Dusty and Cam - 11.14.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, November 14th
Is the Pac-12 in need of oversight reform? Also, Martellus Bennett's exit from Green Bay and the Blazers win vs. the Nuggets.

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really hate each other acute sinus it's easy to pop up. Maybe even born free GP. It's just an era. I don't. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American gem Cleveland. Why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and examine the more you know on 1080 I love affair on them. I variety it is just after eight. Aids and mine is Tuesday morning sounds spoken through here in beautiful downtown Portland. As we are a lot of pac twelve talked yesterday about how the Friday night schedule has. Kind of hampered the pac twelve at times and scheduling of the holes always been an issue out last. And even though the late game kicks. Have been seemingly getting later and later we've always talked about Howell. On the East Coast and it's 5 o'clock kick off. That is an 8 o'clock kick. On the East Coast. In other Notre Dame and Miami game. That it was out of 44. Or five. I think it's 5 o'clock games at 8 o'clock in Miami game kicked off. Again happen all the time they're just more frequent out here. And we have more and more or late late kick offs especially at the beginning of the year than anywhere else in nobody's watching at least out here people are awake. Com for those kick outs that start at 8 o'clock our time. That is been a bona contention but John will there in the San Jose Mercury news there's been some writers for SI. On saying that won the in the pac twelve definitely isn't doing either is the playing on Friday nights and will their brings up in an article that it's something we discussed yesterday road teams on Friday nights are a win for. And they include USC Washington State. UCLA. In Washington as the as the teams have lost on Friday nights I believe and three of the four were favorites in those games a publishing and David Thomas games. If you wanna add to it Clinton's loss. In the ACC. Thousand marquee game on the road to. And I know a lot of people say well if you win you don't have to worry about it you just played again the other team asked on Friday night to you but the point to unite are making yesterday. Is that it's a team that goes on the road at such a disadvantage. To plan those Friday night game. If there are three things that chemical and come with this and this is agree it's a really good article does it talks about how the packed what was deficient. Compared to other conferences and what they're trying to do to help their conferences and their teams. No one's trying to prop teams up. That's kind of not what with this point is which is what I've always argued is not trying to prop teams up. What we're trying to do is create an even playing field before other conferences are doing. Right now the pact what was deficient in three things number one is. No more Friday broke games that follow Saturday road games so if you play on the road on Saturday he should not play on the road on Friday. Doesn't make any sense and made that no other conference does that. Second point is no more sending teams on the road to face opponents that have an extra week to prepare that means on the road on a bye week. That is again not the conference is due and thirdly is limit the number of night games to the best extent allowed by contracts with either ESPN. End or fox now doesn't say remove them it says limit them to a number now there's teams that play five or six if you're Arizona. You never played a digging. One time is that true. Other than one timers as use USC that's that's hitting so if you go into that thought processes that. I'm not here to argue I agree with if you're good enough team if you're an elite team do you find ways to win anyway. But if your other conferences. Would you want at least measure up in equal to what the better conferences are doing a better teams in those conferences are doing we're talking about the conference as a whole. In late you're you're doing things that. No other conference is doing to the point of. You said to be Sena fox and ESPN but then for those night games. Don't have anymore than you need. You're talking about. The pac twelve network having 7:38. O'clock kickoffs like eight that you don't need that connection happen massages get rid of that that those things altogether. And so bad is it because now people Fasano fox trees and where is it well it would be impact on network and that is brutal. To those teams in those fan bases to do that. That those three points arts are very valid and true because you're hearing coaches. Complain about it nonstop. And it did coach say and talked to will there in assists as we scheduled to schedule. Other conferences scheduled to benefit their teams come in in that which will doesn't say but I think eight it needs to be done. Is we talk about protection of teams right. USC and Washington State. We knew that they would be good teams this year in the pac twelfth. You know we mean new heading into this season that those two teams would be in the top top half's of their divisions. Those games shouldn't happen you Stanford and Washington you knew those teams were gonna be good playing them on a Friday night. Is something that you want you will not see in the ACC the SEC to Big Ten or the big tall but they won't do that. Now the way it's about the what they'll do is they'll send comes on the road to team like cedar cues which Clemson did lose to Syracuse and they don't want yet one of the traditional teams it probably wouldn't have been a dominant team. Yes or a top top higher impact just as they sent climbs in Q Boston College last year and then won by forty will Kelly Kelly Bryant gets hurt. For Collins and in that game. You lose your quarterback and things started to unravel for for a clubs and act. Protection of teams and schedules what that coach is talking about that's on the actual does not do it all how many teams as Washington play coming off by this year for four. See that's and he won't seen the SEC. Year in and year out is old problem spots are like cal playing on a short week. Washington State playing 39 road games in before we expand that happened in 2016. And the USC this year forced to play twelve in a row with a Saturday Friday road game double whammy this year. These are the things that have happened this year to top in teams and you get our Stanford had that last year to the yeah cease an ending you could argue that Stanford was one of the best teams in the country the end of the year along with USC. And he could just say all right Stanford had its run they played Iowa in 2015 in the USC had its run and beat Penn State. Beat the best part about this article which I thought was really good is that he proposed having some sort of competition committee. That would be represented in the pac twelve a three rotating athletic directors. Three rotating head coaches. Three rotating directors of football operations and three rotating faculty. Athletic representation. Because if you have that and then you. And you build yourself within the framework of of NC to weigh in with they've already put in their parameters but you have a group of people that are representing and rotating. So they're keeping the integrity of the conference as a whole as a priority and they're not letting the TV guys schedule that or Larry Scott who doesn't care about. How things are scheduled it's almost like they put it into a it lottery ball system and shook it up and says oh this works. Because the networks won this year. Now these are some of the things and I'm just saying. Other conferences do. And they do and he makes sure they do that so why don't what what are we holding to cure in the pac twelve of the standards. A pride. We play on Friday nights and we play on backup teams and we play on bye weeks and look at us we played not. That he really holding on to. Is that we your pride full of change your preaching to the choir Idaho and read this again what I hear I see it on social media I see it on we knew anyway if you're a league team win a okay. Heading into the year if that's your argument heading to the year. In the SEC. Was and that. Alabama Florida Georgia where the team's zone we're kind of pay does is going to be a top teams and in each division from. I'm Alabama's longest. Road streak is one game. Their longest streak of they played two road games in a three week span from September. 23 to October 7. With one of those games being at Vanderbilt. Georgia's longest road streak is two games but then have two home games before at three home games after. Florida has two games on the road it has three rep ho hum games before in two home games after. Sickle like at the pac twelve. Where Washington plays three on the road in four weeks. Washington State as play it plays five of their final seven games are on the road this year when they started with an unbalanced of five at home how. Including back to back games on the road to end the year back to back games organ cal. And before a home game against Colorado regulators on and then hum game against Stanford USC. Has three road games in a four week span at Notre Dame at Arizona State at Colorado. And they do not have a bye week the entire season. We in when you think a terrible when you think of protecting the teens in your schedule. Yes he sees a larger conference. And they find a way to do it. Be impacted the Big Ten ECC the big twelve they find a way to do that is a big twelve to lesser extent because they have attend seemly. The pac twelve putting your teams in three road games in four weeks some of those on Friday and mean in Washington's stretch you know one of theirs on a Friday. You're not protecting your teams the schedule. In it happens in their they're not shy about it either in those conferences it's something that isn't done in the pac twelve. And I would and I would argue too that. One team is throwing a cabby out in the park twelve that's Notre Dame because a problem with USC and Stanford and that's probably what someone's gonna sound at the mountaintop well. You USC has to have that Stanford we have to fit that in late new year and when is that supposed to be looked at. Look they're a lot of other problems revealed to adjust to but this is eight this is a conference issue as a whole and I think some of these things that he makes and he points. Our wonderful will they happen. You know I just. Some of it's getting a little too deep into the wee little little a little too thick but I think it competition committee where we're schools rotate and have that in there to protect to say. Who's in their defending us who's in their same. Hey let's put them three nights in a row OK okay was due did you like the fact he played three night road games and before we expand. Who's in there to say he does is probably not a good idea not TV people. They're not sports people are just content people they're not looking at it from what's good for the conference is holding Disco they need some content. Put them on the road at night two times for weeks. Yes all up yeah and there there is that aids. Eight he doesn't matter like because he switched on around every other year user. But it's where you place those games in that is out that you can take that out of the television partners hands by saying. No we are not sending this team we're not sending Washington State on the road for five of their final seven games in a work and we will do it. And protect. Protect your schools in in your teens they just don't they don't fear and unfortunately stating the obvious here the pac twelve is the it's little little little brother of the power. It has the least amount of power. As the least amount of leverage. As the least amount of talent. And unfortunately. This is what we get well with all of that said would it make it wouldn't make it seems better this year. Would it may oh absolutely. You think you would make one of the old days eight national title contender I think though if the conference he he would've taken USC and Washington State game and played on a Saturday. Little bit different view to taking the Washington State game and cal game played on Saturday. Way different if again if you play Washington and Stanford on a Saturday. Different men now do I say that they would loser when no I'm just saying it's a different better scenario yet Indian names and they USC's. Situation they were on the road night game at cal USC deserves and played Friday night of violence in the middle of the year that is a travesty. That USC has a bye week at the end of the season after twelve straight weeks. That's of that just ridiculous they're holding on to playing that game against Notre Dame. And that's what it did a man because they said have that bye week on whatever day that would October 21 and and they said well we got played Notre Dame. Again I'm holds the power and it Notre Dame and I guess Notre Dame does he know what that's not a conference. That's not the conference in that instance experience yet but USC did it to themselves. USC if you USC she said. Now you play us at the end of the year or will applaud. They got Abbott at bat. Take that Notre Dame and maybe jealousy doesn't want to play them at the end of the year because it could screw with their ability to be in a causal playoff by having a tough team late disease and are dated and Saturday if I don't I don't think that it. Yeah united disagree on them and that I don't think any of these teams would've been college football playoff. Dike they wouldn't have been good enough to win a title this year because of that. But I think that the conversation would have been a lot of the pack to being in it would've lasted a lot longer personally I think USC. Is he better football team in Washington State it's just me personally. I think that USC wins that game if they have a bye week or it's played on Saturday that's just mean person too I know for certain. No but I think USC is a better football team the Washington State but unfortunately Washington State says no we're not. We beat you in a straight updated on the field and they did it on the field and that's a fair argument. Doesn't think the bigger issues like. It was getting bumped for the Michigan State Penn State game their prime time game the week before because that lightning delay. And not having the power to say where on. Says the U dub Stanford game I didn't know that 'cause I was call on the high school game with Crawford and then mixing and on looked on Twitter oh believe me. It was blown up by aid NASCAR truck my DVR. Recorded a truck race that is. Does that ever happen in L a Big Ten game now that ever happened Ohio State now. Now and you know if if and if Penn State Michigan State the prior week would have been playing in the later game and Washington State and Stanford had been delayed due to lightning. They wouldn't have picked up the Washington State Stanford game they would have just started in Michigan State Penn State game and I think that's a promise to pactel has to it was a standard a fight looked as insignificant yeah yeah. Fact 5530. That is average for Beers Tex I'm. Martellus Bennett's exit from Green Day is veiled in some turmoil now. Because of his performance for the patriots dusting came on the fan. This is. On disseminated. Martellus Bennett is back doing that the agency called this a week ago. I think it's almost a week ago today. He called it he'd be signing with the New England Patriots. And he played Sunday night if open Newington. He did he was standing right backs up pictures of him standing right behind goes bell integrity. Ready for the three tight impact aid played seven plays at a couple of chances. Four New England. And now the fine people of Green Bay or San. Lol lol lol wait a minute Martellus Bennett. And they probably have a pretty good point about and why they should be upset. As Martellus Bennett in his departure from Green Day is the Packers lose last week said that. They were releasing him and waiting him because he did not disclose an injury back in March and they signed him. Immediately after that. Martellus Bennett took Q instead grand. And he wrote a a very long post which at that mr. Graham was for pictures. Don't know I think he can. Post a picture and then take a picture of them focused F I don't know what it yeah I thought it was too but this is that it said the Packers examine my shoulder on that is on March tending cleared it. They even gave me next through as well it got worse during the season specifically against the cowboys on November rates so I asked and to have it checked. Pop up that. As I asked to have it checked in rejected after a few days of contemplating the play with it or get surgery I chose surgery and now here we are. They tried. Anthony over. I'm doctor McKenzie is trying to cover his own you know way and that's the team doctor doctor McKenzie. After trying to persuade me to play through a major injury in need choosing to get surgery. And access domino records must shoulder wasn't where it is now at the beginning of the season. I blanked it up in playing for the Packers doctor McKenzie didn't make me feel safe and was pushing me to play. Which I thought was weird not that he was trying to make trying to get me to play through it but the way he was saying things. That. So he'd tried to make him he tried to push and he's in question and but the way he said some things get. I didn't trust him so I got three other opinions or doctors who also then need to get it takes so I decided to do that and they decided and weighed me. With some BS excuse failure to disclose. So that was his whole thing is that. I'm not healthy to play you guys tried to push me to play and what's going on do you guys only to three doctors they said that I should get surgery so I decided to surgery. So then he gets released in. Later he actually plays and pitcher hit. So no surgery for Martellus Bennett. What's going on here. Didn't trust. His routine it and trust the doctors and at Green Bay and there was probably look weak eight year freeagent we gave you six and a half million dollars six point eight million dollars to sign here. And you need to get out there and play that's the mentality and football but this happen to be my second year I had I had tendinitis in my Achilles tendon. Had a bone spur and the doctor said no no need to do it just fine he does the US and I'd bother me all year all year I've played through it. I have no problems and I get into their and then they say 00 we're gonna give you surgery. In the spring and I said OK so the go in and they take away a bone spur. Suppose Alina back to my Achilles but then it's not getting it it it's not helping it's causing problems likely. Injured throughout the entire 1999 season because they're telling me all your fine you'll find his view that they give me cortisone shots. In my tendon that doesn't know that weakens your tendons and what happens my next year when I'm haven't. You'd season to start boom there goes my Achilles and the doctor said you're fine. They don't care. They will push their job is to push because they're employed by the team because they've invested money in you in you don't. There's there's no reason for you'd be sitting on the sideline that team minute when a team needs you and that ownership is looking we give this guy all this money what are they gonna do with that. You know in. But Michael Bennett set or Martellus Bennett now Michael has been Martellus Bennett said about the team doctor it should be noted Aaron Rodgers came to his support manager Michael Finley has been very critical of the Packers in the past. Came to the doctor support. And said now green day's actually France has actually cares about your wellbeing and doesn't doesn't force you to play but as any team doctor will deal. Say it's on you. Here's what it is but you know serve go out don't play their job is to get you to play right. In so. With all of that him going out and playing on Sunday for New England. Has there may scratching their head in Green Bay as. No this is just to play for him to get out of town. It was this had nothing to do a LA I think it's both Brett Conley wasn't getting Kyrie ended playoffs if I think it's certainly has a CD is a ring chaser he's a recent ring chasing at the end of his career. He's got a massive ego. Certainly he's all about himself we know that the better Brothers are always there about themselves and their about their notoriety which is fine man you wanna do that that's your. Your bed you lay in it I got no problems with a king but would you know that you're gonna have baggage when you have a guy like that yeah he's just gonna bring them and he said that the reason why he's playing for New England now is because. After and Green Bay tried to get their money back from him he said he started to get a vengeance. Incited him Micah. Whom shall you only show you get someone to play her. Going. I think she wanted to and job. I think that has more to do with it and anything else I don't really down. As I saw him taxable over his head. Blood pretty shall look at okayed me he also said he went to six or seven shoulder specialist in green pitched. And there isn't in it. I Redford's per shoulder specialist in her rising journalism happens and people said there's only three orthopedist in all of Greece should pay let alone you all their special. Green Day not the thickness now I think it was that he wants to go back to new willing to make it ran for another championship if I got no problems. Is the league is built that well it would be few. And here's the other thing Green Bay you're at fault for this to. You do you realize at the end of the game in the Super Bowl what Martellus Bennett said. You pay. You get overpaid is for its Super Bowl champion freeagent. You knew would you signed up and you knew what you were signing to get him. If you knew where you were getting you were getting in a stable guy that's a young spring chicken this is a thirty world. I didn't and he went to the plaza giving the most money. Any it was far and away the most money that he got offered according to him is agent O line and sinker that was a five barbed looked ebitda. Yeah I just. I know he's tried banged up. But. IA I just given him a little you siding with him a little bit more than deny Len tee lend you I think that he just wanted out desperately. And he got out in the and they said fine if you want out that that we're gonna get our money back music. All right sign any told player he'd told teams not to claim on the waivers because he neo. That he can sign where every wanna do once it cleared waivers just so happened that New England claimed him off the waivers and he went back. Now certainly there are some few reports are that his agent. Made that statement. Made made what statement made the statement to all the teams in the waiver line because you know the waivers work you come in order. Oh agent sent out a statement saying she's going to retire don't bother picking him up and jet. New England picked him is this gonna be the next scandal I have to deal went maybe. Maybe. That's actually. Mana to 53 guys on the roster this is all right and out of the NFL drama you're gonna get individuals he got a gig guys are gonna do stuff like this. Because it's all about the money you're chasing a ring this is gonna be worse than deflating is it. Spy gate deflate gate waiver gate Weaver gave it's not really breaking the law. Wolf it is a Bill Belichick and his burner phone called. Mart tells bad and it's ages like were gonna claim them he didn't say that. Disco is an agent decided to tell everybody not to claim him because he's hurt he's gonna retire he did the pitchers and guys yeah they know and Belichick this match that again now idle listening to and so on McClellan pseudonym mounting problems. In a foursome. Of fortune over here. I well Martellus Bennett. None is he lying was he hurt. You decide by factors of do you see some that's making chuckle over there yeah. Do you wanna share and are not ruling is up. Okay. 553 easier for average for Beers excellent I blazers turn it on against the nuggets. When we find. More consistency with this team maybe we found with that starting lineup last night here's property sports that are. This is the. It's. About I do. What's up. But he got well now even regardless trial of humans could stuffed Eagles are the Packers not entitled to their money back though. For several years we're entitled put on eight the Martellus Bennett Marcella recession we're talking about because he left of the in the Packers. Under scrutiny that he was faking an injury and now is on the patriots in the ability to put a cloud of suspicion about your surgery so Keyes said raiders try to get their money back and JaMarcus Russell. Now comes from Keith is in no. No it's buyer beware this is part of the league you don't get to. Recoup money because you made a stupid decision and didn't vet your athlete if you fool you that's your fault I mean that's kind of how. Business works are splitting things this is a business and Martellus Bennett along with the Michael Bennett and every NFL player is his own selfish athlete and they have to be. You represent your own brand. At all times within this league now you can your sold false of these. The fan wise that there's supposedly a team atmosphere it's just with the in the players guys it's just between the guys in the locker. But when it comes down to making business decisions each player represents himself spinning selfish he has to be. They have to be in if they're not there out of the league and they don't belong in the league you don't get you don't you to get your money back because this is part of the deal part of the risk. Part of it you're the same person that walks into the store want to money back if stick bite out of the chicken because it's too dry well. Asked the person to cut chicken open. The season is there any and haven't. But. Whit did what he's saying is not. I don't know if he's saying and enough entitled as a rightward I don't like that word but based outward and they should train get their money back although because pride the NFL has and you can try NFL has fleece the players so much. That they can have several couples to go and get that money back you can be so but fans think about this. Your loyalty your team but if I showed you the hundred list of times that teens fleece. Obliterate abuse. Devalue. And do everything they can. To knock you off your pay eggs as an athlete you understood all the inner workings to the on a daily basis of what these NFL teams do do these players. It's not about feeling sorry for the players. It's easy you get it's a business yeah so think of it is a business wise they'll be given as a team and support the team at all times because your being sold that. If they really wanted to stick it to on the he should just. Kept him around yeah they should have made him stay on the team. And should have said hey every morning you have to be here at 6 o'clock for recounts in you have to do film study till 8 o'clock at night you have to be extra read that they should have made his life miserable without and they still could have gone through the process is that a rarity gone through about not not disclosing an injury said they kind of did him a solid night and his ago. Which tip of the cap to you. Green Bay Packers. Got at one of now got him out there and I'm. Get him out that the first time we've seen teams get. Compete with guys in bad eggs in the paid for a that the media that they like on the flip side though the NFL candy that whereas the NBA has stuck with paying the guy everything emphasis is Heatley. Should the blazers asked for the money back from justice. Now now they went into that knowing. Exactly what was wrong with him the entire time you knew what you were getting with Michael Martellus Bennett. Well you didn't he's saying well they're saying that he did not disclose it at all. But he's saying that keep her in he's even saying I heard it on November 8 worse now which is. While he was employed yet Packers yes and they're saying no you workers before that so it's not like dresses he says he's he's like the bad knees any big yes it is he said she said. The Portland Trail Blazers beat up on the nuggets last night does speaking of those blazers 9982. And a new line up change cubes wanna get in the starting lineup instead. No online. And it worked I would really like know all of on land off the bench in like cubes wanna get in the starting line up not because that thing does is some sort of move that's gonna make the blazers a top three team on the last but. Dated the blazers starting five to significantly lacking physical force and kills one again fouled out in twenty minutes. He picked up a foul. A little over every three minutes a day. Mean you is he was all over the place and he looked like a rookie at times indeed guide. He got wrecked and made it on him a few times but he looked actually neither am punk him. He did it was a scandals rookie mistakes for stark. Of your career. But he looked more comfortable than we've seen rookies that unit in this unit before and I like the way he's. Active in I'd also like to win the north Conley came off the bench and complemented you sister gets a lot I think that. They may eighth and found some. I I think to over the last three years are really enjoyed watching the blazers kind of transform and I think this year into a team that has a good physical presence. To Wear their defense can be if they want to. Can be so much better from the last three years we've been part of this team and and and be on this program with Kenneth CNET I've been on the team. You don't Nevada team among the team. But the past years we've been together in three years that we've been together and seen this team progress. And change the identity of a little bit that the the previous narrative was Lou it's got a great culture. Number that narrative yup got a great culture I talk about them Clinton invoking the health care about. But the culture needs the win. It's just kind of the identity in the attitude these guys have changed and Obama is getting older he's coming a veteran you to seek it looks wanna game is the Big Ten player of the year come in with a little bit chip on his shoulder and it is a cal do you get to see some of these guys abusive comes. Eastern bloc muted just comes with his attitude. And then a little bit of bad boys and so there's a little bit of a change. I like that yet. I just I don't know how many wins it's going to translate to you. Right now and they need him desperately because remember we talked about this is stretcher they need to start racking up wins in their one game over 500. Seven is six right now and they've been up been down there topsy turvy you get. At the best when the season was last night. Bet it was you'll hole that it was New Orleans is the best when in blazers here now it's Denver. That in that's kind of where it it they haven't played well against good teams. And they've lost a couple of they had no business losing this year so figure this Denver going into that game had a 12500 to 11212729124. 109106. There's a lot of games. That they've played. With great offense there are very good offensively they have held 82 points less got bullets because nickel a joke it's a mean if if you see turkeys Kryptonite to one man at the guy he practiced against heard two years in Denver buffalo. He went to the ninth in the field six points last night I mean that is egg and that's an effort from Dirk it's on the defense and we're he's dropped forty a couple times this goes without saying that if you can stop the other team from scoring you win more often now. So vastly Yogi Bear. Who had debts that you deer Matt or more points or I. I'll never forget lives in the name Thanksgiving. Game and as a kid John and Pat Summerall in men dropped the. Low score the most is gonna win and had some girls like it stayed. At. So really John. Yes the team makes engraved and yet the team that scores more points usually wins football games let me ask you usually find worries need to state the obvious people for them back. And its answer you do you have to go to you'll argue over over stupid stat called giant deserves some will say it's not a good note expressing it in basketball not as much we've got some college football. You win by one as a whole you know it's not enough not by fort. You won. Know now. The wind ill. I was like as such in Denver did you get this feeling about you know you talk about winning and is getting there in Denver's it was not a great start this year. Early in the game did you feel like. Denver is what I want to see Portland play like at times now they're not nearly skilled in the backcourt as Damon CJ. Our but big give up the floor they play at a frenetic pace they launch threes there will Barton can run but his camera and be in NATO figures Cameron did tent in the Indian threes. And the is that their due their whole game no because they have the ability to slow the game down and play inside out. Which with Joseph cage and Millsap in the green tennis or read in you sit there and ego. The got a good roster eagle debt but they're not quite as skilled in the back Mort is a tendency to elect is done is the blazers. Played that Canas with that flow. I think that's what people are looking for offensively which it where you have a skilled big man now mean they're looking for a power forward and they've been desperately searching searching for. Forever but that could it mean that would be a guy's watching on man. These guys serve this Denver teams fun watching you is you set up a hundred of the whole bunch. This year ages Reina well over a hundred. Blazers team that decided I whale I think it's pretty it's pretty significant to hold the team to 82 port a professional basketball franchise. Who the previous game had beat your land a magic wand 252107. He held them to 82 points they have boldly and there's justifiably so people are to fans are down on the offensive for just production from this team has guys just aren't aren't hidden in clip and at the rate that we're used to in the in the bench isn't producing on the offensive end. If there's something on the blazer fans should look as a bright spots you. That defense is jolt that they gave at the beginning of the year really hasn't. Gone away you know. It hasn't dipped the way that communal we see a lot of times and we saw in surges this team last year would play defense like two or three games and dropped out. The stilted. Vote for a top five team defense efficiency rating wise and especially at last night's game that that's definitely and did to help them. They've been playing very well that and the flow and all right except for the day on the stand lasers when 99 EDT there off and tell us tomorrow they bring in the Orlando Magic another team. That's playing a far better than what people thought they would this year. It is 844 on the. This is. Just didn't Gemma. I'm 1080 I love. I guess the millennium and his story and but what is that. Did you know millennial us. Invented. Roommates. In I saw this this breaking innovation uncle living at this is one of the Ku gravitational weirdest things I've ever seen this comes I don't know where it is from Jesse animal in the road but it comes from Julie. Dag Aeneas. In the says you've heard about co working spaces where. Several businesses are entrepreneurs get together to work. But he ever heard of the living. We're sharing a common living spaces was once a prerogative of student residence in retirement homes the trend now extends to young professionals families in baby boomers. These new means of accommodation offered to bring people with the same lies that objectives end or values together in the same residence. Each has their own space. But some rooms are shared. A village atmosphere is can be created where community spirit in solidarity is in solidarity is central. It's another real millennial innovation from the generation who are always rewriting the rules of the game could cull living. Even new way to get by. Eighth alum colluding. I love this that's like this does not know. I am so many questions about that hasn't even now I did this even deserve an answer is seeing. Have you seen anything like what the ad that Hoover CEOs and executives wanna do is they're like our goal is. I'm very very large uber. That takes people lob at predetermined stops and then take some nor they need to go oh my god has called upon as a it is in your ear inventing the bullets here and being a Caribbean B is dean that they're building buildings now. And same air being NBA now they're done it's it's. Yeah. Coming all full circle it but you know there's a real candidates people are too dumb and every OK that that is a great idea. Green ideas mean I can go on and happened scheduling. You. That somebody old jets hotel link I. Us I would love to bid in that that room in when they're truly the year heard about co living she's thank. Whitman who says you're not in college. Your needs not a retirement home. This is groundbreaking I need to write we invented the I must tell the people about this I'm excited for us small deals to reinvent in his favor by someone and what are you guys in green and everything it's like a tablet. But you hold its its and you can get rid of it you can recyclable it's Greece is there a single example you can make that sound that you. Guys a little sort of business of actually don't tell me when this idea yeah. I gotta go it's called paper. Like that. That's the road we're heading to Chrysler rat no less rat it's a blog. But on paper. They keep pretty now but you don't have to print it out because they printed out or eating eagle when you buy it at the store for like fifties to they. Like this texture says they are co living. Know with their parents yes on their parents' insurance. In need and their parents based room based room basement this basement via. When I went out as the vehicle have a face it when your parents buy it for you. Yeah that coat is that now it's no sun when I was living is that parents in the short time after college when I got down. And I'd be in that the bars. And in a women go hey where were you that. As always some people I grew. He didn't pick up but he's. Yeah and since some people I grew up with or I just some people have known my whole life. That's pretty good in now he's out from now on yeah and I mean not. In the living with your parents fear when I'm I'm doing it to save money. And now I would say that you don't get that far we say my parents are you just spend it faster so it's. No yes of some people or group that I have done in my whole life costs known for really long time. They're great to me so we have this to look forward to dusty that you creation of life yeah. Created life man created classes pay. Airplanes all I'm not a millennial anymore did you see that they made in you know what she's you know she's the cut off there and there's a zone zinni. Where it's at that it's millennial disease. Are now the next. Because it's in between GNX series Angela O'Neill's 1977. To 1985. Cars and heels where we grew up without. We drove like without the Internet and a without like. Technology right but we are quicker to adapt to technology into an accident apparently if I do agree with. Like there is is no I'm OK without O'Neal needed extra label with all of our labels here again. Booze labels this so I can officially say screw colonials. It's gossiping is an Il. Engine excuse. He has blew my mind. The room it hit and get ready it is happening case that'll go live to living there also co communal living they get. Well no you share some places but you have a practice like the value this year other things. That's clubs swinging you can do before it's cold you talked. I mean. Did well. Yes there it is the economy and didn't need to do that is I would do this anyways. A next that there is gone Garret ended do you need to breeders' great 37 times over the eyes can see we got they own nasty addition a dusty camp northwest and among other things. Have a great Tuesday we'll see tomorrow right here at 1080 defense that is seven and nine ball.