Dusty and Cam - 11.14.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, November 14th
Blazers roll Nuggets, Mike Riley a dead man walking, Sink or Swim, and more!

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us. You say. What other women in new Justine here again. Check me. And jam yeah I was feeling it. It's kind of foreign gusties jam in the morning on 1080 should. Oh yeah. Damned. All right so. College football we talked about what you. But he got I don't know I just I decided to make this one point because there's a lot of great Tex coming in I wanted to say if we ever did expand as college football 28 or more. And got to that point you do understand is that. Recruiting and teams would get better you know why. Has five star recruits would stop going to Alabama only because when you get told this team always goes in the playoffs where is the best talent go. If you know that you can get in. And there's eight maybe twelve the king Gideon guess what that recruiting base that's it expands and that talent starts to go other places. Knowing they have an opportunity get in the vessel makes it better for college football so that's why say. Expand it because you won't get as many juggernaut anymore. True dead pit it was a. I have yet. I may disagree a bit with at five all all the five stars dispersing you know I didn't say they would all disperse I think would have regionally it would still go to USC. Alabama. Ohio State and being given you still see that but. I did I get the point of more recruits. Like that upper Echelon recruits would and I'll just sustained and aligned to plant now know. And have like a four deep five start and forced our kids. OK TV Tex coming we'll get some of that feedback day as it comes in I'm getting the feeling that. We still have a chunk of apathetic fans but the ones that aren't our fight really hard right now though it's 707 on the ten. Steel jam wanna set up your sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and James in front of brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years online and start thestreet.com. Think chemical Abra Lamar heard on the golfer NBC's course or less. I like. Amar heard governor bill. Real quick right in there. As the blazers trounced the nuggets 99. To eat the eighteen years of circuits in the bucket there played thirty minutes it in the fourth quarter folks. As the blazers around a way behind the defense. Nine and 9982 win. In that is the wet second time all season on the blazers held an opponent under ninety points as the opener against Phoenix is the only other time. It was tough Sanford Denver 35% shooting 20% from three. In as a balanced ever from the blazers three at seventeen from Turkey took on fifteen from Dane. You really stood out to me last night that I think is is kind of winning me over a little bit that are really like the kind of just like everything about it is no of online. You got ten rebounds last night but his. Physics tell the that he has decided to play within the interior he is not a pushover in there. He can rebound with a anybody the best of him he's got long arms the way he blocked shots the way he hustles. How good a shape he's in you know he's a really do what he's 21 years old. He's a young man that's out there in the eye can see I I can see a lot of potential in the sky and I get what coach Stotts and how he's using him. It was really exciting to see that kind of moment from from a young man that just is. Just kind of see the potential on the upswing for him. I think glass and we side no vomit probably in the role that he's best suited for very much as a blazers team which is coming off the bench scaled swan egging getting his first start of his NBA career he held out. In twenty minutes of action. In there are times he looks. He's he's a rookie he got ripped a few times. But he does look comfortable out there more so than other rookies I was seeing come through Portland. And he got his first start. And I think that Knowles on clay he got starters minutes off the bench and playing 26. But you're right he did look more active in a better flow and there's some guys that play better coming off the bench in Obama I was forced to be a starter. On due to death issues with this team in need because of injury. Last year and then this year because he played really well alongside these targets on the stretch. But I think that it gives you a different gives teams an adjustment to make this go his style of games that killed swan again have. In Knoll on they have because the spacing is so much better when swan again is on the floor playing alongside and or kitsch. And then went on lake comes then it is a little bit of a shock to the system I made and we didn't know that the starting lineup was common but I like the five at the bit on the floor last night. Well the only thing I have to continually question as I do that is that coach Stotts in Julie's he does this he puts a guy and as a starter. That never really finishes the game it can read it he was. If big he's going to be that it's wanting it's gonna be the guy that's the no on him last year. That I I don't mean I'm confused by that that's an interesting strategy. But like I said I'm here behind a Mike experience coaching in NBA franchise that's why he gets the big dollars and it's his system. No problems without but other than now. Very balanced last night we have starters and closers and I think that why with why because guises. Played better in different roles I mean it's not unique to Portland knowing no it's not unique to Portland but when you have starters. Starters are usually you put them in because in my opinion my opinion does matter you like it or not. Stupid. Starters are the guys you trust the most in situations when you need him to be that's why there's starters. Yeah but Darren got at some desperate dedicate that it's fair. It's fair so I just wonder I wonder what is the strategy to have Caleb in there. To get him more development he brings a better matchup there might be an analytic in there that the coach Stotts likes the use a matchup reason that he likes to use. I'm finally that he did fell out to you understand because he's a rookie still trying to find his way that's fine you're trying to get him more more minutes I just say that is that. When I hear the words starter it's an old school mentality or to mentality says when Imus started it means I'm. I'm at a different level than the rest of the team on the bench it's so I look. IA in in the NBA a you see guys get starter minutes off the bench quite often mean and I disagreed example of that but. As it pertains to you kind of that line at the net flow I think with the blazers still. I don't think you have five even beat solidified starters either. I think that that is also the issue you have three guys and that I don't disagree that aren't that bad use sedar and so there's another man yells in games CJ in her kitsch. Other than that warriors TD is the last. That team only consists Ing Golden State. Within that explains your question of the starters finishing games because you get you get guys to match ups and flow of gain a look. And I understand my point my point is is can you find consistency. From what the blazers are trying to do they're still searching for that number four that flexible for the likes to come off the ventured occasionally can be starter. That's what teams are always doing back and forth but it but it just feels like that's now what kaelin's Monaghan is now the role bombing was last year that was just my point. Yes and I think ever tried gonna see that a lot more and so he kind of he can take that over eventually and he can be a net. That fourth guy if he is development continues. But with with the way it was last night he fouled out and he was the only doubt the plus minus in the negative. Which is a little surprising. He's got a bite anybody he's physical he's not afraid to to get. To now muddied up in there and I like that and that's the best starting lineup needs because we thought that was an orchid to and he he said you know where the bad boys but there hasn't been that. Physics holiday that you need in I think there's something to have a guy that even if Tucson again fouls out early minister if he is saying go BUODUI. And you get six fouls to use them. You know we've got plenty of scores in this trying to beat active get out there. Don't give any easy ones up and he's definitely not doing that and I appreciate that from from kids on his face especially from rookie if if you're not going to be the guy that's out there. Drop in fifteen to twenty. Being guided is bringing says calorie he release that. He really your minds in the young or does Zach Randolph he just feels like it's he's not a Lieber. He's he's a guy this guy a good good physically good size everything about him he kind of plays that kind of like CNET also like seeing in the new group of closers around the edge of the game of the games out of the liberal who win the in the game is on hand I get to see Zach Collins make a three ball and it was hey this kid can shoot he's got range. Myers cardinal turnovers didn't even make court only did get to point and Myers honored. It in play I'm sorry he didn't play he kids are I was looking at the wrong and admired either candidate he did not play not play Siri need closes line it is layman Collins. She Baz. Comets and I think. It was out there to the moment with them and a closers closers get it. Blazers went 9982. And gone are the questions Randy says her kitchen boy he found him his stride against his former team as they held. Junkets to just six points last night on two of nine shooting he's been lighting up teams. Across the league scan to see that Frankie Arnold fan but I start street on a garden that it went about our agreements in 1965. A familiar tune. Was hurting college football beaver fans have heard this before. But it's not going well. And his knees stopped. Dusting camel fan. As the NFL turns to Jerry Jones saying this morning in a weekly radio hit he doesn't Dallas. He's not backing down. NFL owners see on the news this in his radio appearance he said I'm not going away and I do and as he got to cease and desist from other owners yesterday so. Butler. Rich guys fighting does that kind of fund. Rich people fight. Yeah now. We get a lot of you know he a lot of fans fighting. All the time you see the Miami five entering the Notre Dame Friday could see the fans fight it's she's a rich guys fight. Because they're just cute they're just dudes to eventually when you fight you just choose to. Not easier fist he does fight with lawyers and NFL's going to Vegas hate. My sense you Le pen and paper and that guy NFL is heading to Vegas let's put them in the octagon Dana life no I don't know Jerry Jones burst Arthur Blank let's do this old guys like you're seeing the Mimi the old guys at the nursing home fight here CNET video of those. Or guys in Russia fighting for a beautiful. A spherical. I know there's you about their some of these people where they fall off the curb when guys trying to be the mediator. That's what it's gonna look like I don't know if I wanna see that it is. Is not your chest so my lawyers better than your lawyer he's dude with dozens. Well they won't need lawyers in Lincoln Nebraska. This is that this is great builders. The athletic director and Nebraska release and he said it that. He's not gonna fire micro in the middle of the season and he's asked directly or unifier Mike currently. And he said it now. It's not like I've got a coach to hire this afternoon at 330. Micro really deserves to finish the 2017 season that's how I operate. So that's the lot of confidence and I think Mike Riley really wanna there in Lincoln. I he's gonna let him finish out the air just as polls got to finish out his season before getting canned and hiring Mike Leach. But I don't think that Mike Riley is really helping his cause in Lincoln because. This is something now we heard a lot during his time in Corvallis. Any kind of just. In nothing was really set about it there is big push back on with Mike Riley. Or this 32 sound byte that is make it around to miss press conference yesterday. This place has maintained. Their passion for their teams and Huskers football for a long time and I'm. Certain that there will continue to do that and they should. This is that I love this team I loved they're approach every week we have. Had very few issues except for the games. And I appreciate that the work that they try to do and get ready and same with the coaches. And I'm I'm positive that that's the fans will forever love their team. It had very few issues except for the games. I understand what he's saying that your doesn't sound good and headlines. Very few issues except for the games yes winning cures everything in that that we no problems Writely is c'mon he is that guy up shocks. We're doing things the right way were clean and up were doing things this way and that's how we do we go to the right routinely practice the right way. But oops Bieber just that we mean that well that's kind of I don't care if you're. Do whatever you do off the field on the field are you coached you would every do shows and wins that's unfortunately where were out in in in sports. Hey this is same program now. That embraced Lawrence Phillips until he went to prison. You know I'd. And they did it because they were winning games like Sweden that 94 Nebraska team is still revered. In Lincoln. And they didn't. They didn't win off the field. They took a lot of l.'s off the field. But what did what they'll Revere what they'll remember what bill embraces the national championship so when Mike Riley said that they're going away wool. Like we'd get you got some good guys on team and that's nice to have we want a win football games in Dax in port. Tell us where's the where's the fine line I've. My coach is said this before and I remembered the coaches you gotta have a structure of guys that are built in. You've got to have some dude you've got to have some other guys you gotta have some of these guys and all come together nobody cares about winning the offseason. Go good good for you he won the recruiting class and good for you. You know what you need to do. Find ways to win. If you're sitting here and organ to organ wins the national championship and five guys. All are at a moment have a few off the field problems or anything are you remember those five guys you remember the national championship. People remember in the national championship and they will continue to do that in sports until it's. Completely eradicated prominent which will never happen. Right now Nebraska is four and six on the season they finish up the year against number fourteen Penn State on the road in number twenty Iowa. It is a looking like the cornhuskers. Are likely gonna finish the season four and eight. And out of the bowl game and then we are looking at. Bill news with his comments that. It's it's not like I have a coach ready to higher at 330 this afternoon. My goodness I. Writing on the wall you're done I mean of course I mean yes in sharply I think they painted on the water tower in Linkedin. That that this is gonna happen here in now Nebraska is is school in all likelihood. Opening that coaching search up they'll join known the ranks of Tennessee. In Florida where Chip Kelly is now a candidate for the Florida job apparently they're vetting Chip Kelly because there's an SEC rule that states. You have to you get anybody that has had NCAA infractions against them approved by the SEC. You think today that the SEC would. Stop Chip Kelly from coaching at Florida because he had eight is show cause. From his time. We're a good question. This easy runs through Nixon and soul with Nick Saban. Bet and once they I don't want to Kelly remember. Nick Saban said spread offense and up tempo was terrible for applause he's ruining the unknown hero and spread elements and more ten Brian Cabell and that. Whatever that system you're the Patriots offense. Yep all of de mineralized zone read stuff to him knowing they have a little bit implement its in every offense now. But Chip Kelly now. A candidate there and that now they you add Nebraska to admit you have Tennessee Florida. All likelihood Nebraska. The push is organ state down to fourth is there going to be any if I mean when return looking at it on the surface nationally in the open vacant jobs. Do you think there's any any other ones in the pac twelve meat does more gate can't get easier. A lot of leaning that way but I haven't heard any rumblings from anybody down at UCLA that is. Said yes or no against that we haven't heard a vote of confidence from the athletic director and we haven't heard a rumblings inside and out now. What I did see this weekend which was something which upset Josh Rosen and it upset Jim Mora. Was that somebody paid foray fired Jim Mora flag to be flown by airplane. Over the Rose Bowl this weekend and did you know that that cost over 30000. Dollars to do. And it was called out by Josh Rosen engine Morrissey you really are gonna spend thirty grant of to fly over our Rose Bowl and say fired Jim Mora. And you mean there's plenty people and then they would and Josh Rosen when my two there's a lot of people that only 30000 dollars a year and that's when you're going to invest in. So yeah. So maybe there's a few frustrated you Sealy people down there that want him fired bit. Could it be his buyouts not small it is 1227. Fine I didn't. In dollars that's not a small chunk of change for UCLA but certainly enough to imagine have enough money to pay for it fire. Coach flag to be flown. Over the game. Well that tells you that it's a pretty rich history that probably does that certainly. You'll put to go find me together to put together a flag ceremony ovary game. Yeah. And that and a do you there five and five Reyna know you don't I'm looking at either five and five right now if you looking UCLA. Their remaining games her USC. This week. And then towel next week. I'll. Talk about to toss up well one toss up game against cal they could finish the year five and seven. Is that enough to paid to twelve point 275 million dollars could cost. Because it did it's not looking like it's trending upwards of these is. They outs are so big for these coaches but I start to wonder. If the pac twelve in the buyouts are so big the pac twelve doesn't have to. Amount of pockets that are deep enough. TV wise it's got to come from. Boosters boosters it's got to get in and look we don't it easily gotten any money down there. That's not one of things but the most revenue generating program in the entire conference is is Washington that has the most amount of money that it generates. But that's not the most amount of donations it doesn't have the most the biggest alumni fund. Certainly but we're talking athletic department he had UCLA's gotten NT. Of revenue to be able to handle that. Willie do. I don't think they do I think daily one more year I they've just frozen comes back. Easing that seemed Arnold and just doesn't come back with you wanna go to the giants which team are you picking the giants or the Cleveland's gonna get a number one pick yup that's an interesting conversation because. Has it seemed like the shine has come up old Arnold and Rosen and maybe he had navy investing for it is that their seasons haven't panned out the way they were they have remember the shine has come off those two from the college perspective. Not the recruit not the scouts and NFL talent he leaders the shine is still extremely. I've seen a lot of the drastic things now ended those prognosticators. Power those draft people employed. Let they're not employed by NFL franchises well I know I get OK so that's the outlets that Buckley the worst is done. Just listen if they're saying no that from what they have heard that from NFL scouts now ticketed for what it's worth. Though that there are guys that are are vaulting up and you know more of the defense of players. Could be. But defensive players were not when you retire a title and championship and if I'm Josh Rosen. The giants descend on betting on the browns are. Do you remember dirt off was number one Carson Wentz was number two up are those teams right now. They're pretty good job so you can guess who when you draft and offensive lineman number one. Or a defensive tackle number one power those teams it's rose an ongoing RG yeah I would go to I don't think he comes back what if Cleveland has the number one pick would you go to cleats were you go to. Guy destroy your career. Yeah your that's your next college season now it's four years there and you're trapped their remember your first round pick they have your rights for five years plus the secure option in. That's terrible. Don't you just do what the that's five years of your of hell okay dungy do it demanding that. Yes exactly we're do we John Elway and got on the supplemental draft going down not going on the go do this and welcome back welcome back for another year sit out plague couple games don't really care. Come back and play. What's your wrist. Come back to play UCLA. And blue at the risk is and Matt Barkley. Darkly Yahoo! is projected number one overall pick or top five pick and then came back and I'll tell you a hundred out of a hundred times the NFL's always going to be. Call it scheme. Is gone you don't get four more years again you complete fifteen years and in the league he could be an average guy he can make. Fifty million dollars in the league Josh Rosen and being a backup and and just extending his curfew wants to. College has gone one makes you think though that Cleveland won't be the number one pick after seeing here. See that's I think you just go and just at Tel Cleveland no. I will not idea I mean pulled the I don't have a problem with the guys doing that to franchises like Cleveland where you're like now obsolete I would advise my clients or anybody if I was an agency stayed away from Cleveland. Give up but don't even think about it. Are we do it every week at 730 it is our sink or swim we take a look at the games of impact around the pac twelve and how that teens are at last week not -- week for the swimmers. Testing channel ten. This is a dusty and jam in the morning and dogs an eighty day of prayer unless. I love this on them let him shaking your head and over there because this. Going into the break weird you're talking about going to a certain spot it. What it would be in this pictures as we've is gonna have the first pick for the next five years honestly what are you hiding for sure. We argue about a year reset indeed just Guinea cards and grows and just read or Sam Arnold or Donald via. Or any quarterback or Luke's fault or technique any quarterback that it's going there. Isn't it funny how we send the top. Top. Of the industry. We send them to the crappy list business can you imagine that in any other walk of life that if he were the number one. Programming engineer an app designer and we sent you to Waco Texas to work for aid. I don't know bus company the designs tires. That barely makes makes revenue and yeah that if they were guaranteed team pay you millions of dollars just like everybody else did and does he that's the difference is that these guys as players. We get to the point of view your career you want to play where it's significant money is just it just a tool and you still compete as an athlete. Is this somebody hands you a 5000 dollar check million dollar check. Doesn't change the mentality wanna be part of successful. People and valuable PPI get it and danger out of the draft is not a it was all wrapped up in this money idea but. Many many many many many many money always about that you don't get that from players guys that are super successful. Are just caught up in the financial windfall look yeah or I get that and I know but. That's why free agencies can now be used to be worse but we they would draft you you couldn't go anywhere you can they have you for six years seven years because they can franchise you five they have your rights with an option five minute can franchisee for two more years. I'm in Cleveland. For seven years. That's a lot of time. I thought it was in you don't have to sign signed a franchise under no but you can't there be how they have you. Have you you what do you that it has tonight the season but that's why you leverage yourself it in the drafting young got aegis and now. Knock on the dikes Columbia ruled that it's hard to say forget it and I'm waiting for the guy to do it because. Mean there had there hasn't been a guy Eli Manning and John Elway or two guys that. They really and India that. Because there is again I'm not going to play for you go play effort since the other crappy time yeah I as I do like it when there's equal Bo Jackson did it Bo Jackson did you. Bo Jackson did it. So he's one guy in double bird is that he did. He's just gonna complain other work there but. Like in the other wondered what is the other option against a sign where they want him in just have like college football all over again at Notre Dame. I'm wonder how that would look. Mean like what the NFL look like. I don't think that. I don't think like him number one quarterback where he had gone this past year and signed to play. And if he if he gets his if he finishes his career and still has a year left. Tip your list of Belgium were talking about a year when I think about guys that are done with their eligibility. Which are human guys that are eligible in college football. Yes I'm talking like where would knit culture does ski have gone inside because he's the number one quarterback in the draft this past year if he just had an opportunity he could go outside wherever he wanted to you mean grad transfer some more now. I'm talking if they didn't have a draft. They don't have a draft where we he'd gone inside. I did because that's so you're saying is easiest believe college and decide where you want no that's not what I'm saying and I was only you have the option and you have eligibility still left in your sleeve to to be a first round pick quarterback. And the top two teams. Our hot garbage that you see that there's not the development you should go back and play react to one more year I what I said I didn't know I get that and moving on to you you say you don't like to draft. Was seized them and ask you deepest sadness that I don't dislike the draft to sit in the industry might react if I was Angel on follow me here is easy if you don't have the draft where do you will you just want him to go and sign anywhere. No I still want to draft and I was making it I think I was making a comparison is this is the system we have I don't dislike it. I get seated and create power and create leverage a that if you have leverage as a top pick in used to use your leverage on all the guys that are drafted have that kind of leverage yeah I I and I'm fine with the draft process but if you create leverage is the first pick in the draft member of only talking about. 1% of 1% of guys. Let's talk about the guy the strapped in the fourth round via a target about the one quarterback is the franchise guy if you have that leverage use it yes that's what I said. And I wouldn't go back ads today in a Fella. Has Cleveland still going to be the number one pick but because they didn't millions of dollars right now because they are those millions and in Cleveland so much fun that is no I'm saying Cleveland will still be the number one pick next year to you. You know that for certain things tough very if I had probability that Cleveland will likely be the number one pick. Could be you know. Roll the dice you roll the dice and come and coming back and get hurt and get no money and Josh Rosen hurt his shoulder down done. And that's a big question. While we blew that segment that we some blown it we're talking sports. Aren't as viewers Anderson next games that impact in the pac twelve as we get. Week twelve of the regular season testing cam on the vent. I. More on its Canadian. And I already we do it every week. At 730 we are attacked in. Josh risen. Just brings in an whether he should go back or not. TU CLA. So. Games that impact around the pac twelve and first we go with the games that were last week. Pit road games around the conference and we only had a couple last week. We had the Washington Stanford game on Friday night and it was facing for the pac twelve. But a big win for Stanford at home on Friday night thirty to 22. Eliminating. Washington and backed off from the college football playoff conversation. In that game. If he just look at it rice love. People said on Friday night he got himself back in the Heisman Trophy conversation and that. But baker mayfield made it yet another statement the very next today. As press them for thirty carries 166 yards and three touchdowns in the win for Stanford. Get a game of note that we had was in Washington State went on the road. And could strip demand 33 to 25. Stormed out to nearly thirteen of them lead you to rallied back but. And a tutor for real this year there went on they guided two ends on the road now in conference play. In the fall is now the all time touchdown leader and top. And sister and their road wins are are good but they're not great. Did the opportunity for them is coming up to win the biggest road game they've seen in years in fact there. There's a group husky kids that would never lose to the tubes. As seniors right now so the cougars you've got to step up if you wanna get into this conversation can into the pac twelve championship. You need to make sure you win your biggest road game coming up he got two weeks to prepare for it. Go out you can get it done go get it done in Seattle. How much is this by we can mean if you just sit there and you look at play at Washington State has they have abide this week heading into the apple cup. Mean that it'll it's it's it's massive that is huge huge extra game plan time it's time for health the guys recover. It's more film study extra preparation he sits it is hoops. Going and other than being on the road they got a huge bears meanwhile if you look at this week Washington has another. Very physical team that they have to play back to back weeks they got the extra day of rest because he played on Friday night last week yet Utah team coming in which. They're not the Utah team that that we've known from years past but they still they they play with that his account of the upfront. And in this is going to be you know this is and I don't think he's sink or swim free down because I think they get back on the right track Chris Peterson is a track record. Of getting this team back up and on their feet again as though the most most likely bounce back but this isn't a team that's. You could see a little bit of frustration and anger or from Washington are not immune to it because they know that they're out of the college football playoff how the players gonna feel. There's still an outside chance to get. The pac twelve championship all the need a lot of help from Stanford. We can kind of control that I don't think there's any give up and all these teams have their because your fight for ten win seasons ago I got a question for you here. We have got. Is this is thinkers and game for organ at home. Or is it only if they have just in Herbert and as they bring in the Arizona Wildcats Leo take as nobody has slowed him down so far this season. He's been able electorate yeah I think that if you don't have Justin Herbert hears what what are you gonna do defensively to be able to stop illegal tape. But what are you gonna do offensively other than run the football and is Arizona's gonna give up some points on defense they're gonna. But if they can make you even more one dimensional and you don't have the ability to throw the ball on the field I think it's a tough day for organs so. I think just in her replace no matter what this game our religion and Xbox you know a yesterday Willie tiger saying he's real close real cause point Rich Rodriguez said that they are game planning as if just whoever will be the quarterback that we do you have to other games that are. And their sinkers and because. Wearing traditional rivalry game mode now we got to love. We get UCLA. And USC which will be playing in a color rest game at memorial coliseum which I think is one of the best things that they do. Is that they played blue unread in that game is static glee I just like seeing the blue on red. Rivalry games are always on US sees a sixteen point favorite in that game that's a big line dungy thinks it's a really big line. What's the name of this game today have a nickname for the US EU SUCLA. Game Crawford our resident LA. I don't think they have a name they just what's the trophy they play for us like. Well I Jack let me tech smiling people that's the most LA thing is that I don't think they have and they do that now. And then he had the game though between cal and Stanford another rivalry game this week big game eat in this one's down on the farms at the game being. I always get to confuse the became one is that I think is a Michigan missed Michigan Ohio State the big game present day game. Avoid. Now we're just now leads the big game. Or is not. Ice for just. Gergen over a week well I I'm not arguing I just don't know I always get it confused. It's just big game. It's not the big game no big game it's his big game which one is big game. Cal Stanford and I did so but I have the CD in front of it's the big get. I don't anyway they just they tried to call it. The battle of LA as tonight's factor of age I get most commonly known as the crosstown right Hillary. So no there's no name today US CC Atlanta and they horrible. Name. Okay those are things and games this together other and that what we have in the pac twelve this week is Arizona State Oregon State. And then we got it cup teams buys so it's kind of shorts latest of pac twelve games here is Colorado you don't have the week off airs on state heads to Oregon State head close a priests are stating for the final time this year. Horton state seven point underdogs. I don't I'd imagine Allen would it would have been a little bit higher. Then that there. Are right. And that is sinkers and we do it every week at this time. I can't wait ideas or some about round or early to get to go on for you. Like I I didn't even realize that we had to robbery games in the pac twelve until I just looked at that then and now the he had the traditional. Rival games the I guess the cross town rival and big game going on next week when you have. Apple cup and when you have the civil war going on from that zinni. Is. We're talking biggest games in college football because we're gonna have. You know the Ohio State Michigan game as well. Yes can be lining up on that there is always great feelings about rival games stressing interstate rivals are crosstown rivals from. High school to college even to the NFL you just get human who lectured Jews may be. Do little extra juice in the game. Is little bit. A bit. Aaron. Does the pac twelve. Needs some oversight reform. A bold claim from John will their of the San Jose Mercury news what he is proposing the pactel does it to enhance their relevancy. A cross college football. Testing came on the fan.