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Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, October 12th

ALDS, NLDS, and what kind of coach should the Beavers hire.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning mix oil. Organized sports we'll just era and you know. They would limit sign up for anything when I was a kid. Here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland mental moral purity you're just a turnout. You couldn't can come around me you know. Dusty and chairman of more million dollar and 1080 contestant. Saying in Berry is day in the twelfth of October. Hey hey hey hey your favorite day of the week Qaeda and low idiots yeah. It every show us that question at a time. I think it's kid trying to I think it's gig give me a little. Is that as well I know I just got to get into it a little bit more get a few lit appreciated you. It's. It's kind of like the you don't roadside or fill up you know is signed film mean. It's like absolutely it would be drew more friendly awaiting its ear we grow. Yours good moral idiots. Whom I think that's I think we might have something that sticks I think Maria as you workshop this sound we keep on work and I think we're gonna find and I think this is usually offend everybody at the start of every morning it's OK to have it it's it's offensive I think that's the way that that we operate these days the way that I Nicole everybody gets offended now and. Note cards not the truth that is about the truth yes it's 100 in here and could not go throughout your I wanna know. I don't know if there's anybody in this per. Yeah. Not an added every single day somehow someway from from the way the person drives in front of you. Of that visit now that is offenses as southerly somebody gets in cuts in front of Ian doesn't or furthered their coffee fasten isn't me or their drink. Q the way the person talks to you need to howl that he didn't mean for everything. There he didn't agree with you yeah I didn't get agreed with was appreciated that's a needle. I eagle of people would. Alia I'd I'd give up on that give it. Really yeah. I give offense. I don't get offended except for that the driving thing as this is that I don't get offended very easy except there's some pretty offensive drive carmike to. On or you do it and that's the other thing too the amount of people that are on the roads anymore I really don't get upset people on the road it's being that I'm a pilot and come right in front they wanna cut me off films like Nolan. I'm trying to get to my point from point a to point B I don't have time to engage in new. I don't and you wanna flip me off because I'm cutting you off and Emily merger news happening awfully urgently. Urged him whatever you do whatever you need lead mergers. Yeah so let's just to go ahead and get it out of the way early it's right at 6 AM. Go ahead. Her and yes. And now. I think that this is going to be a great way to start back we'd like our jobs are degenerated conversation via you know we generate conversations with each other with our listeners. And now already. The conversation has been started on average for Beers Tex signed but I feel five. You're the idiot on so when you say good morning idiots the conversation started with no. You're the idiot you but I'm embracing the fact of my own idiocy it's done with few together you together in this idiocy I'm not at the top of the idiocy and leak and not loving right there with you know laughing at you and I together with the media gets together that's fine and it's going to be offended and that's defense. Let's do this offense and outrage start basics say and they did it out of your system before you get all politics. Not now. All day long now school we see now we're in your sports let's go sports are a lot of that was written. I remember was just like yesterday. You may get this alive and Agatha slightest club he's your favorite. We favorite football player of all time. Get this yeah I do. This in May be mine he's definitely in my top three he's probably. Top tube of 1986. Walter Payton becomes the first player to accumulate 20000 yards. In NFL history I met sweetness every year I got to meet sweetness Meyer very. First year in us though of course it was my coach and Walter came to talk to us with his son. It was amazing yeah that guy that even at the time this is 1998 he shook my hand he was just. He could've been the nicest guy in the world. His hands are big and strong he's physical he was believed it was amazing it's still a highlight of my life to go sit there and say I had the opportunity to have sweetness you meet chat that is spiritual. That is very cool he announced its third all time yards behind Jerry writes in Brian Mitchell surprisingly second hit outside her. Is that return game to. On today's program we'll talk a little V is the law or not. Yankees nationals picking up wins yesterday and what that means for the future of those. Franchises. And our textual relations should organ state run the option Tom for Nellie says the CBS vs yes. And we'll discuss gonna hear from you both I think this is when they goes duck beat her husky cougar fans as well. You know you can be a part of this conversation because as we extrapolate this thing out we'll lay it all out there for you. It is a conversation that everybody can be apartments in these parts. I'm so that's we will have our best in the nest. The Seahawks socket 715. Remaining strength of scheduling college football and how it loads for the pac twelve. On those numbers as we're at the halfway point of the football season. How the pac twelve cents up. Compared to the rest of college for the goods on him good NFL challenge at eighty and it is good. And then Crawford's football fix the weird stories from football that it's. We haven't found enough time to talk about that proper definitely has. And we will. Time to wake up. Jonathan Smith spoke to reporters yesterday as you did prepares for Gypsy airs in the states. And the former organ state quarterback saying he was in fact shocked. By Gary Anderson's resignation earlier this week. But he deflected the in probably the most Chris Peterson disciple I possibly us. For many in our conversation about him being a candidate for the job Singh got a guy that is as I'm honored that you guys. Say that but. Look on the court that are lost and we're pretty good right now my in. Higher focus is on this well it's hard for not not to believe that his thoughts might be looking toward the job it's natural. However if he's the type of guy that understands that he six in a record they're making a run. One thing that Scott Barnes the athletic director Morgan State has said is that we will be. Respectful of any program who has faith sitting counter. In in respect what you're gonna ask. Because they'll have agents we and you yuck agents and he can be respectful less interested hasn't been an absolutely askew. And also campaign will be the next day during his tethering for the next head coach organ state so just on a ledge on the net income. Could mean the equipment. That's hard to protect jobs. Jobs hard I know is what I'm saying NetSuite much better that are being outreach. Actually not their seventy good equipment Conyers immediately it's not very nice. Out you be surprised that much power equipment managers they were the most. Well liked person and you can thank Lincolnshire can come and get regular assured. Yes Khamese its shoes. You pay me and my my cousin needs it easy series he's gonna come a game can get exercise form. Now you should do your best friend should be the equipment manager. Definitely to quit managers that I had still Washington. You guys in the NFL. You tip your equipment managers well yeah we have locker room dues we take care if we'd argue that white envelope. And would do the white envelope. In big some guys would do a big big big tip and I think that need to be stingy. It was not stingy. I was a minimum coupons to Carl's junior known for fifty. I know that this may not sound like a lot but I did a minimum 250 and then I'd bumped up to 500 O'Hair posted to the head guys and most the time but yeah I took care of those guys that are in their dead in the clean enough towels and picking up our craft and jock straps is just it's. Carrier bags everywhere of course particularly those guys I the NFL PA representatives will join league owners meetings next week in New York to come to resolution on the anthem protests. Yesterday Roger Goodell saying that there will not be a requirement to stand for the anthem that will be voted on. Those meetings next week so there's your updates. Hey this is not test this is rock and roll play. Flipping them out estimates. 600 Lazio is ten or oh my god it's early wake up. The Portland trailblazers improves to four and one on the pre season yesterday known as well and everybody's that somehow figured pre season record definitely indicates how good you're gonna be there if snow of course this. 113 104 against the suns and Meyers Leonard here leading scorer he made five of eight from the field. Five and six from 38. Rebounds in the night 44 minutes played good for Myers. You know good for him that is a great performance. But like. If this goes files and they're like. Meyers Leonard can't catch a break sometimes it's the only game that isn't televised on you know the pre season gets a break I don't think he cares here's my thing. What is Meyers Leonard this year this year. It just doesn't care. And our tribe needed testing that could I don't care what you say say which you want you to make fun do Jules. Do don't care if that's it. No use of generic each team is out with a concussion though it does say illness knows on the Chavez Napier CJ Wilcox also is illness on here. They sounded in the mall the Caribbean hotels also nine in Phoenix closer it's a habit you meant you explain this to me yesterday dryer to dry. Don't worry about you got assuming you go on the road this could revoke colds and mold. Cold cold. And Zach Collins to get his first start as Portland trailblazers TV in thirty minutes of action scored eight points one of seven from the field got the free throw line. Five rebounds and Davis on a bunch of boards twelve rebounds on the night. In a night that was the very limited I mean this is the equivalent like pre season game number four on the and a the only one game left and essentially it's not easy games Alex scrimmage. Than the regular season starts next week here you guy guys that are played roster spots. That's that this is you know it. 44 minutes a game when he foreign ministers he did they go from thirteen to ten points respectively if you back them off a little bit and known that it's going to be. So long for the next five months. Of the NBA your enemy has been nineteen years old. Like like Zach Collins. This nineteen cents a year here ego with a great had a hair in 1907 feet tall just the world is your oyster and he could do hanger around in. PX and go longer road and be in nineteen year old in the NBA add our add on if you don't embrace that. News. Fret but not a Fargo where we start. We had the ALCS. Is set. In the NL Diaz between the nets and cavs is going to a game five this is dusting cam on 1080 the fan. This is dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080 program. List select flyers. And that's. Headache yankees have put. 02 deficit they've eliminated the defending American League champs and they're headed to the ALCS. We sighed again. Those wild card team catches heat. And hey. End up coming out on top of the divisional series. The Yankees beating the Indians a five did too after falling into a two games and animal they win three in a row against the defending jailed chance. The best record in the American League this year and under and two in sixty. Cleveland Indians five to two in the series three games to TU. And what a comeback what morality from the Yankees where on Friday of last Friday we are sitting there saying this team is dubbed Joseph Girardi. Missing that replay review he said he felt terrible ended up going to it and bring attachments office and apologizing for it. After the game but they picked up by the bootstraps and end up winning that seer. All messed with the Yankees and don't ever do that never count those guys out as much as you look at that team or say history doesn't matter. Is it does because that bit the desire. To not. Well to choose to not quit. Because that's just one of those teams work you know I heard that last night and I would I didn't really think about it. It's been five years since the Yankees have been really relevant in an ALCS or anything like five years. That's a long time. In baseball terms. Only for anything eighteenth. For every other team in this country that is part of Major League Baseball ever like how we've been here five years it's great to be back they're calling it near rebuild. It's a Rick this is this is one of those franchises Regis OK your your built in blue blood you fighting your gonna be in a conversation all the time it's like up so. I was agitated I was listening to lynch unity complain about DO you know are good right now. He shut up your at it every other year it feels like. Here they go again go down to you without Joseph Girardi is gonna lose his job and nobody was gonna get fired. Air judge gonna continue to strike out which he has. He gets another golden sombrero and was. Once I away from the platinum sombrero last night yet aired judges. Is struggling and I matter but it didn't matter because the team did what they needed to do. Gardner is and he is a throwback Tyler's second and even his story is one handed everything about it if you remember his grinder remember Brett Gardner. The island they had the new uniforms for one weekend this year that they throughout these things on the back. He said I played the energy and the Yankees don't Wear pinstripes. I see is old school I keep me I'd I know who Brett Gardner resilient man or Levi's with Romeo is. And he had his still chainsaw. Every day he showed it to work. And I school that's I know who that guy is near future. Yeah he never washed his gear in in high school either during football practice he let it stand in his locker all year round yet didn't care you know the inventions from Brees has aren't really helped out the smells of locker rooms around the country rock to gospel of washing machine. Well but you can still just flyby and from Brees again he stinks and stuff so it doesn't stink up the entire section but is it the Yankees full of that knowledge full of using characters. But they just are there there's this band of of dudes won't get it and then you have guys like you DD Gregorian C goes unconscious last night. Swing and a drive. Right field waved back there hitting do it again. It's over the right field wall home run that his second of the night. And the Yankees now lead to read it nothing goodness. DB grew glorious knocked in the first three rounds those would have been enough more than two win the ball game. He goes three for four on the night with a reading yours in that it that is credible essentially you know we hear about guys have protection and lineups. His protection part of having hearing judge is is massive because guess what pitchers do. Neither will pitch around there and judge which is beneficial to gore is. Or they use their goatee pitches time and time again for your glorious gets an INC gets to see exactly how pitchers attack great hitters and right now it looked like the Indians had figured out there and judge kids sixteen strikeouts in the series which is a a record. For a series says I don't he's not seen the ball well it really is big difference between his. Wild card game and then watching him when he puts about a ball goes along ways. We are right now he'd he is it's offense or nothing. Yes and he is currently about three of 24. In in the post season that includes his two hits Eddie had in the wild card game. With sixteen strikeouts. But that is. You see you get what you sign up for a fair and judge and you get a tumor bus and then did the fact of the matter is. Here Yankee fan then you're probably feeling pretty good about it because he goes through these songs but then. He figures it out and you were still able to win a series without him being effective really whatsoever. I mean he got on base. Weis and it really doesn't matter because the way gardeners plane anger here is eight. He sandwiched between two guys that are just gonna get it done anyway he sit in the two hole which you're not always asking your to old guy to beat. This week it would that's quite so strange to me he's not a standard two hole hitter of all time I've never seen this before but it's. It's excellent managing because they've sandwiched him in out of that. Notorious or not and Torii since our but always that. 456 hitters are supposed to be your driving guys that's that's really what you'd you've got to have guys on base and he hasn't had that to bring. You line this is there another big men because they've made save their manager's job Joseph Girardi is contract expires at the end of the year after games you people are saying hey called for his head saying you should be fired. And they rally around him he they win this series a lot of that pressure's off his back at you know as you said he won't get credit for things that putting air judge in the two hole. He he and he just won't do it how much you think is. Erin judges boomer boss factor going into putting him in the in the two laws opposed to three or four because of the fact that you wanna and that inning and strike out when you have a high strike out dialect or he has also. Mental too because if you take a guy put him. 789. Even in the sixth mean that's when you start dip and someone down towards the end of the line up and that's a mental thing too because that's one of those statements. That says you're not a good hitter and don't need you in the muck when you put him in the two hole he's still big enough piece fast enough skiing get on base but when he does give you pop those guys it was nine hitters and does surprise you. Exe you know he's gonna get pitches. And I think that's the strategy too is you're Gary's is giving him a few more pitches any norm. He doesn't stand out about. Also yesterday we saw Stephen Strasburg who broke this news writers are going off the air and it's you Strasbourg was going to pitch. Yesterday for the Washington Nationals after big colorful awful over. His bullpen session Dusty Baker got that wrong apparently pitches bullpen on Monday not on Tuesday. And then he was sick and Dusty Baker blamed it on the mold that was affecting a bunch of players got. The flu and was taking multiple IA vis over the last 24 hours just so we could pitch. The nationals completely mismanaged that entire story including Dusty Baker. And it would you go on you look at Stephen Strasburg he goes up it to seven innings three hits no runs strikes out twelve. Huge. You know it's one of those it was a paper I've. It was and it was a Jordan for a moment and that's exactly kind of what it was how bad was that nobody's gonna tell you even if timid 75%. Whatever it was we'd we'd if we attacked it to the point we're called him was. I wanted to know what was a real truth because when Dusty Baker calls up the entire team and says were all sick. It was kind of a little patrolled job detest him anyway I beat him in if who. Was listening yesterday to get him to change his mind book and people are saying did the media changes mine did decision or did Dusty Baker publicly calling about changes night. They commute. Heard on the television broadcasts just and there are explaining what's happening in their mentioning. It wasn't the mold it was flu he wasn't just we easy he was weak tired throwing out. And you sit there ego that's not an allergy. Did was legitimately sick because the pistol from Stephen Strasburg on. I'd be pissed too little behind I don't care I mean IB IB a gazelle so raked through the colds and in relative so for the don't for the mall but you know we did he gave everybody a double bird because I at odds when mountain. Through the baseball did what my job is to do and even if you are sick. This is playoffs. This postseason yeah. I don't care if you you you can your eyeballs and you at least get out on the mound and say guys I'm out here I'll do whatever it takes. Even if you throw and inning and a third EV you do is get shelled in with for city police she went out their. It made an effort you didn't just pay any way to go sit. The bullpen I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna wait and see how how much is in the and that's the other thing now who with all of that is. Dusty Baker made it seem like Stephen Strasburg didn't want the ball in his hand him whereas yesterday it was explained that. No Strasburg said I'm all go out there for you guys. But I just want you know I'm gonna be completely honest. I I felt weak in my bullpen session and I don't feel right right now which is a totally different. Mindset then. Hidden feeling nineteen didn't want to pit. And sometimes that elevates you to have greatness sometimes when your backs against the wall and you don't think you can do it you surprise yourself out Strasburg. Don't be surprised himself his prize a lot of us can you shut down the cubs and jaded when you get a shot he hit sixty Strasburg in that a cigar I don't get a little bit (%expletive) and vinegar like that. Yeah now that series is tied at CU they will play today in Washington DC for deciding game five because of the fact that. They're teased a game was rained out there travel day it was eliminated it will play that game today and the Los Angeles dole years. Go ahead and await them in the NLCS one. One sentence question for you Erica I feel. I'm gonna have chances though later no gimme gimme a one sentence answer. Nervous you should I am nervous coming boom boom room. From a moment moment and accuser coming through a mobile now and that's the thing is it wild card teams are dangerous. Wild card teams are carried changes that are being built legal team and excuses. Now honor the better team era where are the better team we are the better team on paper that you tested weeks I'd -- and I can't take crappy for and did do he weed. I Wilkes you know we wanted to that we. I may fear of a crappy franchise that you lead that is just now getting on. Getting their footing as being did. I still wait I am waiting for the worst to happen so yeah I'm nervous you're gonna course senator you're gonna use the gorgeous starting giving it. Yes you've been dual rove series in 2005. Blew up the entire franchise. And had back to back to back 100 plus seasons that's never happened before in so into World Series. It's. And now. I'm over under wins. You know first fund you know your targets are across from yet again that a 116 win season. Yet Alan a Catholic eighteen years ago but at the seventeenth of of well ever been to a World Series hey. Win win the Mariners get a ged and he then you'll go do the same thing of I've never get nervous. Understand its early years doing your favorite team is playing in in the post season and playing for league champion they ulterior right now when the Mariners ever. If I'm and we don't like there's no tomorrow seeing. Young people Wear shirts is we but there's something and need to address later as the Yankee fan has already come out of the woodwork and tuck in as good I can't wait for. As can be fun ALCS gets underway tomorrow. Between the Yankees in the asterisk. Should order a state. Hire a coach. That runs a gimmicky offense. Namely the option. Is that the route that organ stage ago. One CBS college football writer says absolutely. What do you think 55305. Let's average for Beers Tex signed dusting cam year's conference sports that are. Widespread text either. That's a message of what number. Two or. Diner by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I mean. No it was Gordon's techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the shoulder would like to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 55305. That is average or Beers attacks on listing here came Cleveland if you. Follow us on Twitter that 1080 the fan is the station's camp at dusty underscore here that came Cleveland at doctor underscore croft is our. Producer Alex Crawford. Todd for Nellie and CBS sports. Has a little article of saying. Now is the topic perfect time for organ state to find a new identity. By running the option. As saying that the bees need to take a page out of playbook of Georgia Tech. Army navy air force. And bill with the triple option go with something that is truly unique to you in your region in your conference in your area. And be different from everybody else. What do you feel about organ state because. I think everybody on the service goes. On. But. India need just kind of take a step back does that seem like it's. Too gimmicky. Let's start with this let's start in in kind of look throughout the conference and see what what has happened over time. When Stanford decided to be Stanford which we now have its own sane because Stamford. What they've done is they changed their identity because they realized. This is start to act with this is way before. I'm David Shaw this was Jim Harbaugh who brought in a style of football and an attitude in an identity was developed. That this teams knocking out run you all the time Iraq and now athlete you all the time they'll have them because they have a certain type of kids and have to bring in their young man so they had to change very damaging other tough physical ground around there is close to the option as you can get without running the option. Anymore that's kind of what Stanford is her power football downhill football you know. OK then let's go back to organ. When organ decided to change their identity with temple and what it was with Chip Kelly brought in any style in an attitude and and I it'd be a football. That they brought to their organization. What was Mike Riley style and identity that he brought in pro football. Come bringing from his identity was we're gonna have a drop back quarterback Caribbean I formation were gonna run things that are West Coast style of pro football. So all of that being said I don't disagree with a Bob ringing in the identity. Of something new and unique organ state however. Without being said I think if you go to the option which is essentially telling everybody in this conference that you cannot. Yet the type of player. In here it is say in my opinion it is the easy way. To recruit everybody in say the you don't have athletes to compete at this level I I just think it's. I think it's and I said it before and take offense of every want it's not the best job in the pac twelve that doesn't mean he can't still get great athletes here. No and if you look at micro is able to do would Dennis Erickson was able to deal. I mean coming out of the Jerry had a bone aero which I thought huge red flagged organ state Kansas gas trends are India has played in that era. I've played who has they train wreck on the one thing though that Mike Riley in dancers who were able to do. Though Dennis Erickson got into the Fiesta Bowl and many people believe that they were one of the top two teams in the country that a year and a nominate trounced. In Damien ages athlete. Steamrolled their way through the fiesta ball. Was big flip did that don't we can't get those guys here we can't get close they just couldn't get over the hump and if you look at the quarterbacks the wide receivers a running backs that have been. In the NFL a lot of offensive line instill in the NFL they just couldn't put together when they had great defense of players and in the offenses together at one time. You can't get an ad guy I do agree due to an extent that there is a signal they you're sending that. Hey. Where gonna kind of throw up eight I don't know if it's a white flag but you saying I don't know I don't know if we can compete with everybody at the eleven other schools aren't getting the high level organizing. That running the option it's I'm not gonna call it an extreme gimmick. But it's it's just how the spread is the spread. Now in football is what the option was 3040 years ago. When Texas adapted it and you know you could watch those old shows in the sixties when Texas decided to run it than everyone started to run it that's what spread offenses now in college that we'll circle back. I just. Not gonna call to give moment I don't think orbiting needs to do that any and here's the other thing too there's only one program in this conference that that can be every single year. Paean in national championship contending mentality. And that's USC. So if you organ stating you say they are on the precipice and that's what you're going to be your gonna get a 23 year run and then you're gonna have a four year layoff five year layoff and GAAP. That's every other team that is Washington that is Washington State that is Stanford there's only a couple that's what you what's your USC. It's honestly tell you we can be in the covers each and every single year because their recruits. Everyone else is on the same playing field when it comes to the amount of opportunity you're going to get it comes the arrow here. Comes down to this and it's just the simple you need somebody. Who's gonna lead this team and this B nation. And they have to house something unique they can't be status quo. Compared everybody else that to be a little bit different missing got to be different off your rocker. Have to have something unique Dennis Erickson. Brought in the dudes. He brought those dudes in and where did they come from well he found him junior colleges that's when they came I don't care you found them. Here's and to bring a mania that's where they came from the game and it maybe didn't give shined the best light on organ state but you have to give this give and take where do you shine. Winning vs character you build a mess all this and it's very important to have all that. In today's game defense that wanna hear from you a lot of good feedback coming in on the bridge for Beers tax on 55305. Does it also have to be an offensive coach coming in to Morgan State. That's another question dusting came on the things. This is. 1080. 55305. Record bears tax and then we'll talk in Oregon State's number Nellie CBS sports is hey look. Or in say you know have an identity yes sock is what basically said he said Dave this is how he starts it. And I think he is totally off base of this is. Organ state doesn't have a football identity I think right now that's fair it's in the pac twelve and has been since 1964. But that's been primarily the extent of its history. And I think that's a little unfair because since 2000 organ state. Has been a pretty good hitting consistently good football program. I mean they've gone to lead. I think eleven bulls. Since 2000 mean I think a lot of programs will be would be happy with that at war game away from the row level for three years is 334 seasons. Mean I think a lot of teams would be happy with that in a hasn't been the extent of their history but it hasn't been dominant by any stretch the imagination. Done really since 1967. Was a dominant team 2008 dominant team and you've had some pretty good ones and own the late 2000. I agree we see your point can and your point there does seem that I think the bees. What these guys who want is not to expect to beat. In the national title not a pretty theater like you know your team Mike Riley I think was what you wanna be is that program eight win nine win. Dipped to 45 wins. Back up to seven back up to you know consistently in bowl games in mid level bowl games and then occasionally popped with a Fiesta Bowl are you go to an Al mobile select at that slow as you is. And I think you. I don't think he. I like this article because I agreed that the b.'s biggest issue is that they don't have an identity they didn't under Gary Anderson right when they started to establish one. And end of last season with the power run and they come in and decide they want to do more air raid this year all the b.'s hands like. What does not the identity we wanted so I agree date you don't necessarily. Need a coach is gonna. Don't need to go out during an tossing coach like you know we're listing all the coaches say we need to guide that runs the business into goth fans but I do agree the need a guy that will come and and bring an identity in seed this is what LSU football is that the Mike Riley did NASA Dennis Erickson did. And GA never really did. Their offense has been. Floundering I said it from the beginning of the year I didn't know what they were doing offensively I know when you bring in a stand at top cornerback. Yes you bring that type of drop back pocket guy in. And then you take away from me he's so good was getting downhill people with Brian all it it was very confusing. Yeah and I didn't and I -- from the from the optics of it looked to Gary Anderson and I said really is as his choice to do this will become known now. Tunnel wasn't. Yeah and there's sex and the bridge for Beers tax bugs and bees get the consistency of Georgia Tech we need something to get kids to kowtow. And I do agree with that in here's the thing if you are to get. One. Two guys I say yes option is probably good call by king you get Paul Johnson from Georgia attack. Or Kenyan months a low low from navy. Mean bella and that's what it comes down to if you are going if if Morgan State is gonna go to the option it has to be one of those two guys. Or really I don't think you wanna do it because you get the expert ended neo we have Texas as. Hey look I had the option is the university air raid I think they'd be a lot better luck bringing in records. Looking like Texas Tech and Washington State and looking like Georgia Tech and navy now. Arctic you know if you go down that road. What did Washington State do they didn't just going get an air raid coach. They got the best air raid coaching you can possibly get in that is they did the territory that that organ state isn't. If you're gonna go down these roads if you're gonna go to you. When these extreme offenses. You better pony up the bucks to get the best at what they do what you can't settle for somebody that is a guy who knows that really well and has had some level of success in need to get the I was at. Deem most success in new not to all and Paula Jones and those who. We may be splitting hairs here a little bit but this is this is very simple. This is on 1% and one person only she has to have the vision he also has to have the reason and the resources to get after it. And it's got Bartz. PG you're athletic director sets. Them not only the mood but the identity of what he wants to seek out you're gonna get when he people there's gonna be committee. Of people that are within the organ state I don't know the insides of that there's gonna be some donors that Mike Meehan there I don't know who they are. Because they're not out in force it's not as they're not as pertinent as is when EC would organist. But somebody in there he is gonna be the one finds the idea that he wants to do you have there I don't. I don't know enough about that I don't know at Steve is he an option guy is he a guy that wants to go backwards or does he want to go forwards. This is college football now we are very impatient we all want wins we all want them now. Coaches that coached for ten to fifteen years. That was the norm there was an hour and twenty years ago it's now worth you've just not normal. Or years is a lot which is how can you establish. Continuity and consistency in four years. Nobody else can do it there's only got five in the country that can really do maybe four. That have that and they have the luxury of being the best teams in the country with all the recruits he's Oregon State are the key to find somebody that wants to be here. It is not a steppingstone. I don't know if you want young. Also don't know if you want old. You need to find somebody that's just. Very unique committed yet committed just what what what type of person do you want the person to come in and say go I've just this is with. Holy Jesus for a few years you could feel that person really the young upstart that drives me crazy let's get the young upstart who do you really want the young upstart. What do he's gonna use that to the next biggest job meeting yet there's nothing wrong with having the young upstart we have to understand and accept. What your program is sometimes. Yes and it is what would not be what would keep somebody out Oregon State for 1012 years. Odd thing gobs and gobs of money and winning. From those two I think society viewed as the gobs of money didn't keep Gary Anderson noted as the winning outweighed it. I think it's a really I think it's a really unique person. While you had a unique person and as a lead this Texan on the average for Beers tech sign. You know he said it. Oh is she is Kansas State case dates and didn't call for their coaches at every year after they won seven games and Riley eventually says said scrutiny gave the fans that they asked for and here's where they get. You know. In there is there is that element of that I was thought it was silly when beat fans are calling for Mike Reilly's head saying we can do better we can. We can do it might be rarely what you wish for Mike Riley needs to be in Oregon State he loved Oregon State. His cornerbacks and he were on the chopping block seemingly every year. And now look where that where the beads are well it's like rally may be feeling the same way because he maybe fired in Nebraska did today you know what I get the same feeling and I see it in schools you could see it rivals CC when organ goes up. Up up up up and you're chasing them from behind at all times ago. Why can't we be like that why can't we get there it's the incessant ness of not understanding how difficult it is to put together wins over and over year after year. Especially here at organ state. You know that this takes leads in the have a job these guys are leaving for Corvallis agonize can you not vote on Paula Johnson. You know you never know the thing with new model although that can slay him as remembers he was up for the BIU job this past year. When or if she's gonna turn them when clients it's hockey got it two years ago then I guess and he was to the dumpster fire. Well the reason why attorney dads because he's like at least a minute conference in the American conference like BYU when I must plan for employees are dead job on sorry it is a dead dead. Job yet and dead you just floating on 25 year old guys. With nowhere to go no no and just nothing and you don't have a conference in none of the big conferences once you indicated you refuse to play on Sundays or experience Larry spores did jobs in its it is a big. It's an uphill climb there. But king you pulled the amount to low low from navy if you're saying you're in the pac twelve you're completely different than anything else and yeah here's. Twelve million dollar. Sure for Hairston you guys retirement or again and you know tie in of the option being a gimmick kiosk fans don't like people were saying dat. I don't like to view Nestle the option as a gimmick because telling you brought him culpable seussical colorful balls cyclical like. Talk about Oregon likely Chip Kelly came in so are running that the temple they was running their people thought that was a gimmick and that it took over and shoot at about it is that it was and so I'm quit it. I agree like with the fact deal is bringing together just he just runs the option you wanna bring in a coach like a Mike Lee took the air raid the best is thing. And that people that they can innovate and they can take over that program no. Mike Bellotti when did down even though Chip Kelly came from New Hampshire. He went out and find nick on the guy who did it best in and that's I keep going back tees that you have if you're gonna go with something. That is so different radically different in his radical change. Then you better get the best guy here's the other thing too is that everybody in mean all of us including myself but when you think back and look into it. Every time you mentioned something you mentioned offense yes have youth. Have you forgotten way teams are so good in this conference right now smothered their building on defense but build on defense in that you. Offense is easy easy. You know defense is heart here's why has nobody likes to play defense and there's a certain type of kid. And player that likes to play defense it is harder to find it is off its ask your kid in the playground every kid wants the ball. I don't wanna be the blocker I want to be the quarterback wanna be the running back that that trickles in all the way up to the highest level so how how do you bring in a defensive mentality don't. That's this the cell on all of this is eager everybody's really worried about the offensive strategy. Of Oregon State how much does find. A kickass identity where you can be the tougher team in the room but here's why here's. Indeed that's a good question and I wholeheartedly agree to you have to have a commitment to the defense side of the ball because if you look at. Total defense leaders Washington Washington State Utah guess what. Those are the best teams in the conference right now pretty word in his fourth and they paid their defense accord NATO more and anybody else in the sky are not getting Jim Leavitt because Jim Leavitt only has one. He's going to Kansas City that's it yeah does not mean that would just be five is USC in total defense the top five teams and made a commitment to defense but. I also will say this of those spot top five teams how many of those coaches are deep head coaches are defensive coaches. One I was calling him. Yell that and I think I consider Chris Peterson offensive minded coach look that's how he cut his teeth he's an offensive coordinator you know that this so I do understand at this it this why hold on this and I say you go for the offensive coaches because. The offensive coordinator in that offensive identity. Is still hard those guys will bounce the score Nader's will leave offensive coordinators bounce around so much more than defense corners. You can pay a good defensive coordinator and have that I Danny's stick around for a lot longer as a coordinator. Then you can. Offensively let's be honest defense of minded coaches are not as sexy is offensive minded coaches it just doesn't. Every offense sells games often sells tickets offences highlights suit who sits there and it wants to watch the defense of highlights and all Pia. Ended did that before defense of mining coaches in the pac twelve hard Justin Wilcox that cal Todd Graham at Arizona State was Gary Anderson organ state in gym more UCLA. The bottom four defense is in the pac told right now our cal Arizona State organs Tate and UCLA. He's in now. Yeah I mean. I look at that that's a heads catcher to me but that their defense is are the yards per game. It does come down to the my favorite word of balance of football but what you do with how do you do it. This comes down to Scott Barnes and I'll say it over and over again she does he have to make a slam dunk hire. Right out of the gate does he needed a stop gap for a few years try to find somebody that's mixed what does he do does he go young getting as old old does he try to. The Q always try to go long term here or in stages sometimes it doesn't turn out to be a long term yeah its idea of long term here. I don't know where that money I'd I don't think you don't be mean to spend four million dollars a year get a coach you know. I don't think so I that you just need to find a certain type of person that says. I like this. And don't find Yost is not does that no doubt I like this act five factories here by the rich berg is accidents layup against organs and your feedback from the head next year and is this a bestsellers and game ever testing came on fan.