Dusty and Cam - 10.16.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, October 16th
Oregon pummeled by Stanford, Washington lays an egg, and Wazzu loses a big game and their athletic director.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin camp in the morning and we've just inherent. And NFL veteran Sam Cleveland fans that have left on the road little miss him most of its revenue that would fit didn't know. On the 1080. Shout outs. Portland torrents. NW SL chance. I saw that. Yes I did. Yeah. Go to Florida print it when it for a year and Orlando get thorny nice is invalid but no there's is at an zawahiri had a this scarves that's a few and thorny. On them Baghdad scene of the soccer scarves. But Portland thorn bullies chances are collisions the timbers. Since we're big soccer shot. Timbers. And we talked about teen USA soccer last week it would and so we're soccer shoe now. I timbers apparently are going in the playoffs now. So that's good it's good for those guys at your editor is like a win her because they called the Audi and the less Playhouse. As that it I think I saw there some clips of some fans that welcomed the ladies back at the airport. And a ability had a rally at province are plus Snyder cool so congratulations excellent site other than nothing to shake stick at when you win a championship. Matter what and care what level you or that's that's deserves congratulations we evade. I think it's one of our legal ID things that dam prayed. That's what is from the timbers when there's some great bunker prayed throw it right here. A team that isn't winning any TV tubes years organs football team. And tough game. 49 to seven. 49 to seven the ducks go down. On the the farm and they get beat by Stanford. Oh my goodness the tees straight losses that they've had since Justin Herbert wind down at his for a fractured collarbone. It's the offense has been sputtering. Is that it was there anything signs of hope they year looking at and you look at this organ team in and you go. They can offensively no become more than one dimensional I. Think so too because it's very difficult it's very difficult ask the quarterback to come off the bench. Indy is good is just sooner it is because you just don't have the wraps you don't have the talent. And he just doesn't have the innate ability it's it's so hard to find one quarterback in this conference but the fine too. In and out offense in your first year when you're just hoping for something. You're running football team or is always been that kind of style running football they got the talent there. Just cornerback play you half when teams know you're gonna run the football you've got to be able to make a third down she. It'd be an indictment on Braxton Burmeister and what his potential could be as a none at all either because he has a true freshman he was an early enrollees. But you weren't relying on him this year I mean what they meant to be perfect world a year recruited him she registered a year get the offense down. And you're gonna have Travis Johnson and Terry Wilson. V the back ups and you're going to be able to grow. Burmeister over not just a redshirt year but the year after that as well. It. Just in Herbert gets hurt in I think it shows you how valuable how good die young man is causal or how valuable court reckless he is he is a dang good quarterback and his value to this team. Is. I mean you look at that they were on a record setting pace. How many teams in the country do you think OK and Ellis knocked on the country let's go in this conference this conference alone how many teens. In this conference can handle a quarterback loss. Like what you have with Justin Herbert. What was to be the same without fault no well another quarterback came and played well would Washington be the same without Jake brown. No Kerry Wood UCLA beat seem well maybe last week and they would have been the same about USC and Sam Arnold now okay it UCLA and what about you saw they bring in Troy no William's calendar not even close to the same they have hit a rough patches this unfortunate thing in college football or is this a pac twelve thing that because we've seen freshmen do really well. We seem freshman do well in the SEC. MA IN NEC team took his team to the national championship game Jalen hurts as a freshman. There are. It is unfair is it a conference set up is it how much pressure we put on. Young men cheers for C eighteen year old and nineteen year old to be able to say you'd need to lead this team and. Really good that's the thing you did indeed they weren't asking Jim and hurts to do a lot and you had so much talent around him. They yet it did I guess one of the issues that I sit there and I'm watching organ play is that. Yet you're not asking banks and Burmeister to do a lot. But. We're not seeing much of anything towards like the middle of the field and in near and intermediate passing game it's bubble screens or something vertical. And then need is word Roy real and writers registry for free in last whereas the innovation and then you have some weapons or even as things this is simple as like you know every offense replacing a blitzer towards the middle of the field just now can't he can't replace. Not only experience a court victory can replace this innate ability to see the field. Paper rushers is not he's not seen appealed the game is fast M I'll I look at it and look at that the game is really fast brim right now. And that's what happens when your ET and then of course when you have the situation we're offense isn't pulling the weight thing you've thought in your hoping that they could do. You're defense then in turn. Starts to you over for react in big put themselves in tough fines and Bryce love what a special player that guy is. If he doesn't if they continue on this pace and that man doesn't win the Heisman. Really do. Mean that's bid this would be this be another Stanford snub you know the only one he's got to chase it is certainly sick on Barkley yes mr. Berkeley. And that that 67 yard touchdown run it's not just that Chrysler has those tests Enron's. When they happening games you just sit Daniel X is the more the old. My goodness now put them up fourteen nothing it was a one play drive. Where they'd you just went OK it's going to be one of those nights in for a defense that's led gut punched when you go on a poke just how well they block. Stanford is how disciplined they are spruce on the power play which they runs alone pull the guard and the tight ends blocked down. I learned anything organ can do they tried to get to their fits and it didn't even matter if I see toss dive one more time off. That unstoppable if aid is why is that plays so in Seoul hard to defend. The organ below because the way. Stanford blocks of their offensive linemen they are the best in the conference of keeping their shoulders square when you have shoulders square on the offensive line. It means you give your back every single direction he can pick and if you keep that shape and you fit. In that it looks like it honestly looks like a picket fences in front of you and all you have to do is pick decrease. You're not directing him where to go also tossed dive works all over the place because of the discipline of their. And it's my initiated and poetry in motion when you watch it this year it's gorgeous. It really is but Oregon's defense did kind of settle and they held Bryce love Hewitt for the forty some yards after the first two drives of the game but that is team impact and importance of price up he goes for a 147 yards. A hundred in nine album were on those first two drives three dozen 67 yards yet but at 34 yarder in ten yarder in five yard touchdown run. On those first two drives a mean. That kid is special I think playmaker he needs to be in that comers in. I love that David's job is he got in his two touchdowns got a hundred yards in the first two drives before everybody went to sleep on the East Coast if you do like our Ali and go to sleep priceless really getting tried in Russia 500 yards at 11 o'clock on the East Coast people Libya for like twenty minutes of bright screen feature right now. They've got at exit twenty minutes. They did it. They did at good news for duck fans I don't know all. I don't see how this is happening. It is according to rob Muslim go docs dot com. The ducks' practice every Sunday. And this region the first sentence of his practiced for from yesterday. It says. No point trying to bury the lead here when the Dutch returned to practice field a day after losing 497 at Stanford the most interest and so I was cornerback Justin Herbert in the helmet and Jersey. Since fracturing his collarbone against cal two weeks ago you a sophomore. Has done some strengthening in exercises and even throw the ball loose during practice that Sunday it was his return to full practice gear with the rest of the team. Remember non throwing shoulder. On throwing shoulder Lara caller Banja so that's it could be significant. Very significant and definitely not what are Rogers dealing with on the Bruins are older no because this is this is changes things. Here's the other thing though that's not what this young man do something stupid I know the medical staff in the coaching staff are above this. You you're not any year where you're going after a national championship run you can stock up and really save him for that don't do anything that that works the next two years of his career. You goatee UCLA then you have you taught and then out Washington. Yeah I mean UCLA doesn't play defense but the next team defense is will hate you so. Let that thing heal a Smart whether I know they will be at a something tells me he's throwing ill. He's drawing you mid may billion enough rope her shoulder pads on him but a double play this week. As something tells me that you did not concede just Herbert at least not sign any papers it says we news with the rate diminish collar bone. Really. So until now I can just go on their and his Rich's column on Wright and his body injecting an amateur champion and they're I don't know what they're doing. Yeah so that was the knees and ducks rattled bubbles in his although whole round slowly do death. Or again followed by Stanford 49 to seven. Washington no relay is a rare Hague under Chris Peterson what happened down in the desert. 814 on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know on 1080. What happened in a desert thirteen to salve and what a weird game is the Washington felled Arizona State Arizona State is showing something that we haven't seen. This season we've seen the Sun Devils get indie shoot out they end up beating or again 3735. On that night in Tempe. We've seen them lose inexplicably. In shootouts fifty Q 45 to Texas Tech. I can't remember the last time we seen them play a thirteen seven game only twenty total points scored against Washington what happened with the Huskies often. Overall they just late inning they really didn't they didn't show up to play their defense did enough to wind offensively this is up completely. As much as you say all college football you wanna be balanced usually the Washington's been somewhat balanced. This year you would expect them to have a little bit of intensity their offense was terrible. His freshman year. It it was I mean it throws were high frowning scrambling to seventeen to 3039. Yards no touchdowns no picks yet no touchdowns no picks it just was it would be looking very. Underwhelmed. Up underwhelming. Big Ten carries for negative 24 yards. On on the night which. Jake running that's one of the things he is kind of one of those magicians and give Arizona State credit because there. You know I there's one of those sacks where I son discounted deal in the Russell Wilson running around saying terrible and he had no room to get loose and he never threw the ball which is something. The day he she tried to do so many things I know he was put pressure on himself that. I'm given complete credit because for Arizona State to do something they've never done before even during the broadcast if you watch it which should probably know a lot of people did it. Arizona State did something never done a Todd Graham the soft blitzing. Yeah he's the heck out of Washington what would you are known to do if you stop the tendency that your always good out and everybody knows Todd Graham is super aggressive. What they do is they dropped eight. The drop date on passing situations and in bring a lot of pressure him to mall underneath. In everything in the way Washington sets up their protection there Frontline protection they don't create. A curve pocket so everything's based off of play action protection. In nowhere to go in and he's not a scramblers trying to create down the field getting guys are still rumors of space it was brilliant game planning. By it would Todd Graham did on the give him atomic credit because they did and watching just got their butt handed to profits. It isn't just offense though buried the three phases of the game crisp all in teams. On special teams they're usually. Double Beagle and the way that they turn their Ted's we've seen and have bad defense of games we seen them have bad offensive games. Special teams are terrible to Ernie kicking game. Is the worst kicking game in the country. And I am not even you have to kickers that are meant to and I say this about kickers and look on the ransom a ski people that. The kickers were so badly missed a 27 yarder and essentially a shorter than a PAT. Mystic like I'm talking at the wedge 45 feet behind and missed it so these are these again. Welcome to world of kickers is why don't hate them as people just don't hate them as players. You could you can't base your livelihood. On that if you go for those games in those situations you might be different. But putting your livelihood on kickers everybody. Don't do it. Yeah well the football but this is this is college football on the road. Washington is not a top five team when you play like that. You're not you don't deserve to be a top five team and you go down the road vs a very good team you know he had a chance to win a game and he didn't do what you got beaten there's policy deserve all the credit. Yes and indeed the Hubble pump blocks you get it done in that first half which is led to you. There. Now meeting does test out of is field well I got out of that but I mean you add that on top of the ability to knock in an extra point. Well there ego may not is. It would I have we haven't seen those. Very. Very few and far between when Chris Peterson teams do that. But we have seen in happen when he is up Boise makes the global losses to you you know Nevada Utah State or what and whatever Tino was. Then you'd sit there and you go. How why and give Todd Graham some credit. Given some credit because our route many Wilkens throws the best the most beautiful football down the field is touches and some is super great. Mid range wise but he has a beautiful pro in the keel Harry. Is a first round pick and kill hairy in the number one wide receiver I in the country two years ago he is is one more year to go to Q well I think is he a sophomore as he Asif. But he's a Busan dude he's a monster and he picked organ apart duck fans know that I mean he was the reason why they'll neck watching dude could even tackle him and it was a terrible tackling game he looks like LeBron James and shall that he's mutant yeah. But also. One thing Todd Graham did in this is this goes back to back the Browning kind of being VG mentioning drop day. They didn't have anybody. Like further than 25 yards downfield but in math you know why Orr in Washington has zero vertical threat to near 00 they need one. They just had a safety and I kept design and Donte' tennis. And then other that it is kept everything and president. Eight guys and defending. All across the field no further than like twenty yards downfield play if you can't run the football Washington is not a deep throwing team Jake Browning does not throw the deep ball. As good as anybody in this and not a not successful police overtime and you have Dante pettis and they just double team and you don't have a number two are open and Austin. Hunter I'm Sandra Bryant the tide in freshman as your number two. That's it you don't have any other threats on the outside so they could run the football in Arizona State's game plan again. Is brilliant. Of the got to buy this week and then they're back at it I look at the team they gave here looking at those going on their schedule. Wide use but heirs and estate was able to do to them there's probably one team that can do it as well. And that is he tough. Mike doesn't that seem like it that easy day have. UCLA Oregon Stanford Utah Washington State to finish out their season you tell seems to me like that type Bettina can pull off what tied game was able to do. Yes certainly and I think it's Stanford to those two games there's no easy road for Washington at all now they got to be applicable to getting those last not in a -- Stanford Utah Washington State all in a row and the good thing is I guess if you're if you're a huge up probably has a buy and Stanford by as by two gallons chicks would you have rather lost at all earlier this isn't really early it's a middle loss mean last year he lost to UCLA or USC in the middle of the season two up does that mean you can change things around potentially but there's a lot of teams are known as comforts are fighting. Utah's frighten everybody Arizona's get better. Washington and they get it and try to bounce back in the. Arizona's getting a lot better than a lot lucky you don't play them. In Washington another thing the it team keep in mind. Washington plays Stanford. On the road on a short week that's on Friday night game after they play organ. So we'll have the docs. Ending year Stanford on the road short week at night. One game at a time on this conference pac twelve needs to stop sending their good teams on the road. In Friday night games USC Washington State Washington think it's terrible so it's terrible. It is Friday night games are terrible calls football stupid. Yeah it's off high school football night anyway who don't ruin it you do it it's stupid well the the pact ocean allowed their teams to do it the Big Ten allowed their big name programs do and say if you don't plan Friday night let us now. And I guarantee you I mean. For for school like for organs stay in cal. Yet you mean you might need those because those immediately in Washington State nationally televised Friday night games as a joke to. And that's a big joke terrible but is that it is I don't it's not everybody is in so. No they do it's their fault speaking of Washington state bill possible or just a football game this weekend this could have a big ripple effect. They do get crushed in their football. But Dan a bigger loss on that could have a ripple effect across the country. Is Crawford sports that are. This is dusty and gem in the morning and on 1080 Beltran. I Washington State. Lost 37 the three. TU cal. Five interceptions for one Luke fall. Wall. Including one on a shovel pass. Which is just bizarre. It or just really quickly go for me let. That came for Clemson to lose to Syracuse. Was that more of of a crazy game or was just the way Washington State got beat by counting the way. The entire body to where it says that the claims and losses more extreme now police that game was they lost their starting quarterback to a concussion. They had a freshman and and still they had a chance to win the game. The cougars look like. Oregon State. Early season no daily yeah wording views don't work day. Well organ state hasn't been that terrible in the navy when I started it colonel mustard touchdown every game it that is. Didn't even act quickly wanted to be there at that game it just was it looked so. Disjointed. In Darryl is a mean it led to Mike Leach going absolutely bonkers. On the in the post game press conference like game prime my favor one of the year so far from Leach and elect gets somewhere where you're. Search for brunch when there's a bright spot. Where pathetic. You know we're a bunch of pathetic front runners. There. Because our guys played Arden ours did and that's where it all starts their effort through their effort far overshadowed ours. Said he got out coached they got outplayed and they did there I mean I cannot. The hit thousand Howell. As placed here you know get those sleep watt games at this point near you know it happens everybody every year in the age you know it's so large urban is Saba. We saw Clemson to an extent do that Washington did it washes stated on the same week that's why it's so hard to go on defeating Colin. So here's something you can't measure with with a stepped in this is this is football in general it's momentum is hard to measure with the staff how do you gain momentum and Heidi gained confidence. When you look at a team the cal comes after about kicking up in Seattle on the comes down home and host Washington State with the all the confidence in the world. When you give a team. And you put ranking on a team you're gonna get everyone's number one you're gonna get their best game because you know there's there's a target on your back. So already coming into the game Cal's gonna give you everything they can't because they know your supposedly good. Here's the other things you have a hard time measuring when you give him a couple plays but it turned over to turn over. In football. Is like someone injecting. Pure adrenaline in your body and taking a syringe in just injecting everybody on the sideline. It brings an energy level up to where you go work in this and then you multiply that by five. It's hard to measure that the demoralizing side it's like someone sucks the life out of you with a syringe on the other side is that you like. Again you mean to tell Roman world goes down the sideline. And has that huge run and then what happens next I tipped interception. It sucks the life about it you can't measure that and then cal goes we got this. Is immeasurable. And being at home is huge two in the situation of course you feed off that a little bit more. Home on Friday night which is the day I was hugely for them even bigger than that loss though is the loss of their athletic director bill news. As inane as you Ernie at Nebraska concerning news came in 2010 he really company Roche organ turned around. That entire Washington state athletic department yeah we actually how crazy is that timing. That we had brink in on Friday we are talking to him about half being your leader in bill listener talk about organ state god bill moos has a former cougar yet she is a cougar would true and true. How does someone like that just up and leave future meetings getting paid over a million dollars that's how you days that they had their life her now but Nebraska said. We need we need Nady who gets it yet Noll bill moos it is all in. He's a very good athletic director. And that's a massive loss for the Q now everybody sitting there and saying one anywhere today go from here they're gonna lose Mike Leach you know and the rumor instantly goes to my cleats Nebraska. We have to be concerned too if your cougars and the only reason is because it means a whole new regime comes and that's the hardest part is everybody that bill moves had working underneath him. In the athletic department those people now when's that new person comes in. You have with your interview purposes you say I might not like Q they wanna put their own stamp on it so does that mean the things are gonna change it yes. Things will change there is a party kind of a steam the support for Mike marlin is the associate athletic director he's bill this is right hand man. Ended by all accounts. Is very tight with Mike Leach in Mike Leach actually communicates more with him than he does illness. Also. Of note in this is that bill on this said. As of this morning. That he has a text message from Michael each. But hasn't responded to it or read it so he has an eye for it to your fans are freaking out going well this is all played. No it caught everybody by surprise. I surprise in Michael each. Who was one of those people are cop buys present so it hasn't been like this. Conspiring against you tubes to take. Likely to them we tell me this you know Nebraska is not patient enough look at Washington State in he conceded bill moos is gonna take over October 26 is I think is his first workday as some like to his official first workday Nebraska is not waiting till the end of the year to get somebody new in place they're also not waiting a year to keep coach Riley around either no this is gonna be a complete wholesale change has to rescue people are warning it. Right away and cougars for you this that this hurts a little bit going in after a tough loss in now you lose your leader yeah your athletic department leader. Who it has brought in all the money and spend the money. Because you lost him because you don't have the resources that Nebraska does and that's unfortunate because that's the world of living. In the pac twelve some of these teams now that is the haves and have not seem to UT. I mean that is a million dollar athletic director. Nobody turns it down in that even if your 66 years old eagle notes indoors that's why yelled and if you trusts. Years social. Eight athletic director. It's not bad thing to stick with him because you could go and they don't delay that Oregon State is now where. Organ state isn't just on their third head football coach in three years at the Pentagon not. They already on their third athletic director since Bobby careless mom was in charge after micro aren't. So mean there is a slippery slope there in essence they Scott Barnes is going to be leaving any time sending an unfortunate thing for smaller schools and part of when you see now so much money being involved because we didn't see this years ago because the money was people. But now that the money's becomes so heavy. On one side when you get 44 million dollars in the Big Ten per team and then the conference here it's 25 million dollars. That's a bunch extra money to pay for people huge. Seems so when did you not say the arms race when everyone out here in the conference says oh we got our we don't care more herbal with the your your leader. Larry Scott is not investing enough money and not tearing up a contract in team we need more to invest here and you lost. Washes that you lost your leader because of money you can lose him because he didn't wanna be here you lost because a financial. Nobody turned that down that's a financial decision that the conference is not investing Z. I'm he had that that's the big one is that so Bill Lewis says he didn't talk to anybody about it didn't have any IndyCar Series that they body. I'm wondering if they went to some of the hive Clinton. Boosters and said it's gonna take you it's gonna take it's a million and change to keep illness. I might think that they'd be willing to do that I don't think so. Mean how much his film is getting paid washing is stay it. Not a million dollars. No certainly are the majority of money that was spent was spent. For years to come see you're still paying down the money that you're spent based on your television revenue. You know Nebraska dispense it because they have people that want to spend it. They don't have aids is they just do nothing they have no they have exorbitant amounts of money there and it's not close so that's as that's the that's just the sake side of deal with the organ state steal that washing state now is gonna taste it. It just is. Union more we need more out here on the West Coast especially in this conference you need to find ways. To generate more revenue nationally for this comes right Eller Scott is not doing a good enough job to get that done. To compete is for get a coach all the good stuff. Here's take him away. Yeah well. They do do do do I am looking right now. At the. Now says 689000. Dollars and so it's taken. Almost doubling his pain keep them there. That's a lot of cage and his. A lot of cash and I don't know if they would have been able to do that but as it is that's a big loss to Washington State does indeed it's evolved the money to its as the leaders the pivotal hire that comes out is and how he brings and what he's what he puts is a major focus and athletics. Activity that the cougars had with them the most is great guy is huge leader than this it's not easy to replace that yup. While. You know it kind of lead you TUQ strikingly no matter what. If that job opened up and it did any is now the athletic director at Nebraska along with Mike Riley for now. And Mike Riley's time you mention new starts on the 26. Micro these days could be numbered even before that because sometimes Nady will go. To have the interim guy in the head coach and I'll come in with a fresh that I don't wanna come in as the guy who fired zone so and so put it on the university president chancellor to give me a fresh I would do this part of the deal. I've probably if we see it quite often is that that's the way knew that incoming and athletic actual handle is get rid of this guy. So I connect my higher and the people that do you like. You know Mike Riley can't be that need to be Nana you. And then you move for that went. A big loss for a for the cubes not just on the football field but in that like department has bill mrs. that it is a good one. And desist text mean anything to bill moos was asked for contract extension. He specifically asked the university. Washington university's president for contact. Contract extension was turned down twice while. Yeah I'd been test. I wanna like see you later to look what I've done for your whole Cain is cool and IB ER a life is I don't know that is probably mr. I'd be pretty upset I'd be theories and by university president over that. Keep the guy. Who is doing a great job adult money money is critical here in this park twelve if you're gonna measure up in he can't measure up right now. Mr. Alvarez was he's operating a third year the deficit. And go ahead and go live to go look. Go and look at what. Athletic departments are actually operating. In the black and you'll go low. Hey it is a staggering number and operate in the electorate in the know in the black because that the number that is in the black audience is so low you'll go oh right you featured yeah even some of the need and the big names hi. Big players in college sports Bayer not profitable. They are not profitable. Athletic departments so. Being in debt really isn't as big did a deal as. Some make it out. All right. Yes what a terrible weekend for the cougars. See. You know that it goes back to the treasury for the cards right you can't have nice things have. So we think we got some started a week ago. Bank human beings even about being conference. Yogurt that in this press. Cash and it goes so quickly. Goes so quickly in. Kids may have disappointed this weekend but Major League Baseball postseason has not we have got. Two unbelievable. Championship series going on right now in the Major League policies gusting count him. This is Palestinian jam in the morning and saw insanity of sales and. Hide the league championship series in that. Major League baseball's. Post season. The Astros and Dodgers each lead their series at two games apiece but we have mad drama. In all for the game so far. A league championship series although the Yankees and cubs are in 02 holes this is what happens when you have. Great teams kind of battling it out in valuable walk off win for the Dodgers who just in turning in a three run shot last night you have 2221. Games. That the Astros beat the Yankees over. These gains when they head back to their respectful. Earned respect. For respected respected home field to the cubs and yankees it. It's gonna tighten back up year I'm not jinx and you in your boys look good. That it only they do look at peculiar about both teams kind of look good. Now the Yankees have looked good it's just they can't get there bats haven't been able to giggle because I don't know Justin Verlander in Dallas tackler who really good that. Here is the form of do you think the formula here is you need to all of the pitchers to be able to make it out of not only via CS field when your championship. I think you you have to quality pitchers that's the difference here what I see Houston he says to a league pitchers yeah guys that have been there. If you look at the Dodgers the Dodgers lineup is is a murderer's row lineup two bit V lose Corey seeger. Which isn't it that you can't just say that's that's. In easy loss how do you replace that now and in the cubs are defending champs and either way whoever comes out and I've I feel pretty comfortable Houston's gonna take this Arnold it's gonna be sweep. But you're going back to New York where you what was their record this year Houston vs the Yankees they dominate him who's it being the and they beat him seven times. I don't know office and anyway I know I know they had a winning record vs the Yankees it was pretty dominant and so now you get to see Chicago and LA I like it. It is if it's not the Dodgers Indy they're gonna do something wrong because they do their they have all that momentum to. Yeah I kept the cubs this is the good part about dale CN NLCS both all four of these teams deserve to be here and it's good baseball we're not seeing crap. There are five and two against the Yankees that's what's good where this year when I was seven dollar incentive toilet Serbia knows seven wins now. That's what did you end their seven into this season and counting the two playoff games. But that is that goes back to you know. Let. It's the little things and post season baseball. And make some big difference. If you look at the to bolt those 21 Wednesday at the that the a Astros have taken over the Yankees it's been like. Does tiny little thing you know take an extra base here in the restaurant you know holding a guy from the get the extra base like. Josh Redick had a great night running play any out when in the gap or and then held them back in your thrown guys back to bases and it's those kind of little things that are happening whereas. What's happening at the Dodgers like the Dodgers and cubs are playing really even and then it comes down to a three run walk off home run where group. It that was a managerial mistake I think and Joseph Mendes are I have I'm John Lackey entity in the eighties. You just give my juices flown for baseball because every time might think about we only get one month of baseball we. Feels like three months of NBA playoffs we get two and a half months it feels like of the the NFL yeah. Put you just baseball come aren't I I would. I would argue you could throw out the month of September and start start playing series in September and give us more this because when baseball teams care. And they know things are on the line like that. That is the stuff. You get in a drama tonight in game three between the Astros in the Yankees. Set for a 50 wait first pitch. And FS one this is where the Astros may come back down to earth to is that CC sabathia will go for the yankees Charlie Morton logo for the Astros Charlie had a good outing. Against Boston but. He's been streaky he's been very very up and down throughout the course of this season so. That's where this team on Nazis he hasn't but CC is good that you really well lately so. Aster is yankees tonight game threes and then need Dodgers in the cubs get back at it as lightning and these days that when they resume or not. Do they have to wait I'll wait till now it's Tuesday there. Guess the plea Tuesday it to all teams will play out tomorrow awful flares and catch you can hear that game the Astros yankees tonight. A radius in Portland. 910. So a next is the herd with Colin cal or nine Indian industries turns break through to seven Pratt tempt guys again soon. We'll see you tomorrow. Another pactel load today. As we still got a lot to you ones. So keep it here we got to college football ducks v.s. Huskies in kids all lose this weekend for the first time since. September 29. Of 2007. Along time. I have a great want folks to see tomorrow this investing came on the. It's gonna make.