Dirt & Sprague Wednesday December 6th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, December 6th
The guys make their Week 14 picks in the NFL Challenge, Swag has another edition of Stat or Story, plus some actual baseball notes before they hand it off to Isaac & Suke for their annual radiothon.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Actually. Thanks and. This is dirt and spray paint and check this out we'll charge fans a bad bad. They don't think governor of the season this was contagious stay up. I'm to a portal listing that stunt can't be flippant question. Where's Andy Dirk Johnson and Brendan sprint service mail right. Off OK while skating where everyone likes a grown man doing. My dad durden spray gun 1080 those goofy bastards are just about the best thing got going this crazy world. Those string. Hey let's do this final hour during this break on Palin's day right here on Portland's force leader 1080 the fan. There was follow on Twitter entered spring we'll fully back got a couple pull questions up today. Lots of trying get to in the final hour battle gets all of the global do our best promised it to status story coming up for thirteen minutes as we do every single Wednesday. On this fine radio show but I know none our show is not going to be any democracy at the Special Olympics radio Thon going on so we are going to do our NFL challenged. Right now let's get into it. Kennedy goes and presents a little trip around the national football yeah simple plays. Executed with a maximum of putting my game our hosts are ready to make their picks against a murderer's row that is above and their staff. And juniors and genius. And yeah the mighty brand listener. This is the fans NFL challenge brought to you by on tour audio video. They'll play in the big word yeah. I felt challenged red dirt and spray gun 1080 it's go time. Trail. God that made its makes an NFL picks jalla you can play along 1080 the fan dot com on quick shout out marmalade still in the lead. For the listeners how about Marmol marmalade is still a top yeah. I'm trying to hunt them down about a couple of big weeks less to ease our team of thirteen yeah yeah I don't know if I'm closing the gap you do both had thirteen last week I do also wanna shout outs and many uncle who. And the lug do or do uncle. To. And no bogeys it's a funny name he's got honored 34 when assesses his name Chemical Bank in you guys said dad thirteen last week. And kind of guys makes it takes Alex can make it makes us. I forgot the Thursday night game. I can ever I mean there as a legitimate role with characters right yat act now Israel girders. So here we go Thursday night football was facilities because they're born ruin anyone's segment on it but that is the government Thursday night game. Atlanta in New Orleans who buckle up the cup a year ago New Orleans in Atlanta we like. I think the saints the better team but I said this last week we did this without him Thursday football is weird and I'm just at a point where I go home team I think Atlanta is close to New Orleans. Therefore I'm giving them the win here at home this is their game I don't know they can afford to lose. One more this is it for them I think they went. I'm gonna take the saints here I don't think that track. And Atlanta plus your plane and at home as well seat up to deal with elements I think this is as easy. A venture on Thursday night and I just think New Orleans figured themselves out at the right time this year for who this team has this year. I think Atlanta still figure themselves out to a certain extent. I'm a New Orleans is better team in Atlanta I don't trust Atlanta the Thursday night amid taken and it's at home where things happen on Thursday night football that they New Orleans is coming up a big win over Carolina that was the you know division lead at stake if they lost that game. They want it short week I think Atlanta takes advantage given the falcons at home. Anybody gonna take the colts to beat the bills know what you need to use this game in the secondary markets title and slanderous Biederman and I don't think it matters. Really not I would take Indianapolis and Tyrod Taylor now plan BI which to determine. And I'm just gonna wait and I'll find out when I'm thinking about yeah oh yeah and knowing our last week I never got a big game. Ten into Minnesota's Craig's been dealt in the week after week after week to week after week picking against the vikings beating the vikings doesn't like the vikings. Finger on the road at Carolina eight before Carolina tendency Minnesota you know I'm beyond. Do it I can't really hear I'm playing tonight aren't because I'm gonna take up the. Although I think viking fan might be a cent I'm taking them now so maybe they really want to take the Kansas I think the vikings are gonna win this game. I need to. Certainly they're good for at least one maybe two interceptions of cam when he panics and just pops one up into the air so. That offense I don't think is fine tuned enough to play catch up and non. I'll take the bikes on the road. I've but it takes Carolina Panthers for one reason and one reason alone. Brendan Sprague picked the Minnesota Vikings and it's your picture I love the vikings and a brother hot hand I think defensively they're as good as he gets in the league case Keenan is an awesome story this year it's been so fun to watch him play Dauman cut those down evening maybe that's the end of their year. They've had such a brutal schedule winning big game after big game to back on the road again this week after winning in Atlanta last week I think that just catches up to them. An ambulance right reversing skinny Carolina. At home next up anybody gonna take the players to be the single snow now. It. Animated take the browns didn't know hackers know back. There lawyers we'll tertiary some foreign. Analyzes 80% I don't either Texans hosting the 49ers friends actually won last week. Two and ten niners at forty Texans give me the niners keep ruining their draft position but Cindy Sheehan big house in an offense is a great mix he stays healthy they get a road win that. Some way somehow with that receiving corps and they beat these texts thank the Houston Texans defense out scores both offensive units at an N if they find a way to win at home. Down lime and enrolled in the 49ers had taken last week in Chicago Jimmy G at a gate a game winning drive there at yen against the field goal they kicked five field goals of winning game in the NFL they can't do that against Houston but I'm a take him secondly as a starter and he's going to be better given the niners. Next one up. Analyzes 63% either Kansas City is freefall. Markets Peters isn't playing this week is he tossed a flag into the stands. Six and six she's hosting the six and six Oakland Raiders AFC west on the law I I don't know why it's such a wide margin either both these teams sock I think the raiders are not a good team whatsoever I am done with Derek Karr I'm starting to east phenom I don't even care that he's going to Panthers. And I don't care if Crabtree he's coming back or Cooper's coming back governor about Cooper. I'm taken achieves here it is doing year old chief that I think it gets us jets I don't but it's he's played the same game and he scored 31 on the raiders they are going to win the raiders are not a good football team I'm taking chiefs. I've taken the chase Alex Smith is playing for his future as an NFL starting quarterback did let me do it didn't matter. While the defense gave up 38 early today jets. Oakland can't score thirty points from just from a challenge and that's where 38 points and you so the chiefs there. I'm mathematically option on his while to take the raiders I I've been waiting every week I keep picking achieves every single week all the bills are gonna win this game on they're gonna win this. Every single way to keep doing it would it chiefs think he'd lose and and I don't I can't trust him anymore can't. The I think the loser of the jets so I wasn't surprised last week and I being around most nights I think the keys but think given the raiders on the road. You're going to make it into Tampa over Detroit I am. You are out of grass staffers got a messed up hand we don't does status quite yet if he doesn't play I don't know who their back up is. Isaac or las ski. Not. Is that who it is now he ran out the back the hands of the camera that they save him that he's ran out of in Tampa and probably should've won last week and at land the game is was kind of team this good play in the bad play. Amen to the bucks here I think the Bucs are going to be the lines pastor cutter not got tired yet it gets fired after this one after this one yet trait when he gets tournament victory. As one committee going and going to take the giants of the cal is now depth. Tennessee continues to benefit from the easiest schedule the National Football League Iraq and blends of bad teams had a chance for this week if they get to take. Arizona over Tennessee I am. Okay well you know I don't think Tennessee's very good ending their fraud. Fraud under such attack here I yeah that's what is his substance textainer. I think Arizona actually is one of those could bad teams and the B I guess seven and nine team I think to win this game. No I think Tennessee. For all of their faults and shortcomings and they sense that. Jacksonville's got a tough one. That if they can focus and not let Arizona get started. Get on top early there will probably fold and have an opportunity to have the outright lead in the AFC south. They will find a way to win this ugly at the end again. So lucky for their schedule how many they're not that good of a team but they just keep playing nobody's putting it last week is the Bengals the colts to beat the poll they should've lost an ankle no. Banana last week yet was no wasn't they've been playing I it's I know that they were up on the Texas and Texans anywhere seven point favorites the or ups four points. And they got to run from injury with like 35 seconds ago that made them cover name on the last two games against the Texans Tom savage almost beat him on the road I I I think they almost went for thirteen Tomas. On that finals not a Mac tentative of the game carcass Mario rules get out here. Anybody want the Broncos over the jets no hell no. OK anybody gonna take the Redskins against the charger so no I will unskilled workers wait and willing. And when I got nothing to lose in this mentally ready or not the games back OK but I got nothing to lose to be girders. And years ago one Sunday I was 25 game. I'm going to a bar to watch this game and he throws is not descent and I game anyways but we get nine and three rams. Keep playing good football Philly. Coming up Losman Apple's fault. Philly tentative on the road at nine and three LA rams you know let someone may question Philadelphia and how they do against good teams because they've only beaten one team with an above 500 record. I'm not one of those I think Philly just had a bad night in Seattle Seattle capitalize with their MVP. I think this is a really good football game and I can't wait to watch I will take the Eagles to respond. On the road. Because now you have the ram's not only facing great defense. Now they have to think about this fire not in how it impacts their homes this thing is crazy ABC news. Yeah UC LU standout basketball games scheduled tonight this one's been like this is in the city this is an early spank them. Well maybe now that. These silly and what they were anyway I know I'm gonna take the rams I think they are sensing urgency. I think they might have thought does Seahawks with all those injuries to the defense they might have been cruising to the NFC west not so much after what they saw. And I think the rams. Saw the blueprint of where the Eagles were vulnerable especially in their running game. So I'll take the rams and home. But all Philly on the road here they were close in Seattle someplace to play. Is ten to three once fumbles going into the end zone act games 1010 I think maybe there's a different outcome instead of 73 inflict it completely. I'll tell a look at I I'd never bought into Philly being this unbeatable juggernaut but there a damn good football team. On both sides of the balls I'm and it's actually get back on the winning train and get a win on the road. Against the rams here another go 1125 daycare right here on the fans Seattle. Eight and four off of that one over Philly I'm an ID or at Jacksonville late for an 84. Yeah I'm taken Yad wires here I just don't know if you put Seattle did last week in translates to the road it's nice that's been pushed back form. But I think the pass rush does get to Russell Wilson a couple times I think the defense does just enough and the Jacksonville Jack Myers moved to ninth in fort how much ticked the squawk so I think they do have enough defense to make. Blake portals trying to beat him and slowdown Leonard for a net. And the defense will help them with some points or selling them up we short fields. And after watchman Houdini act that so Russell Wilson had last week faster and I don't care how did you pass precious he can find a way to be achieved. Yes that is true he is an unbelievable player the rush defense for Seattle is still strong despite the injuries and a secondary ominous a Jack condolences on the on and get them home field advantage defensively Jacksonville's extremely good one of the best units in the league are gonna struggle to throw the ball down field. That doesn't benefit Seattle because they can't on the ball either. Just because of a home game to take Jacksonville and anybody want Miami over New England now know. And anybody when Baltimore Pittsburgh at little guys on the upset there Pittsburgh roles that one by the weather scenarios in which both of them can clinch division titles this weekend. Baltimore and Pittsburgh Pittsburgh New England home. Yeah I mean well with the division AFC's over. Let's go ahead punch those tickets the AFC title game but they're getting any other team a chance and time again we get picked to be fought and yet you're on the road. Would get a going to pitched really little else is going on the road it's of those players and now I mean yeah my judged the chargers in eldest she's my C ugly they're deep renders secret edit but now now it's hot today AFC title game I don't deal with the chargers I take the chargers might be the only team that if you now. Saying I'm a little I mean it's. Tell me it's I think Boson a pass rush Ingram. Gordon ripped hers and I Allen not gonna happen dig a bit of a challenge for a long tending to defend dot com end you can win a big screen TV at the end of the year. Are ready it's time for your favorite segments favorite segments that are story next on him a crime numbers. It's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. This ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story residents to help. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't know this news never story on monumental. Caldwell Durbin started on 1080. That's right folks that our story time it's a Wednesday Sammy after 215. And his supporters they coaching staff some found baseball stuff coming up at some point. You could just say the organs they coaching staff for me not via selfish co as they wanna talk about that would that mean. We can't go on sale this Friday he could say RT it's in every Friday Oregon State stuff around and there aren't you based amounts of money into and I'm promised they're not like bowling days don't know I actually really wanna talk about that topic. A replicates all that coming up and ten minutes bust. Their story time when we got tired. Your first number is 25250. Shooter. 250. Is it's the average rushing yards per game for the Oregon Ducks in their one season under Willie Taggart. You're going to sense of team. Or is a late seven SA and words a Florida man is asking for a long with a 100 dollar fee to determine who to pass along his 25 year old high Groupon like this. This truth was that also Willie Taggart and a cup. They might be able to blunt the business in the family after I guess they admit a hundred bucks and and I say I love this life. And each hundred dollar entry fee on steep a political this is a stat that sounds about right there rentable one of the best rushing offense in the country. Even winner ever was down as credible government is serious gap. Now is condemning stat. This is the story 268 yards per game for the house this season on the grounds 300 yards deep into. But but no enemy this from the Tampa Bay times. And let me find out the so lovely gentleman's name Alan bed and are 78. Has spent the last quarter century building something more than a business. And these ready to finally given up wants to find an individual who he says will be an amazing Steward of what he's built so yes 100 dollars to answer you can enter as many times as you want. And you need view bring along a 250 word essay expressing why you're the most worthy. It is he's got a FaceBook page it is simply heidrick onyx and organics. But apparently he did everything get the building the land. The whole bit and so our guys we might as well throw our. Guys because there has ring well because it's not that show we know that. Alliger SAV. So I had Iran a pretty NSA could you gotta stand out a hundred dollars a lot of people and drill dividend of the higher customer base and the website which reports say gets over 500000 visits each year. Can you call that. Know everybody was talking over it can't know nobody talked jewelry when you said that. You said that an indecision stops like our spoke it and elegant liar if I just at the Leo what's you get a sense in buying a business now now not that as I said I can't even imagine running a business. I could depending on the search the type of business that is stressed that it would be the only negative Iran Libya barges could there be blues nearby every tee and I say this about should pay complimentary apple. I feel like if you owned a bar I don't know it just seemed would be your what your direction would be I feel I can be a really good bar owner and I'm not to say not to blow smoke in the always play good music. I think your music selection would be great if they give. I think you get hammered enough to think of really fun nights is at at at. Like being two nights and I just think survive the year bar would be different I guess it divide us so you would meet San. Smoking hot bartender but in fear of your girlfriend being jealous less angry you would hire really. Strong if you think he knows how to make a great cocktail guy bartender yeah it makes it. Southern outskirts. I would love to go to Earth's. That's a good name to look at them on to something here starting yet they'll finally fast I feel I can you do like a bar food cart thing. They tried that yet like serve booze and food cart yes of those. Are you gotta get together at the permits chipped up like a beer garden areas and has to be fenced off absolute separate from others but then you have the we need to go through the process what you also see oil CC and get. Prop also licenses it would hurt you because you can't at the open container laws you have to get to drink in that state you know that's beautiful great want to food and leave. I I don't garden and there was no archaic. Valued in you have to have some with a tent numb warned off area and all that stuff are you next number 87587. Time. Isn't the total number of offensive plays run by the Oregon Ducks this season under Willie Taggart a bar is at the size and parents of all rod diamond unearthed in Sierra Leone and sold at auction for some six and a half million dollars on Monday the largest bill in mind in the country. And over half a century and it's called the peace diamond. Was think about blood diamond whenever that stuff comes at the bit underrated movies so sad 72 plays the game. So. Permanent a story I'm gone story this is a stat to him it sack and no. They Eds ideal 737098. Carat stone it was unearthed in March. Supposedly be largest discovered in Sierra Leone and almost a half century. They believe it's between the tenth and fifteenth largest star diamond founded world wide. And the government's. And so as a British jeweler who purchased the stone for six and a half million boxes. And the government's. Government kind of took over they didn't want the blood diamond thing so to speak so day auctioned it off. Now that put six and a half million in the coffers there she peace. And I don't know which do with this that's big for ring what do you do with the some 109 hitter and I'm. Point down diamonds are so stupid so stupid and because ever Google's like the story of diamonds it's crazy. We've all been duped I Wear diamonds came from just know lol yeah and then also. The back story to at all. How was basically. There's a ton of diamonds found inning was in South America. But they didn't want that to get out so they acted like they demand. There wasn't enough. Which is why they can charge as much as they charged in. Dubai lawyers say there are. BR IRS there's one right down the line down arrow day allegiance do you have since seen its under the name but I see the signs sometimes is fear and it points up to this empty like. Block area as it currently India and saudis Portland as a Beers saying. Onto the food cart thing enough probably whose icy dirt any consulting firm was just console you'd be lazy. Mean I don't know it's at least take advantage don't think it's a make it look commanders are tonight's been drinking dirty forget the theme like that FEMA. Who would be your Samantha. Or would you go Mori Diane. I'm liking. I'm so handcuffs. Are now stocks with everybody I'm liking that even me nobody. All right your final number 17501750. Is at the total number of passing yards thrown by Justin Herbert for the ducks this season. Or is it the year a letter was Penn. By a Spanish chaplain. That was recently discovered in a secret compartment of a sculpture of Jesus. The letter earnest but many here is bottom there's a secret compartment in the sculpture of Jesus Christ you know what I'm going to carry on a secret. Compartment some parents are composed audit and gone story again and his staff party flamed out in this one I'm just gonna try to go for mr. Mr. Fred there was nobody noticed some of the story as well as go down in flames as I say that Jeff and Herbert for exactly 17150. Yards no it was ninth our last 1777. That's a letter was penned by a Joaquin mean as chaplain of the cathedral of a Burris showed deal Osama. And the letter discuss the statue. Others created by the same school during detailed what life was like in their community. App that time. And then. It was recently found somebody saw a secret compartment underneath some cloth. By near the butt of one Jesus Christ the sculpture was. And it's so they're trying to figure out. How he got there together is a little secret compartment right in this tight quarters. Older I get them more artifacts. And history. Fascinate. Indiana Jones is such a good movie trilogy. It's not all coli it's not so much like defining of a rare gold something it's more. This story and understanding what humans were like. Thousands of years ago. That stuff is. I'm Jamal always broken they read the letter and discovered the popular game slide included cards and some sort of ball game. With a ball entity based. Well. That typhoid malaria or comment. The main crops or wheat rye Barley and oats you seek beat the creek Indians feel beaten us civilians. I. Also how did you see the name of that gang visiting Catholic priest and a clock we mean that mean dense Joaquin meaner and India mean yeah is Joaquin JO AG UY again Joaquin. As and in walks scenic and you are down. Don't mind a little bit I don't think we get a walking into our reference on the show today but there you go. Do you found a letter and a pension. Well again. I mean I did a statue. Attic get their. That is sniff around down there. Why do they go there with. One out like the bottom and lay eggs. Some in the neck area. They had to have had a sense of humor people active ambient like an open. There is afraid you may even do if you found a letter by. I just I always wonder lake. What's the sense of humor was like for humans back into it was a failure like mine they understand a joke they laugh at that epic as it is already has a stake thing about this yes that's a great question. A thousand years ago. That's the 1000 years goes exactly. If I afforded any caves are they laughing. Fart humour is always been funny or did they act like today it's no big deal we all do it. What what's the response it's always been funny and we'll never cease to be funny thing we think that imagine the first part. Of that. And it freaked him out if yet the night at a time. Amount can't. They dog when it hard to give figure out where the most definitely is my dog my dog does this almost nightly now are older she does back there. Did you feel that cannot that was huge because you value should the last about a little bit sunny is a rally somebody's trying to ski area and Doug artsy dump. Already eaten sadder story every Wednesday June 15 couple baseball notes Soria a 53 year old. Wants to attempt to come back who is at 55305. Do you think it'll work also city of Portland that's dust off that resonate. I believe it or not we got some baseball stuff in the news the winter meetings officially begin next week. Sounds like show any old Connie I believe that's how you pronounce that the Japanese Babe Ruth as they call him no wonder bowing his meetings are all done he's gonna make his mind up here pretty soon zoom go to Seattle I don't know man as he wants to be on the West Coast that's all we know about him Seattle was named the front runner last week cool man be cool for Seattle to get him. Some of the Los Padres believe they're still on the necks of giants civilly there in the mix the Dodgers he wants to be on the West Coast so that that news's coming. A rather shortly I did I mention this quickly. Aaron Boone manager of the Yankees them in for him. Now I think he's ecstatic to get off the radio airwaves. And I think he wanted to manage for awhile he had a great moment with the Yankees. And doesn't strike me is better than Girardi from you know I don't I UN World Series due to an ALCS with a young team in new and you get asked again he was and yes man they wanted to yes Manson issues behind the scenes make a lot to get Erin Maloney came out today said trust the process yesterday whatever his press conference was wounded he says we trust the process we'll get there knowing it and he dropped a truss trust I trust the process process is kind of already been laid out. So oh. Yes how are sitting their parent judge and over 55 home runs there's a process you'll be all right Gary Sanchez has forty cope for god. So there's as a Yankee to spread to other baseball no cell and these are both enjoyable for me they're not boring baseball announced. There is a guy that is trying to come back at the age of 53 no it is not Barry Bonds as probably the first name that pops into some people's mind. Rafael Palmeiro. Webster played Major League Baseball again I'm capacities 53 years old. He has not played Major League Baseball since 2005. Season not only does he believe that he can still do it. But he wants a redemption story. He wants a redemption story was don't. Don't be so definitive act congress and point your finger in the test positive week later in a part of is the half of the reason he wants to do is because he still believes he can help the ballclub in 20172018. And the other part of its as can run Rosenthal wrote stems from the way his career ended in disgrace with teams shunning him after the way he was suspended. In 2015. For testing positive. Wait he last played in fifteen to dot ICB two doesn't five fights you doesn't if I realities yeah was out when he last played yeah I. And then it also came out this is the beautiful game of baseball thanks Bud Selig. If they covered up the suspension until he got his 3000 hit. Matt I do your emirates think they'd elated because they wanted to have that moment and then the suspension came and Bugsy is getting to the hall of fame and yeah usher he's going to be blacklisted with a lot of other athletes. Why does he think twelve years off is gonna make him IA. Viable option for any ballclub. I don't know he said there's no doubt MMI and I can do it I'll make a comeback OBU in the big leagues has taken care myself for the well the working out for years everything feels better than when I played Judith Julio Franco's available on taken him he has always been a fifty year wonder guy. Who was the who was the closer for the Mets. That was around for just Jesse Roscoe Ross yeah. It was another until there was there was absolutely Roscoe was the one that was hastily was like fifty yeah was in here Franco. No Julio Franco now Julio Franco. Even John Franco. Wow I'm that bad names like him I don't know you're talking I know I'm tired I'm out raised and he's I used to hate this guy yeah I'm Russell was. One on Jason I think pitched for ever and a he was a closer right yeah here at various times in his career yes this is gonna drive me crazy oh what he closed up 86 World Series with a guy throw and has met Mitt in the air. John Franco yeah John frank Jensen on the that's what I was talking about how long did he pitch for. I don't to keep this as long as the Roscoe probably not. Sony says it tutorials to make it come back to baseball it's called being manager he's 57 now did you seven now you played. God he was from ancient. You play 21. Year anyway years at what how long it would agree he retired guys last season was the same as Palmeiro -- I would if my the stroke at least 57 right now so that was what twelve years ago so we could still it was 45. The 45 Manny was they now for a while. Scenario Rafael Palmeiro once come back steroids are held a thank you for. Lee still on him because he thinks he can still play baseball at DH 53. City of Portland. Let's does stuff settled resonate Shelley. So here we go get tested Dave down and oak land they've they've been making some progress towards building a new ballpark down their. And it feels like things are certainly get settled it's on their area and even that's the point where they were having some folks that were. Designing and drawing it up figuring out how they wanted to go right well not so fast the board of trustees of parole a community college district. Which is the entity that owns the site in which they were planning. On building the new ballpark and they all agreed to and it was all fine they voted to halt ongoing discussions with DA is basically bringing eight bringing everything to a stop. Every effort to the a's had to Billy ballpark on that site have been wiped off they got to start back from scratch and once again people are wondering. Should they just get out of Oakland. Yes they should. And if Portland's group the one that Mike Bair is kind of he's the face of if they're really serious about this and it by all indications they are and we've forty talked at length about Baird and what we know about it. That this needs to be done. Give media Oakland days. They should have a team that is Zale lest you be perfect against Seattle's Dallas rivalry the I five primary it it makes a ton of sense. You don't have to expand I know they want to expand it you wouldn't have to do. And I hate to say it is but if you read some of the reports with the raiders and in some of the stuff the DA's. Just the city and has fans they don't have the support. They need infrastructure financial infrastructure. Going in different areas they don't want stadiums. So a lot of that a lot of people in Oakland if you go see this news there ecstatic they hated this plan to begin with they didn't think you made any sense it was dom. This is a good thing and if Portland can get its act together and that's a big half. And this group steps up and says hey we have this inactive cover of the stadium I don't know why Oakland would make a ton a sensed him relocate yes. Oh the a's came out with a statement today it is they were shocked by Ross's decision to not move forward and other going to. They hope to enter into any conversation about how to make this work for everybody in Oakland. And some folks are believing this is an obstacle that might prove to be insurmountable. For the open a staying down there in the community will see where it goes the DA's latest plan to double parked. That has gone by the wayside and city of Portland just sit here waiting happily trade Major League Baseball team this is a perfect fed. And a dream scenario to keep in the jail last he got the robbery it's already located out here are no expansion needed you don't need to change the name the bill or an athletic sounds good and athletics is cool maiming and on the West Coast some fans already in this area. Dream scenario but so that's the latest update. With the Oakland a's is they try and find a situation to their ballpark which is probably one of the three worst in all of Major League sports their O Darko stadium. When you say it's the worst. Tale it was pretty bad out of Tampa and Oakland are probably in a dead race to figure out who's got the worst stadium and we just say which one had the sewage leak in the locker room that's true there's no sewage leaking in Tampa and Oakland such feces that I'm stampede yes actually it is we're dealing with the problem. Graham a prime echo aren't that America south. Already below updates you on the poll questions today as it's been an interest in line and I want a get some reaction from you two gentlemen. A where you an answer those questions wrap up the show next on tanning the fan. As it can sit coming up at twelve minutes. They're all big radio Thon starts. Right here at 3 o'clock they're gonna go through tomorrow so we will not be on the air tomorrow Spragan myself will be here briefly. We usually help out for a little bit kinship that go grab somebody use the bathroom if they need to. But they're going to be on the air starting at 3 o'clock all the way through tomorrow and a dusty camera gonna come help ma a little bit in the morning. It's going to be a great cause and that's always a pleasure just to be a part of it and to watch him in and see how much money they can raise it is that it's creek. The number that they put embarrassingly yours too is baffling to me like what they're able to race and as mind boggling the number they can. Re both so people coming together for a great 'cause for a great organization and it is something that we take a lot of pride and honor and I think here is the station. As you've seen on multiple social media platforms you can follow us on in scram by the way act in eighty the fan. We've got a lot of really cool swagger you can see on their scroll through. Give us a follow and see what they got. Four for for great things to. Go after for Gary gives because it's going towards a great cause if you so choose to go get one of. Sensibility and you know the monies go through good because you get some cool stuff he'd been on end and potentially time by mom and as somebody who was always a last second Christmas shopper this I always keep by and the cement conceived as an anemic comes out that I wanna give his Christmas present because you just you know you do it's built with that and you're killing two birds one stone. As you go by somebody really who Christmas present gets up for yourself if you want to battle starts today at three we wish them the best of luck will be here to help out anyway they need. Odd smile and updates blow questions. Actors spray ons that are we have three of these today. And I'll start with a only at least began to show it and that's generated an interesting conversations back and forth beaver fans. As for it'll have more on Friday about the organ state hires in the way they're putting mets' staff together. But we yesterday's break found pictures of me between and one of aide Mike Riley nameplate. And the organs football facility a lot of people are Tommy it's social a lot of folks are saying it's Photoshop but that rumors still exists of what he'd come back we'll be part of the staff on that right so we national organ C hire Mike rally. As an assistant coach under Jonathan Smith 57%. Of people say yes he is great experience and 43% say no there's no need for a I would say no. You want him back and I was a relationship pinned to maybe have some guidance here is fair okay. But I and I don't think you need him on the stat you already have your offensive coordinator and I believe linger from who is the the new Lowe's sees also quarterbacks coach you yourself for a quarterbacks coach yeah. I'd prefer right Mike Riley is one of those big supporters they shown on the Jumbotron. And Reese her age it's a great ovation he sitting in a suite somewhere that's great maybe at some point down the road he feels. An administrative. Role but now not as a coach I can't there's one of our poll question. And today that those results resisting next went up the mrs. I think this sums up where blazer fans are out with this issue. And I don't know I don't know if it's ever gonna changeable and it will take to change. But just a split right down the middle we escalated to thirteen and eleven they lost again a home last night the wizards who didn't have John Wall. Do we want them to blow things up in trade CJ McCollum. 52%. Say no to great back court don't break it up 48%. Say yes David CJ will now work. It's I love that his foot and I don't that's never to change it's always gonna be split right down the middle. Think to answer this question. You have to really ask yourself are they hoisting a trophy together. Can you see Becky closure eyes right now Lindsay and if you can't answer yes if you're voting no don't break it up yet yet the FDNC Aqua I am I am voting I'm leaning right now yes about as I was one that defended it. I know this seems reactionary because they've lost three games in a row at home. But this team's not good. They're not fun to watch they are middle of the road and they are the definition of what you don't want in the NBA they are not a team that really does anything in the post season. Nor are they bad enough to get a legitimate franchise turning player. So for you my opinion I I would probably mean yes I'm very open minded that. That decision but in the way that players are too loyal to teams a lot Kevin Garnett with the timberwolves. I actually think sometimes teams are too loyal to players. I'll lot Eli Manning in the giants in the way that thing on for the never yeah reacted gathers and careful balancing act I just do not see Neil O'Shea. Doing what it takes and making that kind of decision he's got buried this is my guy got. GM and it may be the best move form not sure it's gonna be cold. On that's why have Meyers Leonard got forty million dollars and four years last one we asked day after aftermath what names should be a top organs coaching surge. Not a surprising answer here 37%. Went with Kevin someone 29%. What would Jim Leavitt. 20% went live Mario crystal ball and then Justin Wilcox brought up the rear there. With 14%. In doubt that's on the Gretzky prize on your in the coming days I do expect organ to move quickly on this one. And I agree with the listeners I think Kevin someone is a name that should be its opulence keep any assistance is a big priority. As you wanna try and keep this coaching staff intact I get he's a lighting rods and for some folks they don't want them. But that name does the most to me is an organs and it just get me back. Excited about what's a few. You could be in its Wilcox great he does have the organ tied but if you go to heaven someone. That would be the one that I would say is probably number one. But again we'll see moans as an interesting choice here because a lot of people players are asking for crystal ball. And fans really want the organ connection death I trust rob also. He got the right hour last year just didn't work out for me because he decided to leave after one season I'd trust to begin right again this here. I just my luck I'm going on vacation on Lehman on Friday and begun for a week you're gonna miss the higher hominem as the orange that's phenomenal love about Monday show probably every year and you could you gamble this every year whenever I go on vacation. Something happens with the team that I care about and everything and very little time news every time Don Carlos didn't get a B a giant and it ducks are gonna gun fire their coach I want talk about stand. I just know it. All right folks there you go to visit me and it was front tires podcast any the fan dot com through the radio Thon starts next to you won't hear us together tomorrow. Or until next Friday is on the on vacation but. Wish residents of sublime they're gonna do some good and how about anyway you can it's great cons and they're up in five minutes number one is next we will talk to you. Tomorrow kind of and then Friday at noon on Teddy to defense.