Dusty and Cam - 1.12.18 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, January 12th
Which athlete's tell all book would you want to read? Also, what is Portland?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This master drove solid construction would. Florida this is dusty and this is a football Friday additional does tend gem in the morning. Dusty Kara and NFL veteran Jim Leland. Online at 1080 advent dot com and the new Canadian the fan dusty in jail Montana navy both share them. I don't Lauren they need is. Pride days. January 12. It is sad day it. It is Crawford's final day on our show morning. And we sat army Ari celebratory. Not sad sunset. So it's been. Celebration of life. Oh you don't I'm going when you inning giving eulogy you know I guess is I think I'll just see what I think Arnold don't want you lets him say Kennedy used to celebrate yup Judy celebrate the life. It's knots it's an opportunity no of that. No food on moving on. Crawford was a good man you got to. He was a producer rubio would have Ryder eulogies right now not a good one but a producer and Hank. LA FK. How do you feel it feels like the last day of class. Bomb in high school kind of not so much college more high school where it's like. You really got to know the same core people for X number of years you've shared memories and your super excited for the next step be like on damn. Yeah I mean in along the same lines you've been here for five years. You during college for five years out of golf for four warriors and high school for four for five. Wish freshman year was tough at their epic. But now human and on yeah you're back to high school undercover 23 jump street production begins. This summer that would not be surprising to anybody known if I was going down to be an undercover now not a high school and I think he could probably pull it off relate that that. I did age actor that can pull off the younger high school I think I can go I think I can infiltrate a high school we get into the mean girls review. Mean bullies back at Newport high of the sailors the mountain there I was on and there mean boys in your your lawyers. And that does not sound. Bad boys no older than analysts' mean lawyers Aaron Crawford and his mean boys. That doesn't that sound like you should trade in your station wagon for van my friend and I'll deal about this is San Fernando Valley. That's true I do you have do. We have to get our predictions outlive idolized him right now you're going down do you trees feature film yellow are the predictions. How long until he's. Directing adult films. Oh in the valley yeah then how long Intel goes round I can't afford them getting hammered. A hearing has the camera on a camera and camera time and then he's sitting there Golan. Wow this is really hard to make money. Now these are awaiting some tables of this and he needs an unsavory characters and Ian that in the valley is just a plot to boogie nights. Yup you know does which is a great so actually no he went to star and then you're going to you correct then. Is it still call film it's called film. The adult industry I guess I don't know. Well and and Justin disposed of by dusty there's a difference between directing an adult Salman just doing count. You know cam work they call a pun intended. To. On the tech that is that's when you just come here mount itself and it is. So Holland to directing and how line I am saying two years. Two years two months. Because I think two months' time see the authority are built in cuisine side gigs to it's called the site also. Yeah make your extra money Booth that is a good point sorry go to linings got the cameras get caller and think you can make honest series car you know. That's the thing now on mattress in the back as I get big enough that every year to do you can't fit a mattress back there to fill a lot of things back there as station wagon is lawn alive and that's. Sugar be slow global lot of innuendoes today. Oh my my you little strange I had a couple drinks and dinner the other nice alas my body doesn't bring to drive home at first they see any goes sat. Scars that this car's pretty long. And an Omega as you'd. Still don't knock the girth either. Get a friend and I was like I hit his. My guess is it. Big car it is big car not compensating he was he able to parallel parking your neighborhood which is in the city. And I did he tried to tell all your neighbors are going to be really happy that you're leaving because your two vehicles take up. Ten spaces of Smart covers news and remember on milder immediately of their he had a passenger van for his band if you guys so it's just like to see completely a song desires city block one side of history completely terrible sell our rights. Will help further ado we have some things talk about on the show. Malawi. We'll get to show on the road. I remember was just like yesterday. Aren't well today and sports issue will be known in chief efforts he does an eighteen preference that they show moved forward but in 1969 the jets the filled. Jones name is guaranteed in Super Bowl three. He's a simple Miami similar went. Be tickled 67 it was the first time ever if LB DN FL inseparable it is the first and is even called the super mobile and now we have. Lots of rule Broadway Joseph of the greatest nicknames ever minister's words. Yup I could pull that off with birds. Man beat me every guy didn't get a it was in the Cadillac was part of his first deal yes I think that it's amazing that. People you'll go evolved happy to jinx don't they release. Don't name it was there man he is like that trend setter border Altman. Didn't Wilt Chamberlain have a plethora of ladies. And each time I mean coats and Nelson. And 101000 of them allegedly India and his drinking green and his drinking buddy just want to influence them. Under the giant. The book keeping without. It may appear look at them. It's possible. It's. OK on today's program Crawford's last ever as our producer will he. Gave the reins over to him. So he wants ports today. If have a little bit of doubt will I got sports facility will be a little sports scene today I tried to keep I tried to keep that some lot of opinions yeah. Things that might keep cheek triggered Diaz finally trigger people the actually yes well there's a whole segment. On things that triggered camp is there. Yeah. Hand Crawford set this whole thing out. So we have architectural issues today is what is Portland from an outsider's perspective. When she tell us and will appear to have what we think Portland is in Crawford will give us his outsider's perspective in Kenya an outsider's perspective you just they're just like things we love the things we hate the bully you know. Outsider where I'm in out property uniter fighters both from small sense this inner circle button. And then also we have a lot of listener. Recommendations for topics today that Crawford took into consideration. On Twitter yesterday. And today a lot of them made the show. You outlined his stuff coming in on the fifth old beavers hole. I decided he's my discretion not Ohio that statement are we can would you rather alienate the base special guest Sierra and as well. Not. Not Russell Wilson's wife. Let's hear from sales sales BZ CS you're gonna wanna be apart of this she's a whole thing man you're gonna want seasonable deal. I'm not going go wrong with a whole deal. You know Sierra I don't know it did she's a deal they like into feel it's a deal like when she comes in itself hole they were describing this year's. Interactions with. This company or how to win how to weigh how to we do to me. Complimentary way she'd I love here she's fantastic she's more than a favorites in the building she brings energy enjoyed my day. She is a walking talking hr hi there childish that's better open your mail irrespective that's very. I co owns it. College shoots the organ that's exempt investment in the season less than 76 and Q with a win at number eleven Arizona State eighteen point six is four boards from lessons Payton Richard. The beads gate number seventeen Arizona everything they can Hannibal fell short sixty TP CD three thanks to 143 run by the wildcats over just three minutes and IDB's lost the tasting got a good game. And then number fifteen guns Agnes dumped a hole in UP. Over on sister station he's been Portland 910103. To 57. Oh. In Portland state of Montana state their first big sky last season's impressive fashion nine B 347 the night. Six. It is educating them either. What they were in games as. They work detail they actually started bigs guys play. Which you losses that you sacks Dayton eastern Washington but they've been on tour around the in the tourney. Maybe gotta when that. You know he's got. But NBA was in London yesterday and yet it's at at noon in London. Celtics won their seventh in a row. Our obsession. With joy fielding and money and in sports tonight are American sports money that pompous it which is gonna just put it all over there. No I subbing and his number one specifically said. But his Twitter feed yesterday and use snotty Americans you will never love our sport over there or video basketball laughable. The English club that's all we have to come idea and we'll ask. The international game between us and we have agreed to let special Braylon. Alex English and it is well that that's just his name was the last time we've had eight a very good Horry good international player from England Ben Gordon was British. In the ducks have a say Linux votes yeah wasn't that they'll be the only guy hasn't even as a Canadian. I know he was. British. Everybody else is Canadian ice uninteresting things we sent the 76ers. Revolutionary war and the Celtics Irish. Take that as always I saw that what a middle finger to the Bristol and I think that ultimately it descended appease the brits. I don't know all of them. Kings yeah advocated sending yeah McCain's. Kingston. It went nuts and and he'd know he's an incident and cold. Kids in the rockets and wanting to even have a space program I don't know we've had sent him anyways basketball. That's basically what did you have her visit hi this doesn't go that way doesn't have. Heavily with basketball and follow all of the baucus piano keys in the neck about it we send our own king James goes against. Over an early royalty united. And looking here because teams should send them there. Forget and ignorant AFL playoffs. They get underway AA. Tomorrow morning. Patriots. Full participation for the first time. Since week one. In their practice yesterday. They are healthy. So the first time. Nazis must Chris Hogan we'll play you sit tomorrow morning that's Sunday Sunday's morning Saturdays the afternoon. Saturdays 135 I got can I got frightened for second so that Crawford not going to be Crawford's mourning this effort shows subscribers morning okay. Yeah it starts on thirty and I believe that game and NBC I burnt at the NFL scoreboard on ESPN and it is just blank get a the that a game is on NBC at 135 and then CBS the other things acts. Perfect at 5515. Tolkien's Eagles. We have two birds playing against each other. Ten and six Ers thirteen and three yet the thirteenth three team is underdog. It ended in DC the rousing. And vote of confidence and that Peterson gave his quarterback yeah Nichols what was be herself. Let nick being nick the only can be and steeler fans not great news for you guys as laid him though was talking about his contract yesterday Nazi Jacksonville Jaguars he says he'll sit out if he gets very interesting I. Here little I don't know like taken that into the playoffs it's all about me that meanwhile it's all quiet on the saints vikings for a saints vikings front is which means the game that we think is gonna be the good. Did the good game in this round I think you can be awesome and I think it's good news survey know. Bulletin board material coming out fallible team's healthy both teams with a night it can be a fun one to sport franchises not giving each other. That fuel the fire you. Are 55305. That is the fan text line Crawford once the show to be. All doubt. Fan interaction today I would love that. Do you wanna do that Jesus sure all the entities is it. Now we've we love thirty for thirty's we love talking we love peeking behind the current here on the show and seeing the sausages are made so I wanna know. If you could read any athletes tell all book no holds barred or watch any thirty for thirty as a niches that might be. What yours beat Texas fire country of five we won and now. Tell all book thirty for thirty you're the director boom you're listening to casting camp. On 1080 the fan. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and jam in the morning online at continue to defend dot com and the new teenage fans. Across. I joked that tell all book that you honoree. From an athlete. Means is it 55305. That is beef and text line. Interesting question like in sports we have so many. We have so many different personalities like. In I there's a lot of different guys the use it seems like everybody we know so much about right now. And it's all kind of out there in front of you and I think we know almost like too much about our athletes these days and sell like. When he's into these tell all books on here about from somebody that I don't really know anything about that's level and I read this in the first got a popped into my mind was. Derek Jeter. I wanna hear about Derek how did Derek Jeter. Navigate twenty years. In the biggest media market in the world. Where everybody's under the microscope in nobody knew anything about his personal life. Nothing. A goalie news that he may or may not have given out gift baskets to women that tee hooked up with. And that he dated a lot of beautiful that's confirmed right gift basket thing I've no idea. He has never confirmed its nor have any of his liked the cubs it's only girls that. Friends of the dogs yeah. Yeah Mike I don't get the gift basket it's integral to leave behind is a guy and girl elect a signed baseball in the girl stays the night it jewels and how it and there's a damn. In the morning to get to take ominous sign baseball all gift in like a little head like a little compression and yeah a little ideally some face why he never do in the locker shame. Year a year and leave and be honestly I have no idea and I think that's. Fine great little to go give a hall of Famer. Baseball's means to the hall of Famer Bo and oh yeah Andy you have little personality you know of course and you can have the ball in the net signature handy you take it. Picture I guess they didn't have it or giving growth in the in the social meteor. You go through that here all those guys all those guys were able to stave off. The kids who call now the tarnishing of of pro athlete how did everybody know everything about any other person played in New York. Except for Derek Jeter nothing ever got out about the guy. That channel like for me marked as an entire answer but LeBron James has been a guy it's been impressive that he's avoided well he does everything the right way what CI exactly so honest I guess I'd be curious to read like. Rising tell all kind of not a figured testing because. You know there's always going to be things are told human and like the dirty secret at this LeBron and I I give them huge kudos for doing everything the right way and stay out of trouble and just be an he seems like a really really good dude so I'd be curious to read in non. Stay Errol version of the LeBron James story. And it's not all it's not only loses and everything awarded Yuri. To shadow professional athlete all time going back in history if you were able to shadow history. I mean an athlete. And be with him not just in the posse. Or hang out or get a chance to be maybe that beat writer of the gets to follow that athlete or. Learns about ever in in there I don't know we called on trust I know minus. And that that's kind of like would you think that there be somebody would say a lot of wanna be with Michael Jordan a wanna be with a magic I wanna be with. Whoever it is Wilt Chamberlain in my mind is is the bambino I know that's. And there went my infatuation with the twenties is their kind of like that thirty for thirty I wanna know and we've seen movies about the Yankees in the in that time net era of great. Baseball that to me is the most interesting time in in baseball when the sports really took over our country. Dad said there are stories that came out like blue long after is a deathbed. Who hails from writers that covered that team because they picked a team needs to take a train. And then in night. The front of the train would be all of like dead media no travel with them there and there's next tales of Bieber is like being chased nobody did through the train bio with a woman is like. A fire poker fireplace poker trying to Kellen I mean there's legendary stories of neighbors like passed out drunk and then have an alleged. Shaken awake and he got hit two home runs eaten hot dogs to sit there where all my hot dogs and everything that about that is it just I'd I'd love every second but they never reported any of us know. If that was just the bailouts of big earth is your guy I absolutely and that's when he seven and it and anytime you talk about the Yankees going 00 my goodness he could just be in the clubhouse of those guys holy smokes see my. Meyer Moore reads like AI. Or Dennis Rodman or kind of goes. Late 90s90s. To late ninety's NBA guys and right before we got social media rivals forever walled NBA had a change I mean NBA teams their dress code. David Stern said it was too hip op it was scaring you know suburban white folks who did the color of the games anymore so busy a mouse of the palace I would love to. Have shadow gorgeous really tell all book. Summit of Alan because we've heard rumors about Allen Iverson what was it they cities to spend. 4050 grand TGI Friday's walk downtown Philly weekly well and they would go on and they would go on road trips and he wouldn't pack a bag. Huge is fine you close your buddies is fifteen granted TGI friends say he said. He said weakly he said I really was maybe it was a little lower but it was awkward little it was it was upwards of ten grand he said no man I never did that. Unless it was what he say in less I took the strippers there with me. And it was back before they had half price apps so then yeah I suppose we spend. Overtake somebody like that the summer later said that wasn't a real quote global blog that he doesn't know yet he'd be there with the whole strip club owner of that stuff is true yeah now. Yeah it says right here is Peterson did that documented losses documentary not washed up. It it addresses those sorts things and no it would be you drop like 3040 grand I get at a strip club but then. He retain its victims to different or what's there then hero quick and of a Portland athlete all time it's the jail blazers don't know just a single and a gold team but just one if you could. He could be in their group she'd. I would wanna know about she'd Rasheed Wallace it to me is one of the most interesting trailblazers Deborah player moon. He hated it here he was really good when he played didn't like it at all I think Rasheed -- out about guy drilling season. Is in jail blazers aero mean it was like. There again in trouble finding trouble anywhere they did here in Portland that the most famous group of athletes it's ever been in Portland. Mean more than the 77 blazers you talk about the jail blazer era more epic at least in my opinion I hear more from some of that came here about that era we ask you about this the championship. I knew about them growing up in socal and I was there on my radar as a young sports family all of that of bad guys in Portland early. Late eighties early ninety's blazers this 77 team in the seventies blazers dozer teams that everybody loved and adored sure and they were really good. Did jail blazers over the team net in everybody loved to hate. And everybody hate IQ is a love hate relationship with that team because you everybody importance that. These guys are the worst group of people to represent our city. But on my guys they could bring us a title and they were really close to bring you Portland the title. Really close what was they're over there here is again more than that did the years I've assays early 99. Through 2004. Okay. Yeah where they're playing Western Conference finals. You know. It is think of big of that trade off and would Portland want that back again. That makes this city unique I think nobody with say they don't give it to I'd a went. Is there anybody out there that hates that era I there's a lot of people that that mean they hated what was happening that the team but they love the winning. It was it was a weird time table lasers man is it was a weird time and we'll talk about the. Slater in the show 'cause I have a topic about you know widely loves and athletes hate others kind of they zero overs anti here I for one. Don't I I want to win I want to championship no matter what. I don't know Clark don't care I wouldn't sell your soul to the though I'm not gonna meet the double the crossroads and sell my soul for a clippers title game. That's a become the use though they tell you gotta be hard it's hard party imparted your identity becomes like this university Miami exactly you know I'm finals what you'd Seles in this team doesn't believe so he's for your fine you sell that upright what you wouldn't care for the win. For the win for the championship you're agnostic you'll get a higher I mean wait let this guy is on yourself I don't care of us. You don't have an ending their son or daughter's oh there's no worries it's aid that's a tough one though because. A in thank you it's a representation of your hometown team you know like that's a championship. He had campaigned in its statement bail you out would have no problem if you win the championship and then you sell it off yea your fund. Yeah dude Florida exit when the championship and then to sell and often but do anything it takes to get to that level we're talking adding anything yeah any players. Anyway it takes. That's him as Zach Randolph is coming in here two or Monte. Beaded on Tiger Woods tell all book. Like actual sell all human. Tiger had if that was Nike gave him treats term he and another was Pete Rose he gave no you know odd rose treat sermon based sad and just told you everything. Old Pete Rose might be relied on Lenny Dykstra two as he gets him in Chicago hi guys were all coming out I looked like he already is telling everything it's like is he says the guy that's not real then so much cannot credits. I think if you're gonna go with any. Group you have to go with you know I'm biased to baseball players. Is your in towns for series afforded NBA you're in and out the lot generally get in trouble lies is your scenario nose at us on camp there you're in an apple in a lot of time there now. I lot of lot of travel but please hold your 162 games here in cities for four or five days you a lot. And we're talking a lot of time on your hands slightest writing baseball stories or are the greatest yeah yeah just slot time. Got to kill it somehow. Well. Hoke Hogan coming in the. Lamar Portland got I would be curious just Bill Walton in the seventies and it I would like to shadow Emmy for Iran extra Portland and how much pain smokes and we can't eco. And NBD's a wanna smoke Hannity let's get on the record I don't want to. That leads us to our next topic or sexual relations that we have protections gruff I wanna know what everyone digs at Portland what are we love what do we hey I know as I prepare to leave this city after being forever almost five years four and a half years. There's a lot that I love there's all that attracted me to it but there's also some other things from like I'm not gonna miss that someone I know. And a lot of our listeners are probably transplants like myself for cam you grew up up in Washington dusty Euro though you know favors on the local the local boy. Done that on as well on radio shows let's let's. Let's hear on the British four Beers sex I'm pop after a five what are you love what you hate about Portland what is Portland it's a changing city it is in a transition period I want to know. At which I'll think about it here's car for the sort sinner. Widespread texting. That's the message of what numbered. Two or. Niners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I think. Always cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply just play my number. Anyway you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082. Rain of that person actually see them both. 55305. That is became text line. What is Portland. The outsider's perspective and our own hero from your some deal. Maybe moved here not consider yourself Oregon eons airport lenders. But. What is Portland as it Crawford is leaving after coming here for an Southern California beautiful Newport Beach. And he's returning back to Israel it's. What is the outsider's perspective of this debate in Portland as your considerable Lleyton he Holland and you've been here in Portland 52014. So four years. Four years in history. Its 2018 bro we have officially got its rough three and a half years somewhere to gather warriors yeah yeah yeah. What is your what is your perception of port land city. Truthfully yet now I want you to lie to Maine I have no idea I've I've lived in a couple small cities. Before me because I it it reminds me of it does in some strange way you may not believe this but it does reminds me of New Orleans. Nor was really small big city it's its quaint immunity was roughly 800000 people but it got. And even smaller after Turkey's Portland owns its identity. That's really what I love is the commitment of the city the people that are from here is that they're not. It there's there's not a lot of sadness in you Eddie you are who you are here you you're committed to what you love. There is of course we have a lot of transplants were missing in the city but con I I would say it is. With the proper were hurt and I'm still trying to figure the city out is it doesn't wanna be a sports city doesn't wanna be a no doubt that. And if that doesn't wanna be known for Riordan has 'cause I know the thought of Portland weird is that is that Canada the chance that everyone says let's be we will what does it mean to be weird but owning it and who you are. Is that's my number one thing for everybody is being who you Warren that's going to report has always done when I. I've seen I think this is a city without identity I think what used to be used to have an identity of being a rural. It used to be like are weird way to discredit our rural urban metropolis right where you had a city that doesn't really. Operate as a traditional city doesn't mean you think of the industrial part of Portland and and it did shipping used to be using the old Colombian Galanter river. A used to be kind of steel and used to be lumber. And the thing about you mention New Orleans it's kinda resembles New Orleans and that. You know Portland has a senator but. It does not take very long to get in the country and you have your sticks people ranked. But what does that say about Portland now and that was Portland a meat grown up now that Portland. Has grown and there's so many transplants it's comfortable it doesn't have that identity and what is it is basically. Still you have that it can beam rural. In India doesn't take long to get there it's not a big suburbia. Area. But it's struggling to find out who it is that's why it's the hipster culture it is you know eight where young people come. Retired show we read some of these yet to property please share law in this case it does. And Abu Ali mine is a mix of negative am posit a low Portland but I do fascinate him as a some of these. Not to be negative but I live ten minutes from or again and I never goes there. Sorry and I never go there global block kind of a company does is it to prayer or on during the streak at all times a day you'll be guaranteed to walk by on staple crazy people so I avoid it with my family. Another native won Portland has become an overflowing toilet needs flush. I had to chuckle that was kind of funny. About the alternative urban air gets yes resting up for getting high Saturday market eating food truck grub. And then don't you aren't they go I mean don't alternative urban air against isn't as pretty good that is again to highlight that. But I think that's very that's pocketed around the city you know I think we out we get cut regional I think your own city William we get caught up into the pockets of the city. And thank portly India has given Portland the image of everything that is just basically Hawthorne district right the hot thorn in the finals I knew coming up in Canada in northeast or east Portland. In southeast Portland kinda gets locked into that. And that's what's really weird about and is that we'd we have these little pockets that are so vastly different like his or do we considered at the pearl is probably. Or like to urban arrogance but yet you go to the hipster urban air against I would say they're against has a lot to do with that huh. In where we're at here at pork that's a sizzling I really like about Portland and I will miss is the distinct neighborhoods gathered to deceive years well no absolutely not I'm going to socal where dazzle or there's so much airy give and take people that's in every every Saturday everybody thinks they're as you know Seattle San Francisco LA idea I totally agree and everyone thinks they're cities the bastard might have been I don't think women -- -- view. Opponent for example so I. That's what people used to love about Portland is it wasn't like that no because because it was a town not in Portland was like that little. Not to make a hipster analogy but like that indie band that low key band do you kind of discovered and he's feeling no one else knows about you really proud of than they get really popular song on the radio. You see other people talking about like hey doesn't my band the man I like the before they were big exactly is so there's an like. NASA is I feel like bats and a metaphor and of itself because Portland is full of bands like that. But what I do love up once the hour long list of things alone I'll Portland. Is the neighborhood feel how even lower eyelids. Are around Belmont is has a different field and if I walk over to hostile or horrified drive 1015 minutes over and I'm in the rose quarter area or downtown even though Russell almost feeble and it's like a little bit dirty downed council's conical characters feel the pearl super blue G-20 thirds were my mom likes to shop Belushi you know so it's it's usually it's it's got a different like it's different pockets as yet different finds it doesn't take long to get there. And there is a lot of what is good about this city is like this Texan you know we're talking about kind of way it is to the negatives keys of how people see it. But this 15 your transplant from Nebraska it's an electric city full passionate people about life and earth eclectic. It it hurt he collected just it is electric now it is run by electricity. You gotta nearly did a media is that an indoor plumbing as both things brand new. To Portland 55 threes your front and that's something that I think a lot of people do like about this is that. You're talked to somebody like from Houston. Or LA like you are New York City the one thing and he goes man there's hills and there's trees. A lot of them. Right in downtown yet so I need to just the trees are crazy actually you don't realize they go elsewhere how how green I guess it is. Police may be compared like LA. 55305644. On the scene. This is a football Friday edition of dust and jam in the morning. Online continue to defend dot com and the new Canadian defense. Night that featured five Portland at what is it. Outsider perspective is Crawford is leaving the town. CN solid the door hit you were the good lord's what you growth. I'm kidding that's good no I hadn't heard not a serious we've never heard that term before no I've never heard dole at the door that you are the good lord split should never. Really yeah. Let's say that two people. Cash. I grew up in Portland of the way to the East Coast and she doesn't thirteen to fifteen haven't come back I would say that a what I love about Portland is location beauty Agassi mountain announcing Helen's every day and live an hour and a half from the mountain an hour and a half in the beach. But I hate traffic city things awful need more highways here here brother he have your mayor to say exactly do. X wound. I think he's gotten enough push back from that that he's changing his tune to that I don't believe. There's like this picture says Portland is super authoritarian while thinking they'd. They're tolerant yeah I would wanna go on the negative moral thing I would say kind of in the recent past real aggressive. Of kind of I'm pro all these things conceptually but when I seat in my backyard don't wanna. But that might be human nature problem but I do see that in Portland for example my eight. Neighbor who I thought was really chill. And I know at a long car Bobble block out too long cost. You'll both in the long to meet the plane is is he said yeah would I get only park and from my house in not a and I said old dude we live in the city. Leg next to a park sometimes and I have to park and like people part of part of my house apart from other people's house he's like gag you know it's just it's a little tough and alike. Isn't our police sounds like our our work neighbors and oh yeah we have here hey we love everyone we're here to help yellow I don't park here will tell your car don't. Work here is our work neighbors Hutus who. Decided to park our spots today but that I make big steak tonight take a picture of the car and send it email all users threatened to tell or did the right threaten the toad no I didn't do that done. I'll admit TO on the transplant here moved here in 95 and an event found Portland to be extremely genuine you can always find someone who's going to help you network get where you wanted to go whether it was a project our project for a job whatever was. Now I think the density of NP. I think the competition is affected that genuine. And it's what I miss most about. Portland. And has gotten very expensive I will tell you from just mean when I look at it property out yet housing and what is that infection people and then that just. Everybody's here well here's here's no place to live but with that person's that is very. Eight is spot on in that regard if I remember growing up who is it it would there was like this more willingness to help people out and Kenneth. Rally together it seems like that is losing and I think that's for those and niece neighborhoods are all kind of the coming days and a prominent is because yesterday if you within their neighbor you've been in that neighborhood. It's like you have that means that group that you just kind of aura around. But he used to bees can anywhere you went everywhere he went that's where Bill Walton he slowed this place in the seventies. It is to get hitchhiked. Then memorial coliseum. An interesting thing I observe how Portland and you know just being an out for about four and a half years is just it's definitely a city in transition because as you brought up previously dusty. It is it's not a big city it's not urban center it was kind of a small. You know small metropolis at a rural metropolis he called it yet and out is becoming a big city a lot of people are moving here we're seeing a lot of demolition. I'm neighborhood favorite some of local houses just yesterday I drove down Powell and and one block I drove past I had that original taco house. The safari show club strip club. And the bowling Alley there are three places I went last year and I like to go all gone love those but it is target is going in I think at a condos are going in and so and that's what happens go to cities to Portland is kind of losing it's identity and sense and I think that is a really only two commercial umi is. Is considered just does it today. This happens everywhere right like I simmer Cisco is so crowded Southern California EC demolition of classics in condos going up left and right. I just in Portland had been immune to it for so long now it's a city in transition and it's him. I guess it's an important time for city leadership or residents to kind of figure out what they want to shape the future it. Really is and that's why you see so many people like you have the old school in the news of this kind of fighting and butting heads and not a movement anywhere on anything right now like this person says you know should be called triggered state. I think that. That's a very that's us that's a fair film school and I think it's funny about it is like you hear that that is. And Anke you have people that are getting upset about the littlest things here. And it is late in I know that what will happen is iPhone you know we'll get. It will give people that'd be like snowflake liberals will now listen you're yelling yeah Europe's said geared justice triggered in in and wait my calories name read at your outrage right that's exactly what. Sincere and that we see that from ideal the Portland in the new port under seal get out of here note board Californians. Know this lets job. So I always like about four I love and optical audio and ultimately do the food I love the food off the food trucks and I love that. Even I'm not a soccer fan. But the passion her from professional sports here at two. PS it would work because of professional sports people love people love the trailblazers people loved the timbers. A love the fact that you can you go up denied that texture said now it happened to beat an hour and half from mountain you get a ball in one day. And the fact that we still like I do like defect we protect. The the parks that we have here we have a lot of parts in great city parks and love effective you can do is if you're in a city building needing just go outside looking BC Mount Hood and it's right there. And it's not one of those places where it's like skyscrapers. All the way up in you don't have that feeling of kind of a relief when you look outs. Know what I do you really enjoy about the city is the ability for meat two to go into a city and out of deceit. Boring when it's time when your free when it when the traffic's not his belt rhino to caviar but I feel like I can be in a city atmosphere. And and then suddenly 25 minutes later being in a rural failing or bang it out it's. Proximity to everything when it's not that bad out when it's not and rush hour and it it's reachable to tame and get their act and get to those places an appeal I have the big city feel but I also have the small town feel the same time. Economists like justices are. Maybe a typical answers from even detonate the neighborhood bars like I know every c.s got neighborhood dollars larger but it is I've been to that a lot of dive bars around in Portland Scott still many. And I know Portland's becoming more expensive but it's still in San Francisco as so called dive bar paid ten dollars for gin and tonic when. Portland I can go to the slammer and get one for 350 not happy hour he is still get great microbreweries. That this guy given out free pub to place. As we mail on the way out I wonder what can bring opportunity tonight he's extra margin in the city they're trying to just Fredericks it's still affordable compared to elsewhere as that's at least in the student. Ring category and and I'll miss that just the heat sensibility I guess of cool. Local neighborhood spots is really some then when I go home to sow cow even I might all just walk over to unknown alone. Well that places overrun by a USC grads at their sweaters chatter around and act I don't wanna go there you know a year in this. Dear now aria I know good good afloat there is good beards so now it's like 850 pint. He. As they brought it down from organization such as they've reported. No man doesn't middlemen so much good beer here for sure I totally ranked cracker here yeah. I've learned a lot about how does that mean craft beer you know you did it with arts and crafts and came back. I mean this is you come on this is a little pretentious hey we in fact be year I don't. Kraft pilgrims came up clear that term it's totally cured your beer moonshine or but he wanted to make it sound better. Back to Beers a day. Innocent actually went about beer crowd every night what he's doing he's sitting with your scissors with that won't cut you with the sauce tipping in crafting this is gonna sound very bad. But this is uniquely Portland and the best beer than I've ever had. Was bird in a bathtub. And I mean it was the best beer that I have episode embodies have you yeah. He made it and is that it is I. Hands down best here. My favorite is just aren't given a shout out on the way out they didn't you know game but in other write a lineup and Liz didn't know upright brewing is my favorite microbrewery in Portland right over by the notice senator. I love their beer. And get to sound like I say five factories here five. Then you'll miss the league in strip clubs to miss eating with the six dollar stick by its bright next door to trust investing what other city you gonna go to. Where you have a at a strip club known for its stake competing right next door to him begin stripping him where does that happen Naimi and others in. Are gonna miss my buddies from California or else are coming to visit me or being like Diaz gonna do it begins trickle down quite what's. Just being able to say that when is that what it's Kareem. What's coming up next coming up next let's talk about my favorite teams 'cause it's my last day. But what a big picture will keep some for all you. Next couple years I guess between like now in twenty Tony ducks vs thieves. What are we looking forward the expectations from the fan bases and in clippers vs blazers my favorite team burst out of my adopted team. Or the teams looking like over the next three years what the future bets on those teams you're listening to dusting cam. Continue to fan.