Dirt & Sprague Wednesday September 20th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, September 20th

We begin with voice of the Beavers, Mike Parker, and our weekly Oregon State roundtable as they hit their first bye of the season, plus the NBA not quite as profitable as they may appear, and which team is the worst watch in the NFL right now.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Oh I tell you Jennifer serious she's really Arctic but. This is dirt and sprayed. Jennifer cool except politics so she hopes of party's over so and keep the snow that's handy under Johnson and Brandon spray and iPod Hoover and caught this Ababa bodies but cheapest don't know because I just adore durden spray on Jan AB wit. Which you should go for a duchy. Does she visit don't want to to also to make dole Bob Dole and soaking the spicy and it's nice things to somehow. Also there on yeah all right welcome in our students break back with you on Portland sports the other 1080 the fan if you missed out one check it out less Schwab tires podcast any new fan dot com or subscribe on iTunes. A lot to get to hear an hour to we the NBA. Has some real financial trouble that we just found out about and who are the least watchable teams in the NFL very interesting list. And will get to that but it is time for our beavers roundtable. Let's get the inside story on the neighbors. Its biggest thing is now we can say we can line up we can sort out what do not just throw us out of state. A deep dive and Oregon State football DG season 93 season coming year they were ranked sixth in the country and started like six Sonoma county Virginia so I did not these the kind of things you remember and you hope that you can uses any nation later yeah. We're just as the beavers inside reports brought to you on the stand by imagine industrial craftsman. You're a Madden craftsman Joseph Maddon job. That's right our beavers roundtable presented by a man industrial craftsman you're mad and craftsman did a mad job with Mike doc Parker at Amy. Going into. A bye week doc good to have you back on I wanna start here. The tough question to answer. Blind what do you think the beavers need to work on during the by the most. What. A good question Brandon I. You know we've we've had I think just the one and Torre started shelters trouble and it certainly was not where the beavers are expected to be. You know two and two at worst quite honestly and and maybe even in my fondest dreams may be even looking at Victorian one at this point sort of be just the opposite. Clearly there are a lot of change to a war on it's a ridiculous thing to shape that I'm about to say but I'm glad now. Nigel Burton supported me not mention a different context from the back while networks when he shed. On that in that forum and to me personally that. The beavers played. Better for all at Washington State for longer stretches than they have in a lot of games sell you know I'm hoping they can build on some of the things they did. Against Washington State defensively. It's ridiculous to say it will all tortures him for six touchdown but. For much of the first happened in the last five minutes of that half they played very well and production pressure they did some things that we haven't seen yet this year even was some young inexperienced players. I thought Ryan all was Ryan all again and however long Jake look maybe out Terrell carrots and showed. And ability not only to run in the zone created represented a run into rat I thought it was all coming out of this and look better. Even on the throat that was called backe he hit the fastball Isaiah on gudermes on line on a great twelve. Things and I don't remember back and a jet that Milosevic from him last year. I'm really on many occasions so maybe maybe keep pretentious. As long as they're waiting project to come back excited Kitna. It opened up the offense a little bit with his legs and the ability to make throws that maybe he didn't quite have was physically hampered last year so what's the biggest priorities I don't know but I think building on. The good things that did happen in Pullman and try to put that together for a longer stretches a well. You know dot we always discuss bio weeks of where they come on the schedule and how it benefits of football team and and sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't but is it safe to say that. This is the perfect time for a bye we for the beavers with how banged up they are get a chance to kind of go back regroup a little bit and gave going into Washington. Yes and I think about all guys the bye weeks this year shout out strategically. Pretty well for the beavers to get true love them and it Thursday night game and you're stalking trip the director of player personnel are benched into another coaches. Recruiting is obviously. It's the life blood of any program in the beavers clearly needed to keep. Pounding away at that process and so they're going to out because of their this schedule with a two prized. Rare opportunity to get out more use the days that they have to get to more places. Yet BJ she ranks pretty hard. They have the opportunity to get two more games and season than they normally would because of the way the biceps up so it's a very busy. The week this week from a recruiting standpoint whether beavers are going to Texas California Florida and it got a lot of stops to make. In the next Bible strutted up similarly it and hit some other places along the way and get the high school's hard. In the Pacific north last shall. Yes they they EDT a lot they need to build on things that did go well against Washington State from a football standpoint to try to win games this year but that the bye this week ethnic Serbs recruiting purpose almost as much as anything else and you quoted by the on the road in the Thursday game. Unprecedented numbers of opportunities to get through recruiting trail and makes a bigger routes. Yeah well this is some Mike Parker voice of the organ state beavers for our beavers a round table every every Wednesday at 1 o'clock. You mentioned some optimistic things to take away from a first half against Washington State. And as down as I've been watching this team act and a lot of moments this season. I tried to go optimistic Saturday dock in the midst of that second half just barrage that Washington State outgoing. And I I'll I know a lot of people going into this year aside. Bowl game you jump from four to get to six and make that jumping Colorado was a program that some looked at from Mike MacIntyre building it up. And I just wondered docked with with a handful of games still to go ended the season is still technically young. Do you think it's time that may be we switch and say maybe this is more Mike Leach building job of your three at Washington State he went from a bowl game. Back down to three in nine and then was able to rush the program even higher. You got and if you could talk but it yes I I do think it expectations probably. Not within the building them and I know that there Gary who garish relent. So I really admire Gary Anderson unified but he never quite meant that Bennett before. And I know that. That is kind of what you're talking about Brandon becomes. May be the mindset of many in beaver nation and saying well okay. It looks like this isn't the year to make the jump back into postseason and it doesn't look like it's going to be given a gauntlet you know that the abuse faced over the next war which in particular. Yeah I mean Mike Leach is an example a year where it would somehow we kept thanking your three year where you're correct I still think Europe where he even appalled portable bowl game can't have. Kind of rejuvenated her momentum building of fact. If the beavers get through these next four weeks or they don't find a way to win one of those then Erin relate you know and it. They're not in a situation where they can go. Kaposi's and the that they do they keep that alive they get wanted to explore. Somehow some land banks can't print looks like they've come back to the apple little bit beavers have matched up pretty well against hampered over the years even in great years. For the cardinal so you know maybe that's one of war that you could. Look at and say hey you know who knows the Colorado committed to beat you you give yourself. You've got to keep banking that you can get out repealed in one of these games to a peak do maybe Europe where he can still be the pack into the schedule. Well at a more favorable maybe you make pitcher out. Yet you don't but Mike Leach example that -- there he'd get go Korean nine in his third year. And after that was able to really fully implement his system. With the players that that he wanted. Did port his system and look where they are now and I still think that could very well be true for Kerry and his staff that they continue to recruit and get the kind of players they want to. The play the way they want to. You know back to you mentioned Gary Anderson there are just towel he is in kind of a new fight he's never been through something like this as a head coach and then you're around the program every day around these coaches every day and you've seen. How many a change in the mentality change in approach and change in the attitude from this coaching staff through these first four games. I don't think there's. I do think there's a greater degree. That. Of accountability and urgency. From all the coaches being willing to speak out. And talk about whether Iraq had in and come to grips with the reality of where they are what they need to do to get better. A sense that taught in all of the assistant coaches who have spent available to talk while on and off the record about angst. And I think that he. I think there's a bit of a surprise certainly there's disappointment but I do think there's a bit of a surprise as well about where they Chet and maybe even a reality check of Boca. Assessment just gonna. Your story and the fact that were in the process who were and we felt like things were gonna let them be in a much better placed I think there's a reckoning. Probably go to as part Gary quoted. That it it's hard and the flight as Gary we're gonna keep fighting each there's an auditor and I do think there's an acknowledgment. A reality. Reckoning with reality at all of these guys that it may be a little bit harder than they are even originally thought it was going to be. I don't think they're intimidated by that I get a great deal of enthusiasm. And police. In all the assistant Gary Leeds himself that outweigh the order to get that thing let each item order to get a lat. I don't know what it's going to. In Europe worry if you're tossed eight he was two and five and ran the table and then things took off from natural I still think Gary police and I think it's coaches believe. And the players many of them you know. I bankers and outlook that was still believe that's possible that we could actually the beginning of that nature left urged here. Now Mike Parker beavers roundtable you can follow doc Parker on Twitter at in EPO as you. On switching things just a little bit on you just curious your two cents on it. You talk about a coach struggling and and being unfamiliar with with his surroundings and having it's going out Gary Anderson. What have you made of Mike Riley in Linkedin with Nebraska start after falling to northern Illinois this past weekend. And and like you might believe or expect a look like in an admiring them and feel as though. The work they needed here words. Admirable in very good. And like in the way he worked with with people I enjoyed working relationship I had with him for twelve years. A lot. I value. The office of friendship so I would I'm not tried it's great quote and quote he's a great friend that it it approximates that just in terms of that relationship the working relationship I had one and then so therefore I feel bad for my. I'm stunned that after what appeared to be sort of a a 12 cap in Eugene that I think even in some respect maybe even get cornhuskers fans and well okay it may well not so bad we're gonna hit this thing figured out. What he's got a quarterback there. He just made way too many. Bad decisions that you brought in at. You remember in 05 granted that they had ordered state brought him out more and map that first year was eleven touchdowns nineteen interceptions. Ollie got bootlegs really badly any audience that are you remember that I hadn't. Look what happened to him then next year he became. As good quarterback as I've seen that once she's in and out checked and the beavers have not had a better year of quarterback play them what about war offered that next year. I think it speaks to. Trying to change the system trying to. To go about things are different way to try to let go along tablet candidate mark bank earns you know Bob the top of Steve pence does appear to be getting better. Based on the second cap and you gave out played against. Northern Illinois but there's no way there's no way. There's been a loss at home to northern Illinois and it just it's it's a very bleak there and I I hope from Mike saint. That he can get it figured how to enter a drop. You know dot I get abroad classic question for you in watching dilute knee injury I've image of a scary on TV scene and go down and and thankfully it's week to week in and we're all surprised at that diagnosis but you're. How do you. How do you handle that I mean is as a play by play guy how do you go about trying to describe what went on. I handling your emotions on and on his seat thinking about the kid and hoping he's okay and just got to walk me through what was going through your mind at that moment. Thanks for the question and I didn't mind. My initial gut level ritual reaction what actual laws are thought Galen pops them when he and and I said that at some issues there are built in Arabic or use those or follow a because. It would that make it I actually need it. In the end naked guy real time about the than a 100000 reap. Back it looked like he launched him get gate helmet comet. Just the initial play as good as it came to a man and so I was a little. Wild eyed I saw the light about for target but an expert team managers shall on the air replays can grow. So much in debate and not jump to conclusions in the ball and the ball but I don't think options it. He did not obviously it alma alma. It picked up the black market but there was no way that Jay could be in the position it was him out get it acts I mean. And it happens like that yet for some part of options body. Immediately Kristi urged if you follow the protocol what are your defenders to do so I've settled down. Well I went through year. I pulled back a little bit from your initial yeah 000. Should go. About what I saw and then we all. As Jim Wilson's at one point who cares what are start you know if there's what are we launched. Right now out years how history will it Jake's mom came out patched and it was art all other key. We had no idea that extra spots and you had to move. So that was one of the order fifteen minutes ever have a year just. Trying to describe what we saw the ball movement from Jake wasn't much more shape. Shall we stayed on the air ought. And saw them. Taken under the cart on on a stretcher board. Indeed taken to a hospital on court ambulance title he gave pops up EO. The hardest fifteen minutes became essential leak if there's your worst years. At least at that point or not he lie catch combo. I wasn't sure about that are you watched it. As it played out. If you watch it on TV didn't you thank I think we all ought horse there. I think is pretty evident he died completely knocked out he didn't move rademan happened on TV of Tennessee in Almaty Eden looks like he was conscious and then of eventually I think he woke in. In the handled everything and I'm with you docket felt good to see the thumbs up for the kid. Yeah now I am just and then going over your point here they're having to go for. Why. Quote record there. Bottom stomach actually care each week to week I mean that's her that's great nose and the wake that's help gem to we were beaten. I don't know when we'll see him again maybe sooner rather than later turns out H. Grateful but at so coming out of there are losing the football game and all of those things just to note gates got. A chance to get back on the field this year. In Russia it's kind of lets all of our spirits even after that they're disappointed. Lost it was great that the object was not more seriously injured her chance. Absolutely there's our beavers roundtable with Mike Parker the voice of organ stayed on to her at Amy POI issue every Wednesday apple wine and got good news for you darkening all the fans are gonna appreciate this 120. For health implications. Organ state cannot lose this weekend so we all get a week off and don't have to emotionally get drained or go through the stress of that. Yeah I don't regret not yet ready for Washington and and watch everybody else goes down we'll be back. Locker received actually locked. There you go good stuff doc Parker is he is eyes off now with husband Doug good stuff from him beavers roundtable hate. The MBA. Now making as much money as we once. That's next page you know the NBA doesn't make as much money you side did. Last back. Well actually they do but to a certain extent the teams don't test some teams Davidson teamed down yes yes and in depth. Right up by one Bryan win horse friend of the show and former friend of the show Zach Lowe. Who no longer does interviews with anybody Alicia names like Bill Simmons or something. They and they broke down they got these. He's financial. Documents. From somebody in the league offices. And there were nine teams that lost money. By the league's accounting for net income. You land a pox the Brooklyn nets the Cleveland Cavaliers the Detroit Pistons Memphis Grizzlies bucks magic spurs. And wizards. After all operating costs and revenue sharing. Nine teams lost money. Azteca that's not good especially considering the new TV deal that that's in the league. Com you know I know I know were early on into it and his salary cap is is jumped exponentially partly because of it but. The fact he had that many teams losing money in an air where it feels like TV deals should be booming on the national and local level. That's concerning for what you mentioned revenue sharing and I'm curious like you know Cleveland's way over the cap. They've always one of the teams lost money well as a business of their own doing yes it and it's a huge part of there's a couple of teams that federal like them in his a couple of teams that spend an electric taxi at the repeater whatever that's a part of the the other stuff to look at for teams that have helped finance. I their new owners that needed some debt to finance the purchase of that war. Teams that were putting some money back into stadiums are new stadiums. How much of that is debt vs what is actually be operating revenue coming out of on the season from a season of the operating revenue I believe swagger to answer that question this is all based on just the latter there they're not accounting firm. Re modeling or anything like that is just the net debt rating yeah service is the big one because that's on the owner for undertaking projects that he is. And expensing through the operations of the team that don't have. It doesn't have any bearing on if the operations of the team are profitable or not blood. There's also the aspect of the teams at all federal buildings that they don't like to reported on their revenues we have regular and that's really one of the teams that were way in the red but they own the Barkley center and they didn't report any of the revenue that they got from the Barkley senator. And they usually the way it was set up at least initially went when Paul Allen first built. When it was the Rose Garden. Two separate entities so the basketball team is usually all by itself. And then there was a different. Outfit and LLC heard seat or however they set it up for the building in the operations of the concessions and parking and all that stuff is separately. Usually done so there there's a lot of tricky accounting nick can go on with these things. On that the players association to take this into account for what it's worth. Doug players association is always kind of pointed at teams saying they've always fudged numbers and their towns have found ways around reporting act. Accurate descriptions of how much they're bringing in. Further very reason of bargaining agreement and what they give up vs what the players get. In the whole big pies and a TV deal was 24 billion dollars beauty and was supposed to be the the big you know the big cornucopia of where these teams are gonna go now in the future. But these two examples here one is the grizzlies. And two is the Laker to lakers have socked they've sucked. What isn't seasons now five season they even the end of the cold beer I was back end they've been terrible right. Doesn't matter whatsoever because that the lakers they have a monster TV deal. Like they made a 115. Million dollars last year. The Memphis Grizzlies. Their TV DO nine point four million. They lost nearly forty million dollars their losses were offset by 32 million in revenue sharing. The most in the league so they only mean. They did not come out on top in this has a lot of people wondering. What this is gonna long term mean for the league and smaller market cities. Like Memphis. Like Portland and and we'll talk about when I wanna I wanna go to dot and you got something to say we'll talk about that next. On the lead and where it's at right now because we thought it was soaring. And then it. Went down a notch with the salary cap and now this release by win horse of low makes a film not as confident with some of the smaller markets situations that are going on. In the NBA we'll get to that in the walls to get to the least watchable NFL teams who were the teams you need to watch. The most in the NFL both of those next. 133 welcome back in there and spray here on Wednesday come up to 10 minutes I am I saw this article on nine USA today today and I wanna discuss it in the Leah thoughts and listeners on a the most un watchable teams in the NFL. All that we'll get to a coming up in ten minutes also a game changer TV. Food and booze industry look at that a final rule and came rules change. Yeah I get a just bring up Hoover reads did you just discover who reads well I'm not as a surreal game changer as is the game changer aren't. This is the game change it where I need to business you're not this is a disease it's a mean streak. Game change slider is gonna go through it but I promise it's a game changes wired to kind of gun wet blanket on us today I want you to turn this around my doctor and as a franchise everybody needs a role in the there Ager and of course that you. Are eleven to fifteen lasting into. I promise that he's live up. To the hype I'll get a Tia at the at top of the hour we were talking about the financial state of the NBA though because we know about the TV deals and you know that the big 24 billion dollar contract they sign a broadcast. The league but there was a lot of teams that did not make money and revenue sharing that was a pretty. Big issue for some owners and get this brings up a couple of questions that I have about the league because. You know one thing that we always say about baseball and Annie is preacher around the league is the amount of money. That the local TV deals bring in and that really is a big sticking point for the difference between you mention the last segment the lakers and grizzlies were on the opposite end of spectrums. A grizzly is a good team but they're on a smaller market. And they only made about ten million dollars something in that range for their for their media rights locally. And the lakers are completely different because of their deal of time Moore arts Los Angeles people still wanna watch him on TV in their local TV deal was through the roof by the way I'd be stunned if if Comcast in the blazers was like kind of close to Chris probably not much I mean you're just not getting it that much in a smaller market that's the way it works are you get some of the national TV money but then you always negotiate your radio and TV rights locally armed and and that to me would be a concern if I look at the league that. You're not getting the type of deals I know it's a different sport but Major League Baseball this is something that has most organizations and pretty strong standing financially. Is that the local TV deals are carrying the weight that even though the sport doesn't generate the same audience nationally is the NBA are the same TV deals nationally. Local TV deals about the clubs a lot more on so that to me is that a concern and a sticking point for the moving forward and the other one is this. Right animosity may be the worded that's right to use between the rich owners and pour owners and the rich clubs and poor clubs because as revenue sharing continues to grow and you continue to have the haves and have nots. This isn't gonna go anywhere and there was one owner quoted in this story. Basically saying they need for revenue sharing was supposed to be for special circumstances. Only. Not permanent subsidies. So you have rich owners right now I'm assuming of the lakers of the knicks. Of the warriors in you know insert rich club here. That are getting growth set up if they continuously every single year have to subsidize the clubs in smaller markets and aren't making any money I think. Already there is no I'm the lakers and the warriors have both come elected it and said we're bringing in all this revenue on around. Why should we have to share what we're bringing in to go seeded team like the grizzlies to help them accommodate their payroll and their salary cap situation. And there's a part of me that totally understands that again it. Capitalistic mentality like agreed that we didn't yet know it's George you worked that you earned it right. The lakers are in LA to benefit greatly from it. But why should they feel that they. Have to help the net result is because it there's not a league without teams like and I and I got status I assume that's the other somebody usually you only want our LA Miami New York to be in the NBA in Chicago cool hostile with your fourteen because you're not get a 24 billion dollar TV no no your for surely didn't take Cleveland with LeBron rice's Pennsylvania regardless but I. It still helps to have a market like Cleveland involved on prime time and we know what he means to their economy. The one thing that I gonna continue to wonder is just. What this is going to mean long term for league. Because again I think a lot of these teams fudged their numbers. They find ways around it this is only counting for net income was NBA this doesn't like you mentioned last segment accounts for teams that own the stadiums. Arena's accent Iran and and the money they make from that so the nets are minus 44 in the red but I keep mentioning on the Barclays senators so they get all the concert prices and everything from that. Arm but I just I don't know where the league goes from here because this is something and I think how a lot of people off guard. I think in this league was arriving financially in every team is just taking it in. When in reality even if they fudged it a little bit in these numbers just aren't that impressive. No they're not in and I think Memphis is a great example for this because. There an organization like there was a ranking they came out of all professional sports a just analyzing the way team is run their connection of the local fan base. Mom you know blame everything and it goes into taking care of the people that work for them like just that the most well run organizations and all the sports. In the grizzlies have then if not the winner in the top five most of the last couple years like everybody respects. The model that they put for the way they handled their business their connection the fan base it's really grown over the last simply years that city is fond love that team and a lot of it is credited to. Of the way they go about their day to day operations. And they were a team that last year they spent a little bit more money in and are used to on they went in luxury tax they said you know what was trying to put a winning ballclub out there on the floor. Amid went to pay a little more that's fine. They didn't do when they successfully. I don't think they made the playoffs if I'm not mistaken and then on top of that at the end of the season there they are looking at their financial balance sheet of saying look how much money be laws and I think. That's a concern I would have long term for the league is we had a couple listeners texting and about this. About the bobbled his or bubble coming up teams of if you're a smaller market team you don't have the finances. Of the bigger markets he don't have the local TV money and a bigger markets. But you have this booming salary cap or everybody's throwing money around you're supposed to pay and guys this amount of money. And in order to compete you have to spend that kind of money but. In the end you're not gonna make it back and lesser able to glom onto the street runs and make it championship I think there's you question what incentive is maybe for some of the smaller teams like Indian. Sent him one is to even if you're in the red you hang on your franchise it's like going real estate in Portland right now. Lifting the rockets right their last donor paid fifteen million dollars. He just are no maybe 85 million dollars is also sold two billion what do we made fifteen times these investments ID you're always gonna hold onto an asset like that. The other thing I was gonna mention was the salary cap. And put Portland in this category by the way. A lot of the teams small market big market X center of the Detroit to big market Portland a small market they are two teams are classified for this. Those are two teams that continue to buy into the salary cap rise as did a lot of organizations. And irresponsibly spent their money. It's easy to see that now hindsight we get that. But a lot of people say maybe you should have been so confident and we got this new money that got blown immediately be 100 it is going to be a 128 as we went forty well it didn't go close to what they thought it was going to go to so you had teams like Detroit like Portland. That's spent all that money. They win over the luxury tax and now they're fighting to get out of that Detroit import and both are we saw that with the crab trade rat the other part two is to tie Portland back into this Paul Allen is a rare exception of the richest owner. Owning a small market franchise don't have any examples like that is why we're very fortunate to have him as an owner Mary and it's it's also easier for him to abdicate for this but he is one of the few owners. That is voice app meetings that he believes that everybody should be in the black. And the notion brought up the board of governors in Vegas said every team should be guaranteed twenty million in profit so he thinks the revenue sharing should go even further. You know what it is right now man and and that's that's the part that you're not gonna get a lot of I think support from some of the bigger time owners like the lakers the new execs that are but take Cleveland there's a LeBron James affected they put in here. In the last season went up LeBron and thirteen fourteen to cap she ten point eight in revenue sharing. Over the past three seasons the cavs abated totals twenty mile at 29 million now into the system. The cavs may 21 point seven in net income before revenue sharing last season. But moved into the red because they had to pay 24 point eight in luxury tax and in fifteen and revenue sharing. Now. He did the answer to this problem for me and it's been the answer about the NBA for a long time. Contraction. I don't know if there's contractually as much as there's relocation. Yeah I Indiana garbage markets New Orleans Suzanne how has any right owning a basketball team nation yeah Seattle maybe that house but there's about five or six like identified the top my brain just saying let's go had need to get rid of that team let's move could we do then baseball though to. Yeah yeah but for the most pre dawn of the same financial troubles from city to city. It's no salary cap teams can choose how much they wanna spend or not spend the TV deals are pretty solid so I know it's it's an apples oranges comparison. And there's bad ones is no doubt about it is that once in every sport but. Yeah an interesting thing right when were sacked Lowe got wind of what the financial state of the NBA looks like despite all the national TV money that's common in a lot of the clubs are struggling to make a profit. And a revenue sharing is starting to tick off some of the richer owners saying why should we subsidized or clubs Lucy. Hello plays out there is no lockout coming in the NBA though it is important note that deal goes through 20/20 four so this is going to be the model they're just gonna tweaking here and in year out. They a game changer to be food in those industry coming up in seventy minutes but. Next I got a question for you 55305. What team do you lease wanna see on TV in the National Football League the team that shows that you turn on the game elect are you kidding me I have to watch them the buying 55305%. Is next on tending to defend. Pressures on the ask what's the difference in the past there's just executing crunch time in history illuminate when. Wind this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest. While its current stunt and they look at the hottest topics in sports. 995 per month. So why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Your greatest rented by French fitness always 95 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership on the out of the glory assessing gains today after the show. Yeah it all jacked up on Mountain Dew bake oven until minutes. A game changer. I got a pretty good game changer two Apache album movie department and the movie industry. I think it's a potential good game changer and a feeling it's like yards to throw cold water all over our game changer but we will get to them get a lot of game changer was thrown out right now and Angela is a team. I'll be the judge Gary going to Newsday a year on food booze you got a better chance to win this yeah which game changer. Is Kennedy triggered a decent swagger amen and amen a little. Assisting because I I'd I do not see very many movies anymore. So that could be yeah you know I am a movie game really sucked this summer I didn't get to enough in the lead there weren't any good movies this summer but as you know I'm very into food and dues and that sort of thing so so the standard might be a little bit higher for you they're under with a game change all right. Are you know you're gonna propose as but I am psyched for it that's all that matters right it's true it's real to me gimmick. But it that standard story at 215 you know I saw this I need I say today and I got a good chuckle out of it. They ranked NFL teams one through 32 on the most to least watchable. That you just to turn a lot of like is I wanna watch this team I can't wait to see insert team here it I can't wait to see them play in the all the way to the bottom of the least watchable now. It pissed me off right of the back is a but the cowboys are number one. And that that one upset me as most as symbols watchable team Indiana fell. There reasoning even when the cowboys are bad they're still interesting right now they're pretty good with an exciting and quarterback an explosive running back there's always a chance of seeing Jerry Jones a sad. And the owner's box. I'll never know who's gonna lose that are do you sum yeah I mean but does it -- is watchable team in the NFL no I don't think they're the most watchable like they get the best ratings because there is the most cal Palestinians. Know that they're not patriots are the most watch again iPad three's I'd like to Packers ahead of him because of Aaron Rodgers as well not when they played like deadly Sunday with injuries well what about the cowboys when they play the broad tablets got blown out by the Broncos but there's an element of the cowboys are in this is I have to admit this is the beef I have I don't I don't polarizing team that if their losing in UA dome. You low rent it out and get beat down I turn I came off it was boring. Another losing there was no reason to want to second half when I got my 21 you have but I can see why people still watch it costs and a goods that wanna sent me so I got mail hot and bothered right here at number one distant future is their most watchable teams in the guys agree with this thread the other teams showing him at the top five the most watchable team most watchable teams patriots coming in at number two they should be number one falcons' number three. I'll I'll buy that yeah right now at this point in time right now can't yet the weapons packers' number four daft got Rogers fun. Buccaneers. Number no they're not there yet. No right no they just out of Bettina like watching a little market suggest that maybe this is West Coast bus I think the Seahawks are a minimally moral watchable CNN's enters any role and I'm not a Seahawks fan I think zero that I. Because I threw this and listeners the least watchable team the most voted in texted an answer so far is the Seahawks this so hard he's Arnold he's so camping boring to watch right now it's not it's not your alleged defense you don't like suffocating dominant defense. Suffocating dominate defense I also like watching offense somewhat they don't have any. My favorite scores football is like a 21 to seventeen game. The Seahawks have a good chance of giving me that they just can't score seventeen to 21 points OK but their defense. It's like what did he likes spam at LSU did you like both those games that they play. Not both of my thought the first one was much better than that nine to six doesn't exactly 96 Kia Iraq. See that says I need a little suggesting the Seahawks don't give me any offense right now there has to be good combination of great defense vs again I would love a great hasn't been a challenge like at Seattle's going against an elite level offense that to me is I can't get to see it. But like Seattle forty niners like I'm watching Brian Hoyer take on one of the best defenses in the league and I've I've won it and shoot my foot on yeah no I am I'm completely out on that one down just as at the top five of the curious in the raiders at number six the raiders who showed in my top five for the Broncos at number seven now. Steelers at number eight on surprises Steelers are higher on this now here's a thing I'm surprised they're that high that's my I really got take I think there with a big name yes players that they have the recognizable color should they have I think Ben Roethlisberger has really struggled this year albeit two games in. And at times for all the weapons they have. They are so boring to watch it Libya belts and he's always exciting he's one of those guys that rises above the rest he hasn't done much in two weeks is a fantasy is running back detain them on easy year upset Tennessean that diameter roster are running at the top ten ready chiefs at number nine and then it appears my computers frozen so. I'm gonna give one that should probably sneak in the top five. In the cheese deserve that were dead as she's sort of the way they're playing at all sorts of accidental sides of the ball they have great defense with a aids battles team's 320 can return touchdown on any given time so yeah the Indy Thomas yep. And now cream hunt in the mix on offense and they're actually throwing the ball down the field as the other dealers and healthy with that pass rush the Panthers are number ten by the noise in my computer decides he's the Panthers remembered that I understands. If they don't keep stinking it up like they are they'll be fall oh atlas quick I'm by the Panthers come incredibly on watchable they're not to against are they haven't scored many points this year was to what's when he won it six against the niners this up like that then went they went nine to three against buffalo thunder wants last year know that they were a lot of fun in 2015 am I right am I right the Seahawks come in and thirteenth on this list slightly above the Baltimore Ravens. That's a very much Seahawks are far more watchable and away sound Sunday out getting to the question at hand though the least watchable team in the national football Chicago Bears OK so here's their bottom disagree. Their bottom five of the G a 132. The bills are at 31 news I get the bills colts are at thirty. 49ers it's when he nine. And then the Chicago Bears at 28. So on their repowering that bottom three pocket restriction we've got right now dead last house to be the India now has to be the Indianapolis so indecent fan I don't know I NG elect is in the lineup the colts had the least watchable team Indiana fell to number two on this list. House to beat the Buffalo Bills. I see it go whatever direction and and the 49 of the audit amid a sleeper pick year old can amid a sleeper pick for least watchable. About the Cincinnati Bengals. On the names were touched the Cincinnati Bengals have not scored a touchdown two weeks into the year. And yet at their argument of why do you want to watch the vandals. I like to watch them sock. And that's really mean to battle sadistic yeah I've been a bad. Losing in the playoffs start I grew up with them being the Bengals. Got to remember that it wanted to be the but I'm just I was a little too young. To comprehend how good they were when they went to a couple Super Bowls. But I'm just the right age to know that they were one of the most god awful sports organizations. That was out there and it was fun to watch them get back I root of form with Palmer. I root for Marvin Lewis I've been a supporter is when everybody's claiming iron Byron. But right now with where nineteen sat. It I kinda getting you sick pleasure out of watching them struggle profusely on. It just a bit more curiosity if AJ McCarron the go to him at some point at it and you don't get to the gills but AJ green is dynamic Carlos Dunlap on defense is dynamic whenever they give on to as perfect back there's more players that are exciting that I know about that I would watch with the Bengals then the colts are the jets of the bills. The bears the bears. One that's not being brought up that exists on the bridge fortress tax on we have not mentioned that she acts yet wire the jaguars not in this conversation he should be we just forgotten because they won their opener against Houston they're gonna go to they're gonna go three and thirteen on offense wasn't fun to watch and I got a comedian Sox. Any good defense the man that team is bad. 'cause Kevin 55 real fight and then also I do as a similar reasoning is an innocent is there a good team out there that you don't like to watch. Like it like it might abduct like. I'd like a playoff caliber team and you turn on to Seattle may be is that for some people but their one and once a lets the other panel this year but like a playoff team. A team it's a Super Bowl contender that you don't like to watch for whatever reason. 55 Israel five or seventy back Frenchman has always not any about a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership to find out more about or spray and Eric out. Actress accelerates a mere thoughts on the other sign on the least watchable teams and if there's any playoff teams in just genuinely. Do not enjoy viewing will be got to get our status story coming up. At 215 it is a Wednesday after all apparently we have game changes in the movie industry inning game changer in the food industry. Loaded on Florida going ordered spray on tanning the fan.