Dirt & Sprague Wednesday June 13th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, June 13th
The guys wonder just how much maneuvering the Blazers can do this offseason given the current state of their contracts and salary cap, plus more news about Portland being at the top of any list of expansion cities for MLB.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time to tee off for the dirt and sprinted through the Mexican MacBook. He's got to figure out why I'm still shaking a ball. This is Durbin spray your friends get in the way the fans US open winning tradition of dirt and spray it grabs you by area heating and cooling. Don't wait for comfort with the area heating and cooling go to Syria meeting dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train the third and spray didn't. On ten IV we think we found your music and gospel fervor for him. I welcome back Dan our number two under and sprayed with you on Portland sports leader 1080 the fans if you missed our 12 out after the show all three hours 1080 the fan dot com or on demand section is where you can find it. At 1080 give me in on Twitter. Listeners has went from great college football segments of the blazers close kid a full blown ballclub. And no doubt and on a licences privacy the yacht by tiger was built in Vancouver and persons in shipyard and denial that shout out to Vancouver is right up the river here we go to fund fact. Com are we allowed to get to hear in the second hour let's kick it off though enforcing with some blazers and the reason we bring it up as. Is a week away tomorrow that is crazy and sneaks up on us every year really does in the summer league's very shortly after that and know in years before you know it. Training camps here at and the start of the season is early October. Bobby marks who were refereeing try to get on the show tomorrow fee if his schedule can permit. Wrote a an article on Portland it's an insider article C gotta have access but he basically dives into what Portland needs to do this summer. And you know without going into detail every possible little trade scenario has some of the skits a little extreme sharp. His is is message when you read it kind of boils down to. They over achieved. They've bent over achieving since LaMarcus and knack group laughed. And he doesn't and he said this on our show does not believe they should be trying to trade CJ McCollum this summer. Thinks it's a really delicate balance between saying well we need to be days when you're not really close to that. So he kind of preaches patience he does struts and trade scenarios. You Hassan Whiteside Blake Griffin and I believe. Harrison Barnes is Morris isn't named that he puts in there like there are scenarios he plays out but he kind of preaches patience and it got me to thinking. You know we wanna see the team do well I know sometimes we can be critical of bomb in some fueling we're too negative. I just try to be realistic I wanna see that when I love nothing more to crack in my Aiken talked about how good Portland is but at what point does patience. Right now. I think media members I don't live here they're not rooting for a team it's easy to sit on the outside looking in yeah aren't habits is done that Bobby Marx's done that that's a mad love to bring up with him. This is a long patient fan base at some point you've got to acknowledge that there's only so much patience of families can endure. Only in years three of the five year rebuild so be patient two more years the rebuild in the will be there. I think that it's it's a drastic difference between national voices and local voices because they don't understand the day in and day out being a fan. Now in the long you know in the long run maybe the national voices are right and just saying patience down you'll ultimately get their nothing's gonna happen overnight. Because there is a lot of truth in it and arguing that. The top spot the top are the marsh points out the Portland is in. In your ear and are you between Iraq and our place right now because there it there's only so many moves that you can make. To upgrade the roster to be a competitive at the highest level. Basketball team next season. And I think that's where his patients. Preaching comes in. Is really even have betrayed CJ is our you know was he Tracy jets find maybe get a better power for May be to their small forward. But then again at the salute the whole shooting guard and you're kind of starting all over in the how do you fill that hole. And an in his staying as you just draft guys you develop on and you hold your competitive and a couple of years to make a move. Where I agree with him is. In that and I I've felt this way now from month or two it scares me to say yet. The best course of action. My beaded just simply do nothing for two more years in wait for these contracts to expire. Because it's gonna take a lot to get rid of some of these bad deals I you have an asset that's not great but an asset the 24. Overall pick in the first round of the draft this year that could be used as selecting got a becomes a role player but instead the alternative would be to traded wins. A bad contract just to simply get rid of it. The difficult part is you get rid of that salary that's fine. Are you to be able to bunt sign somebody I mean we just give us rod and a bad contract to an average player is or somebody out to the ones to come to Portland. And play with these guys look those are those are answers that I just simply don't have at this point it. I kind of side no I still would like to see what you can get procedure McCollum I would love to bounce the roster and I just some of the opinion him in Damian Miller. Cannot win at the highest level 'cause they're undersized middle play good defense and I would love did. Get a player of his caliber and a small forward it's defensively animal K taking a step back at the two. All but the the best path might just simply be waiting these bad contracts out to see where you're at two years. I think that's their their agenda if we're talking about the patience of a fan because the last thing you wanna hear you you're really stretching it I mean I I have no inside knowledge this I can probably contact a couple people that could tip me off to it. I I'd be curious to know what their season ticket situation is is that the same. Has it dropped a little bit I think questions about that are are without a doubt something that need to be answered I think it's reflective upon. What's your kind of scene with any organization. I think Neil Shea. The interesting part about him is the 180 he did from immediate into the season empire for creating. To what he did come by and what he said to blow would much different messages much different message Weasley we kind of leads you to believe what he probably had a meeting or two with pollen or somebody within the Vulcan brass. And the message was DG neat you need to be veterans. Like we got excited you got us excited we got a three seed we got here we go where the real deal. We swept in round one so clearly something was some message was conveyed to him right there's no other explanation for a guy. With that kind of self confidence. And ego that he has to suddenly switch that aired around a little in debt that comes from somebody higher up. What I will look back on. And wonder is I hope they don't just sit on their Easter is this summer I hope they try to do something I hear what you're saying it's tough to offload some of those contracts. Eleven million from Meyers Leonard eighteen for Evan Turner. But you gotta make you gotta try right he's got to try to jettison bag a well gotta wait two more years I think he will give that benefit that he will. It's in no doubt a look back in disappointment knowing you probably missed out on. Paula George because Kevin Pritchard H organization. And Jimmy Butler because it feels like may be and least we've heard this in the comments a little bit. Maybe you overvalued some assets whether that was two rafter players you said we really want Jimmy Butler. We don't wanna give up this pick that take in this player for whatever reason. I might be reading too deep into it but I think when you see some of the comments he's made post. Press conference from the U jerseys and you kinda get dad survive and that's going to be a real regret that you didn't jump in because is B solid Jimmy Butler pre injury. He got to Minnesota and they were a top three top four team in the rice variety it was an immediate changer for them the injuries derailed the season. On and Minnesota it just. The sand patients saying is that sort of that I'm not overly concerned about. Odd image is this an even speaking as a fan I mean have nothing really changes over the next couple years sure it's going to be frustrating. Mom but yeah you can easily weigh that out in the amount of time he's been watching them in the amount money the you're gonna spend on them if they're not putting the product on the floor that were satisfied with. We'll stop going to games stop watching and a stop supporting the team now. I don't have any fear about losing the fans because the second day dude trying find a way to ferry this thing out and they're headed back in a direction and I think. Guess people optimistic about the fans will come back just like they did after the jail blazer era where everybody laughed. He draft Roy and Aldridge and everybody came back it was rip city all over again so. That fear is in big for me that the patients fear the biggest one that I do have a Melissa pointed it out is that you always got to keep in mind it's what Damian Miller. How does he respond if that is the way to go out with your Beagle she's gonna try I don't know how much you can actually do did you do or don't like cats something he don't wanna get there with Evan Turner tried just trying get rid of it I get that you wanna try and swing. If he's unable to make much noise in patients ends up being the proud that they go. That's my fear is where's Damian Miller that and the situation in two years you can be as pro receding as if pro is you want to be right but if you're continuously going through. You know being in average team outside a thirteen game winning streak they're basically a 500 team last year they didn't beat data belong in a number three seed in the last that benefited a time just to get there. And they give bounce the first round same things to happen next here nothing changes same thing are happening year after that I know of no major changes happen. After two or three more years of this people are gonna say. Yet you know what I love Portland but I'd like to make the sector round of the playoffs or may be a conference finals at some OK let me ask you. One question will go to break and we do not quite Leonard that story's interesting in San Antonio so think about this one during the break. You mentioned waiting two more years right it may be the realistic option for them that's all they have got to wait some of these contracts out assuming they can't get rid of home. What Damian Miller changed the tune in two years you mentioned two years really changed the tune in two years about how he feels about Portland. Assuming it all kind of stays about what its ban the last couple years will answer that question we'll get into quite winner's story next on the fan. Yeah ass baby here comes the homes that are average off this year brother. Dell avatar did an interview with him and Rick flair last week at an Izod later. Unlike Saturday and randomly retreat it was a mis. It was like exactly what you would want manipulated but he's all serve we that's those are my favorite shows there and it was only pulled off the wrestling intro song rejoinder music all day. Italy also upset some people because we excluded I wrestlers we need to bring Matt back that needs to happen again we can do that we can just do another nine wrestlers should there there are as hot of them to choose from yeah is pick a random Friday every month civil I'll put that together no doubt. I I asked the question for the break his we brought up the blazers Bobby march wrote this piece on what they should do this summer. Any kind of smells of the patient. That's tough to sell on the city I know they're gonna sell tickets regardless to what extent will I don't know but. Adding there is a good percentage of fans that are just on me and drag something being good again I would hope fans would speak with the ball and adapt the countless annual conference contender or don't even think I don't need to guarantee you when it championship I just wanna know the you were what you were in the ninety's and early 2000 it's. It contender right in there makes a noise right. You said wait two years might be their best approach to radio contracts. Does Damien Miller changed that tune in two years ago. I think it depends on they Blair demos you make in the meantime and B what kind of noise are you making as a team let's say they date second round is the most noise they'll make in the next two years that I think is his mindset does change now I I think he'll give you an out offseason because. I think that the positive of holding on to some of these deals and avert a lot of national writers bring up an audience and it's a valid point. Right now when he had two years what is it two years 36 million left on Evan term summer and a ballpark so Malia there's not a lot of value to that contract that's that's really tough to move and you had a lot of teams signed bad contracts lot of teams are in the same position. And it says you don't have any flexibility moving you're just you're taking on crap in return and I can get in any value. Back from trading Evan Turner at this point. Where that changes potentially is next offseason when there's one year left to teams looking for expiring contract maybe you can get something about you. In return or if you just simply let it run out there's a lot of money off of the books and you have a chance than eagle make a big play. Even though I know we can never signed big time free agents in Portland so. I think the next two years his frustration when obviously continue to grow but if if you play that hypothetical out you're not making you know as the playoffs. If if you're able to take that much money off your books in one offseason Meyer's deal being done mull heartless depending on worries at an apple in his deal being done and Evan Turner. And that that's a huge focus salary cap money that you haven't you got the possibility. Of of making some noise in trying to convince somebody to come here. As a Max type player on a big time deal and maybe he'd listened to via he will be 29. Yet he'll be 29 in two years his birthday when though he'll be thirty to thirty at the end of the second year in the next two so you beat thirty years old that would those closing on a ansari I think at thirty years old he is. If they're not making strides past second round at best like you know they enough to the first round matchup but nobody takes answers he's contender. Yeah I'm so I I I tend to buy more in the stock of he will change his mentality. Is as is natural when a guy wants to win as badly as he does. At some point they grow impatient it is is the nature happens NBA and the it's easy as Alyssa pointed out it's easy to preach patience. Lots of fans and for us as fans to be paid this is in our career our teams always going to be there when weather Damian Miller still there or not. The blazes are still going to be there and we still have a team to root world's leading figure out at some point. Dave Taylor as a limited amount of time in his career and that's the pressure do you have as an organization is pock Chris Paul was pretty low the hornets and and eventually was I I you can trade me I'm done where we're only gonna do so much goes to LA. He reaches a point there rallying his career and now he's in Houston annual salary goes again at some point even guys you think I might be loyal to point guard. And the message is conveyed well by at some point winning. Pass to take priority. In most of these guys Korea what I I think there's a difference too between being a part. All of the the playoff picture and not like I like it did mailer today if you get to the point of making some serious noise in the second round. Thank you you win your first round series in your push and somebody in the second round I don't think that anger kicks in with him. There's a difference and there's huge differ between while that right or Herrera in between what happened this past post season of not having a chance in getting New Orleans team they got blown up the second round by Golden State. There's a big difference there from me yeah I act in Syria coming from now on. But that Arnold time's gonna tell on that is if if the release it I think the reason why this is a big topic right now is because sonatas are gonna line next week. Next week's big week for them or what what they end up doing with the 24 overall pick is it paired I mean year old these dream scenarios. A trading it was CJ AD did something of of extreme value in return. Or trading of with a bag contract just to clear up some spacing give yourself some flexibility. Or you just take a player and indeed taken god it's the best available the guy you mentioned yesterday I die size hand surgery now so he's out for a while Blake his name is he is Hugh that are. Shamir is last name shooter I saw him play one game this year and now I've I've seen some of the highlight I like him let's get it well with them so I ain't watching what they do with daddy's gonna be telling of their offseason strategy. Is it a big play it you know is it played a good triangle get a guy used what do for tech to make a move. Or it if they just send of selecting a guy Eminem probably lean towards them going to patients rout of we went best available player. We're gonna wait and see where he's had two years and hope he's a rotation player that we can lean on somebody text in. Where the 20/20 free agents. Leading the list. Harrison Barnes Kevin Love Marc Gasol Serge Ibaka move Serge Ibaka are passed CNN earlier this all will be too old beaten Al Horford will be tool and it Whiteside no thanks Paul Millsap knows things. Is it going get a bigger list yellows come home. These count and home Gallinari on he'd. Why Leonard O'Leary Gelb and greeted super Max Breyer read basically seems like it's bust in New York for him. Jimmy Butler and their there's some names but you're probably not getting those. Quite Leonard is a a domino though because LeBron has mentioned Kevin Love as you mention jokingly he might be coming home. Who knows is gonna dive in to get what players but LeBron is a domino the biggest domino. Don't. Sell quite letter to short though if he can't agreed to super Max and him and pop according to quotes. And died Jabari young are going to be meeting got to sit down meeting coming up they can agree to a super Max deal he they're probably going to trade him like pop. In the Loge fees it basically comes off as like pops has. If you're not in on our deal you're out here when I continuous super Max before we know they wanna try to mend the fences and if you're if we're not good when I give me that Max contract and will probably gentry Judy brought on an update on sell to you played this year I'm signing that deal negev. Sit out 65 games because you're not mentally there any plates he played nine games and in that piece by Jabari young it's and he still only 96. How much time to unique rack in basically didn't play this season not quite back about a percent yet you left after game one of this Western Conference finals last two years ago or not a lot of mileage in the last calendar year right he just kind of wonder. You're not 100% the concerns there. And it's something to modern continue to follow his pop coli in what San Antonio choose to do with him why. It's it's almost a threefold from me because one I think if you can convince collide to stick around you mend that fence obviously this is considering that he's healthy but if you convince him to stick around I do believe your legitimate player for LeBron James in free agency. So that that changes the landscape of the Western Conference. And even if you keep cool while Leonard and don't get LeBron James in San Antonio is back on that pedestal where they were. You know the last handful years for for basically two decades I mean the one of the top three teams in the west and that bombs and downed another notch to San Antonio finished seventh last year but. That is that decides factor of that is what are the best offers and they're gonna get if they do trade him Campbell what's going to be on the market. In a lot of a lot of folks with quotable sources have said they would want to trade him to a team in the Western Conference they would want to send him. To the east and teams like Boston come to mind would all the young assets that they have. You know on a Philly team could date trying to make a move for awhile letter. I seeing how that domino would fall if he doesn't stay west and egos eased back a balance out maybe the NBA finals a little bit and again. The LeBron factor of him and coli Leonard playing together for teams it'll pull off a trade like that. That changes may be LeBron minds and where he's gonna go yeah it's and India free agency minute never stops until it stops. All right we got more to get to this next half hour let's get to MLB PX. One writer suggests Portland is number one on getting your team in Major League Baseball. But I wanna remind you folks. Not to be picking which one. In current Major League Baseball you would prefer to come to Portland because it probably won't happen we'll get to that MLB to PDX next. So I get 135. Heavy on aid to the whether sold on today about that is supposed to rain all day hang in and their man has some sunshine turnaround and by the way you were right I talked yesterday about and week out forecast. Yeah I think yesterday Wednesday's Iowa next Wednesday that it is now high was was V 98 I believe is now down to nine do you why. And auto dropped my caddie I accepted that and I. Rat the sweet spot in the mid eighty does is most like forecast lies in our area I will believe. Four days out is the most. I did I was ever playing golf and I need over the weekend alien a couple of moments. Ray a sunny rain. Always like he couldn't see it was just bright sunshine and yet it was raining on you. And I thought to myself and be funny to trying to explain this to somebody who's not from here. The women of what is happening. Whys it sunny yet it is still raining is to make any sense. That's billion a is that we got to an an article in the athletic today from Jayson stark. Had a kind of read like a John Lennon song and it's about imagining where baseball will be. And you know give or take seven to eight years we know rob Manfred wants to expand he wants two more teams and that is the goal of Major League Baseball. Once they figure out these situations and Oakland and Tampa that's when their mindset. It's going to change a couple of snippets from this article is set imagine a sport pick of the draft a dramatically different with 32 teams. Instead of thirty imagine realignment based almost solely on street geography and it can blow up the structure of the league's divisions. As we've always known them imagine a post season record expanded twelve or even sixteen teams. Imagine a totally overhauled schedules fewer games. And saner travel imagine a sport where every team could use the designated hitter possibly because there can be no such thing anymore. As the national and American League. Does got a fun I've methodical about what baseball could look like when this all happens. And an eight. Is where will the expansion cities beat. Is self depending on exactly ask her for us here yet that's not the least interesting that's the most adjusting for us. But the part that stands out bound for Portland fans and I saw the sorrow as morning as sort of Reading it and sports fans got tight. Discuss whenever a baseball writer says that legacy Jack. So he says he says you know clears a crazy idea let's say Oakland and Tampa get their stadium deals done and we're just said the point of expanding to two more cities. He then ranks according to Major League sources that he's talk he's talked to the source of the cities that are likely is to get an expansion team in Major League Baseball. Number one on his list. Portland Oregon damn right it is you're damn right. Here's Jason czar says it's the 22 largest media market in America a metropolitan area that's home to nearly 3.2 million people one baseball official described Portland is the most organized of all the cities. Bidding for a team it has stacked going forward it's confusing. Since the an important and these are the biggest drawback is being so close to Seattle. And you would face the same travel challenges of the marriage but is baseball is headed towards realignment. Based around geography having two teams in the northwest could ease the travel burden from both Portland and Seattle. Uneasy assuming they're in the same division that could be a major selling point assuming a new ballpark in TV rights deal. Fall into place now I ask this question from a purely not knowing standpoint didn't hockey realign today go geography when they realign. 'cause like the red wings went from the western conference's eastern copy yes they did that was at about geography or just. I wanted to do realignment. They did realignment as well and they re did because there were 3 divisions. Am originally and they went back in the mid to. Two larger divisions in the each conference so is now just two conferences basically right resort there are two conferences right ahead no ice illusions they do there's two divisions and each conference. Eight. Apparently deeply divisions and each cup a day before so I you know I I don't hockey be realigned a few years ago and I got some people little life let. Baseball would make a ton of sense we've seen in baseball for the Astros right they just tailored LS a couple of years ago. He lays it out and he does having a lot for fun with the name of the divisions but this is also got its pretty plugged it in Major League Baseball. They may not go the exact route he lays out but what he does show it makes a ton of sense so for example. If Portland is able to get a team. You would be Seattle Portland giants Oakland that's a division wrapped. And that makes a ton of sense he travels not crazy yes you're gonna play the Yankees yet shall play pasta in. Atlanta whoever you want to travel but within your division your eighteen games per team. Your your make and what the longest flight is an hour and a half robbing you claim that much is it sensitive that makes it's on a sense is realignment to. Scenario. And you know people act like they care so much about the way things are lined up. Dad that's something we I tend to think people to stop caring about about a year after it happened sure you're used to your new divisions excel at a rock. I loved it. Not shocking to hear him put Portland one. But it's nice to hear another baseball guys stayed dead it's going to be expansion. More than it would be relocation we'll speak about you had Richard justice on last week yet he was on the show Thursday and you retire and up Orlando and all that kind of stuff he says not gonna be relocation he thought it was going to be expansion. I don't see any other team in play at this point can't plays to win I don't know I do not believe the ownership in Tampa's gonna move the club. They want exhaust all possibilities there but until you have a ballpark you don't have a ballpark. And state both. To survive they have to have new ballpark and I'd be very got to be careful about getting excited about there's always a mystery team almighty god bill that I understand that Washington there was always a mystery genes. The you're you're gonna get a team via expansion. That your that your route make sure you have the money make sure you have the ball park. Yeah actually he'd totally just doesn't think there's any chance to relocate wedge yeah I would I did this zero jazz thing to me is funny I I'd Intel local and or Tampa come up with the concrete plan that we can all ski. Then I'll believe that there is zero chance of that debt that is the mindset a Major League Baseball they've never been shy about that they don't want those teams to move they want to figure out in their respective markets. But rob mantra is not gonna wait ten years for this thing is not gonna sit around 65 years from now. When you don't have a stadium in plays or you have no plan in place in just sabre to continue to kick the can down the road especially the F cities like Portland that are putting the ground work together. Where you buy a Parse the land he put a stadium plan together like you have this heading in the right direction. There are not just gonna give you an unlimited amount of time to figure that out so I agree that it's more than likely going to be expansion. But that's still means Oakland and Tampa have to figure it out at some point didn't Dieter curtain market columnist Alan the the Bay Area Hughes on our show while back we estimate dios at -- stadium situation. I can't remember exactly how we put it so Tex please forgive me here. Didn't he sees something the effect of if they don't have to get out two years. There's something about their revenue that they start to lose out on revenue sharing rip Jeff lose revenue should I don't they so that's why the urgency for finding a stadium is there an Oakland. Aside from playing in a literal sewer. You could look at something in two years where you know I know we brought up relocation. And somebody like that that's tied in doesn't mean there's any chance. You have nothing in two years the ownership groups gonna become impatient. And I think two years from time out from now the Portland diamond project has plan. They've gotten to go ahead and support of local politicians. They're gonna start building that stadium that's going to be will be doing a show in two years. Hopefully. Where's Dave required land they will be now starting and talked about they will start building this stadium in 2000. Whatever why he ran on or whatever it is. And that group will then look ago. That's stadiums can be built in three years stereo we're not we don't yet I'd rather have you ever see something from Major League Baseball that has given. Or port A time frame for either the a's or the rays say hey if you can't come to something by this date. We will allow you to explore relocation. I that would indicate to may all right the Portland diamond project has everything buttoned up they have made their access point out that point. The day if Major League Baseball. Calls and says hey were let them out they can come. That everything's in place now that that's kind of Reading the tea leaves sort of thing that I am looking for is there's a hard and fast date. You know. January 12019. You don't have sought in place they've made good faith negotiations will let you go wherever you wanna go enough yet to appoint somebody educations are saying. I do have while I do they show once a waiting about baseball realigned for south 55305. Are you cool what this is a Los played IDs they get you know I get upset about this kind of stuff along to these stamps that was yeah and that's were I I do consider myself a funny guy there's only one mandate that I wanna have any realignment process is only want that I care about an ugly it is Archie are you listening we all outside and I was outside the one you think it is I don't vote the votes steroid that is on the other side. Also all let's get into it some deliberate attacks and Seahawks because Pete Carroll. As an agency dots on his team and Russell Wilson danced around questions about Earl Thomas presto next on him pressures on me. We have an opportunity. Re establish a plumes get a big win technology mostly steel and they need to know we're gonna go home and make sure that we take care risks are humanness you know it's crunch time. I look at the hottest topic in sports writer you mind crunch fitness home where his 995 Vermont so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. I pressed rented by president has always done any final months I would give him more free gym membership I was out of the glorious 1000 games this morning. In that seat there you lazy bum taking days off it's summertime so that means I can not take the kids early with the wife so I think it's late it's officially that's right school's out so I am now dead post show workout guy you actually afternoons which time I'm not a fan of I hate working out the afternoon gala CNN in the morning workouts has changed changed everything for me wake up knowing what I do with my time I got all this time in the morning when am I supposed to do. They still look up to the final hour show of course shatter story it's his fifth team to tackle US open because it tees off tomorrow. A if we don't get to CIT will get to them in the final hours walls and does some thoughts on the pac told we do have a listener bring up NBA realignment which had that was a good point. I just about all this forced to do need to read Chinese have wait a minute Milwaukee's in the east Memphis is in the less connect the dots from a year MBA at how does that make any sense yeah I NBA hasn't been perfect a the division I. Oklahoma city's in Portland's division opera eyes in Minnesota in Portland's division of the Northwest Division it's terrible Portland's you'd talk yeah Minnesota. Oklahoma City. And it's Denver it's football the only one that makes sense division lies. Yeah there's there's no well that one Dallas is in the NFC east yet had their that their owner was for a while with the cardinals first moved. Yet the Ramsey they were in Saint Louis that he stallions or where one point in the NFC west way backlog I don't know about that kind of at least they've corrected. They're now on the NFC south and a couple of for the most part like the south makes sense in north makes sense I guess the question is would you like to see the other leagues do it the way I mean baseball obviously you had two competing leagues way way back a 125 years ago when the first founded. And so you have the American League in the National League but they were both across the country would you rather see other sports. Real line so that Europe conference. Each conference was across the country. In some fashion. And I don't know locked out I get it ran the other sports still play under two different that the rules are. What and you don't play a 162 games like that that's the unique part about it is the travel schedule that is creating which is why it makes so much sense for baseball realigned geographically. And have make shouldn't making sure everything's lined up so you can make sure. You're having short flights are where your going to MBA screw theirs up because they had ticket team from Seattle put him know Casey. That's part of the reason you get a prop outlook is start the start lines out of me as the as the idea. You know basically getting ready the American League nationally now is the line. We have an MLB Easton and MLB west it's a seasonal wise to say if you have ever supposed to happen some other sport does seem propose eliminating the DH he opposes eliminating the DH and having everybody or sees me everybody at the day everybody adopting the DH that was the divisions Greg mentioned in the NL be. One NE WS divisions it would be giants a's mariners and the Portland team. But he does have a scenario where you keep the American League nationally given that scenario he puts them in the American League west with the Mariners the days. In the angels now some of these teams are bouncing around but the Rockies in the AL south which is a new. Division but the rain is in the NL south. Obviously the NL west would lose the rocker he is one for fourteen divisions on our league for NL NL northeast and a committees and now south and NL west Indians have for the National League in the America likes an idea of and that to me I think that that to me as the best example the only requirement that I have in my mind of realignment. Is making sure that you keep some history intact in terms of bribery rightly you have to mandate that you play like this like I said in the AL yankees and Red Sox have to be in the same division. Each guy he's Kessler Diana giants and Dodgers Halcyon same division yes the puzzles playoff. Scenario off just the Ford division winners or the top two in each division goes to a different routes he says you can either expanded twelve teams in the playoffs or you could go to sixteen teams if you want to which I would not be a fan that's too many playoff team plus leisure and shorten the regular season Doran a hundred Y four game he said 15 or you have two months of playoff yet giggle and a 154 that's not enough cut down to seize an F sixteen teams I'd love their baseball as a a limited number of teams do it. It puts importance on everything and the regular season I had AB MBA to me is too many teams make it and the playoffs are too long. I don't want that NFL's perfect but it's easy to do you on the of one game and you play and once a week it's easy to figure that schedule out. Based body has to be somewhere in the middle I think twelve would be added the right scenario I think he'd do it on an NFL model beat the top. Two division winners records get byes in in a first round. And then you have the other two division winners and two wild cards and each in each league and with three game series or some way investor three series and the other team gets to relax a little bit. I'm all out there and don't have that DH can we disagreements and I want to eliminate the and I did everything the DH is not real baseball. In that real baseball Israel based solely due in the hand and count the bay Americans finally baseball past accounting. Yeah that was a gimmick they had to bring up in order to help boost attendance because they were way behind the National League right right he just gives me academy all the pitchers internationally guide to your trader you're Judas over there turn our back on our braves guys come on man yeah and in my the Braves pitchers that can hit back in the day pac man I DJC. Use it to your benefit and at some pride have a dramatics were how little Bonner and in small to get us all and one glad why. Have some pop make man let's go on in a fat guy is my favorite times a game are you sorry fifth starter of actress in favoring. I need for a popular in my mind if we're poppy I believe it is an Ortiz in my life yet. As fun as it's fun to talk about from meat is envisioning what baseball is gonna look like has a lot of fight IDs are against this kind of so I think is to be great for the game at a wholesale change like this for you add two more teams he realigned you shortly. And it's an easy solution to shorten the regular season which a lot of people and ask for reformat the playoffs because people don't like the one game playoff. I I just it's a good way especially in an era where everybody says you're struggling for attention and young people don't wanna watch. I mean this posse right back into the forefront of sports fans' minds of what's baseball doing why are they were lining what's it going to look like. And I think you'd be good for the game ultimately we should of because we just and a half hour baseball which I was not expecting yeah. We should've pulled the Terry Collins audio for. That would be a lot of bleak portrait slider. Nobody its own complete and sleeper agents. He column blight that's one of the things that I hate about instant replay it takes away arguments like that. You don't get as many as he used to do it bellies to go around throw bases tickets have like those. Whatever happens disagreements on some of the time it's not usually cannot it is a neighbor gonna review it now are hide their as the shouting match if your money by eloquently before we go Jason stark so he said Portland as the number one city potentially. For expansion a Major League Baseball because according to baseball officials they are the most organized and everyone. Other wrest the city's Eddie Lewis in this order number two is Charlotte, North Carolina. Number three is Nashville cash though should have a baseball team that is fine on number four's Montreal's is not quite as I am Montreal some five a San Antonio or Austin and six is Vegas obviously heading in that direction as a pro city seven is Mexico City. So does the seven cities that easily that he lives as potential. Expansion cities percent Reggie back French and as always nine any travel months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership to find out more about spring network out. At crunch dot com lots to get to the final hour of the show get to a status story coming up at 215. We got the US open teeing off tomorrow. We'll share some thoughts on academics and picks on who we think's gonna take back home can Tiger Woods. Get back in this is about ten years ago as last and he won a major at the US open. We'll talk to pack two Opel plausible another national article coming out saying the conference socks and were trying to get tired of it and if we have Tyson Seattle Seahawks conversation because Pete Carroll. Is high on this year's team what a final article in order to spread on 1080 the fan.