Dirt & Sprague Wednesday April 18th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, April 18th
The guys work through a few NFL note, Swag gets to do a Stat or Story, and NBA storylines not involving the Blazers.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Playoff basketball is a different game got numbers of sick push it. Hilton gets it. This is a playoff weaker nation of dirt and sprayed. Prior to that I read tell us Dennis Green tents down. Friday April 20 and sending the 22 at 250% off everything god. Is it can't read till dot com for more details. Third and spray Donte' navy. Welfare and. Let's do this file our dirt and spray on it lands day after Wednesday's view on loan has been able to jump Portland sports entertaining in a fan. Profoundly. Now profoundly. Overwhelmingly overwhelmingly analyze that profoundly. Overwhelmingly profound takes it sent tanks that I think that's where I was known that. For use in the sentence I would say people saying. Give me blazes over mayors they are sand and I get that you've been in the playoffs manners and not into the playoffs. It's also bid really crappy to be ablaze with him the last seventeen years. Right now add another cow crap and now you're Mayer fan somebody had a funny point CL angry John is. He was watching Castro manner classic like regular baseball more than basketball which probably does. God bless him but I was like dude tune into the playoff game he goes I don't know pretty big series right now and Astros maxim stuff baseball fans Amanda matter. Sammy here it's always big series beauty is part. I'll get this let's shift gears a little bit here we've talked a lot of major degrees on Portland blazers has basically been the first two hours of our show. A so let's get as a football tidbits because believe it or not Brennan's spray the NFL draft. So weeks from tomorrow yes it is let that sink in for a second yes it is always Ramallah story came out today about one of the highly regarded prospects in this year's draft and up players' sake while Barkley. And a report came out surface that folks in his camp these any roc nation camp deadly that's the G easy. Company out there that they have suggested to him. Refuse playing in Cleveland. And try and demand your way. To play for the New York Giants now is campus cents come out and said we would never do that and they have denied that we are we would be thrilled with whichever team drastic Bob Barkley. And the top five but eleven luddite that there's probably some validity to it as they don't want him in Cleveland you'd rather have a New York I cutting it that's a no brainer but. Is this is should this be a concern for NFL teams wearing about sick while Barkley I don't think any team should ever be concerned with. About anything that's put out on the rumor mail. If privately he's telling teams like Eli and his camp did going in the draft I want planes CN Diego. I wanna go to New York. OK did you have an actual situation on your hands but if you're a top ten talent which most people would consider sink on Barkley that. I don't think any team is is worried about this year's aren't playing Cleveland. I mean who really does. Even Sam Arnold the golden boy in this draft who says dollar play anywhere. Duty US Sam Arnold if he would rather play in New York. Or they get the juries are of course and team in my top ten he's taking them over Cleveland as is the reality racking Cleveland Brett. Now I I'm I don't think this is a big concern yet that that was one I just it made me chuckle like no no crap he's gonna say some like daddy he'd rather be in new York and Cleveland although I think you can argue almost deafening Allen Cleveland does with the emblem picker with the rest of their first round picks and that the future can be brighter and Cleveland and his New York but. And tell you see and I understand it. The other main story around the NFL has been Tom Brady is has floated out today by data to show after who sent out its we basically to the effect of the folks around the league still don't know of Tom Brady is going to play football 2018. I'll wait a minute wait a minute you forgot something. You you for its. Well all breaking news we don't know of Tom Brady's gonna play or not 2018. Isn't committed the most people around him say they think he placed it allows people inside it organizations say yeah he's probably gonna play and one of the reasons why people think that he's going to play in 2018. Despite the fact that Adam show after felt the need to break that news. Is that Tom Brady is already main arrangements. To get together was his teammates between now. In the end of the off season program to start their training camp in order to better prepare for the season Alex in my hip and Belichick. Might really need each other those are those reports could be true dirt. I know she's traditionally done these work outs in the past but this guy is he's trying to defy father time. Is this really a big story that he doesn't wanna show up to team workouts and voluntary work that he wanted to go hang out in Dubai with his smoking hot wife and his children. And then came back and he'll set up his own throwing sessions. I'm not surprised by this setting the outs Guerrero thing has more legs to it because. It seems that he wants to work out with him yet again and we know how the patriots and Bill Belichick feel about helmet. They don't like each other you know why you have an eighteen year partnership if you and ideally eighteen years and we're still friends we did it wrong. I should hate you after AT&T that's the only words I we spend this kind of time with one another. You're bound to do is fundamentally start disagreeing on so much. That you work relationship and it can be successful. It's not the same as it once was. I don't I think the patriots stories funny for me because. One we just have not seen any team ever have any eighteen year stretch like this where the day are. Surprising people they're coming back from a year we need to make the playoffs are gone back to back Super Bowl champs especially when the faces are the two same faces the entire time right undefeated season and inactive steel rail than they come back yet again. To go in this stretch and have this Ryan. And then to people act like it's so shocking that it's gonna come to an end in the next year to. As just laughable to me the quarterback's going to be 41. The head coaches and a point where he either wants full power to really controlled the future of the franchise post Tom Brady. Or he might be looking to go elsewhere this is just a natural it in and block if I decide to these loans it made me chuckle the entire time and especially with some but I got to show after his throwing his weight by. I did well what I'm hearing we still don't know Izzy playing this year. Folks don't quite know yet it. If he's not playing and he's not getting to get over this wide receivers and training for the upcoming season Tom Brady is going to play four ball. This upcoming year we went through a similar thing to a lesser extent will Ben Roethlisberger last offseason member that. And while they don't know is that Roethlisberger play could walk away menus and love for the game anymore. And you get closer to training camp starting when you get pass on this voluntary crap that nobody wants to go into in the first place. And what happened Ben Roethlisberger showed up and they were a game away from the AFC title game. And the same thing is going to happen when Tom Brady at some point this will all come to land. But the constant projecting when that end is going to be in trying to say it's the here in the now. As the part that frustrates me we'll know when it's the end because Tom Brady will look like Peyton Manning. And you'll be able to pro football twenty yards or less they had the best defense in the league is gonna be a dumpster fire. But until then spare me with the end of the dynasty timer. He's retiring crowd will wait till he shows up to the the mandatory workouts. It's it's going to be all over year ESP antenna yes yeah all day Tom Brady showed up today all is well it's gonna be the same little. A little graphic it's gonna be him jogging on with his helmet on the practice field from for a way. Hi fighting teammates Bill Belichick having a disgruntled look on his face locking up and on the grass. And it's going to be people likes after talking about some people. Our belief did not think Tom Brady was gonna show up today at an a however some sources say. He decided to thanks out of the air lower Regina I can't wait to Asia's but this one bad. They there are a couple of TV notes a lot of bring appropriate d.s Peyton Manning had to say. The made Manny turned ambles fox and ESPN. And signals Ankiel and he was talking at some thing in Arizona like management Feng. Annie's and I don't wanna be a critic at this point and he joked that I still do too many commercials. He turned out all that money doesn't want fox or ESPN does he still be too many commercials he's not improper Johns anymore. I haven't seen a Buick one or whatever that car deal he's got he's taught nationwide nationwide the ideas they have bragged on these are the other guy. They don't. Hotline army praising god do a whole bunch well yeah they had been at Torrey Kelly do on one so it depends but he might still be involved but I thought that was the most honest thing. So if he does go into TV he's got to be but I think she still recognize I'm too close to a lot of people. I don't wanna have to go on there and somebody that I know or care played with from bodies with and you know point out how badly they're getting beat in his particular game meanwhile Roman did not chairman C Danica John head over stick to those no problem burning those projects are there. And I don't know man I Andy Dalton how can you don't make well it is stuck still back DO. All one other quick now and this is very very minor change but for gonna bring it up according to the Boston gold. The NFL is moving their kickoff times of late games and little bit earlier. So mud and mantle balls now going to take any fifteen instead of 830. Thursday at the ball's going to take an 820 instead of 825. And son of football ticket 8:20 these are eastern times and set at 830. I I didn't so I estimate I did not know the difference in time we got that and new times and said those with the old times and this is why there ratings things and saying it's starting to laid on the East Coast is anybody who's been on he's goes a minor and a senator Thursday night we'll tell you. It don't make any darn sense because those games gonna have to like 1030 Sunday should be earlier recuperate from what it's ten summary from bad to gators went to halftime why does and Sunday started for our time they have to clear adding that window because the last games are about 13121. Macedonia wants 45 relates ego the national NBC's some things sure you go three and half hours with those so some of them don't and held for four days could start at five other stories you should be able to turn to burn. They want the pregame show they want avidly watched the afternoon. Turned NBC watch football night American Eagle for refinement as an alignment nobody cares of the pregame Joseph apparently not good times they didn't think it would not bring advertisers care 'cause that's where they can get in all sorts of extra spots 'cause they're so limited during your games served some minor details under the NFL figured we bring. Although as of I don't a couple of NBA knows story coming up bottom of the hour one about the G league one about an owner and diving to both engines and stories but. It is time for your favorite segments favorite segments that are story next on affair. And number. It's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. It's ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention. I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story residents to help. Evidence based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't. And now this news never story. Caldwell Durban spray it on Jimmy. Very ghost story to Allen back in June 19. Two Wednesdays ago on lol thanks for being with us. Coming up bottom of the hour a couple of NBA story is Nona blazer related globe one change to the pay scale affect the way. Kids at a high school make their decision also an owner that. Extremely upset is tech coach. Now he should be for where the team yeah wise. And where they shouldn't then you'll argue rightfully so those are coming up. And the bottom of the hour buds. Status or examined we got some act tough first of all of us doing this I have been hold another directions and a little less like demonstrated status worries so I apologize we cut you slack additions a status story but it's not the same he has the freedom and I actually wanna commend you years. Shortfalls was really good this week that you didn't wanna I wanna see it was last week in Mike came and yeah. Additional might do is very mailed in I think he retired at you wanted to go home you're like I do this for the show I was trying to help. I know everybody else but you may you'd kill that this week so I'm excited to get your status story. Eric your first numbers 22. Is it being total number of first round playoff series the trailblazers have lost in franchise history that. Or is that the total number of inmates that have escaped from an open Japanese prison since it opened in 1961. Twenty to do you said first round first round playoff series on this story. Yeah I. Tonight rather confidently and and joining eighty years how many years they didn't make the playoffs combined with how many years they have indeed in night out and and gas infrastructure jobs. I posted this is a sad. This. It is they stats. 22. I'm 221. Round playoffs how many years they've been a franchise. For what since everyone. So you're going on. Diddy. Or no you're going on 46. 647. Looked almost half of our existence have been first round exits is what the first six or seven seasons they didn't make the playoffs than 771. Time the playoffs they won a title. And then from 78 says a ninety's. When your rate they won shoot first round playoff series over that course of time. But so yet 221. Round playoff series this team has lost wealth. It is 21 inmates. There is a small islands. And are off the coast of Japan near here she came out where they put this open prison. And number 21 got loose just in this last week 27 year old Texan he really. Hi Ralph and are serving time for multiple Babs and apparently Al wandered off and started stealing again there were some 6600. Different police officers. Who have been engaged in the manhunt. Both for him. But yeah apparently the island's only had 42 square kilometers there's 22000. People in population on their but it stayed. I guess it's an open. That's an isolated on an island so they're not tons of barbed wire but yeah yes Libya guards there. I think the easiest president always time series he got out these it's like some sock so mobile phone no wallet or sandals occur or if he and other police found a note from the fugitive thing quote I'm borrowing your car but I want. Damage it and close at at at and any this is a massive earthquake and if you could play a game. Where hypothetically. You have one game this. And then after the one day they start looking for you date you play fugitives. In their TV series that this has slipped manhunt or something some realities everything Katherine aerial alleged avenue dinner at like eight pairs in the did you have start and I got his former FBI and CIA dudes after yeah now. Income growth that was a lot of fun he has gained a state of Oregon how long could you. Are not be found or. He won danced RC attack like a bad right to get what you need head out. And I feel like I can make it a week. I feel like I can make it each year. And here I really do John a lot of friends little I don't know be on the Lam there weighed 180 million ankle an odd way too many advancements in technology have time I'll really satellite being here has really been to Dallas organ. They are wrong with security cameras everywhere. He's the first play simulate Dallas organ now possible to take its its cops everywhere let him free law advancement they're gonna go do you think a week. Galileo last them months. And and also we get tired of exile hide from our land down my ninth floor and that would be a miserable night. I you guys are still on continues soulful yet good burner now. Now earlier this chemical I don't yeah alone so he got this all figured out a lot of thought into this year's hundreds of us up late edition. You can't lock into names rise in store or a restaurant and he's so yeah you could have security cameras the duty you overestimate this so much what it used advised that the gavel cash pay you cash out. You get one day you know your cash on Vegas so. During that one day head start they listing cash you're tired account I'm saying yeah yeah it's a game gonna run out of money let's play gave it to get apply for a new credit card you're out of money you act like if I go to some ran go convenience store and a coastal town that's not being. Ullman a lock in. And they're real oh my god it's him guys and I got or had your mustache fox basically you're one thing that you can do I can girl must. You know if you take Karl on his break last night saying he lasts and a Greek and that's been all weekend I guess for me now. Florida hey guys disappear from the show. You guys you guys starting note this does she did her homework global culture on the numbers thirty. Isn't the field goal percentage for Damian Miller through the first two games of the places pelicans playoff series. Or is it the amount in dollars of the tarantula burger on the menu of both Cindy Berger brewery in Durham north Carroll. And I unfortunately. Saw this picture and it is at 31% from the series. How tired I did the research and earlier you extract the numbers the space at 31% led this is a disgusting picture. I think clarity at lunch but tell me more Jason's Fieger. I'm tweeting it out here it looks like it's hard to tranche of las click on your upper. The whole thing it's a whole body everything yes this is Romeo bull city burger brewery in Durham, North Carolina it is exotic meat month. There which I think we should employees here on the show takes how to compete on. Show but yes the terrain it should challenge they've had made burgers with alligator iguana python vice infertile insects but yes this right now for thirty bucks. You can get today to Rachel Berger 100% North Carolina pastor raised beef burger topped with Greer Cheney's chili sauce in an oven roasted a rain chula. However they only purchased eighteen Siebert tarantulas that you have to go into a raffle and the give one away at day. Except in our raffle to be able to eat. There is rich there is here only incentive for meeting deleted tarantula. You don't wanna US zero intensive what its hood I don't wanna try it. Our John Elijah online to spiders alt delete those crickets at Safeco whatever they honestly grasshoppers and it Fijian yes. If the answer fried grasshoppers Ollie does that I job Lima spiders too many legs but dutrow on an area laying them they have meet. It is like other bugs and Daniels knows that they spotted out imagine there's some out there we just waited it out pat and it is and if you're curious what three Roethlisberger looks like ten of our I finally a last number 300. Oh yeah now just side is hits and a 300. Is it the pre season odds in Las Vegas for the expansion Vegas golden knights to win the Stanley top. Who are now 72 favorites yes they are the favorites. All art is that the amount of money a robber recently stole from a Wisconsin hotel wall wearing a I heart bowl 08 sweatshirt and that is prompted DL restaurant tour from on the peace to offer a year's supply of global cakes few whoever helps law enforcement catch the band. He's called the hope okay because. I. Am. That's there and just abandoned outside just outside Kenosha was gone. It killed our friends at fox six now 300 how many goes down on his calming us down as well hey they were for sure the odds none. No the biggest golden knights were a 15800. July and it may have hours odds and end I know they weren't they weren't. Dead last starting the regular season win the Stanley Cup they became the first team to advance to the second round. Like sweeping the LA kings last thing went over the cap on betting for that would have been. I don't know what days. Please don't get to raise him. I guess somebody walks and he goes I wanna late fifty grand on the biggest nights to win the whole lane prize winner take and it's eating at that time. I think the thing I'm not really didn't need a little yeah there's no reason to be to get a beating ged. A team of cast offs that nobody wanted to. Yeah and power every enemy with guts you know what town of New York poll in the Wisconsin. Up for this there were surveillance cameras at the quality in in the town of York bill captured a man taken 300 bucks and from the registered there in a bright blue I Clarke Paul Hoch takes sweatshirt. And apparently. There's a restaurant there are New Orleans placing Kenosha. That says sells these things called hoe cakes for 205 third two dollars and fifty cents a slice. That is that is mom makes. And show. There's all these hits mamma he's okay. So he has added to it anybody who can go crime fighters and hopefully find it will be a year's supply your supply ammo cakes. And with that they're made with. Rory goes and as get just gonna ask what is a whole okay looking at right now. They made anywhere else is special just can't is just the specialty there. And had an antenna. And there are both case. Well if it's like the one I'm seeing on. All recipes dot com. There are but he said Oreo is an Easter. If it's so there's no actual lows and that he says that the chocolate cake is the law made it for his ninth. Court today she made what's called a whole day he came up with threats he was a huge hit. So they got him in the restaurant there and and now everybody is what the buyout the PS what church and teacher so they're they're flying off. A hot ticket I love told those more than a little twinkies more than three sending daughters yeah I love thinking dollar actually like dean Donna knows more than like twinkies I think it'd be out I was never I was not usually he guy they were good ago that in terms of those kind of candies or treats they were in my favorite do you read the friendly the knock off twinkies yeah not it cheaper version yeah you could put about who's accused. Susie Jews were okay like zebra cakes. And those are pretty good at the big dogs and a whole host I have the hard chocolate shell right now. That's what I like about it and it's (%expletive) hate inside. I think I would be Woody Harrelson if there was a zombie apocalypse like Houston. Adventure land. Threes on the mission just fine twinkies principle like this is this app that's always look at Fuller and I had finally snow caps are snowball. Of also doubting him. I does saddest story every zeal Wednesday at 215. I we got an NBA owner who's ticked at his head coach or former head coach will explain line. Also a change in pay structure to the G league could it affect high school kids decisions those are next on. 37. I answer the poll question story coming up in the final segment we had a lot of them kind of recap the day it's been wild. Wild day here locally lot of blazers talked the first hour and a half of the show are so we charged town about the Major League Baseball Portland proposals. Lots that if you miss any of making don't catch the podcast after the show. A couple of NBA stories that wanted to squeezing here because I've doubles these readjusting and the first one is in regards to the tanks fest that went on in the NBA this year. Ebit was trying to lose and people were upset when their teams are playing it's. It was kind of a funnier lush teams purposely try and his basketball games will blow edged on his latest podcast. Had this story to tell of an NBA owner. That freaked out after game he said quote the relive any teams signing G league players intentionally bringing up guys they knew could not play any NBA. Because they were determined to lose I've never heard more talk from office executives. Frustration with coaches who were winning games they didn't want them to win and owners I know of an instance of an owner parading. Really berating his coach here in the past several reeks of the season from going in and and beating a pretty good team on the road and going. What are you doing. Owner is yelling and head coaches in the NBA about winning basketball games that's a level of tank that we treat. Well I mean like that that's. Usually what can happen when you start talking about the future of a franchise and having one of the top picks in the draft. You get a lot of these owners that. They get quite frustrated if you don't follow what they really want and this was a year a lot of teams body into the lets his tank our team isn't anywhere near good. Memphis Grizzlies for example was fielding a team a second round in undrafted players. I believe I notices okay thanks so they have somebody handicaps the owners Vegas handicap per a kind. And I believe came out and said. Jokingly didn't down Mike but no holes or was the favorite Atlanta cool. The second favorite was Jeff Florida's second New York because they beat Washington and Cleveland now odd the number three option was Sacramento home. And because they Beagle and stayed on the road and then Mendes says who won against Minnesota not tonight's the blazers those those are the top four I'm gonna have to go Jeff Horne a secular Zorn said yeah. I do I think James Dolan is Psycho I don't think he knows how to be good owner and not only they beat Washington out Washington on March 25. They then went on as you mentioned they beat Cleveland the last game of the year Cleveland did not try LeBron scored ten points and and they sat M guess and apparatus and a game. Jeff ward a sec was fired he was fired at us experiment for the game terrible roster but right Jeff horn a sec is surely the problem. I think yeah I think it was Jeff Horne a sack in the next I don't think poodles or would have that happen to Guam. And we see Sacramento Sacramento or Memphis or the other option Memphis doesn't have their head coach. SE liberating another coach or the interim coach I don't know yeah I I I think it was just worn a second the next thigh and enjoy that story. Now blown says an NBA owner parading his coach about winning a game late in the year and can you really blame. It's for some respect actively seeking up form. I can't really blame it on reforming upset about does not at all a year purposely trying to lose your losing money as an organization because you put it such a crap roster out there and he wanted to go accordingly. If you're gonna purposely lose you can't screw up and accidentally when he game right you lose ping pong balls every time you win how bad let me ask you this question real quick. How bad eating the knicks were. I would see the worst thing just went down Yemen parsing is went down they were even more is would you guys knowing if you do than OK but do you know where they they're slated to pick right now. I would guess probably 978. In my is would be my guess is is our ninth ninth in you sit 787 or eight or 88 there. That's inexcusable when your best player goes down and nearly tonic games aside right. Or should he get up where they are right near playoff contention when he went down. In the harder with the eight seed yet that eighth seed not a very good held by Washington. They had they had some ground to catch up. Here's why does with their separated by four games here I'm looking at right now more games would have put them in the top high if this is the same thing we have a Portland last year a figure for eons removed from the eight seed or the top five pick in the NBA draft. Is why it's never practical you can't ask coaches and players. To change their overall mentality. In how they go about preparing for content as it did they are too wired. By the time they get to that professional level. To. For a game. Right that's why you do Memphis did you go pick up a bunch of players that have no business being in the book they're still both players understand they have an opportunity the coaches are still there trying to figure out basic. You know. And I know they want their coaches to do that bit better go to them and give them. A two year guaranteed expect extension and pay him a ton of money. That that's even more ridiculous then. Having. Unreal expect our expectations to win given what's on their roster yet. 'cause it's fragments in those games as heated game they want against Washington and Cleveland on the road and their four games removed from being a top five or top three pick in the draft out of the diva balls could still break their way but. That's a big difference but Iran it is hearted RG a.'s DNA whether quick MBAs story this was interesting and it's it's kind of a sign of the times this is a story in the New York Times the other day. They're come on how this NBA two K league apparently like we all of player I don't know how it holds for combat account NBA two K league and the it was it was revealed that the guys who were playing in this two K league. Are going to make a salary of 35000. Dollars a year. For five months yet for five months plus addition you get housing insurance and retirement plan and you can keep all the money that you winning these big tournaments they wrap sell you get this base staying Indian insurance retirement housing. Well when you dig into it and then you find out that the they were play paying G league players. Either 26000. Dollars or 191000 dollars for season. This is a bad PR moment because you're playing video games player. Little a more than your paying the actual guys are playing the game right so they announced this week that they have raised the minimum contract for June league players. On. Two I think the same amount of every match thousand dollars in his 35 grand so you can make 35000 dollars now playing in the G here's my Donna promises. How many people are going to J. League games and how many people are gonna watch and go to the video game tournaments. It's supply and demand situation. If you're getting people interest in your video game contest playing basketball. More than you are players playing the game itself. I have no problem with the U game guys making more money -- I just need to pay this guy's more we'll see if it has any impact on Nam on high school kids want to go to the G league instead of you know Weaver get that first one indicate it was gonna go to Syracuse is now gonna do it. Payable little bit more or maybe an incentive is a little bit higher for his cabinet and number using what afflicts kids. I think it's fifty. You pay somebody in the Julie and Dave Nelson now is 50000 dollars and go to college not a super long you know was not a twelve month saying so you got some offseason their cell I mean I didn't do it. But it wasn't going to be a 260191000. All right Lisa step in the right direction and act case for the the data because NBA two K players are making too much I update job Apollo questions are as familiar bland and what's your offseason wishes for the blazers. And Wear you out with the Major League Baseball throwing conversation you buying into it is it actually gonna happen this time next on offense. Thank you 49 as a Kensing coming up top of the hour. Let's rattle through some mob poll question shall we before we say your viewing standards for tonight. Your of your Vegas wild nights advanced the second round my wild nights yes they indeed finished off the the lowly team that was finalized that was a nice little I'd change of pace right after the blaze a game flip it over and see the end of the Vegas game well I'm fed cut its last two minutes or so if you flipped right over and Iran are at the same time so comical to see down the relative decent number of Vegas sands LA did there is a pretty pretty loud cheer at that thing and are you shocked at LA fans suddenly is now rooting for Vegas and I guess that's a valid point no doubts. It's fans have been pretty usually a hockey fans because they come after that you know bond together said. Try and keep up like the only ones there yeah so they're usually all end. But it is LA you were down three zip in we scored three goals in these are spinning this. That's some good looks at the end there I guess they did that last stated I've slurry was it's on Dustin Brown that was really cool. What questions they blazers are in an ode to hold dropping those games at home who do you blame the most for the two losses. 68%. Of you goalie Damian alerted and CJ McCollum. 14% of you place the blame on Terry Stotts 12% went with Evan Turner and use of Turkish combo. And a 6% said the ref for res so most should belong with the two stars that's probably where you should start with your criticism of those last two games. We also as a wish list the off season but one of these things happen which one. 41%. Said trading CJ for an all star it's it's feasible that's what most people want to seek a I hope that can happen and have a hard time leaving getting an all star and while Leonard straight up 29% of people said getting rid of Evan Turner 24%. Since firing Neil O'Shea. And 6% did go with moving on from Terry Stotts. On some folks country on the highway wreck quick turn amber and by the way they play tomorrow. They do you have with either don't have the two days off thing they put Marlon and by Saturday is actually get the two games thing is gonna apply it should be when you get a travel day and you as they are doing you have to fly from Portland in New Orleans get an action day about it now NBA scheduling to your. This is the least sexy. Television series in the Western Conference as you know tomorrow's game will be on NB ATV and not on team Tearrius the end yeah so if they really nine BAT's dead on TV interview tomorrow at six I don't find someone to watch it if it's so. So yeah vision care less about travel schedule right now. He. Scanner RM we ask what story Lawrence is at right now as a sports fan a blazer playoff closer and army to Portland 70% of people sit and LB to Portland. Campus does for you can't blame him in this auto is it's but the 'cause there's a lot of mystery in that story that's really not much mystery in the lead Elliott's technical details on there and then do you actually think it's gonna happen this time Major League Baseball to Portland. You Biden. 57%. Of people said yes this time it's real wild can 43%. Of the use said no we're gonna screw it up again I don't think it'll get screwed up I think you really have to be patient. That'll be the trick we talking years here it's it's an expansion team yes you were talking in long time down the road yet and then nowhere and it expansion will not happen within five years. And so you'll see them use you'll see this group obviously they wanna take advantage if Oakland can't get it done. And Major League Baseball says we are tapped out of options so days management. You can sell it you can look to move whatever you wanna do we if we are they keep explored every option with the city of Oakland. You can move fifth that's what you need to see an Oakland did last night. How about forty people at the raw bar no I don't know it was boring because it was the lone bidder at the anniversary of their first. In how many you know it's their free game. A bit like 40000 or 40000 people of China hopes so yeah the game 333. Yet because they're playing right now on TV and there is about. Ballpark about 8000 people there some. Good game as he stands empty stands well. Bottom offense. Happily you know. You get three games in the NBA tonight pacers cast jazz standard timberwolves rockets. Here's your triple header Vega faces cavs over on 910 is in Portland them just dynamite and then now you got four games of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It anymore entertaining and it lets them. I'm very. Cleveland OK see in Houston role tonight I go Indiana. Indiana once again. And I go. Thunder Houston batters getting is Donna Mitchell playing he says is getting given ago and he navigates and out Casey's gonna kill. Blogs check out the hockey it's going to be unlike the CW in Vietnam era Golf Channel per day good Golf Channel tonight shuffling lines. Its embassy on network so Tampa and and got out and start you lying to me I am not lying to you gonna go there are two games on the Golf Channel tonight general. I know why people don't pay attention proxies because they put their crap on a golf devils Mike's devils are playing on the Golf Channel networks more households than. With that and it'll take that logic and shouted Sprague I can't wait to watch the NBA playoffs in the MLB network. Good lord. Now we get that golfers watch Saturday morning attending I miss and an alleged drug terrified guest any of the fan dot com Lori brown of Forbes join us talk about Emily a Portland it was for the good stuff between out. After the spring and activated hamlets acted tomorrow at noon it's been part of our Wednesday and I'm on his next this week and eight in advance.