Doug Baldwin 8-11-17

Dirt & Sprague
Friday, August 11th

Wide Receiver of the Seattle Seahawks, Doug Baldwin, joined Dirt & Sprague at Seahawks training camp! Great interview!


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What's up everybody it's dirt when I think you for take some time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Got wide receiver Doug Baldwin join us right off the bat right tournament. Yes how we leader of the practice yesterday with an injury not well today in the first games this weekend is I feel puzzling. It's. It's it's it's part of its. And race so. It. As. I guess McCain that's their at bats and stuff have we gotta you gotta come buttons that you can't happens. Yeah I'm doing all right. Thankfully it was an insignificant. Always he for the efforts pre season game recent Elena. I don't think I'm discussed got choked no comment no comment about them that I am curious about delegates yet career year last year had a big year. What do you do this offseason to try to pass that season. You don't think about that season you don't try to best it seasonally try to do the best can be so this offseason focus on a lot of the weaknesses. Things I wanted to work on a focused on those things while maintaining the strength of the name of the game. Well also trying to find out as much information about why was football player. And and how guys try to attack me so that I could. He prepared for that seat so. A lot of just analysis internal analysis on the so. Well I mean you back to back thousand yard seasons fragment from a let's when he went touchdowns the last two years of back to back dominant years for yet what were the weaknesses that we went back and watch film hinges annual mine what did you think your weaknesses were as well first and foremost we'll be better in the run game. You know on those kind of strange coming from wide receiver but we pride ourselves in Seattle's run first offense and we wanted to dominate the clock with run in the and I felt like my energy in the run game. Was this tied it in the past when the accident focusing on on targeting right on backers say that I have to block. And then also making war of those. Game breaking plays well so. You know in the slot I have a lot of what is it 5678. Yard passes but only turn those in in fifteen yard. Game breaking plays. Next comes training out here on the football field making guys miss outs trees that that's the game. Now we're joined by wide receiver Doug Baldwin. Opening there and spray tear right now. Do you think it's clicking right now to get back to that point where you guys where with the run game two years ago I think so. You know we've we've definitely put emphasis on that in in the offseason obviously. And Lacey who's focused on are running backs and offensive line. And make most of the guys that are here are getting better. George Fay it put on thirty pounds in the off season really really butchered body wise it's yet this opportunity and you know or so. I think we have all the pieces. Doses whether or not it's all come together to to formulate what went. I think I think we're well on our way. At me you know we've had a chance been up here and and and broadcast live from camp before but I I have to say it always blows me away looking over and seeing the amount of people here to watch football practice that does that ever. Did you get used to voters are still like a unique factor and is looking over it like there are thousands of people here watching you go through a seven on sevens and that it is it is definitely neat. Never experienced anything like it's like that if obviously. Let it adds an element you know it's. It's it's fallen to come out here practice game here yes you performing on databases. Every practice for the ride you're really performing we have an audience you know comment is that game elements. And so that's that's. You know you guys are such an entertaining team not only for what you do on the field but all these national stories and retains a pop up. Do you think you guys kind of thrive on some of that stuff the narratives that me. Pop up from differences aside channels are stations or whatnot the the immediate yeah you know if that's what you know the new one now is and I don't quite understand where comes from the new one now is the window the window's closing soon. I don't know why that got started by the favorite phrases again. We'll. Can get into them yet obviously as time passes people older right so. We don't view it as a window right. You it has offices but no the season that I opportunity we have to plug them laughable. And we Tom played at a high level and so what we're doing obviously hopeful we'll do now in the meeting rooms the whole process that we going to during the offseason is to get us some. Have an opportunity to be totally cool. And we don't look doubtful it what's gonna happen two years from now I know we'll have confidence the media made the faith the fans made we don't have confidence so. For us there is no perception of windows it's. What do we have to do gain and he knows that we had this could be. So we have brought good product. When Tom comes time for game. Yeah Allen the pre season gets under way if you guys this weekend down in LA and it's that we are disaster on San Diego from time to time that. What what are the some of the things that the coaching stats kind of put in in in front of you simply wanna accomplish this stuff in the first couple weeks for me. Was not really what we wanna accomplished more so looking at the guys and saying look. These are opportunities for you to be in the street wars we'll let you know in. Obviously. You can put in a lot of work on the global food and practice in the meeting rooms but when it comes game time so totally different element. And so really the coaches and even some veterans have been preaching to the kids while they simply. How fun. So war so you personality. And everything else itself and that's really what's on accomplished in games allowing these young guys in the street or if it means young man. And how they can configure the success of our program. Doug Baldwin joining us live from CI a training camp. We talk about your game how is the opposite I've been doing Jermaine curse yet a a season that some people questioned how is he has even looked into campus thought yeah. Ease Phnom. I can't say enough about me eleven men. You know over the past six years to come close like Brothers. And one of the things I'll say about him. He's. Tremendous at whatever it is and I know. You know I I'm Quincy it has been a lot of crap about his season last year it was almost he got he got thirty untouchable pardon. That they counted towards towards him last thirty and it's hard. You know and of course it's Italy that's gonna make you as it is look bad if you have thirty and it's our own way but the one thing that it. They can't take away from what's makers. And it. Just what he brings to the table. Is I never have to worry about me anchors out on the we have a combination route we have something that's that's very intricate. I don't have to worry in in in wandered to me competed I've never had to worry about that means always. You know in in in the run game he's Vorbis bloggers if not the best market that we haven't seen. I think he denied it crafted stimulus say to me that of the Jimmy can't rest yet you know. You know in this there's so many intricate things that mean. It is in ten intangibles it just can't put a value. Also in the locker room he's one of those leaders that. Keeps everybody balance you know myself I get really intense that you I've been to some guys who really leave home quietly. Bring anything say anything. Which remain brings everybody together he's the loops and to a lot of elements analog form I just can't say enough about this now and I know. And those sounds like I'm rambling on it. You know I love to me as not only open to you as human beings yeah let me exits. Yet a third young guy that's Ellis that that I think people would know outside of that outside of course not it doesn't fit admired that in Iraq it down here right it's an. I've just watched you guys it's a fun out here and in obviously I'm sure the battles are great between you guys in the secondary how much fun you have going against those guys on the database. It's it's extreme fun because you got guys that are so great it would be do you Richard Sherman Earl Thomas came chancellor. Some young guys that are really they need to have a natural competition we have a lot of fun on him but these guys genuinely in love each other but also love competing it. Real quick to tell you on this one Josh Rosen had comments about school and balancing football you've been vocal about college football athletes. Did you find validity in what he was saying accidents the article. I'm I've been staying away from media FF FF but if I had any comments on its balance of school in in in the boy you know. Let's be real. Most colleges. It's for football players athletes it's what's for you know and that. That's because that's what makes them money. Yeah UK student after student athlete comes and you get the scholarship but ultimately they want to see them for some football so academic side that is not what it was. Forcefully enough cause let's go to Stanford University where. They gave us all the tools and and willing to give us any tools to use its fourth successful classroom. Place like universities model and these it's not like that and hear a lot of we're stories guys come from the college ranks and if so right where. Education is not a priority but definitely something changed there ago good stuff Doug Baldwin Seahawks wide receiver joining us to start off dirt and spray here on a Friday afternoon. I think so much for the time and we love watching you play good luck this season and so.