Dirt & Sprague Wednesday September 20th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, September 20th

The guys continue their discussion on the most unwatchable teams in the NFL, plus Dirt's not so new revelation about a fast food joint adding booze to the menu, Swag plays Stat or Story with the guys and Sprague is jacked up for another movie about Mike Tyson.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. I. It. This is dirt and spray vaccine to ice filled post content for months. It's. Attending Dirk Johnson and Brendan Brendan. Well you know what if they were shot times but that's it would have been fine but because they're Costco brands like the worst thing to do. Durden sprayed on 1080. Those soon. It let's do this final hour there spraying up Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Coming up at the bottom of the hour at coach doesn't wanna read his players book. I can't blame him. Status story in twelve minutes. Game changer isn't a movie and food industry kind of team seeing it at some point we can expect a drop on that team change your mind doesn't really change the game I just think it's pretty significant I just like saying game changer is comedy keeps saying I will be completely judgmental and rightfully them out of a conversation about does that the most watchable at least watchable teams in the National Football League. Some person did say how was nobody mentioning the browns and that's commerce prize. I got off bounds as. Interesting this year Alina browsers and Ky dad there and far more watchable and enter is doing execs pulled walker about that performance and then the jets in the colts in the bears now there's there's interest now some of it has to be you know. Maybe a little more bid because it could totally do the opposite way like watch in the train Iraq but no the browns are more interesting to watch now several team. I would argue the train already racked they're trying to put it back on the tracks and I don't know if they quite stingy no hue Jackson's only won two games. He is two and 22 in his career. Are we as wrapped around our brains yet. Two wins as we wrapped our brains are as a quarterback whisperer that's what I said that is not rafter on my brain edit and needs to wrap around your brain out and everything and Alan I'll wrap now I know I am I think I have set a couple Bengals fans like I get the anger aided bank offense and Abby luck I mean. Saying don't wash what does it mean that Aaron appreciate great players that they have like I'm well aware Geno Atkins is analysts say and then on a watchable you said you enjoy a watching them lose. And usually you get that with the cowboys we need is he's at the lakers. I just think this year it's kind of weird sick thing that an end to the Bengals are not known for winning it you enjoy watching them lose it's very sadistic had a good run aegis and at one point half keep kicking a Waller down (%expletive) my team's all suck I think sometimes you just have to admit your team is. Terrible and you either root for or your whenever. I think you're letting NC pet regulating that negativity and watching losing teams seep into your mindset as a fan you wanted to be able to go through you're going through. I'm root for my NFL team to lose niners aren't the niners to lose like why aren't a whole entire rest of the NFC east to lose every week a like I agree it's a finals any of those three teams I did enjoy this and mention jags are now and in the list nobody's missing in mentioning them because you forget they even have a team anymore. And street is we just forget about what it's the jags I think if you didn't if you missed week one or miss the game they had. You really would be fooled on looking at the score in assuming they were fun they didn't do anything offensively like Leonard for net barely run. For a hundred. And Blake portals through for about a 101 that I was all because Tom savage couldn't. You know I'll run a play they they sacked him a million different times he lead the league in sacks their defense is really fun they're young. But why I Billy others among mild interest in to see if Leonard four and that can be. Serious and a soaring back or not. So enjoy the out of left field vote on Detroit. Equity through the lobby and that it is mixed. Saying they're neither rebuilding nor improving the storyline Sox. It's about this stagnant storyline until an hour lines too and hope for the first time since 2011. They made the playoffs last year can you give you an end to nose with a lot of answer eminently more watchable than they should be top path watch idol show what he's trying to say is they're not mean they're not going anywhere as anybody is anybody into the lines of when a playoff game. Depends where they finish off that hole you're not gonna pick the line posting like a team that barely makes it and we don't think's very good they'd be a bad cardinals team and a giants team it's a dumpster for their last playoff win was against the cowboys have they draw the cowboys. I'm taken alliance. I think the team though that you mentioned before the break the team that might surprise you the most of un watchable. This feels blasphemous. But I am a harp on it. It really is for me the Steelers at times it's Steelers. I for a good TB does that and a good playoffs yeah there's Italian he's dilemma but Doerr for that much talent I selected team should be dropping thirty points regularly. And you watch him against the vikings with taste keys key Noam you watch him in week one against the browns they just have so many weeks during a season they've. Win. But it's not fond now move the ball and don't spread it around in their big play makers always erotic display at the weather offense is designed to make guns down. Lot of folks don't jamming and about the CI sets an interest in money and the fact they're on TV here is one that tribes that narrative as well for people. The a lot of folks sexting and saying why couldn't I watch the cowboys and Broncos last week I like I was this for the same reason why did have to watch the niners and the Seahawks last weekend which game ended up being work best Jesse Jackson niners came into being closer Billy didn't expect that going in so it's interesting conversation about Justine you like window and watching in the NFL Seahawks and you have to admit your team is is not fun to watch especially on offense right now. SM is back as bad offense I don't know how you have a differing opinions tigers once they went as good defense shutting down down off since I've I can respect that but when you get this in the SEC's sometimes at the quarterback places atrocious. And it's painful to watch and that's selective at the C oxen offensive line. They can't run the ball Russell Wilson's running for his life that is not enjoyable for me it's almost like Stanford sometimes it is Psycho Palin that. Same thing EE shut down three NL and the new entry now okay to let it right back to him hey you ready for the game changer in the food booze industry. A sharp and be ready for business yeah we got this fed every big dude even you know this up show a better be good. There'll be 300 locations around the country. Taco Bell is putting in. That will be serving aces. But this isn't new I've seen I saw this this residents I decide today don't don't kill the messenger on eight. This is exciting news I knew he'd find something that's all her behind me good Campbell slow that is cycle right. For those of you who have not seen the news hello my name's Derek. 300 new locations around the country they will serve. Blues along with their food items and BF food line magazines of the majority in the new urban line locations will serve beer. Wind saying Korea twisted freezes in case like she's with tequila rum vodka. Come to think committee cheesy guardian crunch with tequila. Sounds like the perfect pairing McDonald's in the booze business to this sadistic game changer for me man. I thought I Taco Bell blues are used disappointed designs yes told you're gonna be displayed might be more does winning as well as us and you got Taco Bell. Every once in awhile. I imagine being able to go landing get him. And then there's one around the corner from where I live in so. Liked if I'm hungry coming home from two and a high school football game the only stuff that's open around is fast food. Yeah yet you're in a dangerous area where a year after the yeah it's gonna love talk about I love does this news just made my day thank you for somebody else did not either I'm not the only ones. This and what's their what's the date today the twentieth this story is dated on the twentieth. I just saw this today. Now I I'm sorry I we I got to chart we have decks take a break we have to. There's an emergency we all do we have to give an emergency alert now I'll give you my name my a big news rent for your lives I think is pretty big news OK the movie industry yet the history. How does happen I don't know that there are tornado time we got a radio anymore will be on the air right now. Ronnie heir apparent how my chip market. Will crunching numbers it is 6127. Students at 50% of which. So that's 7000. News ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story is it a stab. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't know this is never story on monumental. It's always dirty and sprayed it on Jimmy and you'll man. That's right folks that are storied I'm on a Wednesday able to make hindered Sprague you're on sitting in the sand coming up bottom of the hour would you be mad if your head coach did not want to read your book. And when is the NFL going to admit but the London games are let's phrase that a different way would you be hurt are disappointed if you're. This one of your good friends did you read your book at zero but. Somebody consider really close he was like now I I know the guys don't wanna read it I'm okay. And go like you go to a joint book their place. NASA now now I'm an unusually generous you. I've known you for fifteen years I know everything about you don't look I don't need to read a book value Dan the man that puts stuff in his both do you have it down or did that coming about only our all we'll save your movie game changer for the last segment to see if it lives up to better hide the mine although there are a few folks supporting me the bridge for Beers Tex lines somebody says there's already one of these in Vegas by the way and this is old news mr. This is like all over they're not all over this 300 locations that we do it was Ellis Island is not new news I am now is kind of got me on loan was coming and some of the listeners did not know it's coming they highlight your enthusiasm for booze and Taco Bell but he said the one in Vegas is back to 3 AM it's a game changer thank you very much. Migrate here we should of went there when we went it is going to be kind of status during today's. Let's begin with your first number 1689. 1689. Is that the combined amount of yards passing Washington State quarterback fluke fall has amassed in his career just against Oregon State. Gore its that the number of hours it takes to play a complete round of the board game the campaign for North Africa. This is a stacked them. Because I believe bison are distorted it was 15100. Dollars summoning a status on this is for sure a stat because I lifted up jeering and night to read about it. Indeed 16189. Yards per loop fall in his career just against Oregon state senate on and it also has 22 touchdowns two picks and a 74. Point five completion percentage he likes beavers. How about that. Okay. But no well. The old port that used to have a lot of these board games try to sixties and seventies about similar to risk only much more involved. But yes this one called the campaign for North Africa. Would take 15100 years. Or 15100 hours enemies meet to. Completed so if you had a group of nerds that met twice a month for three hours it would take twenty years to play 100. Are you guys fans of long board games the only game I will play that's long his monopoly and even monopoly at times with the wrong crowd with. I will just bow out yes do you trust me finances like deacon he'd leave the table antitrust yes I did that when I was little. You know my neighbor had a neighbor next horse like in the summertime we'd have liked weeklong games of risk. I never gambit to it's I've never played risky Manuel never had a little your little Roman numerals there that were in the the little plastic numerous. I like to risk risk was a good game and I says a monopoly was about it I one night where buddy and I he was where younger Zdeno we played monopoly. We played for seven hours. We literally. Started yeah we started like eleven. And we didn't stop until the next day. If any guest could dungeons and dragons have. Now now now I never got an Pokemon dungeons and dragons now on any of that stuff thanks Harris. Are moving on next number 569. Is it beat total amount of yards from scrimmage game through three games by duct turning back Royce Freeman. Or is it the value in US dollars. Each of the thousands of 500 Euro bills that were found stuffed into toilets just outside the fault of UBS ranked in Switzerland. I can't remember his stat tickle me intrigued and always got over a hundred yards and a three games I don't like that story and how much of an impact he's had an resettlement can throw the ball to them on some of the saint shy of 56 in damaging story as well. I'm really 56 I had 69 he's God's 408. Yards a rushing. Stands. And burned oath and I gotta go well. He went to aloha and land oracle demo for 460. Rushing yards 109 receiving yard outside. According to. 360 yards he regains its borders to the origin press exit released today is good for Royce because he made a decision where some people thought he was gone he wanted to come back one more year he's being rewarded. Buy it from Willie Taggart and he currently. Has jumped from not even on the board pre season to now seventh best Heisman odds in the country. He's a country end in touchdowns. Yep they've got a they'll continue Rowland a once they get into their tough stretch later in their building to have a couple of signature performances to get an upset but no. They 500 Euro bill is equivalent to 597. Dollar US dollars. Of his cancerous from Bloomberg. Swiss prosecutors trying to find out why someone apparently attempted to flush tens of thousands. Of euros down the toilet at the Geneva branch of UPS group HE. The bills. Are are being discontinued they will not print anymore of these they thought that it wasn't going to be good that it would lead to. All sorts of problems with. The black market those sorts of things other counterfeiting or because they were. In big distribution. And that they would be used for all sorts of nefarious activities. Rather than just having small 100 Euro prize frank Ryan. And that like so so yeah but they had to you could take departs three nearby restaurants there. Faster toilets back. Banknotes were coming and have the bells and I didn't know what's what they were trying to accomplish that and itself got that. All right your final number is ten. Is it the total number of 100 yard rushing games so far through two weeks of the NFL season. Or is that the number of miles a cold wallet in Australia and rode in survived fleeing to the inside of look horrors we'll march after the driver for the bears cried. It's. A cool wallow might be in my top three. Of saddest I'd be if I ran over with the car. Arizona's going to do and built. That's the sound ethical mullah as of the close me and I give ticket people are peaceful. There's such a friendly looking animal that's like the Brandon Roy voice it's that you see 66 brand ointment. I got out and I gala is drilling won't like it doesn't fit think what's happening here brand Eliza your voice low and it's not right menu you should talk line it's. Sound like an alligator. As if so angry lieutenant has passionate lovemaking and those Wallace questioning what's going on there is to allow. Tend to be honest story. And just to be different on ghost that this is a story there have been 8100 yard rushing game so far in the NFL but this from our friends at Huffington Post yes. Adelaide Australia. September the ninth. Gentlemen was. Just driving through and started hearing little. And whines and cries and finally pulled over after going for ten miles. And found its a little while barely thought to be six years old and Jolie had a minor injuries in had to be cleaned up with the oil and grease what's is a different enterprise ten our I they had to take off the entire we old. In in the brake rotary and all that stuff that bear those big name was single and lives it was pulling into it to the inside in so. And so yeah they. They were pretty surprised that it's at last today and this was like a dirt wind zeroed out there this wasn't any. Yeah repaid staying put is the end acute or bare hand Eric Wallace. Koala koala call for shared with you think it's more acute in the dance and there's no doubt about it it's smaller. Connolly who panders to click Teddy bears and this can be vicious. Did you just hear the cool while there Macon lines make alone. They've got things just rolled up on you from behind you can't write become another. There is that they don't walk around and make this please and I'm imagining they can't make seasonally regularly breathe you know they can make that noise and not making. Three meeting animals out of it now played into our listeners want and now. Mono as we've gotten pretty deep regret like deep cuts. Position of animal mainly I just you know I go about a find find the stories and so if there's an animal involved told. Although seed or seen horses. We had to take animal science class in colleges Dorgan state and at a farm and specifically the daily tickets to the farm we. Soggy sheep we put our arms inane cows stop make his big hole and it. And then they showed us how horses make love. H Cheney put a fake. This woman's worst part. On the animals. Man parts so they can get the procreation Jews. That's a guess don't Corvallis on that was animal sciences 104. That that it Tuesday or Thursday it was actually Tuesday believe it or not I remember it. And because I was like I can't believe what I've seen today. Sometimes stereotypes are true and it was very true bear teacher downing core basis. Had horses they make a sound there like get a cattle like. Human males. Somebody fix. It when they're done and just go to Ted Baxter Ming telling you I've watched this horse did his job he's off in a glove. And when he was done as. It was humbling. I mean just like that news. So five people nominated rhinos hippos and giraffes. And somebody telling you Seneca Wallace not even a bear. This that's a marsupial in San Bayer finally caught koala bear. More looks like that but it's a marsupial I think kangaroo presidents approached my question still maintains which ones tutors them and their club confirmed there. Hell is happening don't worry about that Ned happy. To kick. Found a break we give my movie story are. And now a coach doesn't wanna read them I players booked wealthiest of what's going all of the games in London next. Day. As did thirty Ford and regular fan. Craig's living is coming up in ten minutes. It's nasty out there right now and I know Ali played the emergency alert system. Yeah it is I just my ring and outside raining cats and dogs right now and then I looked over the the Willamette. Foreign born men horn stay safe for bay everybody's. Driving safe out there we always we always struggled the first couple times a Raines his second re learning curve even though we go through for like nine months out of the year we ought to re figure out on that's right this is what it's like to drive in the rain I'm doing the -- the damn podcasts today with Angie mission on those so I won't get out of here till probably close to five that luckily their commute this and is taking an hour constant arguments they made an hour and a half to get to a bowling Tim bowling league tonight it's going to be a long commute everywhere you early. OK that's coming up here and ten minutes let's get to a couple NFL things would you be upset if your head coach did not want to read your book. My head coach depends my relationship -- be more upset somebody who worked with for fifteen years was not intercede 1516. Years teamwork and then that long you write a book about all the band through your struggles and live your perseverance is what ever. Now like yet you know on a good lead read that. Here's why would be a little disappointed I get why you don't want to gauger so you work so much with them. But I'm not a very. Public person in the in the work environment now we put the Mike on I will say and tell you anything but with coworkers. I'm I'm not talked to don't like lower than that what's going on with what Siegel on our ally you for I don't believe in that kind of relationship I'm not the guy that. Comes in brings. His kids and as often as he possibly can guys I'm not wired that way personally. So yeah there's a party to angrily. And remember can you know nothing about here's what I will say it's it will play there's and then I'll I'll tell you that I would do am I respect Bill Belichick in this case because this is going on Tom Brady wrote a -- to know the title of the book is by the way does it mean now I am Tom Brady gotten I've saved my airline I am a -- wife and the best quarterback ever gets assigned to these because I'd be pretty cool what he's due to found the and it's like -- and with all five rings on it's trying to hinted his Mahan Zach. It's by the year 2000 the ass so odds are Brady's writing a book in Bill Belichick is head coach what 1617 years now is asked. They are you gonna read Tom Tom Brady's book. Here's a Bill Belichick said. He knows it's Harvard. And an injury to book. It's team every day and monitoring of here's here's relative on as I respect that answer on undone by and I don't care for your reads and at one that's that's him I think because if you were they say you notable works to opera paper weight on this then definitely needs one of you wrote a book I would take it. But I wouldn't read it. You take it you wouldn't purchase it. Yeah I mean I would assume you agree to buy it you know you would miss you wrote me notes you wrote a book you would bring a box of books is into the office in his eyes analyst. Now you would not make me by about in in that case I would buy your damn book. But if you brought me into buckets like I wouldn't hurt the bunt down that's the kind of person I am yeah once you feel good inside that they would enter took one of my books. But I would not read it's I respect the honesty here at you know at any Maggette went as an actor would you at least open to see that title the chapters and see if maybe a chapter interest you I give it a slip through. Like if there if I had to I'd give it a quick clipped their yeah yet. You know if I managed if I had a chapter entitled the ups and downs of my sex life mostly downs would you read that the government could via an I am calling CNN academy I would I would get a different movie. Oh it's been under this huge thunder. Nine listeners that's their rate used to hear them but I was being made him. I don't know. Did you see a big that was a thought as soft flat yeah lady are in over a year at a river. You know iced it even if that was the topic which after I would read so what's the topic to do you read probably nothing many of my thoughts on Michael hosts. Read up on an out in this do you secretly hate the person you work with but I think they did he could unite the it's a home like god when this is about this so it feels about me. Gotta be about to act right right. Right the guy on the show that I ate next what does this chapter all about losing of it it kind of a funny way to end that chapter is this like you did a radio tees and it pretty funny right there early and I hate presiding next coming up next. And sun yeah I don't blame bill. But there's a part of me I think if I'm bill that I'm interested. Like give anybody else at the Baylor right or a life book. And it released him whether we got a free copy whenever. I think I'd still be instant the point of of wanting to read about it. Now somebody said we heard at the same time you did those good radio JJ mink tumors that skid we react to a together we're in this together people and in some bodies for life thanks guys I've got to fixing the thunder buddies on. And then somebody said I'm in Vancouver I saw the flash and I did not hear the thunder I urge you react to a four record it's I knew it's coming from the rooms Saber here and so that's over here to do folks what is the NFL gonna admit what the games in London are. Because get this they got a couple more coming up this weekend are actually won this weekend and one the next week. And this will be the eighteenth in nineteen games now played in in London that the NFL has done since launching his campaign. All the way back in 2007. As a B to eighteen and nineteen games. Never. Eaten throughout the course the first seventeen this weekend or next weekend so all nineteen. Never will they have featured two teams with a winning record. Just like liner and in a bad team. Sometimes you have a team with one winning record sometimes I you have teams with 500 records and a lot of the time you have two teams that are below 500. To answer your question they'll never admit there's solid that this the same day that they admit that Thursday night football is a grave grave mistake that doesn't give us a good product. And that's not coming any time soon the London reality is that this is gonna go on they're gonna continue to act like they wanna protein in line didn't even know makes. Absolutely no logical sense for them to have teams travel eight hours one way. Just to go play another NFL team while that same team in London has the travel of the State's eight times a season. So that's not reasonable to me I never believe Roger Goodell when he said he wanted to expand internationally to go international it's going to be in Mexico. And to me that's about it maybe Toronto is Buffalo's situation ever gets really grave and endanger. But there and they're not get him that this is a bad game they're not did admit that they screw over people in London that have general interest in football. Because they continued is scheduled to Jacksonville Jaguars doubts or at least a game. Once a year at the same team yet this week it's the ravens and jags catch the fever firepower offensive on full display in London is because they're Vinny you're the jags haven't gone to London for now I think they're usually the team every year because there are one of the teams and doesn't mind giving up a home game -- because nobody cares about them anyways. But yeah I think we wish have a fumble question like Bolivia soccer game that out scores ravens and jaguars 'cause that's going to be pitiful offense mean it was a pretty good. Defense is I mean they're good defense is yet but at the same time you terrible offense is humbled sides yeah neither of them scoring a lot. A lot of point I don't know I wake up to watch the London came this weekend because I might have some scratch on the Baltimore Ravens minus three commands from overseas scratch like him next week by the way it is the dolphins in the saints saints are ordeal and two so it doesn't matter what they do this weekend. You're guaranteed for another game without two teams with a winning record there are also another owing to them score a lot of points I continue to listen to podcasts or read things on the NFL and they continue to be brought up as this. Well you know you play the saints need goggles points. That they're really not a great offense right now. Did their very un watchable team themselves. They're not exciting. They don't really do much from him now back to the watch ability thing sounds. Nineteen games London will be featured after next weekend nineteen games since 2007 every single one. As failed to feature two teams with a winning records which I'm not good for trying to grow the product. And as some innocent is probably a lot of jaguar fans over there even I think most games they've been and it probably loss but. They will be back this weekend as they take on the Baltimore Ravens face break has some movie news and we'll update on a poll questions of the day next on an eighty the fan. The gets here Molina hasn't won second a typical questions you know we have Mike Parker on earlier in the show. Easy easy ease. An optimistic gentlemen he is the most eternal optimism I think you'll ever meet your life that matter what you gone through it doesn't matter what team looks like them agencies always get a fine way to put a positive spin on things and I and I like that I appreciate that I think we need more people like that this world. Why sounds a body allows them throw this out their for the all time optimistic category get this. Joseph Thomas offensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns yeah. Possess about Brown's two weeks in. And how it feels about the future of the organization. He's he's pretty high down. He said quote these told us to pro football talk dot com he said well I definitely feel like this could be our year. And that joking I look at over doing on defense I think we've already got a really really good defense as soon as loud gear miles Garret comes back he's gonna be a game changer. Be able to turn defense into a top five in the league I think what we're doing on offense for making tens of improvement to shine Kaiser is gonna make incredible progress each and every week. Being that he is a rookie in such a young player is a really fast learner so I see him combined with you Jackson on offense and I feel like this could be. Our year our year in terms of making the playoffs Joseph Thomas like he's got a pretty good sense of humor doesn't take himself too seriously I like him in that regard. He just set the streak for most consecutive snaps it is now ever like he's never missed a snap which is amazing gesture or easy when it really wells like you can miss a snap for having your she won tight. And it has never missed one never happened. I don't know what other choice he has. To have as a Cleveland brown for his entire career. You know the next three games are. Who this is why he's optimistic not only are they playing better they opened their road favorites for the first time what 23 years I think they're gonna win this game takes Yemeni should be called. Then they take on the Bengals. They could win that game. And then they play the jets at home. That's another that mean that look at a directory entry could be three in Syria into five weeks into the season yours and mine yet Cleveland brown as suddenly don't harangue her. That over under a five game right is feel pretty good. A pretty good idea I just don't blame Joseph Thomas though you have to be you have to be optimistic when you've been with the team and you've been that crappy for your entire career. How did you have any of choice. Well as I what's your relative big living isn't getting changed the movie industry I know it's gonna change the way the industry operate six game changer. Yes on any do you really exciting game changing movie. And that is. Jamie Foxx. Teaming up with Martin Scorsese. To do a Mike Tyson bio tech. He. And we seen the Tyson on my guy dude you guys we added that long to say nothing. I mean Scorsese. And then you add the the ability of Mike Tyson and I am pretty display why. About Tyson do Annan now. Let's not that he necessarily what did you not know about Ray Charles. Does a lot of thought and outrage here is how we got started. He played music and was really get all stop dead click trying to defend your movie here your week's Mercedes and then did the end but I mean I'll iPods to be a good movie I'll give you that. I was alive from the first time he came out on the mean streets in New York in his first fight in the buzz and all that and Iowa are acting so the same thing you said about a stray I would say what do you know every single thing about Tyson. Thing every single thing but well. Most of it I mean. That's what I wanna know what are you putting in this movie that hasn't already been played out. In. Always trials and Robin Givens and gray day charges AA AA command and biting an ear all that sort of stuff I'd I would watched most of it why did you not did you know a lot about Ali when they made the Will Smith Ali movie. No not as much there was a lot of behind the scenes stuff that you didn't now what. I imagine that is Sirius and budget amid some of the business ventures and he went in some of the religious stuff that he went through behind the scenes a relationship things that he went through. You know but again yes there has in this I can't believe it Scorsese well. I'm just saying I wanted to hear anti wanted to hear was this incident do. What's in there that is not been public before I don't know if it's if it's more just a different look at a okay. The irony the ability of of Jamie fox music and I like Jimmy if I'm not doubting his acting ability or score Suze Scorsese's movie making ability I just don't know what's new to the story that I don't know it's gonna be it's going to be a good movie I'll give you that it's going to be good this is pretty big to me. I'm actually really excited for this. They am officially released today when they're gonna search shooting by the way how much muscle is he gigs JJ abroad -- detects and how much muscle is Jimmie is James talked him to try to remember what Tyson when that was the sick he was right at six feet like 221 lead to nineteen to two money op or whatever Jamie Foxx is C action I don't know I think Jamie Foxx is like a 62 guys that's probably 200 pounds already a look at now put to put out pictures and that isn't up next to each other and I mean -- only -- -- from -- muscles standpoint there's no way there close to the build their bodies he's not Tom Cruise he's not like a 55 I know I don't know. Doesn't matter on and I don't care about that nobody can tell taller small you are on screamed it's gonna be here for more jacked up than when he was a steam and Willie beamer and Biden and I guess that's not true at all. Cuba Gooding junior's a good actor but they him portraying OJ Simpson really kill it because he was a tall and David Schwimmer popular item once said show on Manson and green card that Sheehan that was taller than OJ Simpson is an issue right there and we're not target about clos anti casting issue by the way he's five ninths I was way off. And it's easy ways from a to fox seven he's probably out bunny that on these it could get kind of a build dude himself ablaze got a good traumatize you guys are using good shape but that's a lot that's a lot of work has conducted under an interest in. If he can put on fifteen to twenty pounds and I think your gut. The call sliced along fun though he shoots up with. Somebody said I'd rather see a movie and Holyfield to be honest with him that's of interest. Well yeah from the heartbreak kid of his when he is denial they Olympics in one of the worst. Bags you wanna talk about bad boxing judging go back to Holyfield and your four Olympics. You know but just because you guys who could mean Donna nine Eminem I'm wants to Tyson fights that ended in thirty seconds in just make myself feel better. In my opinion if somebody shooting down it's like are your recent day we were all excited for the Titanic movie. We all knew it was gonna sound what did you not know about Titanic Lincoln was a great movie we all new lows again and again I'm thinking of the fan listeners for as NASCAR I have you know all the facts Doria I think it was on and all those characters are those characters were fate. Cheney like when he your French girls Jack Amelie B here's some and he said a 100% more intrigue and there's news and Sprague. That's right talk a little serve as a welcome folks you are welcome come here for the hard hitting is the game changing needs agree college with a credit for us thugs too busy to show less subsidized by Castaneda to enact Thomas where he could find it. Quinn Mike Parker on the boys of the Oregon State Beavers go find out that they're just Reagan 1980 the fan. As well play everybody tomorrow. Paul. He answered yet now Mueller. Dealer dealer it's got to be a good show tomorrow that we got we got some topics got materials get ready for Thursday night football will lead you into the college football weekend or ligament moral and you refinance their advertisement thanking him. But that's him on an analyst next listening to attending the fan.