Dusty and Cam - 1.12.18 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, January 12th
Clippers vs. Blazers, Beavs vs. Ducks, triggering Cam, and more!

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's flip balls Friday on the sale and this is a football Friday edition of Dustin gem in the morning dust era and former all American champion Cleveland and online continue to defend dot com and the new Canadian and the bulls Friday with the dusty and jam on ten A need take the fight them Olson yeah. I never June. Jesse camp in the morning. Police while Crawford spelled lip farewell edition I think that's for the please let us. Weeks ago. I'm not opposed. We will be touching on a lot of subjects. Today that Crawford is built our show us your just listening in just tuning in so. Bear with us today as it is the last day before he moves on to make his first feature film. Is that what is well away because this did your regulars document she was feature length documentary as is I don't because people say. Ole another document as it will know like a movie movie Munich in a movie. So where does it mean when you say a feature film just battling a link that's like you got a short film we have like a feature length film like it was that it is at a minimum hour and a half or what are now only minutes ladies and I think it's over forty something or something narrow his feature length now. I just say that because that makes and I guess he's about it it's a film has a script and actors it's not a documentary. You know and gas exciting yeah check it out on social media. On FaceBook old Newport. RNC Graham at old Newport new Gibson Tom Higgins. I think so can we be in the movie I hope so. Don't now that's being well I mean you know any of it and also you gotta come down and to Southern California and find a guy all right fine. Fine and the very least he had discussed this in the movie welcome figure being extra the very least I want to be bartender. After the integral dusty. Babies and they got a big role that you're asking for your asking for league rules ought to be a show host now I don't wanna do will line letting you do today basically and I just we wanna be one of the gangster bodies that are on the side of the collected the guy that leads the group on the way and Yang added an area fight with he gets his butt kicked first there's. So bad ass stories on an even know about researching the film there's a guy Tony Cordero who ended up becoming one of the founding fathers of Vegas but he got his start smuggling. Alcohol in through Newport harbor. And he used to have before he started data ceased to have boats. Offshore. Boat casinos. Slumped in the ocean idea fearing people out there and they would gamble. Let's make me like a dead dealer than on him when it is blackjack international waters boats would be wise not. I'm in and there's probably lost the signal was not moralists think it is in Louisiana anytime you put a boat on the water that's what they have casino boats riverboat casino bats and I have to Israel's link yes it is our edited out literally floating in the water pitcher late. It trimming. OK so I think you from viral. I'll be waiting IG just pain and royalties I don't even need like. Check now we're talking now that's that's the money in my years there don't need Mozy my ears but I'm lot like that ten cent check every couple usury and myself I was in your movie yet and he got. To get those royalties in my big break as this texture says I'm not afraid to do nude scene in humid either. Like he need I'll do it. I'm afraid. So yes and be able will be the decision makers on the tab body aren't on hand assemble our freedom nudes not you know I he's offering. He's governed in new bartender I'm just saying wait till it breaks unit. Adult film. Null not and in that not going down that road in case came thinks its two months. I give you at least two years it's I was propositioned by someone here in the building to help him make a home movie. All right and let's get T crew Crawford's favorite teams the future Betsey let the future bets on your adopted team the blazers. And the clippers have talked about their future. I always you know meal of the clippers fan and I'm always bring up the clippers and and being here in the Portland market especially like on Twitter when we discuss it. It always comes with a comparison to the blazers it always ends up being licensing on the clippers blazes and sable dance or like this. And I mean even yesterday Sprague was given me a hard time because because I was saying looks like we got another six man of the year and Lou Williams has been falling out by the way he jumped fifty yet and I dropped it did I had Tony he's averaging like 2.3 points a game off the bench and I said you know passage of love that I love to yeah. It's always is eyes tweeting about him and then Sprague said well we need any champion since the best to get. A six man here icon on I immediately went political legal what are the blazers apostolic they are not a title contender I tailor it to my kind of big question was. What the clippers are a top contender the blazes aren't a title contender but I enjoy watching the clippers they bring me entertainment. They're fighting for an eight seed right now the blazes a tonic in the same point what do we expect other teams water week. Looking for them to do you over the next couple seasons where the odds are stacked against any team not named golden Stater Cleveland. Well Boston in Boston Boston now and maybe he is well but that's about it. The idea we still don't really know what Houston will be when and healthy because generally seen and the with the clippers I mean there is. There is a a comparison would between these two teams because of the fact that. Basically what you're looking at right now is two franchises that are stuck in the middle there is specially after Chris Paul left the clippers. And they tried to replace him with Patrick Beverley in new lows to dosage. You're looking at two franchises that are stuck in the middle but in different ways because the top end talent they have that potentially in. LA. With Blake Griffin the Andre Jordan and a deeper bench. Is that you can sit there and you could say if they ever stay healthy and put it together yet but oft injured Blake Griffin is anybody. Putting their full weight behind him I don't know and then how old Disney loss is an Iraqi. These are thirty he's 3030 I mean if your rookie guard is thirty we wanna just talk clippers date what they did which is being criticized on people as they patted the editor of you know Chris Paul I was gonna happen. And they invested an oft injured players. It right out backfiring but if you look at the lesser conference standings from Portland at a five seed. Down to the clippers in the ninth seed right now everybody's within two games of each other it's a total logic. And that's why there were kind of race did this in the similar spot where. And both don't really have much move room to make in a move because Portland is stuck in the spot where. What are you gonna do to improve your your roster because they're stuck in a place and got a lot of people locked up and long term contracts right now and Veron at basketball purgatory as well where they're not gonna make that separation anytime in very easily I. I think these two franchises are very similar but can I be completely honest I think if you're looking at. Which franchise maybe he's got a better shot for the future. And it pretty pains me to say it's the clippers. They're gonna get there'll Noor and they're gonna separate from the lakers get their new arena there in LA their owner is okay. I'm not gonna say the ball around not all in but you c'mon you're compete with a one any different dude man it's gonna be Willie do whatever it takes in fact. He did whatever it took to get the new general manager in the air to invest in the future I don't. I mean I just. I don't how to wipe out oasis. You you look at it as. Which city or which area. Is gonna be conducive to building a championship. Where you gonna get a free eight LA. While that's kind of how I have to you have to be real listed on the way the blazes are gonna get there as if they get something through the draft or they find a way to make it an unbelievable tree. My goodness if you look at you moving forward how much money bull these teams are committed towards salary cap. Fur is big clippers. It's 816 million this year the blazer at a 117 and next year the blazers are up 144. Million. In the clippers are 128. And then that's when the clippers jump up in 20191459. In the blaze start coming back down to 179. X it is. Eerily similar big Kennedy contract out links and how entertaining guys that are. You don't know of will get you over the topsy you need to get one more piece but that's so much easier said than done. In the NBA in the clippers have the easiest way to go about it just by being in LA. Not don't wanna. And this is not be having some kind of defeatist well or is happy to be their attitude as a stand. And this is me speaking as a clippers fan I'm curious of blazers fans feel the same way. I am happy. To be in the fight right now and to be relevant I know on this show we talked about some fans think the blazers should tank and try to get a top draft pick and we all agreed. But that's not the way to go and Tim I know you have said specifically when she rather be fighting for that eight seed they going to a couple of years at the bottom it's just it as a band is more fun Alexander settled in your mired in mediocrity. I personally. Right now the clippers or the ninth seed. I've dealt with a lot of very bad crappy seasons there's. I'm how come OK man I'm happy to be there in the fight I wanna get a championship for sure that's the end goal but I'm happy to be there in the fight. I know that might be defeatist but I don't wanna tank I don't wanna end up right Alec the kings where the lakers. Or the mavericks are the sons who've been bad for several years so I'm happy to beat army notable is fans feel the same way five by terrify under the tax line I don't think. Building blazers fans deal. And you said there's two games between five and nine. Outlets like it's not year margin nagged gap just isn't that far players don't take fans tank general managers. Whoever front office people thank you guys I love you Dolly wanna be would that be the fan that wants to take be the general manager you do what you need to do. But from a fan's perspective that enjoy sports in the core I always wanted to be in the fight the only way at the blazers would take is they shut damion going down for the entire season. And traded away CJ and got to mean just got rid of everybody. Just don't contracts contract to beat the players don't take yup yeah I thought. I've just not gonna side with fan fanatical and in general manager people that wanna do their own agenda us. But BO OK so here's here's a question. Portland it Memphis as has just gone into turn into a dumpster fire this year. They have the second worst record in the Western Conference at thirteen and 27. Right that is kind of a team that is comparable to Portland. It weigh in day our terror and that thing down and essentially this is a tank job that they haven't gone on a Memphis right now. Do you think you meant this will be able to turnaround quicker in getting into you being a top fourteen outlast or Portland I guess Portland is it right now. But are you saying that you'll ever be able to catch. The would we be able to catch the warriors rockets spurs in TiVo's faster than you have as of Memphis Memphis is not even close to Portland no Latino market size ability to attract early is better Portland does better than Memphis and that's why say that I think Portland as an upper hand. When it comes to Memphis I do I think it's a way better franchise I also think that Damien. The Memphis is aging like there'd there'd stars who Marcus all those old Portland man but that's what and that's the whole thing that you listen to what I am talking about here is. Where Portland is going in Memphis is. He's tearing it down right now knowing what aired the mortality of Marc Gasol will they be able to tanking get back up into you being. In that competitive nature for top four seed or. World Portland get their faster even though they're fit right now but will they close that gap that's a good question. Nobody knows that. I spelled a star I'll bet on the star power of Damon CJ or maybe they'd trade CJ dazzling but I love Damien Miller. As this is that last down for their ways I adding deem is that people ask my fair blazer is and I know it's cliche but I love dame man eats I would I teased by my favorite point guard in the NBA. I deem is so awesome he's great leader he does a lot off the court he does a lot on the forty fights every game I love him talking trash and crisp on after the game and I think that. If you have that you're ahead of a team that doesn't have that. My gas escape and this has got to be in LA number I would that the lakers got in the Western Conference finals but for the clips of the blazers. That's a so that's that's see that's the lakers fans mentality. Is absurd that I and twenty cent I've said that happy to be their thing while Mike at least I'm watching entertaining basketball every night. And then the lakers fans just say will will screw it will suck for ten years Boldin or title but all will build for titles featured maker a libel. That's great that the lakers have won these titles and our storied franchise they suck now and they might suck for the foreseeable future all take entertaining basketball and I was gonna get Ali Al market coming up next resident shouted sorry I forgot this is still old habits die hard. Are right we talked about the clippers we'll talk about my other team little bit more locally relevant the beavers out of the odds stacked up for Oregon State compared to the ducks over the next three years and what it. In football and what should be or fans' expectations be realistically talk about championships can abuse ever get one or what should they aim for elicited dusty camp Bieber talk a week come back. On to any the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning and me online at 1080 the fan dot com and a new Canadian defense. As far as and we talked about his favorite team the clippers and blazers. Now it's time here on the moderate BG needed giant killers documentary about this program Crawford. And I love Oregon State you do wanna be the Matthew McConaughey came Corvallis at our had our analogous to go to sex is games than you toppled toxins team. If you win it OK obviously this momentum and when you make a big. Kenya when you make a pick me you have Crawford be that he's going to be the biggest producer. He's gonna come back I want you to make sure the U buys suite in recent stadium and you stand there and you have a nice little cantilever. All they can stand. And make sure the U turn into that because you have to commit to it now want you to do it now I think I am you will be able to overlook everybody. As in any way down to your minions holding your craft beer in making sure you own that space because I believe that's we're gonna see commonly given team minus. 2026. I like down while some really does yeah. That's unrealistic that's unrealistic wall so that the the body in that it takes to get McConaughey status in Corvallis is a little bit lower tier and it takes to garner or valley short like that's our daughters and Austin. You know longhorn football and needed time delivering an games is just not exactly the same as beaver football. But I guess I was kind of baby to question the motivation for this topic was what our realistic expectations for a beautiful ball 'cause the beads totally suck this year. In a year when no I mean they did man trainer in a year when you were fans were not only hoping for but expecting a bowl. The beavers and nine when I I'd. Somewhat jokingly said nine what was somewhat jokingly but the core of that was that I I definitely. We all expected doubled we all respectable game and I was like the listed ol' Canadian nine wins you know Connolly and then maybe. If things go the right way. They did not have every single thing went wrong including the coach quitting. A mid way through this yeah I think Oregon State under Gary Anderson ended it does highlight. How impressive a job Mike Riley did there ending takes kind of a special person to two winning Corvallis and I think that. John does that is that guy loses its special person that. Gary Anderson set the program back. And I would say that you are probably full recruiting cycle way from being a and tell everybody with a full records like warriors yeah so that that's you are trying to do damage in a nice way we see recurring cycles what was that one year none out. That's for this isn't one of those as Brock Huard said re tools now this is a rebuild. From bottom to top end it's gonna it's gonna be tough because if you look at and you say those teams that can turn around more quickly dale arm. They have some hope and you can look at the offensive or defensive line instead. This is where you know their just a guy or two away. With organ state year a lot of guys away from being gay gay very competitive team. In in the pac twelve it's gonna take some time but I think if you look at the future if Johnson's that can haze stick with that in beaver beaver fan base camp and I think that it can be a teamwork I thought his real his view on what organ state is is what I think every school outside of USC should be which is hey this conference cyclical. We. But every year why not best of every every so often why can't we pop. In have a good have a good run in I think that's what they will be it'll be a lot like Mike Riley's organ state but hopefully. A little less crash after. You know those great years and those great run club what do you wanna see from these from the beavers in the next few years when it what is. Mean let's be realistic with with Jonathan Smith an end to end this group for football. We wanna see from them I mean I wanna say no it's a broad question no no no I like that because I want is a guy I think in the next two years. I think between now and maybe twenty to forty. The realistic expert expectations for the B fans or maybe that highest expectations for a deep sand. Should be selling maybe like what cal did this year where you beat unexpectedly pop probably not this season I mean. We know the bees are really set back special recruiting wise but maybe in. Two years you know we did an unexpected you know the team. Has more cohesion and they had under coach Anderson and all the stories. His staff being you know butting heads in not being on the same agent recruiting got recruiting people bringing in guys to coach Anderson and signed off on and vice Versa. And so I guess realistically short term it's to it's to kind of pop unexpectedly to diddle Kazaa the beads this year. Was the opposite popping implode the unexpectedly imploded but I'm I think that the real sick expectations for the next two years is is to do what Al did this last season. Under just to Wilcox I think long term under coach Smith. As a beaver fan I would be happy with. Dating back to the Mike Riley era. You know what like six and 68475. UD's. CB your eyes okay which I values your putting in on win total I'm trying to get it figure out do you want your program to be. Is there a dynamic Q wanna see from from Oregon State you say the Mike Riley era. That's a keyed the Mike Riley era is back in as he's on the staff exactly bringing his his attitude to I don't know come offense are gonna run. Is there something you mean Q wanna see about organ state that sets it apart from everybody I know. The I'm not sure about offices spread is Izard dynamic of Morgan State that they can set themselves as an identity for everybody's say why not why not us like it we show up there and play for organs. The best eight in I think if what Mike Riley can build that on that Mike Reilly culture and tenure was its blue collar doing it with guys aren't going to be foreign five star guys we're not gonna have the first organs and hope what Jonathan's that does. Is what I think. And lot. Mike Riley failed to do which is. Mike currently went to that extreme. We're gonna get those guys the chip on our shoulder rated trust our talent IU nation we're gonna go with that. And they didn't even offer foreign five starches like did just didn't offer them I mean. And I think that's what's gonna changes underdog this that is my question is going to be here Ellie aren't going well and then we're gonna try and in and get these guys anywhere we can see Isiah cracker is going to be on campus this weekend. Wind. The beavers won the Fiesta Bowl I know after the game TJ Houshmandzadeh said this is a place that could be built up to do this regularly in thirty years. Is it why not ask why not Corvallis and I think that. Just do agree with you dusty that should be the mentality. Don't have that small like you know I'm single only get back to Mike Riley era maybe that sounds a little bit small time mentality but if you did this run of 2005 to 2008 to four seasons. The beads went five and 610 and 494 batted for. That it to me at Oregon State was in a cycle like that remain have a down year and then they're in upper level bowl games and then maybe they pop in get to a Fiesta Bowl. That would be. So much better than what they have been in the last decade since that. Fair question for in state and for you in firth for both you guys. That era of time when you saw those kind of wins. Was it an era where the pac ten slash pac twelve had the north side routines work as as the only say is loaded but maybe the era shift can be kind of seal teams. Very cyclical you'll changeable too bad sessions you know is that does organ stay with now some of the teams with a new coach and organ. To stall with coaches up and up in Washington the been there while Kate but in the state of Washington. Can organ state set themselves apart in catch up with some of these teams are meaning you still have David job you have Justin Wilcox is now trading up. Is there a little bit of fear how to get a set yourself apart. I think there was is something to that in that is a very fair question is that. In 2006. They went butt ten and four yeah year Alex Bentley dosing Ortiz in Oregon State is beatable team. They beat USC. Be they don't think dale Berra losses were to you. That cal team that worked its way at the polls. On a tray yeah net. In 200680. No maybe. In the end it lost to Boise State. And I mean those third those like quality losses Neeson nearly connect on okay and I can understand that. But. That yeah I was marsh summons had just brought that game up yet it emblem Marshawn Lynch rusher 106 yards and they sit there and you look at that and you go. That was when USC this common that's when USC is good. And you were still able to you to pull that off because that was the more can't feel years Yvenson Bernard seen Easter otter. You know dean hat you can have good teams but that was the USC ramble we're talking just give battling in the north. But I know your division sides in I united sit there and I save you can if you can have a 104 season that pack back pack ten back then fair win USC was common. Cal wiz was good with Marshawn Lynch snapped back field. I DeSean Jackson was there and yeah I I think that you can't get to a point where you are competitive in and compete not every year. Have those years like 20063 popped and you have a baseline right of at least of. All the game and then you pop and you go either do upper level or maybe a near six acting that's the goal. And I think just to answer your previous question cam of what you want that would make Oregon State different and not art and artists are like an offensive Danks. I think it's that and this is why I'm glad they hired John does Mitt I think it's that horning in on the uniqueness of Corvallis in the school don't. So often icy Oregon State within the athletic department Sasha and I was there was trying to keep up with the joneses down south in Eugene try to be like the ducks too much ya don't say your sub par or bowels is awesome for its own reasons Oregon State. While they are behind us facilities. Has. Is you it's a unique place owned that and use that as you rob gusty as Mike Riley bring in those lower level guys. Does chip on the shoulder guys make up the whole thing party a brand still get some spotlight own Corvallis and John has been gets that that's why I'm happy to. In their zone is this as somebody has to be a doormat to you you know somebody has to be a doormat. Every single year every single cycle of a conference there is a doormat that is undeniable. It back in those early two thousand's I'm looking at their standings in 2006 Stanford and Washington where the doormat oh yeah. Date they were there were the two worst teams are eight teams in the conference there were six or six and or better six and six or better. So there eight bowl eligible teams in the pac ten that year not twelve. In Washington with five and seven in Stanford went one and eleven K. There has to be the deck in that is kind of would the beauty of that Mike Riley air that beaver fans hated was that you were never the doormat. You weren't you abort the door in that is what you cannot be is stuck in a doormat and is on injured there you can have those were gonna pop every so often years. Which I think is great and divas and we give anything to Poppins and it's been since my senior year Corvallis and the bees popped and that's problems that they're the doormat exactly. And it's just it's just a sum this up to bring up that the earth and it wasn't stoked on the Mike Riley era. Said mediocrity is all Mike Riley brought to the beavers shocks I hope we just went a few. As a beaver fan I hope we just went a few male we won one game and it was against the worst team in the big sky so improvement is on the horizon. Let's talk about sports heroes or anti hero wanna know why don't we love some athletes why do we hate others why does LeBron James. The greatest basketball player on planet earth maybe ever still have haters and curiously you guys think a Latino my opinion the first. Here's a mile the sports center update. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning online at. 1080 the fan dot com and the new team defense. Hey its do you listen to this at the park when you shoot his prop up when. I played this with Hammond mind because I. I know that he you know he often we see him all along you don't need to be seven feet tall and you know I can be three more inches and I would Aventis it will look like yes and I think they'll I would have how would have been claim in the way I just know they can't hide our skulls and parts of the basketball. And yeah I was a quote. Cam is highly just like to point out my height. I assume it's a hike this went in my ever pointed out you're like what you Chan had your son who's twelve challenged him to a beach move what people I'm going to meet your son. I be your son. In hoops and I want you viewed toll document thank you for letting that go out on the Portland or but it is. Laser right. You not to now I didn't know it's not an actually physically and I made no you elbow league right now head no no no you and I did not elbow and add all of that was his brother I know him how he got dud in his yup toilet knocked out trainer yet yeah dash. Wasn't it mean Roy's against you trainer and and dolce and don't see your daughter. And I just remember we are applicable points and then you say give me the ball yet and guideposts emea Iraq. Rock down low. The year said that the reason why they played almost as your son is the same height as no not really known him he's deathly bigger heavier he's out here any will be taller. Probably do he'll be tolerant and have probably already know his own carver did held zone he was not afraid to get down and dirty and get little physical right all rumpled and it's greater game. He was six greater out. That's a big sixty bragging point that's a bit seeks greater. Very big show like this and it's great. Your preachers. No it was summer so he was gonna be. Who's going into seventh politics expert at the time we not a senator to you actually. Till he starts seventh grade of not argue semantics on how the any new anyways he's had and I'm not a title you now hold on Crawford fines that were ready to brag about beating a seventh grader but he if we hit the six greater. Many guide tube Fareed is bragging about beating them. That's an on the miss about you. I just know that some I know that the Cleveland's are breeding. A lead athletes and it's a well in the education away athletics or just an addition in the year what we do your wife played she division one sports and you played two division Allen's words and professionally kids' sports or just an out on to what we wanna do as puke. I'd so twin cams kid says he wants to become a gamer. Eight in east sports pro someone else I don't know during the triggering cams and sent yet we need to see you wanna stay on track your. Trigger. They counteract the mud show host well yeah over got a. Hosting today I guess sort of know my question was like why do we hate some athletes a lot of we love others. Because LeBron I want to play this quote from Blake portals we played it yesterday but I I do like its all star of the day as Arab League portals grassy lot of haters. He rushed for more yards and he threw in the jags went over the bills but he is an NFL quarterback in the class of portals and dissect. I was 48 you sound and I we'll probably never stop and as to who think LeBron James likes those that have an actual real people always think I saw. I loved that. I look that Adam Blake portals when why do we like some athletes why we hate others and how we separate off the field issues from. On the field performance. Because I think that we're out of time now we're that is the hardest it's ever been to give. Oh you guys are you guys worked this isn't fair for me to answer. I want you to to tell me what is what do gimme gimme criteria things if it's a one or two things that trigger you not to trigger Yuba. Makes you dislike an athlete more than anything. A pro athlete let's go with pro because. Also there and tell you say well you've never done it then you need to shut up turnaround because you're not a pro so it's just that you're jealous that would be my immediate defensive. Former athlete answer which is the defense of cancer which is again it. Like yes you jagr and FO argument you can always drop that will did you flag. And aren't we haven't had time because I didn't sound like any hoop but my and so for me it's interesting. When you may not think it wins but it wins every time. What what's. What it does for me almost is kind of it's type of others from like Russell Westbrook. Drives me crazy I am not a big Russell Westbrook fan and I think part of it is because of almost the whole around CM. The Russell Westbrook though the obsession of so many people wanna say Al Goodman is how he's the best player in the NBC are an MBA I know we just wanna NDP I personally think he's overrated I don't think they'll ever win a title. I think he's too much of a meat guy and he doesn't know what it takes to win an NBA championship. But it's all the other people who wanna argue for him so dat will turn out to play more than anything. I agree with that I also think that there's a lot of that that goes around like LeBron James and he came to the league member he is beloved. Because Colby was so good that that's the guy that people wanted to rail against him then you get to the point where he is called so good by so many people. And that. Then you'd just automatically wanna go against what the masses are saying because you wanna have your own thought on who is who is great who has it. So then these guys get. I mean the Blake portals won his play I think that's a great comment by him because. People don't like Britain Blake portals strictly for what he does on the field. Like the people would like what LeBron James says the brunt did you kick hate what he does on the on the court because it's so good it's a masterful. People don't like the fact that may be he is a diva and he got his coaches fired in Cleveland he threw a fit because he's on drugs can come on a plane in Miami so that's why you left and that's falling out Pat Riley. You know people want it could look at that. I don't know of anybody that thinks LeBron James sucks based on what he does on the floor. It's all know what it is. All office a little what is different persona. Other persona as it is for you out a player. Yeah well what it okay millionaire that when it is his persona is or. Are definitely subjective yes because I mean they just don't it's not who I like personally done not indices not a good player because they don't like him personally. You know you just find things to nitpick. Like with Russell Westbrook and let Crawford is saying mean the that is only been done one other time in the Indy amazing. You cannot sit there and say like Russell Westbrook. Is. You know not a good NBA player but does he make the players around him better is he a good teammate to people. From a James Hardy name in Kevin Durant that you guys he split. Not the best relationship said he had with people okay do you sole. It's a lead you can you can say that we you don't like about as a player and I think that I can be fair. Okay is it is it based upon what they have their opportunities who they are what they're doing how they're carried themselves publicly that that makes you make that decision it's definitely or or more about their ability in their. In their. Specific sport their talent level how they play the game how they interact during the event the activity is ores are more about off the court now it's certain. We had combo but off the court is a huge factor for example it would be. Russell Westbrook as I said before you always meet but I'd be foolish to think that did not sign a deal with the way. You know you very petty and his comments post game and him and Kevin Durant Dana and just his whole vibe and even though I like his style even though I don't understand it always. You know he shows up he's dairy cocky he shows up in is ridiculous outfits so I'd be foolish to say that doesn't play a factor in my opinion some people love him because of that to exactly know and I know it's so I think it's a comma because. Also delayed plays also. And then formula pushes it over the edge is that when I see that I think Russell Westbrook is overrated. They're these same boys that come out of the woodwork talking on a lot of friends of mine who say your eighty you don't understand the NBA will no I mean the fact is as there's. Out of all the money on rustle us for their weight championship so I as a gimmick com both for me it's really hard to say but now more than ever. Off the court stuff affects our. Today that's kind of what I believe in today's world is off the court is the number one way we look at athletes are how we judge athletes not just their talent level. It like when texture says IR a's started disliking. Like portals because of his hot wife a son talk about and it's pure envy you that's kind of what I yeah some people that deal like that I get the people that I think all built built on June jealousy and envy is how did that guy. Where that person get to that level and act like that that's crap I think I hear a lot of that from people who. It hasn't PA Vega were all individuals and we all like we all want. People to you this the stars that are propped up Sid the good staining be like this section says Jordan got his coach card wasn't the best teenage hit it Horace grant on add on that island age knocked out a teammate during practice. If Michael Jordan lived in the social media age. Better believe he'd be get knocked down a peg because he did all those things will need him didn't he did get. What Doug Collins fired worry in the social media stage and we're still trying to knock him down and he's done boy. Yeah no total right but did the big Jordan became a machine of positive marketing. Indeed in an era that wanted to prop him non sport and maybe get in those those stories didn't get out like we are talking about Babe Ruth earlier Bieber it's a perfect example of that as well we're used to be fun. And I think summit I think people. Just people don't enjoy appreciating greatness called Howard talks about that a lot. I doubt that the barbershop last week. And people argued about LeBron and someone brought up his finals losses early in his career and I'm like man he's the greatest basketball player on earth at last decade probably ever I I believe he is ever ID is the best Basil player of all time argued for sure yeah Andy you're gonna bring up his finals loss numbers. But do you always have just been the finals I would take prize saw yesterday is the and they say Katie it's now to eighties error ID NBA. Held low it's not. Is not Katie there is a bronze era until he's dethroned as the best I know we lost today. Where's the files and Malin Russell SII just don't get it and I was curious jurors will listeners dot. Let's say there is a little bit of everything now with what came your saying to him in there is jealousy it's on field it's just not like and a person. Let's trigger champ. Muscles bolts get the ball ginger meathead. As rallied as possible coming up next. Brings us this tale mop Texas pop up real pot was little mean Crawford. That's progress mean I'm very upset about a month ago aged you're listening to dusty and dabbled ginger on ten is the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning. Online at ten EDS and dot com and the new Canadian defense. Now are ranked. Roberts final day we give would you rather got a little bit worse that he is. Crawford has to do it now it wouldn't be. My final day of one little thing to date and somebody was laid yeah that was the. Oh OK when you know you know. Exactly. Does that you know let. And this segment is valid triggers camp that may have been the number one thing about Gagne is TNA Euro reliability. Oh yes the I'd like. It sucks that makes it that's almost like two real IE. Percent figured you can't yeah yeah yeah. Now that got up a no I don't want to put on the closing. Higher commodity and nice I really am. Talk a big game as have residents were all yellow I mean you got a you have a short fuse. Like scattered like dude didn't like tapered leg pants and you're not a fan oh yeah. At least know what your thinking on Timberlake don't quit. Not even funny go there a party went off land in a warm a jogger sweatpants. I actually it's not just jogger sweatpants as everything is turned into tight fitting tapered leg and for big I don't everybody's looks like grimaced snouts like we need to essentially. Our hip area for some reason we need to be wider and hit a skinny jeans you you need to see how busy dude has great ankles. Need to know you don't know I don't you know form fitting. No I don't. OK I mean that's enough does or late does relish it to him here. The other thing is in people's. On the text sign or some good ones the Mariners continued she sucked bad. In the Baird to browse Flickr playoffs but it went do you think Bradley and they plan adamant that they Seymour. Sat you'll get fired up over them don't you sad. What about what about when he called you double homer. Well I'm Yemen where there may debts but realistically I I like to consider myself as. A mom to call a spade a spade we have bad your bad when your good your good dominant this objectively look at. Athletics pursue it comes to football I'm always subjective when it comes a focal decide. Happen to be in in Portland and I was a ski but I Jacob Browning being overrated. There's a summing that guy it was big brown mean it it is not as good as everybody thought he was going to be he did not live up to some of the bills he's got a lot of lot of stuff he's got keep. On if he's got a fight on his hands coming in a way freshman played nowadays he's got a fight on his hands cumin into his senior year what it but is this thing about that defense is CAD did it triggered and about better than a year and people that use of reputed -- offensive player of the year last yeah and he was not getting the credit he deserved as the pactel player of the year I can admit it's it's a little bit of a whiff of electing seeing him get better but that's. I'm unfair on that when now yet I can see what my eyeballs yeah I know what's wrong with a and what needs to improve cash and limitations do we all have limitations let all my opinion of boneless wings are better than I don't know about one's gonna send me into a Tizzy is we've already established that. Nuggets and fingers are not wings and idioms or go into it not in anybody that calls them out. He did there's a special place in hell for you be going to tell you deserve to be enjoying knows knows a thing as boneless wings. Processed meat that was clump together with some variety you money be a real man gravel wing with a bone in it. In eat it would one hand both the drumming Iowa and the wing side because people that even with two hands are they're not skilled and. All you need is. I'm confident Culkin get you know why I thought I was crazy and if I can I can no I think he was just my left handed still still have the ability to drink a glass of water or not he'd wipe the entire you like that one man's skill that is all fairness I think I'm gonna end up in my masculinity to know that IKEA boneless wing with two hands. Alice still dude. I'm still an alpha. You're Dana. Wow with the Latin Eva he's out the year data a year just like I'm only days ago to impact Kroger to consider myself hey you know the only thing you need to international Kissinger injured and on Twitter is it is it really nice today is it a lot a mile and a plant these. Libya and on your bald dome idea is this I think he's he's out of the Booth like. Bridge to dinners and a that's my pie in your past. It's not that. Yet this kiss a ginger day January 12 who knew who knew make of the day just out there today is there any of them tell your life he put my wig on. Where is the kids today for just like a Burnett Mike Brown haired dude kiss of Burnett yet doesn't network Burnett's you have black hair. Do what are your hair is as black as well in this area. In the summer can get a like you here's black okay. You here's why it is it. You're pre net. Brownie. Pulse. No he's too though I. I think guessing is some of the user every few weeks have no meat as good as they do. Yeah that that texture unit they did there is meat there that's good to be you know big beauty about me a wing is. Is that it's the perfect. Because this sauce is what makes the winning you know like the sauces what really drives the wing. I disagree in. Every single. Like he had just think it will the money just eat chicken breasts do and on and Belichick and it's not as good as it smoked trigger warning. That just has a little bit of little bit of salt and pepper. But the smoke flavor from. My trigger creates the flavor. In its fantastic and it's gotten so it's okay well take that want to bet it in the okayed the flavor of the wing is not is not like that you don't get that from like. A chicken breast. You know where it's all the way through in every byte has that and it. That's when I'm Satan. So in there got. If you are both you go to now just a printer but right now are in the next say Saddam trigger right now again the gates fares triggered it. What's the number one way. A former sports person. Can send. Fan boys into tis east lighted so we tied to audience are Williams did it's a ball. Earlier it's what dog it's because DOS and I our opinions will now or be as good of you a ball because we didn't play the game via. The right. I'm always right I mean. What did you know would let Jim can we be fair let's be fair in all of sports. When a former anybody says anybody to with a voice a microphone a television anything but a former somebody comes up with feet. I've played and you didn't card like all right coach can you do in car what is that will send you into a tailspin a bitter and angry no because everybody in sports. As a matter of you played or not has an opinion and they feel like their opinions right because they watch it on Saturday Rangel when somebody to play in the and throw the I know more than you it will send you into a he'll now have a bitterness now wait a minute now when you're talking about like x.s and a stuff absolutely no I'm China on fields at C I'm Ali Ali are your average yet right because that. I'm a leader there's there's good there's there's bad there's good there's grave in the their delete I believe in you guys say the Iowa. Oh yeah he's good fish I'll give you this you absolutely believe that. I didn't I wouldn't because. Know your dude that's I mean that you know you and I can't disagree because I am a fan bullet when it comes a full ball in the closest I dollars Yelp pointed to the park with my bros right in but you have your opinion which is good and I like your opinions are like death these opinions. I Victor crap and I think that the Gerson crap but they're still opinions. If I'm triggered a thought trickled it's do we kid would you rather is next proper light and does the game on the fan.