Dusty and Cam - 10.10.17 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, October 12th

NFL Challenge, Dusty Baker and Joe Girardi on different paths, and Crawford's football fix.


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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. And yeah. Some day here yeah. Jerry it does Dinara stick. I was like yeah me it's important principle here and an NFL veteran can clear them. Me waiting for you an apology on ten radio show time for prayer and he was. Towered over 3 on this Tuesday morning this hour Internet make the Oregonian our recruiting X her right here in the and you can here's recruiting show every Thursday. At 7 PM will join us talk Beazer careening how build departure Gary Anderson. It affects it and Florida's Nino forms rules to be discussed. But I have a question for you all kinds. Is this one must look at college football right now and for me and for everybody. IA. Would delight to be the first to stake claim. That. I believe the best one loss team in football. Is it team that will not play. In the college football playoff. Does have state. I don't think Ohio State will play I think right now they are part of the best one loss team. And when you watch them play you sit there and you go. In my god they're good is that after Joseph clots conversation let us on Friday last week there and have wives and on Washington Maryland game and flipping it off after. It was got out of hand Lisa do you go. Well they have the most talent in the country other than element there is a couple of plays with USC where I go. Willow but like US air has that you watched that game and you go. Oh. I mean they are good. If you look at the one loss teams that are available right now will go to really quickly that can be in this conversation. You have Ohio State. Auburn. Oklahoma. USC. Oklahoma State Virginia Tech Notre Dame. Misch again and then you have teams against he stayed in Utah but Texas Tech but I think that we can stop analyst at Michigan there. And who do you think is best one loss team. My I'm not gonna argue against Ohio State and again clearly did I clearly are the best one loss team out there I've. If I had to default. I would go to Oklahoma State are true Oklahoma I would I would default Oklahoma. OK and I know you gotta sleeper this this week everybody has one of these nobody no reason. Have to put Alabama on this pedestal all times but the the fact is is that Oklahoma doesn't even have Alabama's depth. It doesn't has good depth very good players yeah. But it does have Alabama depth in Ohio State does yen nobody with the exception of Ohio State that's the only reason why I would put Ohio State for gonna default one dominant over the Oklahoma just because they're there play have some good playmakers on the team. Ohio State still got a shot. In this could be one of those things where they're gonna get a chance they're gonna win out. They got a shot. You think so you think they went out because this week they get Nebraska. And then win next week. They have a bye week before playing Penn State and that's where their schedule kind of ran so big at Penn State at Iowa and Michigan State Illinois. In Michigan we'll know we'll know after the bye week when you get a chance to have two weeks going into Penn State. That game is going to be very significant CNN that's why I'm am in the games I've watched Penn State I can't. Really wrap my head around web Penn State is because in at least I've seen. At least I've seen Ohio State played good team. You haven't really seen Penn State play goods it will whose whose baby. Let's start with our got their schedule I got it Akron pit pit garbage Georgia State. Garbage and Iowa. Okay good conference when Rendell well as anyone about and they needed hmm you know miracle a miracle at the end you look they're glad Indiana. Then moved it advocates that conference when. Northwestern. OK so we went I mean Penn State's gonna wrap up their schedule now as they're start coming here comes Michigan knocking on the door it hit Michigan Ohio State that's what's great Holland Michigan Ohio State Michigan State Mario three straight weeks tumor on the road Ohio State Michigan State they finish and finish with some psychics. There really other comforts. And that I can't wrap my. I can't wrap my head around what they are because all figures here is the difference between like Webvan in this that I. You know Washington is is ranked fifth in the country and state is ranked third. Why is everybody so Ohio and a Penn State team that lost in the Rose Bowl to USC. Has come initiate they've beaten nobody I know that Washington hasn't been anybody folks. But at least they'd stomp a hole in the ground in every single team that they've ever single nobody that they've played. Is that fair to say yeah Afghanistan conference wins matchup their comp I'm not on the road I'm not a Washington defender. I'm looking at a going Penn State hasn't. And killed the will of teams like Washington has. Even now I know. Washington hasn't lately but. Look at. Penn State ever really played anybody either. Is Chris Peter on this Chris Peterson have a point in this how many of Washington's games have been on 7730 tonight on pac twelve Reppas one. I can think of three games off the top of my head were Penn State had the 9 AM ESPN game right after college game day again there's not much else on your like I'll give Penn State will look at how many people party said that seek on Barkley is the Heisman Trophy exact just give it to him already. Were were not even at the halfway point we just. Tina he's got a could lose it over the next three weeks and this is why this why we look at these these well must teams now. Because if one thing that history tells us behind the BCS. And and even a college football playoff. For instance over the last cup few years and has been in existence you must have no lose early if you're gonna lose in the did it went once you hit mid October. These losses mean a whole lot or are because it's an indication of what you are at the end of the year as opposed of what you are beginning. They'll give you a little leeway if you lose early and you keep it rolling. Three vote because footballs is is always about hi you have to get better throughout the end of the year you need to improve. It you'll have injuries and things stack up against you wanna seed teams improve and hit their stride. But yet we Barack gloat or conferences. Games and sometimes the comforts sneaky sneaky big they put those big games in late October. And early November SE you go low that was a loss and laid it really. Should the games that are really big insignificant beat earlier. In conference play in the back load. The crappy your game's at the end of the season what what is the the fixtures no fix I lose a game you lose one game in your conference to another good team. Should be. Yeah beauty and they'll seal IA. Might get criticized for this Obama thrown out there let's use huge thing. When it's also and done mean may have Notre Dame in this conversation. Notre Dame may be in his conversation their only loss was twenty to nineteen. To Georgia. Outside of that. They've had double digit wins against everybody including like that 38 to eighteen thrashing of Michigan State. On the road that at the time people like and Michigan State's down. The next one or what two weeks later Michigan State beats Michigan. In all ascendant resides parties but nobody thought about Notre Dame beating that. Bid next game for a US for Notre Dame they have a bye week before they play USC who's got Utah this week include deep down not. So Notre Dame could be Utah next weekend at NC state it was a one loss team they still have Miami. 25 ring navy in 23 rates. Except Wake Forest that's it that's it on a ranked teams right now it sets up as yes. That's a legitimate gripe it's not it not with they would now yes. Did Notre Dame could be in this conversation because their talents dead. They had one pick up and again Notre Dame undefeated team is Georgia if there's any independent that sits in this country right now they can control their own destiny will be in the conversation and everyone eyes logo. We've got to put him in its noted it up some B were you and that could be the big ranch. In the big twelve may sort its way out. Of the college football playoff but the pac twelve could be sorted out potentially if there's one loss team by a Notre Dame kind of jumping into that's why it. It's like changing on Washington Washington State one of them must be perfect. For the tacked on to get an. He. I think he did think about Notre Dame did you know I did I thought about a little bit in Notre Dame being thinking about kind of what they're going to be able to do. Since they're they're scheduled in this tough. It's tough but it in that's why if you win you through it dealt forget about that loss. India like I this team as good. As teams get at the end. 55305. The average for Beers Texans aren't let's catch up with the Andrew naymick are turning X ray here on at 1080 the fan. In Oregon live dot com he is tock TU a handful of the commitments for the organ state beavers. In the wake of Geary Anderson resigning yesterday. What's the recruiting class looking like moving forward one of the guys who are commits in just targets at this point. I'm thinking of Oregon State. Testing cam on the fans. It's 78 Tuesday morning dusty here came Cleveland with you Gary Anderson departs organ state resigning yesterday. The beavers recruiting class was not good 87 in the country twelfth in the pac twelve. Man. Big class that they did have go home. Is. Seemingly. Still in place that's ever gonna bring on are pretty expert here at the fan Oregon lives. Andrew net make enter made this morning man. It's been a busy last week rounds and so. So you have talked to a handful of the crew of recruits foreign state to commits. How many of their commits. All our have you talked to and how many do you feel confident are still firm with organs today. What part to the mainland the top 45 kids to kind of regardless of stat I have a feeling I'm in the new coach would want to key and as of right now they're all in the mixed at any time there's a coaching change this situation gets really complicated in a hurry I went through obviously when Mike Riley left for Nebraska. I went through when mark helped rich was let go. Willie Taggart took over in both of those cases and cases around the country kid generally the first day or two. Say I'm going to escape either no matter what. Four I'm going to stay in less assistant coach. Is let go or fire in almost all cases when a new coach comes in barring just ample coach is one or two. It creates a situation where all the entire code assistant coaches are are let go they're all they're all fired and when that happens that's when you you recruit. Yes recruits are still in the mix right now Spencer Patrick or star quarterback. Says he's still committed. Gig to cart the Lake Oswego quarterbacks and you still committed by eight you know it's suited for the system to let go that becomes. Serious question goes to hold tight pattern right now. Andrew it says you know gives Derek was it is it your ray was that the kind of the recruiting Cordero on campus recruiting Cornet has title what was. It was the staff would did you get the feeling from recruits at the staff wasn't. Connected on their thoughts for recruiting and who they were going after and what their message was to some of the guys was there. Conflicting reports was there a commitment was there dissension a little bit that you get fell from. Players. I think there's certainly was between Gary Anderson caught any hockey. Yeah its first year here and then as the U staff that the group came in and started bringing in new assistant. It's certainly seem that way. It it you know Gary acting get a nice job. Generally speaking of recruiting and being can't dot recruiter. The problem was that some of the people he delegated to war on the saint paycheck streak finally Lockett. And coach called. Aaron did coach now quarry all. Did a phenomenal job they had other assistants were really disjointed. In terms of the recruiting pitch and in terms of the communication I know. Beating you know your work you out just during your tenure but in the first year. And there are a couple cases were cute Tweety commitments. And found out. After the tweeted that they committed organ state. Get the assistant coach that it offered them to speak for the university. Of debt they didn't actually have become available offered. This happened one time bit geeks at the scene school. Within a month. So two different it's committed to Oregon State seeking out and offer tax speaker. And we the staff met to figure out exactly who was could offer no one really wanted to step up and say I would think that opera those kids. So someone could get there. The exit yes I talked to those kids but they weren't offered. Other coaches set I think he did offer. Those kind of situations happen. Our hands full time you know another. I would say around ten times I would talked to a coach about acute committee to organ date. And would find out that the coach kind of said hey you know I'm really happy for my guy and real big he got a packed full lottery gonna commit. Being cared to would have never asked. If he was our fight conference he would be in you know they think he look like a par five conference can until you know I take. In some cases you know not really in what were thrilled we're glad we have a power by conference recruit but. He doesn't quite fit so there were some issues within the aperture Greeks certainly are waking beginning on the same page in evaluating all the same level screen what it took to get a packed what they're. Internet Anke is honorary guest he is are pretty expert here at the fan and act organ live dot com is wreaking jets. His work. Lot was the message that Gary Anderson. In his it would that he was selling because you cities so honor hurting to those high level recruits what was it that he was selling and Oregon State. Playing guard was huge spark a chance to play in a power play conference. Program. And it's yet to be part of a turn around and and believe it or not you know that works for some kids you know you look at David Morse sure it would linebacker strong safety. He he's been phenomenal to true fresh comptroller and state this year in you body gonna put in secret Gary Anderson did a phenomenal job. The Keating kids to believe in the family atmosphere around Warrick can you really getting any deserves a tremendous amount of credit for that. You look at those social media tweets about Jerry being gone their current number of kids and a number of starters completed. Geary was the first guy to believe in the coach GA with the very first guy offer paid off. And he hit. A number of kinds of those kids and one key point man. For a number of those recruits including gave it more on. Hopefully you people out stacking basically this year not this year maybe next year. By Gary get a great job with that talk. In terms of you know big selling point I think this desperate times try to sell their soul when they upgraded. And that proved to be a problem because it would come and look at it and they would say hey we just have great articulate jacket out and I I had a recruit help me. You know they sold me on facilities I got here in the he's still the worst facilities of any of the other schools that looked. So Gary get a good job with the message of family. I beat the rest of the stat had a hard time sometimes and applying. Exactly what was that they all wanted to pitch him. That has that you would not be on the same page as a staff he got very different messages as far as what they were out what they wanted to sell a program. And and to reiterate one last time I think Gary get a good job stay on records. Sitcoms or not always on the same. Okay Andrew went would you talk to a recruit because you may need urban wind gasses and I know it's important for a lot of kids but with. Rank. Facilities. Winning the coaching gimme those three when you're talking to. A recruit because where is the priority with facilities as we as fans we all its facilities and its coaching is it winning. You're talking to a recruit what is he looking for right out of the gate ranked the history. Yeah I really can't because every kid is different. I can hear a lot of kids. OK for organ state can you okay if you're talking about an organ state kind of kid not just a kid in general a guy that wants to go to organ state where word to those priorities rank for them. Like I certainly take facilities are low because Oregon stated it is not. You know where the wrestler. Twelve is why I think playing time in the big factor organ speech yet you look at Gary's recruiting classes. And a number of on the for the very first power by offer they Goddard leap archive offer they got came from Morgan State the opportunity to play in beat. That big conference I think it was with the heat for guys exposure with a big key for tight but I. I don't necessarily think you can safe facilities coaching you know. What is every kid is different some cute it was big bonded with coach Paul come on you know the torque but they're only color tie barker. I never heard a kid county facility for the reason to commit or. I didn't even hear I I don't think I've ever heard Q I don't. You know are working you certainly here in some of the actual places you'd hear you know they apparently agreed and they put a number of guys and yet at battle. Unlike you you're a little bit of that with our in state. Particularly at wide receiver. And corner and running back acute would say you know they've had some success putting some guys yeah well that was a factor so. Every kid is different and I wish I could you be a better answer here. The recruiting processes are unique particularly at a place like Oregon State. Where personal connection is probably number one so it. Let me coaching. And I guess it's coaching but he but certainly the main control Oregon State without bond announced employee and the and the opportunity to quite a creek school. Andrew never make our recruiting S three can either kidding show every Thursday right here on the fan would he have on tap for this week. Org pivotal podcasts here little bit later today studio. Kind of fleshing out exactly what went on the recording a few more stories little bit more. Of of what went on weak area his staff. Definitely going to be keeping. Tab on what's going on you're XP commitment stressed the week and obviously we've got to figure out who the visitors are. This weekend and in the coming weeks or gonna or at stake. Our I Internet make organ line dot com in our recruiting expert here at the fan thinks it's on appreciate it. Off. I thought that was good question he had about what was it that an organ state typed it was sold. And the facilities comments. Word what does that jarring of these just jarring but they're brand new. And there's bid of brokers are telling people that it's still some of the hours that they've seen. You know that is that surprising what's surprising to alarming I was I was hoping I can get injured to tell me where is facilities rank for. Recruits and worked hold in his people and as ones that watches it it's the top of the list. But he did say for organ state kids yes and then I had guys you know target organ state obviously it's not facilities if you're not going there for facilities going there for playing time and exposure. I look at it that way but if ever win when he describes an organ state recruit. For him only its connection and it's playing time in it I think to those all sound. Good. Yeah and it's like you'd you get once every 45 years to get a good team that's that's what happens in this is like to go to that point. That's reason why they're ranked 87 in the country dead last in the pac twelve you know is because you get the high level recruits. When you have a high level facilities to. I think facilities are critical. I don't I I think we need to he would really push that home for beavers fans is that the city facilities is is very. I would put it that number. One. Essentially right now because if that's number one. Give guys show via coach and then you didn't use that's the separated between the great coaches that there's a lot of them around the country. Is how do you facilitate separate and and that's true ministers like you're gonna stick it to go to go to Mets that is true but. If you're talking about in the recruiting process I I would tend to probably agree to that debt becomes the separate between the great head coaches in the problem is is that. I don't agree with facilities being the best is number one because I think. And iron weights and weight. All moves the same back but unfortunately in today's type of kid. From the flashy phones to the shoes in the glam in the skinny jeans and I look might hear the sweat. That's what that's what works with these young peavy and we you're eighteen that would persuade you to know what to do but I didn't have that had a crappy middle blocker and winning was what I wanted to be part of a wanna be on TV is on TV now for. Have 55305. That is bridge for Beers Tex then more and Oregon State. In your feedback on the bridge for Beers tech center. Our Gary Anderson is out his organ state head football coach. After one in five starts to the year a lot of people are asking why and we've been trying to bounce it around in. And figured out I mean did there's the litany of reasons you have. You know the losing the weight loss the infighting with the coaches we just heard from danger Nana who's telling a few stories of coaches. Assistants that are offering guys that didn't. That Anderson and everybody else like what are you doing and why we d.s are guys that were supposed to be offering here. C had some infighting within the coaches staff and another thing that mimic put out with that there were recruits that would go down and visit Oregon State. In they would say. They were selling me on facilities. And I showed up and they were some of the worst facilities that I've seen. Yes so going into break issue for me during my time is about being on television because if you're a top flight team you can Google on ABC ESP and was even in the conversation. It was NBC if you're lucky but that was only if you click Notre Dame. And then it was ABC. There were some who else broadcast college football. In that time there was a few CBS might throw when one fatality SEC for Ryder on this year's yeah it was ABC and everybody else in case the least just started to get college game day. Is is IA it was in the middle my here. So it was the Phillies everybody was equal. We have every walk my stadiums get on a track around my stadium at sucked. Yet it matter is terrible. You know there I always had cracked jokes about if your football pro has a track around it steer probably never get in for a long time Washington was the anomaly noted that him starting in they started sucking and yeah in your like they get checked is don't like the football programs ahead tracks around their stadiums were. Washington Kansas. Immediately is like that who's news at eastern Michigan that you're like well who. Argue that OK so when it comes at facilities this is where Iraq now because every team if you're college football and you're going into that. I could see organ state say and lock it in hey look weak. Be upgraded we had. It's after he just wanted maybe just down the street went organ went up to wash when it was you know what separates the difference now between that. The style of of facility wise it's. It's not just that it's glitz and glam it's that it's football. Only. It's separated it because there was a time when all the athletes shared the same weight rooms shared the same cafeteria. Or training table cheered. The training center which is a rehab centers or their their training area where your taped to where eagle on your hot tubs and your cold tubs every athlete shared that. Now. You as a football player you don't see the other athletes like Washington. And organ and cal and US cedar seed they all have separate from everybody else are we rooms. They have their own training facilities that everything they have their own student athletes services. Where they work with tutors everything a separate that their own everything and a I think when you get your own stuff. And you look at the others going just kind of go. This is isn't up to par and what and as a recruit or is a feeling when you go in what is your immediate thought when you see that. This team is as committed as any other guys they don't want it is much because they're not giving us the individual all of this team wants it more. Again said. Most is not really like this. Yeah a bit is I think. At or again they have their academics and there. Is this magical building that development and that's all sports be have to be scholarship no law concert which is different. And then a big difference there's that they have the illusion that they're training room is for for only football because it's. At oxen stadium the day filter in some Steen athletes here and there. Whereas thanked the Matthew netter in basketball volleyball and their entry Herman there that they go to like you have this some people filter in and out but it's not as you're saying like. I remember sitting in the training room and like in getting ice and stand have a volleyball to our daily signs aground in soccer player over there listed with everybody has. Yet and we also get her ankle tape to be offset that to me we had to sit. Face backed turn to each other deem fit in the world tub to build cold so we stuck my foot and in Home Depot buckets everybody was altogether. What. What we're seeing now is is a complete removal yeah I don't know if you wanna call to commitment but it's as if you have the money to spend you're going to invested to give to. To give them. Not the illusion. But if your separating a recruit he walks into this is mine and mine only. That doesn't colon advantage. Yeah and does advantage I mean remember we had drinking here and he told us that story. Now a member Mike Leach forced the team to put all of their stuff in garbage bags and when they built it the new facility is being so I had the old one in which was with everybody else in it wasn't separated and he made them move all the way back across Martin's stadium in into that old dump the locker room. They move when they got their new stuff. It was sparkly fresh brand news separate from everybody else and I. There is something to you lose two what you're saying there. But I also think that that's not the reason why Gary Anderson left. You know that can't be it's one of many yet and we look back at this and win eventually he'll talk to somebody about it. Win that happens. It will find out the laundry list. Was it the recruiting disadvantages. Was at the facilities was that the infighting amongst the coaches. You know I will say yeah I. Because I think it all played a massive rule. On but now the bees have twelve million dollars to go and spend on their next head coach does he walked away from all. Yet this this Texas facilities may not get you recruit but it could cost you top level one and it would and this is another it is true why wouldn't. Recruit come up from Texas when their high school stadiums are better than. Recent nicer. Me and that's unfortunately that means and the new set of racers nice the new locker room is nice putt. They have 8000. Million dollar facilities in Texas tea. You know you know I mean and that's not an exaggeration to actually taxpayers are paying a football players don't want athletics separation. They don't want that but football players you tell you guys it's not a news flash anybody that's listening. Football players are egocentric. And they believe that they they should get special treatment in not only special treatment when it comes to the university. They want special treatment for tutors and grades in all these things that come with when you walk around Indy. Student athlete swept skier you know when you walk on that campus everybody knows you are and you hold yourself to a higher standard call it ego. All what it is you do you know anything to be university in today's day and age you think the football program first. That's what you do they called the from where she university yeah that's what your thought of it as a player when your computer sold out when you get in there. You expect it now that's not that's just. Were wrapped with college football. In no mood. Yeah. They assassinated have you seen organs its new locker room you've seen in the formula yeah we doesn't totally look at them they are. Nice nice nice their very eyes. They have 50151000. Dollar lockers like Texas order. Organ or washing Washington word you seem to be seen inside I mean Washington just got theirs done in 2013. Puerto redid it. It's aggressive solid Texas that's the facilities exactly. That's the arms race that idea and and that's where organ state got behind and apparently and this is all coming if you missed during via the Internet make of organizing and marketing expert. I take it unless subtext podcasted tended to defend dot com. He said that coaches would recruit him or woods' arm and coaches would recruit players on facilities. In they would take their visit to organ state and say. Those were some of the worst facilities have been to another word of science. So reiterating over and an exercise in Hezbollah from me at resisted talking about this conversation other. Person brings up uniforms. And speak I think organs state uniforms are just fine I like them but. The worst uniform. I'm gonna say one of the worst uniforms ever was unveiled yesterday. We must scouts dusting cam on the okay we're gonna talk about Florida's new uniforms for Nike their ugly route end of story they have scales on them and they dressing them like littoral alligators. In Florida fans are revolting. If they wanted to really just like Florida Gators they should have put him in Jean shorts. Hit it and in the tank tops should. Really and have a suit and had their helmets paint like a straw hat. I. I think a month to Sutton might have been on the literally look like alligators. If skills yet okay but we have a big trader and although we have to get to you. Adrian Peterson has been true raid. And Adrian Peterson now a member of the Arizona Cardinals for conditional draft pick. These two weeks of Chris Johnson filling in for David did nice to a lot of did they want a good running back back this city though he's got a little bit and miles left on the tires. Right they can he be as. A productive as they think he is gonna be in my conditional draft thinking I giving up very much that that's Susie kind of the relationship he had and I think that he wanted out of the my question do you in the break was do you think agent Peter walked in to. Mickey Loomis since that I want out here. Since find me yeah bigger and I think that conversations been going since week one yup since the yellow outside with Sean Payton yelling at him on the sideline to get involved yeah I think it's been hey man this is what I signed up forward you guys find something but. It takes a few weeks for injuries to have been on teams feel confident they're gonna find says he needs fill a need. Arizona sitting there going hey guys while they're away precipice we are not that far off actually we thought we are in the tank but turns out we're just a game out of first place. Now the Seattle Seahawks get Adrian Peterson twice this place. You first yet Todd Gurley need to worry about it now you have Adrian Peterson and do it and he's older. I don't know 31 man or third on these 31 a lot of miles on those tires and a lot of injuries dance but he still he's still got something that's good. Significant trade it is in a big list. In the NFC west is I think that Arizona's gone they're not go quietly into the night. We years experience this everyone feels like this is the last hurrah for all those guys Carson Palmer and certainly you're looking at. It won't adversary and is is that more medical issues any coach right now. Well it's easy eight paint as akin remember. He said to Larry FitzGerald does he wanna continue this is he wanna go out like this no. Intense around. On the Seahawks don't face the Arizona Cardinals until November 9. The first game and then New Year's Eve. Is their final regular season game so Adrian Peterson will either be injured by then. For he will be finding his group at this airs and colonel's office this is. This is gonna be in a trade that I think really does chic the the way that we look at the NFC west. And at and how it all shakes out because bing have to left against the rams to left against. The Seahawks and that's significant moving forward in this division. I don't know we're gonna have I had no idea how B and the Seaway shakes out deal do you have any news like did he do you think it is. Are these aren't just my hands knowing he's here are gonna win the division not handily. But I still believe their. The best team in the division. Q and on the road and they show that they can shut down the rams who have been averaging over 35 points and you do that every single week. But this is gonna take those kind of efforts steered me clear that either the top of the mountain of the kings of the west and no one's knock them off Vietnam while. So until that happens I can't can't bet against the new many veterans on defense and I find that there. I could change I said to change I said the same thing we don't know anything toxic that generally everything we thought we knew the beginning of the season. For God's sakes the jets were supposed to tank and as the giants. Yeah figured out. And if you missed it Brandon Marshall officially done for the season I don't reckon junior underwent his season ending surgery this morning means three. Season ending injuries in the right thing or four. And here just today there is one the potential elimination game in need divisional round of Major League Baseball post season. Washington in Chicago to 381 page over and ESPN Portland ninths and the cubs heavy to one series lead can finish him off in the friendly confines. Of Wrigley the AL divisional series between the Yankees in the Indians is off today. They did to Cleveland very deciding game five tomorrow winner goes on beneath the Astros in the ALCS if the cubs win today they've punched their ticket. TV NLCS. Against. It's the leaders of Los Angeles. Trinidad in. Tobago team USA TU SC wins there in the World Cup that right yet and if they get a draw there essentially in. Because the other teams would have to win by so many goals that it's practically impossible. Soccer everybody I did next is the artist can't Garin and ended integrator and straight through to seven friends and that's consumed have a great Tuesday OC Wednesday right here on the fact.