Dusty and Cam - 11.14.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, November 14th
Monday Night Football and Pac-12 football relevancy. 

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dustin and Kim in the morning. Me yeah. From the year. Jared yeah it does Dinara dust storms are for life. Mean it's important principal here and an NFL veteran champ clearly from the are waiting for you an apology and 1080 her short time. Yeah I am yeah. Good. On paying instant news. November. 4 team the most hated day of the week no it's not ignore cam I don't turned over new wave I love every day of the week that lasted over an hour I have they love. Pro life a little Austria who blind your backside on the grounds terrible nobody's buying and I love it all right and I'm happy for a TV you know idea advocate November 14 deny it. I am reminded of something that I saw last week that. We need to you have a public service announcement. Tim Tebow is a horrible person went yes. Last we either GI Joseph interruption here last week when he did you do things on here. Last week I saw something that Tim Tebow posted to his social media count on it. That troubled me. Greatly. He already has his Christmas stockings up on his fireplace. Not just for him but for his dog as well. This last week we are in single digits of November. I think that is far too early to start. Putting stockings up and and celebrating Christmas. Month have now. Did you know when I came home from things or sorry Thanksgiving. Halloween night and I passed out candy at 9 o'clock at night. I flipped on the television very briefly. There had already been. Eight Christmas commercial built into the rotations they understood that when 9 o'clock hit which was 12 o'clock East Coast of essentially. It was no longer Halloween there it was November 1. And it we got it here. On the West Coast. I. This is what it is every bit and ended into the local stores the big box stores everything they serve it out in late August. And so what it is and I think the whole year should just be. Christmas hope holiday Christmas time just let's just do it stop beating around the bush and Tony when I can't when I can't put my stockings. Because it's pointless now I've gotten this the other day I didn't really have they said. I'll put them up as soon as soon as Halloween and it's it's up everything's up. You know my wife Thanksgiving is completely for it's it's it's a four or gotten insisting no Turkey's new and nine yet there are no cornucopia is now up to cornucopia project under the Turkey project to me better out of paper. My wife has a friend. From high school. And he's a good guy he and his family put up their Christmas tree no that's against rules. On Hollis rules. Now seriously what is it to what they Christmas she'd be decorated and do it to go the whole nine yards sizes said that is. Or I I do not like Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. And I drop hard line there I agree will not do it agree who speaks describe the type of person does that. That means Christmas for two months I don't know who needs it for two months what is that about that nobody needs it. Note one aids on special anymore it's two months worth of what's the point that's like celebrate your birthday four times during during that we can know that you know that person. Yeah I have I have I've the work party. That I have my mom and dad's party and in my kids are gonna throw me a party and then then guess what my friends are gonna take me out Friday night you get a five day birthday somehow works. Yes I I know I feel that person I dated a girl in college you it's she said it was her birthday to the birthday cake was gone and she would just say. She manages have cake and added it. That didn't work why you get five birthdays keep it forever or half birthdays for all these other. Crappy things you create an out if it's your half birthday coming up that I hope you appreciate the half birthday in our mind today you get from 1080 the fan in the meantime. Forced. Yes we were. Yes tumor I was very. Not ceased early not that does upset by that but Tim Tebow is not a horrible person that I AI judge him greatly because of the Christmas stockings were he in his dog. In early November. 2 is too early man. It's too early pump the brakes ten nothing special anymore it's not Alex from the Incredibles. When I'm super. Nobody super. Right Ali said merits or not yeah you're tired legs syndrome. When everybody's super. And nobody's super glue and you're taken all the days the way people yes you are. Ensure heaters are in his neighborhood late who say are you calling mediator for now I know our minority myself and mine. I don't non confuse self censorship. And I remember was just like yesterday. On this day in sports history 1943 bears quarterbacks did the lock and then becomes the first quarterback. And five. She threw for 400 yards in the game as he lit up the giants' defense for seven touchdowns as well our goes out 1943 that would be. Seven. But I think it's 74 good luck meant yes it Buckman the good last name that I get. Document the best quarterback there's a bad sense keeping us and being go out there and still drove past the breeders they need months. I forgot Jim McMahon can. My contact with its Jim Harbaugh was good. Mean we talk about named V Gregory Lee Grossman he truly great bears quarterbacks and that's what I just said. As you are we doing Jimmy Jimmy analyst super Super Bowl the best defense doesn't matter but still won a Super Bowl and he was very good Jim McMahon is the best. Probably in their franchise's history outside sit up and of course your company for re are games that Jim McMahon have. We didn't have to he handed the sweetness city. Wouldn't do it. And with this stuff how many times have bears corporate sponsor 400 yards all I guarantee that that Mike comes acted it yeah I know that Jim Harbaugh did it. There are some other some others. A race Grossman I know did indeed Rex Grossman you know wrecks because we got to the Super Bowl that year yet because that was Lovie Smith so he had to throw for 400 yards in the game. Thirty yards and a game middle line on this. Think had to. The fact that a pet some blame. Ads so you gotta have your winning franchise usually 71400 yard game in your fridge in your in your tenure as a quarterback that's fair. That's. Earning years ago. Come on today's program. We will discuss people on trailblazers Monday Night Football. Relevancy of football in the pac twelve in the northwest and how do you feel right now. It means right now we're tucked up in the northwest. Where. When the last time that it has been just done it in over. I'd mid November it out. Done is it's been a long home. But maybe. No night in two years ago. Thank you gonna say that I'm saving nag question I don't I'm gonna throw this question out for you. You local sports did football fans it feels like we have football apathy here. In the northwest and we still have got two really good teams playing them on in in the Portland area and it almost seems like an afterthought. Time to Waco and wow yeah. You know last quarter the last quarterback to throw for 400 yards bears. Jim Miller. Jim Miller 1999. It only had. Three three times they've had a quarterback threw for 400 yards Rex Grossman did not know Billy wade in 1962 you sit Buckman in 1943 and Jim Miller. In 1999. Months Yeltsin's. Tells him OK I attributed. Yeah. Don't feel bad America and Italy isn't going to the World Cup either and I'm pretty sure it's a bigger deal there than it is here. The Italians missing out on the World Cup for the first time since 1958. Week. Wow all it's infectious like was there any American players on the Italian team now here American coach they lost to Sweden you know. We do it pressure urges. But islands although northern teams are very few. Gamely down TV the tiebreaker. They'd they'd played that you gain leg against Sweden whom they lost one nothing ends. In Sweden and then a 00 time in Italy. Mean Sweden advances on the aggregates and a ha also of note beggar your rules Kia. Tigers. And advocates here that I wake up ice way Bergen. You know it's here. UCLA trio setting down according to most wirelessly Angelo ball Cody Riley Jalen hill or on a delta flight that is LA bound. So president trumps swings bigs they're making deals with the president's veto and it just takes a little bit of politics and their base feel unhappy with a each other hopefully. Hopefully when these guys went home they don't just get to walk into their dorms and and have a slap with the I don't think that's gonna have I don't think so I yeah Iowa I don't think so either I think there's going to be some repercussions for these young men. Okay. Also other Sean label on this two weeks cowboys hamstring while it's a huge loss for their defense yeah. Yeah they're huge they're kind of the kind of in shambles right now and also Philip Rivers is in the concussion protocol. Despite not getting sacked but in their loss over the weekend he didn't really get hit him. Concussion protocol for Philip Rivers probably head butt all gruden. That he's got a fiery that does for us to get that bad but the wall had but the law and sprained his neck. Remember that no. They don't have had a head injury in a betting a wall after scrambling for just under at a constant locker wants. Better yet. Bit high school street Breaux didn't do anything. I I kind of learned that metal. Metal yeah it's not a good thing to do so and none of those things now. You're gonna do it just open and slap at the new and better yet ask him. And he. Good. This is round and oh I certainly putting them out and do make. It was ten or oh my god it's an early wake up. Hey Tex lines lighting up with. Christmas related things. I wonder how many Finley's do this because RJ Texan are Finley watch his Christmas vacation on Thanksgiving night that the official start of Christmas we knew that as well. Christmas vacation I wonder how many we've watched that movie as the official start. I was upset well. I keep it the kids had days off just last week yup yup I came home on Friday and I'm sorry came home Thursday to. After doing talking SC and. Christmas vacation. Announced I was you tell undetermined periods turner not. All the old. Good quality item cooler. And it's an alliance in address. Okay. The Portland trailblazers picked up a decisive home when last series color. Hey kids then endangered snow is seen flying off your nose in through the trash you see your score is. I goals it's. Or flushing sorry when you blazers beat the nuggets in 1990 EDT news. Balance the key to Lindsay given column you sit here PH leading the way with seventeen points but seven blazers. Had five points or more in the game. So little bit balanced is the scoring last night nobody having to bear the burden of the scoring load in the blazers win. 99 EDT we will have more on that game coming up at the top of the hour where we start Monday Night Football. The Cameron's while not you the other camp dusting cam on the fan. This isn't just didn't jam in the morning and on an 80. Okay Monday Night Football last night it's. Should we reflects. Monday Night Football games. You know Sunday Night Football it's impossible to flex because he would thumb up. Blowing the saints would have been a flexible game about depth. But yeah. Yet I would have thought so I just think every game to go to the NFL the rest of our times from moving on from November. All the way through to the end of December your flex games really the only ones that do matter are going to be. Division games late in the season unsigned those teams how the reason to. On Sunday is where you can do it and it's feasible to do it you know like at bank of Sunday Night Football they can flex that Evans is moving a game forward and they do with plenty of advance in these are inner divisional games we have idiocy team percent ST one team is out of it the other team is. Really a division leader in fighting the saints had just they're you're not gonna get the same kind of game yeah. I just remember. Monday and im am I crazy for thinking this that I remember Monday Night Football was. The marquee match I was having deal every week they gain meant something in it was it was a good game. Growing up at in any time to all the way until probably Armon assay. In just this past decade the early 2000 all the through. Monday Night Football meant something. What what is eliminated what is who has come out is as Monday Night Football now is is a hindrance even towards the end of my career in 2006. Monday Night Football games wearing absolute hindrance in nobody enjoyed it. How's the players so you're not gonna get the item on efforts well it extends your week. So now you get to sit around and the other part is is that you're waiting all day Sunday to play. When your body's been trained. Majority time look as football players all of us were very much secret creatures of habit not to play you are no it's part of the deal and now and when you get out of that routine it's uncomfortable your frustrated and then. You don't play is good because you're in a different routine and then plus all the Sunday. Now let's wait. All they Monday going to show up till 530. Some games I kicked off. In 2002 the patriots against Pittsburgh I kicked off at 905. PM. Monday Night Football that was the first game of the of its ridiculous and so you're not gonna get the same kind of game. Because there's nothing on the line yeah I just remembered the urgency and I remember. The scheduling now used to be it was the marquee NASA says seemed reserved now for Sunday Night Football on NBC where we get some better games because. Early in the year it is today they just scheduled to better teams but late near they can flex him out thinking get the match ups that we want. I just don't see like last year when they made the schedule who sat there and looked at Monday night that bonds said Carolina coming off a four win season. Let's put them up against ten win Miami and that'll be a great game the six year. I I I think that. Did that is is become part of it in that they don't try and that the best games on their anymore they just put a product and then I think did the other part is there's so much parity in the NFL. Where he's from year to year you can have these monumental shifts because I mean the get last year what New Orleans. They went seven and nine. In the almost thirty have seven wins here is very halfway through season you know like a day it's easy did to turn it around quickly you don't know which one's gonna be the. There's an affable killed Monday night because you know there's two more days before you can watch again it prior to the time it was. Who's the excitement was must see TV and because Monday was. They're what else what other content would you say the night and when you say Monday. Even from the time it first was implemented. It's Mondays were synonymous with NFL football I mean you still when you think of a Monday what would you think if Monday Night Football I mean the brand owns itself you know and now that we watch we watch it no matter what were trained. To enjoy it does matter is good or bad I mean was the last time we got a great Monday night game probably. Brett Favre vs the raiders after his death Irvin asked the way and I am am sure there's probably an hour dropping his dad and his dad's names are read his dad's root out that. But so yeah I I look at those things I go all right this is exactly why because the NFL's gives us. The product no matter if it's good or not causing a whole needed anyway. They should DCD seven a plate of food in front of you know that you're starving all right we'll leave it. Yeah and that that's kind of sad though unless that it was it was a clunker of a game has started out early. Early in a game it was. Wow both teams pride can play much uglier then than they did you know Cam Newton looks rough at the beginning and then he came on in just. I mean obliterated. The Miami Dolphins heater for 254 and four touchdowns and then he rushed for 95 yards something we haven't seen Cam Newton. Really do in quite some time. And remember when they trading Kelvin Benjamin at the deadline to buffalo it was they wanted to get the ball in the playmakers hands and stop forcing the ball to Calvin Benjamin. Is on the and they wanted to use Cam Newton. Was it last night kind of highlighting that. While maybe Carolina was on the something and because of the fact that he spread it around where you had what. Five receivers with more than three catches last night and it wasn't just try to get the ball the big receiver on the outside. Yeah I think that's probably maybe a little bit of it. I'm not gonna throw the dolphins. And just sit there and tell you that that defense doesn't care anymore and that team seems to be very checked out and disjointed. So I think it made things a lot easier on Cam Newton yesterday I noticed I looked at a team that is very dysfunctional. Has quit you can deceased and the attitude you can see the body language in the second half. Just the body language of the defense of facts not finishing the play the office of Lyman not finishing fifth. Jay Cutler's body language is always been that way but his throws just kind of everything the best player on that team. To me is Jarvis Landry and not do delete he is a very good wide receiver he has and he's about all they have and they have Ndamukong suit sitting they're going. He's double teamed every single time Cameron Wake is 35 years old he's old but he can still get it down a little bit on the outside date should be much better football team. And not yap who does that game say anything about the because we had Jackson. Tweet us last night in and he said it's crazy how much better the Hennessy is in the AFC. Three worst divisions and total wins in the NFL all longed ASE divisions. If you look across the entire NFL. There is 1244. Teens in the AFC have a winning record against NFC opponents are. The NFC. I mean it doesn't seem like it's even close right now. Eight and they want Shockey which teams have winning records against the AFC or NFC from the air seeds Kansas City. It's Tennessee. Pittsburgh in New England. Before division leaders are the only teams in the AFC that happy winning record against Tennessee of. The reason why that is is because everybody is chasing in the AFC they're trying to chase the patriots. And so they build their teams to try to beat the patriots what they is there trying to win within their own divisions I understand that because you look at the AFC east they can't get pie nobody can get by the patriots in the other teams like the Broncos are like crap we you know we. We've lost this year if we we had our run there good defense some of these other teams like the chiefs well. They went into the opening your opener and beat up on the patriots yet now the major tour now better. If you look at this when you build your entire conference to built to beat one team. You forget about that the NFC hasn't had a super dominant team for years the Seahawks have a small little run. Small very brief back to back Super Bowl but didn't win one won lost one in need and they were challenged by San Francisco referred years and are most definitely in the united Atlanta made its run last year he had Carolina the year before he had Dallas he had Green Bay Green Bay hasn't really been significant push until the ones who rumble ten but they loss of the Seahawks and FC championship games. There's extreme parity in the NFC and that's great because the saints won their Super Bowl 09 now they're back a little bit playing better football also. I look I've always been more of the balance side of the NFC because you don't have that Bloomberg dominant Tom Brady team that everybody's trying to be. Yet it is a fled because the in the eighties he's to see everybody is chasing San Francisco ninety's or is chasing Dallas for awhile and then since then you really haven't had that in the NFC while giving example I believe that. The AFC is like the SEC Alabama's is New England. I believe everybody else is kind of like the Big Ten. And and the rest of the conferences combined where they're still get a Sutton and now to give team here and there but he does have this one conference with this one juggernaut that everybody's trying to build to beat. But it doesn't it's not conducive to beating other teams are. Well we saw last night Monday Night Football crew is headlined by that the Panthers beaten up on the dolphins' 45. 221 inning game never let's Nicklaus is. Is writes in a veteran Jay Cutler Cutler. She's thirteen you know how I feel in jail by the very nice kid that's why I ask you can't throw the deep ball and I personally think that. Jay Cutler is a better quarterback if you're going go intangibles of the unit and skill set arm. Everything now that's just might just mean watching football I think Brian channel had plenty of opportunities to try to win football games remember he was a wide receiver. And then got changed to Texas say and am under Sherman. It was is coordinator and coach and got brought into that dolphins and said that because Sherman was here to Sherman was there. Some he just dizzy doesn't have that that it factor now Jay Cutler has it he just doesn't have the I don't know if he has as much. Drive now you heard last night on the broadcast. Jon Gruden said the Jay Cutler's been rejuvenated he wants to continue to play. So who you gonna invest in if you're dolphins. You can invest in Tammy hill coming back are you investing Jay Cutler that's a good problem that south you have 2 quarterbacks evening can lead you. And I mean what is are they. And plus I don't think you can invest in bowl just they have waited to see BA's in the league teller wants it kept colored don't want him money. In now. And they're already and they guard again are tied into nineteen off quite a bit young for next year Tim so what do you dude you release one Mika ties with one you try to negotiate one to two NC Jake. Here in the tailing your career can take a pay cut back up a little bit if you do. Is he gonna get BC announced he was calling because if he would have had teams calling white in he had other opportunities when he was waiting for the right one yes he was selective where he wanted to go in I think getting out of Chicago really kind of in Miami it probably is a little bit different for Jay Cutler because there isn't that. There isn't that 24 hour days seven days a week passion about the dolphins in Miami like there is in Chicago and not say that that doesn't exist in Miami. But in Chicago. Against everybody June. Lives and dies by the bears you know and everything is criticized to the nth degree. Beat did you the Chicago Bears quarterback in Miami there isn't necessarily that element of it. Because it is its Miami. You know I wonder if he him being in a place like that is really what is kind of helping him move on that and have that feeling also one note that I wanted to make from the game that I had jotted down. Your big canyon celebration got. Well am I big one yeah or just like to watch. What's the dynamics of it he threw a touchdown. TU I believe it was fun just now. Now it will as the Ed Dickson touchdown on. Anywhere at any grabbed the ball yet Nixon incident. And it was a Dixon's pass down. He grabbed it. In mid to celebration about himself and he ran over the stands it gives it gave the global assumption you're suited. A cancer camp. And of that naymick who result. Oops I and I thought I knew that when I saw that as they. You who I was and I just think this is this is we got man you guys beat as Baghdad camel of that the ultimate mean guy you know like sharing an innocent. My culture I. Organized Cameron Diaz did to him back on Cammie. He media's bulk of the ball a little something about Mary that makes it much better both Cam Newton named Jaime Diaz Wear tight white pants that have that in common. Along with their name. You were attacked at Cannes. That would be an awful things well. I did in seventh grade fifth and I hadn't ever I had to read chuck Taylor and it Turco stepped in there. On you have the opposites that because what I've put answer it I got two pairs took to actually do it read intercourse like it and I I was channeling my inner. Nose call. And third period. Who we called that time the news we play news. You're channeling your inner Boy George sounds awkward and you do look on your face. You don't seem proud and highly influenced when you're in that your your middle school years he's Boy George is an icon and know that it is karma chameleon. It okay pac twelve in the northwest the relevancy. Al west it's not there we know they're eliminated from the plant has apathy said in for use though. As a northwest football fan for the first time in a long time the northwest does not have a dog in the fight. Is Crawford a sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number you. To pull our. Diner by. Six I can't hear you trailing off into it I learned there we have all of my life I think. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go weird doesn't. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 55305. That is average or Beers text line and how you can be a part of this show that's seared in Cleveland with the on this Tuesday morning. The pac twelve is out we know that there will be playing in the college football playoff there's still attend a play for though in the pac twelve season. You got the north division right now. Is a three way tie at the top between Washington State at six into Stanford six and Q and Washington is I've been to in conference play right now. And a pac twelve title game berth and a new year six bowl game is still in play for those three teens. But it just seems like there's this Malays over the northwest. In that. For the second time in I think if you could go back probably since 2010. This is only the second season where the northwest hasn't had a school in the conversation for a college football playoff or in major BCS bowl guy said this during. During rivalry with organ in Washington it was very apathetic. Here and I and I wonder I said. What is it about the feeling of when your out of it supposedly your out of it. You tune out or you don't or you're not willing to push yourself and say okay. This is exciting I really appreciate or value what's going on here this is great because he got Morgan State's going through much crappy got organ in Gloucester starting cornerback but this is. This is about and remember how I went on my rant a little bit about. Caring more in the pac twelve because we just are not in in the show are in the dance yeah you know what I'm saying yeah. This text sums it up to me. And on and I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that you this isn't a thought process throughout throw our region Arthur out our conference but I kind of feel like it is. This text says it does suck. That the pac twelve won't be in the playoffs however. I would truly rather them not be in it. And going in getting embarrassed. So you're saying you talked in like the the fear of actually. Being in it when you say you cannot win so you beat yourself mentally before you've even been in their as a fan nods as a player a coach. Out there there are some guys that think like this. But the majority of Greek organizations or great brands or schools and traditions never. Does that ever creep in their mind because that's kind of that's a defeatist mental. Alan so and that kind of line of thinking is. The Big Ten has gone to blast last year's will event and everyone in the Big Ten has failed to score points in the last two times they've been because of the plan been. Kicked in the Dublin Michigan State now has to bulls got shut out. In the college will play a semi finals and I think that techsters plays saying you know that. He truly believe it rather than not being at thing going getting embarrassed. If you we look kids with an unbiased signed. Pact doesn't have a team that's good enough to be there. We don't right now they're one of the top four teams in the country. Doesn't belong to be there but getting there. Is actually so much better for the conference with an active and staying at home. Because you get this idea of the they don't belong in the conversation of being in the top four teams in the country he missed some here's our look at what it's done the big twelve for goodness sakes the big twelve. Mean everything what a joke that conferences they've missed on the college football playoff in the pact will be in that conversation. Shot and it does so much not only financially but it does it. For notoriety throughout the entire country for recruiting. Be able to tell yourself that you have a dog in the fight and this is this is kind of where we are with the only fourteens eligible for this playoff. It makes it very difficult and five conference games aren't scifi five par five coverages. We're looking at it but my thing is is it here locally here here in Portland here in state of Morgan and in the southwest Washington DUC. Do you feel. Like there is Dayton. We're not in its on giving up mentality. Is it that you don't care is it just because your team is not the most relevant team out there in the national conversation have you given up. Because there's a lot of her skull we call that you know title chasing now hammy problem title chasing or trying to tell yourself you're better than you Lar. I've tried to convince here on the show I've been very adamant about caring more as a conference and caring more his fans. These are the times right now when it's so bad when it feels like it's this it's just out of sight out of mind I don't wanna go I don't wanna do this. Everybody feels that from the from the organizations to that to the administrators to the coaches to the players everybody. Feels it right now. Why have we gotten the point where making able game. Doesn't matter. Or insignificant. It. That would be the same thing yeah animated it doesn't hit it just sounds better when I say insignificant okay of the Smart. Even if you're sitting there and you're looking at it why has it gotten to this point. I mean because it if you look at it. There is still there just feels like de Beers is deflation. In the in the region. And I know it has a lot to do with you know organist playing right now for the cactus bull is the projections by a lot of people. Which should be as if organ when one of their last two games against the Arizona this week Oregon State the civil war. They will be capped describe all bound right which is. Dated projected to be Utah State on a game that preceded cactus bowl has only been Internet streaming of that a but. If this if it gets a point. Why isn't it a good thing to go to mobile game is it national championship or bust now. Has the college football playoff being only fourteen confidence. Because it did it seem this way when as the BCS. That there is just like if you work in the BCS championship game. That was out remind me because I don't remember this specifically who was at that said we only rose bulls are very cool when you go to him to do with the idea at any time D'Anthony Thomas so that came from a player on the team even that even that's in blood now he's he said whoa yeah he said Fiesta Bowl been there done that. He wanted rose bowls and asked no he said Rose Bowl. He won won a national championship game this was before him he said it specifically I'd row naval gun their guys have been there again that he got lit up but I feel like there is that thought process a little bit when you get in it in your in that run a little. If you forget how lucky you are to be a part of that to be. Relevant in the college football talk and how good it is to be in a 500 team I'm sorry eight wins nine wins ten wins you know how hard it is to get ten wins. In college football nine Wenzel a really good seasons and very good seasons and insensitive there at and that's why somebody like Stanford last year was looked as a down program that got nine wins and then they went on and got to end. By beating up in the bowl game will open up on North Carolina. That is a very good team that's the most stable team in our conference did you know that Stanford is the most stable. Team. Wholeheartedly because they find ways to be consistent and theirs in their super structured and discipline and David Shaw's and unbelievable coach. But they are looked at as that apathetic teams ago announced injures they never can go over the hump the army's. Every single year they beat big teams they win big games no matter what. They're always consistent yes they are and I think all of us should be appreciated that in your teams and appreciate him no matter who they are. They are a model of consistency. Right now I mean it really has been because if you look at it where has their down then like. Organ has it down now. You know like Washington headed down in the early two thousands for early 2000 all in eight years in. Most of the thousands all Washington State Oregon State in one they go up and down their little roller coaster there. But they have been a USE sanctions. Crush that program name went down cal was up now they're down in coming back up again. They added eight Stanford has been. A model of consistency in your right in the what has gone into this 55305. Are you feeling empathy. Text on average for Beers tech sign next testing champ. On the fan. This is just didn't gem in the morning on 1080 Sam. I'm counting of the bowl games right now. And I'm already to use third the about forty bowl games this year which means eighty teams and edible. And that means fifty will stay at home in college football. So there'll be more teams playing in bowl games then there will be at home this bulls' season today is ivory to bridge for Beers tax on 55 threes verify it is. There's a lot of make a bowl game means something you know bowl games are insignificant because there is a cactus or too many so no one cares. What deal. What does it give you really need to make a bowl game means something. And for teams like organ we're getting a lot of us are duck fans on the average for beer sacks on. Is that hate. If you are talking about making a bowl game. That's. Three to four weeks of extra practice that you can add on to your season so. This tech says that's huge it is it's it's very big this Texas I'll give lip service how hard it is to maintain eight plus. Win season intellectually I get it but let's be honest everywhere Cincinnati. I guess that means national championship. Even if your team ends with ten plus wins in a conference saudis who are not satisfied what you think of it this way. If you're if you're simulated team like Alabama when Nick Saban took over the team he got seven wins in 2000. 2007. Then it went to twelve wins Sugar Bowl then it went to fourteen and on that was the first national champion I'm sorry is a BCS championship at twelve. Twelve wins then it was thirteen wins eleven wins twelve wins and and 1414. I think currently has ten. You don't just go from this the other thing is that Kate organ dropped off the map so quickly go from being the most relevant team in the conference. And being in two national championship bronze then suddenly a four wins. That's the very. Very not only rare but it takes a huge drop off for something like that happened and then we can dive into why that happens but consistency. Is what you're striving for nobody wants four wins five wins eight wins and then. Fourteen and then four and five that shows inconsistency because if you're in the conversation of being ten. 1198 you're going to have to recruiting classes that show up you're gonna have the stability of coaches they're going to be either you're gonna have that consistency when that belief and consistency is there. That's when you pop into the national champs if you can't go 234. Wins six wins in the the national championship it doesn't work that way why. If you don't have the kind of stability here in the pack probably Q do you or the coaches like an Urban Meyer. Aura Nick Saban those guys are just out there there's only five or six of them in the country. Yeah and you you do you use the anomaly is well on the other end of the it is. And it's possible to do what Nick Saban is it has done year in in year out. Of you haven't you did not mention a season that was under ten wins. In there now I mean in that is that's an out wired just as much as it is to drop off there's the planet like organ has this year like Florida State. Is another great example like Florida State's dropped off the face of the year this year. And we see that from time to time like if there is a lot of goes into you. Look these ups and downs like what what has happened at Oregon but I think it is more common to see what's happened at organ that it is deceive but what we see in Alabama or Ohio. Stay yeah and that's kind of that's kind of my point is that embraced the moments you have. When it is consistent when you have and you are relevant embrace those 810 wins. That text that said oh I get to ten wins whenever he wants to be in that you need to really embraced and wins and realize how good that is. And how awesome that is how you're on the precipice of being a really relevant team. And love that point because that injure in the conversation. That I'll be in the national championship conversation but your in the conversation as a really good team and a that's it anymore because the chase of just saying either were good or I don't care is that kind of feel it you know what I'm saying it's a national championship run nothing else matters that's what the cultural. All playoffs has always been about. Has full word teams kind of cause the extreme. Element of this is against it I think if you had. Eight and if you would still be talking about a pac twelve team with a chance to win a national side you would still be talking about Washington and Washington State. With the chance to win a national title. If it was automatic qualifier. He gets there and does it seems like you know. The fear was they said if you go to play out the rest the bulls won't mean anything and that it to a to a degree that's actually ring true. And in the last three in the first three years of the college about the last thing he had more teams though. That conversation. Would not be as it would be as dramatic as it is right now because you would still have a chance for a lot of teams. There is there is some midway saying Alan that. A near six bull should still mean sending it seems like the Fiesta Bowl is the same thing is going to the Holiday Bowl or the you know San Diego credit unions when edible. Thirty is a fair question would be kind of like with this Dexter says I think now we have more of a National Football League mentality where it's playoffs are nothing. I'm Tony member twelve teams make the playoffs out of 32 in the National Football League. That's 32 teams we have a hundred in a because 128. Division one football teams 130 and entered. Only for me. So we're asking for eight you get bid just the percentages. If you said I would get eight in out of 130. Makes it a lot more interesting for the entire college football as a whole do you NFL gets twelve out of 32 that means you can go late may. And make it in and then then then there's the naysayers. Don't called dual clutch is Jo said this this. I don't want teams that have four and five losses in India explain to me. If you win your conference to explain to me what is wrong with that the mentality is you're not good enough to win your conference and you don't deserve to be in the conversation because. We're supposed to make period. In what was and in night and it goes back to a dissects says you know those teams we killed if they added they so what's. They would have a chance and regardless of how big playoff physique in no matter how big unit. Brought it out. Is they're saying that. The best fourteen and still win every single time I and I did this to we did it high school this year you do high school every single year in which to which teams are always updated in the end. Majority handful team yes semen or violent Iceland like I would guess it all gives him there's a whole new strategy to let teens in the first two rounds of blowouts I did we did Washington. He did it first two rounds of blowouts. Can you do it in college football the first couple rounds might be a blow up for gosh sakes Ohio State it's four point it was a blowout. The NFL there's blowouts in the first round than wild card games because that's. The NBA. There's blow that Major League Baseball. It's it's it's here folks why do we think college football deserves close games in playoff situations it's just part of what it is when your conference when your division there's and needs to be a value. Earnings to be an interest of that and that is something that I think the pactel is missing is that the conference champion. It won't mean anything because also on top of that bombings on hold on the value the value of the Rose Bowl is gone. There is no rose ball I wanna tell everybody out there that's listening or anything any player nobody players listen to this but this is my personal thing when you get a chance to see you won your conference and get to put a championship ring on I don't care you say it's not. Not that big of a deal. Would you get a chance to have a championship ring. For these guys that worked their butts off. That's pretty important for them in those coaches because that cements them as a top team in their efforts it's it may not be a big deal nationally it has been devalued though it's not be valid from the players and coaches and and in home fans. Perspective if if Washington State wins the next two games. Goes down and plays out USC NBC USC. That is monster it absolutely is half that is not that irrelevant it it Noelle it was nods for washing your browser. But is because of it they also into the possible playoff and just an added all of that added extra value to winning the conference even that is now it's. It's you go to the Fiesta Bowl in the value of propping that game up that is in significant what is significant is is it's big for the team. I don't reads I am not done not fighting you on that but he has been largely. East to beat you go to the rose you know where you're going it is you go to the cause of all clip you know where you're going. Now it's like you don't know where you got Fiesta Bowl. Is probably words and still won your car I did organ state wins the conference give us that you can imagine seen. Be ringing all diamonds with black and that would awesome awesome. That would be the organ anybody that wins the conference I'm like man that is I am saying in the larger scope of that. They are in I get we are saying it has been devalued to win the conference because that Rose Bowl isn't there anymore. The playoff isn't a guarantee and and that's what sucks about is that. I'm when I'm saying is that what you're saying. It should be propped up more by having that bacteria dangling in front of you and it's not that. I guess well I guess what were what I'm argument against is the coaches players in in in that perspective and in the fan's perspective of it's not getting into the top. Yes but from from I because I fight this all the time of the player. Perspective in the in the coaches and and the fight that that you go through to win your own conference. He feels so good no matter if you got in or not it still feels really good I'm with the fan perspective. It's devalue you don't know didn't make and that's what sucks is that fans should have it should be something in you know attitudes and the next to you. In our north division champs. Then they haven't shot a chance to win breast and I was on the field when the two eggs knocked me out of the pectoral champion pac ten championships and they celebrated with a roses. And it's did that and I saw those guys and I went man how cool is that the blazers rolled the nuggets. Testing came on the fan.