Dirt & Sprague Wednesday May 23rd, 2018 Hour 2 (partial)

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, May 23rd
Due to a technical gliche we pick it up in the middle of our interview with Barton Simmons discuss the rash of 5 star QB prospects transferring in and out of Power 5 college football teams, plus the NFL adopts a formal policy regarding the national anthem. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right things since 19520. They go to compete they can't win that job they're going somewhere else because they feel like they should be playing. Incentive to sell on image when an article. How can you sell to win and most out yet centers on the bench for three years verses going to try to place somewhere when heating and air to start. I don't know when it began it and it certainly know who are there it's. It's a little bit on a technicality. It like I I think curricula are there ought code packed well look I think Mack brown and fascinating couple making. Pete trooper on godly yardage until now Mueller that he'd been high school. TCU. Had fourteen don't put back and let. Alone like all the all the boxes there the more that he could see it at understandably. There are. A couple of Casper for three years and or you're gonna get stretchers and Eric Bruntlett plays. Into not a lot of good game and in. This door and takes it sister better be transferred to pit. Won't eat you know six games and get injured that's a career and and may peace export position it well past maybe we all got. He went scooter thought it would have been back could very will be fixed. But there's also the fact that it may well. Petty got on the field. But his redshirt freshman year and actually have a chance to to get comfortable in the role starting quarterback keeps you up bullets and developed. There's a utility accounts and other example like a critical quarterback. It got hitting a mark. Who played Florida. Orders. Were recruited Steve Spurrier quit the broker your arms look children closely with the recruited others. LeBron got shot they put leaking and it got transferred and are not quite an up yet that's what it should be drafted adequate Cutler or I'll. I'll talk about 200. And you put that on record goes or you could play good that's. We're good to be able. You know we want or if there's no honor to sort of go out that they would support this because you're in front though I would like what is the that you vote the way and they're not the Arctic grip quarterback did not seek a little bit. And edit your gonna let. You're gonna be the starting because of our school but if you aren't happy with with the institutional roller Brooke picked. Yeah I think that the arc like yet that you're gonna competition and I don't want to compete don't appear quarterback in the outfield. Don't worry you don't feel particularly if you feel like you're gonna tell ability. Those sort out range. Hypothetical Soria because it's and it's long been talked about and I think should be enacted is getting rid of the eve sit out for a year if you transfer rule on that you grads answers Miller or they want but. Lot of guys now the eagle earlier that he got a south freer if several as ever taken away and guys are able to transfer freely how much how much is how it affects them like this. If you could occur quicker recorded their position in the militant and a secret that is the position we're in a sort of at the polls that. And so to show and a little bit you have. College. Typically affiliate of what sort of players' rights on affluent than the Korean those alcohol but it doesn't create could just put restrictions already gonna turn their. So. You know I think that there are. Yeah like it's a little sparks you don't you want but it was there that I don't restrictions are still sort of the know how good strong and that. For the most part. With a pound the table I only got to make it the most one opportunity quite helpful all. How I'll mall or you definitely don't could do now you know that the market there's nobody can you do it why can't market players. You can't really no one's got a bill. Yeah like I let that happen. Maybe it is. We call it what you know will look at that aren't well. You know no doubt you know I wanted to ask you this forward ego the names that you put down on this article let's include honor Johnson. I'd take a piece and I don't believe complaint this year because transfer. But Tyler Murray shape Paterson Blake Barnett. Which one of those and you could take EC and you could take under Johnson which one do you think it's ultimately get in that have been the biggest impact the new school. Well that's a great question it's tough question because I think you know I think articulate pretty good back up palmary. But it caliber muse is Scott still not sold but he's sort of a he applauded the pinnacle. Austin you're content. A bitch and also believe that we bring you a lot of people are Michigan. I. You know what. He's I don't think I don't that this vote next year that it's so it's deceptive. Or the yeah. Of particular packet loss well I think they're built for oil and revealed that. All spin the other seemed to be really positive outcome and out of that program right now so. All the let's it's you look at and handled this. All important excited future Paris you can do you got on the outside. But I just you know you know. I got a hold that this is going to be delight in these. Hey look what part of country UN. All. These in Nashville. Yeah okay great are you an SEC on. Her. We look at now look at your. Battle with. Stops in a potent. A home there are so. A political all of the you know about you know in a little bit. The popular. Vote out there and. Arlen every LS super Smart SEC on you don't get those at the time. Lackey gets you want to get you one when college football season comes comes back around we appreciate the time Martin thanks so much. There is no doubt that at all. There ego gets up Barton seven CBS sports he is a national college football writer and I covered lucrative for 24/7 season national scouting director. Interest seeing it is interesting meeting and people we're taxing in like the opposite thing of what he was saying during that interview. These kids are too scared these wanna Bailey can and welcome competition. I don't understand that line of thinking. It doesn't it make sense that if a kid says oh I'm going to school in the doesn't win now. The Smart thing would be to go some or you do play vs being on the bench isn't being on the field also. Competing. Yeah. Yeah shape and an eight against other teams did an old one position look if you're up five star linebacker. You're gonna play. And let you track a motivation and yeah let's say you're a middle linebacker. But they've got to you know a senior two time all American there before you can go to an outside linebacker may be your neighbor a backer of the 33 down guy and when Aaron and eventually. But only one quarterback really plays at a time its sense that a unique position. Bit you know unless you have Spurrier who's gonna do some weird and alternate quarterbacks on every player's series. Yeah I. You wanna play the only way you can make K as a quarterback and you know all quarterbacks for the most part feel like they want a shot to play professional somewhere and you'll have to get on the field and play. Well will talk does little more when that next with news. Make him an oven ten minutes yes. It is back. Kneeling in the National Football League. Backed favorite top ad revenues jobs and waiting and waiting it's like Chris now feels good to talk about it again as net I got a notification on my. I cannot way as to hear myself because the snow. And we don't talk about that coming up in that ten minutes also another football topic topic we sought to get to if you're nick foals. Would you rather be the starter in Cleveland of the back up in Philly is is the easiest question answer. I agree. Easiest. It's that the final hour also status story. But we just I got done talking about the epidemic if you will of five star quarterbacks transferring from one program. To another it's happening all over college football Barton Simmons joined us of that CBS and 24/7. And it highlights other guys that have done at the latest was hunter Johnson is a Clemson kid. Highly touted quarterback five stark Anke and but he is going to transfer because Clemson. Has Kelly Brian back for one more year and Kelly Bryant might even lose the job to incoming freshman Trevor Lawrence. Who is reportedly a stud dominated the spring game and so this guys like Adam third on the depth chart a guy younger and me is probably jumped ahead of me. He killed at the spring game and I should go look some girls to play Washington is seen as. We Jake a piece and he came from Georgia Tyler Murray from an end Oklahoma City Paterson. From all mr. Michigan Blake warrants transfer all over the place now at this point sell. It's gonna Oliver college football and I think broad agreement most listeners a base of Texas then. Have been an agreement of that they competing narrative is just laughable like these guys. For the most part they go to a school where they realize it's going to be a really tough competition if you're going to Clemson or Georgia or they realize that though I do think they realize that they like it if you're going to a place like that you're not just gonna be handed job you're gonna have to beat out some really highly touted kids for that gig. They compete they realize they only have four years of eligibility and most of them. Don't wanna waste two or three years of eligibility waiting to be the starting quarterback therefore they go compete for a starting job adding other. School does this narrative and of competing just cracks me that's why won't be shocked that it Jalen Hertz is I think jailed her still thinks he has a shot to beat out to adjusted because did you see his spring game performance and I didn't but I did and it was. Awful really. Awful at it basic it's a same tag no validity to attack the Elbe. Ted Leo Russian steel if if he can't be too out though I'm not gonna be stunned at all fall ball he's transferring he's got or changing positions. Sexuality at best course Mac might not be a worsening. It's this is I guess my my question to the people that believe the logic is that they don't wanna compete. Because we even heard this from one of our coworkers Marcus who is he just finished playing football organ state he is may be 23 or 24 years it'll. She said that I don't compete in these guys don't wanna compete but like how is riding pine. Burris is warning to go somewhere where you play yeah. How is staying somewhere competing. If your frustrated because it teammates leaving and I can understand. You turn your back on your teammates kind of thing mark is Cigna are Andy I would ask him because he's friends and what are they did markets think Marion not wanna compete now he made a Smart decision because you turn out to be the starting quarterback at Fresno state and I believe he actually at a DC your last really good season for them what about another or is an example of Richard Bellini. He not wanna compete anymore. Righty was Alabama won national championship. That's don't get it is acidic but coaches because Saban did visibly part of the Barnett transferred. Is that he's turned his back on the guys who is a wanna be competitor we just wanted to stick around and fight right but when lol ladies says hey I'm a pretty good wide receiver can I come to your program is no problem accepting him with open arm anybody else in their field. If you think you have the ability. To be in a higher position you're doing what it takes rest some people are willing to move yes. Some people will go to a different company close to home. Doesn't matter you're gonna do what it takes to put yourself in the best position. I think like by definition that is competing. You're competing to find a place where you'll play now and then you're gonna go to that placing compete and win the starting quarter jobs that you can compete on Saturday. To compete being that a top pick in the draft a bit there's some of the things I mean I'm wondering and it never gets the point. Recruits understanding this and may be spreading all the towel a little bit more. Because they're smaller programs that can benefit from this. You know you your middle of the road 75 kind of programs say hundreds through what I hear is saying hey either via transfer to our school or hate. Why would you wanna go sit behind 25 circuits in Georgia or Alabama when you can comment bibles handed the reins from day one. This is your program for four years can be the guy here. Break all sorts of conference records and and go to the next level we seem quarterbacks have success at the next level. No matter where they play college so it's not like you have to go to Alabama going to be good NFL quarterback so I'm wondering if recruits ever and that let that sink in their mind of maybe I do just wanna go be that guy right away somewhere and winning NASA series it is fine. And AJ McCarron is now gonna get a starting gig in the NFL. I don't know how some of these high school kids don't look at Alabama and go yeah I don't need to go there to Vienna quarterback clearly right. I I actually kind of look at the situation in Seattle when I find out one if I must keep and you're wondering. Who's gonna lose out because you're not keeping all those quarterbacks. Give Jake frowning this year Jerry's guide is your one more year he is right there are rave reviews about Eason being in that facility sounds like he's going to be the guy is he you know shows up and lives of billing next year. Ending a big game recruited to force our kids are 15 and 14 star kid but they've got two other court wrecks behind him. In fact keep an although no dead after two years three of those guys will be gone I think by next year's wine is going to be gone or maybe both are gone they're well leeson's going to be starting Ottawa Alina the year on gone. I'm so huge you just you have situations clintons in Washington. These places where kids both you know multiple kids commit they go in maybe they they think comedy compete number to win. Or maybe it's like somebody point on the tech side. Everybody tells these kids how amazing and great they are you go get the job they may ease my job is there is especially with. We don't those conversations Michael with their coach so I could tell the meant to -- I don't I don't blame any of these kids for wanting to trans re never have lifted a player and gone. When it quit on your no arms and stick it now it's app you could have a peek at the same from Lorena next here it is well and Burmeister could be an easy candidate to transfer because of her liberty especially perverts sticks around for two more years most likely won't happen he would but shocked is the highly dedicated his game and what have shut beats up Burmeister next -- to be to start you just signed the milling kids from up in the Seattle area. If you could be the third string guy ID is not if shot wasn't ahead of Burmeister at some point as some say it's an IE energy girding I don't know that answer I don't know that yet but you see the writing on on UN a summer house up. Ed is it covers as they see it happen a lot and it's affecting pac twelve up programs I wish I do wish. And this is like an original thought everybody's kind of throw on this I do wish they'd eliminate. The sitting out rule vision now do you wanna limit it I'm all for that you shouldn't be allowed to go somewhere else every other every year. But I wish you'd at least may be the one. Where you say. All right you can play right away you're allowed one freebie. Once premium to get a second time may be your. You're limited even give tears eligibility. You'll only get one or whatever it see how much John Allen paid the nailing issue is back in National Football League. Indiana fill handle it the right way in and that next on the fan. Pressure is on us. What's the difference in the past there's just executing crunch time it's prelim heat win this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest thing. While it's clinched. I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Big crunch time rented by crunch fitness always not 95 a month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership I was at the glorious sounds gains this morning. See you there you lazy bum. I was Sarah looked right next he you are big airlines mere guided day you Amir guy and just try back today and hats and we did like this he got. One of these now. Boards that you played booties on in you'd think use simulate ice skating cannot thank the guys slide border or something and I'll liken heavyweights. So I let. Hi Michael yes sports bag down made about sports yes not at all it was really aren't my far right and find new Prius like I have an appreciation for boxers. No appreciation for hockey players he's not easy. I always appreciated him all sorts of muscles in your legs like that's an actual muscle there's there's some the Mariners a muscle behind your knee you're supposed to use that everyone's want. Obligated to trolls final hour of the shows had a story as well he's got a blister Texan that segment. You guys don't wanna talk about it we don't want to hear about it let's all agree nobody bringing up the line. He is then send they actually you know I've changed radio signal he takes that in order to eighteen the idea to sell if you don't are tired about and your thoughts are always welcome on this topic 55305. Member. We love you we love everyone let's keep this civil let's keep this above board please. The nearly issue was back in the National Football League. Just when you thought we were out. Oldest pac ten. So they all the motors are out all the owners unanimously. Approved a new National Anthem policy today. That requires players to stand if they are on the field. Gearing the performance. But it gives them the option. Through remain in the locker room. If they prefer. Roger guy this is say we want people to be respectful of the National Anthem we want people to stand Nassau person that's all personnel. And make sure they treat this moment in a respectful fashion that's something we think we all but were also very sensitive to give players choices. So you can either stand or you can keep grass in locker room don't come out please what do we make of this decision I love. The somebody pointed out I guess last year he was asked and he basically said damn kneeling is intact does its inquest in their patriotism. And then they came out this year instead if you if you don't standard trouble. Are -- anybody we are Rooney the second in the second if he he said if you stand and hold up your fist disrespectful. Act if you stand in link arms right none Annan and that is disrespectful if I'm not mistaken writing some teams to. To make this fair I think some teams are actually the closing. I saw it and Mac it's on Twitter some may not teachers soak up today's degree assault sounds trip some teams might be closing their concessions steering the National Anthem so fans can't be moving in. Quote unquote disrespecting the flag themselves. Well that's always the easy were torched for this as the players have to stand and how many fans go get Beers are taken out. Crap are locked in and get out the Roman. The going out of the core Orson talking on their cell phone Dan Wetzel said it really well today. That this whole thing is just been so weird very weird it's sodium weird to me dating back to when it happened to the reaction. To the respondents. Two and it just every little part of this the president I mean it's just all of it. Has been really stink in weird to me. Well and they still don't have uniformity amongst the owner ranks judge York abstain from install them and then the idea stain now. Isn't it wonderful theater and I don't know what he didn't want that backlash from his fan that's exactly what it was it was then you're. Yeah you acting CEO this is him like are you vote against the acting CEO. Of the jets is woody Johnson's brother yes Woody Johnson cannot manage the team because he was selected by about president trump tonight ambassador to somewhere right. And so Christopher Johnson has come out and said. He will not enforce the rule amongst his own team if there are any fines or disciplined it's ultimately a good team will pay them not the individual player. So beyond the editing too honest I was working with trump and he's based I don't know this it did the owner is an ambassador ambassador to his brother isn't running he's still give being. Incited to how to run it no he just he owns it he has no basically set I don't care yeah like the president I don't matter to make up into what I wanna buy you a member algebra the fiber that's the other thing so they have this big unanimous vote say we're gonna find yeah. How much. How often I think you're gonna find you find the player do you find it seems a progressive adds I had. You know if you Wear a helmet to helmet hits vs Europe first time offender your fourth time dealer that's going to be a 50000 dollar fine. Well this is a PR battle I don't think the owners can ultimately win. And I don't know why they felt the need to actually put a policy in writing well you know it does more harm than good how much they're gonna eat fine I think they're gonna find them a decent amount to not have this happen. What I wonder is do they take this now to apparel on the field. You see players Wear cleats and get fine form do they put messages on stuff now. Eight. And I think there are other ways some players may take data may be they don't maybe they just react to the site. My response the ownership group the NFL will that you're not allowed to do you get a fine you remember Digisette biggest find for cleats I guess is how are they don't care and they say all right the take it and my tenure playing. Alt all where some of my cleats. Here's the simple response you don't want players Neil okay it teach your business it's our marte had a run it you do you do. Just don't have them out there it's really not hard if you're not gonna talk to the NFL PA which they did and by the way they did and you hate to kneeling. To all it's how the players out there don't make this a not an option. Don't divide locker rooms just say keep your ass in the locker room Mikey did pre 2009. Will do the hand dumb then we'll do you starting lineups and announce she coming out on the field it really is that simple to where you could appease both sides. Now you'll get the extreme snowflakes that think he's a protest any and everywhere no matter what and you get the other side dad. You know has their opinions on things. Simple fix for everybody kinda in the middle or just barely differing which is where we Mostar. Don't have them out if you didn't before 2009 to people remember that Null. They remember that before 2009 NFL teams are not on the sidelines for the nationally and do people know that Haiti is so much respect that the NFL Haiti's. Arnaud the F a charges military to do the anthem yes. They love the anthem so much that they tell them they have to get paid to do it eight Doby got past. That's around new new updates radio in India gate I don't think we went crazy there I thought we kept a pretty sane was pretty sound I think. The fatigue factor is is serious on this and I totally understand from I think were all there are way and that's right just don't I get is so I said the term PR bat which is what this is a PR move. At this point having the topic kind of died down. Yeah it's a season's start season start sure that has brought back up again doing headwind down last year quite dead by the end the I don't ever remember them showing are talking about guys kneeling before the national lanigan one guy every 5 teams that Neil am. All of its tried to blame it on other seasons. No they say we were to do an idea we couldn't come to gather that's why stuff or you had Jay Cutler he Saxton of its yet president Reggie by grinch and as always not any final months so why would you repeat more free gym membership and find out more bombers spring summer caddick French dot com. Let's will read a couple thoughts on the and a silent on spend much more time on as I promise. I do we do have the poll question today because of the news alert yesterday. Nick falls if you're Nichols would you rather to start for the browns to back up for the Eagles because apparently that was an option for him. We got it sadder story there is a game seven in the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight and I am jacked on Mountain View for that bad boy. We got a pivotal game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals back in Boston or the NBA playoffs all of a sudden exciting where this comes from Florida tropical hour. Don't go anywhere dirt is Craig on ten made of him.