport Beach the movie dot com kept calling for beats that are Eva. But it's a real legitimate you're gonna have real actors and it yeah exactly it's not a document until it on your iPhone on and on for YouTube but it's not Warren. Didn't. Script change your sanity after major rewrite itself. We have decided. There though so we're we go from here so let me all I'm gonna go very quickly because I don't wanna make this about. I did I didn't write it down I'm going off the cuff here. We are going to be very quickly will be on so that I I I've enjoyed this time and is much is it comes down to Mary don't wanna my biggest things I would see surround yourself people. That are better than you or do things better than you do a lot of things better than a year you very talented you know bright future in front of the and I always admit that sometimes when somebody it's hard to sit there and say I want ship under this umbrella because. Want to steer out of selfish reasons because you have that kind of talent that's what I'm talking about when someone's willing to make wrists and make changes in their life and go outside the box. And push themselves I think that's we have I told you this before. Proud of him and I think you're gonna do great in California. I don't momma data probably happy for that you're gonna be down there were gonna miss you and the shows can image you know what is much is Portland knights don't think that crop brought something he did and he deserves a little bit of credit so congrats broke. Have that Sandoz they get in on its network now. It's not a stand it is Sanders and Rennes follow us on instant and. I I echoed that sentiment that axiom that came said there I thought that Blanton best part about. Working with you for what almost three years does that. We you got a chance to see you grow as a as a person and on the shown kind of finding your voice and finding you are has been cool to lodge. You. Are infuriating at times. But I also. Think that you are I it's not just losing to produce real loser friend here. And wishing nothing but the best. That you have. It did giant killer saying it's it's really funny because you said you find a way to surprise people. And I tock in the cellular giant killers when they had their reunion when I talked to Steve priests. They went into it when you made you giant killers docs may which I think is awesome four putted the organ state community doing it again. The hell is this Q what are we getting get back. But you found a way to surprise them. And you made an impact on then on organ states. And it was over a phenomenal documentary that you made and you found a way to surprise and the founder witness prize us we're talking about her first impressions of U. And how you're kind of this kid that doesn't seem to care about anything he kind of float through life. But you care about lot in your passionate about life and that is what I admire about you is a you're chasing this you following this. And we're gonna missy here I'm Braude man for going out and yet did make it a movie also good luck dude. Thanks guys are sort of sick a couple words as well as seen in the mailman yes him the mailman you let's just say his name on air of I don't to say. I guess how much how much love I have for everything that's happened here at the sand like you know. In in life I feel like all we have is the experience is that we share with people we love and I love you guys I love everyone here. At ten need to stand has made this experiences special. You know that's what we little sportswriters the experiences it's a shared experience whether it's our break. It's me throw an iPhone and breaking it when the clippers lose or aids you know the beavers winning a classic in game for a Bieber EL it's it's that that's that's a shared experience. Is what life is all about. And so I just wanna think I guess you guys for everything and making my time's a special. I Dallas for all you guys and of course I got to. Give blood to the listeners that a listeners are what make this whole thing as special Ed I want to sit and within a quote from Bob Marley who do was once asked my reporter. Are you a rich man you had a lot of possessions and certainly Bob Marley was you know known in the world is in order to graze radars all time. And Bob said. I don't have that enriches my riches his life forever and that's I feel like leaving the fan like sure I got paid Jack sure adults up my resume whenever whenever there's a wanna go on entertain inform. But I took away like so much in the terms of the richness of life from the listeners from you guys from my experiences here on air for better or worse ups and downs I want you guys. And thank you all for this. I'm had a socal to make a movie T and as you said dusty. Due to continue to entertain and inform which is I think I was put on this earth to do so. We will miss you if you will you not be stranger of remember we don't touch we want Cleveland no that's a bad thing to do and other. Do everything that lives emotionally down here in a positive way. Crawford stayed touch wheel liberals and you may be what is the last thing they you wanna say and Portland radio I like and with my signature sign out. Which is I believe from the saint Johns bridge to the Lam it valley where you might be listening thank you for listening. This out Crawford saying spread love and embrace controversy. Kim and I'll see you Monday says. A nexus herd with Colin Cowherd from nine to near new industries tear and sprayed. During his seven its prime time with I think and see you. I'm not above it. All right I say have a dam prayed that sucks this sucks as big meats like I could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard Six Million Dollar Man parts.