Dirt & Sprague Wednesday October 11th , 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, October 11th

The rare soccer discussion to start the show after the USMNT choked in Trinidad & Tabago costing them a spot in the World Cup Final round this summer in Russia, plus is there anyone more entertaining to watch in NFL history at QB than Aaron Rodgers.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Straws. You've been there to seize these silver and under the weather. Is this exe com. This is Durban spray. And injured Johnson and Brendan spring how many of those players have real partial. There was no question tonight and the American player was not prepared. For that real pressure. That's where you have to create dad and you have to bring that in all the wise. What are we really do. Durden spray gun Jenny. I'll ride it as well two in the rose city it is time for dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brennan's right alongside me neither Johnson. Having hump day everybody. Paul. And people like dirt. We're a little where little disturbed by something we normally don't get disturbed by this the willow upset. Because dirt and myself are very competitive people yes we are very very very competitive. And we're also very handy I mean if there's one yeah we got that in count if there's one negative aspect of my personality and who I am as a human that I can fully admit to. I am so beyond petty it's not even funny I know Mo I'm one of the most Teddy did we ever meet your life it's not easy for me if forgive a grudge I hold grudges for a long time why did you and I notice what people do what they say or how he acted in remember that one yet I put that in the back to my mind. And I'm right now. I'm very disappointed. In something that I need to follow until yesterday. A -- to delve into yesterday how do we have a population of 400 million people and we're not one of the best 32 teams in the damn world in soccer recap final eleven guys better there -- now lives in Trinidad and Tobago who saddened Tobago officially eliminated from World Cup contenders they had nothing to play for yesterday we have more people that live in the Portland metropolitan area that made you as a Trinidad and Tobago is an unreal and I ask this question before the shell and I wholeheartedly believe this I don't know if there is 1% of the population in America than if I just showed you a Mac. Of the world. That could point to where Trinidad and Tobago is. Yeah I mean how many could actually point insane that would no no hell no not this is one of those dot. Down in the Caribbean and down on a map somewhere you can't point it out there like one point four million people I wouldn't point I would smack my hand in the Caribbean area and hope to god that the island falls somewhere undermining. FDA does get down there and tackle right here to these are area. And he did come in contact in Trinidad and Tobago well here's the interesting part about this to you made a good point an observation. Were. In the conversation. If not our number one. In every other big sport world where there were close NBA obviously is no doubt the NFL obviously is no doubt. Baseball I would still maintain we had the best baseball players in the if the American born players played on our team and you separated the way you kinda world peace and the last baseball classic we took it is seriously and you got all the starting pitchers to buy in we would win in every year yet that's and that's my two cents may be somebody disagrees and we've taken huge strides. In hockey go back and just look at the World Cup final results a couple of of the Olympics ago is certainly you're in the top four or five top candidate right oh Sweden united way the United States you're in that conversation they'd been to a gold medal game they lost in overtime to Canada were in the conversation. A beat goes for sports yet we're not one of the top 32 and soccer and what's the disconnect that because we have the best resource that is doesn't make any sense every don't let parents on the street we don't care. But it we'll iron out. At least like cardinal went on is nobody has been in America care about soccer than they do hockey for birdie compete in hockey yet. I think people are interested in soccer. Then hockey. Hockey people care about hockey in a way that soccer people in the United States do not care about side I ice agreed to add more I disagree with that and they do. I don't know if I don't know I disagree with that you take soccer guy and need new take hockey guy and you think hockey guy cares more about the sport than soccer guy. Yes no way I think you look at especially at the intrigue that we have as a country. For international soccer like we wholeheartedly whether it's too you know we we believe it or not. We all buy into the World Cup like the MLS to throw out the window some people watched in a European soccer but. When you get to the World Cup the interest level in the care factor for the World Cup as opposed to say cocky in the Winter Olympics. To me it's it's not even close of of an interest level. But that's a jingoistic rally around the flag crew I don't think that's the dated eight. Dated a soccer guy. Talking about no infrastructure of the sport. Yeah I don't say hockey is intertwined with the NHL and aunts and and College Hockey. And their all in it together. But I don't get this league's anti between the US soccer team that's that's of these can't do that because the MLS vs the NHL it's not on the same. Level yet in terms of I'm not how long it's been around I understand that time of the intertwined. I am Thai part of US soccer. Downed the youth levels the development teams coming out. The MLS now that's trying to get academies going if you know the timbers they do you have an academy but I don't know quite the details. Of how would exactly functions they do you have the development squads the inner Tony three squads. All that how it works with with College Hockey or with College Soccer all of those sorts of things. Third at its very clear Knoll. They're not all on the same page obviously yeah that's that's why everybody says to blow it up now and who do you blame I blame this and I blame that we'll of course they okay but. It still doesn't go to the point of how the hell do you have for a million people know there's no excuse for that and not you can't produce is also no excuse for the goal for school Panama scored to be called the goal. That was embarrassing. Why is I think a lot of it has an error about bad I don't know that that's not called the goal. And it's not draw and get in on a technicality you Ross to Trinidad and essence I. I understand. The outside of that plane and about Panama's are complaining about America look at the people are are comparing internationally like saying how many countries around the world play the play hockey there's a lot to play hockey cared deeply about. Hockey there's no doubt is not only in the cold hem us as. I know. Look at is not the same international tiger is the most played sport or yeah. And and that is that will be true people say you know it is Iliad we care more about hockey gold to elect Minnesota you can make that argument all over the place and they care about hockey in Georgia or Mississippi or Louisiana or Florida or Virginia. Don't care about I don't like is sure you can went out of pocket that you can definitely across go to the northeast and talk to them about the crossed yeah we love the crocodile that's. Russian USA hockey vs USA soccer. The governing bodies that organize stuff and trying to develop the sport from the youth ranks all the way up. I would argue USA hockey. Is much more invested. In what they're doing and winning. Then US soccer's will achieve your gonna go to the personnel but we I you brought this into the fans spectrum. No that's not what I well because then I said that and you go oh yeah disagreed yak is idol I I think we care more as a country about soccer as just in the general sports fans sports fan. No not yet I'm not debating the and I NHL verses MLS because the ratings speak to a we watch the NHL more than the or in this specific US part of the teams to yeah I know I just think there are more people in this country to care about soccer they care about hockey it'll look at maybe the governing bodies that could be the issue it and a lot of people saying well if you grow up in this country you're gonna sock you're gonna go play in overseas and sub I totally understand all about but. That doesn't change the fact the an American born citizen and you come back and you play for team USA in the World Cup qualifying round so. Did you I don't know how to make sense of and I honestly don't like watching that I didn't watch but I saw the Twitter reaction last. Yeah that's well there therein lies another problem unless it's all right World Cup qualifier and nobody can find out if you want to hold on hold on what was it what channel and many call a timeout here it's not on an HD channel. We're gonna give you must live with and I'm only channel at least on can't just available on standard definition in the for monitoring John BN sport. Quick he could have got that series donated meat don't let me. Let me take time out here for a quick second. And let me say first didn't even know the game was going on tell after dialogue on Twitter and saw all these people are reacting so negatively to everything. And two this is a big problem this is where soccer has a big issue outside of the developing of talent and competing on a national level. How many times better answer this for me from your opinion of him how many times do you feel like you've heard in the last year. World Cup qualifier US must win this game US got to win this game US task is to win this game because I feel like I've heard at least seven different games that US had to win stressed out all five stressed out the last couple and they lose and I go wow I didn't make it is our next game as says it's the same damn senate so how do you qualify. Would be my question because when people likes wag to was sports that are update or people are right little blurbs about a big soccer match. That's what they say. World Cup qualifier and then when you ask the soccer guy as a non soccer person myself when I asked soccer guy so if they win. Or that they lose or they Al using the answer goes something along this line. Well. Know what it did substantially harder it leaves about a 30% chance and I go well they wired OK. So I guess I'll Tara the next match. I I don't know which games to Carol I know I am I'm with you there I've heard that a bunch of the last couple months and leave the other reason I know last that was his swagger added it is updates there was a lot like I was the last daddy Ellen I have a need to draw and they only needed a draw essentially the way things turned out admitted it at a 93 point 7% chance to go to the World Cup. Court it was a total collapse once limited international competition thing I just on I don't buy it demagogue but nobody's gonna disagreeable it's one of the things he keeps me from becoming a fan of the MLS it's 'cause it's the not the highest international. A league that's who you have a DNA Shelby an NBA NFL. In Major League Baseball will we switch there's still good players that are from here and they go play overseas that doesn't change the fact that they're playing for team USA. But who's the big kid right now Christa improve such yes who plays for Burris in Dortmund in places overseas right but he plays for team USA so I get there there's the international component of the leagues he care more about it overseas but. We still have we stood bush could be able to develop eleven guys they keep can be Trinidad and Tobago OK I normally would. Do this but were were already up against the clock. I can't believe we're gonna kick off our show with soccer tock considering united watch this match on some channel that IDC a without dash Stephen Strasburg. Well we're gonna get distrust for a little later believe that we Lulu I do wanna ask you this question. The athlete thing I've heard for most of my life I'm younger than some listeners out of thirty. And I've heard for more than half my life. Soccer's a future K soccer's get a pick up now now everybody's gonna play soccer. Eighteen years I've been here in the that's part of my whole life we still suck. Saw wanna know with a loss like this is good at. Or bad for the future of illness are loved and always needle on that because you've gone through the same conversations grown up in your life 255305. Dirt and sprayed with you happy hump day on ten the fans. Coming up at twelve minutes we're gonna it's a football with Aaron Rodgers. It was a good read on Aaron Rodgers. And so much fun he is to watch play practice. Taxed at the Bridgeport peers tax on 55305. Soccer fans fired up today this is funny. So we were and are tiny about the US losing was fired up and also they fired up the USA soccer. A combination combination this guy says I can't believe we're kicking off the show with soccer that's what I said and then he goes that's the problem in America that's reaction you have. Having to talk about soccer. So until that changes any missiles or points out. Most of us probably won't caring and you know another one I. But I remember for a lot of my child because I played soccer tells about ten or eleven. And then I transitioned into football in the now play bass a baseball set around. You grow up he plays soccer it's like your first sport that AT ball right eaten. And growing up I got to a point where the national narrative. Because you had women's soccer team came on the scene and and and the late ninety's. That narrative turn to. All right the countries in on soccer and then for like the last eighteen years here every every three of all I've heard is how the future is soccer a future is soccer all the athletes are gonna plays soccer soccer's gonna dominate here comes soccer. And if you notice a recent trend with fox Sports Radio hosts or TV host like the guy before us. They've been public for years a standards on because they bought the property rights and he's been two or million dollars and something there are gonna American involved in loops whoops on that one. And to. Is because they wanna be right opinion they have so all I've heard for eighteen years is how the best athletes and soccer's going to be has got to be that. And they can't make the World Cup so I guess my question is. Dad doesn't seem to have come to for wishing yet in my lifetime maybe it will in my when my daughters are my majored or just slightly younger. Is this going to be good or bad in your opinion dirt to the future of US soccer. I mean I would. Argue it's it's it's going to be good that this is something that will get people fired up holes Lee. As a lot of soccer fans are saying let's revamp the whole says stomach get a new coach get a new system gay guys to play harder in the air. I I can only think it's going to be it's gonna be good for the long run because look. I do still buy into the notion that at some point whether it's five years ten years fifteen years twenty years thirty years down the road. Soccer will continue to grow and and as you that it is you see other sports mainly football decline. And popularity at the youth level and increase in health risks you'll see more talented guys. Pick up the sport of soccer and a guy I've always seen where they're coming from is just funny to me when people trying to put. And actually year label on it like he had next role copper within the next ten years soccer's going to be the biggest thing we just don't know how long it's gonna take to get their butt. This is really bad and the moment it's and it's embarrassing that as a country were not good enough to make the World Cup but. Maybe it's the wake up call that US soccer is needed to. No the other thing about that to attention you say that. The other part is just. Why the ramifications of footballer gonna do you exciting that's gonna be the impact basketball will never be going away now terms of popularity and athletes that when a play that. Baseball I think we'll always kind of be what baseball is due McGraw and a baseball household are introduced to and regretted it are really good and at a young age. The home there's baseball football's the one that I think leaves a lot in limbo. Where you have some of those athletes playing professional football. But now you've got researchers coming out of Boston University saying. Hey we can identify CTE living people right brown all right well that goes on for the next ten to fifteen years I cannot imagine. That being a good things for fall on people would already point to the decline in youth football anyway right. So that's going to be the most important thing I think for the future of US soccer in. You know whatever that means I don't necessarily have the same passion or Imus fired up. As other people out there may be that US did make the World Cup simply just because even though I will watch the World Cup. I'm one not a big soccer guy anyway. Just not who I am yet maybe I will be someday and to. I kind of equated this to a co worker who was like I'd never heard him talk soccer before he goings on enemy became Davis iron out and Alice is like what's the difference between. Being the eight seed in the NBA playoffs are not making a pact after he CB USA USA was gonna win the World Cup they want a good team and barely they were barely right there on the edge of contention anyway so. I don't know I'm still gonna watch the World Cup just as you assays not and it isn't gonna change that. Noble and that's tried disagree a little bit like I'm one of those guys I guess I beat I feed into the nationalistic pride every four years and you wonder Sherwood and I Garmin I don't necessarily go that far but your series this young team USA plays and and once they're done which usually doesn't take very long. I thank my my aids my interest in the World Cup usually trades until the final game or something new you know you wanna see who ultimately wins but Devin this gets back to the entry level in soccer thing because. In front of her into the hockey and soccer conversation is inching to me the fact that we can compete internationally in hockey we can't do it at soccer quite yet because I don't know. In May it may be necessary is but I don't know like let's let's put hockey analogy of they don't make though the Winter Olympics they don't qualify no it's it's going away now but in in the past the window when NHL players played a male body into it. Teen USA let's say they lose their first game they get bounce and it's embarrassing or they don't make the the Winter Olympics in hockey. Is there a national conversation because this is a huge deal today but for all the folks saying EO at lovers I've heard okay doesn't watch re talking about it. Everybody in the office is talking about this sedate you logged on any social media platform last night. This was the number one trending topic outside and Eminem roasting Donald Trump that the yeah ET awards this was one day one be so everybody cares about it. And that's the funny part is like there's not an interest for them when it comes to teen USA soccer or all until we all buy and we all get out rate and I it's the NASA. Oz thing if it's being proud of your country and being represented in at least having maybe a shot to pull off some kind of a miracle like upsetting that's always going to be there in your always gonna bring that out a sports fans. It's just a matter of will it would truly lead to some differing. Method of identifying or finding the best way to get the best players out there because you can take this to US men's basketball. When they step college kids. And then they lost in the Olympics extra that I didn't we're not settling for silver and bronze easier we're trying to win in granite outside of that one let down team and 106. Which Laura console for a constant bit of a revamp now yeah they may find that the it caused. Our. There was a ripple effect within the sport of we have to change the approach year because we're not gonna settle for eating less we have the most resources of anybody in the world. Well I think it goes back to one who is put in charge of revamping a retooling or you know for a World Cup 20/20 two and cutter with the remains there. But then the other thing is you know all these people that are outraged. Where's your interest in soccer outside of the World Cup yet it has a hockey fans like OK I go back to manage a team or volleyball College Hockey team if I'm in the northeast work. Or the midwest were College Hockey is huge around here it's the winner ox or whatever the case. But are you it is is you know the US soccer fan. Are they just kind of appalled that it's the USA and we should be there like it's a birthright thing and then you forget about it for three years or is it. Now maybe I need to take more interest in notice and see how word developing and and how we're selecting talent power developing them. As the model needed change you know that sort of thing so I would argue most of there's a larger percentage of those fans who were outraged. Only because it's the United States and they've been we're not gonna be on that scale doctor to yeah on that stage. May have a point maybe bring Jerry Colangelo and he's a good job with not a segment of basketball is a funny clothes on to analyze that with Theo Epstein. Accepting the award for World Cup champ whenever that wineries like yeah you know total team effort like Theo Epstein was the wanna put the team together I think it and everywhere you can do it for USA's army like he did bus city got Chicago we got to going on yeah. I am I've exit examination bush legacy as our guide texting and say he's really bomb because this then you you lose an opportunity to reach. Almost every household in America. It would be we can debate the interest level we don't care about the World Cup we all watching it reaches a lot of people all and you're gonna miss a lot of thought when the World Cup comes around it may be a lot of people that would've tuned in to see how to Angela way did. The way to roster was constructed now blue bowl of the team but the bulk of the players that were on this roster played in the MLS how important for the future of the MLS is it too had. Out of a number of its top players playing. For the United States World Cup team on the grandest stage server goes oh. Darlington nag he plays for the Portland Timbers. And just Clint Dempsey plays for the Seattle Sanders and Michael Bradley Jozy Altidore played former Toronto at sea and that sort of thing and start saying hey. The MLS can happen produce good. American soccer players and maybe I should pay more attention to. Netanyahu well by USA not go to the World Cup no World Cup for use the officially eliminated so much for making America great again geez guys he's the only one of building watching the World Cup this summer comes around. I just I literally just sent I was still watch the World Cup iMac and I'm not one of those people that house to be wearing a USA flag Speedo. And acting like I care about a sport that they don't normally watch out watch the best thing the World Cup's good decade energy. Good vibes elicited flew lose say Lowe's no other guys are so. The other tricky part is it's going to be 6 AM 8 AM and 11 AM kickoffs this summer. Well we've dealt with worse things an Olympics all right so let's move on from this USA soccer gone goodbye adios I don't know if he'll ever be relevant but may be one day you will be seen for years was this is your for the women. It literally and anyway and again let me some US women's soccer and he missed a little ladies I let's not move on in the NFL Aaron Rodgers is he the most entertaining quarterback you've ever seen play football. All right 1230 course I had to enter the music down right now and our producers and I hear it's violence where he got them. I don't know I'm just gonna see doctor and think Vince on Clinton lying and Jim out to a little man Anderson. But. I was reading an article about Aaron Rodgers is he got a big win this weekend over Dallas third straight win for him in share world. Good game I stars daily chasing deer was doing there at the end why I don't why you don't run the ball and distance during an incomplete pass Monday. Down the line I didn't play began I now know you know you weren't there you don't know I will wanna kill clock and I do you know Aaron Rogers owns the Dallas Cowboys he does see owns the Dallas and I I tried to. I wanted to put that in spring line is a par lay claim but. You were read the takes on make it easier for you. I won money on that game. Anytime you get there and ride since Dallas. Barrett Aaron Rodgers and you got Aaron Rodgers a road dog he had to go and take it around there and so he gets a win in Dallas and they kind of got us talking because we read the same story just. He is for people entertainment wise he is one of those. Part of the blurb in the story is kind of one of those players. Even when he beat your team you kind of just go. You know what that was fun to watch now. Eight LA and that we talked about a ten cent this year just that the player you most enjoy watching Indiana found and we throughout a couple of different names but for me really. For a good stretch now a handful years it's it's been Aaron Rodgers there there is nobody in the National Football League that is can't miss television. Like Aaron Rodgers his for me and I think Sunday it was just the latest example that watching him. In I had a bunch of family over on Sunday I was running in and out barbecuing in south I had that game on catching the end event. And you're just watching everybody react to what he's doing everybody's jobless on the floor and I don't really know there's another quarterback. And the league right now Tom Brady might be the greatest of all time and that's a whole another conversation in his own right but I don't think he's as entertaining. As Aaron Rodgers because Aaron Rodgers is in. Control of every facet of the offense is one of those guys it doesn't matter how many offensive line and around the matter who is running back is. And doesn't matter what wide receivers replying he's still got to find a way to be chew. And the way he does it. Where is his arm strength is accuracy his mind in his mobility. Is something that I I I think really is is second to none in the history of the National Football League and if you said. You could only get one quarterback to watch every Sunday for the rest your life or you know it's a you know an all time of of NFL QBs I've taken Aaron Rodgers seven days a week. So the only one that island deli in terms of the way it's played not that he's the greatest quarterback. John Elway. Very similar style I think there are almost the exact same very mobile. Sometimes a little deceiving with speed and their ability to. To lead to escape a pass rush and then just this year arm strength. I mean that dude makes throws on the run. That no human can make standing still with 25 opportunities to try to make it. It's unreal the way he can place the ball. And we sought us last year against coincidentally dials in the playoff game when he made that sideline. Throw to Jared Cook. That ended up give him down the field. How many Courter to make that throw and now many at all ME is unbelievable to watch him play the game and he has beaten. I I average for the niners he'd be the niners a ton of times. And then there's also beat him but he pretty when he beats and I love watching Aaron Rodgers play football he is one of those transcendent talents. That you can hate his team you can't let you can't release say you hate him lays an amusing character too on top event did dating Olivia Mani he's become more outspoken as the years have gone on in his career and I I was here's a MEU brought up John Elway and that's one and he gets compared to -- Is there are guys that moved the pocket there are guys who can scramble and pick up first downs and needed to not. It is Ron Amadon is another guy and it's kind of in the same category right but. The one thing led to me always censor our routers apart from the rest and this is just from an overall talent perspective and just an entertainment value. He doesn't turn the ball over and the numbers I I think they shocked me every time I look at his career stats and a number of interceptions he's thrown. You know how many years and John always career he threw single digit interceptions. Boom. He played a link from 83199840. He never had a year and is NFL career re through less than ten interceptions no kidding never you know the last time Aaron Rodgers threw double digit interceptions in a season for years cause of that number 2000 intent. How was the last time and that was he's done it twice in his career. I'm 2008 through thirteen takes 2000 Teddy through eleven and then his high is eight. It's like his numbers last year were forty touchdowns and seven interception not only is he may like seeing if he doesn't turn the turnover and that's what always blows it way because a lot of times I think you get the generational arguments about look at the style they play and control the ball more and spreading it out and I get at least some of the numbers and Drew Brees for their inflated numbers and there's a lot of guys you put Dan Marino Elway Montana you go back to the classic quarterbacks he put them in this Errol football. They're gonna put up huge numbers like these guys I think his skill levels very can parable. It's the interceptions and always stands out to elect a guy does not throw picks. For a touchdown seven takes 31 and 838 touchdowns to five interceptions 39 touchdowns 8645. Touchdowns and six picks. I'd get that touchdown interception ratio is. Un believable somebody text him Brett favre's the most entertaining ever. And you just prior interceptions. That's the guy with the interception record I was somebody that doesn't turn the football Amway is the on that and that now is drama that'll. It made it is true yeah I think this is averaging a drug to I don't know. Drama at seat Romo had this ability to Romo would play in the playoffs and everybody Laura why does he wanna see it does he go Romo or does he break over in and end up taking his team for than he's ever event right but I would still much rather watch the guy. That has the craft perfected down to a point where. You don't have said drama. You know where Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre in the similar situation against Dallas. He either wins that game returns the ball is Israel takes six or lose it whereas air intakes of field and almost everybody in that situation you're kind of begin he's gonna win this case yes my time is gonna finally again in the end zone you don't have that was very many quarterbacks in NFL history if you wanna say drama factor I'll listen to Brett Favre because you just never knew what to how he was gonna do we throne behind his back or shovel pass and throw picks exciting young has a good argument to make for entertainment because of how mobile he was on and Vick granted not as accurate. It felt Lisa was his arm. When we talk entertainment value a deposition vick's name pass to be thrown in. He has a radio some unbelievable games is no doubt in and watching him run around on defense especially the one run that he made in the playoffs or he was the first visiting quarterback speaking at the Packers to ever win at Lambeau Field which is just did that that was crazy in and that was a lot of fun to watch but. How would somebody that can doable and I think that to me is is why Aaron Rodgers is still number one is because he can deal with his legs grandin not as good as Michael Vick could but. There be some games if you could bottle up Michael's six ability to run the football I'd be really hard to watch ADB's troubles behind guys over strong guys thrown into the ground like. I just I bet that to me is not my cup a Tia most entertaining when he was out in the open no doubt like he ran fast and any quarterback in the history of the league but. Give me somebody that can do. Still think for mere announce rating. Just watching his mask around Brady doesn't do it quite like Ron Rogers goes on the run Brady gets I understand and I think that's why it's even more room amazing for Brady. And I still don't know going back. And as much and trust me it wasn't like I was rooting for him but what Joseph Montana did with those 49ers teams when seemingly and they were down and out incredibly in the fourth quarter. Mean he'd ruined I don't know how many more Super Bowl champs the cowboys can I had but my goodness there would there was an artistry and a brilliance to what he did. Lleyton games that. That I still don't know if if I would say Rogers has over him. Well and in many nobly you know here's here's the things amazingly a watch NASCAR for the racing we watched for the Iraq same with the NFL. I'm might be true. I disagree with you on that one idea we your NASCAR point is played. If it's your quarterback do you not wanting to watch him potentially lose you the ball game you wanna see wins. And in those situations of game winners prep Farsi or winning for you or he's going to break your heart. Where is you don't quite get that with Aaron Rodgers in which if you put them if you really like a lie detector test on. In their prime. Which one does packer fan want easy Easter Favre or Rodgers. I don't know high you don't learn Roger I'm going Aaron Rodgers I don't know high you know I did the Brett Favre stuff I'll watch second place so many games in so many times it was amazing and other times you count his last play of Dorsey threw an interception. Cohen Aaron Rodgers. You asked him. And I was having those teams are much better same number of super ball lands to exactly bulls got one yeah. And they both went to to right he when he lost once in the Broncos he beat the patriots as our writers Los super balls and much damage when you lose. Or maybe blossom NFC title game you right heating easily been one. And he's only been one and they beat Pittsburgh beat history they lost to Seattle the NFC title they lost last in the NFC title yeah is gone lulls but. I think he's only been on the lawn and a wealth. Still I watch him play he is a guy he's and he's one of those guys he's like must watch TV pay Stephen Strasburg a 175 million dollars. The hell are you doing next on the fans. Mike Parker or join us and twelve minutes the voice of Morgan State for our beavers roundtable. It is thoughts on Gerry Anderson just bouncing from town. And then and get to this topic CBS sports are an article yesterday. Interesting thought. And I can already tiller B Vince probably gonna go with it. Is it time for his state to just go all in and they were under the triple option and come back to the old days let's let's be different. Let's stick out let's run the triple option. So we'll talk about that also maybe hear from some of the coaches on the coach's call they were a couple of more asked about Jerry Anderson being like Coke how winning him his good friend of Gary Anderson. So we hear from them as well the tick off our two putts. Very weird thing going on with the Washington Nationals they've played a pivotal game four today got postponed from last night with weather. In moved to today at 1 o'clock is when it starts. And Stephen Strasburg. Was not gonna pitch Dusty Baker came in at a press conference and announced that Strasburg was too sick and he wasn't gonna give it ago. And there is slick around like let 'cause they saw Strasburg out there playing catch he was at Wrigley Field playing catch walking around. And it really is confused. And they came out today and announced that Strasburg. Will pitch and never mind I don't know he's gonna pitches or so I think this leads a lot of people not only in Washington a baseball fan in general of Stephen Strasburg who's had a very interesting career. What the hell are they doing in Washington. Ed doesn't make any sense to me and I I think you look eat you look both ways with this you look at the nationals and that the way they've handled him his entire career and I I these I still go back to them shutting him down and not allowing him to pitch in post season a number years back as one of the biggest mistakes they've ever made. I as an organization one of the biggest mistakes I've ever seen with the young pitcher with a dynamic season he was having. Injuries are gonna happen and just because you had a certain number of innings or pitches. He got a goal and two win in Washington has never been to the NLC yes they continue to lose in the divisional series and one reason is they have this mindset but. You also I think have to look at Stephen Strasburg and say what the hell are you thinking like. My first I guess it was I was all excited for that game to start every league game for pivotal lot of pressure on nationals to avoid elimination the cubs could be going back to the NLCS. I was really psyched to watch that one and as of getting rained out. And as the game got rained out my thought process was this is great it gives them an extra data restaurants Purdue I don't they lost the first game that he started he was dominant seven innings three hits. Struck out ten like he was great in his first started this series. And they gave him an extra days' rest it was a huge benefit for the Washington Nationals and then you Harry's not to start because he's quote not feeling well he's a little under the latter. And and I I'm thinking deceptive. You throw out any respect factor form like this is when the seasons on the line it doesn't matter how you feel it doesn't matter. If if you're confident or not go back to Matt Harvey a couple of years back in the World Series got it's got a lot of flak. What happened he got the ball went in the eighth inning or ninth thank you so I don't care this is my sake it is my season I'd did you lights out I want to go up there in the ninth inning and ended up losing by. That's the kind of guy you want on the mound you don't want to guidance and how if you will in RC is on the line but little under the weather right now look let's see if we can win this one maybe I'll pitch in game. It's a little bit Gary Anderson isn't it. It's a mall in a mall in Ramallah and you know when I'm not going on a regular grade right now and and in. Is to keep it to baseball's losing you know you mentioned Matt Hari what are a massive bomb garter. Who single handedly won your team World Series said yeah I'll do whatever Indymedia and I'll throw fifty innings in the policies in that manner and all of a pitch to my arm falls off the means I need to drink eight Budweiser the end of the default I blow my -- we never went again and as a matter because you won one this year in the nationals 1111 and if you don't think that they're responding to this this morning all the criticism by starting him I think your absolutely insane for sure was it everybody's waiting had a Rourke is still gonna start with your season on the line are you kidding me no it's the guy that's making a 175. Million dollars it's he's throwing hail as and and Mark Teixeira. He was talking about resisting he made a great point he's like dude. I don't care what she got. You have to be on the mound. You know I I look at the dusty Baker's thing in some media giant fan here I Dusty Baker never fails to make wrong decisions I don't think this is that this was a dusty decision. I think his organization. Has coddled in baby this dude since he came to the bigs the allow him to dictate win in and and when he wants to pay it should know how long he wants to be out and look I kind of don't blame he's a franchise arm. But at some point you have to look at an individual and say we pay you pay a lot of money. Our franchise relies on you to pitch in these situations this is why you get paid this money yes you have to go show up and suddenly this is Dusty Baker move while he had bake baker does have a long history and not making the best decision possible life that he made bags is in the last April we scherzer is that a couple of those throughout history about I'm with ya. What is an and it's too far because again Washington has treated him with kid gloves entire career but. I that you just speak you would want to see the competitor come out a guy. I mean he just like if you're nationals fan and you like. Feel great analyst art tonight are you kidding me you're always you're never happy with wrote you all year you could you could do this for any team and I think it just. It sucks because I think it's kind of a peek into the window of his competitive spirit. That you you should be at this time a year especially down to a woman series on line. You should make them drag you off the mound a say you know what did your your coffin your vomiting he can't breathe like no we can't throw you out there to pitch and make sure that they. Tell you adamantly you're not gonna be allowed to go out there it's never a thing of I'm not feeling great I don't wanna. As somebody saying that. It's the mold because Chicago has mold going on there apparently a couple of guys on the team are sick that's what Dusty Baker sandy seeing a number guys on the club or sick right now he's got a real opportunity I think to turn it around a little bit the perception of him as a big one from today because we don't know the degree of being sick was when mr. points a Michael Jordan running up and on the court with the flu like. People always point athletes that go through the pain. And still put up performances right but if he goes out their dirt. Any throws like seven scoreless innings zero yet turns around for easing airline we don't forgive people for not playing through things in the post season. LaDainian Tomlinson never recovered from it. He drank for gang if you don't play in those kind of situations because your little banged up whether it's a dollar or not. Orbital we will look at that in a similar Jay Cutler. Imagine the response in the reaction. He's is a laughing stock and it would take him along time did to turn that narrative around no doubt hey we got a loaded second now we're gonna kick it out with a Mike Parker from our beavers roundtable we'll get into the organ state triple option ideas are up by one sports writer. Well it as a pac twelve football USC Utah played pretty pivotal matchup in the south also strange story going on with the trojans Arizona Colorado kind of we're not Arizona Colorado Arizona UCLA this week got a sneaky good match up. And then we maybe we talked about how he NFL's handling this anthem. Mess this whole ordeal because this is getting in point so we'll do that Mike Parker starts off our our two thirds right back with more important sports leader 1080 the fan.