Dusty and Cam - 10.23.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, October 23rd
Pac-12's long road to the CFB Playoff, Doug Baldwin vs. Tom Cable, World Series is set, and more!

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really hate each other. Accuse us into the pop up maybe even more than previous games. We're just here. And the man in my acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American champion Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty examine the more you know a 1080 USA on them. Back twelve done in the college football playoff. By five Biggio five bridge burgers Texas. Damning blow for the pac told this week and we said is huge weekend for USC. As they went to Notre Dame. And all I did they just looked doomed from the get go and now one Emilia beyond books and Arnold fumbles the opening snap. And then ages skies and after that 4914. Notre Dame move. Tonya agreeing Oden and win their final four games how they gonna that started. With USC. And if they do that team is in the class which means there will be two our five conferences on the outside looking in I don't know if there. Q do you feel a 100% Syrian if they win now. If they beat north that is baby number fourteen North Carolina I know. They beat number eight Miami and they beat number twenty Stanford you never toys Stanford could be the represented in the actual north of tax away your saying is it Notre Dame wins out the ACCs out. Yeah gacy because I AME act like to see how it. Miami would have a loss in there as well where's Clemson. Yeah clubs and could there one loss could doom them against Syracuse so you mean to tell me. You're going you I don't under I've put the scenario and in play which I love this is were talking about it now that's what makes fun of because football playoffs so. Reviewed anyway even though it probably won't come true. He's he's he could be out yes to notre Dame's in. Georgia and Alabama are in the SEC championship game. Georgia loses and Alabama by a field goal they're both then I astle and I doubt this has to critique I know it and then. And then take the Big Ten yeah. You see Penn State beat Ohio State and they gonna play Wisconsin two undefeated teams face off in the Big Ten championship mean to tell me they're not gonna take. A Big Ten team and certainly there and so it's Penn State and it's Notre Dame into SEC teams and a year ago cultural ball chaos and human. Well the alien monkey in sick can be thrown into that would be if TCU goes undefeated. If TCU goes on being there and I have energy thing that entered and fees and lose a game not to do lose a game good I don't think they'd go undefeated. Are they get undefeated comes out of I think both apparently laurels any big twelve in the ACC are all season three of the power five conferences all well will be out I'm just Gil would that be perfect for I want chaos that's that's what I want. I want to I want fan bases across the country is though I rates it would be very hard to keep Georgia out if they lose it tight one to Alabama and Notre Dame finishes its season Ambien can be. They would have Notre Dame would their only loss would be to Georgia by one point. At home sing Georgia Georgia got able to road win ya. In if they lose two wedges PC to be the best team in the country in Alabama from in the SEC championship game in its silent. Good luck trying to justify. That team being at home this is what's being this is why college football's so crazy right now. These you could have three conferences that are in the power five out out of it and have an independent sitting there by themselves going. Mean. As Notre Dame looks in those were not in a conference. But will get in anyway because we've over scheduled everything and we deserve it and how you gonna say against it because. Now college football is more about the eye test that it is about your actually playing football game well. With Notre Dame. Is doing ET he read wherein. Is there as it stands right now. They'll have wins on their schedule they went out. Over six. Ranked opponents and I can't argue that they don't deserve to be him because I think they mix I would say they deserve it Georgia I could argue against the Georgia Michigan State USC North Carolina State Miami. In Stanford. They would have wins over six ranked opponents this year. If they if they went out and finish this thing off so yeah I can totally see them. Going to the playoff and that would mean Notre Dame would never have to you join a conference. Ever are ever. I think Notre Dame should be in a conference I think they should force them into a conference say if you want him you can't be an independent idol gets beyond a full fledged member of the ACC. Yeah and get it over way I see that vs BYU view I use a dead program now. They're ahead in it is amazing that Notre Dame is an able to keep it up from him while he CD UI you get to the lows of the laws now Notre Dame also started. This race way ahead of BYU we don't dated pharma proceeds farm or winning. Far more enticing an intriguing program to go to you but BYU to see the level of they've dropped off to you is. Quite astonishing is that offense there's a Texas says it's not the actual team can't make the playoffs is they don't deserve it. Any of the teams in the pac twelve would get killed by the other three. Well no I can't say that because I don't know but I'd I'd say it up I don't I. I'm not sure if I believe that has that the Big Ten hasn't scored in the college football playoffs you have this data about how well the pac twelve has played their nonconference and in a look this up as high as high fives to share that with us the pac twelve has the best record. In non conference games against our five opponents this year. The pac twelve is currently six and three in non conference games against our income opponents and that includes though their loss to Notre Dame. The Big Ten is just seven and six. The SEC is five and six the ACC is five and eight. The big twelve is four and six against power to five opponents to very good stat. So with that in the the losses for the pac twelve are. Notre Dame USC Texas Tech. Arizona State and then. Or a sickness what that's that goes to show you is that. The eye test of the top end of a conference is always collier judged yes not how your overall body of work is. Would we sit here and I say that too is that the pac twelve does not do a good job of setting its top ten teams. Up for success. It does not. Because you're you're only viewed on how good your hop in to your conference's. And how well you can maintain that. In it now feeds down to do your entire conference at one team looks looks strong. The entire conference will handle big Tug the big comment pactel has right now is that the middle of the pack is too good and I think that's at this number shows these are non conference numbers that Natal of the pack is too good. And there isn't anybody head and shoulders above cream rising to the top and I lost since it was that last year USC and Oregon have been that Stanford has been that years past there really isn't that teen niece and Danny go back team. Head and shoulders above everybody. That is a great football team Carlo are all argue this till I'm. Take in the dirt now. I think if you show the you can win your conference tomorrow how strong or how weak doing and how. Average it can be you deserve the opportunity to play in a playoff scenario. Up against the best in the country and if that is not a measure of talent in your in your team or your conference and what is it you know what are we doing that knowledgeable being that sucks is that is disappointing it's not mean. Look no further than. You know the SEC is the power of college football the ACC is also consider that power of college football. They are combined ten and fourteen. Against other power five school in this once as the pac twelve is deeper with teams. Excuse me this text for an eleven the most years that said the majority of the league plays. You know half stadium is beautiful weather argue that it's easier to go through this league undefeated and others in. I I'm nominated I'd keep saying in this is that hey you know what West Coast let's find no problem let's lean on the fact we got other things to do. We don't wanna pay for high tickets we don't like night games. And we don't like going on there see if you'd know that I find that right let's take that stance. In this conference forever because that will be the downfall. And every opportunity you get from this conference to show up once every five years but if you wanna be in it every year. Do you need to change the mentality of a coast. Or just the mentality of a conference at as a whole at the leadership position couple other fan base a couple of families is really leaning I mean in it that's my honest opinion is that. No idea what happens when it went what has happened up in Seattle that you'd of this gotten get. What what did you see it the fan base organs when I mean year musica half empty seat in Saudi idea. No in between your good you get a spark there's no better atmosphere than the coliseum you when they're sold out tonight game that places rock and and you've got like the Texas game this year is a great example of that. Mean or was anybody seen that about that the pac twelve when Ulysses in his geez he is sees that. The size of the people that went to the role apple. Tennessee is is is hot garbage instructor coach is a Dead Man Walking is 200000 people you know Bruce. But 200000 people. Michigan will be a 500 team maybe a little bit more than 500 this they're now dropping out they lose 4101000 people will be there. So you tell me I mean I just keep on trying to figure this out. Personally. I don't think it ever changes I don't know there's enough bill no mental demand for the desire for football you also have to remember though outlast. A lot of these schools fan bases. Aren't that aren't that old when you think you'd think that this I mean yes I have new age doctrine is gonna but look at the population of the state of organ. Just the boom in the last twenty years you know there hasn't neck tension in Tennessee Alabama the mean those people been living there. Dying breed think Andy. The West Coast is to be come to college I hear then you go back home I know I know and I I don't mind that excuse and I don't disagree with that excuse but I still say it's one thing in time it's an excuse area that is because this these of this at the same person that says we have other things to do. Like going snow skiing going to the beach we don't wanna go to a game mariners added. I that same person is the same person that sends a text into the show and says the fact tools deeper and we deserve an opportunity and when they're good what's going on. That's the same person because it's a it's a fly by night. Out of sight out of mind and mentality that's not the way others. In the country. Treat football. Especially in the south and the East Coast right now they're winning because their their their third leverage is that we care more. Yes their leverage and they do have that in the LA when it comes the college football playoff a lot of it is how well does your trade team travel chemists on the stadium skins games he wanted to probably watching on TV now. And that's a lot to do with it there but I mean. Yeah I think he would dad is going to be an uphill fight outlast. Ever agree with the U. It is and it is easy to have dominant teams in those dominant teams well I agree they'll travel. They'll wind it's a little frustrated pactel hasn't had that dominant team but as a whole the pac told wall have the respect. At aunt from talk don't stop me from love in this this conference in love and every team and and supporting it to the to the core but it's just it's you know your. Playing with a one arm tied behind your back was this sidelined fight what really changed. The fate of the Seahawks giants dusting cam on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning Don it's an idea of Graham. He doesn't Baldwin fighting Tom Cable sparked this. Seahawks do victory yesterday and here's one thing I would never do. I've gotten really manic coaches before. I've never. Ever put my hands on the coach. Well yeah. Would you ever done that now even at the highest level now. Well I don't know what it's like when trying to follow somebody that I was I don't care by hate him to Tatum more than anything. Yeah I don't. I just can't. Personally think. I would ever put hands on a coat their bins and coaches that have wanted to you but you'll ever do are you kidding me yet you never do Doug Baldwin. Put hands on Tom Cable der on the sideline during yesterday's game. I think it's maybe a little bit overblown because he kind of just think it was like one hand unique and it is like a listen. Ted deal believe it listen listen listen get off mean is what it was but. Even that. It was like holy smokes Doug Baldwin apparently fired up because the offense was playing like hot garbage in the first half and Russell Wilson was getting killed there. Well good she's right yeah and Tom Cable offensive line coach didn't like yet he's gonna defend his guys yeah. Lead she is I would to be expected. Police Pete Carroll is a sin they're kinda looking back if whereas the fear part is Pete Carroll's head is like swivel back and forth. Gone I guess aren't. In the Russell Wilson sitting right there too nobody really like jumped in because there wasn't that imminent this is gonna turn into a fight. That is kind of the turning point of the game on the offensive line actually started playing better after that yeah it was surprising to me but that may have been a galvanizing point of that game yesterday. I'm not surprised with the two because the Seahawks are very emotional team very emotional. They're built on momentum too but when you talk about from the top end from Pete Carroll you always reflect who you are Pete Carroll is up and down excuse he's got. That's coach Carroll I like that about him. Kid but that's that's what I'm and expect from a Seahawks team so sometimes. We saw last year Richard Sherman loses on the sidelines right and that he super emotional. Everybody's emotional on the fat. Michael Bennet is eight is that he is extremely emotional Russell Wilson's the only stable factor. I would call on the offense everybody else from Doug Baldwin all those other guys they're just following junior grand. What is Jimmy Graham he's a stoic you know he he just he'll catch a ball. He'll act like he just caught a touchdown in the suitable for a first down then he'll drop something he's a he's an emotional rollercoaster. With how he plays. It's it's a reflection of the team if that's what it takes to get the Seahawks going fine man just do what it. Jimmy Graham is Pete Carroll's best job that he does is as psychiatrists. Via. Oh you are you managing bullet 53 egos everybody's different bank. That is due meager little different man do Graham he does to a drop isn't about he had about. We idea I've seen and seen on the videos and all the stress that have been down on it great story for him but yet he's but Murray liked what I do look at is I sit there and I go. Didn't leave the ups and downs he has is on the field like yeah Pete Carroll talked about. After he dropped a touchdown. Dropped probably look at a minimum a touchdown to was first half we hit him in the stomach so to evolve. He had to talk to Jimmy Graham and keep his head engaging keep him in the game where. Like Yossi usually professional coaches high level college coaches get your ass together and let's go yet. Pete Carroll is doing the hey you're going to be okay we're right back tee and Russell Wilson did that to me through Messina ball that was a tough catch. Got him some confidence and then threw another when they needed him they threw another touched it threw touchdown to him so I looked out and went. All right that's that's also Russell Wilson making the decision I'm not gonna tank and on you I'm still gonna come right back we need you to make if you place yet Doug Baldwin. Angry Doug called what you want. The guys good and he's he's probably got the best for stepping NFL right now he's not only speed. But his ability to make guys off the ball. I don't. He chuckled because that is that make guys off the ball no I'm chuckling caddie let's happening on the as the underground. And I was laughing at myself that I just say something a little bit but his ability to get off the ball. Within a ten yard radius he's as good as anybody in the NF. Cross abort anybody. It ten yard window he's not out running every anybody. I Coolio. None and your missing my point Julio Jones is a leak big explosive wide receiver that can cover the entire female but died and when he gets up on that ten yards season. Monster yes. I'm saying is that Doug Baldwin is as good as anybody if not the best. I've been able to have a release or make guys miss off the ball in a ten yard wind that's on saint Anthony's it angry what that's what makes Doug's so good. Because of his anger and how he plays football this is you can play soft he would it would be the same guy. I'd. They have found their options whatever happened in the second half will be doesn't get punched my coach cable because he's kind of that Cuba. I don't think Tom Cable get tired of that muses particles and they got there. Guy who might get fired as these turkeys and how bad does that offense in New England last night and you do it falcons good didn't score until. The fourth corps Julio Jones Matt Ryan under through ball. Not about as a kick and interception Julio Jones that no. Daddy wants them ball lights Whipple and it was like watching a six grader go up against the second grader and PP. It really Ed that's really what it was but saarc is now squarely on the hot seat as the offensive coordinator for the falcons because would you expect they went from being under the nose. Dominant offenses in football last year to you. One that's mustard. Seven points this week seventeen away previous two weeks so wait a minute let. So it's the same offense went to the Super Bowl same personnel essentially recorded record right receivers but what's different it's our coaching. Don't go please read and yeah. You know to go to coach coach coaching in Quinn doesn't. Handled the dolphins' coaching in Atlanta and coaching some more I don't. I don't wish failure on anybody but I'm not surprises or if you're struggling as you do. When no I don't I don't wish I don't wish him did to complete that's because it's bad juju. Do depth so his targets are Julio Jones asked Austin Hooper. Levine to a low low. Comments and news Derrick Coleman. Is the fullback and in Dovonte Freeman and Kevin Coleman our year to running back it's a lack of innovation it's not been able to understand the system and it goes to show you how good Kyle Shanahan. Really was and what he was able to do with the team how Shanahan keeping games close until yesterday. In. San Francisco is been in astonishment in its own right yeah. What he did that off since last year and they did that to statistical breakdown of it in and it looks like the music it's not personnel or playing. Tie that is what is what's hurting them because they went to you situation a football you know whether it is. One back one tight end two backs one tight end to end tube. Or shotgun and under center over if you look at it it's very similar this year and last year. It's just debt actual play call but it's different it's similar remarks similar it is similar but Steve's turkeys in has never had that kind of style. Built and how he calls offense. He doesn't Kyle Shanahan in him. Might as well be the difference between just two separate languages in you can have the same call I can make at the same. Knowledge from from formation shifts in motions but how he makes the calls at the times says it's not even similar. I wonder wind could see Matt Ryan he doesn't look comfortable here. I am wondering win Matt Ryan shakes off from the calls and is now we're not doing it I would like us now are Bryan just called plays they'd be better went to fleiss keep on fourth down if as you could see mariners they've. You know it's unknowns and I've been in the huddle when we've gotten home a couple calls command and we elected each other Ringo. Don't. Well check out of it but I didn't see was there now and check out this new just go and hope were not doing that. Chaos they got routed last night down and saarc is now may be tired by the end of the year. Now he's he's getting. I think he will be by the end of the year I think he will end up with a Lane Kiffin at Florida Atlantic. And the Ole towels there a Florida Atlantic to share tender count on the there. The and a big this year more and tendered him but he. News Ambrose they are three and one in conference urged Reno in conference play. Four and three overall. They've got a big showdown coming up do the Dow's at western Kentucky. Lane Kiffin is actually winning at Florida Atlantic surprise. That's that that's not a surprise me. He don't need NASA denials in that video that Crawford just played a drop from what an exciting time. He looked like a hostage and it's a little surprising here is all sweaty and gross looking is. Is Twitter account is very bizarre he's head coach does a lot of responsibility. It did I it's surprising to dealing kitchens and their he has basically. The entire team from last chance to use the Netflix series is basically his starting offense picking its main defendants it's bizarre world. Whenever man. He insert reunited dude feels so good. World Series set. Game one tomorrow. This staying. Is not just going to be a burner on the field but it quite literally is going to be scorching hot in LA. Here's crashing his sports owner. This is Dustin and Kim in the morning on 1080 I love saying. The World Series is sat. Game one tomorrow. Houston Astros failed champs against the the Los Angeles Dodgers the NL champs first time since 1970. Now we'll have a pair of 100 win teams. In the World Series. Will move to what does it feel comfortable these are the best teams in baseball that a plane. But at this like that Hillary honestly uniting our newsletter about let's go back to the all star break he went into this and it from from the start. I knew that the Astros were good and with the Verlander trade. Yes guys frighteningly good not only what does he do in in the playoffs say is he's unhittable. Save that he's everything that tree whatever was and I think he was I hearing. And it was down to the last two seconds she sent him he got here is portion of the trade deal where he waived his no trade cause he got it back to Houston in two seconds bear. Two seconds. Away from the year two seconds from not being in in the World Series. We restated that preceded. That well think he'd a modern technology remove as an Elvis armor still remember Elvis Dumervil when he tried do you resigning with. And he couldn't get to a Kinko's and timed us faxes business it to facts are present. So we ended up missing his window and having this kind of the Broncos since LA knows Broncos to ravens canceled those back. He couldn't get to the team goes to fax it to the Broncos and had together is is a Tutu is this a 232 again correct yes so 232. So you gotta win on the road somehow someway some guts you won verses Clayton Kershaw. Are you gonna get it done what are you gonna do because it's her it's eichel and Kershaw going on game one. What are you this that's the hardest thing is is that who's able to win on the road right now beyond the best road team in baseball's been did a Dodgers. You know I have to wake up take acts. The American League won the all star game to the all star game at home field advantage again. I through bucks Sealy don't rule anyway great rule now we do you being biased yeah. No it is they went by best record this year and so big you have to win on the road at some point. And that's the tough thing is that. You know I can win in the first TO. See you're gonna have to win the three at home because you've got Clayton Kershaw average hill you don't think that you don't think he out of the means to you got GI polar Lander pitching game two you don't feel that you can get that game in LA. Not again not if lakers does Henson postseason demons. But it recurred so you want against Michael and talking to you're gonna have to do you're gonna have to get out one. Rich Hill Verlander yet you have a shot but here's the thing that is you've got a shot you got a better shot. You think starting pitching advantage Dodgers know I think game two. I think game one I don't think you're gonna be able to beat Clayton Kershaw but I think gained two absolutely yeah more than just a shot. You probably should be a favorite in the game with Verlander is nobody's been able to it you know but at the same time there. Their staff their pinned their offense is really get this can be dynamite series. Mean starting pity and then here Deedee she they have asked that is that you have Yu Darvish is their number three starter. Where and then Alex Wood is there who's an all star is their fourth starter figured it's not actually democratic but. They've got phenomenal starting pitching. And then they are. They're complete offensively. And at the Astros this thing about just reminders. Jim Verlander V Madison Baumgartner king you ride him for nine innings and hold on for dear life. Mean you will be clinching win that bullpen comes in against this Dodgers on all of these offenses are lights out they said. They're still waiting in hoping that they can get Corey seeger back at some point he is on the island the playoff roster but. The Dodgers got him that obviously helps a little bit at the Astros but. Mean look if you are if you tell me how what's my confidence level. Look at how poorly the aster is hit did yankees for goodness sakes on the road now you have is pitching staff. Is bullpen that they have to go against. I think is a dip different atmosphere in LA I think it's I think it is setting meeting in New York is completely different than Amylin LA it's going to be hot if you talk in the heat can be a hundred degrees which is not 101. That's nuts it's going to be super hot no way what's a what's that. As hot mean Los Angeles is like warm but we're at the end of October and it's a hundred in long term global warming fire season man. Fire season is going to be windy too. Dry winds on hopefully the Balkans blow a lot of home runs right out of Dodger Stadium. Night on over the Dodgers. And then they'll look shifting winds of course is spit it back in when there at that at the play. But I'm I'm in on this when I was laughing because. Classic Neeson what are you chuckling at and it's looked up and I saw. Eduardo Perez is doing his that'll hit the board thing on. Who's got the advantage. Offense Houston which went okay. Bullpen Dodgers manager bush because who knows Dave Robertson. And AJ hinge. The day needed starting pitching Houston. Now it. I know Overland is awesome and a tyco's good thing too is better than Charlie Morton. And Lance my callers don't downplay discussed you have a better starting pitching rotation. Houston does then. Clayton curse does your dog is you are still in our excellent as your top two or so much so much better they they go hand in hand you can those two are dead. There're really good I would don't get me wrong too is all you need look for forgot six the giants had one in the were able to win World Series so c'mon. It just doesn't if you need Verlander to go on short rest he'd come in and and shut it down. You just don't know when you go back home if you can steal one with him he's pitching game five. Next thing you know you like global disguise and a starting pitching as a whole is better those two are dead but they can wash you out with other Jimmy. Verlander as your two I like Verlander ovary chill but. Three you're gonna need a third starter in Yu Darvish. Yu Darvish being that third guy is pretty electric to have inkling curse judging number one. When he's Roland tell my idol or IRA that Kershaw is how we feeling. Don't give me that don't pooh poohed it as you know I feel good no excuses I don't think in here's the thing is that some people are they're doing when they're gonna all the Dodgers are gonna oral. And no this is going to be back and forth as can be nip and tuck but I do think that we may have an element of what happened in the ALCS. Where teams hold serve that on on their home fields and then in the Astros get that moment and seize it backing game six and seven. In LA OK first team to win the on the road wins the series. In the may be a demeaned our zone after and eggs well. I am I know I noticed Windows 7 I I don't know if so we have a team when all all I'm saying is if Houston can win. In LA take 11 of the two on the I think really is that women if you miss it if they win game two I think they're and feel very good about this is in the biggest thing is that GA Josh Redick came out of his slump. Inching got some hits in game six and seven hose sale Tuesday if you don't the guys the MVP this year you take a hike back guy came up in the biggest spots. On the biggest stage when he needed to in the ALCS are biased but I still ringer. Enemies can be tough because he might not get the fan. He might they get these they might pivotal vote on it hold on baseball people in baseball people are fans that the in the end they're not baseball guys read writers but their fans baseball writers did indeed come on here's my biggest. Is that you know the last eight World Series the team. News. League championship season series ended the last won the World Series now so the Astros going game seven. Advantage then so when your league series league championships goes longer the world he's a champion so that they go. And NASA doesn't ask the dynamite. This texture like I said five games ever months this can be I've games to see who is Dodgers he senator earlier. He said he is stranding Easter given miners. But. In the asses bats are alive I think I hope that the warm. Los Angeles there sparks the astros' bats a little bit more than that cold New York you know. I'm grasping at straws for why this offense is going to be better than it was against the Yankees game against better pitching even spray and wake. Yeah. This Texas house the DH can be impacted in the World Series not much in the Houston. Now 'cause it bill if you have a better DH with them and guess I believe. Yet but he can catch yeah he's not just Guillen Brian McCann have both cot. Thrown in the DH you can throw he hit six correct. Less than six gases and 67. Year old but then you can also have it here one throw Beltran in there. You can drama first if Gary else's slumping Moeller in their own right who has the better hitting team for the pitchers. That might be the better interest right is a better bunting team for the pitchers. Nobody. Nobody wins and the pitchers have to watch Yu Darvish said it's it's it's. He drew a walk. He was on the played at that is delegates were hit the face. Andrew walk into Israel argue Pryor's play where once frightening. Detection ask wins last road series at two teams each 100 games the regular season. That would be 1970. Orioles. And the reds. 1970. That was the big red machine current. Julia Morgan and grows grows pretty good teams Johnny Bench. So this is as India found one man and I'm going on Friday a BA games through leaving you leaving you on Friday show Monday downing Houston. When being. Limited up. Deep in the heart of Texas when I wholesale to the ball ball. Okay. Torment you might request to Bobble head that's an odd request of Evelyn going to be something unique and death I think but we'll keep it on your desk. You can keep it at my desk and you just wanna see ads or see from a distance earth but at the ball's got first place. On Knoll nine mid names that seek him on the stand. And 1080 I love. C Martinez ranked he views. Smith Shuster on the screen yesterday Steelers receivers calling each other out. Yeah he says he's back on a wanna trade now he disgruntled he's a disgruntled players caused a problem and what else do you do mean I think he's only make it what 750000. Dollars through. Artists via and he's very low paid when it's awesome pecking order so maybe it's just like trying I'll get him out here. Somebody. Named team motto on in scams that Judy's better. Our team is frank respond it is Gigi is nowhere near better than me fool all they need to do is give you an I want. In yellow hazard can have juju and whoever else so he wants to trade him seems like things are going well. In. In Pittsburgh right now at even after they get back on on the winning track there impressive against the jungles. Mandelson to be bungling again. But. And and when you have a guy that that your locker room that you just do whatever it takes is get him out there I don't know him and dad and I don't think the Steelers. Like dealing any I don't think earning families enjoying. Just the amount of I wanna say off the field issues that the team is at its root and folks in on. And individuals knowledge from Ben Roethlisberger saying that I'm rim to retire have anymore Antonio Brown. Looking at every player early Gambill and now this has been a lot of lot of turmoil but. Guess what they're leading the division yet again yet. Also of note today Texans left tackle. Doing brown has officially reported back that we Texans training camp that's a big one for Houston we'll also means because he did before week eight. Let's kick in for his money his pocketbook. As did nothing to do Texans now for the Texans at three in three. Dates in their right in the thick of it with Tennessee Jacksonville. Only game up in the win column for injury. In damage shot at this Tennessee. South Tyler Perry of C south title and by golly I think that's most wide open division of football right now. I like that of his since most interest in division I have seen Coulter. Gone awful but then he had Tennessee Jacksonville and Houston who. It's not just bad for all their anymore does. The team you're gonna see Houston come at a town here in against the Seahawks I'm not series these middle. Recent future. To be good game. Are all highlighted this week and then I get is this week trying to correct he could seal Du'Shon Watson up close and personal if you're going to the game. Are you gonna go. Were tickets you mean he seemed to the cost go to a Seahawks game. Put on a uniform is begin to sort of like a player never know. Whereas suit in India is kind of shuttle in off the team bus that makes me think its own recent real quick for ago as we get governments are wanted to read assist came in from a cougar fan and Atlanta are about tickets are said. We talked earlier but the pac twelve fault line or whatever and just just in in not Munich college football playoff. Do we think that this is a problem I personally this is quote you're a person who loved to take my failing to every was in football game. Because the inflated prices to pay for facilities and coaches plus the late night starts. Doesn't allow me to enjoy the opportunity and fortunately I can barely to justify make it from one game. I feel like my kids are losing out on. Not getting the same opportunities to see college football but I had grown up. Our tickets in the in game experience us are we doing something differently. Out here in the pac twelve are we out pricing everybody are just we just spend our money differently than everybody else that's. No we're not as a no in no differences now it's it's hard against during her also one thing that actual does have. That's different than in the south and midwest. Is how far it is away from each T so for. It has proximity Marta trap and it might say you graduate from U dub you job down in San Francisco. Game. You know. Mean you even if you get a job in Spokane and so I. I four hour why did you dozen heavily stand on without one because there in Seattle there's plenty of people but I get it for cougar fans I get it from work. Org or Oregon fans in Oregon State fans. You don't have any leg to stand on in LA either you just you just are whining you don't care about it down. Now I'll receivers they don't care but yeah I agree with a cougar point that's tough to get out there and you're right it's expensive. But it's no areas is that different anywhere else tell you that much except for some of those 100000 seat stadium you need new Tennessee game relatively cheap because you're a mile and a half away. Leave them. All right coming up next on the herd with Colin coward Peter Keane will be on in Monday Morning Quarterback at 10 o'clock Michael Vick fox NFL analyst would join the show at some point as well. After that are heard it is during this break needing to 33 to seven. Prime time with Isaak and soon we will see you tomorrow from 6:9 AM. It's been dusting cam on ten a definite. Please what. What an exciting time to go out.