Dirt & Sprague Wednesday December 6th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, December 6th
The guys get right into all the fallout from Willie Taggart officially being introduced as the Florida State head football coach, is there any blame to be laid at the feet of Rob Mullins, and who is at the top of the list to replace him. 

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. There's no question. We were in good conversations. We wanted to do everything he could. Provide its tiger kept me remain here. And then when that. Went away. Turn the page this is durden spray and sandy Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray. Dirt and spray. He's gone 1080. All right it is twelve two in the rose city it is time for dirt this spring on Portland sports leader. N eighty the fan. Brain is bring in Peter Johnson. On this fine hump day edition. Big day here on the fan no. Not only does the examine our show but today at 3 o'clock we beginning of eyes against Duke's radio Thon. And it's it's such a great Kosmas Special Olympics organ we feel very privileged and honored to be teamed up with such a a great cause and a great company and there's a lot to look forward to today we're gonna talk a ton of sports. On and I know the first day of this size could soon get to some sports stories mixed in with the radio samba. On that's going to be kicking off at 3 o'clock so we're pretty pumped about that there's a lot to get to today. I had somebody dirt and before we get to the organ stuff is rob Mullen spoke to listen that press are here on the fan. Willie Taggart had his press conference actually this month or couple things for what he said about organ in leaving it and the the duck players are responding to his press conferences well it's not going well the players are reportedly asking for one individual to be that coach yes they are and then Tyson on who's gonna join us at 1230 today before we get to all of that. I'm gonna take a selfish move here Kelly gap I had a I had somebody as follows me on Twitter yesterday. And I've been completely lazy because well it's me and I don't feel like being a journalist has it worse and somebody sent me. A picture. That I guess is circulating. On an organ state related website okay not sure which one it is. And I don't know if this is doctor if this is Photoshop but the picture looks legit to me now all. And that picture. Is a name tag. Reading Mike Riley assistant coach who dared you cull and it just in the hour day it's in the organ state facility yes. See now it this is the easing part now we've had this conversation a few times off the year about Mike Riley coming back to Corvallis and you have then. Adamant against him but it's not suddenly make it's you jacked up as a beaver fan. Eyelash I love this I think it would be awesome if he give back to arouses an assistant coach I think that it's clear that he is daisy head coach in major college football. Are over he's getting paid a lot of money and Arco coach football right now he wants to go back to Corvallis Tories from its no it whether he coaches there or not. That's more than likely where he's going to be living there are far more positives to having him as an assistant coach on that staff the negatives in my mind. I some people are worried about the overshadowing and you don't want him around and and maybe his mind will be Els or I just I don't buy any I he's Tories they beaver he always has been an amended rule those three years out at Nebraska. He's an organ state lifer and I think it would be great to have somebody with his ex. Variance on that staff now I am I'm gonna say something with no experience of Photoshop at all Cambodia. As photo looks pretty damn agenda that you're buying into it but it's my grading. No I'm I know at the tag says Mike Riley assistant coach next to a B reload go inside the facility. But it I just. I don't know I've seen Photoshop pictures before and you can I and that's not that guy's body that's not that six body that's ahead on somebody else right right this doesn't look like that this looks like somebody was like oh hey. Preemptively Mike Riley assistant coach these haven't announced it yet Comcast have one of those as they would definitely tiger news broke they tweeted out a function up picture of him in Florida State gear yet and his head was like the size of a balloon if psychiatrist to lead to a better Photoshop job here. Now a full and anybody we'll have photo doesn't exist it's better than now what was it Bleacher Report they did the picture when Taggart to name was surfacing first the first time they never got the picture right they did Michael Johnson assistant coaches on another black coach on the organ staff weeded out Bleacher Report not all black people look the same that's not that's not really Taggart to Google Willie Taggart you'll realize that very quickly that's not him and I just I think this doubling as literally as you're going on the air and put this up a simple question and I'm I'm curious how beaver fans feel about like I know old. It was never going to be a reality they came back for a third time as head coach have no way never gonna have that was never consideration is what I was told and we can all agree on that never never was a thought on their mind. The assistant coaching to me is it's really appealing it's red really ends. He knows how to recruit to Corvallis he knows the area well he doesn't he yeah he only bread and I don't failed a little bit towards the end there but let's not act like his whole tenure was bad no no no no I was assays assistants were really good. I seek further their aid in and that's absolutely true but just having somebody with a head coaching experience I think. That was one of the criticisms of John and Smith when he got the job is this guy mean is an offensive coordinator for a couple years. Is he rainy and every coordinator that makes the jump from the opposition to a head coach is gonna go through that criticisms are having somebody with them some experience behind him. As a win win for organs state yeah I mean it's. I see where you're coming from I mean a guy doesn't have any head coaching experience he's coming from Washington. It's his Almonte are seeing you know that is a little extra juice to it right a lot Willie Taggart at Florida State are. There's that connection for Jon Huntsman and it's probably deeper because he actually played for that team. Com the only concern for me is jest. Sometimes. If you've given these weird situations where the team has big decisions to make and again having Riley's the personality at steps aside to say. This is you're program. You do it you feel is best sometimes you get stuck in go what would you have done here. Got to dean yeah Terry to NIC rewrite from their right and I'm not saying Smith would do that it's just I would have a concern does that happen. Yeah but but offensively minded. I know their offense was very inconsistent. And generally had so many stupid interceptions this year. Statistically when he has a new quarterback. The second year that that kid plays in the system it's night and day it really is it's Matt Moore a look at Matt Moore's numbers. Sean Manny and they did those steps that he took yearning Euro as a starter with that system absolutely I would even say the system is broken. Hell we don't even know what his role would be. I'm so I think yes something to offer from a football perspective it's just the concern for me would be 11 listener points out are there still recruits. They need to cycle I don't think there are anymore for not mistaken and two. What is the capacity of the role and how reliant is somebody like Smith on Mike Riley yeah. That's that's my concern as are all about questions those are if he's not an assistant coach review would you be Ocalan and being in the in the administrations and form. Because that's all I always wanted out Ryan has long said that if you if Barnes ends up ever leaving organ state which if you build this thing up and make it respectable. He's probably gonna be another gig somewhere bigger. I have been long a proponent of a black dress your Mike Riley is an eighty's or bring them back out excellently a lot of running athletic departments on some form needs to be get to your your message of get an organ state guy in the eighty year old pit you know. Yankee 7372. He's got about eight to six years whatever he's not going anywhere. That's a big part of being an athletic directors raising money and I still think in Holland and as bad as it was for some Bieber fans when he laughed and there are a lot of them that were calling for him to leave and I think. That was it was a break up that was in it needed to happen again and he does he go through how long was it fifteen years sixteen years. On after he came back from the NFL's long time. And it just it needed to happen and I think time heals all modes of beaver fans that were against Mike Reilly is head coach when he left. I don't blame him an all time it was shown. And in the face of their argument that the grass is and always greener on the other side is Gary Anderson didn't do squat. Replacing him and now here we are with Jonathan Smith so and I think you let bygones be bygones you welcome him back in whether it's in the administration Hillary shaken hands and raising money. Helping hire coaches or whether it's as an assistant coach I think both of those would be a great success for organs they yet this listener points out to this another example when I'm time Sean Canfield yeah. What he was with the system I love John can't it was a college quarterback it was a lot of fun logic is good it was a easygoing and if you think back of like the last fifteen years or more in state quarterbacks. His name doesn't get brought up enough. It's hard though because Armenians got all the numbers and there is some good ones they are Jared Allen was pretty freak and special that he was. Give a better predict infield and then on nine civil war though I Raymond James Rogers were unstoppable. But you could every time agency would throw to every play April and has not. Need to do to stop me that team so good agree game it was a very balanced teams now. So yeah I got a picture of Mike Riley and I don't the name says micro leases accounts take afterwards words who knows of its Photoshop. Are weeded out if you only tweet out we got right now operated Sprague an app you can see it you can judge for yourself to get what are sources. And that. It's got to be get started as a lot to get to a mentioned Tyson Alger at 1230. And doing my show she I got here really late today and yet and you get a sick kid many got a kid it's vomiting and apparently you can't send your kid back to school if they vomit so she vomiting two days it should she vomit in my birthday my ignite time of my birthday and I'm not going at all how it was plan. She and getting sick yet she woke up the next morning I'm really Hungary energized happy OK you're good to go to school. Better off she went hour and a half after I got into work. Your daughter's not feeling well I say Pollyanna makes and she threw up last night I then got yelled at by a school administrator and dairies in your kid to school the raw and it's our money for our. Hours. I'm sorry I didn't know its arms arms Ari does next and don't admit to the vomiting we got our picked up as she and much is. The wife's job is really flexible Georgia Providence she's she can be flexible at times she picks are upright. She vomit it again yesterday who mid day by the end she's doing good she's not being woke up this morning she's fine she's not seeking was a bug. The wife wanna meet him miss the showed today in stay home and actually had planned to gag you tell me has certainly had his chance and I hear tomorrow and I end up finding. Somebody to watch his sister allowed greed to watcher. And the wife is pissed at me right now for now. Like legit very upset that I did not miss work now to watch the daughter because she missed work or she went home. Well so now it's cycle you think your jobs more import. And -- and that's always a hard play with a significant other is the importance of us missing workers not easy to -- you could just blend into the background emerges you know sitting cubicle for eight hours it's you know you come and go maybe it's not as big a deal but when one of us as a near us not likely to necessarily work from home yeah hey guys are good I would yes I can distill Thai you know a grabbing a microphone I'll do it from home in Washington that's easy yes and you're not here and you're you're not hair blowing if it was spring and summer. I totally would I text you guys are hey I'm just I can't come in and Eddie's sick day we have home we don't use them right. So I wouldn't know prominent is right now the thick of everything that's going on. I had to find somebody to watch it it's did you see your wife sees that Livni is understand this hail now come up we need to understand this is an hostility this is important that I even God's acted in an eyewitness on this tigers have gone on over the weekend I was glad to be glued to my phone for you know look at forefront as you put it on don't see blood there's a lot going out of try to drag caused up. And there was a you know you have been paying attention to meet last couple days like well listen all the stress. Coaches leaving Stanton might be a giant is looking to get through this period and everything will be OK I promise. All right we got a good show today Iran to ride during spring yet Peter Johnson and operate in spring let's start with the Oregon eighty rob Mullen spoke to the media yesterday following Willie Taggart decision. Let's is timeline for the new coach how does he feel about Taggart will bring rob Mullins to you next entered spring on offense. Well they've seen on the fair welcome back here and hope you're enjoying your hump day love in the weather this week got a hole and sunny weather going on here like that vibes. I ain't even see of the show I'm not one they use the likes doing that. Just because I'm always afraid that if I say hey we're gonna talk. Baseball batting average 115 you're gonna go well 115. Turn dirt and sprayed on I don't anti baseball batting averages nobody do wanna talk about Portland getting eighteen Hillary exist. It happened that happened. We'll start my USC. Our friend Ryan Abraham has a crazy idea. That actually. Would totally understand. So I'll will get to that we've got an excellent challenge today because we don't have a show tomorrow no we do not and stab her story we'd like to get in today ma'am yes we do and then I'm gone on vacation on Friday for just about a week's or this is our last show for awhile together and we will talk. About that because of summing up their vacation I want to addressed. Overwhelming dissent. And he's like could have two cents on a time to treat all. I've waited two days to you know. As I had planes trains and automobiles all over the weekend we all need to unplug my man so I did I unplugged quite a bit on Monday and Tuesday although I couldn't avoid the Taggart stuff but there you go off when nobody could avoid the Taggart stuff especially AD Ramones who now cannot unplug because he's got to get on his high horse. And yes he does have a high horse and he has to know find the next head coach for the organ docs Willie Taggart is gone. I needs to go cloak and dagger though. I don't think this can play out too much all yet says he can't afford anybody he asks who might say thanks but no thanks to get anywhere near a media source. I see we are coming from there. And I I don't necessarily disagree with that and all so everybody who's wanna know everything. I would feel much better if I was a duck fan. If I mean if there was just. I got the work ahead to the bowl game I think the ball game here plane early actually helps them and it gives him some cover. And I don't want us the Marlins have from a doctor in Antilles ready to make that press conference and announce a higher. That's a good thing and they ambling forward is are not just gonna take shots in the dark here and that was the one benefit of having just said. At least an idea that Willie Taggart can be leaving it's I hammered home yesterday that when when you. Have an idea that this could be coming they've done their homework they don't they wanna go after and I think they've reached out to people behind the scenes and said hey if this job opens up isn't something that would interest you. Would you be sitting coaching organs football and I think all of those nose and basically gone off the board. And they're not gonna go after anybody at this point that inning to scan emphatically publicly. I come out and say no I think they've narrowed their list down to guys who showed interest in potentially. Coming organ if there's an opening announces down a deciding on which got wanted to laughter I think it's a lot like Morgan State in the sense of I think they have a list of people they know or yeses certainly is god decide which one's best and you have a couple big ones that you're gonna ask about and you'll find out very quickly whether it can happen or not let's get to rob mall and we aired a press conference yesterday on the fame but in case you missed it. I he said quite a bit one of which we don't have this cut but this really stuck out to me. Willie Taggart said on Friday had not been contacted by FA issue officials yes he contacted rob Owens Thursday night to tellem that he had been contacted by state every show on Thursday and Florida State reached out to Mullins themselves on Thursday before Willie Taggart talked to a home to rely into the process Zoe and I'd there are not really anything surprising about that but tell let's get dear rob mole in stock at this kind of got sloppy a little bit and rob Mullins gave his two cents on the. I understand can that take it got clumsy at the end there's no question about that but you know we were in good conversations. We wanted to do everything that we could. Two provides coach tiger kept you remain here. And then when that town went away we turn the page. Yeah axis into it wasn't pretty it ended very poorly obviously a lot of people unhappy and just kind of feel betrayed because when rob Owens talked to Willie Taggart about bringing them on. He thought this was a long term deal obviously now with the progress that we made. Think continuity is important when it's going well. And problem we sat down a year ago elf there was a pledge for commitment and vision for long term. And there was one that we believe. Com obvious that's not what happened. So will be backed out there again and now will have the same competitions. We might have to take a little deeper assessment on how we view. Those conversations. Yeah again this mining despair don't wanna offer tiger where dream jobs opens he leaves otherwise this might have a long term thing on that's the main thing that I wanna bring up today is I don't wanna organ to make a higher out of fear and and that's my major concern about their next step and look I get it sucks to get a coach who preaches future preaches. This is his dream job this is very wants to be he wants to win a national title here he's selling its recruits. You feel like you've found the right guy in your last coaching search and and he leaves you and dumpster after one year I get it hurts it sucks raw mad. As duck fans and I totally understand it led. I I do kind of feel like this is a one off situation. In terms of just the quickness avid that this reality exists for every program. As Florida State just found gym official won a national title at Florida State one of the best jobs in college football left for tax and a money was part of it is consult was a part of it didn't feel like yet the supporting wanted. Edit in different things going to have but there's not many stops and coaches sit around for twenty years anymore it just doesn't happen in college football so. That the notion that organism stepping stool job aura that you know you wanna go find a guy that's not gonna bounce after one year. This was unique circumstance I firmly believe in my heart are to the Florida State job did not come open. Willie Taggart here for for five years if not more. It was just a strange situation where his dream job opened up and there's a lot of us it would have been hard to say no it was situation like that well before play Mullen is here and his thoughts on it how big is the local connection. Yea it seems to be and I I saw this again I think there are some similarities here I solace for the organ state. And now I'm seeing the same thing with organ you lose a coach and you have to replace somebody. Everybody's like instincts kicks in a specially in this region because we just haven't had dissing coaching changes happen since the twenties and and happen. Everybody goes bring this person back go get this person now has lived here don't like the local high stuff. Is a big deal a lot of people one that's right I Seattle intimate higher out of fear because that's not for adjustable Cox's name floated out and timing Justin Wilcox has a bright future he did a great job at cal this year. And I think he's taken a program in the right direction. If you believe that he's the guy if you believe that he is the best option to be your next head coach. That I think he should go out and hire him but if it's only because he's from the area. And he wins or again and it's a situation where you don't think he's going to leave. That's not a reason to go out hire somebody and and that's why I'm cautiously. Hopeful organ does not do you need to go out and hire the best coach if you are Kevin someone. And say let's imply this guy he wins a national title next year he could leave too but you still have to be willing to take that risk and I as a fan I'm OK with that. There's going to be moments like this were a coach les after one year or you're gonna have some Dahlia it to this is just gonna happen it comes with the territory in college football. But I would much rather have them gambling rolling the dice and going getting it going out and getting the best guy they believe for the job. Instead of just simply playing it safe and finding somebody local that you think statistic around because the ceiling might not be the same for the program. So from the people OSHA after one year of cow one year at cal he goes to what maybe you labels as his dream job because he lived in organ. You'd be doing the exact same things some in the out out the outrage would be. Shifted now and right it's okay for you when one of an odd when we went through this for the organ state and end Korey Hall because a lot of the players wanted him to be the head coach decided to petition they want him to be the guy and that's the other thing I I don't line. Don't make a reactionary decision by the recruiting class about what the players are saying they're gonna have passions they played for those coaches so I completely understand where they're coming from. They don't know what it would be like to play for an outside coach now all the organ state players said they wanna Corey all. There's stick around and they're gonna play for Jonathan Smith they're gonna be fine he's a good coach and everything's gonna be OK at that program. Dole don't overreact too much just to the voice to continue to see this onto their recruits and players coming out CEMIG give letting get a crystal ball. Again it goes back in you think they're the best guy for the job and you finger and did them the best person you'd hire for the next five years. Gold for I'm OK with that but don't do it out of pressure of just being scared of upsetting the football players here is. Rob moments thoughts on the local connection or we have a whole long list of criteria. And how that's a bonus comet is not where you start is that there's a pool we wanna have. I divert school broad pool. Com and we will have that could come but at the end there's help someone with ties into that's a bonus but it could it's not at the top of the list. And I think that's an important thing man it is not out of it that does not have to be the most important thing. I think everything you said on. Peeking out of the absolutely spot on. Don't pick out of fear yeah pick the best. Mechanical finding guy you think's best for the just make the team is good is you can't that's got to be the thought process there will play more rob Mullins audio and then Willie Taggart gave his thoughts on organ his presser today. And then I wanna address the wanting of organ players that we heard here on the fan this morning. And who they want to be to head coach will address all that but first. We'll talk with Tyson all jury yes. Former friend of the show is back on the airwaves. Tyson Alger or live dot com he joins the show next to give us his thoughts on Willie Taggart leaving. And where organ stacks apple do that next. All right welcome back get busy day here are dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan and this is funny because last night I was in the DMs with our next guest. And we were talking about regional romances slide into his Deanna. Sometimes you gotta bring back the old flame and that's we're gonna do today with our friend Tyson all major organ live dot com onto her act nice in all injures where you can find him I do a man. You know it is it feels right. Except for us it does yeah how are you guys on. Our doors fantastic and we miss you this season enough for obvious reasons we kid not link up but it's good to have you back on the station. Let let's just start with the Willie Taggart leaving to Florida stated now organ fanned his pairs an organ is looking for the head coach. Oh where do you think they're really look at what if if Tyson was to really guess who is the person that he would circle and say that's probably their number one just a shot in the dark. And it is Republican in the house I think I think Mario crystal ball. Is appropriately enough chart I know you guys now the players. Our our plan on board it. Yes. Major recruiting background and the night and that's kind of one of the biggest. Biggest concerns for the ducks right now is you know at this signing date coming up here couple weeks and then crystal ball is. I give him a little bit of continuity here but it looks outside the program. You know it it. The toughest thing about. How does a win down here is pretty much all the coaching. But that the coach and careful treatment ended about a week ago or so that that's when whenever it was coming out compete shop our shock or around by. I think someone. Is that when he part for them about that I'll be deprived it Google has well Cox over cal you know I think a big big credit are here and compete couldn't hire somebody local ties here they don't want another one and done guy. I think they really want somebody. That feels about organ in the weight belt out a bit better so it would regard call it secular Carlo. Now merely adjusting you know I eat you had a chance to be there yesterday at the facility in between now one of the most depressing photos of the casino where. UCLA's Freeman starent hundreds of video board and there's really tire leave the team on the field man it was depressing. And luddite but we I've seen differing opinions from players some players supporting his decision some players tried guy decides ten minutes ago. Our earlier and earlier today tweeting that you know he lied straight to his face what was it just kind of mood with the players in the reaction that you saw from them yesterday. You know you're it was very neck you know I doubt that impression from some of the older players are from what I've got out in the next season. They completely understood I mean they gave the order of business if they know it. This situation for certain how the partridge and the puppet strings are then they'll don't know oil oil oil peak at the a lot or that you know mark Alpert is droplet or induction and Patrick and I don't. I think it's probably a little copper put some of the younger it looks at that are gonna see. Beer out the current for the next years especially some of the guys that are in your bike. Or Google. You know a large amount of kind of or. Or acute on the roster that you know eight grip with. And so I think there's. I think I think a lot of guys understand but I I went the way it went down. Because so many Atlanta empowered therapy and now that obviously evident by the treatment and I. You know our Tyson on jury is our guest or live dot com as we can find his great work and he's on Twitter at Tyson all jerk. You mentioned Mario crystal ball and your colleague Andrew naymick also mention that here on the fan about how players are just kind of root for Mario crystal ball to get to dig. You mentioned recruiting the recruiting ties he has and you know yet early signing period coming up here on the twentieth and then you have the signing day and just what can you salvaged with the eighteen recruiting class. I wanna step away from the recruiting of players. And when asked if crystal ball is legitimately candidate. How do you think you would be recruiting the coaches tend not Leven folly Willie Taggart namely a Jim Leavitt a Joseph Salave'a etc. I think you know record the ball is is very very well respected among the staff you know yeah. I eat either very personable saying. I don't think there artwork. Out welcome your heart and that example other guys. At or you know. Exactly their relationship he has all the other crap I'm not I I would completely expects some of the other guys go ahead baca. Or go to certain you know there's there's several of them. All the falcons are retreat stop them upside down bear that out one completely surprised me by. You know I'd I think crystal ball would be be a good head of a program and I think in the lottery act in you know I think people would tackling ya. At least here and now could I am happy if you look promoters and a. You know and and that was the O line yesterday with the Taggart news coming out and then shortly after that Jim Leavitt stuff starts this rural around what are but he says he's gone he's following him. On to Florida State in Leavitt tweets out last night you know not so fast and and we know he's obviously gonna weigh his options and he wants to be head coach at some point again what. What are we hearing it was the latest on the Jim Leavitt situation and no matter who the head coaches his chance at sticking around in Eugene. Yeah I think glad that inner. I think these countries to do whatever. Put him in the best position become head coach Amara again. And wetter we're not. Still remaining are different corners or and or technical oriented coaching position. I'm not quite sure where does I think or. Why he's that career and I told her there. Report yesterday completing concrete economic future battle with their element critical open out right now I need to be waiting to you yet the opera Morgan put it took our. Pertinent and or it could go to it would duplicate any guilt or are. Organs at all that the minded head coach is her. You know decade at this point and you know I think a tough thing with pain that coaches you know it paid Newt conquer tactic is entered into eight and and you know it's I don't know how much do you. He likes it and you see what you put out Patrick on Twitter that two of the air. You know this is the head out somewhere 02 in a lot I think I would be too cute that you don't want another one doesn't go after accurately. Yeah out your guardians Tyson on jurors our guest. Well let's let's take the players. Thoughts feelings let's take that away organ state players wanted Korey Hall to be the new head coach of worries state sometimes players are tied in with emotion and relationships and it doesn't always mean that that's the best decision for program. Just your your two cents your gut feel what is who is the best person in your opinion to lead disorder program. Then that's that's really tough because I I completely agree with you guys on don't want to just go. Or a player. Guide to. You know they took us to coach a guy that they were very closely at crystal ball present some continuity should for them I don't know how key is that the x.s and now coach it's been several year and you had to coach and I just don't know this but I I definitely think you'd be very Smart for them to as she what's available. From time. Sometimes and pop up you might not expect right out like a growing about 24 hours into the ring co. I I would PE. Very surprised if they don't get somewhere someone woke up that long. Well what's the timetable you're here I mean I know behind the scenes organ has mentally prepared for this and made clear they knew it was a reality and rob Mullins talk about that yesterday end and I'm assuming they're gonna wanna move quickly with the signing day coming double what's his caddie you're guessing game on. A timetable of how long it'll take to find this next guy. I would assume they try to get something done within the week with no. It it's just it's way too important to our time. I know it is. You know I know wasn't answering this decision for tiger and I think it is. You know it if you would have had a late one took in two weeks before I mean date but it was him it's completely out of round or pro because I I think it. Whatever it is mainly could have lasting impact from the program your combat that you know it happens with the signing of a very kind of shore up on the about. Some of the want to elite class that tiger had recruited here. You think anybody in that administration the athletic department did they learned anything about their program from this whole ordeal. I think they are and I can't necessarily bring somebody in amount of the new and expectant that think organ is that. And or man everybody out here think organ as. I think it definitely should bat. A word and an elite program and has not been very popular programs that they accuse the better job or. And that he sport I would come and I just think that talking to them is. You know they they want their property of their analog somebody's oil by. If I'm a coach I'm a little areas that just seemed like a political oil out so. I think you know that. What transpired over the last two years is something important from but it is kind of a tight rope to walk there. You know what one of the things I think that that's a positive that is kid is kept ducks fans going in last 24 hours or so is the group that they have coming back no matter who the coaches are really talented team. As as it changed as is this whole last 24 hours what's going on. As it changed your opinion on almost to 2018 ducks can accomplish on the field. No not at all really it's if Thomas coach look at that roster. Right and when I got to come out. I think that's probably an alluring. Aspect of this because when Herbert. If he's healthy the whole year. I legitimately can just ever can be. Heisman candidate that dot circuit. You know there's not many programs you can walk in Q were but there are starting quarterback who's as good as British. A lot of those on the east that are coming back next year you know they're fifty cents dumped from my. A 130 and the country a detect dirty air or like and obviously. Note that I'm glad it at all for help a top player like com am corner restaurant got a little much better went on oak. This isn't like you let go and you know pal in Napa and adapt to that app but you can't you have my older that might be cut cut cut out belt or somebody I really like with the doc. Yeah and if the vomit go to that you look at it has opened in the except I think it's it's a good job. You know I thought about this a little bit and and it almost it kind of feels like an impossible thing to answer Tyson or even maybe even have a reaction to but I says something and I've been thinking about for a week now since Taggart and Florida State stuff started picking up. You can't change the defense of coach hired Jim Leavitt was just a Grand Slam of the move by Taggart obviously his staff put together and what they've done in recruiting. But just on the field product we saw this team Justin Herbert on the field fifty points a game just in Herbert opted. Fourteen point whatever fourteen point eight points per game I mean that the difference was drastic. If it's health riches they decide to stay loyal and they they state their men of origin. Is this season much different in terms of outcome do you. Offensively no. I don't think that the central would have been you know nearly as good that. Had helped her remain him and they kept. Get the current. Hoax at the time has the trucks. Amber yeah. He asks I just don't see that turned around on them there I think we're better I can like quarterback Troy high and so on were worry your older by. I honestly don't think our sense any better because tiger I think thought it's better because just Herbert and year to enrich Freeman LT am all for the freshmen on the and so on where your older too. You know I didn't necessarily and I'm going to be. Pretty creature important thing you know I'm not a cute taxes I'll. Oh ball is our local football side by I I didn't see anything specific what are often that need to go oh this is this way mark you can ultra I think it's acting yeah. You know a lot of one generation quarterback that he team. Absolutely it's that's why would bring among good stuff Tyson Alger organ live dot com onto her act nice and all injured it's good to have you back on our station man. And things drop and on today to talk about the tiger organ stuff. Are you. All right there you go it's nice to have Tyson back here on 1080s and we couldn't have a Mon for certain contractual reasons that's all of us if opt out buy dot. I want our. I wanna move on we didn't play the rest of rob moments his thoughts on organ will wrap up the organ stuff there move on we actually have some breaking news in the NFL wanna get to that we do I wanna talk about the blazers who are maybe the strangest blazers team I've ever seen him race aren't. You last seen may benefit. For doing this. For themselves so we'll talk about that all that is coming in our two but coming up next. Is Mario crystal ball to choice she want. Should organ listen to what the players want. It to that next on the fence. 1250 on the fan welcome back you loaded second hour. Just twelve minutes away. Let's hear from our friend Tyson again. Let's wrap this up. We've talked a lot of Oregon and look rightfully so they had a new coaching hire. It was a pretty big deal. I wanna get to this this was from Ramos we didn't get to it took the plans for the staff moving four there was a report by Steve Mims who is actually he's a really good beat writer downing you Jeanne I don't think he just runs with stuff to run was stuff. He was colonizing ensued yesterday. See tweed did that Jim Leavitt was going to leave organ to join Willie Taggart. And the reason I wanna played a small ones clip because thing leads into this. This is what's interesting Levitt is very anti that report and now people are coming out and saying hey maybe it isn't true in. You're just doing it for clicks this is why I don't I'm not gonna quite ruled this out. Tyson said specifically Jim Webb it's probably gonna make the best to move that's gonna help them get their next head coaching job he was too big head coach Lee camp I love that. I know we establish something good here and organ but if you said go to Florida State and coach of the dominant defense. What sets you up for a better game I don't know maybe you think it's organ. But I just I'm not ruling out what state yet desktop or there's animal florists it has coming back a darling James is gone or when Dave is the best player in his other achievements of Lyman leaves a that would be the only I don't know what kind of town they're bringing back on that side of the ball and he knows what he has an organ I think Morgan's defense is gonna be very good next year others some fear that Giordano Scots get a transfer because he's from Florida when he was re tweeting some stuff yesterday able bulls will see if you ultimately. Makes up his mind on that but. If Jim Leavitt back next year I mean he had the thirtieth ranked defense in the country it is here which is crazy to think about. And it was an extremely young group and he is one of the best defensive players in the conference and Troy died it was announcement stud. Hobbies could be back anchoring a defense the secondary was mostly young is corners are freshmen like he's returning a lot of talent so it's hard to answer because I just don't simply know. The the pieces of Florida State bring him back and that sent the ball well here's rob moans and his thoughts their planned for the staff. Obviously you we have an outstanding staff I mean that's him the success that we've had on the field. The success and change in the culture and the success we've seen on a recruiting trail. This we have an outstanding group of assistant coach is almond were fortunate to have a couple of bad head coaching experience. It's just the way. It worked out from a division of responsibility. Standpoint that it. Now Mario was the choice obviously we had plenty great options and folks that will be and coaches. And there's a number of coaches on our staff who have had coached. Capability and we certainly wanna talk shows. And the players today now. Are all kind that recruits. Not all the players some players a lot of the recruits are now can voicing there. Backing of Mario crystal ball as the next head coach here was Andrew Nemeth who is on this morning. On the morning show and his. Is reporting from what he is gathered about Mario crystal ball. Yeah organ is very careful about he can't think Hancock Putin and while I understand that with this kind of situation. So it's naturally wanna know what's going on. So I had a few players reach out and eat and I've been close with over the years what do you know here I now. Because their partner and or their young hit. I secretly growing sentiment. In that program. The players certainly expressed to to rubble in Haiti meeting that they would like Mario Cristobal who remain the head coach. Yeah so. Some players are now asking for Mario crystal ball. Yes which I camp Le moment all organs they went through the same exact same Korey Hall organs and go through it now. That this fears over the recruiting class aren't quite there for me yet the a couple of kids are gonna. Yeah they're gonna go to Florida State but I and I believe as of now. The number of kids to. I just wanna see the next coach is going to be and it's fun to see where this thing's gonna shake out. Mom so that I understand the pressure I understand you wanna try and keep the recruits happy keeping players happy. It doesn't mean needy caved to them and an hire the coach said dad they wanted in the thing that I'm optimistic about in this whole process is. I really do trust rob Owens you know last year he made a controversial decision to some to hire urgently to fire staff. Other than their analog time a lot of assistance and have been their fur for generations. And he said you know what we need a fresh start here the program sailed things are down recruiting not work him there for an eight. Let's change course lot of people didn't like that decision. A lot of people did not like when he hired Willie Taggart whose is known name out of South Florida I remember the headwinds that I face and just being optimistic about it. And saying I thought it was a good hire and it would work out for organ Lotta people disagreed said this guy's not guy's not ready for a power five job. I trust rob moments and and that's where I think I don't think he's the type of I eight ED. That's just simply to say you know we need to keep this recruiting class together so we're gonna promote crystal ball to promotes crystal ball. Or if he promotes Jim Leavitt he's doing it because he thinks they are the best candidate for that job Willie Taggart held his introductory press conference today. They really they pulled out everything all the stops to welcome him to Tallahassee. Was flu and drove in last night at a video out. Here is him at the press conference thanking everybody organ. Also let they'd go rob Lowe's. President shield. Mr. Phil Knight. And Pat Buchanan at the university lord. But believing in me and allowed me to have an opportunity come up they're great university in and could be a part of that. Really really great people. And Eugene and we're really really hard decision for me because the people so great at great balls. Great support. And it was hard and it was really are because of the players you know I agree released sue my players and I would be standing here if it weren't for them so let's say thank you to them and appreciate the ailment. Again it was an easy decision is really tough on me and. Makes me feel weird. But the think the players it wouldn't be here for learn for them in people and be getting thirty million dollars while they don't give a dime went for them. I lied to down. It's and tell them the truth one massive thing it I've I've seen a lot of folks in either Tweeter checks in saying. The these players need to move on because as Troy guy came out and said he lost all respect for him. On the picket a safety came out basically said the same thing McCracken Sunni sympathy for you a couple of the recruits. Echoed that same sentiment and some folks are saying you know these guys into Beaumont stop. And assessing over your axe and we have somebody Texans additional. There's no right way to handle this and I tend to agree with that when you go through a coaching search that this is this is not easy waters. To navigate for anybody that goes through it. The one day and I will say and I'm surprised it's taken coaches this long to figure it out. And it looked may be hurts in the short term. Just simply being honest and upfront what everybody from start to finish I think would resolve a lot of this issue. If he cannot in his press conference on front and we didn't want to but if he can't attack at his press conference Friday city to what floors they reached out to me. I got to listen as my dream job I don't know where it's gonna go. There was a gap that's about right. And if you said that whether truth is that you know what let Florida State's my dream job I'd there's a chance I'm not dare I don't know or I'm gonna go on I promise I'll be in touch with you with my decision. You don't have the same level of backlash when you lied to be able to save people when we get these allegations about sexual assault or steroids or whatever. The people that come out they own up to it immediately and say you know what I did it sorry nominee traveler from a mistake we tend to forget about them at the folks at that lie about it. They drag it out those are the ones that we don't end up appreciating her liking. And that's where I feel about Taggart a situation of folks that are going against him it's not this bitter ex girlfriend stuff that's that he sat in their living in 72 hours ago. So I'm not going anywhere I'm committed EU I'm committed these university you're gonna be a doc I'm going to be adopt. And then both is he's like the that puts the smoke and he's gonna be in he's a florist and I kept women from being matched. Are we out loaded second hour allowed to give tours to start with the blazers who lost to the John Wall lists Washington Wizards just Bradley Beale said he Mota set a record. 51 points broke a record currently or formerly held by an NBA legend. Last night the wizards beat the blazers what the hell is wrong with displays of team. And what is solution would kicked out off our tutored spring next on offense.