Dirt & Sprague Wednesday April 25th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, April 25th
The guys wonder if the Commission on College Basketball's recommendations to the NCAA to clean up recruiting will result in any real change, Swag has another edition of Stat or Story, Bill Moos calls out Harbaugh and Urban this season, and tonight's playoff action in the NBA and NHL

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Movie. And this is stirred and spray post your got fired. You lose your job going Ireland. Just to stay away from itself Sports Radio continue to stand now with dirt surgeries which can be. Dirk Johnson and Brendon Frey is afraid. Just call him praise in question made McRae dirt and spray gun 1080. You know love won't. You will see. As final our dirt Israel Wednesday under Wednesdays are on loan thinks below this right here on what was Schwarzenegger spent. And aiding the fans. Celebrate this beautiful leather. Last text you got to the fans X 955305. Don't you guys is dream a PDA it's based on a deal like this. Round up the sand bed in the poll are you AA. Eight and dusty and damn I guess buck pointed out that the Portland diamond project we did they pay you this morning just think today. Could be needing every night. Nice little I'd get away day in Major League Baseball 7051. Pitch at a much of the giants game right now to get smoked by the nationals but it just a beautiful day thinking all the people at the ballpark it's are you spending your afternoon you know you take the post season lake is everybody's emotional I think baseball might be the only sport you walked out of the stadium not caring if your team that went hostility I got outside F. It's it's one of the few sports he could really go and launch casually not really paying attention to what's going on. You cannot not tell late in the year when things are on the high and it's a lot more but Wagner. I have made sure a June 2 game and you don't care and you're just hanging out if there when it's great but it's grant or you see some special somebody throws a no hitter somebody hit home runs or whatever I'll I'm not cool. It's why the cubs took on that losing mentality so easily those beautiful summer days in Chicago plan afternoon games nobody cared they're injured they're day drinking and if they win they made up some ice. Stupid song where they fly a happy because he. We never went we see Macs on the housing about this crap that's the reason why the Mariners put down that bar out there in left center field. Is there realize it I mean you're just going here it's a social outing lindros told me don't drink gravity it is a game going on in the background I didn't out of what the hell's going so. There are watched too because a lot of times I have like pregame things like if you have a group. So pregame there's a whole thing out there and then they clear him out before first pitch. But solid the first second inning there's just a couple of people down there by about depth it's if it's a nice day or night night. Jam. Act I exactly. This does delivering to a place directly across the street from the old ESCO plant my sports pants ran over to affect my cup with. Full. Yeah I guy I know the feeling that man another few. They setter story coming up here in the end except when but we got a couple of proposed changes coming in the basketball world there's this NCAA commissioned to remember when Mac came out. Condoleezza Rice is animate and grant hills on it's another NBA players. As is the whole FBI I think kind of boil over for college basketball early in the year is October right Elena story first got to came out they said let's give people who maybe know what they're doing and get mark hammered out of this decision and trying to figure out how to solve this awful they can't balance their like 230 page report and there's a whole bunch of stuff in there. The main one in regards to the scandal is proposing potential. Lifetime bans for coaches to break rules. Which hey I'm Bob Orr with Ali is gonna go anywhere because good luck without but. I'm completely humble if you wanna really get guys away from trying to cheat the sport. That occurs away your career away. And all the better way to solve the and that's working on our riles is and it sure right America is not gonna get another job hopefully anytime soon right so. That was kind of name when there are some other stuff they when he olive if you go to the draft and you don't gets elected you should be able to go back to school majority kind of a program -- guys for that but that's tough though I 'cause I'm open to that you just have to change deadlines for certain things because char with these earlier rosters chair because you think you guys had to go to the lead fill his spot with a new scholarship recruit and then he ends up coming back. And there's some details to iron out there's no doubt about it but. One of the main ones that they focus on the NBA has since responded to is the one and done rule they want this commission says we need to get rid of the one and done rule. Whether it's allowing kids at a high school forcing her scholarships to stick around for three years that was one of their main proponents of no more one and done. And the NBA actually responded to this as well basically saying you know we saw the report we'll get to it. We're gonna talk with our players' union and look at the bottom of it and Lohse had the did tweet this morning saying. That their conversations and eliminating the one and done draft rule. Allowing high school seniors to go straight to the NBA senator around me 20/20. Draft as the earliest possible date for change what's gonna happen. And it's just a I've win or is basically city this is a done deal they're they're just not coming out and saying that. Directly quite yet so you can't do it for the 2019 you wanna wait its way to money that's fine too. I read the commission did you rebuilding I could not read the whole thing boy you know basically this summer real credible points gap the ones that matter and enact their actual commission mean whatever but. Ira this the the breakdown of it. Don't know what you're your opinion is. But of the other people who have written about this in the way I feel about it there's nobody that's at the nail more on the hand in my teens and giant and Dovolani. Who is the draft X draft express guy for ESPN. Artery what he wrote because is completely I felt after the peace a crap. MBA is mentioned 86 times in the report. Abolishing the ABA age limit also known as the one in general as the commission's first recommendation. From the insistence of prioritizing this topic over a myriad of others is an indication of how much the commission. Is washing its hand of any responsibility and a half for the nation's facing college basket all agreement that completely now I am a biased MBA guy. Birds can't read data not walk away feeling a similar thing right it is all the NBA's fault because of that one and done. The NBA did that is rolling when that all these guys get money legged never existed previously in college back here was blue chips made it. That's an early trading commission as early ninety's movie and college basketball has been that way for a long time no I I agree with the a 100% and IIA that was. One of the things that made me chuckle I'd look at the one and done rule is a part of it there's no doubt when you have guys that know that the are forced to go to school for six months of the year and then ultimately are going to leave and don't care about class and that's up. And there's no ramification for them if they take money. Plays a part net. But college basketball is always had this kind of environment and you know some people think this is a bigger deal than others I I've read this report about as such because Basilan just thought I believe some of the stuff when I see it. It was one thing to have a commission come but the report and say this is what we feel this is what we think should change it's a completely different. Situation to have these rules in these proposed changes actually become at a place like a lifetime ban for a cup which is good cuts to eating right academic and while I believe that when I see at the NCAA. Has punted on changes for decades. And I hope this is the driving force to actually get to change that we need but. I went past hasn't there what would it and then. If this scandal is not it which by the way still not done if this doesn't change anything or rock the boat in. Forced change I you'll never have anything. FBI is involved. You may have to you know Villanova whether they are implicated or not we'll wait and see you may have to vacate a national championship. Duke might have their stuff AK this year Kansas vacated. Everything could have been vacated from these big time programs that have been named already. Or could surprise and end up in this rat ultimate conclusion yeah one last thing they'll have a draft. That this is it because I'm always curious about badgers what the models gonna look like as this is it's not just eat you get rid of the one of the one and done but what then does it look like after that. I you can eat is going to the NBA whenever you want an apparently. Adam silver has Ben continuing to think about not only Boller should the rule. But he's also not opposed to having a Major League Baseball style rule. Weary colleagues you go to three it has the choice from high school or an obvious it and figure other number of years yet but. You can kind of pick a direction you're either going to college for two or three years or you're an eighteen year old Katie jumped to the MBA. And baseball's obvious you three a lot of people say you don't need that would basketball too would be the right amount. And I think that would be the best course they eat you don't have to because it if you have guys don't cause for one year. That one and that kind of stuff distilled it exists sell and make a meg around for two years of the university avenue. Good for the college basketball product to you almost had 300 underclassmen declare for the draft this year that's record rack in college basket guys are jumping to take the money that wanted to get a I'm on team. He's got a high school term. You'd love to do other things is eighteen year old should be allowed to go play professional basketball and if if you can go back to college or go to college assuming you're draft status. I love that approach as well there's been nothing wrong with doing that and a high schoolers are not allowed to go to college. Do that a live and learn serve let go play overseas right into the G league in earned their way back into the MBA. And this whole we we stuck on my two drafts in NBA history where they drafted into high schoolers. And suddenly it was panic a widespread Kerry had this in the high schoolers now to let teams make stupid text that's on them as a blazer fan say what you want about Neil. The guy's been pretty decent at the drafts of a team's gonna draft a high school and it's unproven and a question mark. That only helps the blazers chances war for the rest and I write and tell us see how long it takes these proposed changes take into effect if folks in the MBA or saying 20/20 is when you can expect the one and done rule. To be officially done and they go back out of high school. Again the bottom of the hour Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are put on notice in the big tablets that but it's time for your favorite segments favorite segments that are story next on the fan. And number. Yeah it's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. Yes ladies and gentlemen. I've we've got your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story be hazardous to health. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in cash and you know this news never store. It's always Durbin spray it. It on Jimmy. That's red folks that are starting time we'll get to us some big tennis and hot Big Ten football talk coming up finally our. We have a game seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight. Catch the fever four games in the NBA playoffs we didn't even mention the capitals coming after me too little hole right. England's and roundtable it's going to be good ones guys according to my man not research they've lost three straight years in the second round of Pittsburgh school. I believe that my wild nights when they place wild nights what is game one the Thursday or Friday that that's been forever since they play the LA for the first try to wrap up class game tonight when lord golf game seven Boston and Toronto let's get this data story that would have against layered. All right your first number is 1919. Is at the total number of first round playoff game wins for James Harden as a Houston Rockets. Or is it the total number of schoolhouse rock songs written by Bob Euro who passed away Tuesday at the age of nine before and I'm all right peace schoolhouse rock did you guys grow up on school. Did not him watch much of that. And raise it allows Iraq. Saturday mornings. Country favorite. That gitmo was. As a good jam. The great success is accused is too big to feel good thing. There you can idea education value there is like cool Sesame Street. Nineteen wins the Houston Rockets Posey so western suburbs around 11 round win old as angered now the first. And. Three less I guess the second round a bit of a conference files they had a down here. And here before that the blazers knocked him out here for that Western Conference finals they have three that already this year ominous signal. Stay assays is that. Dammit it's going for the buzzer. Over the buzzer thing I'll say. I had. He's what 23 and meant. That's a rocket. No Bob girl and a passed away at the agent 94 on Tuesday. He wrote nineteen. Of those different schoolhouse rock songs he did all the math ones all the multiple occasion. You know three is the magic number and all that sort of stuff he did right conjunction junction no lolly lolly lolly get your efforts here after a couple of other ones I bet he was a I is a graduate student at Columbia. Where he was there early forties early fifties he was once hired by. World boxing champion sugary Robinson. And stop this boxing career wanna become a musicians who were on tour with them. So and fast and life so yeah he's just one of those guys that he was never think of beneath. I recorded all sorts of jazz albums but he will be most known war and for schoolhouse rock. How -- 94. He led the perfect life he was known but not known by enough people were eating bothered. He was really respected and I live to almost a hundred years that's a hell born in 1923. In Arkansas. And think about guys on his life crisis on 1923. Now world war shoe. Racism. Just have been a lot. As part. All right next. Next your number. All 430. To 432. Is it deep total number of combined playoff games. Played by the Golden State Warriors starting five so far in these playoffs. All our. Is that the estimated number of votes one by. Furry boy a decent world who grabbed one of the twenty seats in the university of cal Berkeley students and it. I'm ongoing story here that the most cal story and you've ever desk enemy out there. A damn squirrel. And it goes down on this 15. Ranked. It is this that ten man. Ordered 32. That so that includes who's played supports about stuff current on right now dollar though has so played a few himself he's been in the lineup. I gotta close to the Philadelphia 76ers who have just 111 combined. In 93 of those long did you did you read analysts say one player. But no. It was 538. Votes bit furry boy this world gods to grab one of the money students' spots in the election there were 37 different candidates. So the squirrel meat at least seventeen actual human being sick. Running a bit odd for that and yes his platform included more access to acorns. Puck creating a squirrel sidekick mascot name nodding McKnight I'm not. For increased bio diversity. He encouraged states faiths that's. I. I think war that. But nutty McNabb not. Let's see one more six basis for students and squirrels he lodged heavily resiliency space amicable student society or ask for short to bridge the culture gap between humans and squirrels. The new proposed these things yeah I was here on capitol frankly he's human proxy is sophomore Steven Boyle glory squirrel costume to campaign in. As parade boy how high was he when he came up we were. Yeah. Way. We bring you any guy and that's apparently some of the legitimate candidates were little fear I Ezra I ran for re asked position now is an organ you grandfather and are in the he had they have like senate seats for every department of tanks and I ran to beat the senate seat for the journalism program. I got two rounds and wasn't even close to beat you some gal who had a stuff fall was together. And I and freewheeling in a little bit but I went to some meetings I had you know I've I've printed out some fliers and stuff I started a FaceBook group I did the whole thing but I I stood no chance this gal is innocent or hate fake news because nobody voted in this kind of stuff Adori I nobody -- yeah I know only people totally winnable thing right if she was in a sorority. General halls are already would have voted against meego. Hayley and I got railroaded out Austin closing right there are no locks it exactly right now I I realize I should address announcements and anemic that face we had a magnet that item and not that edit it I would've won the election I had no interest in school politics because of what you just mentioned like college nobody players now in fact if you went to a universe are announcing Hoosier. Student president or whatever it is I'd say 90% of the name. But we had a guy that won. The because he chose to come out as a bisexual. It was like the lead story on the paper. That was his campaign around us at a campaign rally he just happened to come out Ryan ate like 23 weeks before the vote swung to support his way only did it ever got fat boy HT 88 after adjusting now election tactics really nice guy but I picked up that paper and I said the I know what you're doing if it ever doubts. Let me get those votes and it gets elected yeah I've only been elected to one thing in my life I was elected in fifth straight Diaz student body president in my elementary school I have told a story on titles on the air but there was like at the end of a student council and had to vote there was like ten of us. And only the student council got to vote who is the president every single person voted for themselves myself included. And one guy randomly decided a novel for himself any voted for me and I won two bullets 111111. And everybody else had one vote he's probably doing now honor system don't vote for your idol Taylor is the only guy to follow their rules and everybody else you know we're nice guys finish. All right a last number 111000011. Million is that the amount in dollars of pelicans blower Nikola Mirotic his salary this season couldn't blazer for a salary Leone or is that the estimated number of Chinese citizens who have been banned from traveling by train or airplane because they're. Personal score. Their personal social score is too low on the state run personal credit scoring system. He'd personals and that kind of Politico story on this and other stashed. It is a story. Oh for Mirotic made twelve and a half million this hair but in the blazers playoff series averaged eighteen point eight points ten point six rebounds 2.2 blocks and shot 42 and a half percent from three point range and kind of costly trade and again and turner and a first round pick that but you know it when the bulls would have taken ever guaranteed contract and a banking O'Brien at both the teams and seven gavels retain him. But now this comes just from CBS news. By the year 21 inch warning. China plans to have. Q all of its one point four billion citizens a personal score based on how they behave. And so those with low scores. Will be punished there's nearly eleven million Chinese citizens who are not allowed to fly. Four million can't travel by grains and other government says it's trying to purify society by rewarding people who are trustworthy and punishing those who are not for. And so they have a lump in your city and social credit score of interest ODS Big Brother is watching. I wanna I wanna move to China. Now I wouldn't mind a little bit of an incentive for better behavior here is my attitude has allowed executives but that's not what this of their. I know this is taking it obviously to a new level but my brother in law flew back from China and today he was every two weeks and we are face timing. So. So I had to meet people was surprised it was so bad now I cannot thank you. Net known no desire to go there as he's there on the worst it's ever tried to to cool bodies in a language in jackass people in traffic or something and I'll go lower galore. So there was gentlemen here they sites do you view. Tried to book a flight told it was grant from climb because he was on the list of untrustworthy. People primarily it was a journalist he was ordered by a court to apologize for a series of tweets he wrote. And was then told his apology was insincere. That's a negative people taking their she's you imagine professional I. Athletes to UC NN news who had to be judged on the and winning the sabres score in Neil should ever Prioleau score he'd be flying. Coached a travesty bagged your fan base their kneel order a lawyer lowered down a little bit you know offline anywhere I noticed where it's not a personality Andre your wins what's. Despite a certain extent my insurance writer doesn't seem so I'm with Allstate. And you plug this thing in your car and according to the tickets speed limit everything. If you do a good job you get money back. So Big Brother is watching the and I get rewarded for reset my life works for the Chinese Government it's her job to monitor this topic our. Hats ironic line alone he must have been sitting in his car office like what died now. They really are watching they said this is straight out to different people are sad it was black Mir is at TV show yes OK I've heard it's really good that multiple people saying this is straight up an episode of the black mere supposed to be like less world a little bit of a mind Bender and clearly there. Watching Magellan following the advice. They think of people that they take their shoes off fund during a flight on an airplane socks as it lower the score both my dogs are today wait Liza lowest score that's grown skeet shooters on an airplane also can't figure she's actually in Florida. Yeah according to dirt that's runs all once not a choice okay you can't choose hat can't he can't choose to have gas you can choose to do for shoes on you know what gives you guessed he didn't show you an idea that the there's some validity to this you know I'd be OK with that. What we doing Jennifer. Does that a story every Wednesday at TV ruining the earnings with all year and got us the illusion they're autism and airmen around isn't that hey Jamar. Are about Urban Meyer you better look out. New big bullion downloads that next. And I guarantee 38 he got a game seven it's an NBA playoffs going on it's those who closed out dish on a beautiful Wednesday. As deciding make for game sevens creepy part would be targeted her ex girlfriend down down her saying yeah. The real deal and then man that bad debt. Yeah I got to figure out how to use the exact games on a horse thirty. I'm outdoor dirt. I'm up at the dvi cited everything bad debt on them to put the TV you BT's pick up and put out I got a TV in a graduate carry it onto the patio. But the program watch all sorts of stuff from the patio. Let's say got to do it got the nights like this what's giants outside last two nights yeah I watched yesterday I barbecued yes now watch the sixers game outside yeah I got my in my garage TV it is dry and add to the patio boom goes down a man and dollars. Hey I. Om folks in the Big Ten should be really scared. And by folks I mean Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer because. I'd be okay coaches but. What they are not. And I Nebraska. Am bill knows the whole athletic bred big old bear all those coming out athletic director at Nebraska. Said that Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer. Are running a little bit scared after the hiring of Scott frost sees that put you got Urban Meyer Jim Harbaugh I think and we met a little more Nebraska game coming up. That's the way we want it they're running a little bit scared right now they want admitted. We'll leave it that he has. That's up process may be knocking on bill moos is Doris Day I I appreciate all the confidence and job but you know why don't why don't you let us embassies and under our belt maybe play. Play an actual camera time. I think he's got guys you know he has too much swagger to care about this he knows he can go compete with them and I think he loves and his boss backs him for this. I know is getting way ahead of them he content out to not be dangling us bills Kennedy the post game press conference of one of those team -- Ohio State rolls them. Why you know what I was thinking about was urban Torre proven what are in his right we know Harbaugh is an amazing coach. What Harbaugh is without is a tidal. Who would you bet wins a championship first. Harbaugh 'cause I think there's some people would buy in depth frost does translate to a big program. I think Scott frost is going to be a great head coach and I think he is gonna turn Nebraska around I would say Nebraska just 'cause there in the other division they haven't won it a nickel from that demo conference title since 99 by the way who Nebraska army again. That's press Kia guy I think Michigan has more legwork done. I think there's a lot of work needs to be done in Nebraska. And it's it's can and taken to three years to get to dampen it harder for them to get through Ohio stayed and who else is on their side. There's one other is Michigan State on the senator Penn State thought one of those two was on there now is at Penn State. In their division yeah yeah other division I know they're undecided measure of Penn State Michigan State Michigan Ohio State there. And any other senators like Minnesota's the Gaza Wisconsin yeah. OK let's fact checked this. 8% sure yes on the EC of Ohio State Penn State Michigan State Michigan yap and in the west yeah Wisconsin and Nebraska CNN but the Wisconsin every year that Nebraska can totally win because you just got to win one that's running at me you you still play those teams in the regular season now on in a brat out all the time not every year but they've they've played either Ohio State Penn State Michigan or Michigan every single seed David if you lose that one as long as you win the division you get one crack Chatham in December. Win the conference you can still get to the conference yeah I chipped on BI and I'm in Nebraska was warning last year as is in my Bradley. And I that programs not quite to the point of competing for national hander achieved yet you for sure did and so I am I look at Michigan isn't CNN and they have not succeeded away many thought maybe they would would Jim Harbaugh. But his problem is always just been simply get him a gimmick game changing quarterback if he's able to find out is recruited some highly touted kids if one of those kids pans out the next couple years. I have no doubt the gym I can get their didn't get on the brink of winning a title in Stamford and coming close and Andrew Locke. Then he he could do it at Michigan as well and you know I I tend to have a lot of faith and Harbaugh. You know last year going in and in the end of the year is like hot seat talk. You know I think this year they come up short again you're gonna look back that's for years. No quarterback. There's been a lot of question marks to be had for sure he's making what the second most money college football. I think urban may maybe urban passed him with Gary's he just got. But at some point hot seat tock is legitimate. But this notion Nike doesn't know how to coach football a sudden it. It unfathomable to me you don't forget so Bill Lewis says that Urban Meyer Jim arm rather run for the run for the hills man Scott Francis here and at a great thing to do. Before he coaches his first game but did you see how many people into the Nebraska spring game. They sell out it's been 90000 people president always connected Reilly guy that's always a number like LA it's only entity out there and blanket ban would lead to a seen Mike's face watching out at a spring game that it is an inch that's his first experience coming from Morgan State now lists is more of them may or gang had so many fans ran all last year. Our ride zone dad's going on run for the hills Ohio State Michigan accounts got for us this year according. To Bill Lewis giving up four games in the NBA playoffs tonight in the best two words and sports. Game seven next on the facts. So it's not on Twitter and are wondering what you missed today. I it's nice and a Kanye West and Donald come back and forth. You know what are you. It's very intrigued Kanye West on Twitter is. Whole other kind Seattle and I don't get the fascination within on ET tweets out gibberish and people. It tweets old. He. Retreat you know as I've said for five years now and defender boy go ahead I am a defender of Kanye West's music I had nothing else. And. Took us. You cannot like you might hit it. Got his last album was pretty damn good but and in his duties crazy thing is these little is little these little crazy but that's not on that announcement that he misses those two go home back and forth did you see the interest in hand hold attempt by the I did see they handled attempt I don't know what I got a fully admit this is us I don't know what the event was. The French for. President residents and town Markel the state dinner steak dinner itinerary I thought I saw he had a fake news I was also have crazy just. We sod but they gave like a joint press conference in a mark on dead. And they turn around and they started to walk away from the podiums the camera you can see them walking away their backs like blocking into the White House whenever. And Medicare Barack Lonnie has stands up and you see now one. So as I used the white hat but you're not paying attention it is okay that they're just lock Elaine and all of a sudden she just like rises up into the screen and it's really weird to hand holding one is one I'd highly recommend for you to go try to find. Boy that's an awkward relationship you don't need a body language expert experts tell you what's going on there I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat that relationship is finished was just waiting for the presidential term or something to announces that thing to be over Ivan Ivan CNN handled the tempo that wrongs and sixth grade I think now about the LID iron up my boyfriend. I paired up my boyfriend don't I had my hand not holding your hand right now that's not happening. Two of these games on NB ATV and a cap on about that some folks don't have that bad. Eyes seeing the best one on the night Eads and I you guys feel about it B game on most intrigued with is one of the NB ATV games. And as Toronto and Washington you're more intrigued in Indiana I am more is because I want to go down 32 and peca glory could blow on out and have another triple double and they can go up 320 I'll blow mount a defense pretty badly they've actually been okay in this series and I fully expect Cleveland win a night that's flying in Canada's main camera on an alum but what watching lots around responds to as it one seed. Yet losing back to back games of Washington all the pressure now back on their. We acted like they had it all figured out after two games and other back to square one and I can't wait to see on the performed and real tight. Strangers tonight in six and I just wanna say I most interest had no Casey in Utah one to see if this young younger. Jazz squad can go on the road to close out a series. Because of they can do that in OKC. That gives me you know make you a little. And that used to more roll on the the rockets are gonna have to. You know earn that second round playoff victory plus if Ross blows this. I don't know what's gonna happen in a case. Yes cabinda stay Nazis and because Melo can opt out but he's not going to I don't needs him reaching an all I think they're lose fought George and and I got to give anybody else that's about it yeah I'm Paula Georgia settle sees Nikkei likes Andy wants to you know levels did Tamil talent out if your him would you would you say this is that first round exit leveler I've gotten enough or would you opt back in. For one more year a lot tedium what do you do with Goldstein say I'll give one more year. Well that's tough you wanna waste your prime years you know the lakers and teams like that are weak and for you and a lot of it's gonna have to do with what other teams do like the lakers and lakers signed Paul George next it'll lakers aren't going to be back would just Paul George and get it be better ability B was though Casey Ian Russell Westbrook law. I am add match in Philly. So you could go yeah as a and the masked Iraqi get two guys would like to think on signs and Paula George states pay cuts. I got in Simmons followed George subprime James in the blaze Zack why Leonard's name. Isn't all the big money though available and 2019 for the free agency so he might look and say well I. Do one more year title yeah I did a pretty significantly. Bigger contract if I stick it out one more year here I am. Pilots go on rapid fire hot round alleged Toronto Washington game five in Toronto Toronto. But zinc who wins game five Toronto Washington Washington old Y three year old all those game seven Toronto peeks at out OK okay I'm a little Washington do them right now 81 upset pick a mile open when again tonight Cleveland Indiana. Cleveland Indiana. Yeah. Although Cleveland home any hope for Houston Minnesota nope no blouses by the spread twelfth blouses stated. Later point laid it over the points she's had sneeze have a real look in the mirror of what the MBA is now. Yeah that's it because they I mean they got healthier and elbow there's probably not a hundred quite on a percent but at least they got guys back for the playoffs and at tough matchup in the first round OKC and you'd top blouses Utah. All I think I think Ross goes she just absolutely dessert tonight. And they won't call they won't call a whistle on him unless he pile drive somebody into the standard. That they that you talents no eating out AZ I think OKC forces is back to Utah and in the jazz take care of business yeah I'm with ya and Alan I'll take okay see as well as at home more importantly we had a game seven in this Annika play athletes. It's going to be more entertaining and those you'd. On that for a fact while he said that in the first playoff game and I Stanley Cup Playoffs was like seven and nothing out one of them this series is one of them wildly inundated when it was a blown up at the end. All these little constant. Problem passing game seven you know not a lot is included don't watch my heart on I don't want your rivals on my I don't have the golf network so you don't. Where is that you actually don't have NB ATV so you can't watch to the NB a playoff game tonight so you should be watching this game because it's your only option at a time BC sports network that look in your face didn't Jihad. We we developed breathing apparatus. Now are hunting you on land inability to land it. Throughout the last and and I should be a lot of fun. They're bigger night for Toronto could be a bad night for Toronto. I should be great effort Toronto got the city and an upset Anderson's been the head on his head and his advisors. With a maximum of 45. 36. We go Connick MM with. 3636. Are you as a hockey guys doing on the matchup for the seedings different in the NH different emea the zoo's wild card out it's not the way it goes in the NBA. That's why there's wildcard. We do it racked getting into this into 55 little more complex and he explained it better. I dom was he had shouldn't be that way I don't I don't agree with the model but that threat Tyler against the runner out that music got herself in as it less drop tower is broadcasting it cannot come we have to mock drafts on the show tomorrow it's NFL draft they were gonna have a lot of fun being with us once yet. Doctor tomorrow and animal as Nash listening to 1080 the fan.