Dirt & Sprague Tuesday May 15th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, May 15th
The guys are salivating for the upcoming Michael Jordan 30 for 30 ten part documentary, have some fun with audio, and wonder if the Cavaliers can show up in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals tonight.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. You know you might think about taking Jesus Christ is safe and that it. This stuff. This is dirty and spray lives. Jack to say Jesus Christ can't hit it curveball which handy under Johnson and Brendan spray and want to hell's going on out here well they're scared and as I've answered can zoom in here. We don't live through it was a drivers took me alive Christians think the herself poses eleven nobody seems to know what to get familiar story for the way for us Germans. Re going to NAV that's all we've done one damn here. No worry nobody's listen anyway. Soon some ON. Let's do this final hour this the mobile frank Florio welcome back end and to be among those who lingered. It back it'll stay the final hour of the show us some fun with the audio. Selma surprising. Ohio State news apparently the Medea. When things shrinking national flags and went handfuls plus pass well. It's like Leslie really key to sucked on lemon in traditional looks like something ninety is an irony you know I was greeted a text if you ask. Before the break about an MJ doc and this guys so excited. He said I'm just don't like a Christian for Jesus now. That is the next level Jordan fan right there that's pretty solid by the way if you've been listening for longer than fifteen minutes I would say the show that we are talking about beyond the glory yes that's what else is there from beyond the glory. So I would OK you don't and then there was some kind of when somebody at one of thirty for thirty leg title on Tim Duncan and I camp five but it sounded really funny I really couldn't interest Ewing Duncan from not one. Guy. Seriously not one a five time NBA champ is one of the greatest of all time. And this is not than there are areas of ideology you haven't seen the most boring thirty for thirty ESPN presents the Tim Duncan 3030 would you rather watch Tim Duncan thirty for thirty year Patrick Ewing. Patrick Ewing. All hot and a gimme dunk I honestly probably went in the Duncan unless it would Marty see the Patrick Ewing one was not the he was in a G and big idea which by the way it was they test us it was a really good he was also makes him look the Reggie Miller won't have. The Abbott I'm done I'm tired mainly just right jets on yielding in his entire life yeah gimme Patrick Ewing outcast. And the guys is he's in no way Kareem or Bill Russell. Who own. Power in saucy probably tour dream. Bill is at a very. Very interest in life not saying that he hasn't. I think I was marine's life not accused of being dominant black player in the sixties in Boston it'll cost yeah. I'd still tired I think I'd pick Bill Russell ice off for the most part almost all of careens career. Right it's putting it clearly under his college career OK that's fair and I've. I see a lot of Jordan but I want behind the Steen stuff that I didn't see one that's the duty of thirty for thirty's it's right what you knew what can you shine a line on that we don't know Linda hang up now sure that was my biggest argument I because I was and dove for the Tyson Holyfield won because it was I don't GAAP net it was quite done that answers clips of very charity saw was an okay I've seen this thing I didn't learn anything new and that's where evidently designed to do that I question is is he gonna tell us what happened for the flu game is again Ed. Right what that is and if they have the same line a crappy Davis before then. While that's and is that we've spent one hour episodes that. We don't know bubble for creative limit as talks as what's happening do we told this by the way do we have the trailer ready go. If we send that. Now that it happened he might never sent a tool okay the insanity of catching Jeff on that's unfair it's like 45 seconds he just yeah. So ESPN and Netflix announced today thirty for 32 would you know yes it is a ten part tacky series called the last dance and able chronicle Michael Jordan's run with the bulls during the 1990s. And it sounds like focus on line. Mostly. The 1998. Sees in his last NBA championship anyone. And there's a lot of questions that come of this one and and you brought as a team over the show. So they apparently have a lot of footage from a documentary series that was filmed. By me gearing that high NB ATV and NB ATV network in -- knees never allowed it to Ayers are they how a lot of footage and stuff from that ninety's Jordan Rhonda and I knew I India's 1998 season they had a crew follow the team around the whole year right and apparently as were mentioning it's all about access and what you're gonna find out from guys Jordan is 100% on board that says she never was before he didn't want a lot of things out there or not he hasn't done a tell all book there's been no longer in aid and sit down for interviews and these may be doesn't suffer like sixty minutes but the guy the guy's a hermit he never be never comes out detox cell. That's I think the intrigue is the only complaint that I how about this and it's only one. The ten part tank. While that's a lot. That's that's a season of game of browns sure you know. It's every episode is great and it's awesome for an hour after I watch it I will take back said complaint how many episodes of hard knocks to eat it four of five is a five yeah because he had the first one and they play four games basically it's like I five episode okay so I mean seeing Amazon's I know they do one on prime the only one that's comparable to this would be the OJ in America one. Member of the LAJ thirty Pretoria aired on my ABC to that would it was pretty long that was a along a bunch of different pieces to it yeah. I don't know I what are they saying they're an hour each. Is it ten hours a half hour it is unclear whether those tell part to be 306090. We don't know yet you give me thirty minutes an episode I can. I can deal that that's fine I mean your tie and five episodes via the OJ one night it was five parts. So this is twice as my best time part I'm sorry yes this is a ten partner but DOJ wants were all pretty long time and I wanna say they are all releasing and did Wednesday they are all god they were all good so we we don't know quite yet. On what this is going to be but I will say is somebody who watched the vast majority in my and remember that the vast majority of Michael Jordan's career. I can't wait for this like when you have a chance to get inside access to one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. That's setting is a sports and we want about all our athletes and I'm I'm. All for this day closes we've gotten was right Thompson's piece yes or the hall of fame speech. That's the closest to the real Michael Jordan we've we've ever got outside of pictures like pictures of him. In a hotel. Chilling hanging out with the draining core or whatever cigar. You did you just don't get much access so for him to allow this. One it just tells me he's at a point is like he doesn't care anymore he sold enough shoes tissue cells are probably just gonna go even higher. It becomes op a certain way. And I'm just kind of I'm excited to get this scene to behind the scenes stuff that I and I never had access to nordic anybody outside of people covering the team are people on the team right. Because that will be the real snapshot of Michael Jordan but again. I think he is going to always be. The athlete who gets to live. Without an expectation. He is the athlete that will forever be known as being the guy six for six in finals with six finals MVPs in five regular season MVPs. The most competitive crazy driven personally he's ever seen and I think if this shows that he's even more Renee hole than we even thought. I think it's actually only gonna help him. Whereas almost any other athlete probably not getting away with LeBron certainly wouldn't Colby certainly wouldn't. Shaq certainly wouldn't you name it I don't think anybody would except Michael Jordan. Target disagreement data that is you talk all time players. You know we knew Coby was a jerk. You show that he's even more for jerk and you thought at the U it's if you gulf. Man. That's that's after I think Jordan there's just an air about him. And who he was an athlete in the NBA at that point. Like I've always said if you put Jordan in the NBA now he's out lettuce as some would be fun because he be going against other athletes. That are just as athletic if not more. Where is in the ninety's and this is a credit to him by the way in the ninety's you do now people matching that fanaticism. He really was. Our he really was just a US court. 66 not crazy size especially in a senator driven league but you're talking a vertical. And unique ability to get his shot off in any way and can to wording is body. Got a lot of guys in that Eric couldn't. Where is now it would be just incredible to imagine Yana sent to Kubel guarding Michael Jordan brag how fun that what. The brawn this length and I you would score James Harden Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook. You've got a lot of athletes now that I think magic atlantis' some wise that you didn't have in the ninety's which is why I think it helped him so much. Aside from the fact is teams were really stacked with with good teammate. Snaps is pretty great players we haven't someone on and we wanna save. Like all time athletes. As it and they sort of thirties have covered a lot of different guys now and has been around for a number of years. And there's not only thirty for thirty's that HBO sports die you know the magic in. Burger won an HBO and they were done one on the Gretzky messier Oilers yet they did one on them. I I would like to thirty through thirty for HBO heads or NHL that some but I don't think yeah. Well I want Gretzky alone. This is standalone Gretzky yeah yeah I'm a guy that knows wing grads you'll wait Greg did one on the trade didn't day as it went when I was traded LA yeah. And what it meant for dinner existing Gretzky won that would be fantastic. If you can go NFL. I know we've done interviews vote like I want an in depth behind the scenes. All all raw tell all Mary Sanders. That would be one for me because Walter Payton had one it was really love the paint moments great. Yeah and then they've they've covered a lot and some people wondering is this going to be. All hyped and nothing to it. And the Jordan one travel tell Debbie that depends on Jordan it depends on how much exactly how much Jordan's willing to maybe signing off on everything and hopefully he's not gonna have any editorial template right ten Gardocki series what do you think Netflix and ESPN 3230 parent up to do Michael Jordan. It's going to be entitled the last dance winning entry level 55. The real finalists now we also need to get to some fun with audio coming up next as John Sina begging. On national TV good luck or bad luck and HBO. Might have the funniest thing in the summer coming and we got the trailer to play for yet those are next on tram. Thought we had a no hitter going on in baseball right now. Yes we do Jordan Lyles is no hitting Indiana Colorado Rockies down in San Diego. He is through seven innings. We make it was a joke and certainly is Jason yeah so they're in the bottom of the seventh Lyles himself just grounded out. Five days before and I think we will update you on that if you're tigers fans are at least jinxed it. Okay. Lot of texts in about LA the Centex and last segment 55305. Apparently the NFL network any Barry Sanders NFL life peace and those are pretty good if you've seen those I haven't seen knows they're decent not quite as in depth as a thirty for thirty Kingdome but pretty and seeing kind of insurance facts there check it out yes the F it'll give a Texan and Wayne Gretzky of course in the first it was on its trade was not necessarily is life in Cali got there was about him going from Edmonton LA. So an idea that the other athletes we got sent in word Tiger Woods a number of times Randy Johnson. Willie Mays Barry Bonds. Rickey Henderson and one that I agreement to that I would love to c.'s Brett Favre. I think dinner Ricky won. I that they did Rickey Henderson mine really I think they've got to Rickey Henderson won they've done so many at this point it's easy to forget which was they've done dynamic. But does the Brett Favre and interest in you know come and friends. The south and high school coach was his dad and going to southern of the falcons right down falcons Glanville hated them and I'm pretty interesting is the other can you read off this before Favre. Grass and a as a on tiger. I don't know if there's any ingress he would give us that we don't already know but tiger. Tigers and Jordan there for sure I do what I mean by that is I don't know if you would ever Cyrus never to consent right to having somebody else outside because this is not all scandal and yeah as is it is what it is he could maybe 25 years from now but he's not gonna do it right now like Jordan was gonna do this right after he got done with the NBA but now he's been gone for not gone because he's still part of part of saudis. It's taken him a long time to be able to sit down and open up. Potter says Lenny Dykstra. I a that would be entertaining to actually be an inch and John Daly we got in a bunch John Deere they did do one on John Daly which is actually pretty good. I never saw the daily daily thirty to thirty was pretty solid and you know kind of what happened was. Was what you thought happened that was that was the John that's probably why it watch because like I already know that story yap and one last 11 idea I had to at that would be great is a ninety's steroid era of baseball if he could ever get guys open up your ego. Go away from the player angle. And you've shown me how league executives managers and media all benefitted benefitted from the air and the Grammy them all being hypocrites turning out or how they turned a blind I knew it was going on they desire a thorough about it. That would be a pretty device used to do that piece for us down and decent depth there OK let's have some fun with audio Shelley how many people now Wendy royal wedding is going to be because I just found out it's on Saturday and I had no clue. Eileen you because it's been. Plastered all happiness is still saying a lot we have to care about this who won the revolutionary war so we didn't but here we are another royal wedding and HBO is doing something with the next in line by the way. I don't think so now I think it is William is his older brother would be right but if he guises hearing next or is that the kid. The Williams kid who that's a good question. I don't know contingencies where we go right. But HBO's it is Sunday would Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon they're gonna have a live show up early on and here's the trailer. Hello and for London and in many buildings and from there royal venting. I've eats the end yes and now you have a young then. Right toward the battle on the night before. What is nine pretty good. Jerry I mean right. And noted all of. Now many things that'll get me to care about our oil letting adding their pointless and and I don't know why we lose its base of a staged a I might have to watch this this is going to be funny idea give it to me on demand I'll watch it. It would be funny to go back is I don't need to follow this alive I. I brutal ending coverage by the way upset at home of the universe she's seen Megan Maher calls dad I have I have seen headlines that I am I refuse clicking those stories to cure the story increasingly looks like now. Go Google the future. Royal duchess or whatever she's Kennedy's father okay. Unbelievable upset that she is as hot as she is seeking amount of that and that that father like she's not the ugly is dude I've ever seen but I looked at him. Probably three different times in just. I cannot believe. That that's his daughter. Lol yes you're right donning upset how'd that happen because you see a mom in eagle and I could and it beat he can't be that no there's got to be something deck has her mom is. Gimme a paternity test she beautiful dark ski in yelled beautiful woman he's dying right off. What happened. But they produced a beautiful child that they did somehow some line how about that. So that's happening royal wedding this week and he had a bit of Soledad yeah we have this happen it was a today's Otis called. With Kathie Lee Anne hull and a whole idea that town line at like 7 in the morning yeah CBS CBS and NB CNBC. Paula Johns CN John CNET recently separated from his fiancee. And a week before their wedding it was a whole thing and the girls in the office know about this but he went on The Today Show up today. Yeah yesterday yesterday. Today yesterday and had this to say. It's all messed up the point is for anyone out there speculating on what's going on a lover I wanna be with her I wanna make of my wife and I wanna be the father children. I just want us to work and that's so just from here and all that other stuff she sees BS I'm just trying to live life without your current very emotional sort of time that it's been been very difficult. But we're here. We're here we're here we're here for here you weren't what the president doesn't wow this is what I wanna do because if you're if you're watching going like this what you shaking a fist. I think the greatest record flawless and I really do. I know for a fact that I was in love never been in love before trip and I'm telling out there is real. It's horrible it's I don't call it's beautiful and I heard so much because I know was fair and it was real. And every day I take that you have that. If I never have another day with Nicole I will take six years with Nicole over five years and 364 days any day of the week. I'm so grateful. And if she's watching I'm grateful for being able to stand by her side for six years and that's. That's what me depths which advocates are. Anybody else on golf still and calm anybody else uncomfortable. That Jimenez that's a good look at other than females well she now she did a red carpet event that day and they asked her she'd seen in so I saw things on the range and the guy said basically. He wants to air delays and other your children and she turned to her friend her sister's son than an. They gave this lookalike. Boy that's the biggest FiOS on the life. Syria and this is a video of the funniest part is noted and Kathy leads his. Are all the meet their tutors CN I'll call nobody's you know that the funny like we're slide in our time has really shown I started playing the video in like three of the girls overheard it sit next to us overheard this. We just see it like the other cubicle they come running around. And their reaction that they all had like in seek. All. The same time every single why did you leave him at the altar. I am I think the speculation was he's a very selfish individual only cares about his career in my kids. And now he's announcing he wants to be the father of her children somebody said he doesn't care what we think. He Kerry. 2.0 is in all these movies is that a kids movie that bombed in Peter's. Guy you know he's the data routing guide heavyweight champion world. And he's he's his whole thing is on persona and charisma. He can't quite some really the rocked him the last time I thought that uncomfortable is on the blurred lines singer member he cheated on his lady Robin thick Yan and he made like come back with me and I miss you song that was just beard. Yeah I do remember that SI am and I'm not working he ended up hooking up with multiple bodies and that happens. Yeah anything close to that impairs loan now. No no we're nearer one weird moment where you try to get an expecting you realize right now I'm just being weird. I had one moment. In my youth okay say it'll get to it on the other side I mean is not really that. I guessing calling in manually when am I doing I get yeah yeah it all we've all been there you up. By the way we blew the we blew the no hitter supporting terrorists and happened toward miles give or files your perfect giggle does not build support I think he does give up leadoff single something. Okay outlook do that also give back in Golden State's dominance answer simple questions I was date anybody Ohio State still has sounded and doesn't exist does exist it would get to those next. They are Ohio State football these are serious impound it. Oh magnitude 36. Boston and Cleveland tonight last stand. The DC was LeBron James is doing today. Did you see. No he was practicing early in the morning. He's rated go for game two his pregame workouts are nuts they're pretty intense. Like heat they say he simulates. Body wise almost an entire team the day of the game that's a little crazy bled. Maybe makes sense why he's been doing it for so long is at the works for him clearly this is the there's something to it. Yeah I you know we are time before the before I went to a break there about. Embarrassing daisy you've done to. Trying to get an X backed John scene went on today and basically ranting about I was to add the girls kids and all that stuff get married again. And I direct robredo I don't think outside of like a drunk wide and I call that many times of line and I text that many times I don't know if I have an inning to John seen a level no I mean I am buying minerals Cooley goes through different stages. High school yet some moments. MI or even like creepy they just you know I when I first got a cell phone which setting yourself until after high school which show Asia where I'm at life. I did have one moment where I tax. And pride to many times that a couple phone calls yeah Adams. Ignoring me what's going on and then like I think it might have been literally the next day or maybe two days later and I just sat Letterman I was watching TV and I thought it hits him. That was dumb I'm Mike Dillon I'm wasting my time for mine and move right on what is happening here dive I've been in the low spot I've been in that low spot of please. Please share the affection towards me. Comebacks have meaning he come back Simeon tracks your ear rebound you're young in your rebounding your realize it's out of this Nazi down our outlets kids a year Ohio State news seventies and has for 45 minutes I had a huge feeling it's gonna fall flat. But I'm curious for Eagles saw one and got his point this why guard is giving me be disappointed mom body language right now but now they have is bodies kind of turned to decide what he had say Brandon James again it out no big news for Ohio State football which is announced about an hour ago is the eighty DE. Came out and announced that. The Michigan eighty said he wants Jim Harbaugh there until he retires he thought it was the I stated he didn't you. Nine it joke out tomorrow by champion. Guys yeah kind of steel housing for certain. And they pay you proud. To. See us. I can't. Barack and I really know ordered off their butts illustrated picked up the pieces of this segment as is pointing out that every degree and a rebuild this thing from the ground up can't beat Ohio State in Ohio State celebrating game because they know that it was going to be the forever aka the other is going to be and if you hit into. They're never gonna lose like they're gonna be undefeated against Michigan for the next fifteen years it is never going to happen. OK let's get a single state lawyer told questions because they're dominating and Eric darts out last night his basketball fans have on these. I asked are the Golden State Warriors beatable. There is still 22%. Of our audience that thinks there's a chance are you saying beatable when a gamer series I would hope people think series. May be specify that next time because obviously when a gain yes of course they not in his series and game. 14% of evils that Houston has a chance 8% since two up from whence the east at what he's saying. 14% said it Houston and has a chance. An 8% said whoever wins the east has a chance Indian point 2% of people I poll think that some may have been just didn't or one of these teams can beat them in a series yet and I also lasts is Golden State withdrew rants never had a playoff series going past five games are good or bad for the NBA. 60% of people say bad for the NBA okay 27% say ask me in three years see where this thing goes. And 13% say it's gut level watching it love seeing the dominant can appreciate liking that brand of basketball. In the moment. And right now mentally I'm probably at the first option but I voted in the middle. Let's see words out let's let's wait three years before we announce that this is a clear cut. Nobody's gonna ever come close to. Situation I think the biggest challenge for them and what makes what has made them so. Unbelievably consistent over the last 45 years at the top level. Is bullet I mean yes the starting five is great policing great starting fives before but the fact that they've been able to keep that bench but you look at west. Living stand it could all. How longer are they going to be able to one key poem for whatever salary those guys may warning to how much longer can those guys still get it done in the NBA how close are today. Swagger you can give me a little more referenced as I know the teams that you watched them alive. How close are they for you starting lineup wise one through five. To a Celtics or lakers in the eighties but their mind me a lot of the lakers now. Kareem magic. Worthy. I mean just having that group. I don't think they're quite there they don't deserve to be there yet because and I also remember there were being ten fewer teams in the NBA to go point. So yet Michael Cooper coming off the bench and Michael Thompson coming off the bench. You know they both had when they started their Kurt Rambis at the more than AC green at the four out tyrants god Byron Scott so. It's an ass of fun question earlier this anti sign of how does it and there's it and buy them breaking up like The Beatles does it and buy a debilitating injury does it and buying it just doesn't they just get older they continue to win or does that then by. Another team being created that can actually beat them and. Series I'm on break up and I actually don't think they're gonna have a bad break out I can see somebody like dream on. Getting to a point is cool where a career where he is accepted being that third fiddle. And he wants that opportunity. Now this could be in three years and if he makes that decision. But I'm gonna vote to break up thing I don't want in all happening anyone of those guys much as I don't like dream on I would never wish injury on them. Ominous say they break up but it actually be a pretty cordial like. Guys that amends run prayer Raj everybody kind of knows going in dream on is. Blow just weeks a year out and a dream on start to feel that he wants his own team or clay or. Whoever the hell wants to move on BGC clay again last night battle impose gamely had to say nobody was really stink and at last. He was in the game and I don't mean some. Yeah basically reiterated he was like look I'm I'm on key member on a team that's got a chance of what a title every year I get paid a lot of money I'm living in a beautiful city and San Francisco. There's millions NBA players it would love to have a chance that I have on nominal and as he gives me federated but I think as I seven million dollars happy man. Am bomb a lot of that is look to his dad is who was the number one draft pick was a guy in Portland's. And then eventually made his way to the lakers came off the bench in a six man type parole for them and won his title. Did you see he get a piece written piece on I think slammer substance. He is I believe he lives in Oakland. And he is you say Oakland Eric I'll god he's not salami that he has gotten noise cells on a hill overlooking everything. I his brother lived together. The other thing to consider is Steve Kerr ended his with all of his health issues. How long can Steve Kerr. You know you're hoping he's healthy and he's all over that nonsense he had with his spine and all that but if things worked. That makes a big difference that's gonna say I there was a point in the last night's my guard I give her credit for the implementing of dream on he also wasn't a part of Luke Walton came in and won more games and could could you be on the bench for the rest of the series and ABC's. I think it and indeed I I think it and individuals experiencing yes I'm talking about if you want to sustain. A 567. Years understanding how to. When the pushed the buttons when the lay off how to massage all those egos in key. Everybody on the same page right I think that is where. But can I put you today and you coach the rest of the year for them and they win the title got food yeah if we got pictures of great courage great. He deserves his fair share credit he also let's not act like he is well perfect coach. He completely. Fallout in lost in the championship win against LeBron inquiry. Up playing Anderson berets go and pass does is Healy was the dumbest thing he could have done any did it. And then last night that was funny he sub Katie out in the midst of Katie do is scorching the rock javy would salt this lady I was pissed. And went back in about thirty seconds they address IRAs are again like a seven Colorado avenue rain comes right back in admitted media that I've apologized. Exotic vita potter two over the breaks laggards of a Texan in very emphatic showtime. Lakers. Beat these lawyers six. What rules are you planning ad is a good question. Some a pot on over the break also meet again until in Boston tonight does LeBron James bounced back. And an awesome story happening in hockey and I hope people are paying attention to or not. Does popular dominant he should be and how many do you might PSA down hockey in the final segment next on that automatically into safety eyes against him coming up top of the hour bomb. I'm just gonna leave this here armor gonna lord let this marinate overnight for tomorrow. I love their needing to get you gotta marry you re. The so. Lucas Glover just let that hang me let that sit there Lucas Glover is a PGA tour player we do we know Lucas Glover is out there are no longer wearing name iPad. So all he's PGA tour golfer and he did not play world players championship over the weekend. Not get. His wife. What is arrested him. After she reportedly. Attacked him and beat him up for not playing well in the tournament. All well it's right. She went tonic detain non and so she is in charge of domestic battery resisting arrest and if she's found guilty she could face up to one year in jail there're more details here and I'm just gonna leave this one year and this is global ethnic air mail overnight. So apparently he was tacky this is a mile Daily Mail. He was at Lucas was talking to deputies after this happened tonight as the arrest was taking place. And this is blatantly said when he plays a bad round of golf Chris stuff received its or named Christa proceeds to start an altercation with him. She tells him he's a loser and he's. Female body part. And he needs to fire every one in if he doesn't win. She is going to take the kids in leave him and he will never see the kids again. Why don't really know how you let that marinate given you just told the whole story. It's I yep that's that's up. It was too juicy did things that is marinate I've read this an ounce like oh my god. From what. She said this to the cops as she lies Lucas with her. That I don't know that's the only question we need your dude your professional golfer she's clearly unhinged in this is not the first time this has happened at this sounds like it's a normal thing in his life she Burley was again a cop car trying to kick that. We're out he's. McCain's old drugs as she apparently. Told the cops you know I ms. Kagan and is now she told the cops as she was getting arrested. Wait till the PGA tour hears about this you'll lose your job this is why cops get shot in the face. Wait till I talk with the judge you will be bleed being fired over this she's got to be on drugs there has to be something worse it right nearly as he mental problem the mug shot not great so it was going on there but she's probably hammer drunk at these tournaments. Abouts. You know I like bipolar stuff yeah I don't I don't know what does a guy supposed to do in the situation like I kind of feel bad back when Ric Flair was getting slapped around threes and how to my ex wife and adult Lucas Glover. A Eric lair was getting slapped around like a few years back and people are teasing him my knowledge it reeks layers deep deep Isaac. What does a guy do in the situation I don't what do you do I don't know he did not hit their back you gotta go bear hug strong bear hug wrestled to the ground okay and then like you do an artist we are gonna stop is the only holds this all started I don't know available restrictor hinges. Wrap around and a letter leave I I I just I do I there's a there's a huge soft spot for me of I don't know what a guy does in that situation is not an easy. Circumstance to deal with this is nuts may eventually you do leave put it in the moment. Back I just finishes this final round eat and have a good tournament. And this this woman's trapping him in a corner and starts to happen and punched and kicked it in the right. This is domestic violence lady. Chris. I'm probably gonna talk more about this tomorrow landlords are talking about amenities and Degan. This research nine. Thought out more about Christa much getter on the show its roots reach out to Christa. What is it like I don't recall any I don't think he's gonna he's a one phone call on Nazi guide you never know never say never swagger. They real quick who shops they would think this is why you get shot with a fatigues what it's free excuse me real quick when showtime lakers are current lawyers. Current rules. Current Aurora is well then the warrior liberals delay orders. Rule. I think you. The lakers be so caught off guard watched the team shoot that many threes now doesn't play against the Paul Weston nuggets back then. It was the same. I'd like this quite a look at the numbers tonight we can bring that will back out once upon I don't know who guards Kareem or magic have a gonna that's fun hypothetical question in my own little thank you Michael I don't know what you hill Michael Cooper can come out and hand checks death he's not going anywhere okay who's guarding JD. Worthy to hang around with them. What's tonight cavs or Celtics so I think Celtics committee cavs. I think Celtics went and I read and watch events and tonight please watch events and he Diana just keep an eye on especially this game turns out like this thrilling game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals until it's 73 degrees outside right now so it's cloudy sit inside want jockey okay. Let's go sacrifices people got to just go up in Rio gets paid. Vegas has had knee hurts us good job it's political every shot up and nodding your head to shut up and get out of here to digital a lot of Friday tomorrow is a frantic. OK global it's not due tomorrow number one's nexus into donating of him.