Dusty and Cam - 10.17.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, October 17th
Kap files collusion suit against the NFL, Pac-12 gets some early kickoffs, sink or swim, and a fast food burger discussion.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty can jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us. You say yeah. Weather permitting we just do you camera thing again. Check me. And jammed. I was feeling of fasting holidays myself. It's kind of foreign gusty and jam in the morning on 1080 so. Oh yeah. Damned. Slug it out every team does beard can't glue and a few. Are we seeing him be the bridge for Beers tax on high fives these unified the pendulum may be swinging back to you. We need more physics talent in football. I mean there is navy one text in I think it's from the attacker and that said we need to protect quarterbacks a little bit more and in the NFL depend. May be swinging back to the better question is how do you feel about justice Herbert going down field and taken a shoulder to get a score lie on the end zone. I like that I know you do that but there are and there are quite a few duck. Duncan said how dare he go down the field he should just slide. He shouldn't do that I've I've heard it I saw Howard in touch because he says he's just get in the end zone and is that we are still two more. Score and never once thought about being hurt as a football player and Justin Herbert probably doesn't either civil and nobody likes when their quarterback their star quarterback goes gets her because what happens. After that well look I mean Vernon Adams what happened after that look what happened when Geary and Justin Herbert goes down you've thrown a guy that. Braxton Burmeister that. Kin here's everything publicly acknowledge something really quick before I move on. May be duck fan has grown up a little bit more since Vernon Adams got hurt in do you remember. The it just the nasty comments that we've got about backup quarterback play. When it was Jeff Flock Ian Taylor Alley closed disgusting and now that brown is Meister. Navy day and thank senior in their ways and airline ago. Okay back of cornerbacks are great about this understand remember how we talked about how the wishbone and bringing back an option team and running that stuff like that. Guess what you never complain about. Who gets hurt in that kind of system. What half of what happens is if more more guys or more organizations and teams are going. We're putting way too much pressure quarterback play and you start seeing more. More of this you might think I'm crazy. Jerry pentagon to the Packers know that's not it now. Hillary sent not to argue I thought that's where you're going and that now little. Move discouraged now there can't you get paid to twenty million dollar guys and your roster. Knoll. Late. You target two quarterbacks I'm talking in the NFL raising their captain 250 million dollars that needs to happen and stop with this crap with trying to penny pinch we did get a good tax that it would Lanier's football does that mean to that change football by adding more money into Bridgeport Beers sex signed five factory if I had a good. Tax on this in that. What happens with cap the way it is is a your offensive line becomes the unit that is hurt the most I've we say we Seattle's the Ryan example number one thing you can do to help football raise the cap by a minimum 25. Put it at 200 million or get it to 250 and bump the rosters of up to sixty or 55 would it why don't they just exempt the quarterback. From your salary cap. Well because I'd think they'd that's exactly what the owners want they want you to chew up all your so they can make more money it's this is this is then my owner greedy grubby. Think that they do that the players really want a decent at the in this next TBA if he really wanted to make more money for his players. Make the cornerback position exempt from the cap do you remember the quarterback club in the ninety's yeah I don't it was I had its own union in where radler had its own unit and their separate video games video games and everything you know there'll icing zing everything licensing was that run through the quarterback club back absolutely very different. They need to get back to that because it is the most valuable position there's enough money add more roster spot and give more money. Two teams to be able to have better players on the rosters we stop having. 23 year old offensive lineman basketball players trying to block the blind side. A B 25 million dollar guy. That sounds like a seahawk fan not too happy with the way the offensive line is beyond filters Seattle. Tired of right now it's 705. Steel jam wanna set up your sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics and games in front of who brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. You're talking about how he has to prove. That two teams were at least two teams or teams in the league. Conspired. To keep him out of the league he's got a present that case the burden is on him he's got to show. A clear preponderance of the evidence that means he's got to make it extremely compelling case and that. And keep this in mind. He has to have some sort of actual proof to prove that we're talking an email notes or something like that the kind of thing you don't see these days doesn't mean he doesn't happen. But that's who he would have to prove. That's Ryan's cement Disney is in legal analyst what happened the Lester Munson. Member Earl Lester golden eagle Lester isn't there he is he was in Carolina. Cash Ryan Smith as new legal analyst for ESPN and that was sent talking about and calling cab critics lawsuit that was filed yesterday. Eight collusion suits against the National Football League as. Colin Capp Riddick is seeking legal intervention saying that. Alleging in his lawsuit that. Owners in the NFL have colluded against him to keep him out of the league in due to his income protest. And Ryan Smith says this is a very tough thing to prove because he has to have a legitimate paper trail or. He has to have something rock solid two proof that owners were in communication with each other to make sure that he. Was not in is not in play by the national football being using your terminology is Colin property but hurt that he's not in this league. Yes and I think he should be because it if I was. If I was calling capita canals looking at some of the guys that have been signed its assent to the rash of injuries at the cornerback position. A decent they're gone. It a look at the guys who took a team to a Super Bowl her. In I've got a body of work behind me. I would I would say in it you're looking for employment which he is then I would sit there and I'd be like yes I am I think that what this lawsuit is more of though. Is that this is. Calling tapper naik. Admitting he will never play in the league again pursue this idea it's over he ended up going. This is my last ditch effort opted to make money from the NFL. And email you can sit there in you can say. Yeah he is talented enough to play in this league I don't think anybody is doubting that. And he's going OK well then you guys must be having conversations of why am not being so yeah. So called cap predict would be plane right now if you wouldn't have made maybe a few mistakes with what Baltimore did it because Ray Lewis explained it out no I'm not. I'm not making this up. And he and his girlfriend ridiculed the owner. This would be quite the life he made I'm not making this up ridiculed the owner publicly and on social media prior is I ended yeah yes and that it doesn't matter who you're attached to. There's a problem Ray Lewis shared with us so I didn't make that up. He did do some controversial things case he created something. That is changed football and changed us as people watching football forever. Change something he wore things that were offensive to people Sox. He worse shirts that were offensive to a region in a country. He was very very polarizing. Does he deserve and have the skill set to play in this league yes. However. Nobody has a right. To be a professional football player. You don't have that it is part of you don't you're not also a right to have the job. To that at that is and it comes with becomes with a lot of responsibilities in as an owner or as a coach or anything you don't have to have that person on the roster. So while I say this is just as much he has every right to file this lawsuit and do all this. Because he's committing in my opinion career suicide because it's over nobody's ever in the united factory owner. And there are like five dude now you're suing the people who are your potential yet you don't see your employers. So that that is that being said is over but if I ever have looked at a player and I was a valuing too I mean this guy you have to look at these thinks it's not just can he play on the field. It's what comes with it. How does he fit what their locker room what does he do for the media how does he handle the fans. All these things that come with it now it's no longer just about being a football player it's who you are as a football personality it's who you are off the field on social media. Every owner. And people in franchise are looking at it that way it's like his playing ability right now is worth about 10% of its value. Yeah eighty you know as something else made the headlines. In urban Meyer's mind or Urban Meyer. Urban Meyer's wife is making headlines yes because she said she'd rather have Tim Tebow than calling Capra neck. In when I think of that. It is your laying everything out about you know yes this play a mean Tim Tebow won a playoff game in the NFL. He criticizes the ability to play the quarterback position like many have about calling cap because welcome cabinet led his team to suitable. But do we remember the reason why Tim Tebow wasn't signed by a a bunch of teams is because they didn't want to have the circus comes to town. The wind he. Win win he would be as our quarterback but he brought off the field in there there is a lot. If there is a lot in the mean this is completely opposite ends of the of the spectrum here. On. Calling cap critics' ideas in him being taking any Aziz political. Stance and social injustice protest. Has made people upset and angry. And with Tim Tebow he was. The being very religious and you know that. Alienating some people being eight more days. Pop culture. Icon in just bringing in the team Zeum types to practicing covering the teams and bring that circus around completely and related in that regard but. The idea behind the owners in the general managers are. We don't want our guide to be a distraction at a distraction. In hamper our team from preparing in winning and that is probably what the NFL is gonna lean on. Win they're saying this is that this isn't the first incidence instance where an off the field. Situation that it has nothing to do legal issues has held us from signing a player in that is prided pretty big legal footing that the NFL. Happy either and had Backus and I'm not a legal analyst arms can lean on some other people that are a lot smarter than I am and have this degree and say this is. This is a unwinnable case to be able to prove things of that nature specially 32 owners that are all decide including the league in league office. To be able to do something like that but. You know another people like this text says you know this lawsuit may just not be a last stand but it also. In month former another will try and further his social injustice cause which. I'd there is probably something in it into that as well but as initially either their reports were that hey you may be calling company does have some. Some weight here and could win it but the more people in legal experts are digging into their San and it's can be really hard for him to prove collusion. And if you were to do so it would get even more complicated because it's what two and a half times your potential earnings. And what is that with Colin capping is a league minimum is it the fifty million dollars but it what is it for on I wonder if you have to ask yourself this if your owning a team put yourself in an ownership. How Wear that hat anybody up or listening where that half for a second if you're if you're jobs generate revenue. But your but it's easy to generate revenue in this league right right now it seems really easy and put garbage out there and still making money. OK so you have to sit there and wait our winds. Above public perception in how the amount of the potentially. How divisive that individual can be that your your job. Are you putting winning above how divisive somebody can be be you have to measure that I don't know how to do that I know that me personally sitting in now. I'm like I don't want drama queens part of my my team if I was developing now I'd wanna but to disguise their workers. I would put my I mean if you put me in this in the Belichick mines. That fits with my personality and Kate Pete Carroll has a different mindset. Different personality with his players lesson to be outspoken. That's not as easy for me to do that can I be part of that team sure but I'm just saying it's just not that easy to say sign him bring him in it's just not. Our way but yen one point you wish you wish it would be. You know. You did you wish she would be that easy exit to bring inning guy based on his talent data on the merits or use the beat out latest it did it really did. Football is now it's just it's completely different. It's more than just Sunday it's staying at its every. Everything about who you are down to the court to the inside what you post what you share how you do it every day of the week it does not the same game. Freddie are on the fan is Rajiv by stark street on and are in the bitterly divide power equipment since nineteen. 65. The complaining by the pac twelve. Has it worked. Some signs may point to yes testing camel thing. This is custody and jam in the million dollar and 1080 Sam. As the complaining paid off for the pac twelfth. Goodness gracious in the villages are station to something happened the big conversation around the pac twelve has banned. Laid cakes there that double. Well the earth that affected if you take double if you take a look at the pac twelve this week. There is one game that starts after 7 o'clock this port dame QX fifty. Chip in for rude. Big we've got five old games in a road open your season. K five home games and then we punish you by dig elated take a breath you're committed and I thought it five straight home games there is a one game this week in the tax on the ticks off after. 5 o'clock in that is Washington State Colorado he jiggle a ground the pac twelve airs on a state Utah. 1230. Or gain UCLA. 0:1 o'clock kick. 430. Prime time game USC heads over to you as he. South Bend, Indiana effort Notre Dame game and then 5 o'clock you got Arizona. In California. I don't know I think California. Down on the fall in the ya. Yup there's an account the cost. Has the complaint about a tackle worked shorted work yeah because you know that the networks just looked at probably finally look down the lines that. You know we can put all the twelve games. Except USC right in the middle that it. It's nice that we read I guess we better because of as did yeah and it. Did this point it seems to have worked you do have. In that maybe something that always works complaining always works a little bit because you only hear the person with a loud as voice fell to read in the room with a guy yells there is there is and his we have these elect's windows schedules where. He had to broadcast partners ESPN fox. They can. Changed the times the games visited the fourteen day went on I think it's centered ten they went on his seven day when I think very difficult as a fan it does suck but. And what they have is there's network obligations to play a certain number of kick a pac twelve does he have a certain number of night games you're gonna deal with it. But there's also a certain number of guaranteed days that would games that will be daytime ticks and as we sit there and we're talking about Disney the 1230. Kick on FS one is Arizona State Utah. And that seems to me like at that fox going owned no. We have a certain number games in the pack two that we need to put the middle today tanked I think this is going to be when they're gonna have to put the middle of the day. So you have that game but if you look forward more and more games are going to be having. Those afternoon kicks already set in stone for next week is UCLA. Out Washington that witch who might favor -- time of all times 1230 tick yes on the when he locates well thirty's there are still three games that are probably gonna be flex by you have or Washington State air is on a which has the potential to be a an afternoon kick because the wildcats are one of the great surprises of the pac twelve. Also you've taught at Oregon a boring to get up off and that may begin Justin Herbert back that game. That game could be an afternoon Jake if you look at the pac twelve it seems like as everybody else's schedules across the country. Are more. I guess going down have you seen. Side note. The strength of schedule for Wisconsin yet remaining it's pretty it's it's not great it is brutal yeah it is. Like you go in in a brutal in a bad way brutal and in ways yes there are not a ton of great games. It's their fault. Eminem and use the same excuse now say. They don't put their schedules together in there and a bad division is yes in the U can't be can't pretend that you knew exactly how the rotation of the Big Ten to sixteen teams and you you're not gonna be able to play everybody all the time but can we say though. The pac twelve has done this is that you have had you have a pretty good idea. Of which teams are going to be good in your conference and always gets that but no this scheduling moving forward. Mean you know your traditional powers this is so back loaded for the pac twelve when you look at the finishing stretches and a lot of the traditional powers will have. In the pac twelve so if you take it teams that have being good. On the over the last handful of years you can goes Stanford. In Stanford in their final four games they have Washington State Washington Notre Dame and then they have the rivalry game against cal you do hub in their final stretch is got. Or against Stanford Utah Washington State. And they USC in their final stretch. They're probably had the easiest of anybody in the pactel which is they are Notre Dame did but then they have to go to Arizona State haven't you figured out college football they'd try to do they try to put Q via. Just suggested little taste early in the season of equality game but they pretty much put roll out a soft in the beginning. But then every conference except. The SEC. And it feels like rules out. Their big games at the end of the year why because it's a holiday times ran inside you wanna see college football you wanna seep into steam late in the year like you said and we've all said this before is it lose early. Why because if you lose early. All those big games coming out too late in the season in look no further than let the ACC candidate with clemson's schedule. In other seconds last conference game. It's Florida State. In out dates they're for real money have you wanna have a tough test early but vent which they got a global. On the road. But then you wanna have added two teams that in Florida State has two or let this down because they're not very good this year. But then you wanna have a matchup where the winner yet the end of it you can. You can say. That's the team that's gonna carry our banner ended in a dependable season. And I believe that it was the big twelve that kind of put this really on the map because when they didn't have a conference championship game. And that the year with a I think it was was it Oklahoma. And then all of a sudden everyone went was an Oklahoma getting in. Well they ended up getting in but in the argument was. They didn't have a championship game what is oak what is the big twelve going to do they're gonna back. Back load and have a pseudo championship game they put all they're good teams that they party deemed as good at the end of their schedules and now there are also gonna have a de facto championship game with only ten teams. So eat either way. College football the pac twelve straight following suit the ninth conference game for the pac twelve. Is critical elected. Yeah it is like that the killer it's sexy while it's just it's extremely. Critical can you imagine. Organ Stater duck fans. If you had. I don't know Montana. November 4. Man. To say that would be for a second would you complain about it I. As a fan. I would you would. Unless my team is playing for their Ugoh champion and he Jenny did you need to be honest with yourself well no you're quality football team that you did thing is that you get a game November 4 in its Montana. It's somebody like I don't know eastern Washington come to town post all wall and and then you have a few teams if you look at maybe year Portland State game. Can do schedule then did you imaginative the cubes like in the big leagues got off their Big Ten isn't a big sky losing streak who do you imagine the cubes were undefeated and then they had to and November 4 matching matchup with the eastern Washington a couple of years ago you like. All but think about think about the situation of having. Having knowing that if he had just heard another week to get ratings he was on the precipice but you knew you had an extra week essentially a bye week you know at Clemson plays after that big Florida State game. The citadel yes there we have it. And here we are in the pac twelve sitting back going worse wither peacocks out. We're so proud of our scheduling and how we do we you know also also proud of prod the fact that you won't be in the college football playoff is to beat the crap out of each other into the year which is okay in my eyes. But it fortune there's only four spots. If you are not doing the exact same thing as what other conferences what. That's like getting in a one handed fight it with a guy with two gloves it you got your arm behind your back when I did I could still reach it and I'm tougher than you do he's got two or. Arms is Larry Scott really wanted to pull one over. As you know everybody's starting to transition with the exception of the ACC air SEC rather to a nine game schedule like next year. ACC will play nine Big Ten plays nine. Big twelve has to play nine. Give as everybody transitions and a nine game there is guy does ask her over and you always good. It is like it it's our it's never gonna happen. But if the bid if you look at conferences across the board. I still think you could be Smart enough to schedule of a second bye week essentially is a smoke softer gamely season yeah out there you know the actual says prom with too early by like. Too early of a bye week in a Stanford lab where he knows he has none this year and they buy did such a disservice to USC well. USC does it to themselves because they appease Notre Dame by playing them in the like this week urged the pactel said this can be your bye week and they said. Okay well he's Notre Dame because we have that rivalry game Rihanna cited in right now because they're an independent tackles like well. Pick your poison deeds and you're gonna have to deal with it now mean if you played a game early and they they don't play so. They can't play unless it's University of Hawaii. You know how organ played in that zero week yeah dale although zero Wii games you either play Hawaii. Or you play NF CS opponent yeah I mean that's from. Unless it's rescheduled. Like. Yet to get a waiver and exempt waiver light. Organ stated Colorado State's that they can open up that new stadium. So and that's a that's a big problem for USC right there's to have that let's say it's a big advantage to have that that break. The big advantage for for anybody in the SEC especially if you're in Alabama or anybody to get right week and gets healthy and it's healthy for your rivalry games to. And while other teams are coming off bye weeks against you. You know. Alabama's preparing for that with the play and who it is who's out Leno played this year Mercer. Preparing for consumers that's a person. Mercer Mercer. Isn't that the guy who think a big Alabama's playing Mercer in November Mercer of the Mercer Stanley with super rich billionaires to fund a lot of political campaigns is not what they're doing and they started a college teams. And that's hitting theaters but I'm just gonna. Good on you man SEC's got a figured out. Well they do it at the end of the year they take nearly a day in you know what they do the best part about what the SEC does though is. They may do it at the end of the year played does pass the gay games the day do very good job of criticizing teams who play south schedules earlier here. They do because it's so you can knock them off the use stand there and point down that you go do we do you can say this look of the them Alabama was sitting there with a leg to stand on in their like. Hey. We're gonna give washing incredibly and Rutgers months in Fresno state we've got flu stay. On our schedule week London and then we also play Fresno state yeah. This week line. And then by the end of the year after they get off their pulpit and criticizing ready plain weak schedules early they claim Mercer late. And then Nick Saban would yell at everybody telling us how rat or is a game that is is and how they're takes a very seriously. In Georgia southern could IE can't hate on it it's brilliant. I wish we did it out here in the pac twelve what's brilliant is that they win championships and again that's my point naked and they win find a way to do they went. Are at five factories here five as bridge for Beers tech sang you're it's your prayers have been answered unless you're content because you still have to play late games. Sink or swim. Big too big gains in the pac twelve this weekend com. That could have implications. On who goes doable and whose days some first is Crawford with sports and. This does. 7:37 on the Tuesday morning dusty Sarah came Cleveland. I'm changing my thinking about Tuesday is enough Marty feel like I'm a better person because of it. Good for you look at you says it's a great day. Teased as our I every Tuesday at 730 we'd do it odds are sink or swim we take a look at. Eve must win games across the pac twelve yeah last week. It was basically. Every game in the pac twelve his or sink or swim because we had some pivotal match it's the one that we did not have as a sink or swim or did team that we did not have. Where's DT Washington schools. Cal Washington State on Friday night Washington Arizona State on Saturday night. Envoy do we feel little sheepish for not having now won but we did have some big ones Vuitton. And USC I mean you see. Had to rally from behind down 217. At the break to win 28. To 27. Macs don't Arnold looked very beatable the USC as a whole their offensive line is struggling yet they stay alive improved to six and one that's a. Good win for them did Arnold is together it separates everything at all times he's the one that is there a reason. USC's his word is and that's why they rank so high and that's why they continue to find ways to win games you talk if if if they only cast him Arnold. The win that's a typical Utah game. We have big balls for coach we need him to deal to go after that over to Jim and go for in their. There quarterback away for the on TV and around that. So frustrating to hear from the age you stand. I docs tennis fingers who have knowledge down on the farm way adding to the way that they thought it would go 497. Big thinker there we talked about that you know that was the biggest thing that was a big stinker when atlas for the beads. Korey Hall comes in. Forty instate. For the first time this season in only the third time in three seasons. Out gain their opponent in rushing and passing yards. Yet they still fall the Colorado 3633. Call me crazy they lost that game. I thought that that was the best game they've played all year long it was very strange to me to see the office of production that they finally had. I don't know personally wise we didn't see more of that you can put your own tin foil hat on and put your own theory together. But that was a good impressive balance for them and who Colorado came in. And they just found a way just enough to get it done I mean that was to be best effort and just short. Yes it was and then in the nightcap. We had Arizona. Beating out by UCLA. Powell about those wildcats. They are. Vick could. With a four and two pick and their quarterback is probably the best most athletic quarterback in this conference and I think. But they continue to win football games the other good we have a winning record that they give you the good status would. Great elite they're not there yet but we're had been steadily poignant this year. In their foreign Tutu and one in conference play probably gonna give USC a little bit of a fight I don't know what to make of them. In I think they they deserve a little bit of conversation that is better value of big stinker. Was UCLA I mean they fall to three and 31 into impact of play. That's a speed it would UCLA or arms or USC. After the Notre Dame they're gonna get in the stampede they got home vs Arizona didn't going to be easy right now. New new new new new ball here's your god take USC will lose again. Really yeah and I bet they lose this week and and they lose again. A get a gonna have three losses well let's get to this week's gains USC Notre Dame this is big when pac twelve really wants I shot at a college football playoff. They've got beat Notre Dame they had beaten down this is it the pac twelve wants in. They must beat Notre Dame. Because not only is it teacher the pac twelve. South division in the conference team being getting more credit after that win. It's Notre Dame continues to win. They will bump the pack two and a caveat I think USC can win this game two I think they win no but if I'm wrong which is okay and they do win. That will give them enough momentum to finish out the year but this game if you lose. It goes takes city yes there play we've seen it before DS CT know about this time of the year. I the other one the other LA school dad in the Rose Bowl that acts visited UCLA. This is the huge one for him to begins. This is if Ford in wants to be able team this year. They need to win this game this is one of those games you have to win if you're gonna be able eligible for both you see four more wins and organ schedule without Justin Herbert. Thought without does it ever had a prediction was an eight win season has literally receive that was with a healthy Justin Gerber now can you get bowl eligible without him that's looking ahead and you can't give bowl eligible to you only need six. There's just a few more wins but this is a new to him because they're remaining schedule is UCLA. You time at home at Washington Arizona one of those scenes it can't put our finger on right now and in Oregon State where are the two wins in there. I don't see I don't he teamed with just without Justin Herbert who will go a little game for organ you'd it's a winnable football game but you just got to hope. You don't see right now because the mid the turmoil what's going on in UCLA with you more word about his job Josh Rosen can light you up at any time. You don't know what you're gonna get it's out home on the road. It's on the earth I've been saying it's out home for you at UCLA so they're now have to worry about coming up north you have to be able to score. In that big question if you'll see the football and against their terrible and ten times. A beautiful ball more than ten. And he had done the other one here this a go along way from bowl eligibility as well airs on that count. Cal at home. Hubble these teams or win teams right now dated the wildcats are foreign to cal is 43 right now. Vacate got their first pac twelve win last week against Washington State will it be allowed them week. I don't know what to think of this game. I don't I really don't I cannot put my finger I'd I don't know what to think I'm excited for guys that I hear Arizona rules of choose fireworks I'm like I'm guessing so I essentially and I'm guessing because I think that you can't stop the quarterback for the quest. And I I am I'm legitimately guessing I have no idea what to do and if you're an odds maker you're picking Arizona by three that's got to the line. Yeah I've no idea. Who's gonna show up at this point evening they're six points better begin three point Alfred home field is the biggest thing. And then the other like in Arizona State win on the road this is you're gonna get Arizona Jacqueline hi sorry Arizona State is gonna get beat up by Utah it nicely well on the road it's. Just you can mark this down as a lock of the week see this is great about pac twelve right now in Utah knows it because there are nine and a half point favorite never pretty big business death or games. That are ridiculously meaningful. In conference play this year this week vol one of us non conference game in Notre Dame USC but that'll have caused both left implications winner of it. He just keeps their slim hopes alive build user is eliminated from the college football playoff conversation. That Notre Dame USC game. All right we do it every Tuesday at 730 it is our sink or swim. Revisit two games and last week and take a look ahead at Ford the week. Leading up and also great games are next week as well. Pactel slate will continue to impress. Gimme seasoned stars tonight will X these descendant of the what's in the NBA regular season. Gets underway. At ten night let's. Some 45 on the. This is dusty and jam in the morning and onto Canadian say unknown. And here regular season starts tonight. Hi every year mean returns to Cleveland against the cavaliers. And we will find out. If in fact the Houston Rockets can't play any defense whatsoever. As they play the Golden State Warriors if you're gonna ask for teams to come out of the gate. You couldn't ask for a better lineup it's almost as if that and silver knew that country serving was going to use demanded trade from Cleveland to Boston last winter when they release earned last summer when they released the schedule. Coups and no league is drink now yes it's. One of those things yet defense conference finals matchup and it's the one of people wanna see in so you get visas and every Tuesday better. It now how many yachts and baseball. Hush. Owner true I gotta watch this game they'll remember carrier ring is making his return they're going I've heard. They're gonna do some sort of tribute to him which. Does that involve middle fingers is why would you the guy made the shot the one you championship. I know you should at least have a little bit of thankful this towards him it is also Cleveland's Victor batteries that LeBron James and his return people or people would crazy slow. In. LeBron said he'll be fine when he returns here. You know it gosh that one really doesn't do much forming. But I don't believe NBA players have the same disdain for each other as. Probably NFL players do I just don't think so I think they go really do a deep down inside they do get along that if your Isiah Thomas is gets left off the dream team. In 92 because nobody like him fielder Isaiah Thomas in not not this one he's either JR Smith and treated out last night that he is playing NBA TK. And Isiah Thomas is player refuses to pass the ball that I. Epithet at a it's pretty funny. That but. I a and he is more of this is not up or more the better the players there are more urgent unified and united in the ambiance I Ivan which if I don't think there's a big deal about that in they're the ones getting paid hand over fist. They controlled leak a weird owners. On so we get along with each other. And they make more money new and it's all guaranteed about that years and may create great candidates. Yeah it's way too early for me I'm the one thing I hope is that Gomes stages crushes Houston because I don't like the rockets. Are they more likable now know were before noon may be a little with Chris ball. But certainly more interest in my disdain for stern of basketball this year for shots now so gonna get 2530 shots a game James Harden. My only point guard Mario luxuries you now my one wish is that. Chris Paul plays really well in the rockets go 500 and they give up like a 140 once again that's. We know that. Do we know. As I don't see. They're definitely there definitely one of the four best teams in the west. And a but I won the gulf 500 and I had to OG doubts my wish okay are in the gulf 500 in New York City Houston hater you hate the rockets and love the Astros go figure that one they'll love the city Houston I just love the Astros weird you should increase the city that's where your favorite team is. No I know said I need to do that if he should he should. Sell that I don't get I don't get it's one thing I can't agree with that the NBA the blazers did underway tomorrow by the way for blazer fans out there this CJ Lewis lasers. Yeah. Mountain Dew in the hold me back Perot thank. When the Yankees get onboard with is. Kings rookie point guard geared box. Out of Kentucky up he's making big headlines today and it's quite the controversial figure. In Sacramento right now and really the state of California. As he told. Damien trailers on Twitter which is a reporter I cannot remember what her name really is. But in an interview controllers on her last name not steamy trailer is her trailer and yet so rot so he so high. She told sir rod so high. In interview. That. It is now is not good he said he all I gotta say you can tell everybody that lives in the state to California this. In and out is not good so what's your beef then and now you said there burgers are rated their just okay. Is she said even animals that suggests people always say you haven't tried this Yemen tried that I'm like yeah looked at seeker menu I tried it all it's just not good. In so those are fighting words at the people of California there. I'm not a not a good PR move by the rookie no don't come out of the gates saying that you need to embrace in and out and by the way. You pressure mouth that's its rules. Although. No I don't break in and out as a top five burger it's it's about the experience in the ease and how good it is at the time of need great customer service yes great milk shakes them. But in and out is overrated because of the fact that. I love in and out when I go to California I got out of Medford I'll get in and out the putt. Here's your buyer in Fox's point. The people of California do oversell in and out there as I did this come to Jesus life changing moment that you'll have and a does agree that deprived. Well problem launching California and you need but it is really good for passive excellent and it's priced like fast dude yes it is I always liked about it. You'll spend about the same needs spanned. Your average fast food place but its high quality. Here's where I'm coming after Deere and fox. It's so she does what he is the best. Facet joint although our you know please say. He's had six chick filet I knew it he himself honestly for me I don't gigantic play because it's way too good to be considered fast you'd which I consider by way overrated. Way overrated overpriced it's treated just. Okay yeah I know. Like overpriced and overrated the chicken is actually the third best thing on their menu the size of the burger was like that he was it was it was like a servant zones that are for the silent radio lighter it's like a slider and I went you're charging me white for white. You know for that really in and out doubles and up. It and it's really honestly when Dion to Dick's gone. In Seattle. Predicts double deluxe with cheese Kagan is you do that did it and I had a big bad trumps all of that would mean double looks that she's trying to shake that's my my go to but. In and out is right there we did win windier and fox comes up to play the blazers in Portland. I'm gonna reach out to him via Twitter Imus say hey. I'll take out to burger they'll. We're gonna go in we'll have a and a statue to deny real nice meal of the earned him. With that Tillman cheeseburger there and very good C which got there or was that his side but very good day. I know I know you get what you pay for you'll want equality or soil has added burden of breakfast burrito is. Very good and now it's my only it's my go to. For little shakes are the best very good not big enough not big enough to small. Very frustrated about Yahoo! too small period. No decent 1716 ounce cups that's not cnet's like nothing yet and I want to 22 or twenty ounce minimum when the economy not how you for that you did delicate 32 ounce chili don't you know get a 32 ounce chilly do you well it's an aide don't you gotta you've got don't resist Columbia's 32 out at least you've got these big goal but like asking nobody has that it. The you'd ordered its sixteen ounce is too small mistake I want a twenty ounce option. Don't make me and encouraging ideal order or no they don't allow that a little frustrated with that. And non U yeah Brady in my I think your voices been heard Macomb township and by the way. The best burger UK when you don't win these together with Canada go until it was after the game one time greeted I was would expand that I thank you. After the gators gave the best the best milk shake out. I would say I've burger goes the timber Jolie so give the average Joseph lets that the special mixture and asked for the towards what is it. Tell me I don't what ordered the timber Julie not nobody idiots. Oreo chocolate com innocence goes it. Imminent to do that gang and so I'm clearing box I agree with you in and out is a little oversold but it is really get not on the menu like you who. Went on the menu he's now a look at but deer and fox. You. Can take a hike but this chick played in the best all Tripoli via you can take a hike when they're probably just his passes to play in from the south. But just ask him this tape aired on Sunday's where you can eat. Who's he's got to earn. Through in and out it is now is there open open and okay. So be it by the lady NBA stars tonight that's our NBA tougher today burgers hot facet joint stock. Tied to tackle season we are at the midway point. Can you put your finger on Arizona. And what are your midseason grades for your local teams. Texas by punter by the average for Beers Texan testing get on the band.