Dirt & Sprague Wednesday October 11th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, October 11th

Mike Parker makes his weekly appearance for the Beavers roundtable following Gary Andersen's decision to step away from the head coaching duties, plus the other key Pac-12 match ups this coming weekend.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Actually. Big team. This is dirt and spray paint and check this out we'll start fans love Batman. They don't think death or disease of missiles and did you stay up. Until portal listing that stunt can't be flippant question what does Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprint does have a smell right. Off the game ball game boy everyone likes a grown man doing. Project durden spray gun ten AB those goofy bastard to just about the best thing got going this crazy world. The Australian. Welcome back in our June during spring when junior on Portland's. Or its leader 1080 the fan. Don't forget if you miss any of the hours here on our show you can catch out less Schwab tires podcast Tinny and thin dot com or on iTunes as well. Really loaded second hour rates in this triple option idea that once Haider has for fixing organ State's problems not sure a lot of fans are on board with that theory but. We'll get to the nonetheless we'll address the weird way the NFL is handling this and them. Conundrum because I don't know if this is gonna make anybody happy. So we'll get all that lives were a kick it off with our beavers roundtable. Let's get the inside story on the beavers biggest thing is now we can say we can line up we can sort out what do not just toss up state. A deep dive and Oregon State football did you season 93 season coming year they were ranked sixth in the country and started like six and I would not be returns no idea not these the kind of things you remember and you hope that you can use of any nation later. We're just as the beavers inside reports brought to you on the stand by Madden industrial craftsman. You're a Madden craftsman Joseph Maddon job. Yeah I experienced. Still in the open. Anglican you deal. Let this what is choral sound lacked the editorial Clinton we'll find out today on prime time evidently so maybe to clip from that. Yeah this the Bieber roundtable wracked by mad industrial craftsman. Your man craftsman get a man job and we're gonna talk with our friend Mike. Doctor Parker the voice of organ state football. He joins us every hump day to talk organs stayed. He's on Twitter at any POI issue. And doc of course are gonna start with the obvious where were you and what was your side with the Geary in her sin news. Well how such a great way to put it because. In it's the second time in recent years why is it bent almost I won't say literal. Ford because I didn't hit the about Michael solid but I almost did because I was just preparing for usual day when I heard on a national tell a sports agent Hawaiian name to your Rex and I quite Toledo is named in your. An effort to depict. I lived here I'm around him around these people are in a lot and that we are the last known shall I heard that on national radio updates and in the case of the news this stunning bears and I'm still reeling from an accent and I think a lot of charge them an amazing week here you would cast. I heard it. It can directly through sports information director Steve shank who sat buckle up there's some big news coming and I asked him you know that was around 9 o'clock in the morning accent in itself make out peace and I can't. But I just just know it's terrific. Be ready so I was a little bit prepared won the news hit that it was going to be big but he. He turned mr. Steve you know he was told to keep everything off the record until it get the record. And so what I Redick. I was not. Think because anchored prepared the way a little better than it was date for the next couple of hours that well you know I wonder too could have something to do about it I'd have to do Gary. Reconstruction has staffed entirely make into mid season changes what is coordinator whatever I didn't know how to read thanks. Kind of put a preemptive warning there. Side when I thought at all rule in part about just the way into been going lately I was not quite as stunned when I heard the news even though I'm still trying to make sense to at all. Yeah I'm I'm curious what the Mike doc Parker emotional response was because I you know it it's been so inching to talk to be her fans all week it in just here there is there a sense sonet and outlook was it anger was of frustration was a disappointment what was the emotional response he had to this news. I don't know what the anger involved more than anything else. I think chorus call so that it when he was introduced by Scott Barnes cease that you're at near the end of the press conference you said. He said I'm birdied ago wanna leave their scheme I'm blessed to have the opportunity to traditional. Outrage in but he said but it's also a sad day and and that's what I've justice center of sadness because. In the position that I have get into war with Gary every week you know during his tenure here. I'd like them that are respected and that act at all after record conversations. With the nab and indeed work off the record and so I have gotten to know him and respect him and likened them and no ball well. That he loves his players and cares about his players are also now but he goes about things a little bit differently than is that other. Coaches and I bitten and honored to work with so. I'm not. You know people talk about being stunned by the Milwaukee wave twelve million whatever going to be unprecedented nature of that but that part of it doesn't surprise me completely and that I think he has cut from a little different optimism in what your your prototypical. Can't coach when it comes to to deal and what matters like about it I think first and foremost he needs. When he says it's about the student athletes and their welfare. I was Staten because I know he cares deeply. About his players' hands. Talking to his players this week I bet that same sense come back from that about these are guys we love them and we know it first and foremost he cares about emotional as well so. That's what hit me more than anything else this is a personal respect and I'm just saddened by the news more than anything else. You have Mike doc Parker joining us for our beavers roundtable as he does every Wednesday to kick off our second hour here. Is a Gary Anderson is out. And I know they have a game this weekend so before any any game questions I would happy dot. What do you think is next for Scott Boras we know that he said that they're gonna. Hire a search committee. He didn't mention meaning about an organ state related type committee that they had the last time. What do you think is is the next step and is her name out there that comes to your mind in this situation. Two good question Brandon and act. I really believe Scott is well positioned. Well prepared to go about its thorough searches may be organs stage ever had. So what you read to do in a cent since first evolve by by Gary's gesture you know wait in the future compensation that helps out tremendously. To begin way. But he also gets a but a little of their long edged up on the process midway through this. And I think he's deeply connected. I think he's he's diligent thorough and well. In what he says in the end it'll be president rein himself who will make the decision will be after his very law and oral processed and while there may not be. Committee perch today. You know people that he will lean on. It was in beaver nation. I know him well enough already you know already toppled and out people who eat eat it it will reach out here. To a lot of people who vetting process will be. Every girl and so I'm confident that this Scott will. Well ambition that nation. Give to everybody you know that just search it is very reasonable hard girl go and look at Mac particular debt selector in some one that will be a light. Fit for beaver nation you're Astros name immediately comes to mind I've changed so many of again as easily as we threw for a while dealing with. Gary departure but that every day and poor Chip Kelly that's I'll Jonathan met. Alex grange you know terror. You know adjust it every game that that it could possibly. Be attached as an advanced. And I think Scott committed I have a great. Parole process in place that will. Well find the right guy for the beavers going forward about might even be that guy he's named as the court depending on how this season plays out could you have clay don't touch their prey on people here where we're players clearly rally around someone who won some games that maybe they're not expected to joke and the young rising star on the perfectionist Cornel I believe there is you know who knows where he fits in that down the stretch of the beavers. How would respond and play well around him who knows in court it is credit says he's not given that a second thought and I believe. These are trying to trying to deal with is own new world and set new world of responsibilities. The best he possibly can get a cheap compared to play Colorado. But. Block a lot for him and updated benched in the conversation that means that things have gone well that's sure interim period. You know doctor EC a lot of a lot of seasons in Karbala some one and ones the losing ones and and you know what it takes to win there and end and what the different coaches either experience gathered their differences and personalities and in characteristic what what are some of the traits that you would look for. In order for a coach to succeed in Corvallis and personality traits and characteristics that you think are vital two win football games in the community. Don't think. I do think that. Too good question about unity and that's good. The person and I think Terry Anderson looked like you know again and I still you know from the resume at what Bob to careless David Irina I think. Who would be disingenuous of such a doll we know that we knew that was gonna work I think that's. That would be I think dishonest most in beaver nation because we felt that he was. Indeed the right kind of edit and choose seat organs state to leave it is sitting big. Coach and a traditional. Traditional success will become lest it look like. A home run hire to be sure. In so you know some of the characteristics that you look for in a god one exit I'm not sure Gary did as much of as I would have liked to achieve but I think. The next person needs to do and that is really be engaged. Which is built whole athletic department community and beat nick games in Babson and ingratiating themselves what do. With the other coaches around the building unions and you just need about it so maybe a little more visible act I don't think Jerry. Was was a little four abrasive and didn't care about things but his style was a little different and I think. But experts and I will need to be that that real outgoing ambassador with and not just. Booster meetings in the end and beaver nation. Functions and media opportunity but that just being someone that that it community. Feels like it abused you want about she's one of our own he's involved in certainly Michael Palin had that feeling Dennis Erickson did too. I think that's an important quality here yeah I don't know whether that set up 38 year old misty 04 year old. 67 year old rocky launch may boost in action your dog and whoever it is it. Can get really involved from a dated a gracious. What's in New York State athletics community and Corvallis. I think that will go along way in and hope these people feel good about that experts and. Now voice of the beavers Mike Parker our guest at ME TO issue on Twitter. Sought I I kind of feel this way and I'm jumped series if you do is well biggest Tyre in program history right now. It cut bait if it well could be I you know as it turns out walks to find out but the timing. The bakers tire was from equal clearly in my Q. Dennis Erickson to get him. When Mike Riley at last abruptly for San Diego and the enthusiasm that it generated for the civil war win and and so momentum can clearly bill. Eight without wins a mother Terry close and competitive games. Count use ceiling watching games it was very close to what it. There was a palpable sense of momentum on my lap it was oh my gosh what are we gonna do now we aren't in and watched Dennis Erickson and when you think about the facilities explosion and Truex chatter and raising group reached an expanded beaver nation and it's getting active. The good news side student section down and rebuild the level of blow regional that stadium's still needs to be better we all understand that but that was that was Dennis Erickson legacy you look around at all of that that's ericsson's legacy so that still right now. And even what all the great work my quietly getting back to eat get some great work here I hope people don't forget that. But I think what you're saying grenadiers. Now with the program having slept again and people fearful. Of a 28 year of this again now you know that there is beaver nation endured for decades. I think you you maybe right to wait to see it it's the most important outplayed out that it's the right. The right higher. Yeah and who writes that with the right person approach and staff. Then they can point. Much more slippage you get this thing turned around and they've missed again then you. You know on the negative side it could going to be the most significant and that I think it best I'm rich Brooks had a chance to get him at 77 about might have led to the further decline at least contributed to it. I think it's important get a person who will not allow that continued to slide. Yeah and an end you know as much is as much attention as he paid his story all week docked at the show must go wanted and you know that they got another tough one this weekend and admits it is really brutal stretch and of the schedule. To just curious your two cents on the way the team responds and and I think they're gonna perform this weekend. It's a good question and that the response to move to Corey has been. Tremendous and being practiced. In cousy or some level that noise and I mentioned to somebody I was standing in way that maybe pre Easter can go where we were standing watching practiced. And here. He had to go out mixed with no music in the background or virtually pumped into the upper chest I yelling. I experienced running into each other after placed cast into and I said that pat. Kara is the height. Of that kind of enthusiasm I've seen dish here and he reminds me of the way practices would slow during the Ericsson spectrum be demolished. It is you guys are too young to know what those 2000 practices. We're entertaining and so -- good to see those guys would compete and beat each other up after plays and yell and occasionally get close to flights and sometimes factional fights broke out. It was it was an amazing. Energy he went that high spirited group that year that doesn't necessarily win. Football games but I like. I just liked the way the guys in this initial ought to be saddened shedding tears and all of those things and I'll give her coached on his way out and yeah it's an emotional week but I think they're channeling her emotions in to a high energy positive way and I think will help them play four quarters Saturday and give themselves a chance to win. There you go. And now we'll talk to you next week. Actual luck I really enjoy it will auction of a chip on every outside poems come off their good stuff from Mike doc Parker up against it. Should Oregon State. Turn to the triple option to get the program turned around. One writer thinks so that's next on the fans they're coming up in ten minutes. USC acting very strangely. And then how about Arizona UCLA for the pack two of junkies out there like guys. It's kind of those subtle. But really good games I thought that was classic to about Arizona and Colorado that was a good shall fall and it lived up to that was a 4542. The files a great game is it was yes it was. A good stuff from Mike doc Parker. On our beavers roundtable. How would you feel hiding Bieber fan would respond. If organ state went out and got a coach who was gonna run the triple option. I think you would have a very split fan base half the people saying what are you got to lose at this point in the other half saying please god no because according to Tom for Nellie at CBS sports he wrote a piece on -- Anderson leading Morgan State. And he basically said organ state doesn't have an identity a blind squirrels gonna find enough once in awhile and hapless beaver is going to knock down a tree from time to time. But if organ state wants to find an identity moving forward. Following the resignation. They need to run that staying option well is. Ten and the amount to a low low coming over from Napier Egan Paul Johnson from Georgia attacked Al Johnson and I'll listen that would make no sense for Paula Johnson believe Georgia Tech for organ state. And I win understand how any amount solo would say no to his own mater BYU for organ state. But if it does is a sin you don't you think the right approach for organ state to try them. Give back to respectability. Is to do some things way outside the box. It has to be way outside the box I think more cell with organ stayed it has to deal with finding an identity and sticking with it and I think that's been something that's really heard on the last three years you've had different offensive coordinators. IE do you change it up scheme wise he brought in a passing game coordinator Gary Anderson never really had. An identity is as an offensive hey coach and that was something ending play Debbie looked this year. Right now in total offense they're all thought it's all deep in the pac twelve last year wherever they all got a twelve teams in the pac twelve Stamford was betterment UCLA Arizona State. Eagle on Downey on the average about 365 yards a game and that was worse. In the conference I think that's the key whether it's the triple option whether it's going to spread whether it's going pro style. It doesn't matter I think you'd you'd just need to have an identity in need to stick with that in need to find players to recruit. Into your system up and that's adding that Oregon State has not done and while I I do think for a school like Morgan State after this well now about a lot of programs. The on the blue bloods of college football. You do need to do something to stand out like. I think Jerry enters his first two years they wanted to be a physical team run the ball lot you know they wanted to stand toe to toe with you and kind of take on that Stamford mindset. You're never gonna get the offensive lineman at Stanford yet you're never gonna get the offensive line and then Alabama get it's it's just the fact of life. Organ goes through the same thing and what really made organ pop was. They they found their system and they found guys to run their system and I stuck to it. You could you didn't get six foot 6350 pound offensive linemen and it hurts you when you play Auburn or LSU but. For the most part they had their system and they beat people with speed it was scale on the outside. And I think about minority state and that's what I would wanna see whether eagle air raid like Mike Leach whether it's get Paul Johnson are on the triple option I don't care but. Just find something that makes you unique find and ditch it and then go recruit to that and I think. Sticking with it is the biggest thing because consistency and continuity is something this program has not had since Friday left. Anderson just didn't stick with the any thing he change coordinators he changed offensive philosophies. You're not winning with that kind of approach. I'm in now that he is gone. And we'll see what Korey hall and in the rest the coaching staff is gonna do. Without Gary Anderson now the players respond to this but angle on fort when you make the decision of who you want. One I still maintain its cap and it should be an offensive minded guy. Alex trenches and in the gets on their alive if he gets tired crate our trust top marginal seat right. I need a program I organ state is always gonna have difficulties recruiting. And getting the same level of talent that other programs in this conference almost all except Washington State debt. So Unita get get not an offensive minded as cool like coach yap head coach and he needs to come in. And run his system and don't deviate from it now stick with Dave and go get the player that you can go get. And hopefully that is the recipe for success it doesn't have to be triple option. I love watching Georgia Tech play I really do teenage for sure I'm not sure that you can get the same kind of talented Georgia Tech can get. Being down in Atlanta. But. I am open minded to almost anything. I doubt they go that direction but I'd like to Siegel go offensive minded that's my only ask in this whole coaching so. Yeah IE your unemployment every don't have a lot to lose without about the offense is bad but that's one thing where in lockstep with the is finding hagel exit comes amateur system because one of the things you brought up is you know the trajectory of coaches you mate you made earlier this year. And as a unique example looking at Washington State as a Gary Anderson repairs and what they did in their first three years bag here. Pulled even in a bad year. It took a melodic kind of find his footing and an and the one thing that I always counteract him with his. The set might lead to washing is it apart is his offensive system and an after awhile you throw the ball enough. You put up enough points enough passing yards that that's going to attract some leasing and our tax line. It's gonna attract quarterbacks and wide receivers and then eventually give the rest the roster to fill up from there but. Having that kind of offensive mindset they have at Washington State has allowed them to go from being the bottom of the barrel the pac twelve to now being a top ten ranked team. It was a unique unique situation category C should follow their their mole Deanna my cleats approach is not a bad one to take out all you wanna see this article. By Tom foreign Nellie. Who writes a lot of college football stuff for CBS sports I tweeted out actor and Sprague or apparatus break sees me and I quote we did our show page. 'cause we did a poll question I did the results approach quick and pulleys and quickly I think it was it was pretty Slevin you disaster kind of hobbled with a reaction got that it would be split and as of now. 53% of you say yes I would minded it would set them apart. 47% say no it will not work they go you can vote actor and Sprague are coming up next. Is there problems. In USC land and also Arizona potentially foreign to whose son I've come and that's next. They kind of a funky Wednesday we'll be back at 135. Wednesdays and all older Greg you're a Portland sports leader. 1080 the fan. Coming up in nail file our they show me getting in or status story on here from some back told coaches and their reaction to Gary Anderson departing Corvallis. Also Korey Hall this sound like I don't know Bobble find out in the final hour as we got some mom. It's not Disney tuchman media he's also going to be on a believer dies it's at this afternoon jazz game plan. It keep tackle and so beyond our station as well a little bit later on today there are some intriguing matchups in the pac twelve I wanna get to a moments and that includes. Arizona and UCLA and then Utah. In USC but I do this or this little bit of trouble down in mall Aaland and a weird weird weird angle right now so USC they've had an up and down season no doubt they're fresh off a win over Oregon State and after the game Sam Dora was talking to the media and either they're often struggled at times he said this of the media after their win on Saturday. Over in Spacek quote. I consents defense has a focusing on some tendencies of ours so we just gotta run different plays have different formations motions some guys get away from our tendencies a little bit. And I think will be fine if we do that. He did apple and you look forward Tuesday. And he was talking in the media after practice he said on Tuesday honestly I looked at the film I was just honestly wrong I let my emotions get the best to me after the game. The only reason I talk to coaches was to apologize so I can't see Michael always right. And then it came out that clothing to help. He never talked to say a darn about his comments they never had a meeting this is never disguised in our buddies wondering wait what the world's going on in las and. So maybe is a chance team Martin's not dorm. But it would seem odd that Hilton wouldn't know about that. You know just being at that game it wasn't a great environment because everybody knew Morgan State was going to lose by a lot of points. Yeah you still get a week there's a kind of a weird vibe we trojans and having this year because there's an expectation of playoff. And having the out seemed Arnold back for what feels like could be the last season. And there are kind of under performing like they don't looked as dominant as we thought they would. Their defense has been a little shaky profits of line is really banged up right now and seemed Arnold's turning the ball over. Way more than people thought he would. Watching them against Dorgan state or NC had three straight trips. Where they were I believe in the red zone and they can level at three points only want to he was three points but you god is the only crowd of just like. These are very good and that's kind of where I resides with US CI starting USC has a shot to win the south if you told me you top USC this weekend I wouldn't be stunned. But I don't know if I I kind of bind the trojans the same way that I didn't beginning of the year. There's this seems to be something that's a that's a little off about them vs what the expectation was yet. It just it's a weird story because I mean it's not unique forgot I cannot say some in my town after the game you know disable it we should change some things up they were beaten or getting too predictable. On an an even to apologize like that's not unique either the the weird part of the story is everybody's saying. But he never spoke to clay Helton came out that I never talked to say I'm Donald about his comments and a Tyson Helton who is the quarterback coaching USC he told the OC register. That there was no apology and Sam Arnold didn't apologize for the coaches so you've won coach on the staff saying he didn't apologize which Darwin said he did and and yet that coach saying never met with them. When Eldon RR a should be Darwin is saying that they did and and it just it's weird and it makes you wonder where they're going from here and I think the story to follow this has been going on really all season in my opinion hasn't changed like I was higher on USC may be an insult especially earlier in the year. I and I still am I still think they're the clear cut favorites when the south and mobile Bible believe that our won't stop believing that until I see somebody else down their beat him like Utah this weekend but. I think the reason why this remains a story is because the jury is completely out on clay held his head coach and he has to be kind of careful here. For a couple of reasons one. He needs did. And you wanna have the power in the program but you have to realize he's not head coach anymore without Sam darn he was gonna get fired last year. Arnold came and saved his ass want all those games in a row. One the rolls bowl that's the reason everybody thinks clay Helton and get it done now and the jury's still out to see whether or not he can do it without Sam Arnold but then. You have this kind of back and forth going on it makes you wonder what their relationship is like end especially in a situation where. The last couple weeks we've now wondered why Omid sit Arnold welcome back for another year maybe he wants to stick around Andy likes college who wants to work on his game and scouts aren't asylum but if that relationship is fractured his jacket along what his head coach there's differing reports about apologizing and apologizing. And makes you wonder if he just says screw this my offensive lines banged up and get beat up and I'm out of here. And then Quayle's been up to coach for his life so the U Todd this week at home than their act Notre Dame at Arizona State. The and you get the wildcats here at Colorado UCLA DC or Los in the schedule. I don't at this point now I I'm not gonna pick them to lose any of those games hiding Notre Dame can beat them notably in Israel gone really well right now. And I again it's how winning him and it it feels like they've been in this position. The last three or four years of them needing to win a game like this to win the south into a pactel title game but. I can't completely count them out of this weekend to potentially beat USC. There's there's there's. Watching him in person. Z he gives you this wow factor then also be kind of like confused factor of he puts the ball and great places. And nanny he throws the ball to areas where he stares down and you can see it from looking down into the defense is easily reading it. At Morgan State should had. Shoot different other interceptions in that ball game and take them off more but the guys either flat drop the ball or they were paying attention. But they would deflected a last second they'd see it. And so that's the kind of what you get with Sam Donald this year and that's the tough part about trusting them going forward yeah. And I see I see where your sand and and young looks so many Texans head coaching changes coming to USC and UC labels of their underperforming. USC's five and one yamana is still are on the dot wet weather. Conference go to the playoffs their only loss was on the road to a top ten team where they have the ball with a chance to tie it or win at the end the game and at a really tough place to play so I but they also greatly benefit from down south they do there's no doubt about that and and that's why in my opinion on them has really changed because I think they're the key for USC is to get healthy in time for the facto title game. Because I don't necessarily by Utah's legitimate team to in the south and maybe a probable flat out this weekend if they finally win in LA but the point spread. I believe is in the double digits they just loss at home to Stanford team that Hewitt US CS they would dump bon. Earlier in the year Arizona's kind of an upstart nice table talk about them a second but yeah are you buying it they can be USC. At it in LA I'm up by and that it all in Colorado seems to be down. UCLA and Arizona stairway to inconsistent so I'm not knocking that the guy I do understand it they're benefiting from a pactel south but. That division is still theirs to win and I think they have the talent come the end of the year if there healthy enough. To have a say about who's gonna win the tax law lets not forget they beat Washington in Seattle last year. A damn good husky team. And they lost by three points of washing is it gonna get blown out and lose. Inactive if they meet again in a title title game situation would be on a neutral site when they played awfully too they played terrible and they lost by three points. With all the entries are jobs and I know the Dow on nearly play well still makes me nervous layout and should make everybody nervous and he's gonna have to find a way to survive. Without him Donald when he leaves but just an interesting story out LA David Wallace seems about the expectations we've had our eye on. M Aussie dollar plays out this weekend as they take on Utah almond and got to the impact of south showdown at top two teams round pactel south but differing comments and Arnold. And the coaching staff Donald said some things to say after the game sand. We need changing supplement that he apologized yesterday said he apologized to coaches and meeting in the coaches said he didn't apologize and there wasn't a meeting cell. Where is trying to figure out what's going on in LA let's take a look at some of those pactel games this weekend no one here from the coaches. Arizona UCLA. Kind of a lot on the line and that one are you buying Arizona is a good team this year we'll hear from Rich Rodriguez. In the game they were just talking about USC and Utah Kyle wing in clay Elton. Doctor immediacy with talks back to apple products are heading to the fan. Pressure's on you ask what's the difference. And that's just executing crunch time who's prelim heat when his greatest feeling in the the world when you lose that's the lowest the world its current stunt or look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Hey Chris I'm Reggie back French fitness always not any problems so why would you ever pay more free gym membership without -- bowers pray and work out a crunch dot com and kneeling stuff for the NFL won't go away. Back and forth between different people talk about that coming up in the final hour also little more orange stained and of course that are story at 215. Let's look at it was Strasburg still in here remember we talked about him earlier in the show wasn't gonna pitch then decided to pitches in the second inning. Are on third too loudly channels the outcomes or run against them they are scoreless right now. The bottom of the second but. What are those things at a pactel last week and we've not talked about yet which is just truly amazing he packet the numbers. Is what we'll take did how many people don't even though Khalili Tate is most people probably in profit as a reason. Is that I don't know well let me timely as he was Arizona's backup quarterback Brennan Dawkins there's starter went down in the first quarter as Arizona was playing Colorado. In came Khalil Tate and he proceeded. To go twelve of thirteen. A 154 yards and a touchdown on his arm a hundred QBR that's pretty good day right. Pretty good there it is I'd say. He also ran the ball fourteen times. For 200 or Jimmy 327. Yards. And four touchdowns and let me repeat fourteen carries 327 yards and four touchdowns where the hell did that come from. Rich Rodriguez was talking essay to the media and he talked about his back up quarterback may be announced our should be starter is epic day. Well he did he certainly did a great job of seeing the field he made some. Very athletic moves since. He got that tremendous blocking downfield as well that was part of this thing to. That helps bring some of those men have been fifteen Tony are run into the fifty yard run and and he did a nice job making people miss some. You know we knew he could run a little bit but he didn't Fashion Week out but fortunately for us trust we've seen. Had a couple guys like dead and passive two you mentioned that wider Denard Robinson and Brandon does so there was we needed every bit of it. I love how he downplays entered this kid had yup he had runs fourteen carries 327. In runs a 5847. And 75. And Rich Rod is is I have not been doping hailed the blockage you know get a pretty good jobs in the field that is so feel well off course he did a record setting performance in a 154 yards city or 327. Yards on the ground and it makes you wonder. Just how good this offense can be we knew they could run the ball before it again Brennan dock until it went down and I'm not sure who's gonna start this weekend. I don't know how you turn away from kids like this after his performance he's a sophomore. Are from California but they're taken on UCLA defense this weekend. And if he could do that against Colorado and a cholera. Is a great this year. But if he did against and imagine what he can do against maybe the worst rush defense and pac twelve EC I think you're only saving. Grace of fury a Bruins fan is UCLA knows they just have to lock in on one player blade. I don't know how much that's gonna help the Bruins because the rest offense has struggled at a lot of times this season. I think this is an exciting game. From a non ring standpoint. But these programs are interesting times where rich rods was real hot seed Jim Morse was real hot seat. And they're both 32 is a big moment a big a big game this weekend in the pac twelve. And a look in Florida seniors taking continue what he a staff published I don't know the status of bring in doctor ends I also would have a hard time believing do you bring a quarterback back. After a team goes for 327 on the ground camp. So this was a talent that from LA. USC missed out on because they wouldn't blame a quarterback that's why Arizona got them out and now that Rich Rod has this kid. You just wonder if he's you know like the Bruins up and and look at Arizona dirt they can be foreign to. Before to the winner this game believe it or not is still live in the pac twelve south that speaks to the south and does and the water's going to be four into two and one and and it does feel a need to know just by the way on the subside for Colorado and a chemist at the box corn from me. Philip Lindsay himself France for 281 yards ceased to judge him on says threw three touchdown passes these two teams combined for 713. Rushing yards when they played each other. On Saturday but is he mentioned Arizona taken on UCLA and into demons seem Arabs and their downs Jim Laurie SA tot. Anti tax of coaches colleges about it the greatest areas of improvement EC from his team. It's tackling and everything goes into it which is via the proper GAAP and out of the proper playing entry and leverage in the end you know most Mormon and Catholic. I would say that that is number one because it encompasses so many things. And and this week client. The tremendous athletes that were playing by the skill guys the quarterback the back that the four receivers that Heidi and we'll tell you what it is it is a premium for us this week to be able to tackle well. It's just been Jon Gruden says you love mailed to you what never got to be able to tackle this week and UCLA is a favorite in this game they're a one point favorite on the road which is somewhat surprising to me on that sounds about right though I think because of the Rosen factor and Arizona who have they beaten. On it to be hard for people to trust them but one point. Is basically a take ever the is it there's no over under set on this I'll just tell you right now Bob I don't care what the over is summit to take the over Jimmy the over Arizona's defense can't stop anybody UCLA's defense can't stop anybody and I think this is going to be if if Arizona Colorado turns out to be 4542. Roses can have some say about that this is gonna be like a 6356. Kind of game or watching go to New England Tampa Bay Alaska we can map it out and have like ten points at halftime and he is getting real slow when the other game they were to start him out as well less than it was USC and their situation is they're going into that I showed up a little bit. Between Dan and you taught in the packs of south how letting him make coach idiots he talks about the similarities between his defense and USC's. Yeah I think there's I think there's some loser in. You know coach Bennett yesterday quarter got a lot of respect for I think he's one of the don't want tough defense coach in the country portion when you. I think there's some philosophical similarities. Yeah and on the on the flip side of that quail lose it and his defense. Is trying to figure out who's going to be the quarterback for you Tony talked about parents slept. There were were fortunate in this case and you know both the Tyler in Troy both are terrific athletes we've watched Troy grow up the right here in Los Angeles. And and they get. Opportunity competing against them last year's two weeks we know he can spin the ball as well as dictatorship as blatant and so is Tyler I mean what a great job that if he did in the first four games going forward though and around 73 composed. I have to keep pushing completion percentage and what was really. Dangerous diseases they get over fifty urged Russian so either you do little to athletes they controlled the ball so you know avenue and strictly sailed should be you know you gotta compare two different game play ensure that they are similar enough. I mean compare action that that you can stick with the same plan. Well I think this adds up are for Utah right now is just a quarterback situation because Hartley was playing pretty well for young kid that won the job over Troy Williams as a captain coming back and I've watched a lot of at Stanford Utah game on Saturday night they. They just struggled to move the ball through the year there not a fish in the passing game Williams threw a couple picks they needed to drive the DN and he just he didn't have the army's yesterday's terrible east sucks and your quarterback and it's one of those things where if I know there still in the waiting game of who's gonna play we went to this lassie was Stanford trying to prepare for two different quarterbacks. I don't think it's a dilemma for any of these teams because I don't buy tray williams' ability to go on the role Egypt he can't be Stamford home out of these can be able to beat USC a an ally. Yeah I think everything right now lines up where USC's should be able to to win this ballgame and and if it's not Williams in you have partly out there. It's just the duo of him in mosques running the ball for Utah that you have to worry about. Because again it's a situation remain below the box team we dare you to be you Abydos with your arm. Hotly hasn't really shown that to me NN when your first your starter. He can be very up and down where's Troy Williams he has enough experience we song played last year. He did have a 200 yard passing him I think in their last six games the kid can't really selling itself adding right now lines up. For USC to have the advantage also I believe it's played in so cal I'm not mistaken it is in Los Angeles but there is something about how waiting him. Then I have enough respect form not cannot you talk completely. Did it says the USC offense no Madonna and you're sitting playing against a really good Utah defense in on his Stanford and have a ton of success outside of Bryce lawlessness ended their MO this year and Hamels see if you talk and do it again but. They got to have some offensively nagged him and ushered tree limbs will be enough but a couple of games keep an eye on this weekend. And the fact uptrend stubborn to back French tennis always none any final months why would you ever pay more free gym membership you can find out more about restraint and I work out. I Christ our com coming up in the final hour of the show a little bit more about the MLB postseason update you on how Stephen Strasburg is duly got out of the second inning jams of that game scoreless. Going to the third at Wrigley Field game two 34 she's between the cubs. And the nationals we get our status story on a 215 you'll hear from packs of coaches and their reaction. The Gary Anderson leading Corvallis when it Korey Hall left until the media yesterday as he prepares for his first Kimball will start the final hour. In the NFL is the controversy. Will not go away where does it go from here talk about that next on tending to fan.