Dusty and Cam - 10.16.17 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, October 16th
Aaron Rodgers injured, bad weekend for the Pac-12, and Case of the Mondays.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard. About how hard. Dusty narrow. An NFL veteran champ Cleveland live plus interior. Good save. On ten maybe. Love burden. Hey it's Monday and we're back the sixteenth of October her. It felt like a real first fall weekend we've had. We said the fall was in near last week over the course of the week but my goodness it really felt like it over the weekend that we had fog. He was kind of dreary to wake up and then you had the of the clouds burn off and beautiful fall days is very nice enjoy the weekend. What you thought you knew going into the weekend did you really know. It was going to be this kind of weekend the weather may have been good that it wasn't a good weekend for all the factual fans are there no way it is. Bad as you can look at this thing in glass half full glass half empty. I and ecstatic the way it turned out OLA Nina it's one of those things always don't have time to explain it. We'll take we'll go over into. There's a lot of interesting things that need to happen in college football and I am praying and hoping that this year. Is one of those years and it happened. That's for a year buying into night chaos theory that not just chaos chaos affixed change and I think that change in in asking. Certain ethnic and I treated eighteen to twenty or girls to be consistent and think you know what you it is. Which you have an eighteen to 21. You have no I give no idea now it's at the start to thirty for thirty you think you know him you have no idea even in the NFL. This let you reap what you sow yet the NFL again another tough weekend for those guys. But it is actually with alternate wake up in ego who. The Braves really worry all is great you don't Langston asked reliable hey yeah. Indeed made the babe Taylor couldn't find much better than it all right now Obama go out on a limb as this is my limb to stand on the Houston Astros will be. Will be. Says the 2017 world tuned now are right great dancing in this and that's not a kiss of death I don't make predictions like that gets clever and and I didn't in the middle are winning streak know why I never said that they would be World Series champs it's ADB one of the best teams in the corner not in anymore. There's only four teams left I have to pick one I'm picking one they feel. That Africa. If you own sofa doesn't happen then I'll look that great we cares appear gracious you. Yes they do all one of you there's two other you know there and asked understands that here that I know love so. Thought to. Two potter. And yet again Twitter to its neon. The other one we're over I'm like Hitler in the for a amateur is only two million go about it only three adult worry about Ernie. OK but the major based opera season top to bottom as being great drama in in all of the games. This weekend that we still need to dive into his also it's always sent time let's get to it. I remember was just like yesterday. Speaking up baseball 2003. Aron then got his nickname. Which I think is a great nickname aired F and then. On this date because he get a walk off home run in game seven of the ALCS to multi yankees past the Red Sox six to five. I. Blossomed over the seats and we said they're never gonna let that did we know it only take one year to one warrior thought and based in bloody sock if they would be raising our deficit of their own nose insurmountable. And end up winning road series after that so. On this day dale and been with the main shot. It's. That was Bret Boone the Middle East. His brother out to second base runners hosted them at home runs always. Will sit at home. That's gotten the views are welcome aboard has just been. C four since 1980. He says. Well Q4 there's four of us there's too many people it's the man it's okay Scotland Kubel find somebody else and then that's a telephone after its clout. Same old and we've just he's not only on the wagon he's driving him around neighborhoods hoping for somebody gets on well I'm the only one with a microphone that can help. Consider this the wagons red wagon your own mind if you believe the unifying it is a Radio Flyer on him it is radio fly we still got plenty of room on this Radio Flyer but you know let. I'll be good jump on. Probably can only thank what is with that picture that they have the means mean love is it that train in India. Where it's O everybody's area being gay people are just holding on to your live thousands of how is it safe. But he ended it by the end of the World Series and hopefully our red wagon looks like that with. Literally tens of people hanging off of it. On today show. Injury Armageddon for the NFL is going down we'll have a double case of the Mondays or you we will have your actual case of the Mondays and your standard fair case of the Mondays coming up at 630 and 645. Upheaval in college football are wide breadth of blunders mishaps and misuse of the weekend it is a kick her. Hours pool and paying. Wide right. And is packed packed world outside looking in of the power five current conferences. Four because vault left and we epoxy news we get dots beads. Tubes huskies' all is on the same weekend for the first time in quite some time a lot to get to today. Time to Waco. Steelers receiver Mark Davis Bryant is on the trade market apps on team is unhappy with his role this comes. Right after Pittsburgh had their biggest investment of the year was any suspended. Gets in the team stayed behind him and gave him another opportunity come back now is not happy. I'll fight you know when I was out I guess that's how it works and jobs I just say here and happy and be treated to another team. I think she knew that simply doesn't work that way I mean that would have been he'd something I'll know he something called leverage. Leverage leverage tell negotiation. And he told me that two bears fans are you clamoring again I think there's a few teams out there that one wide receiver. Also. Thousand the only upset Pittsburgh beating chiefs Broncos beat downs and in a good call by what we thought was the worst team in football with two hits no. What had happened when he pretending to deserve but nobody said man. Nobody's nobody's a bad girl corrosion looks bad right now leader is terrible the raiders quarterback anyway. In a falcons were garbage and ended falcons. Team the saints are the best team in the south. Really defense. Yeah defense. Nice job. Beat daughters to gauge heroes series lead in the NLCS and a walk off fashion things do Justin Turner reruns shot Oppenheim. That. MacKey. A jailer. He has he has been kissed by a fire like all of us here my goodness he went yeah god and that bug your timing of that build. On the good timing there Gibson yeah. The anniversary of Kirk Gibson does it. What I'm gonna show him one of the World Series but he doesn't turner should of went around and limped to the live in any way you think he knew it was the anniversary. Oh or he said he did out there live Justin Turner band not a life 88. He clearly doesn't turn I don't know allies might not have been enough. This 21 years none on and on my math is bad 31 years ago. Is boring and you wow just in Turner's 32 okay so you and we it was at all these four sports. Beat her November 23 1984 spurt just turn it totally free agent. Nobody Pino had his nickname is. Ginger hammer. Now bread bread district are immigrant history it just it just like that killed by fire they've got a 20 series lead. On that series heads back to Chicago tomorrow for game three why isn't wade Davis and I don't know. Joseph Maddon said that they were waiting for him to come in for a save situation that men freaked out. Good for Joseph meant I didn't see him get angry at its first ever seen him do that you know the front and in your bolster him. And it does not test this is rock and roll play is certainly keeping them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. When the Portland Trail Blazers start the regular season on Wednesday it will be without guard CJ McCollum. CJ suspended for coming up food sense during an altercation at the sons last week. Yeah I looked at this thing over and over again you can argue up and down but the MBA has a rule if you step onto the court. During a problem you'll be fine there's no argument against that he mistake CJ you knew the rule everyone else is doing the holding back growth yet if you're the only on the goes on the court it sucks but it's a rule. Take a step on the floor Monday instead geno and I do you have apple have an exception to one aspect of this in that. Why didn't they just do it for the final pre season game against not Cobb Haifa. I understand it and that seems. Because you have to you have to enforce a rule that actually has penalty. So we cares about our season penalty you know I mean the regular season penalty that sucks the ruling he gets suspended for game you knew it happened why drag your feet in. You're suspending guys for of and action in a pre season game that really wasn't that bad he did get into a fight. Be suspending him for pre season action for the first regular season you that way a rule like that works is if you have real. A real penalties in and because now you get to see that when when your start like you that you're doing the next game which is. The last breezy I don't like it either way couldn't unfortunate rules are rules Evan Turner eleven Evan Turner's. Argument TVs that I thought he did is about like that in the hierarchy of NBA players like they don't suspend guys that are that important all the same for some that's been busy. Itself because somebody else got done before right you told everybody double made it happen in those sons the sons. These suns spurs playoff series and that's where that this rule really contracts in sync yet with that Tim Duncan once it off and then he had was a Mari Stoudemire. TU. Got suspended third the Steve Nash the altercation there so I mean it's not it's something that has happened before. Indeed have four kids got a no matter ports because now you get to go down as you didn't start this year is not a big deal now opening night. It's kind of a big deal I promise starter and I'm a good and I'm trying to be a perennial all star. I don't get start the season unless maybe he has like a kicker in his contract that's like if you play in all 82 games you get a bonus that. I would have been a nice little thing that obviously GM addressed and do more monsters do the suit now he's gone suit he's got to go full suit or if it fees astute if he's Smart they should do Jack Ramsay didn't Bill Walton. Which is say. Good to radio for a good experience of its game high confidence instead. Probably not no no no may be as a rookie starter planet that Knoll no xenon and no rookies. You'll probably see are all forwards and once you upright and enter with and it's got an interim I'll heartless African medium. Easton are engaged. Game. No none that dame don't start any eras that he doesn't even start to anybody ball handling fees go all of them would she fit at the point. Cool I like that that's actually good on you death game I'll bring a ball and Miller are wary start though. Injury arm again in the NFL boy another face the league goes down and potentially to testing came on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 Beltran. Our football Armageddon for the NFL we've we're having this conversation just last week about the faces of the league going down last exile Dell back in junior go down JJ watt goes down when things that the NFL is built is a league that is built off the brands not names. Well another hidden this will be tested even more. As Aaron Rodgers goes down. With a broken collarbone likely done for the year. Meanwhile was. He's put them MVP type numbers this season and playing some of the best the ball releasing. Ever heard the theory that every that everybody's replace a bull and you move the drill of course I've said that football before moved her. What does that mean will we have to move on we have to get up puts our boot straps on. And move on you have to say well I got this week next man up there's no problem here's all here's the only caveat when it comes to that. That doesn't apply to Aaron Rodgers. Does not apply there's a couple players in this league that you cannot you cannot replace. He is number one on the list. Brent coming and I'm I'm really I think it's great we're gonna rally behind Kurt Warner. Right in 1999. K so that's a little different story here when you have that. He is he will go down probably as the when I took about Aaron Rodgers and this is no this is a slight tolerate robberies the goat but Aaron Rodgers. Is gonna quarterback this league is ever saw in the history of the league with his ability. You cannot replace that out your Don and he. Woody Judy you're here you're you're done you could be you can be a 500 team probably your defense isn't that great it's not good enough to beat. And a leaked defense offensively you are not even close to the same and that's the unfortunate part of of having all your eggs in one basket put it's this is what all this is the NFL offices. Aaron Rodgers he's just not irreplaceable that's an unfortunate deal because the league is better with him on healthy. In bed that hard it's terrible the hard part for the NFL's going to be. You know who steps up and kind of carries the mantle of of being you'll or one of your faces for the NFL and Indiana seat was already. Pretty weak compared to the AFC this year. But now you look at Aaron Rodgers going down and there goes one of your marquee names that you happened football and if you're. Fewer Seahawks fan. Actually I. On that must Dane almighty good year to your fate and fortunes of the NFC's loving life right now if your sitcom and we have to go to Green Bay and now Phillies celebrating listen in the as Aaron Rodgers has magical dust that he can sprinkle on his collarbone and recovered by playoff time which. Most definitely Green Bay could probably still get a wildcard spot. They're not gonna be Minnesota down you know they're talking about this is it's on his right so this that we of the throwing shoulder. Collar bone issue far different than if it does not throwing shoulder agree an and and he goes down the mean that is adapted damning below does the league need to change its policy on what you do and how would you hit a quarterback. At all. They see it I understand there's a bunch of AM there are and I say yes fans Anderson there Angolan I have guys that is a hit they can't have been. You know did he need is taken to the ground. And I'd dissent that I led that was kind of bang bang it is step late easily see just kind of do push in the guy I'll go down install flag Kindle undated. To the ground is really what hurt Aaron Rodgers and landed right on top of its illegal I hit and that's not that's probably this is what it is right everything they can do it you can do everything you can't what do what are you going to say are you gonna say. Well you can't take him down he can't hear him Anthony's will they already said that can't target is lakes can't target as head. He can't continue what is the steps is it two steps into the quarterback can't drive them to the ground right. Wet at some point you still have to play football and this is football you're gonna get her and you just hopefully it doesn't happen Aaron Rodgers and a wonderful did you see the clip of Aaron Rodgers after bombing in India he comes off the field yeah I would I would be jabs. In that I totally understand where I'm most humbling for zebras in that emotion he knows his season likely just ended yet he's done. It was a play it was after the he threw the ball a little bit but. It and I I don't I don't think it was malicious in intent but Anthony Bart and don't nobody is a malicious. And full of intent when you're trying to chase quarterback down and win a football game in a division. And tackle Aaron Rodgers or he wasn't the only guy that went down though casino Switzerland went down to another NFC quarterback with a team with class a hopes and aspirations he went down early in that. The Buccaneers a loss. But at the same time it you had Ryan Fitzpatrick on this almost won that game form but then. That is another. Name another big name guys yeah and a face so of budding according to wire of these quarterbacks are going down well. Because everybody is tough as everybody in his list of weird year it's not just a weird year there's a reason for why you get to see all these quarterbacks going down. Also to if you cannot run the football with any success remembered the teams that don't have as good. A running game nineteen temple when they got their running back muscle answer is like that ink and when you get that running back back what are you gonna do now to change of your game plan. But the Green Bay Packers for the ball 55 times a game. They're not gonna put it they're gonna give the time Montgomery who's essentially he is a wide receiver back there we you're gonna put an opportunity you're asking your quarterback. To be 55 to sixty times a game. There's going to be a pass rush he doesn't have the opportunity you look at some of these other teams that are there are gonna run the football more. They're gonna try to run the football more because they don't wanna get the quarterback's hurt but every quarterback is gaining hit still. In this league because we're passing the ball more than we ever half. Yes and because it's football and in its football they're gonna get hit here and add these vending plays like the numbers of passing camps in the last ten years. It's not even close across the NFL now there were always systems and teams are gonna throw the ball a lot. But were seen more and more onus. I'm moving the ball down the field with an arm there is also though that that like the most malicious hit and kind of dirty hit if you world. Of the day yesterday. Alex Smith didn't even get her as a Mike Mitchell used that it did not from behind into the medical plagues after he threw the football the argument with that is that he was pushed and he was trip yet as he was going in but the dudes dudes have a notorious. They passed yet jumping wrapping my ankles yet trying to break dudes ankles which he's a guy that did the running start jump over the piled on the kneeled down against Detroit. And that is now the Steelers saying here's what he does yeah but. In my point to that is that. That was the one that was booed that was more malicious than anything else or late in the court of acting get hurt. Mean you can try all you want you never gonna protect them it is a it is a league where weird things are gonna happen how many times have we seen kind of Aaron Rodgers land with a guy falling on top of it and he's been okay. The other reason is yeah the other reason why quarterbacks are gaining more hurt now. Is that the league is put pressure here's how kind of how it works it starts with you wanna put make the game more interesting if you want points you wanna move the ball. By throwing so okay there's your first goals you're gonna make more rules to make it more flexible for receivers to get open. So that carries into having put more pressure on quarterbacks to throw the football caiso without those two things happening now you're making sure that the quarterback is most. Biggest priority of all of football so now with that in a row what's the counteract on that on defense. Leaked. Speed fast pass rushers. Combine all that now. The you have that kind of size and speed you know res to have the kind of speed size pass rushers there were mutants out there so put out all together it's physics. As you get to see Jennifer you get to return is who will protect the quarterback now you have guys are on 45 support threes they're 275 pounds. When you hit a quarterback that is as frail as as I mean Aaron Rodgers says haven't I mean he's he's physically okay. Is not a muscle specimen and it'll look like that they don't look like. This is the progression. Why quarterbacks Wiener because the guys are bigger and faster and their more elite than they ever have been yup. And that is not good for the league when you sit there and more and more than names in case you protect him then comes back criticize it at some point time it's. It's just it's an SUV hit a bug so now you have Aaron Rodgers JJ watt a Dell back in junior down. I needs dipping into the cornerback or who is they who is the other face of the NFL that is healthy. Right now it's Tom Brady means is yet another cause those are your top four. Isn't that safe to say your top foreign faces are Brady Rodgers why. Beckham here. And only one of them is healthy and he's the four year old that Dietz and nothing fun. Who's the next dynamic most interest first and left in the NFL Tel two should share that with me. Where there in Antonio Brown may be but even he's kinda lighter is down this year and also as a go back in general but. Where is that person. The Havoc throughout the league just ask yourself go OK where's that makes guys it's gonna be overly well we need to watch him play every week. I don't know I don't know who that is right now I mean on the scene that's a really good question 55305. Outside of Brady I don't I don't know Cam Newton yeah. Who is. You cannot watch him because you don't know whether you're gonna get one of the greatest performances of your life there or you're gonna get an absolute train wreck but in May it may be Cam Newton. Becoming do you trust do you trust that that team is gonna win now and I'd eyes would venture to guess no one missed mine they'll be out of my BA guy. Houston. It did Shawn Watson he's thrown more touchdowns I don't think originally good and I'm just telling you yeah dish on Austin. This year is exactly what that Prescott it was last year he is the trendy upstart that is playing lights out. And it's interesting IQ can argue again that Houston is now interesting because of him. I would. I think I can get on board with that. I can get onboard that he's thirty thrown more Semel. I don't I'm not getting an onboard he's already throwing touchdowns in the entire team did last year when right now we also we also see guys in defense of coordinators when they get books on the a lot of rookies they come fallen back to earth just Tony but at least he's entry here. He is interesting and easy and he moves and Helio NFL does when they find something. Here right it yup but hero those cowboys last year old boy did they arrived discount was where they now cowboys suspended. And averaged I hurt it hired people tell me that there offensive line is garbage. In light. That offensive line has not bad their schedule is lights out different than last year. Yet that is a night and day if that is and they lost one to label and somebody said they're offense one is garbage. You while. I think he should sub type that person in or loses and I just listen person always on the radio man now whether name so that's fair. Art five factories or five who is that name will get that. And now let's send your actual case of the Mondays something very rare happened over the weekend the four northwest schools. All lost here's Crawford a sports. Widespread text either. That's the message we're number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you trailing off into it I learned there we keep all of my life I think. Always cordless Dexter is now it's 553 old fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that today. 55305. That this is the average four Beers Tex I always does some that we haven't seen in over a decade. Washington. Washington State or again in Oregon State all losing. On the same weekend Allen back and I took a local would you venture to guess the last time. That. Those four all lost and it's been on the same weekend. It'll long time ago it has its it was a decade ago OK I was gonna say 2007 via. Well that would be a decade. No reserves and later a 7 September 29 of 2007. Was the last time that all four northwest schools played on the same weekend and lost. That was. When you had you don't lose the USC by field goal Washington State got dumb buyers zona. Oregon State got thumped by UCLA. And then organ loss to then sixth ranked cal and it's been a decade. Plus now the last decade and a month since we've seen. Or decade in half a month since seen all four of the northwest schools all news on the same we can which that's a bad football being played. Over those times to you guys in debt that kind of just goes to show you mean out is when we had was it 2009. When the when the Huskies went O for twelve. And Diaz thank 2008 it was a big day went over and that you had washed his state don't offer but Oregon and Oregon State still found ways to win. On throughout the course of the year this is the very first time that we seen this happen and over a decade that's a tough weekend for the pac twelve and this is time where that you washes schools. Playing best they have been in over decades. Usher is. I I wanted to start off with this and I think this is really good is it Tex comes in here it average were Beers text line. Twelve case of the Mondays is apparently in the national conversation. If the pac twelve loses one game. They're done. Yeah I bet I can say you know because Clemson in Syracuse and Clinton still and will Collins and so that's that's another good good taste because he saw. What happened this weekend Friday night it's our all started off with Friday nine in the continued into Saturday and it just was one of those weak injury went oh my good. Yeah in the pac 120 why's he does seem to be like that loss it has been the nail in the coffin but IA I will cautioned that and say just wait a little bit longer because. In Washington went their first loss in the year Obama Washington State. At the suffers their first setback of the year. But the one thing that the pac twelve can lean on is that you had USC's loss to Washington State. Was early enough. All of these are kind of there early enough to where you can recover it is a lot harder historically talked about this last week and a few days shortly. Right about that middle part of the year you don't wanna lose before like this past weekend are you know I was after this past weekend because that is when. You really start again dean four and we side rights front senator. Clemson still has a lot more quality games up on their on the schedule where they could scene unbeaten. So does every in the SEC so does have been in Big Ten because they have unbeaten there are no more unbeaten that's in the fact well known. Is now on and there wasn't going to be any in this comes to that argument that I say every year is good as you wanna say the pac twelve is which. There's enough good teams in this conference where you cannot run rough shot through it it's just not happening anymore and college football especially in this conference. It's just not going to happen there Anderson coaches are too good. The players are a lot better emotions of it. Not only is at a time and this isn't about kick off times but he used to be really easy when you wake up in the morning all played 12:30 play at 1 o'clock it's really easy it's routine. Simple now there's so many different things you play on Friday it's simply laid on Saturdays you travel so much more than ever traveled before there's so many more distraction Jim morning schedules vs afternoon schedules and practiced. Everything is different so with the chaos of the pac twelve you've got to look nationally. And say. Does this pac twelve us out here on the West Coast do you carry the same way as the Big Ten. As the big twelve the SEC in the ACC I think it ended after this weekend. This conference is looked out and it is it is this simple folks this conference is the weakest viewed. Conference in all of college football and you can't argue against it nationally. On the power fives yeah well yeah of the power five yes that and it's not even close from every pundit every person that covers college football. There was an a complete narrative when this happened. Everybody's oppose her except one there's only one team that can even handle it now and it's USA you better from the get go that this conference is USC and everybody. Yeah but is that because USC has a big one this weekend up when they had Notre Dame and they they can have that calling when he gets Notre Dame. That right the ship and brings it back I also think that part of that narrative they're talking does because. I don't think a lot of people are watching the teams in the pac twelve nobody cares and that is that is now we're you know this is a national public and this is like the bigger issues that. That it's just his quality of football is being played. In the SEC right now. Any of Georgia in Alabama who are carrying the torch but nobody's good size and they've won their schedule they've had their schedule from this sexy more quality teams right now. In the pac twelve does the SEC let me. Me ask you this question though and see if this is part of the visual thing that when you see pac twelve football let me ask you if this isn't affecting this is my own and internal theory. But I think that because of visually when you watch a packed twelve game. It doesn't look as intimidating as an SEC game as a Big Ten game because when you look at. I don't think this and everybody might think this is stupid cams crazy but I believe in my heart that there is a lack of caring in this conference. From not only just a fan base across the board. Two when you pan into and you look into the stands and you see this is that there is a different feel and atmosphere compared to watching the mid day game. In the SEC and in the Big Ten play he had 20000 people that. At the cal Washington State game terrible name on national television it looked it would be visually awful. That is debt was terrible that's a national game is that game is in the Big Ten. The big twelve or the SEC the ACC it is a sold out. It is in complete pageantry and look look at all the big schools there's just. We're not carrying the national perspective with that we care about our football here yet. The USC game. That was relatively full but again when you're playing and 100000 seat stadium in yen 70000 people and it. It doesn't look very well that doesn't work that's thirty and only have 30000 empty seats in there Tennessee has 400 else do it through it and I'm Rask has over a hundred. How they are missing by a ninety something they isn't there yet Stanford. Doubt wasn't sold terrible looking the organ state Colorado game. In my life and air China eyeball that there we went to the game. I would say that that thing was it was less than half full Wisconsin artery preseason all Big Ten teams obvious passing teams everybody's got more fans and more stadium. Stadium size and all of the pact with the only don't wanna can argue it is UCLA and did you look at what the Rose Bowl looks like yeah when you play their. There's hardly anybody there nobody. Is banging that drum like you're talking about here it there isn't. The visually. That we don't care about football on the West Coast is a real deal folks it is a real. And that's what the SEC that's what all those pundits and everybody that's in a football looks that is that we don't give him. S and eighty if he did look at it this text is very. Poignant because they say I don't know cal again as best representation tax on attendance with air quality people's homes going up in flames down there. If you looked after hurricane Irma Florida State play in front of an empty stadium they did I mean that is. And that's the Dallas Florida State in their first game of the year. If dad isn't probably a dual that is not a fair representation but that doesn't account for. Wide there was nobody in Arizona State wide there's nobody in Oregon State passes you don't have a good. Team right now if you were to play those games at husky stadium or in the clues. They're gonna be sold out but the reality is is that the top teams are playing an egg and empty stadiums on the road this weekend and that's what people look at because people and you know it. David people in Chicago and people in Charlotte, North Carolina Montgomery Alabama they don't care about the air quality or they are just gonna go wow look at those and DC. Rather they look at those people they don't really care about football yeah well it is going from that I'm telling you from the people that I've talked across the country this is what is being spread. Is that that that the pac twelve is a fifth rate conference. They play nine conference on gaining that I don't I don't think DC it is the fifth rate confident we're sitting here in Portland you have to take your eyeballs and you have to go outside of the area. You have to look and listen and all the people on Twitter faulty ones that cover national. And what's the first thing out of the mouth is when they say is that the pac twelve is an after thought why is it continually viewed as an afterthought. There was two teams in the top ten before this weekend you know down I'm a mean they'd bet. There were deer getting respect when their winning games in and they're up there. You don't think so. There's a difference between getting respect. By just saying that you have to put teams in there but when certain teams lose and other conferences when they lose. It's like oh well they're okay will keep him there. When other teams lose in this conference even at USC. You dropped 1213 spots yeah you'd just it doesn't make any sense to me other than a lot of that is isn't it. Who you lose to no it's just called bias in its okay to say it. It's OK to accept it and understand yeah doesn't make it right. In it into just that that burns me in the insight that I know we have good for applaud your yet does that does it just burns unions. The in this conference. It's not about a team misses the conference yeah I five factories or five descendants Europe faculties monies in the letter read what else is bothering you on this Monday given to us case of the Mondays continues on 1080 the fan. It is everyone's favorite decade. Mundane enough. Sounds like someone has a case. You have begun. Don't live in Little League pitcher to ask is it. A case of the Mondays part of Dustin jam in the morning and some blood some is not a case of the moon. 11080. And. 55305. What's driving you on this Monday morning text this rich for your sex on 55305. This guys is says my kids than Monday's organs did threads on offense feeds. Put up a fight against Colorado but fall 3633. They settled for five field goals in the game though it for a five bill on this Google's. I sit there I go in a settling for field closes. Is one thing that you got points on the board and you need them desolate and an organ sits offense actually played really well examine able to get to the. Are these projectors they're remain. Who would mean wears off it's been all year yes while yet that's a big question what people been wondering. And I think it's about one you can have 33 against Colorado in the last time you're able to do that was against. Why oh Portland State. It's bad optics is good for org Xavier is bad optics of war worth it yeah. 55305. This woman does Texas has these fans happy double loss because as you as soon be a bigger TV dropped they reached the final four wide eyes completely agree with that too. Yeah if you looked on and I looked back and we are talking about how in other criticisms. It doesn't really seem like pactel teams you like now that's a big fall. You know outside of clients and every other team that is as lost in that top ten. Has taken a tumble that is equal to or actually bigger than what pac twelve teams do get look when when Ohio State lost now was of course to Oklahoma yet they only got. He spots I believe when that happened. On the guess that's a very quality loss is there there's I I personally don't believe right now even the way get this go to recruiting has all the schools and there are teams in this conference second go unscathed. I just don't think it's set up. Set up for this conference to be able to do that in bad is actually almost a bright spot for the pac twelve is that. This conference it's going to be hard to go on skated through you know that. But so are a lot of the other ones and I don't know a mean historically we only have one or two teams that Golan beaten every single year the scary part is though. With a tax of going out early and having a Darrin dean's done you still had a Big Ten is god Penn State. In Wisconsin undefeated a past it's a one loss team the SEC is to a dvds to a 61. The FCC as human beings in Alabama Georgia and those two teams won't be up until the. CEO of the reason also too there are really voting might my case the Mondays is is that. Is going into this college football season I care more about the any other sport right now because I love college football. Is that I'm voting for more and I'm hoping for chaos I'm hoping for Notre Dame winning a love it. And I'm hoping for something like Wisconsin being undefeated and Penn State being undefeated and looking for a Georgia. Also being undefeated going in up against Alabama who's on defeat because I want the chaos they are to the point where there is no more. There's no more arguments of why we can't handle. Eight teams and with twelve in even you can argue twelve. I just think if we get their faster we need more chaos this conference especially for the ark told it would benefit them. Because there's there you're not amazing yourself equally with nine conference games and teams that have bye weeks multiple times and claimed this. Out of conference schedule were everybody but USC and and then bad conference games vs. Coverage is too deep yeah I mean for how to do that to Washington State on a Friday night. Coming off a beat down from universally wash and I can't even put it into perspective how confusing that is. In that Tim knee is still going back to and I said in ways I don't think enough people who it cannot decide not fans on the East Coast. They did they're now watching and paying attention paid to do that matter dead BHP voters. They are watching and that's why when the cause small plans committee puts out there rankings and a couple of weeks here. I'll be very agency what how the pot pactel slotted for then because if you watch it how we Tanzi flipped on a Big Ten game in the morning on Saturday morning like. Why is this stuff like this is I did I want our all the games this week I went back Friday and on Saturday and I watched the games I want to the Big Ten horrible I watched the ACC. I watched the big twelve and I went this is. Really boring football it's not better known he would do not know what's not or good but it's not good either. Thank you you sit there you go there is. Just as much depth and in the pac twelve has all these other conferences and again that it is a real. Issue that our conference here. Does not get the same type of visual entertainment in the middle of days on Saturdays it is a real. BC if you don't believe it fine don't believe that you're choosing to ignore. Which right there in front of you that when you're not nationally compared to everybody else during the middle of the day to you just don't get the same ought to keep just not gonna be viewed the same yes. We'll have a much more on this I had like this is good does discussion we have a lot of very good feedback coming on the average for Beers texts on 55 decertify. As well on getting instant standard case of the Mondays at. And did there's a lot of feedback disguises on packer induction and not said hurts a year of course back from it hurts if you Big Ten or back problems but. There is a bright spot. A lot I grew for organ. I went to go look at the penalty issue is I'm in the box score and it at the go dot subsite in just a look at the penalties. In the debt on the scroll across better than ducks' practice yesterday and they said Justin Herbert in rob knows these little right of their Justin Herbert was practicing yesterday with the team. In helmets and shoulder pads which. Broke I don't know how fractured collarbone heals in two weeks that. That's worse than the loss he got Nebraska is to pony up. And does the older EB that is a bad. That's a bad big loss for pac effort pac twelve and for Washington spaced state specific players now they're fired at the rumor mill on. Hailed by the way. Mike leads to Nebraska it'll get that armored on. Sucked but that doesn't he doesn't fit there I don't know I don't think he fits in works there. They they're too they're too nice of people and how well do you think they're gonna react to Mike Leach B rating players in college and it is more than globally I don't know if this team that's led both yeah right elbow and it is and a 9910. Games a year. He does this texas' stock Bryan win something pact will figure exactly right you know. I've I've been saying that now for the past since organ made the national championship run your not gonna get any credibility until you win a national championship in this conference I don't care who wins it. But you're not getting anything in the USC wins it. That's fine whoever wins it you need to get it. About this on Dutch and still finding way to blame offered in the case of the Mondays. Health receptive returning US tag with no back up quarterback no rating no heated as Powell all say this. Organ had quarterbacks in you know what they did they all left because they could start right away. Yup they all jump they'll jump ship now that does that have to do with character is I have to do with the type a kid you recruit nowadays when. They see one quarterback comes in there. And when kids kind of good they don't wanna go compete and they're saying on the same age as this guy to sit I am not numbness that behind this guy it's called non competitive kid and it's the same proud everybody gets a blue ribbon kid and he doesn't wanna compete in same problem that they had markets Mario and it was there and did back up started transfer in left and right in wanted to come and was bear markets last. So people are freaking out then he had to go the grad transfer out now he's still don't have Marco average problem that is it cornerback from across this country yes. Yes is this what will happen with Georgia. Jacob peace and with the number one recruit the country and now you have a young man there's RD rumors at least once. Oh really yeah. You kidding me no not at all because this is what happens. When someone takes your job because that Dave guy and they have a freshman that is coming in they got the number one for us our record in the country TO by the way committed then. But Jake from has come and in east playing lights out yet he's on flight 11100 yards twelve touchdowns only three takes. In other scene he's in month out. It'll lead is area is surveyed say anything to chance or Washington now is he's from no I haven't heard them at all Mahoney from lake Stevens is from news from Washington but he was recruited across the country yet offers from every yet and he played really well for the might have a limited human to go to USC's Sam Arnold who. Start down on him. This is bottomed out Alabama and get an overture. And and in Dewhurst 55305. That is rich were Beers to accents and as your case of the Mondays we have our people in the top ten college football the pac twelve not the only conference hurt. With surprising upsets this week dusting cam on the fan.