Dusty and Cam - 10.23.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, October 23rd
NFL surprises, Wide Right, Ducks bowl game chances, and Blazers weekend.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty can jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us. You say. Weather permitting of new Justine here again. Check me. And jam yeah. I was feeling of fasting holidays myself. It's four in gusty and jam in the morning on 1080 should. Oh yeah yeah. Damned. I'd just at 7 am I'm wondering if we get him a few text back to back. We are talking about big gains or on TV Lola Qaeda is this more now weren't very good they're saying hey I mean need their bag tags in most of us don't want ought Seattle either. Another Texas saying I'd rather watch the titans over the Seahawks are raiders locally. Who is the most and who was us. That's I want to I nets that I am my question is I'm wondering if people would rather watch the titans in the Seahawks looked in in Portland. Think he just had the option if you was like titans every for Seahawks are great I'm wondering. What people would rather watch. Because in Portland it is weird in that. UK we don't have really no sail home team. There's a lot of seahawk fans on here but there's also a lot of other. And somewhat futile I would rather watch the titans Ecstasy don't believe that the Seahawks would would. View more interesting team to walks lol you would think. But is that really a question I think it I think you really think so over Tennessee I think. They more than Tennessee or equal to Tennessee will not be very amazing to there's the other fans like. So like would. It because the other would fit into like forty niner fans and packer fans via cowboys fans. Do those stand bases here in Portland want to watch the Seahawks are today why would they rather just be like because they don't like the Seahawks because they're fans of rivals of them. Would you rather watch the titans yeah I think it's I think that B I I don't. Yeah are able Texas than average for Beers because I'm glad I won here 51 or two bitter people that don't wanna watch it because they hate the city is now with a fine that's fine we'll let the people speak be angered by 5305. Titans or Seahawks which runs as Texas. And will tell these those throughout the course of the show all right right now though it's 705. Steel jam wanna set outdoor sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and no big games in front of brought you vice dark street lawn and garden ticket grass for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. Have you checked out the NFC standings. Recently. In the NFL the NFC is. Kind of turned upside down. If you look at the NFC east you heard it first place is on the line in nine and as the ball and I between the Eagles and the Redskins five and one eagles' three NC Redskins. The NFC north is that by the Minnesota Vikings at five and two you both the saints lead the NFC south at foreign TO. And the Los Angeles rams at five and you are your NFC west leaders if viewers say. Eagles vikings saints rams beating of the year build those guys heading into the midway point of the season will be the leaders and in each division. I would have given new drug test. And said this is why this is laughable also good to ease what just what you think you knew Lou. You have no idea with you can't predict anything in football student too many factors nowadays yet injuries where if Mikey. The only one that I would have guessed. At the end of the year was the Eagles because I I thought the Eagles who were gonna be better than what they were last year and had to make a room could make a run in the NFC east. And so the Eagles are prize the only team I would of said would be leading envisions it as been there been surprises all over the board though I mean not just how good the rams are that. You know we have Jacksonville. They're defense is on a record pace. There on pasted break the record for most sacks in the season he got not their quarterback getting sacked their defense sacking the other quarterback who do you give more credit her own horror. Knowing that Tom Coughlin is there. Whose whose sets the identity of that team and changed everything for them the hard part about Dan. Is that weren't the pieces all in place before I always let believed that the pieces were in place but come on their quarterback is just it it. Average at best running back is now leanings but their defense was always there the pieces were there were hurts their defense though is injured now they're healthy coach gene then Johjima coaching. Coaching coaching coaching coaching it's it's what matters and what separates greatness from just been average at Cleveland is garbage because they don't have good coaches they don't have a good. Top end back starts from the president. All the way down look at that look exactly what happened to the rams it starts with the change. Coaching is always the best part about four point you get to see it yet and if you look at the Jacksonville Jaguars right now. You see your thing and it's Debra I don't know how much Tom Coughlin is actually doing. What is Tom Coughlin doing. It's not just what Tom Coughlin is is presence at think it's how he's. Knowledge tutoring him. Into the discipline of the team the structure plane within yourself understanding the importance setting priorities you have meetings with your presence Christie somebody that's been a coach. And once super bulls. I guarantee you there's a huge influence with him. Huge. Okay I mean we can't explain it explain it then immediate just flip. Of a switch my own identity sway I mean I don't think I think that this is something that has been brewing for a while assessing the pieces had they done a good job of bringing in pieces from. In their defense had been just ravaged by entering where the weather is the Fowler injury mean Lindsay even had injuries that are offensively this year better questions in news detail on the defense. It was he wasn't bad last year it was just they have always had major pieces missing now those guys are altogether. In their defense plays good it's not like they're blue light the world on fire they and their four and three either. A game over 500 which announcing grant I'm just saying what they are playing good football to the fact that yeah you don't see the ups and downs in the in the swings that you had before you don't say oh this is Jacksonville's is like this team. Can come in and they can win games. What it comes down I know the gyms in the Jozy got to be able to do that but I think better coaching hitting coaching always out numbers yes talent. And that's why did not say I needed Decker our own Doug roan had a big role I think comedy give him a lot of credit too because he's been able to. But those guys in the right situation but there's a team novelist coasted to ram and it fits in the same exact. There right in the same bus right next to each other SAR and they like even better at the rams the rams. They pummeled. The Arizona Cardinals in game where you know each we see these landing gains and is sending to West Coast teams over to London is. I don't like that move by the NFL. But they sent ambled over to London. And they'd just. Hammered the cardinals and Sean McVeigh. He has been. The biggest difference in the realtors. Jeered golf chaired gosh looks like a different player like he doesn't look at the same person. Yeah they they look like they have like. Trip had here of God's body and they just put in your brain in him and made him into the quarterback just happens with coaching I love Santa over notary and I love watching great coaches. We knew me when names make things simple for him. There really out they made things easier for him and they've put quality pieces around him. To where it's not just on him twenty foreseen and you know there's not there's 65 plays in the game. You're not Clinton fifty of them on Jerry golf you're lien and on Todd Gurley you have a great defense you have guys on the outside. You just you've created what's my favorite thing is actually team football game which team that is like a surprise. It is pres right now last the longest yet Jacksonville. New Orleans. The rams. Buffalo and Miami or to two loss teams as well. Right in the thick of being seen through a windshield there which ones do you do you think actually lasts the longest. We can't programs in their. I did the Netherlands Iceland and I said the rams are in our playoff team they're gonna be a while court or division champ I still think the Seahawks win the division. The rams are playoff team so I'm going with the rams they're good enough to make. Now only playoff push to make some noise in the playoffs a little bit at the bills are sneaky and I don't think the end of people are paying attention to at the bills are doing while watching play play straight up. Want to play straight up in new England and I can go OK in they've got they got a new head coach to digest culture change their tee Sean McDermott has been doing and energy in general rate job there in the what was supposed to BA rebuild this season Tommy Tommy about this. You're looking at sitting there with the dolphins with a new now you have a new quarterback. Are they real. With Matt Moore. And I don't buy it off I think the dolphins have all those teams. Are probably the one that I would sell on the most just because of the you also have to look at the division to you how are they get a stack up against. New England and buffalo. Who and haven't played either of those teams yet this year that was a playoff team last year's Miami I was ten when team there and no doubt about it that Matt Moore or did well in the plan and leaving them into the playoffs last year and I was kind of surprised at state. Pulled the trigger on Cutler and didn't just roll with now what do I told you this going into the season. That the AFC east was going to be a better division in the AFC west. That would have been the cause is currently right now it is yet the raiders' third confusing the Broncos had the weirdest game I've and the worst offensive performance what apparently happened to him are you see Trevor say means interception where he just kind of helicopter added. Pop fly to the defense something happened to them after they beat the cowboys. Eight it's like somebody's it's it's like the monster or something stalled that their bodies were there that plane ability. The you know what happened because they get throttled by the giants who we saw how about the giants are just what it's intended though cents. NFL as weird right now division leaders if you're looking at it. I think out in the AFC it's pretty standard where you have New England Pittsburgh. Titans and chiefs and you'd pride being to be liked yeah that's probably what I'd see. The NFC Eagles vikings saints rams are all of these leaders and the Eagles to me are the most dangerous team in the NFL radius there our name Monday Night Football tonight against the Redskins. I should be agree can lead in the NFC east online if if Washington wins Allen. They moved to foreign T you can push the Eagles back to five and you. I train yard on the fans Roger guys stark street money garden the better way to buy power equipment since 1965. I'd miss keys mishaps some blunders from the weekend in sports it's our wide right next on the fan. One play it is not a game. Sanchez sonics. The backside of print them. The knock the ball Bruce says he can't lose on a single employer it. My god that's great this is. A look back to them plays that made the weekend. Right right we. Dusty and 1080. The program. I live did to it in this sets miss cues. And his terrible place in the weekend info ball in organs. Beat down at the hands of UCLA. Wasn't just a loss on the scoreboard 31 to fourteen. Tiger rabbit thing I used as a surfboard. Can be seated in Baghdad Iraqi Bernstein on the golfer tacked on networks. He jumped in he stood on his shoulder pads and then just kind of fell into the end zone I've seen a lot of that hurtling this year lot of guys have done some. Exposing their lower extremities to beat hit. I'd never wanted to hurtling guy because as always terrified of what would happen. If I hurtled somebody not just in I'm talent of these dudes are doing it all over the place in that was a body surfing in the and so well and far less successful version of a hurdle was done by lake ridge quarterback. Formerly rich cornerback now is Syracuse eyes here university. Eric dungy. There Brock Huard in Bob wishes and on the golf or ninety kicked the kids in the face yes I mean yeah. Like it. Does not he's writing humans. My college drive I've seen dungy dungy is go to move was the hurdle and he is I Scotland that bridge yet he's still like jump over and deeds all the time but. He just kicked that guy in the face in this and any red line to that which is even better his last name is red line agreement got to be a big UB40 can't see you Ure name is shoulder red line. Is UB forty's red red line you walk up some. Baseball player asked me doesn't it definitely should be the outbreak that has. Completely passed us. We sell something that's never been done before. Virginia attack. Absolutely. In barest. North Carolina 59 December the most impressive part about it was they scored three. Non offensive touchdowns. That made it 21 nothing in the second quarter. In these scored all three of their non offensive touchdowns in the first half 21 of their 21 half points Brian defense or special teams that's a good day that has. Never. Happens in the history of college football. Yes no no I just don't. Not in North Carolina we are talking about the win over that cal had over North Carolina being not as impressive. That is a bad. Bad football team right now remember they got like 25 million dollars so easily him on the water. North Carolina. No I was thinking I'm thinking Northwestern's hard yes oh just different different team yet their different team they're different team North Carolina just handed hitting give bludgeoned by the NCAA. Worst pick the weekend have been the Texas says they lost Oklahoma State. Thirteen to ten in overtime. How do you and your game on this. For us. They held number eleven Oklahoma State to a field goal in the in overtime. They get the ball in sand. Sullinger. Jim it was the Trevor Ximian interception did you see how. That transpired and where he just kind of winter any just floated it up and there was his receiver was not within five yards. Of where the full ball landed that's a horrible way to lose in OT against the top. I know it's a bad feeling protect his but it your fan of Texas football let me just give she'd. This team is going to be very good video for the way they've lost their games this year from the way they lost Maryland opener. To bear should have beat USC. And then you look at how they lost to Oklahoma which are right there and again another two up. Top ten team and you're right there at the end and Tony man they eat I know doesn't sit very well for Texas football. But very shortly Tom Herman will have this team back this team is so close it's frightening close and that's the separation between having a freshman quarterback. That makes a few mistakes and make some great plays vs very good teams chemicals economists say we say that I Jim are run Michigan. And Jim Harbaugh currently has the same record as Brady Hoke this many games in his career no I don't feel that way because the Big Ten is a lot more difficult to play and that is the big twelve. And plus all recruit Texas all day long for her to record in Michigan. It did. Nick Sabin. Was he winning by 21 or losing by 21 during his halftime speech against Tennessee. Listen to him with CBS I know. Sure they have a sense of urgency. You ask for the start of the. He says they're flat they're not playing well do you do winning two what do you London not say he's doing everything he can to try to keep his team grounded all give Nick Saban now that he's kind of like Mike Leach but with a we'd better team. I mean honestly it's the same guide to same speech at halftime to same speech after the game poisoned rat poison our team's not ready how do you motivate motivated team that is so much better than everybody else to keep them grounded. Does he does know that at the end of the year he's gonna have to face it Georgia. And a couple other teams so how do you keep these guys not only playable. But that's that's good on him doesn't this seem like he's even more aggressive about it than he has been in years past I think you have to be because I think he knows how yes good this team really trying to sell us that were geared garbage real nothing he'll enjoy this our kickers actually important. They're starting strong safety. Good now we get to watch. Attempt to void after. After an injury to. There's a big ball. Jeff he did Bailey the kicker for that cowboys goes out with an injury that called courtesy of fox sports. But. Dan Bailey goes out and injury. And Jeff -- the starting safety coming to us two of three pleads extra points I'm fine with that I'm told coach Peterson up north and I'm not tell them I'm just opened he finds a better kicker you give their kickers are garbage. Find somebody. The advice somebody anybody find anybody kickers you have. In a Phil's done it to themselves causing worse this year kickers. Yet a college game is not big it's not easy on the eyes are eager. How did the Beers. Win this game. And. Eddie Jackson is the defense of back to scores of over 75 yards incredible that's an NFL record first standard indeed that. But Chicago won seventeen to thirteen over Carolina they only completed four passes and picked up only 51 downs in the entire game ma. Entire game through your defense. My goodness welcome to the middle. The NFL schedule John Fox loves that although he does he just he gets really excited about about this though AT. 181 and one that is the record of NFL team since 1970 when they throw the ball. Fewer than eight times in the game let. The papers the three running the wing T. I'm doing that's incredible goes down as a win for the truth here's one here's a full fallen tree in my friend this is all you. I only three man rush. Get out of his head right now. Yeah yeah. And if an Internet and if he's not careful. That is from the EA sports' first leg there EA major series does professional gamer name cause. Who was playing Madden against tweed is waiter he's not watching game he's playing a game the video game that was televised. This is. And that was one of the guys complaining. About the game being rigged he was complaining about the lag on the Internet speed is Eli Amy right now as to why he didn't score. The he's seen an Internet game is rigged. This game is so gosh darn bad rounded guy started bad growth India I think illustrated frying. That's the head coach. Whatever team he placed a whole new. Lol. There's series sports guy growth growth so gar stunned gosh darn bad Borough. Not the best of the generous as an example you might end avenue and I mean this is no it sounded like this I'd end up as an imminent mean. And pro. Went back I do you not find that guy here who went back I indeed if his few obvious interest me I mean this is complete game her. I weird that the ducks are being used as surfboards. At the beginning of wide right well the ducks make a bowl game this year. Here's Crawford a support base in your voice. M in the morning. No I'm ten navy loves. The Oregon Ducks make a bowl game. Or gain falling 3114. Down there. UCLA at the Rose Bowl and over the on Saturday. And now that drops organs record to four and four on the year. And they'd need two more wins to become bowl eligible and make it. Into the post season. They could to get back to back seasons without a bowl game in quite some time as. The remaining four games are Utah out Washington Arizona and organ stables at home. Do you think organs makes a bowl game this. Here are believed they win. I'm. I believe they win the civil war. And because I think just in her will be back by that point where you feel comfortable without one. I don't know about the others I don't know I mean really I don't first of all I don't wanna see Justin come back early in reentry that thing and and risk his whole career. For the sake of not trying to put lipstick and mascara on whipped cream on crap the the end of the year but you know you just don't wanna ruin your chances because. You're talking about your future you're really talking about your health and long Japanese I don't wanna see him do that. If he does come back there and every one of those games. I would agree with that and I just don't know how much longer I mean he got hurt we're going back to that. That game and he just look at ego vs cal. And the ego. Man how many weeks how long should this because we're Gannett sit at four weeks right now currently because they have a bye week that he'll be set now. Yeah I know he's practicing. But I do feel a little bit for Burmeister because here's a guy this just. He's been a hold the clipboard for a long time now is thrust into it going on the road down the rule double you just didn't stand a chance. Whether they are handled by a after the U dub game dare leave. Saddam could very Arizona and Oregon State's that he could have back to those last two games I still think there's absolutely Chansi you can get into mobile Madeleine. He can throw that out right now in bowl games are insisting because if you know on the college football playoff where you're not the New Year's six would be playing for. You know what that is that's it more practice time and a little bit more money a little more exposure. Yeah good feeling going into the into the offseason here's kind of where it's at for organ fanned. It would be the first time since 1987981988. That the Oregon Ducks have missed back to back years and now with a bowl game. Yet they missed a bowl game in 2004 they missed it 9693. And 91 but they have not miss back to back years. Of the post season since the 87. 88 seasons. Where even in those years they still found a way to be recruit from banked in those two seasons as well getting a size eighteen than sixteenth. In his respective years. And that was you know obviously 1989 was when they snaps that streak of well as it when he. 25 years without a bull's eye on is when niece are 26. Years got a bowl game. 1963. To 1989. I was a long time. Women when is the last time he's really seen and let's throw last year because our wanna take that on our remove that last your point of view because Allen just doesn't. That's one of those anomaly things because you're going through transition was the last time he seemed organ really when they. Who's a quarterback or where they look like when they got off the bus they were ready for game. I've besides last year via throw last year. Were you kind of fell at this point time when I look AJ Ileana guys out hot seat. Several games in a row where there's a there's a coach on the hot seat. In this is that you Sealy team that is offensively pretty good and Josh Rosen is right now he. He's as good as any quarterback in this conference I saved drive was that 04 year even though I only deal four year they went where they went five and six. And they went through a well as the losing streak they had that season. They went through. Bring that up. Yeah because that year was a year that they lost to Washington State Utah airs on state all around. Beat Stanford and lost to Washington so their laws you know. Four of five knew it during a stretch or aids is that like you're going to move on as this team so it's been quite awhile video to see this team. I'm wondering if too that if he if you look at this now you really get to see as fans and in what. Was the cupboard like at organ. Was it really that depleted was this more about did you think it transition will be released at great odds dark. But for the other thing too is it. I don't believe that it's just it Justin Herbert thing that you could say. Ma'am we lost for quarterback it's everything it is everything. When a sense of your offense your defense is good enough to still keep you in a few games yes just isn't this don't you get the the feeling though. Wind you have a defense that is in. Aid they did did the side of the ball carries your team it's not meant to be carrying anything you read your offense disposed to accompany your defense and vice Versa and when you get into situations like this is in this is where organ is out right now is I don't think there'd their defense is necessarily regressed all that much you get to a point a game where you're going. Can our offense you some forest you're just on the field too long you're waiting for that time in and you just kind of throw your hands you go. What are we doing you know because he would go in and even at fourteen apiece. And your defense to stumbles early did put up to do just as onion a first quarter. You get that momentum back tees it's a shot on the second core your offense scores twice CI card 1414. And then all of a sudden in the second half it did dam breaks at the end of that third quarter because you're going we can't. Move the ball anymore on losing your leader on offense is hard it's hard to deal with too because you know going into game I never. He never look at an offensive production from an organ team and go after that cal situation you put a 24 points on offense it's now ten. 714. And that has been a long time since you seem like an office production and that that state. That's it eighties. Organ production my him what the possibly now I'm in 1980 you know you were talking about the issue that you have is you have a freshman quarterback. Who wasn't ready for. The role he was thrusting no. I don't hold him responsible either how many guys can walk him. As as an eighteen do we sit there though and is it fair added to look at this in this offense a year ago. They need to do a little bit more to help him out doll is as far as you know if he's more comfortable running outside the pocket I mean because right now you just look at org and you go. Outside screens you know I heard that you know like I heard that after after the game I was listening to. The actual networking Coachella Aly was saying I haven't seen I didn't see him get him on the perimeter. In the edge and it here's the thing I can throw that back into your strength on offense is your running game. Your strength is your running game in your backs with Royce Freeman and been walk and those are your guys you have to lean on. But that doesn't mean you do is abandon the passing game. No that's not what I did know that's my point is I just think that coach he he's looking at this and this is one of those it's. Do we do we deviate off the past we try to put him in a situation that ask him to win the game and we just do something included our strength our strength is our run game. Prior to that time you were rushing the ball you could rush the ball 300 yards. What is changed is this that you don't have Herbert ability to go to go down the field each day in and that is thing you have zero balance. And which asked Burmeister to go down the field he was no big Biden I'm not asking that I'm asking too gay you know do something to create him outside the pocket where he obviously looks way more comfortable when he does that. You can use your view strength is your game. Run game run that play fake in booed him out on on the edges you know like. And obviously. We're one were looking at this and it's always like armchair according back into les leaders have to say yeah but. We seen it for like three straight weeks dour you go on. Jane what are we gonna do to get any sort of passing attack in the get some semblance of balance back to this offense because he. You can't win the pac twelve you don't have a semblance of balance especially with the way that their dollar right now. Biggest users load the box and it's that far too easy for. Can you not dominant. You have a great running game but you are not dominant enough to do is go out and win as a whole team gets its higher whole team is built not not yet. Certainly not yet and a all right five factories here five that is the Bridgeport Beers tax on. The ducks may be skating but if your blazer fan they're off to a rather hot start into it one start. Meanwhile their only loss. In retreat took advantage dusting cam on the fan. This is Justin timber in the morning on ten navy boats around the. I Dixon bridge will be your sixth sense but I've been here for us. And we're talking about organ are they gonna Kabul but it does expect bowl games the first time since 198788. Seasons. If they can't string at least two wins together here. Indeed it seems like fans in the growing sentiment on on social media. Is that. It is saying is it fair to question the offensive coaching and play calling after house times. Is that something that was an issue win Herbert was healthy though. You know and fans are frustrated with bid the offense coming on second house in not being able to Muster much in the second half. Well what is kind of going in and I mean it's not yet it's not all on coaching on his ex Houston obviously but. In elf in the beginning of the year as well there they were up by so much at halftime when you want them to mean you want and fix some it's broken just. Sit there and hang on to to leads like the Nebraska game where you just can stop almost. Or issue he'd be enforced in part for everybody's got to watch organs you guys got to get understand that your a different coaching staff and your different offensive style now. You're not Chip Kelly anymore eat your completely different mentality you remember. Who is coach staggered its biggest mentor. It's the Harbaugh are banned him. If you watch Harbaugh team always if you watched that kind of style of football it is too muddy it up. Now you get ahead. In when he dues you would you call for a minute offense you've heard those terms not a lot of teams use that anymore but Jim Harbaugh does. And a lot of great teams know how to do that. The current. Situation with the organ is you have players you perimeter teams. Built with speed and athletic schism it's hard to muddy game when your bill that yes there will be a transition here in the next few years under Willie tiger where you're gonna start to see things you haven't seen. In a long time it takes time to kind of build that the right now there's a slow transition right now there's actually it's at. It's trying to teach your kid a different language mentally but your physically not built to do that so you're gonna see a little bit of that implementation when you're up by 31. And suddenly get a second half. You're not gonna score another forty points you're gonna do I'm gonna slow the game down and try to get this clock going we're gonna play great defense we're gonna just mom. Move the drill and that's a different mentality you've ever seen here in one thing that deductions it'll take some time digestive and in yet to kind of wait for it but. For this offense to be at the level and have a level of success. That they wanted to or again. It will take a defense that is better this defense is far improved VMware was but your defense and being you lead. Will help you this offense. Exponentially again I mean Stanford is a prime example that they when they have their best defenses in their offense is remotely goodness. Is is when they're awful wells both sides. Of the ball and I think that's what you finally won and that's what coach tiger's gonna bring here. He's gonna bring that kind of yes Jim Leavitt that attitude is there the at the defense is going to be better Leavitt for now. For now there that were Siegel he's going to Kansas State that's on the where he go on but I don't. Either way. In this offense is going through a major made it takes a little tough. Take the time may yet understand the big fans frustration no idea differ for you seem tempo you've seen speeding he seemed bedeviled outscored people for years. NAE Jeff cornerback to that just isn't in the freshman he's just not ready for the stage and he's on right now pac twelve is go out there are no weak weak outs there. Aren't well how about the blaze to start the season or tuna on its very good start. Very very happy with this are they did to have their first set back of the year oh over the weekend Saturday falling to near lock gave box sent back the deal that uncle and for the good land. 113 110 bucks are good team I think Don is intent of corn ball fouled. See you know column I don't really think it was down relieved I think it was more on CJ personally I just think he just turned his back to a man. I didn't even the guy is the guy is. I'm kidney not he's getting he's the next giant superstar in this league it he's a freak he's the only patently name degree treaty other than LeBron James there's not anybody in this in all of basketball the can play all five spots with success he came up with. Two of the most pivotal plays in the entire game unbelievable guarding a center ending guards unbelievable. He blocked Youssef like he was a I don't know Shaq in his young days and he took out. CJ and stole the ball went right on the court in the erased. Twenty beaten two steps it really is incredible it's impressive to watch and it's impressive to watch him work and in the final moments of the game. I don't think that that is any kind of indication of of what this team blazers team is the first two games of the year I mean heck they helped get a coach fired three games into the season problem. That it's Phoenix is at NASA right now I didn't. World in this two of their first three games like 41 of the blazers in the when the clippers but then. Vein fire Earl Watson three games end because he's the reason by the losing by forty year and then aired blood cell one of their best players as. Tweets out I don't wanna be here on out. Three games then I Google wanted the year why. Is happening with the Phoenix and I told Doug Doug after game one Phoenix Sox they're terrible. I didn't know that it was gonna get this bad this happened on that lose it that bad and not only lose it they get their coach fired an older sister inspired you now how do you lose it act quickly. Players' league. Leaders lead. Players the league have on players just got their coaching staff completely fired but that doesn't it hasn't in any other sport dusty and know lawyers and our role lots and things are I'm sorry you cannot get a coach fired in week one in any other sport. There's no no way that's equivalent to being fired well. In the first week of Major League Baseball I threw the first week in NFL to the first week in college either alone no other no other explanation for that these suns though have made. Questionable. Called defender must Campbell the Pentagon at least through December in their front office shall end their day in their drafting in the narrow ownership it's three games and on now on now that's embarrassing. It is their players leak if I had wirelessly enabled all the power in this league in -- to do with that is that's her sheer area but let's not take up the suns factor here diet they could be careening down a Cleveland Browns desk. Franchise of polarity and dumpster fire. It could be watch out or they could be recharged with a new coach and start winning. That's in the little but the talent they're not in doubt. Yet media enablers of him they get young talent. Bowl Bledsoe is really get the Denmark play there now. And that says something more about that's more than just the coach that's Eric Bledsoe going I don't wanna play. For the Phoenix Suns anymore this organization is just a joke. In the blazers almost lost out LaMarcus Aldridge to the suns. Think about pat crazy. I blazers to one they are off tonight as well as they open about a center for the percent this year home opener tomorrow night so 7 o'clock. And accountants yeah really going to be on the home bigger when Neitzel homestand here to go four games at home yet they got boogie in. And Davis lives sound. Clippers come men and you'd see Phoenix again crowd heard panic button how much is it with you boy mile he's said as in being all star this year now is and his all star Susan purity here. Thirtieth two dosage Sherry olds are planner fashion injuries. That's not shill but it will be he'll be back to be it's early that's must so I think it says it's the first thing is if there is not children's eighty games last eighty games left and you don't bother them rigorous here at all yeah. Planners Ashland that's an injury that's not gonna linger now I think that doesn't produce a spirit tape up your fine up to the back. Oh yeah he's he Sudanese stuff. The Q yet they have four home now opens up tomorrow NBC sports on nights when this homestand coming up eagle on the road vs Utah and in your 12345. More games at home at night at the next ten at home that's that's called home cooking. As yet that's what you get for having numbers start the first week on the road. I might as well back in and get some tickets for cheaper something maybe. Tickets are cheap why you know why violent changes they face value form that's what I'm saying at face value might condemn the because there's so many Euro that are fair to making game here. The pac twelve is the play golf. Just a pipe dream at this point are they completely out testing camel with.