Dirt & Sprague Wednesday December 6th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, December 6th
Swag and Dirt try to console Sprague who has seen enough of this Blazers squad following their loss to the Wizards allowing Bradley Beal to drop 51, plus should Stanford drop the Pac-12 and go independent for football, and Roger Goodell signs his new deal.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. You know you might think about taking cases grace is safe instead of them. This stuff. This is dirty and spread lies. Try to save Jesus Christ can't hit curve ball when it's handy under Johnson and Brendan spray and want to hell's going on out here well this spirit and desire to insert him as the Romans here. We need alive through it was a drivers to. We need drivers to take the cursor opposes the eleven nobody seems to know. What to get familiar story for the way Chris durden spray gun 1080 and it's only done one damn it. Don't worry nobody's listening anyway. Soon and some only I welcome back in our murdered. Tell us. Here during his grade on 1080 the fan. On this beautifully Chilean Wednesday afternoon. So get your Christmas shopping close to being done or maybe your last minute individual I haven't even started yet it. This sounds about right. Now but expect skinny everybody did like the girlfriends all Donner family's all gone they David shopping nonstop for the last two weeks in like yeah its actresses have enough. A -- do something about that I should start Johnson Merry Christmas Carol for an got a few counter tops. And attributable home that we we've basically living together as a get consolidated by the way and I am I nightmare of not having kitchen is almost over ladies and gentlemen good for you man almost over after euphoria. We allowed to get to hear we got some breaking news to pass along in the NFL USC hasn't potential idea they can actually help them a lot. But hurt us here in the northwest I'll explain how all. And then now I wanted to about the organ state coaching hires. Johnson has made some moves daddy did is against Jack. Also gonna I got no beaver fans have been frustrated the last two days it's a lead to his earlier say hey can we get some Bieber talked. We got beat Utah will wait for some we opened the show would be tock we'll talk more beavers in the second hour and it went Gary Anderson last we did the same thing. When Gary Anderson that was pretty big deal Gary innocent level is not like two or three days on that. Yeah and lead this evening when they hired John Allen Smith hired to break in his marriage and it's meant to. We relative for an hour and a half news news we talk about news so it its way toward his state a year and then the final hour. We've got some college football playoff stuff I wanna talk about we never really reacted to the teams won their conference's leading the best one is. And I thought challenged doubters story all of that. Is to come in the final hour but I wanna start the blazers they lost last night. Indeed Shawn Wallace Washington was arts at CNET nation of laws to on the road trip as well. The team that has subpoenas in the middle of their court in Washington. And Bradley deal set a record 51 points. Knocked off Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Who who held the previous high against Portland in Portland and now Bradley Biel as the owner of that record with 51 Bradley deal ladies and gentlemen in their last three games after their four and wind East Coast trek. They have been outscored demoted senator. By my calculations. Of 33. Points. No not yet now they've got to wait a few days that they give Houston who by they would Chris Paul has gotten better since he got back. That's a loss. Golden State the needle on the road and you place in East Coast teams you could beat but with this team who really knows and I tweet last nine I feel that way today. This is one bully being weird team. I have not felt great about them now even after a 41 road trip. Know I have a graded on in outset the first couple games of the year. It's out bill since then. Is it started losing games that they should've won that they had leads and they just letters that trigger fingers even on the foreign one road trip. I should have been a two and three road trip they were lucky to win two of those ball games ago blown out by the sixers. Who share have been against some good young talented pieces but that's not a game you should lose by twenty points. As I mentioned they should have losses to the same Washington team on the road without John Wall the day in a miracle comeback to win it and then you have Bradley BO commend. Without his backcourt mate and he scores 51 point Sonja. Like nobody else in the starting line up even sniffed double figures. The numbers for the rest the starters or top was one of six Otto Porter junior was one for eight up. I'm Lawrence was two for ten those were your there's nobody else to make a shot was one guy and they didn't double team him so we have this new cells exact in the building named Taylor really nice guy. He tells me less things it has of the game and really good ceases like hey man you Saab deal off he goes yeah. Mean my buddy realized when he scored his 45 pocket they looked up at the box score nobody else had double digits somebody else. The best and you guys up the bench that ended up in double digits but nobody else the starting lineup I feel like this could stretch to segments just. Solely out of anger of our mom my behalf right. But this was a damning quote this came via Joseph Freeman. Who talked to Bradley deal yesterday. And basically asked they were you surprised. That the blazers. Did it double team you. Because they didn't go home I faded in double team and this was his quote. You find it here. I was. A little bit I was because I've been facing it for the last two weeks I was definitely a little bit surprised. When I took advantage of it. That is solely coaching I'm sorry guys coaching Terry Stotts has never been one that set an advocate for double teaming. And moments like last night make me wanna rip my hair out of. Please make mark seen gore tot beat you make Kelly old gray beat you anybody else. Anybody Otto Porter Jeter guy I don't order Jim Mora should lead line opened up 35 buckets gravy now. They don't do it this team is bad. They're just they're not gonna say they've been deep sensibly they were like top ten for a long time they've slipped a little bit. But offensively they were never great they have not been a top. Fill in the blank what would make you happy they haven't been that. There's something wrong with this team I think he goes a little deeper than just one player may be it it may be a wing solution solves it a 6768. Guy. That is long can defend. Can give you some perimeter play yeah that solves all your woes here's the thing they'll. Who is that in the trade market can't find anybody that's the tough part and you don't suck enough to do anything in the draft unless you're stuck in purgatory. You are the definition of what you don't want in the NBA you're not a good team. You're not quite bad enough team you've been up for five years to see exactly what we were talking about last year before America. And this is what our fears were if this team did not do what we all hoped they would do with use of Americans this year. You're gonna have to talk up the ledge on this one too I'm getting close to hoping this team makes a drastic move my drastic. I think you can fill in the blanks on a certain trade that I I would be absolutely open to. Amoled body amoled I'd that this team has been a frustrating is the easiest were that I can come up with just with watching them there's more talent I think that their thirteen and eleven record. Com you and her cage was the key factor for a lot of folks. And based off of their performance early in the year I think it would be easy to guess what army is probably don't have an act rated season you know what he's averaging this year. He's averaging over fifteen points and about eight boards a game that's pretty good it's not quite double double maybe one of a little bit more. But free young Saturn that's really playing his first roles as starter in this league for an extended period of time. Fifteen NA it's not that he's not a key piece of the offense at times it's frustrating to me. The ball movement has disappeared when they have it their lights out you can't stop it because guys are knocking down open shots but. At times and a point to figure mostly it CJ McCollum for that and he uses says numbers are way down this year. From where they were last year mull heartless as completely disappeared it would've found him colonel Lawrie won. I love mark let's add that this is going to be his breakout season isn't a squat and 24 games Evan Turner is a terrible fit that hasn't changed. Meyers Leonard was anybody tweeting about it last night is three minutes when he was a minus six and didn't make a shot coming missy and he played three Nancy was a minus six. Three minutes niceties on the to defend miners shared a fort. That's on stocks. Like some of these product not everything is Stotts allowed it was more no I'm just saying if you're gonna play him offer. What did he play against the pelicans he scored fifteen points if your gonna claim that many minutes is the pelicans. Stop with this nit picking up well Max shots. Give the guys some solid rock you find out who we spoke with that right and I again I think we know we as I know who he is right I see what you're saying you're given consistency that's all I'm saying they don't do that I think on that coaching end it doesn't happen. Again this is not on sites he did not construct this roster yet another year I just say I came into the season with the the wool pulled over my eyes and I was optimistic about what they are bringing back and I love these schedule the way it stacked up early in the season thinking that they can rack up some wins and here we are basically through the easy portion of the schedule on their lucky to be above 500. You can get really want that's good enough for six and sixth in the Western Conference playoff picture. That's gonna change somebody's at a teams are gonna figured out another west isn't as deep as name we thought it was coming into the season. All what is your scheduled at Stafford eagle eagle thirteen eleven through this stretch as you mentioned you got Houston coming up goggle state coming up again and East Coast trip coming up. It's only getting it more difficult from here and it's it's extremely frustrating why. Wanna read some tax some thoughts on the blazers at the bridge partners Texas 55305 and then we'll move on to the the NFL news but I wanna leave with one final thought before we come back. It's one thing to be six thing closed out the playoffs it's one thing to be good on defense knocking on offense and have some problems there. This team gives you no reason and I'm not kidding I see no reason to go spend your money to go wanna watch imply. They are pouring. They are not entertaining and I'll tell you right now if I'm not in media and arrogant media pass and after buy tickets. They DM Assurant worth like eighty dollars in my money to go watch. I'll watch that crap at home at a bar or just straight missive read some thoughts on the blazers would do that next certain spring back with more offense on. Mom back maybe bomber Brandon is back on line. Let's us know it's going to be a downer renown and and and yeah no accede does feel good to to be fired up I can watch that so. Authenticity you don't really should lose a game can I tell you something that was just aren't that good they don't have jumble we have never been shy to admit. We're men but we're not the most manly men out there like we are just learning to do basic things that a lot of listeners know how to do I speak for yourself I've remodeled my kitchen you paid a company to come and a how. I you I just recently. Purple wall mount on my team for my TV in my living room yeah they did looks great to go above my mental. The first thing I decided to watch with it was last night you know let us rip off the wall was of the blazer game it looked at scenario it was Bradley BO dropping 51 and I sat on my couch. I drank my ginger own vodka. And I thought. Why in the hell did I make this the first thing I decided to watch I'd much rather watch a Christmas movies it's cheesy ginger ale and vodka I ran out Coke. Interest yeah I mix and I make stuff all the time always like ginger ale with like ginger ale with it was whiskey was no yeah me and I know I said vodka gadgetry on skis that's message Israel vodka I've never had them yeah you're right that I'm an idiot it was that was key bonding trail and whiskey with speaking and not be in manly men come on. The average is evident at crown in Coke. Monaco is orange and brown a firewall whiskey may be an ice cube that's a bottle put them up babble is an old western we're just getting hammered out left on Tuesday. Yeah it's about that time you say your right okay well and chapter Biehl had I don't know when he whatever at halftime. The car up man card on viola that but nonetheless my point was the first freaking game I watch the TV amount in the living room and I get to what's Bradley BO go off. And I'm just I'm tired of a man. You know somebody in a really let me read this tax I'm just I'm tired of this selling crap of a mediocre product this it is what it is I'm not gonna be shocked if they. Lose to Houston. Then they go on the road. And their close with Golden State and then they win more games on the road to lose and now suddenly it's flipped and everybody's trying to Italian ask. I figured it out or back. They're not to notice there's a mediocre. Basketball team at best they can be to succeed in the west right now the bottom of the west is not great. They are not winning your first round match up. That's it I'm sorry I'll call this early. This is what I'm dying out though I'd rather be a thirty and 52 team. Have them play hard with room for growth. Denny 4141. Free eternity our backs of the tank mounds and into the knocking on not gonna get on here and advocates for tanking probably bang all I'm saying is there are teams that are much worse than them. Or teams that are. I think in terms of role players in key contributors younger than them in certain positions. Much more entertaining they are up bottom if I did a league pass ranking they would be in my bottom six or seven Indian to yank. Yes its target Israeli attack they're not fun to watch just so weird rabid as the opposite this year woods has been in year's past has ribbon panel on defense. And there's scoring a ton of points this year they're better somehow defensively you know who's actually been the good defensively this year. Damian Miller you look at a lot of the individual metrics that just analyze how good players are on that side of the ball. Debut Willard is is like taking a huge step in his career I want to give credit for because it's been the main criticism. Offer him and they're much better defensively as a team because of it because he's playing better defense. But the problem resides on the offensive end of the floor I didn't there's just too many different things unpack IE don't pull the ball you don't have enough shooters. Laura this is disappeared I don't think they're using Turkish the way that they should be. When a guy like Myers and and as a hockey mom with the at my diet I can't stand him and I went on follow the blazers. Every time they tweet out a picture of him flexing does he had a good game where yet now haters will where have you been for five years he makes ten million dollars I hoping to make a shot in the NBA but. That the consistency of of of when these guys are playing what the rotation as. It's constantly changing. It's it's it's a flawed roster idea I do think there's talent out there but it's flawed and I think you're seeing a lot of those words. She'll ignited a night out and let maybe it's overreacting as some people you alluded to last segment. I'm honored percent there it's always been in the back of my mind now for a year and a half of indie game and CJ were together long term is this a backward they can figured out. If you get the right pieces around it. It doesn't feel doctor ever gonna get the right pieces around it they tried to this offseason when George they win if they tried to a Carmelo to improve that wing spot the were talking about how many talented guys they miss in the draft somebody talented wing players they listen to draft its exact Collins is made one field will this year. A mom so it is still has only made one wants Gerald Ford 24 games any does seem plays not even dressing for some games kaelin's wanna get hardly plays anymore now that energy and excitement he brought to the floor early in the year has gone differently is not good enough to be cracked rotation. So because of all those things are much and then their mentally I'm I would have no problem with them. Pulling the trigger on a CJ McCollum deal let me read if you sides here at the bridge for appears tax line absolutely CJ needs to move the ball also need to quit Jack and threes with pork. Shooters is CJ quick I saw this quick dive dove in insidious CJ thoughts CG was evident kind of an off year. His numbers are like the exact same as last year scoring they are but if you watch him yeah this is where analytics get away from what you see. When you watch him he feels. It feels weird it just feels like there's a disconnect where some ninety see him and he's engaged he's attacking. And last night it just feels like man are really wanna play today. I saw the slash during games for the warriors he quit he did I'm sorry I love season McCall he's a great representative of the team accept or whatever. He quit and acting dame was the only only show it was the only player that played in that game for the or the rest of overall ready for vacation and act times not most of the time but at times. There is a you don't really feel that he really wants to play maybe not for this team or just on a certain night. You kind of get go buy some times from CJ somebody else's Marcus is sick watching Damon CJ hero ball I think more the team is as well the team isn't in it. And it shows. As somebody says the roster is fine crammed with talent. Blazers don't respond coming out of timeouts they don't come out the second half I'm sorry it's 100% coaching. Stimulus is bomber Brandon is backlight of the S known as the blazers. Some real some way to Spragan full panic mode trade TJ right me now stock up draft picks start Damon pat Terrell Owens' act Collins let him cut his teeth. And he will be got with a kid that was from. Somebody else's time never wreckage play off the ball. Instead of watching the ball up and dumping it into inert on the block or high post pick and roll. It's stagnate the offense they need to play like those games with their last year that got them in the playoffs. Let me see here. And just other people asking for. More playing time with certain players. Some of this heartless is useless. And CJ is streaky. So meals blazers team down. A lot of blazer fans know there is a culture of accepting mediocrity and players put it in enough an art to satisfy Edward the mediocrity that that was they McCracken at the mall slash. Here was the anti tank folks saying what do you do to the culture the culture and Portland will never be the same while they didn't tank how's the culture. How is that working out for this year Yahoo! wants to markets cousins and an attitude with the culture he's just having his past season. Making he's single handedly by the way for those announced the MBA and a single handedly. Making New Orleans a playoff team as soon as they may not end up there yes he has financing aiding this is been plagued with injury he is single handedly is pretty dead at his best season and made New Orleans a playoff team is pretty good but who wants that right he's a he's like Keisel locker room cancer well I edges I think god the explosion from you today and I feel as well I'm sorry man a lot of blazer fans they are topology as a lot of blazer fans are right there with you this comes up. It happens and is ablaze a Stanley three or four times a year. Regis he just lose it lets kids he needed you needed explode for a little bit vent and get all your frustrations after just because. The reality of the fact is no matter optimistically link yet no matter how would sell job is with the Twitter feed says. It's the same damn story every single season yup it's a saves every single. Year. It's the same exact story and I think we forget it you you want to forget it you want to buying you want to believe and it maybe there's some hope here in Turkey say this could. It's all gonna figure itself out yet here we are 25 games in basically went over a quarter of the way through the year. And it's the same exact stuff we've been talking about for four years now. I'm sorry I. I did not wanna go blazers for half hour we need to Denny Green dropped as every time we talk about the images. They are we thought they work. Was it was him yeah does doniger around me proud of their practice this game I am saying OK we'll move on from the blazers let's get to the USC thing there's a decision. Could possibly think about this move that would help them a lot to hurt us here in the northwest. And then also will pass along the NFL news out of videophone is really worthy of the segment so we'll pass that along we'll get to that next. Ever immaculate 34 appear begins day today Wednesday at two Wednesdays are gone wild all on. Territory on vacation mode and now. Last fall showed the advertising into radio Thon start here coming up an hour and a half which means we have abbreviated Thursday's. A comment and out of the stuff I'm hanging out or tell six hours a descent two days opera and I am speaking for myself weightless. I'll be dug a pretty miserable regular shifts so it's just Isaac concedes an answer all yeah the boys and cowering behind a three he'll be here all day dec Colin graciously given up this time tomorrow also. Can I can I admits of the real quick. The first year we were asked to help out with this so we stepping and we used to relieve one of them selling get a quick sandwich or something and time to get it taken down. I was really nervous like I've and the M radio Saudi morrow worked here I'd heard of Aden followed it didn't liking guys can suit before you get here. I was nervous stepping in now. And I had no idea what we were giving away its its mad chaos as it is every year here it's hard pressed because nobody really keeps in the loop of what's going on we just kind of command and were like OK we don't know we're giving away but let's go ask her I came in and I asked I might have been swagger order lynch and I said hey what are we doing for the next hour. They handed me up buying it. Like eight out papers five Laurent the binder and. Well written about in here I gave it to us Kyle Kyle. Good friend college anime K a rare appearance on non primetime today run on things for embassies are shown us is that or toes yeah. I am wrong everybody's coming into the back in again I think he is right here is that here's a look it's too long. So I come in here and I do that I'm that when last year's two years ago I'm nervous so mechanic walks in and hey. Hey big guy what do what do we do what you wanna focus on this Isaak. I don't know I just give stuff away put his headphones on and I and and really had no idea what to deal 321 action don't brands for a bulk now you're interviewing somebody you've never heard the gimmick at. And I was like yeah that's our heroic Special Olympics every Amazon. That's a make those we help out as we can which is not much help because they were pretty useless around here but other doing a great 'cause starts today threes so we will bumblebee and briefly tomorrow and then I'm on vacation start on Friday so. Shuffling chairs its way always goes. Around the holiday season we'll get it in the NFL breaking news looking at a new rule change and also was second Gerry and we'll get an of that coming up. In ten minutes but how about this idea so Ryan Abraham is one of our friends. He we have mullah all the to have him on all the time to time USC football is inside Troy a USC football dot com. And he was doing some you know just got to end of the season pactel championships over let's look back and analyze how this thing went what you is see should focus on moving forward. One of the things that he brought up and I'm curious people's thoughts on this 55305. He's seriously believes. They USC should push to go independent. Claims that they're making twenty million dollars less per year and a TV deals and rockers. And Rutgers he's right when he million dollars less than Rutgers they have a horrible schedule globalize got to play Friday night short weeks traveled all that stuff. Terrible arrests in the conference. I think we can all agree on that pactel breasts are. What do Deepak what do what is USC get out of the pac twelve is asking they should explore independent tech. I'm not sure this is actually ever going to be. It's just an offseason rant and takes it all eyes watered as his opinion not I don't think you as you actually insist they'll let me say this. The schedules weakness schedules we this year because the pac twelve was not great. Was weak last year when you might have been the best team now you got a playoff team what about the year before that. Now. The pac twelve had one down here you can't react in sable what's the schedule giving you arguably crappy teams. Yes you are here and there but here's here's the Philly and every team in the country plays crappy teams. I do think financially they would benefit greatly from going independent odd this pac twelve deal goes on for another six years. It is terrible were well aware that we don't need to go back and that ran they would benefit make more money in my opinion from going independent. I also think their schedule. If you reeling pac twelve teams or not you pony you wanna play. USC is basically West Coast Notre Dame they have the cachet to make a schedule as tough and would give them consideration. Now you do get a conference title game appearance and potential conference championship to brag about yes you do but let's point today is if Notre Dame doesn't lose three games. They only lose one. They are in the playoffs they don't need a conference title. Neither would USC if they had won loss where you're undefeated because you can scheduled tough enough exactly you get four or five really tough games. And then you schedules to mediocrity and then a couple garbage teams home that is schedule enough in USC. To get in the playoffs if USC did it I think it would be Smart move by them. I would greatly missed them and I think the pac twelve actually needs US Seymour and USC needs pac twelve. But look I do agree with that the part of this I don't like is kind of a USC bristling their nose at the conference absolutely horrible view we don't need you I'd look at the conference these USC more than USC needs of pactel there's an and I agree with that I hate to admit it but I've I will. The reason why don't it is a good idea. Financially it is the impact of breast sock I get at some of the scheduling stuff is awful I totally understand all the complaints. Is that what college football's going away from now model and in you've even seen this with Notre Dame Notre Dame now placing partially CC schedule every year. Not to completely in the conference are not fully with football in a that you compete for an ACC title every year. But they are now playing at partially CC schedule and I don't know if it's three years down the road I don't know for five years down the road or ten years down the road. I genuinely feel like we are getting to the point of five major conferences. The all had sixteen teams and the playoff models going to be expanded to include those conference champions. I feel like that's the direction that we're going in college from fossil while financially I understand it. You know from arrest him point schedules template I get all of that. To be fair those are complaints that there's a lot of schools in the tax of can make Washington can make that complaint or in to make that organ stake him. Every so everybody can make a complaint we're not making enough money because they're not be scripted TV deal the rest of the worst in the country and everybody that watches pactel football would agree with that. And the scheduling practices are ridiculous and it's a problem that everybody goes through. If we weren't trending that way in college football of power conferences. You know or super conferences like this out we would see a couple years ago. I would maybe put little stock in this book because I think we're going that direction I don't think you wanna be the only one on the outside looking in. The other part that USC would have to think about here I'm if they ever went down that avenue. If you're leave the conference because of frustrations. And you think you're not getting enough out of it. Who are you playing. Because if they left the pac twelve if on the pac twelve Larry's got all these other presidents slash CDs. Screw you USC went up blank you on our scheduling you're not going to be our you're not gonna be our West Coast Notre Dame and we're not going to be your ACC. So now you're making them like collecting twelve. Big Ten is still play Notre Dame every year because that's a rivalry game. And then you'd have to go out final eleven other opponents to a weight would be Tatis because you make eye contact Susan Notre Dame would probably agree to light. Every year matchups home and home. I'm so there's two games where maybe you just schedule all over the country good luck with that travel schedule. People mentioned a Friday night game in Pullman. Okay at south I get it if USC was truly going to be a playoff team when the game. They were decimated with injuries it was just bad timing playing on Saturday by the way doesn't change their injury situation their offensive line was ravaged. And they had no blocking for Donald in that match up. Okay good luck flying from home in on a Friday to flying. I don't know Ohio or Michigan or Minnesota have fun doing that. That's what I would say that's always gonna go I didn't eat you have to have the long term view here and I do believe next time around it's not going to be for Lanka's as you mentioned the deal's not any time soon but the trachsel will get a better TV deal next time. And if anything needs to change in a conference as a lot of listeners are pointing out of the average for appears Tex I'd. Invading these changes Larry Scott Larry Scott's the one that scientist EV DO there is that's the reason they're making twenty million dollars less and records. He's the reason you're playing these Friday night games at 730 in all these laid cakes he's the reason you're not on DirecTV like. There's a lot of issues here and a lot of them fall on the desk of Larry's got invaded anybody's gonna go. And needs to be the commissioner first I I'm allowed a lot like other people you know USC in the dominance them and how much people talk about them from a national perspective a lot of the time it feels like it's just USC in this conference from the outside perspective. We couldn't we have to have you seen this conference we need you see in the pac twelve and an agreement that it sucks to admit it but I agree with the so I USC right Abraham floats an idea they suited. At least look into the idea of going independent because they're not make enough money to schedules about the refs are bad they don't need. The pac twelve doubtful it's going to happen but it's an interesting theory that somebody floated out. About one of the teams in the pac twelve we'll get to write a thought challenge coming up top of the hour as we're not gonna beyond tomorrow Sylvia make our picks in the NFL would do it. At 2 o'clock but we got some breaking news today in the NFL is a good for the product's long term also. Another rule change could becoming. Deal like it pressure on his next on 1080 the fan. The pressure's on us. This difference in the past messages executing crunch time and we spill in the heat win this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest thing. Wall its current stutter a look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. Acreage diamond Dubai crunch fitness always Nana about a month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership and you find that more bombers breaking network out. Techcrunch dot com. And if a challenge coming up top of the hour sadder story coming up at 215. Or instinct coaching is getting into at some point Sox called a playoff hostility get to. In this Wednesday's show us some stuff brewing in the NFL though. On two different fronts more off the field news if you will from the National Football League. A local by the way you see his suspension got to is suspension got axed and he is now just getting a fine in Cincinnati. So. And backtracked on that one that some of these hits are tough to gauge that when I thought looked I mean it just you know look Allen their suspension no I in that's the tough part is I don't know if it does that there's no right or wrong answer then that's in the NFL is trying to figure out. I think it takes a certain crazy to play in the league are really do I think you are at a different level mentally now a lot of humans and obvious year more gifted didn't and built differently but. I don't I don't think most of these players are out with the malicious intent to really hurt somebody. He's making a play on the ball and he's trying to get the ball out of the hands of Antonio Brown who got a crucial touchdown. And it it looked horrible I'm so I don't mean to get deserve to be suspending guys like Ron do when they do that idiotic play right. And may be as Smith's is dismissed Schuster Schuster Smith highly Suzanne processor does Schuster case miss Shuster yeah maybe that is malicious intent because of the person he hit but. Most of the time these guys don't deserve to be suspended. Well that's Deborah look at that a second battle of the NFL's trying to figure that out there's a lot of meat on that Bono wanted she wants but doubles start told the news and this has been ongoing now for weeks and weeks and weeks and we finally it looks like chemical conclusion to it. Roger Goodell. Has signed his contract extension. So despite the efforts of Jerry Jones who thought he would get. Even up until apparently has really even up to like to date guys that get another bowl thought he was could finally stop this whole thing. Yet today no pro football talk has reported in its official Roger Goodell has signed his contract says. Is it learned he's not going anywhere yet he sounds like he can make a law. On a money depending how successful the NFL on a paean there was nearly a unanimous consensus squeezing the guy amongst the Muslims as favoring in favoring. A favor finalizing the extension right now. How would I would bet jarrah it was below the death of as the dissenting vote. But dead I like this shows who and where the power is Jerry Jones study and a lot of power he can get all these owners on his side. Yet not so fast circle that they're filed with Roger Goodell he's not going anywhere and is is eccentric side now so you know I was done I think we learned this from Jerry himself. You got to wrap present yourself in a respectable. Manner because you representing the league he wasn't doing that with the details stuffed him public dash scene. Leaking stuff the media the pop image Shaw's debacle that he had with the owner. Come out and saying what he said I mean we just there was a lot there. And I think the owners even though some of those people probably don't like to Dell. It's about how you carry yourself and how you represent the league I don't think a lot of those guys like the way Jerry Jones did that yes so and that's one of the stories in a phobia of Illini this is going to be using this is going to be a whole offseason debate and we'll have a lot of time to get into a but it just in the the infant stages coming off an I game. On Monday night as you mentioned deal locus is suspension getting over ruled that he is just getting fine now. Troy Vincent came out today and he was talking about how the NFL's can handle all this stuff and let alone and I'll be able Phil but as 55305. He came out today and said he NFL is going to consider putting in eight targeting rule. Similar to what college football has meaning it targeting UBB called for targeting the review it ample your out of the game if it's the first half. If it's second after he gave toss out of the game and you're suspended for the first capital following game. Eighties Heather also got a ponder punishment for. Non football acts which is basically the gronkowski at some and it's not a football player not a football moment. Father Adam can try to figure out what the punishment should be for that. So they're considering a targeting Rolex college football. And punishment for non football act we I still haven't seen anything done in terms of a story. And research has anybody figured out in college it's a targeting penalty. Has actually led to less targeting calls because to me doesn't feel like it has. And I think if it's amplified on the college level. With fans in and some coaches. How was again on how it's gonna come across the NFL level. Imagine a key players safety DB. Goes down free hand and the the wide receiver crouch is down and ending hit head to head he's called for targeting and even many suspended and ejected. I mean as is stack up play well and I I don't like the college one. I can't imagine the NFL one is going to be very well received either this is gonna console more outrage more controversy was it malicious was it not any simple helmet to helmet hit. Are you good to be able to tossing got the ball game this is gonna cost teams late. And it's gonna do more damage than good in the long program I remember when they changed the extra point you were passed and he said you know you don't want to game to come down to an extra point in the global hold the AFC title game dads doesn't out he misses one new England and but the reason Democrats that game is because knowing and miss an actual point it would have been at least overtime. They lose by one point. I'm worried about something like that if this comes to light me NFL and there's a targeting call on. I don't know insert big name Earl Thomas that sees a local or Thomas an NFC divisional playoff game. This year and it toss out companies to cost and any suspended for the first in our first half whatever it into the end. I'm past. Because now you changed the way the game is played you changed the way a team comes out attacks. I'm not happy about that not okay with this I can't wait to see where it goes from here it's going to be released. Answer stay out season is for talks is better off owning what it is now instead of just trying to figure out. How can we help the narrative or downplay the narrative is nothing wrong with trying to step in to certain instances where you feel like there is malicious intent where it was clearly a dirty hit the did not need to happen I have no problem with that you wanna find guys who want to suspend them for stuff like that. I'm clueless that you're trying to clean up the game and you have to save face a little bit. It doesn't mean you need to have a blanket rule for every time that's the worst thing about the college rules that you just have incidental helmet to helmet hits football. Because say who would guess that just happens in a violent sport guys helmets are gonna collide there's no intent behind it denied trying to knock him out of the game just happens. It doesn't mean you can completely wipe it away from the sport and when you tag on his suspension with that that's where the frustration comes in and ask if the NFL follows that model. That's got to frustrate a lot of folks this is feels like this is way too much overreaction. To a wild thinking that you can't change it's it's an end really won again and there is no talk for this two weeks ago. It's is off a month and apple bought now we need a new rules for drunk and for targeting at you can't change what this sport is I'm OK with being open mind of what you said. But at some point you gotta draw a line and you can't cross that line and I think the NFL is trying too hard here vs assaying. We are what we are where USC where are what should you if we can't misses our sport there is. There is obviously stipulations and things I can happen from playing said sport if you're in as a sports saying great if you're not we can't change. So there don't let's lays in the NFL they're considering it targeting year old considering a non football act to rule as and when apple was drawn to the bills this week. And now Roger Goodell he's not going anywhere he signed his contract extension Jerry Jones not happy about that he tried to throw it all those plans but it did not happen. Roger Goodell signs on to continue to be commissioner. A Deanna felt pressure I'm writing back French and as always the I 95 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership you can find out more about or spray an average out. Akron suck com coming up in the final hour of the show there's there's going to be some leftovers today I just know what but here's the thing sorted effort to get to. The Oakland a's stadium situation has once again collapsed hello Portland are saying hi. Rafael Palmeiro wants to make a comeback at the age of 53. Your state beavers are Macon some hires in football when trying get to the college about playoff matchup some juicy we ever really talked much about them. I'm quite yet we will do stutter story at 215 and we will start with their NFL challenges we do usually on Thursdays do it today because these Special Olympics radio fumble beyond. And tomorrow in place of our NFL challenge so we'll make some picks winners and losers in the NFL next on tending to the fan.