Dusty and Cam - 10.12.17 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, October 12th

Thursday Night Football, Best of the Nest, Strength of Schedule in CFB, and late kickoffs/


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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the offensive line get your rest. And jammed Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. Does deer camp Leo and if you a lot of feedback passionate feedback from B fans like this is. We're talking about the the option and should it be. The way that. Organ state goes on with their offense in the near higher. The fatigue the symbol compact Riley back at this point. Think he's too but he thanked. Your own loan terms never too old coach. And I I think Joseph Pollack began to turn the page yeah I'd be amateurs need to turn the page every we watch big day that text yeah I think everybody does here. In every tee shot starts Crawford field. But heard about a disease were imminent now I'd love sounding very he's like he's Ana FL. You'd of course he is I know I certainly realistic everybody's being sick or sarcastic there don't bring my Riley back. Turk turn the page through that page ways thirtieth two stints. At third time is not the chart dealt it's the answer Don. Aren't will get to severe feedback as as we go on drug course this show up but we've got to move on and it's 706 on the fan. Dusty jam wanna set up your sports division I tend to agree. My thought process. This is the front yard a look ahead at the top stories the hottest topics in the big games in front of brought you by stark street lawn and garden chicken breasts for over fifty years on line and start thestreet.com. Thursday night football kicks off. The league in the NFL. And is this the best Thursday night game we've gotten invited some time. Outside of the other season opener that we always get things so that rams forty niners game was pretty good. Yep and nobody on top that the game would be good we have 24 and one teen slang I'm talking about. Oh you do teams on the line here. 41 Eagles visit before one Carolina Panthers. And isn't a for an general gets me a little inside I just don't give good teams. Personally I don't expect a lot on Thursday night so again get something more from these guys can't. I can't imagine I mean I can't amends now only did it twice in my career how to play on essentially. It is dressed. Really that's what it is your three days but they need get a day you know really get a day off physically can't really recover even when you're young you don't feel good till Friday. These guys are expected to perform at a high level on three days' rest it's just I'm not expecting a lot from the scheme I know it means a lot. It really won't hurt either team because wouldn't be a division lost in it at that side so yeah I've still. Mean something. I think of foreign won both these teams there and start to find this especially when you look at Carolina Panthers in the with a candidate is implying. Who is it harder for. Eight in if you talking about the styles in the way they play a guy like Cam Newton or a guy like Carson went to get ready for this game. Says Newton is more of a aids I would say may be easier for Cam Newton who. As more of a propensity to freelance a little bit. I notice one thing I knew knew that he did do this offseason I don't know if anybody else notices that. He was consistently throwing a lot of his back foot last year and so this year he's actually stepping into the throw the big shoulders are better angles. He's driving the football he's always relied on his ability his. Her talent is the most gifted athlete I've ever seen other than Bo Jackson on the football field. He's that good controls the ball every time but he didn't take his talents to the next level. So he's made some improvements there and if you asked which quarterback has a harder. Okay we'll Cam Newton is nationally. In a ridiculed not just a week later in the and he wins a game on the road and now he's back and in your Carson when it's in arguably the most. On apologetic town of all time just can just lambasted view. Read view make you feel like a piece of garbage town Philly. Really there's no patients in that town allies are cab they have they may know I'm just saying you who have the the bigger pressure who would who would take more of a beating in the media or from your fan base. Would it be Carson and Lance or would it be Cam Newton. Either way your expectations are out the roof purity started really well for the Eagles Eagles are good football team in the panthers'. They're good football team to. Yet they've won today at the Eagles won greener out at Boston the really the only really good team that played this year which is Kansas City in week two you. And it rolled out the giants chargers in Arizona in three straight weeks three teams that are at very good. They're putting on airs on a 34 to seven last weekend it was done before that thing even really started ended they had the opportunity to you. Like get some guys a little bit arrest and out in a 347 win or the Arizona Cardinals would eat you didn't have to throw the ball excessively against them. You have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL you said you pulled up the pro football focus numbers are evident. And you said philly's offensive line though it is the number one offensive line and also bar right now they're number one rated offensive line and there's a reason for it in that. Indian that to me is Isa to and you look at Ugoh. Hey if you're gonna look at one thing that can translated to this Thursday you've got a great offensively and you've got a good quarterback he's been playing out of his mind. Lately I think this may have visited the advantage Carson once though. Kim Newton more of the freelancing style. And that in have been a big booming arm usually say that can pride be risky for Thursday night success out Wentz has got a great deal line this year. I'm still waiting. For what. How they're gonna get cursor McCaffery more involved only one touchdown as far this year. He's the guy that you really probably. Haven't even tapped. His skill set yet. Pounding in on use and quite frankly yet he can do so many things are dated it's far in that's a hard thing to do is he would sit there and figure out oh my gosh what do we do at this I don't know how I don't allow offensively can't figure bodies. Probably one of the most versatile players that's ever come into a draft. Because that's lazy in my mind that but that comes down to just feeling comfortable and how you fit. When you say can't use they know how to use him. But what. Things fit. Offensive flow when you have Jonathan Stewart was a beast right is pound you on the inside and then you have are you used Chris McAfee on edge as easy your screen guys your slot guy because there's so many different types of things look at ala. If you're gonna put a staple Christa McCaffery can be he can be Marshall Faulk 2.0. That's the kind of skills and yes he has that ability to be in and out of the backfield and make cuts and make people miss that's how they have to use him. The teams are gonna probably not always key on him until you start getting downfield more now it's fun just. Is he returned to remember but he's back from like these is questionable little bit questionable other than that you've lost Greg Olsen but now they are replacement tied and still out there. It just comes out Dixon isn't playing really well. You have to build around the football that's always been like Carolina so good with Jonathan Stewart it's amazing he just continues to stay handle it. Yeah emirate of right now one of the problems that McCaffrey had heading into the year. It was that he was their third best receiver and their second best running back on the roster mean mention his versatility but he wasn't the best that any thing. And because they were going to Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen first in the passing game and then they were going to Jonathan Stewart first in the running game. Wing and that's kind of he does everything. It's so well he's not the best at anything in their offense to start the season now. As injury start mounting. You're gonna have to find that more ways to get him the ball because he's moving up in that pecking order is Jonathan Stewart is questionable to. I mean in something it shouldn't surprise anybody is he's that guy doesn't know another ankle injury and end all. So to this could be runner very try to trying to say he's a rookie on Burnham outer earlier we wanted to throw too much out and we wanna give him all those answers so this is. It's it's very strategic in the first part of the year stressing with a rookie when revealed a careful they'll come out of the gate. Feel really good these guys are gonna hit their doldrums come in the next two weeks is the dog days in the NFL start mechanically in a little bit. So what are you don't this you just try to hold off and on Thursdays are aegis just trying to just get through it. Think about on a Thursday game this early in the season you're just trying to get out of it number one without having injuries. Or to not get blown out but being in the game in the fourth quarter I think this game is close into the fourth court. Yes. Also one other note from the NFL that I wanted to pass on. Busy teams are just getting obliterated this year for fantasy football owners out there good. Tyler I effort into it they're ministering in long pig could be back could be back. Well he had back surgery that'll last 46 months he's done for the year that is horrible news for the angles tied an infinite angles there with a 12 games. Europe. Without them all coming in you celebs out Tyler effort. All right and bring out on the fans right to buy store streamlining our in the that it went about our equipment since 1965. The Seahawks are on their bye week. And they're trying to bolster that offensive line and it's just not work and should they go to an extreme measure. Dusting cam. This is dusty and chairman of more million dollar and 1080 votes and. Our best and as we do this every. Thursday at 715 we talked a little C Cox. Says they're on their bye this week and they brought him Brendan Albert. Freezing offensive line in this week in a year double leaving Seattle. No contract and it didn't sound like there's really been an offer for him. As Seattle Seahawks still continue to look to bolster their offensive line. In the bio week we've seen over the last ten clears they've either brought somebody in order. Like the progress has been made where. That early bye week has been the turning point for the offensive line as the season has gone on because. The offensive line has been data beginning of the last three seasons but this year it seems especially bad because now the numbers are. Hanging at a lol level for what is now 55 consecutive game. That's what this offensive line conversation is that we were beaten and what we've we've just beat the horse to the point Woertz is going on you know it's you'll just let me and pleased because it's. It's it's a dumb boring conversation more than more important thing now when I look at teams in the NFL like the Seahawks is can you afford. Can you afford to let your quarterback like Russell Wilson. Tom Brady. Guys that are that are out offensive lines can you afford to let them get hit like that no you didn't rest of the season and that's the bad as the main question you have to ask yourself when you're looking and evaluating. What do we do. But that's the same question that it is it all comes back to the same question is. Yeah it's all on your offensive line because Muslims a local being hurt. You know he's here at Wrigley is no sign that's that's your guy that was supposed to be stable he had during his knee scope. And cookies and be out for this week obviously is a bye week but they're not going to be the next week as well. You might get back in December in it see you think so no I've seen this I would I've played with Lilly growth is all the fame left tackle. Willie did something I've never seen in my life he had a meniscus tear he had surgery. On Monday. It was back the following week on Thursday. I've never seen that in my life he's a freak of nature and most guys when they get a scope or they get something like that it takes it's a good for weeks now I don't know the extent of the injury. And some guys have better pain tolerance and others Willie was a mutant you meet you just was that. Free gifted athlete now the Joseph cool at what point do you wanna push her career to where you're worried about getting back on the field not players and coaches here's each we need you we needed him. Offensive line is that bad I'm I'm more personally I'm just more worried for Russell Wilson's health wise because that's a lot of money. And the Seahawks offense. You won't score a point without Russell Wilson yeah I. Know you moan. Might you might make you feel now that's on your offense in the locker. On the you'll Syria is. Maybe something at the Seahawks should kick the tires on a Denver Sports Radio host. Has on the said Benjamin Albright. About the possibility of the Seahawks trading for. When brown. The hadn't left tackle for the Houston Texans who has been holding out. Who has been rumored to be available. And Albright said that when the Seahawks fraud and Branden Albert arm. Branden Albert this week it was to drive the price tag down on Duane Brown. Brown is holding up for a new deals with Houston Houston is growing. More and more. Uneasy and frustrated with the fact that he isn't there and they're playing pretty well right now. The Seahawks if you do have one paying you have me you have some depth on the defensive line. You're gonna have to trade somebody because you don't have enough salary cap space to bring him man you're some depth review of a lot of injuries because this is DO bug. What is your Morse. I mean tee and you win in the playoffs without this offensive line. Short seeing you win in the playoffs with a one piece maybe taken away from that defense is. It's a very good question and if you look at the standings right now in the NFL if you just wanna side with the the NFC the teams there at the top filly. Very good offensive line that would be team you have to beat how do you beat them with a great pass rush you can be in the game because you can have your past Richard defense can keep you in that game. Pretty loss of the Green Bay Packers. Why did you lose to the Green Bay Packers you an offensive ability. Early in the season move your defense is good enough to hold the Packers to that kind of production when it was only sixteen points. You can still beat that team that you need a little bit better offense and then the other teams ahead of you Annette. Aaron Rodgers be Aaron Rodgers is. Is frighteningly good. She can win games across the board despite himself. They could have a sub par defense Aaron Rodgers is gonna keep you in every game so you have to have a great pass rush to beat Aaron Rodgers you have to have to you have to have to. And everybody else really eager you who you worried about beating at that comes in you can beat Atlanta you're gonna get a chance to you can. You can be Atlanta umi can measure up right with the Atlanta right now easily I don't feel intimidated by Atlanta you Dallas doesn't intimidate you their two and three not scared scared Eritrean and the Atlanta Falcons have a great pass rush though you can stifle your off and not bad are you worried about Detroit the Detroit beat a bad cardinals team up awful giants team. They lost on the road to the falcons lost to the Panthers and he beat. I Sam Bradford S garbage vikings team. Are they really frightening I mean because you're really girl. Do you know there's no matter audio what they're saying that right now well it landed TU. Inland as well I mean the defending the defending its putting heavy ones buffalo and SE champion. Buffalo it that loss isn't that bad as buffalo you look at their green to right now and they played pretty Seattle the better team than buffalo they have better down the audio thing sensitive property I don't know I'm not gonna go transit properties I can't give you a one off to sit there and say the buffalo is now on the conversation. As one of the best team then and then how about we go at this on. Atlantic crew roster Green Bay who beat Seattle. That's not a transit of property or not right I'm not pay in property are measuring up athlete's insane. What where do you want to lean on yet you had to beat those teams in the and we're talking in the playoffs now not the regular season if you get into the playoffs and you're trying to beat Philly. Is right now Philly I think is at the top I think they point and the Packers. Those are the two teams you can match up with them on defense because both of them are what. Offensive heavy. Even easier defense matches up really well if you were start the playoffs today yes the only way for you really get really just get the crap beat out of you one of these games. Is not protect Russell Wilson so your point is and who do you trade. Do you who do you try to lean on where what's your leverage right now to try to get a little bit off it's. I think you can make your offense better by giving up a little bit on your defense I think that's something you explore I mean I'm not saying give on Michael Bennet or she said you know us Austin Richardson. But you have to you you have to explore those possibilities because if you go up against one of these it'd be great pass rushing teams in the playoffs. And then Russell Wilson. Becomes. A sitting duck back there. You know it's in this in the entire NFC east Seattle. And probably Minnesota the two best defense is you're gonna face in the NFC. Those two teams are the best defense. That you're gonna have they have they have those kind of athletes of those kind of players everybody else is cut off that it very balanced offensive. Heavy so do you wanna go in to the question is do you wanna go into the playoffs. With all your chips and lean and on defense or do you wanna have a little bit of help on offense. I think you wanna have I I think if you're going right now. Is the defense has won you championships before that house. It but your offensive line you had a great ability to run the football in the in those years where you were in the Super Bowl and won the Super Bowl especially. You know I think you need to have a little bit more balance in what they have right now to win in the flask as you're gonna see things and what we're just talk about that that conversation is he had you do have. You know. Atlanta's defense fourth India and it in the NFL Carolina is sixth in the NFL if you run into one of those teams Torre you know if you can you can't get past Green Day you can't get past. Detroit Green Bay on the road on I don't know UCL you can read and on the road angering utopia remain your you can get past a lot of a lot of these teams. With your awesome defense. But if we're tock in what wind or they and that's closing very narrow lane. It's championship when I doubt if you can get a locked and left tackle that goes along way in helping your. Dell's already proved they can hold defense with anybody. When they want to do now I know you'll use the look what happened to them on the road Tennessee it's gonna happen occasionally but you held. The rams to the low points you know Green Bay at a low point any time somebody comes to play out Seattle they're going to be held below points. See just got to figure out enough offense they'll handle it. I'm big playoff sorry I'm always think in the fifth. A aria. Already it's. It's we're only five games and now he's on it yet measured. In five games into the season and I think we greens you know I could see a lot tonight this is this is exciting maybe a little more excited that I should be here tonight you more excited for there's an ad that I really you know I've. I'm here like a fairly Carolina Philly. Yes Phillies. Wherever Chris Long goes another defense Ellison becomes aggregate. Right 55305. Will the Seahawks go after blame brown we don't know what we do know is that they didn't sign Brandon Albert. On to that offensive line. It could be some that a move that they do making keep nine over the next couple days as they wanna get somebody in during this bye week in that preparation if they do you make them live. The remaining strength of schedule in the pac twelve. How much of a Venice think it'd be to the pact twelfth here's proffered this port sinner. This guy is dusty and jam in the morning. On 1080. What kind of shape is the pac twelve in is. We come down the final stresses he's halfway done with the college of policies and how belief we haven't really addressed this in our feelings about it. College football season is halfway down from almost over. It's normally too quick. Does every single year every single year ago and I just can't wait for Nixon comic stocks up to stop it up you know our two schools are undefeated. Still the seas in your water Washington Huskies obviously the top five team in the country and undefeated I can't I'm one day at southern Oregon keep playing. Crawford are you ready feared that college football season and your team's one in five. No I'm not army does a piano organ C sucks but there's a lot to do college football being played good tonight it doesn't matter if you teams get to that he is still wanted to keep going slow balls really pull me end this year more I mean it's always been. More so to meet in the NFL but this year I'm watching a lot more than the NFL. I into Dario I always have I always have also I've always been a more college again and it felt guy same designs like this year's been more appointment viewing angles. But widgets and more with the thing that's for entry to. Moi OC and now I'm Ned that I didn't know what you're trying to say there if that I heard that there remembered differences in school did you BR. You know Christina I didn't retain a lot. Although I can't sing the entire French National Anthem. Which is bizarre and its owner that I remember that but it's the songs he remember everybody remembers on relay Keyon spears. And it's class helped me learn all the news Latin and south American. Capitals there. You know there is we had a song is song helps you remember in remembrance on Mexico ID F a cup anyways. We're talking strength of schedule here. Because everybody did you remember klink has snitch. Sidelines for you dove Billy last week update update update moves in talking Maggie Deb schedule and how Maynard on. As we look at the strength of schedule for the second half of the season. If you look at the toughest schedules and all the country. Georgia Tech is number line. That I feel bad for the next two. One in four Kansas is next button. Syracuse. Is third. And we discussed this a little bit earlier about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish schedule Alina they are fourth with a fourth toughest schedule then you have Wake Forest. West Virginia Texas Tech at 41 has a dump it to run through. And then here's where it gets interesting. Utah has the eighth toughest schedule in the country remaining. Washington is in the top ten if you look at legitimate contenders they have the toughest. Remaining schedule of any unbeaten in the country. Then next unbeaten with these did the toughest schedule is Washington State who comes and an eleventh. In remaining strength of schedule that in. So you have dead two remaining teams in the pac twelve. They had the two of the toughest schedules to bolster their resonant for a college football playoff endo. By the way sitting at fourteen is also another pac twelve UNC USC yeah. Yeah so what does that say about the pac twelve all this discussion at the beginning of a season where you. Sit there and say strength of schedule beginning nonconference wins. It does always say that the pac twelve has that kind of ability when coaches will tell you anybody can beat anybody. Throughout this entire conference and why because you have the kind of doubt to me of the parity in this conference he also have nine games. Which other than the Big Ten he sit there and go. That's a that's an advantage. Or is that a disadvantage. I argue every across a road. Or across the board should always have equal amounts of conference games for all gonna be measured along the same success at the end of the season to get in the four. Right now Notre Dame sitting in the driver seat. To really throw a monkey wrench in the and to hire situation. They can they can be they can be an absolute. Thorn in everybody's side being an independent right now and can win out yes they have absolutely what does it help Washington to be able to have this type of rankings with. You talk being their Washington State being strongly god does it help some quite a bit because if they win out. They will be in it does in nad is hands down any questions about that they need to be silenced but. This also goes back to the pactel has back loaded a lot of their schedules. And that's why you see windows. Middle nifty. At CS schools at the SEC's likes to slide in in leaked to a like week 910. In your second bye week yes you second bye week ridiculous so that hurts their strength of schedule but that's why they always have that dead there's that saying. It's always better to lose early. Then leaves late because if you look at some of the teams that can really throw. A monkey wrench in make this thing tough is if you're looking at these strength of schedule here. Wisconsin has five and now. They have the 56. Toughest schedule in the country remaining. That is one to keep an eye out on because until they get to the Big Ten championship game. Brokers and they have some pretty clear sailing from here on if you look at did their remaining schedule is Purdue Maryland Illinois Indiana Iowa. They get Michigan at home and then they have Minnesota. Like that early easy. I would say yeah that's very easy in in making your way to the Big Ten championship game and it may talking about Alabama Alabama Alabama. 51 toughest schedule in the country. 51 eye in if you talk and power power five conferences at 65 teams. Can vary at 51. And this could also change our next week tell you the truth to power rank how it changes with one team loses again a couple of other teams lose we might see some jockeying. And shifting but. We've seen a pactel back load to be able to try to get more relevant towards the end of the season so they understand is that. Yet even if Washington had some bad nonconference games at the beginning which worked. Perfect and according to a lot of the people abundance that's fine but if you win those games out in the end just like anybody in the pac twelve in the driver's seat. You can control your own destiny right at the end and then you go to measure up against these other teams it comes down to like everybody says. Optically the petrol doesn't look strong there's nobody looking at this power rankings on the East Coast going old really the pac twelve that typical. The people that matter the college football left me because and they look at these numbers and these are numbers at that you take into account bullets hopes it won a big deal it's dark and I know that but the Prince Harry is built in a little bit. Well a lot they are humans but they use the strength of schedule data. As part of their criteria to get into because small lab and so if they see. Look at what team is playing best right now and then you can sit there and you can go. Straight to schedule tells us they U dub has been playing better opponents then say Wisconsin. So we're gonna take a look at this and be like okay who did you beat Wisconsin who is your best win of this season because if you look at it. Who is Wisconsin everybody's making a big hubbub about Washington's schedule and not saying anything about Big Ten Wisconsin. Don't take a look at their schedule right now and you tell me where the quality win is so far has it been Utah State. Florida Atlantic. BYU. Northwestern. In Nebraska and there haven't they haven't beaten a team that's. That you would say is formidable yet in I have I read you the rest of their schedule. It's not good either it's bagged 56 in the country almost gone green team they're the. Iowa this year it's another better program I think in Iowa but they have that count Iowa schedule we'll look at ago OK they're gonna are on the table. They're going to be they're gonna be that excited to have their enemy in the Big Ten champions we can say we can say that they haven't. A Washington schedule sure they have in Washington scheduled this year I've. Mean it's it's but no it doesn't seem like Wisconsin's getting criticized today extent there and leveled at the university of Washington's getting criticized that. So another one that we wanna keep an eye on here at pac twelve interest in mind. Is where it is TCU's stand in this because there are unbeaten right now. And aid he'd currently. At their mean you have depending probably look at TCU and and I'm washing can be interchangeable right now sure they have eight easier schedule then. Washington does that thirtieth in the country but. If you look at it they give back to back weeks later in the year of Oklahoma Texas Tech. Back to back in and before that they have Texas. Right before that so I mean is there a got a tough runs still ahead of them despite getting through Oklahoma State and West Virginia back. Likely is that three teams that are currently the best teams in the conference entered talking to best balanced teams. Go I don't care how you my country not on talking to the pac twelve I don't care how you rank him Washington State. USC Washington whatever three wanna say who has the better chance. Who feels like they're the better team either one if you're USC you can still get in I I think he's still getting visually because you beat Notre Dame. You would beat Notre Dame yeah that would be a big win that would still it Allen still last still left so that's enough to get you in the covers UB one loss going into the pac twelve championship. He'd beating UT TD Utah and you would have to beat Notre Dame on the road yes very big win. So then does that carry enough weight to get to and is a one loss team over the Texas or TCU. Yes well not an undefeated TCU relief yeah that's a really hard question it's of hats are really our question. Because undefeated TCU would then have to they would also beaten because the big twelve championship game is different than anybody else that they don't have divisions. It's the two highest ranked teams but what if what is he what is it is USC. And their in the pac twelve championship. They beat in a Washington State team. That they had lost to before. So they lost early in the season to Washington State don't begin. Doubt it makes people feel a heck of a lot more confident they get in now. Over undefeated don't CU team now because they really are Unix that would through confidence on yeah I'd I'd think they'll area undefeated team. The end defeated TCU team that beat in Arkansas team in the SEC has gone through ranked teams I mean. I just don't I don't think that they would. I don't know if they would do that to the big twelve for earth at this second consecutive year because if you have an undefeated TCU. And that means that they would have beaten everybody they wouldn't of had to make up for men a loss so even even if you say that it's confidence as you say. US he would beat. A top ten team probably Washington State going into that they've already lost to them on the last play or it was a close game wasn't blown out. In the US he loses or wins and beats Washington State which you will be you will be half higher rates than Washington's I know I'd of the did you still think TCU gigs in about the undefeated team and an eight year going undefeated against undefeated. I'd I would sit there I'd say yeah probably because you take care of the scheduled I think I think judges agree that I think the Cuban I think that it would take OL live team with one loss over the unbeaten. From I think they've they've added I think it would take USC. That's what I'm sick. They'll never won lost team last not from the pac twelve got in yet it's not go so why should it but it got an idea and mean who was the unbeaten that they got in over. And or being hypothetical this point right they had not gotten in over and if he does come down to the apple cup it will be USC. And that scenario that I just thrown out of Washington State does beat. The Huskies in the apple cup. That's an area could played out yet but what would also also that we haven't discussed in this. The packed up could cannibalize itself only to it and I'm out of the playoff wasn't any companies that issue watches Erica are gonna win out that. My confidence levels at 50% and that should be that bad Selena Bessie the scary thing is that via we talked about how tough their schedules are. Hey Larry they have really tough schedules. Could mean Huskies haven't won in Tempe since 2001 they got to go on the road this week that'll uncle I think they got Utah they got you at UCLA. They have Stanford they have organ left all these teams Washington as the one night you gotta feel most confident and embers continuing are on the table because USC. They've got a tougher ahead of them still in Washington State. Washington State schedules pretty. Pretty dang rougher as you go through negate cal Colorado Arizona but then they go Stanford Utah Washington final three weeks in a row. Danny knows are three teams that'll be this is the fun part about it is is I know were at the halfway point but it does feel like we're just getting into it yes we are now it's exciting. Yes here hey speaking of getting into an Urban Meyer he's getting into it in joining his. One of his fellow coaches testing came on the fan. This is toast and jam in the morning on 1080 I am. Urban Meyer's all the B publicity University of Washington getting athletes that music wait a minute. Wait a minute nineteen needs some of this. C decided to call out late kicks his love. Your this week. Do we. Butler and we are men and women wait for Kirk herb street to now call out Urban Meyer on call is game day this week Q the outrage. Should be thankful they colon on the on. Or is he should trigger street painful Ohio State that we broadcaster game baker curb she audience iron haul out. And Ohio State coach we know that. Beta to be fact it'll never happen. But hey what Urban Meyer said as. I understand TV contracts are kind of ruling but. When you start talking about student athletes of she's going on this for a this is the only road to go down two days shouldn't have to play four night games on the road trip and I talked to Gene Smith athletic director. About it and I'm going to bring it up to you Jim Delany Big Ten commissioner. Will find out if we really do care about getting home at 4 o'clock in the morning four times you don't do that. He went on to use say in my opinion very strong opinion. When I start thinking about players in what's expected of them during the week if you can't recover you'd king get those hours back I'm talking about academically am talking about it just your body. The student athlete welfare. They should not play for night games on the road so he's taking Chris Peterson insane. Okay IA mobile data home but don't put us on the road for nine in zero. Which is what Ohio State is that. Well he's right. He is right because we. There's you know Auburn just recently got in trouble. Just the other day they got trouble for having somebody take a test for them weird shocker in Melbourne on happen at Auburn that happens cut all over the place. A little bit not all places but it does happen. Why does it happen. What when you're sleep deprived or your shortening the week because when you play on a Saturday played like late night you don't give back to 5 in the morning targeting a shortened in your early morning practice. See now your behind can't you recover. This is this conversation always is about what's best for the student athletes which is. Kind of a joke because it doesn't it eat nobody clears. Realistically in the NC to weigh about the health. And the welfare of the student athlete means they are. What they called an NC to a basketball investigations where the players called load they are. Assets that they were called in there even bigger upsets in football yes especially if apostle why. Why would Urban Meyer say this too it's also hard on the coaches. But it you can then as the fan on the outside the immediate reaction is I think we'll free your large amounts of money in the amount of money you get. I think the problem is right now on college football is is that we're having a really hard time understanding that college football is no longer. It's no longer just football it's business. In his ass I know that I know it's you will it it's it is true you called football is no longer to the point where you're worried about. Athlete's success. Grades. It's a farce. It is a business and if we start looking did as an NFL business in a realistic business which is unfortunate but it's kind of a dot mindset we'll start to leave you you'll stop worrying about who's a good for them is good for the notes is good for business. I would like to disagree is the and one thing there. You said that Auburn is had to somebody else take a test because of the student athletes not recovering in Dunn and eyes that it's happening more and more now I think that did that happen just because Auburn. Votes she. I'm just gonna there are out of eggs in athlete welfare hasn't. No there's there's there's certain certain things across and we don't cheating happens everywhere he doesn't matter which school other schools don't do it other schools. You do yeah and I'm not gonna throw out arbitrary numbers of how many schools do this. But I think your job is a school especially when you have a very powerful football program is to keep your athletes eligible. And that is priority number one. How do you do that well you opened up the past success sometimes having somebody take a test for you not condone it because it's it's ridiculous. But that's what they have to do. T even knowledgeable. The wide yet keep notable. He got to keep your best players on the field so that you can win setting get to television money you can pay your coaches in you can run your. Business being exit. And so that that's that's the thing uses. He should it does feel like college football is pure and elegant isn't interceding took a you know it does on on Saturday it does Friday eaten the bands the sounds the pageantry. It does fuel purely these guys are I mean they wanna get to the NFL they claim of more passion. The underbelly is it's still of billions and billions of dollars but they're generate yeah why an Urban Meyer. Realistically what he's doing is he's sustain him in Munich and keep putting us in night games. Don't tell us that you care about player safety. And health. And grades he gives you an NC two way you're gonna investigate them and say they're doing things the wrong way and act like you do clear in your outrage with fake outrage. Yeah let's go ahead do that. Hey we you said that somebody's going to be offended or is indeed Fenton and beginning of Russia but can and it. If and yes but. All right it's time we did every Thursday at 8 o'clock RNM now challenging go ahead and head you don't play along at 1080 the fan. Dot com also next Harry Crawford football fix. And to managers in baseball on quite different paths dusting camel fan.