Dirt & Sprague Wednesday June 13th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 13th
The guys lament more national articles being published about the demise of Pac-12 football, plus Swag plays stat or story, and the guys make their US Open predictions.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Third he went full Happy Gilmore he request the big checks spray they were having such a good deal on golf cleats and cavity hasty and make fun of. Condo sans US open which edition of dirt and spray. Drop Ciba area heating cooling don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to area here in dotcom today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train Durbin spray and gone 1080 program. It's done this final hour durden spray unable Wednesday under Wednesdays are going well actually it was here a pro sports entertaining the fan. I'm Mara fans are frustrated they got an and one of those FaceBook watch games going hundreds hate. Why is mainly baseball thing this is a good idea ID watch it. You just watch it on FaceBook that said it's like where I go on face so I think believe if you go to these Seattle Mariners FaceBook page or probably the Major League Baseball FaceBook page there will be a live button that you can click on. And that's the only way you can watch the game. Yeah it is meant that. About all of what about all the old folks who don't have FaceBook counts I actually -- article on this about a month and a half ago. This is going poorly she. Like I lot of baseball fans are really pissed that they negotiated made his deal because their viewership numbers are terrible. Guys you did like one a year per team that's it. Okay fine. But this does the does merit is not animals with are valley giants about a multiple times a year spreading to surrounding eagle twice a month three of FaceBook only game. Come on and they paid thirty million to 35 million dollars to Jesus is that FaceBook did it. I I I you know I know we have a FaceBook page I haven't my personal one has been active since I think two when he fifteen or sixteen I can't stances but getting yeah I'm not unless I have for work especially those that how many of those as we see here in the NBA finals I was gonna say yeah trust us now. Now that may mean now I hate it more I'm not get a trustee now FaceBook now buying it you know a week into the NBA final commercials they had another data breach. The middle of that advertising and data breach happened again it's artery. Sorry that was then and now Wells Fargo they were on the redemption to order in the NBA finals and I know it was a movie but how many people watched the beginning of those commercials were like first reader for the friends and I thought. Now Zuckerberg was out for revenge against a girl now he Warren and all your rating hot chicks are about the start of it couldn't I don't face that began. Isn't that why don't we go laws to ensued juror asked I and it mark and knob behind it as so sorry Amanda fans out there that's the only place you watch the game nick I think 30000 people watching this yet that's usually about what the average is they are waiting on believes it's still too not to and I think they're on pace it's too wanted to do one now look at yeah you know America. So that's gone on and and it's frustrating freeware flip it around trying to find an on TV it was can't think admin and I thought the game started at 1 o'clock. And it's on FaceBook. Able it is that a story here in a couple of minutes did you guys know. Is breaking news. By the way some reason they heard the baseball audio today it can be dumb I'd done and so he's phones like a bomb is it already in the us system. Terry Collins audio I don't know I didn't hear the morning show I didn't hear this morning either not a time for them did you guys know breaking news and in non college sports. The tax all Sox. Get sucks yeah him. We haven't we have an article on USA today there are two. Conversations with the pac twelve and I wanna. Stand right now at 20 wait on June 13 and differentiate. The first is I love the conversation that we can have about teams being good who makes the playoffs if this conference is deep. Etc. The other conversation. And I know it's important I do not want to diminish the impact this has in the future. Do people care like are you emotionally invested. Talking about the financial details of the conference don't figs now. I'm an organ Safin nobody knows how valuable that extra thirty to 42 whatever million a year is. More than Meehan and the fan base. I just don't tend to care. I love pactel football I just wanna watch the football games. Into the football Chris Peterson's a great coach she's not going anywhere David Shaw's not going anywhere. USC will get anybody they want even if they're twenty million below the ACC team pass out. Those are your three big wars is a warden come back their ego well. I'd just how many times I need to talk about this topic this article has been written. Six bribes in the same article has been selling more cluttered over and over what I would like somebody to do. Is to show be able to show cancer bully. How the relationship the difference the gap between the pac twelve and the SEC. And the Big Ten. Directly relates to production. On the feel on the field or on the courts. Well you've been a more playoff games in the Big Ten in the that's anecdotal I need I need somebody to show me because I don't by the Big Ten because universities he yeah yeah. So landing on extra issues they 101000012. Million a year that the SEC gets pursues the pac twelve drives right went to rack they were able to do this with. Either more student athletes or. You know help train them better or whatever the case may be. And maybe that study what to help the pac twelve then do whatever they need to do to make up the gap. But I think it the point behind all of this too is nothing is going to change in the next by the money to do. Not literally now the deer TV contracts are locked in gap now next go around sure maybe one apparent pactel never with a TV partner may be when he needed to deal. Well you better get landscape targeted change in five the guiding the deals Evans when he 23 am noticing tweets aren't that range. And and we have a nose at them that delay as it's gonna look Baghdad because you decide to big AT&T merger to enter yesterday. Which was approved so I we could be looking at a completely different landscape in fighters. Fall behind them play a five years were you can't compete aegis aegis wall like. The reality of of all this is and I continue to bring it up. It all these conferences it's not likes every teams are competing for playoff spots it's too. Or three depending teleconference are looking at the pats well this is same as every other conference it's going to be Washington. It's going to beat USC if Stanford can never find a quarterback they'll be there and you know maybe Oregon gets back to that point to crystal ball. It's not like it's top to bottom in the SEC how many teams are competing for the playoff. What is at Alabama Auburn right. Now you know so what set extra right now let's section fifty million dollars a year doing for Arkansas it's helping their facilities is surely noticed little bit of the grand scheme of things nothing to big tent disabling its Michigan Ohio State Penn State. Michigan State at three or four teams in every conference in the pac told the same the funny part about that article is. Cameron is an anonymous person or somebody else but somebody had referenced coaching. Coaches will now look at the pac twelve as the last then the other four conferences because they make class and they'll think twice about going there. I scoff and laugh at that notion. You can still go get up and coming coaches. And be this school that goes out in progressively higher as the next big mine Chip Kelly stripper or you can be USC. The ACC can have a 25 million dollar difference preschool. USC will still get the hottest coaching commodity out there it will not matter. It's all USC football this constant ignoring the fact that organ is paying Jim Leavitt one point seven million dollars to be defense coordinator in Washington Spain their DC's are railing also a number of militants are got two million dollars and code defense coordinators. A dead end and the coaching point that you bring up BE mentions look at all these great coaches and leaving other conferences as by the way this is an article in the USA today by gentleman by the name of Brent. Should rotten bower. I think he copied pasted what else we Dennis Dodd and only got one piece together he said look kick Kwanzaa Maarten he left Tallahassee for a bigger contract to Missouri know he went to coach Michael Porter junior Luka Ileana when he played out. Now what about Willie Taggart. Who left for his dream job that he would have left fourth wasn't open he only had two point nine million guarantee it and award him led less humid floors they were his contract is thirty million over six years that's the only reason he left the navigating to them being his dream job or his hometown or where he's always wanted to work. He got more money you don't like Willie Taggart would do you think he's gone if that job doesn't open. I don't either now I know we call on the snake any left turn here that dudes that's a decision that's a decision all of us would have made just like the way he went about it by using a plane and recruiting kids an error that part of it was shady in the media stuff that was weird. All of us would make that same decision to go back to our hometown and work in our dream job. How many in the ACC your title contenders. Clemson Florida State. Are we ready before stayed in there with Willie now. I am I did look at the last Kimberly years or maybe an MA in a movie for but at least in the last five years OK in the SEC we named those ones the Big Ten you can Ohio State. EF four Michigan State that really there anymore in my agency's not damaged and has won a Big Ten titles so you can save you four but in the big tall he got lawn summed up by anybody else until I see it in Texas has to earn that respect again so he's he's been close Oklahoma stays in close them at playoff I did that there's conferences is really good. Teams but as we talked about Phil Steele to cyclical. College football and always has been except for the Alabama nick Stephens of the world the Urban Meyers of the world. It is cyclical can be right back at Washington makes the playoffs. There you go you're right back in the thick of it is a conference quote unquote contending. I get the money matters to smaller schools Washington State has a lot of concern which is ready releases information Chara organ state. They've been Smart with their money that's why Washington State's releasing 'cause they're pissed they spent so much think an iridium more than they have. But in the grand scheme. If it work itself out and a handful of years and your top school as long as they have the coaches they have or you change coaches at a place like USC. You're gonna be right in this conversation. Yes so another national article comes out from the USA today this time saying the factual sox' ten to panic you're falling behind and now our show's message continues to be. We're not that that. It's not that that folks. If it's the US open coming up bottom of the hour visit tees off tomorrow and I am jacked on Mountain Dew for that badly but. It's your favorite segments favorite segments that are story next on him. And number. Yeah it's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. News ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story residents to help. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible he didn't. And now this news never story. It's always Durbin spray it on 1080. That's right folks that are story it's not as it is every Wednesday slyly after June 15 US open the stock some golf bottom of the hour shall leak tiger pulled off. Second major of the calendar year teeing off tomorrow morning to check back hills but what are we got him. Jason swagger your first numbers 45. Michael Jordan. Is six. The total number of goals scored bile Leo Messi. During all competitions for his self Boerse alone club during the recently completed season late. What's first and Leo I think it's a line. Because by Leo because I'd leave no death isn't it Lionel Messi aggressively NL message they should don't basic on the lion. This isn't real you are you've met messing with me I am not messy and it's not Lionel Messi honestly Lionel Messi and he goes by Leo yeah. So is that the number she scored this year a Paris Club in all the competition so including the UEFA cup and all that plus league player in the league. Our. Is that the age in years of a New Jersey school district superintendent. Who was recently arrested for repeatedly deprecating next to the high school track. At another district after his morning workouts yes they caught him this is a story after his money so he didn't do it on purpose you know are now Ollie did an umpire he is a precious little purpose proved it took a lot of pride in deprecating the purpose pitch count story Isley you've read his stories I'll trust you on this story. That are you kidding me Leo at forty odd goals is it kidding me it was a dollar and then. Ronaldo. Are confident and manage the story do I love the size 42. Wow NN's. I do is kind of a five upside down and away Thomas. Ram. We did this tram do we need is charged with public defecation lewdness and littering. Bob appeared before a municipal court judge last Tuesday morning. Authorities had surveillance video caught him in the act and the teachers at the Scoble. Where I want to see who wins leaving steaming piles there on a regular basis what he could miss utter wreck in Tibet yeah apparently this happened over a period of time what's his beef. He didn't really have an explanation for the judge when he was right. He British royals weirdos that likes doing so he's the superintendent his school district is panel worth school district 45 miles away he's currently on May believe. From his job that pays him a hundred police. How. We're throw away and hide in a zero dollar job not funny anymore it was funny at first now knowing you're gonna lose that Monty and you're gonna get higher again after this side he's on paid leave. I had a it's announcements these illegal dumping. I I've come close I came close on the golf course this past week and having to pull something like this nobody asked to hear. Three just far away from civilization. Italy got a no ulterior options and it it crosses your mind of M it is this gonna happen to me here it's happening right this there's a lot of trees there. On the courses. House is on the allowance on our files that's pretty girls are visibility there are restaurants there. I know around the course I don't. Got a golf cart can make it sometimes it's to go out is to get that shot it's like now. This can be you would have been on the bend bulletin that and Johnson local radio host Chris don't golf course after deprecating upholds and looking like a dog in the trees as you do to finish by the way they had that errors tauzin in the cards. I mean you know we could remain at work them this might get a they classy and after dies prayer day gas or deny him. All right your next number is a 112112. Is the total number of runs scored by the Mariners since Robinson Cano went on the disabled list last. Suspension list during which time Seattle has amassed a 21 and seven record from New York. Is that the weight in pounds of whiskey the Saint Bernard who firefighters and Spring Lake park Minnesota had a rescue off the roof of this house. Every busted through the screen of an upstairs bedroom window it's kind of a big gas died. Coming up statue bombs that let's seat to anyone in San and it's 48 games retired honored Honeybee. I could have blown people they keep when it's close you want reruns you know 4332. And dogs every day that seems like a story on going staff. I don't know why am I going with you again in August that. Guess a 112 runs they've averaged like three point nine runs. During this stretch of 21 and seven played no make that they're and you didn't score that much. Qaeda did the math and is heading came to conclusion man on now ethnic. Niger. Now this is from WC CEO news. But no whiskey the Saint Bernard. It was a 180 pound 180 pounds and so. I've always wanted to Saint Bernard. Dog's owner was sell off. Going through some training for the national guards are left with his mom. And she heard some ruckus up on in the upstairs. And next thing she knows the dogs out on the roof. And what she's but he gripped down to that edge obviously panicked went down to the edge and she was worried dog was gonna jump in Lee duo Heidi catch a 180 pound dog got a hold of the firefighters move in let it. Let nature figures sales. So they. Yeah they said they had really dealt you know they don't put -- up and tree right there like that but a 180 uptown but they got well the firefighters are on the rue and such a big toe and so they were pushing in from the outside in Poland from the inside he kindly old loves me kind of figured out what with a plan was in. Finally candidate and help them get around by its yeah you won a big dogs like I've I'd say our other big dog like that guards are awesome I don't have a guard like he got Debbie yard again have a big 180 pound Saint Bernard and right. In my brother has a Rottweiler of some kind of everybody it's massive it's probably. Four feet tall and together landing on a simulator something that hey did you did you saw you go wow that of it's the biggest problem I have seen in my life and it probably weighs a 140 pounds. I doubt he lives in the studio apartment your final number is. We'll. It helps to understand how else likes it 400000. Is it the amount in dollars each member of the 25 man roster the Washington Capitals will receive a playoff pool bonus money for winning the Stanley Cup should be a nap or is that the amount in Hal and that a private island off the coast of England has been listed for sale that was once a sport designed to ward off napoleon's. French forces they'll be so cool by Dominick goes story. I'm not. Nationally and inventive way to view and I have. And he beat him and Mary get my conversions easier for all Julio we willow Exxon not image trying compute that it sounds. Why go on but I don't sound I want those down on this one. This is the story. You'll be surprised and out of the play apple cup for the Stanley Cup not as much as the other sports they'll only get roughly a 175000. Apiece a lot of guys divvy that up evenly. Bath or winning the Stanley Cup no. 400000. Pounds somewhere around 575000. Dollars that you asked. For stack rock Ford it's off the post of Milford haven in Pembroke your music. Being billed as an amazing opportunity to own a piece of history. It was a chain of sports designed it and Britain and the royal naval dock yard at Pembroke dock against invasion from France and Napoleon the third as not much going on there and if it. So it was once armed with 16182. Handguns. A 115 men could the but there it was built up between 18151853. So yeah you've got a three or sixty degree view. Looks like it's only access a little black guy votes yeah. So without pay and if you wanted to you know won the lottery or you just want to go hole up there are no. Adding a happier right now I'm ready to another island that is cool though it does look cool pretty thick there's like some there's got to be a prisoner dungeon or some chain in there where they always say bottom and they strap them up the chains. Yet the my question is always who has some like this is like how did you build tax. I just wrapping your mind around a figure that out that long ago because it's not there's no like land of puts stuff that's just on our rock they had a hole it from boat we got to go Bible and and you gotta keep stuff on the ball and trying to build stuff on Iraq thinkpad they acted like designing that. Teams like people think the pyramids were built by aliens and look at them it doesn't make any sense giant heads. Yeah and I wouldn't gland and on the beam I've referred to gold ought to know about that Alan Knowles likes this when Iraq top 25 stack rock port. They guide setter story every Wednesday anti fifty million listeners said Elliott is purposely hit your ball on the water block in the water in to your business. According to numb wondering what it feels like to do that in the water. I am now wondering is that is that like announcement and hard pass on that feeling a lot of from a at all the Baylor for events aren't. They US open tees off tomorrow we got 55305. Can tiger finally do it ten years after his last major victory. Talk about the US open next. Would you want to break up the state of war again it's that close at the show. In arguing but man or a impressive man that's the last commercial sponsor. It was asked about that. Is an emphatic. In fanatic like gag emphatic. On May have a right now regularly of famine for baggage dizzy Alicia tires bowl presented by express employment professionals organs all's our football game Saturday June 16 at Hillsborough stadium column number four finals 325 votes and eighty. Column number four U one that's him in for back doors to open at four kick off at six tickets available. At less while bowl. Dot com. Not some are those violating don't went today to give away the rest the week. US open tees off tomorrow I am I am psyched for this man I love watching the US open every year I love seeing the best of the best. Struggle hole and a whole cloud to put together a bug good scorecard. Is that says that the test at the US of them will put you through. And I think you have a great as we look at the leaderboard in terms of how Vegas thinks everybody's gonna finish. And he is look at the names up and down there is it is pretty solid doesn't Johnson's favorite an aide to whine. Justin Rose a McIlroy Justin Thomas had fourteen to one Jason data eighteen to one yeah along with Fowler and speed to get tiger 22 line John Rollins 21. Fills in there at 33 won it it really is it's a great spot right now for the game of golf. And that's all hell for going into majors I do have my specific rooting interest is just that we get a mix of some of these guys atop the leaderboard on Sunday. Yeah I mean I think anytime. You get a group is deep is this field you're just hoping Sunday brings you more intrigued in just two guys. I know the final pairing is always an important question Hoosier who your perfect final pairing. You know what I hope we have three really good final pairings. I hope that the you know the one of the three groups of tees off first we follow them we follow the second group and and you have your actual final pairing. Golf you know golf stewing well tiger back in the picture now it's benefiting no doubt. But I think this is a weakened for them to capitalize if tiger hangs out for the weekend. It's an that's an opportunity another opportunity for them to capitalize on the tiger wave. And to continue to build the brand and name recognition of the other guys. That non die hard golf fan knows and I don't mean that as a slight to any particular golfer. But if you're not golf pro a year or not is in tune with some of the names now. I'm looking forward to this tournament one because the course has looked beautiful on every single time I've seen hit done on ESPN or any other network. It looks like it's in pristine perfect condition some put together a video the eighteenth green items like dropping balls and rolling them just to show you where it's gonna go how much on it god Allah to the pay to play for around on that course as is right now what you clearly think we will issued adds that as an attack kills 130 I guess I don't know ID I had 12513. I'm playing the PGA this exact yet you play in this initiate at the probably 1617. Yeah. Like those condition it be lucky to crack 130 as and it's that tough when you look at right right no doubt so I think the course adding up how aesthetically pleasing that is. You add the deepest field maybe we've ever seen. The two a local prop bets on tiger you have will he score under par in round one so tomorrow afternoon. The yes is plus once wanted to know is minus 158 score what under par in round one Tiger Woods. You can also throw some money on a prop bet this is a fun one you could win right away or lose right away. Will Tiger Woods hit the fairway on his opening tee shot of the tournament yes is out minus 145 no. Is plus 150 I did that was a funny part of by the senate the masters I was there and I saw him tee off on the first hole and you can just feel as buzz of the crowd like yours tiger here we go gas and we were probably 1520 yards down off of the tee box league deceiving glimpse of them and you knew when he was getting hit it. He's opening tee shot of the tournament KJA is supposed to kind of faded around a quarter did not fade went straight ride into the trees and it was and immediately. Who. Then tiger is one of the last groups off which is perfect for TV view or whose plane went got a great group tires Wear with Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson. Signed beyond ripe. Just what the last ones that money on TV. Should be yeah I guess 10:47. AM Pacific is their tee time which is right that's gonna be Yost says it'll either be on fox arrest has want to that's the bad this show I think it will start on FS one at the opening. World Cup game will be on fox at 8 in the morning and then when that's over they'll go to US open coverage I believe on fox is how they're doing it isn't in noon time for these majors are the eleven this year. For this one for the TV. Fox has its so a US GA is their own thing they're not under the PGA stuff so I think they're. Gonna have wall to wall coverage here it'll start let's see 6:30 AM eastern on at best one. And then it'll stay there till 130 and then fox will pick it up from 130 to 430 also write as tiger's teeing off you know beyond they'll be life has got to be nice one cool thing to keep it on a -- before reads we have to make our expert predictions on a schedule as we're going to be so distracted he's got to my kids with DJ and Justin Thomas in anger fourteenth hole our show's gonna start catering is going to be locked in yet not paying attention. Call eight so injure route Johnston. Called beats the chief big beef yeah so great nickname your golf spirit he's got a and I spirit animal. So he's got this deal with a Arby's yeah. They have hooked him up for the US of a legacy Nestle's going to be wearing and it tells back office and so are resistant to mob him when he got a nickname like beef got to take care than they have made him a specially made golf town put on his bag. That is designed after. Beef bacon and cheddar. When you look at the picture it's a huge is it looks like bacon part of its bacon part of its beef and part of its chatter so he has a beef. They did in chatter golf town on his back tomorrow I gotta be honest with you man I love beef it's a great nickname he's kind of fun got to watch. You just kind of maybe contemplate if I mean to have armies for dinner I don't know how long it's going to be an Arby's night guys do that tea out of the curly Fries and their commercials are great I love the being rains we have the meets it's a good good ad campaign Arby's is underrated iWeb we've long debated best fast food Fries and I'll always throw Arby's try to Fries and a Max it's are reason Popeye it's unique I let's get to this though case a tees off tomorrow or Jack Ford's imagine tiger isn't playing in the afternoon the first group office at 3:45 AM Pacific bright and early ladies and -- to -- a wake up that early we got the odds out who are we taken. Who we take it to win the 2018 US a 118 I believe so like pasture and Irish I'm going to talk I don't I don't. I don't know who's going to be TJ the way he's playing right now if he keeps it in the fairway why do we say that because he just won a tournament. Yeah but you are on victory as it is because of his length. His leg that back courses ability to hit fairways plus his wedge game that's that's the most important thing is being able to control. Control the wedges case wags going safe bet Dustin Johnson eight to one he is the favorite to win. I want to guys too and I'm pulled my polling rooting interest is for Rickie Fowler gallery you're sorry get the monkey off his back. Yeah. Is this the major for himself. Ivins seen his name thrown out their lot he is eight. Seem to one odds to I'm gonna go with my guy I wanna goatee gray and help a team great wins and time. We're all proven wrong you'll never win another major how many pick my guy just means I Jason Day Jason dye hate I pretty well two weeks ago almanac tights ice and die on the tail yet DNA he had a practice round unity would tiger use making fun of them for weren't MC hammer pants stuff he saga now and Alvin days and days that 18 went I am going to do it this is probably stupid and what the hell no I desire I'm feeling good about the way he's been playing as of late. He's been close he just hasn't been able to put it completely together I will roll the dice. And take Tiger Woods 22 to one odds thus completing one of the greatest sports comes back comebacks of all time can you imagine how fun next week's show would be. If he wins this US open. And it is I have out of a lot of fun and the reminiscing part of it ESP influence and I think again I know some other outlets have as well of about the 2008 US open the last one that he won over ten years removed from that yeah this remembering him playing on a broken leg going to the playoff Rocco stories like that was. One of the crazier sporting events and all ivory I'll always remember that one so there goes slack jawed Dustin Johnson eight to one sprays going Jason Day eighteen to one and and I'm gonna do it Tiger Woods 22 to one odds they're gonna US open tees up bright and early album talk about a little bit uneasy time on Friday. Heading into the weekend we are psyched for that eight what state would you want to split up if he could because once stayed is trying to break things up. Also. I might have found the worst sports profession currently in America look it's those next on him. Yeah. Are you guys can fund a worst job in sports right now. Many Mets starting pitcher. Blake Griffin's personal trainer at that. He didn't that was going on Blake Griffin and probably punch him in the face act a cat and can put your head next to his genitals I don't follow this or the Mets or any other details are enough like a month cap minimally hitter win games and in the long time amid a good start they got ousted naturally it. They're almost ten games belongs hunkered at this point in his glorious is the Braves fans are sick I got stolen so get this Jake at the grammys started today and I noticed that I got to my fantasy team once again pitched wonderful one run in seven innings great starchy of the ground. I he now has over his last ten starts he has a zero point 87 ERA. The Mets have lost eight of those ten starts yup. And he is now he's he has now become. The first pitcher since 1999. Randy Johnson. To make five straight starts of at least seven innings and two were runs or less for his team to lose all of them if it was any other team other than the Mets I start to feel the sympathy yeah. After not for the Mets up for the man let's go Mets go they can't win they can hand that's brutal right now abacus Izod is in the news today and a cap I am I. California in November. Is gonna have the ability to vote on if they want to split the state in a three. You have this receive C got to get in a signature is obviously to get on the ballot they got out of signatures on this thing to get it officially on the ballot. They would separated into northern California. California. In Southern California northern. Hi Palm Springs right and then that northern California basically beat the big top of the Bay Area up to the organ organ border this can't happen right. Crazy would this be if it did. Like we certainly have to change the map and everything call for these states we've got to have more stars to the flag that's right got to add more for more stars with like if organ could separate where would we separate. How would we split off. We seven please casts a it's ego cascades. Are enough people with extra work trip to be a state now I would I would split it the other way I would say just before Salem we cut off and we get the upper lately our. Okay Siegel and north south split on going north south I think he's Jean. Yet Corvallis zine Springfield Salem. All you guys are southern Oregon if you toss and Albany yup attempt. It's party or bargain and basically when you get past Salem you're in eight different area of life. They're different people. That that a bad thing I'm just saying they're different. There's southern organ. Yet that this this is crazy VI I I am now going to keep a close eye on the November ballot counts it just to see how many people vote for this aboard the splendid job well in the forty kind of give people that say hey you go and some of the sweet Indiana going nor cal I. Northern California right. Is that can become normal though that those are states. I think it would become even more normal than it is the street this strip of beach is as you can't just say these simple on occasion where you on California at that does not sum it up it is too big of the state. Rank fixated on Texas regal worried illegally used in Austin San Antonio Dallas raid on I also don't I have to fully met I don't know enough about. Economics and structure to know does this impact us and all have three states. In that we're one. How does that change that and I don't country now and shake things up though. Split into three logged on California. We have Texas that wants to secede from the union you know anyone on the part of it's doubtful it was blown up into three different states Texas it was its own country ending California's three states. Straight like the path on. Let's update the blog questions nation only recourse libel questions of the day after spring on Twitter the NBA draft is a week from tomorrow we ask what you wanna do with 24 pick. A reality to a Texas 42% say trade it was CJ to upgrade. 42% say trade it with a bad contract to get rid of said bag contracts only 16% of people could actually draft player. The 24 overall pick we ask you when's the facts of north 55% of you today going with the Washington. 33% with organ and then now who wins the tax of south USC 60% of the vote UCLA in nineteen pursuit. Phone and it's just a valiant men it's Jim Kelly fans down there factor. Very up this book questions of the day. World Cup and the US open tomorrow us. Still think the incident within a UDs day we want the east who expect the can say he would he wanted to stay up here at Italy's last. He's less I guess. At least Lazarus died of a population that's tough depends on to been awake enough. Not a lot of folks out there and eastern organ. Well I think they'd like it that way and it's germane to the aggregate absolutely. What's more populated eastern organ Wyoming that's due fun game there North Dakota South Dakota Wyoming nor'easter nor did it at. That we had Phil Steele on for a half hour today we talked all things college football pac twelve organ to organ state Washington Washington State. Caused a national stuff it was great check it out less front our podcast hitting the fan. Dot com World Cup US open tomorrow we're going to be busy we can't wait for it takes to be a part of our Wednesday everybody would talk to tomorrow at noon number one is next listing to 1080 the fan.