Dirt & Sprague Tuesday May 15th, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, May 15th
A surprise World Cup discussion breaks out on the show, plus a look ahead to the NBA Draft Lottery tonight, Swag's latest edition of NFL True or False, and can Trae Young make Puma cool?

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirty and spray Q could you now as you're going on how fast your bills. Yeah 63 sandy Johnson and Brandon spray you got to understand death I don't come up with this stuff. I just forwarded along. You wouldn't arrest a guy who's just delivering drugs from one go to another dirt and sprayed and 1080 PH Wilkins Memphis. It makes you may soon I've stayed close doesn't mean. I welcome back in our suitor in straight with fuel and 1080 end. I. Dirt just says to be right where cracked my you know we got this summer. Will cop. This on that formalized the Iraqis the Padres in a fox ads for Hoosier gonna who's going to be here adopted country Figo moms origin ego dad's origin I'm like 90% Sweden they know it was pretty average for the Swedes I. I am kinda having you is sexy assays not it to certain example I'm also. Glad I don't have to pretend to care is this kind of the other reason I do is the USA national pride thanked them. He get into it for the country like you do with the Olympics but at the USA wasn't in those Olympic events how many of would you watch. Well the world Ayman last World Cup we were doing shows. I cared in the moment like the games going on I sure you want I echo the game ends I don't Carol yeah today and now I drive right now I've ever program. I know the the Icelandic national team is actively soliciting Americans to jump onboard their lives are they really yeah. We should have they think tweeted as BP. It's in Chinese and more afraid they have a run doing something and yeah they went nuts in a better commentator commentator is crazy. Term it was that I think it was the the European. So it was that's right years ago yet we were out at Langdon farms are remember that we played down idea cause death rate yes it was amazing we had a different was the UEFA. Yeah that's what it was really a play it was the UEFA cup we should have people from different countries Colin and solicit our support. Why should we root for your country in the World Cup 55305. I might have to go and so I my brother did and ancestry thing like 23 in me that's kind of the rage right now. The ad is I don't know how much you paid for but he did Dayton. The blood results came in and obviously where you're not a father and we're part Japanese. Because my dad's half yeah. And in the biggest percentage for us though with Scottish Irish we got a little Scottish Irish and which hazardous point because I can't drink as well as a lot of people the mice in my entire Ximian them. A port drinker here forefathers are rolling over in their grave turn in our lives for not now Scottish I'll ask the Japanese part view right well we make good whiskey that's the pigment is Scottish Irish but the liver it says jets signing up those countries and their soccer team I may just adopt the red dot. I mean is the most boring flag in the tournament but I might just. Philip to lighten the red dot and then again and soccer Japanese yen or women are. The women at greater and better OK it's like it's literally like a representation of the USA soccer okay that are really sink in good an immense sucked in a manner basically a disappointment Amtrak. Sounds Barack. The other World Cup's coming this summer he excited and it starts and about a month how Obama leaning fox says that they've paid all that money for it in let's say you know you in that. Lopes also get good viewer numbers but yet we you know you see other there is a little guys guys guys. Off my watch and you don't think they're gonna get good viewers know what I mean I was states of America islands in the numbers would be that it's. Offset 'cause the games sold B you'll get early morning games so a snack and interrupt your regular sports how early is early morning. I think the first Kimmel go like 6 AM to five or 6 AM Pacific it's like good luck on the rush is huge so you're like ten to thirteen hour time difference based on and where exactly their planet. That's their plan all over the country yeah. They like seminary different venues where is the main tournament. Retirement. I don't on the World Cup works on the plane it's not like the Olympics. Now remember last time it was in the United States they play all over the country yet tolerant to the host country yet like host country. Russia. Sets when I'm at night some sorry I didn't mean like stadium I'd just meant the host and we're trying to think we're trying to get a welcome back currently I don't want to 146 they did those joints it's a joint bid with Mexico and candidates would be North America and American cup. Was that it went all over all of the three countries yes let's get you trump was out big in the African nations to support our bid he also did nothing illegal in that regard Reggie did something or not allowed to be Smart about it. And like in terms of the World Cup rules like he was talked out about hosting or giving specifics or something inside it players about rules of duty yeah none on he had gone on your political. Political rants here go and defeat as the bastion of ethics lesson are. Somebody did that is that now the president. And animist Sepp Blatter. Japanese whiskey is all reach it I had my first Japanese whiskey recently couple. A couple weeks ago. You won't shut up about it now swear by the stuff now Obama is key leadership what's the brand. I can't remember ought to tax that was over we had dinner says he's this is the most of them being brought over through some Torre beam. That distributor ship so there's that could be ET. There's the Imus Saki. And trying to think what else. They got Yamaha did you need to get yourself some Japanese was he not only because you like whiskey but your culture right yeah you're sick you know hey. Why got the making and now -- bar you need to Unita bottle you need some balls a Japanese was a major that this week in my dad's cumin coming down it's my my youngest is second birthday so he's coming down eat and drink ever but he would try it I you try it you just throw eyes Cuban and the last formal little glass ill I primarily to literally have to show and that's all you need to put a little bit in there eleven you'll fall love it is a big event and I know people will Pope who don't attacks line but I am curious for those interested. What country are you rooting for 55305 our ego and lights here year. You're bloodlines are you going with what you'd know you are or are you just adopting a random team because I feel like when that tournament starts. We may pooh pooh it. But everywhere we go we're gonna hear about it. See and that's I'm genuinely curious what the interest levels going to be regular medical World Cup when it was when it was going on and fourteen. I couldn't escape it and I would go to work we would do shows at a restaurant. Packed with people holding their flags. 39 USA deal on US Mexico bowl Germany I mean you saw all these flags out there. That is is thing about the World Cup is he meant optically care about all that much right right it does read a lot of. Pride and there's a few would that timbers that will be called up to play for their national teams. So I mean if you're a local aspect will be the B a few from. The Indy pole woes on the Peru team I love it polo. Is there any pressure on like Ghana and the big and people of it and like his messy on the World Cup. No Betsy has not won it for Argentina and there's a lot of pressure on him to do it about Cristiano. I don't think Portugal's one. Under. To an album I mean I know anymore is out there for your two biggest soccer players have not won the World Cup well then. And they were in danger Messi was in danger of missing Argentina had like struggle in their qualifying. The didian. I don't know any is there. This is all that happening you've done right under our nose the whole time we just didn't talk about it I just remember USA continued to lose and political god and every single game they'd like this is it and they lose if you like or the next one is it none none of that next one did you lose this one you know a chance as Dan know given design last year at this last strong down to the last one out in the backside and all the money loss or Jack under it and I got to eliminate terrifically. They get us with some World Cup tie up probably an odd to be honest that he had tried on and I'm rooting for anybody vaguely watching in the background. You know what I mean by that well I know a huge mean loosely rooting it I'll tell you a little early in the Swedes are winning nearly coup he broke. Anybody on team. If there's city like super small country that comes out of nowhere and goes on Iran that would be Iceland that would do it for me that. I don't get me to watch the World Cup but if you give me like France England or Germany and have Brazil Argentina as Abdul I you know I ankle an error give me the gambling aspect what's the team with a long past I might. Ley cup that I questioned so if some was able to and you were able to gamble now all World Cup I can gamble whether it's legalized in my Stater night I still dam no I understand that but if it was like right. If it was in for their release face. Yeah I hear that only a couple bucks on a long shot why not totally on first thing in the morning and that's you know 6 AM 7 AM Pacific Damon right. By the way about questioner and you'll know the answer to this if you are the host country you automatically end yes you should say. Because that would voted to oppose mayors you would have forgotten Tony 26 in the U let's say didn't make you know the host nation and the defending champion are automatically end. Who won last time it was the memorial cup. A certain extent you know one must look up. I yes you get one guess Brazil on the go England. I know certainly wasn't enough he was Germany but I will though we don't even remember I don't remember wow doctor got as a member. It was four years ago what you want that event yen a year ago I like to memorize every day after the UNC no guy data plan imagine anything else in life where you host. Which you don't participate can imagine abiding people who are for dinner at your house and then not eat you just Qatar coming at a restaurant at a little what's giants gave Nadia here at Atlanta my dad here in my pick it's. Thanks for inviting me I guess and they said the longest odds are Saudi Arabia 1001. Would now like Cingular Saudi Arabia it's a go to Saudi Arabia in a World Cup time I just need him to win one game is still like stoning PLO there there was Germany Germany line in my memory was. Little foggy little cloudy but you got tagged me Dario is Colin. I can't believe I just deep rail and NBA draft lottery segment for World Cup conversation and Arab. Adam don't remember the German coach would like stick his hand Stennis trousers. Does he Santa's mail all of his debt can he do the Bucs and if you're welcome low yeah. I guess that was the highlight of the world come and go oh yeah he don't remember from the world I was trial related to something you would remember the alleged crimes that he puts his hands down his pants rubs buttons sniffs his finger I mean he really gets Reggie does it like it's not like is he doing. He's doing it. I'll find it during the break and I'll weeded out as you heard a lot of root fort Sherman era dancer and again. I'm sorry and lets. You dig in that by despite the whole World War II thing or more or one thing. As long time ago let's go to Germany. People don't forget Sprague people help people they shouldn't forget who do not forget I think that's where we shouldn't forget it but done in terms of butt sniffing I'm I'm gonna have to say that I'm I'm ones I'm a team that's now if I am so I'd argue the tiebreaker here what are US. As he takes a long breath and. Double ride the German German band let Israel plus children's LTD guy we all we all love our own bronze you guys terrible fifth you guys make a beer but I'm sorry I'm out on the butt sniffing things. All right NBA draft lottery is tonight. Your memory your emotions when the blazers were involved in the draft lottery like when it was a really important thing we took. Great it's got a cabin directional swipe card remember that well last night with an alcoholic drink we'll talk about the draft lottery little bit next on the fans. Well beyond let us in the last segment. Your life for its relaxed him out on NBA draft lottery is tonight. I know it's a quick half hour but I love the draft lottery. I always find an entertaining. Watch the reactions of the team's big cast when it's a team that wins. It's a real quiet and cool are we pulling for tonight. Well let's get to the draft lottery odds I got a right here. And so this year's NBA draft lottery odds. And if I can get this to pop up Phoenix Suns number 125%. Chance they were the worst team in the NBA. Met this is number two well done man says Goodyear good lawyer they're gonna draft to seemed to be junior. Last time Iraq number of former blazer machine Teddy it was a great Dallas Mavericks are at number three with a thirteen point 8% chance. Atlanta. Right below them Orlando Chicago. Teens cavs Ian nets knicks. And in the the Celtics or the 76ers beatle acres. So there's your top ten right there who are you pulling forty depend. One thing I don't really ever really strong rooting interest for any of the top six teams Phoenix Memphis Dallas Atlanta Orlando don't do anything for me whether one of them gets the number one pick citing my rooting interest tonight. I'm go a long shot here old I'm going dark Yunel weighed down there and I want this pick to be to Cleveland Cavaliers again. I do because it a fourth freaking time that I. Yes but I I am rooting for trying to find a way to competitively balanced the MBA and if LeBron is not get a goal. At least you'll have another piece to move whether you add the number one pick your roster or trade it have a turn into the next Kevin Love type of player. I I want Cleveland to get the normal one pay if Cleveland wins adding. Everybody's going to not only call conspiracy because it would be third or fourth time they've won and like seven years. But I think most people would say this is the NBA's way of saying they understand LeBron leaving right. Or they want him to stay one on this day and I don't buy that they are hiding if if you want to miss if you if he's gonna leave the eighth pick does nothing for is he wanting to play with a kid that might not be ready now really contribute but can you flip it for somebody can you trade and I'm one overall pick reply letter. You don't do that trade. Hot takes if you get LeBron is I don't know you don't trade number one for all I know no collide LeBron know while what two years. And is why LeBron taking down Golden State. The unlikely now likely not and receiving keep Kevin level as say they keep Kevin Love. See I think he'd wanted to be. And I don't know that pic that's either the sixers are Celtics respect go to if it's number one. I think it depends. On the to bud lite Ford to go to the so I think if the Celtics. Got to pick. Up there now you're looking at a team if everybody comes back healthy with Tyree and Hayward and the experience the younger guys have gotten in this playoff run. Now I see a team on the east that might be able to really go after the warriors. And could be interest. As the Celtics get it and yeah the Celtics a final. Today I'll always tip of the Celtics did it and take another two key in Marvin Bagley the third and not waste their time with T under eight. And okay hearing other future first round pick up Boston will receive will be defeat will be the lakers first round pick in the eighteen draft provided that such pick is number 2034. Or five in the NBA. Draft if the lakers twenty per 2018 for trump pick is number one or is number six or later. The sixers won instead. Conveyed the Celtics the rights to the more favorable the sixers own 20191. Round pick. Or the Sacramento Kings when he 191 round pick. Hal that totally excited it's only may add some more favorable pick is not the number one pick and when he nineteen out kind of the more favorable of the sixers linking east when he nineteen for trump takes is number one pick in the 2019. The sixers will instead convey the rights the less favorable of those two picks. At all since Mac. The princess bride all of a sudden know how always easy to let my last part I'm. I'd add that to the equation now I get it. That's what's gonna happen and so basically it's 235 the Celtics did it is from what I took from that that's what I am and I would like to see bats. Because that means they're going to dipped. Big good high they had their peace in bondage thing Marvin Bagley the third to learn from Al Horford there for them. It is cheating it's cheating is cheating edit it and I hate the Celtics but. That would be pretty intimidating in the east. I don't why I do like draft lottery I don't know why I just seeing the stupid voodoo dolls and people bring up for like Cilic. Positive curses that somebody on some. Was it Dan Gilbert's Katie brought up every year he was really glasses yes the good luck charm for them on tape I heard waiting I think that. Is back tonight I think guys on the list that he's back I've heard from his surgery yeah that's I've heard that Orlando brought out. Little penny. Yes little pennies to veto pen is making an appearance so that's their that's their good luck charm. Eyes I don't have a rooting interest for Phoenix Memphis Dallas Atlanta Orlando. Sometimes I do I'm like yeah I want that crappy team to be rewarded. I don't really care if any of those teams get reward and I can see I think there's any of those and a tea now ranked I mean. Devin Booker getting another player would be nice chair Sharon that would be in the west and that would mean Portland eventually being overlap has actually had that sometimes in Philly like their fans went through so much being so bad for so long I block a I want them to get the number one picks. And be rewarded by at at least to have you know light at the end of the tunnel what they are going through. I don't necessarily have that the mis in my brain hurts from hearing that draft scenario and it's extremely calm what is. If you took away the loading Jordan crap. Do you have a favorite trap memory typically will way T we Aldridge a sickly the big names were both good and bad is there one that's kind of like. In the middle that you always remember and I I I can't begin to tell you how I will never forget the Martell Webster Chris Paul draft. That was his that was not a good one. A high school kid in Seattle Washington I was one. And you had Chris Paul on the board. Docket that yes it did that was a real thing you know I will say I. For that for the fan bases out there. That are involved in this tonight. This is so sad to say them because obviously we know how it turned out but. The date that the lottery happened what would it have been 2007. That we found out Portland had the number one overall pick in the draft Portland Seattle via might it might be the most exciting game blazer history and all. Pool I would pay me a more exciting day in the days. This is Isaac before we know it was gonna be Oden before we do what Oden was gonna turn into weeks even ninety be used on the shot and and funny you had a number one overall pick especially after you had the best chance the previous year and ended up right fourth or fifth or whatever you ended up and they have alien with the sixth best on ice that yeah I will never forget that going like I. I was with a bunch of bodies in your social media set didn't exist at the time but I just remember that likes vague word spread out and got out except wearing armor went around as I was and around a TV watching is why are probably tillage on an up that he did count accurate nice to acknowledge your food tastes like urges dropped the place has got to pay lower connect guys Sunday. And it was like oh my god that just happened this is because you had Roy you had Aldridge in all you just needed that one more piece out he needed to and you hat. Or would owed and a fold yes reality in town who really can't map that I mean look at the draft history. The 2007 NBA draft yet you remember anybody else from the top 10 am. I'm not gonna be good at this one now yelled you're sitting names that I know that's right that's right that's right. Jack has sudden third overall pick was Al Horford. Pretty good player yes side about about that one but then again you're still talking about Oden now that it wouldn't you than it was Mike Conley will. They have brought west written OS for Cano Westbrook was in 0809. That was Jeff green was the number five pick. Jeff green's been a serviceable role player but so far this draft is pretty good. He's. Was he in from Yi Zhang yeah she was not Kitna back and now a Corey Brewer was number seven zone laying certainly Brandan Wright. In. That Joaquim Noah. Nice that around and call yield team does joke commits he joked he'd call video team's soft jail OK he was he had his moments when he was tells me he was great Chicago that is they sniffed around fraud and if east finals. And really did you say Joaquim da usage and no team no shall we are irked. Spencer Hawes. Was the tenth pick he was ramming in a blazer game this past season sitting down like that nineteenth roll up Mike Spencer Haas can get better seats and that's up Spencer and then not rounding out the top fifteen you had Acie Law Thaddeus Young Julian Wright Al for Oden and Rodney Stuckey. Trust not great but pretty good from Trenton I'm trying to see our picture pretty good we ended up also with Rudy Fernandez and address let's not forget. In Jared Dudley late first round pick Aaron Afflalo Aaron Brooks was a late first round pick. Who loves land drilling nobody else says of significance in that draft. At least in this there was a day like that old Marcus all there is your he was a fortieth overall pick and address yet you know yeah you weak east talked about how exciting that day was they got the number one overall pick. But a listener does bring a complaint like if we just get the second pick. In the moment you're like you're bald but Seattle takes unlikely number one. You think so even if they don't you're not left with the what if of we didn't take to rant. Yeah got to try have a chance they're off the table. Dang ugly I have a chance at a but at least we got Greg Oden you're right it's clear out the table for you isn't it the guys I maintain I think that was the most exciting day of blazers and of the blazer since the Western Conference finals since the Gaza since he won game six of the Western Conference finals and 120099. That is the most exciting day in the last fifteen years. Wrote a little 32 dollars three is a close second Roy it was pretty exciting for me Roy's comeback against Dallas was nice that's probably number three. On on tying Melanie drafted him like I Mosher paying those people that watched him knew that was kind of a sure fire pick. And I know his career was cut short by. Some B lefty with a lot of memories on and also the franchise cutter that was pretty nice to have. Yes of the NBA draft lottery is tonight. You may watch leading into the the cab Celtic game or maybe it's his find out what the results of the the lottery are and I still wish. I wish they would televise the actual picking Indiana delivering the envelope does diablo and bottle at him to have coverage over on 910 ESPN Portland our sister station yes right across the hallway on your end that kind of thing well you know we're signed it nothing more riveting than listening to an NBA draft lottery on the radio. Our it's time to go to the NFL. Talk a little football and a coach were false would do that next the first. Failed immaculate 36 of Tuesday's ruling while there is a ton of things to talk about today. Tenet sometimes in Friday's and Saturday's elect will reloaded here. So just tease you a little bit there is a segment on a guy trying to revive a brand I wanna talk about. We have a new thirty to thirty being announced some curious excitement level. Fund was audio somebody begging for someone back on national TV. Hall also something HBO's going to do that might be the funniest thing in the year in. As a surrogate to do well and eating even mentioned the big sports one. Pretty big news just announced about twenty minutes ago. In regards to Ohio State football Ohio State football news yes OK. Let us not turn into a nice little sports state but it is slightly after 130 it is a Tuesday that means it's time for NFL true or false. We got this week's wired. Altidore. There are records we were QB's were drafted in the first 10 picks of the morning eighteen NFL draft the question is when will they be given the reins to their room. Respective teams' offenses tour false. Those rookie QB's bigger mayfield Sam Donald Josh Allen and Josh Rosen will have more combined starts in 28 team than their mentors Tyrod Taylor just mechanic Jim McCarron and Tim Brown. A true true true true true. Children. Kraft relive her they will switch from Macau and I don't know if AJ McCarron has the durability and his state through it and Tyrod Taylor he's been banged up before as well. And I could see him struggling in the going to be here alone for four it is time to go bakery. Now all all lean true on this one mom. McCown is an entry one because I think the council has something left in the tank and he was a decent quarterback last year. Tyrod Taylor is not terrible he is what years but there are worst quarterbacks in the league. But at some point the pressure kicks in I don't expect the jets being great team and expect the browser being great team. So why I would I would be shocked at these guys we're not starting messy week nine of the season so I will say this is true. I'm gonna say false. I think there's going to be more restraint. From the head coaches here to. Make sure they don't throw them to the fired through early. And so it'll be close. But I think I think that that will end up with more starts. This season. All right number chew by signing his extension with the falcons Matt Ryan became the first player to be guaranteed 100 million dollars under a single contract were false. Brian will not leave the falcons back to a Super Bowl during the term of his contract and who will drill. The. I think there. In the quarterback climate. I think there's where Rex is good is him if not better NI CK other teams have better head coach. Filed a chillier fortunately for falcon fan out there. I must say this is true tale. I they had their chance they let it slip thorough he was bad last year a lot of this is ons are key Asian figuring out how to properly. Is everybody in that offense but I know Julio Jones is unhappy with a contract situation does he get the big dealers he goes some Morales. You got doused. Say this is true this is true I fate of the guys that they were home I mean who knows how much longer Julio Jones can. It's hard for him to do is he stay healthy through a season now. I don't know I Wear their running game is that that was that was their bread and butter. Back when Matt Ryan was coming up it was they can run the ball. Among the league leaders and now the they're relying on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones it's tough sledding house. How much does that. Eating him in his. Post career life. Now to be itself under recover from think Jim Kelly had the worst rate trips and Dan and nine he'd at least he didn't blow a 25 point lead and one of those games no. Dan Marino I'm sure room would rather. They'll bat boy you wish you go back again to another one outside of this was a second year they face the niners. That guys can look back I think is a lot of players on the team ago we were up 25. Points midway through. Feel bad for my friend Matt Bryant went down he's getting him back. Retired cowboys tight end Jason Witten adapting to his new TV analyst role predicting Dez Bryant will end up with the Packers this season. Turf false does Bryant will have to sign with an AFC team. Tendencies. Guy I her ice eyes. The quote. And I died. Nothing he does guy that could be really good spot for him because well it's aired freaky Rodgers right and I do not like Dez Bryant I can think he's not a good team guy. Aaron Rodgers can make up salon in your character flaws turf. You're saying he will have to sign with an AFC team. Don't know what his price tag team and I don't know what team realistically is looking at him right now uncle uncle false and they egos and we. I guess is that prices dropping game by game. I day by day by day by day by day because he is still let's hockey and NF chase one's gonna go out a sub like this I would expect maybe he's talked to says about in LA where he sniffing around. And a lot and if a reporter since this came out of it and said nothing's imminent between Dez. And angry they get a deal done but. This would be a good fit for him because he still wants to get one more contract he probably thinks in his mind he could go if he signs a one year cheap deal. Approve it kind of contract and he can be a good guy and locker in the name maybe somebody's gonna throw some money at me. And outside of maybe New England is there an offense you can go to and put up better numbers in the green Bay's. At this point probably not I think this is a good fit. And I expect him to go do Green Bay so I'll say this is. False. This is false I think he's going to look to get within NFC team. And preferably one that is on the cowboys. Schedule I think he wants another crack I think that's the most important thing to a means to be able to play the cowboys' next here hey you shoot the buzzer on both third myself. What receivers not a good fit with Aaron Rodgers they all are you know and they'll offer because he can throw it to a two weeks window right. All right finally week one early betting lines are they released in Vegas Packers are the biggest favorites eight and a half points over the bears agreed to pay there's only two road teams who were favored the jags minus for the giants. Titans minus two and a half of the dolphins threw everything else Heinz already. Yes CG technology receipts Yancy GCT technology will segment on this since the game by game. True or false underdogs we'll have a better record against the spread in week one and the favorites. I always think this is true I think we wind is impossible to know. Who exactly is the real deal we have all these thoughts and feelings on these teams in the new season starts in the gulf all. Alvin Camara for the saints is not somebody I thought would come out and be who we is Kareem Heinz. Being the patriots in week one and ruining her survivor pool and you just don't know. And so I think her goal by late spread I I think the underdogs have a better showing in the favorites in week one. Got to live the big woods brand then. Natalie the big were they big word I will say. Had a record against this or Edmonton. I like some of those protections. That's the tough part lately a half is a big spread our arena at home in Chicago got the biggest spread there's only 27 point spreads and everything else the rams and McVeigh were going to be with the argument the Packers to touchdowns right. Erica I would say this is false he did it favorites Linda would yep. False. Favorites will be. Ready to go for week one. Especially with all the home favorites. They don't. I always imaging test on guarantees I was a missed free throw away from it now one last night you learn I give it my two touchdown. And they won by thirteen because I think it was a dream on somebody missed a free throw on the final seconds and when one they were traveling at the end for no reason I was excited that I wanted to to make the free throws they're helping me out. Yeah and they missed that for you also your hypothetical came to fruition. Pollen and Harding played out well down what is your entertainment on the go out all right there's a series of Golden State runs away with it but they ran away with happened and happened. We will get back into Golden State's dominance at some point in the final hour of the show. But I want to get to a player who will be heading to the NBA next year potentially. Reviving a brand and its work next on the fan yeah. Pressure is on the us. What's different from past masters executing crunch time it was prelim heat and wind this greatest criminal element of news that's the lowest thing. While it's clinched and I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch could. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym members. Your migrants directed by French bid has always than any kind of bug so why would you ever pay more free gym membership I'll be out there tomorrow built. I'll be that bad at all. Ali can. Off a recovery day Billy should know that it's a good day out today excited shaft nod bags on a big TV tell president temporary basis. Liaoning TV to a does no days off for 1012 he'd stakes on his off days this trio when you eat a Francis I is salad for lunch. And I actually turned down cookies today you did roll though communities. And it did. Com. I still love that when when people's reaction to me when they offer me something sweet or desert like and if they don't know my aide disdain for and I eating desserts. There initial reaction to wait you don't want this dessert it's very offensive to who you are very offensive you know but it is pretty funny to watch that reaction. Mark is Brian cookies today and I was like hey Dirk take a tricky like not god. Really. With what's that supposed to meet you even look up and down like really really. Really still get that was the same people with donuts we get don't button is everything is donuts at once of AK went on but not all right here's. Yes no I'm OK I donated on the right for you always know all the jag yet in all this fact as I PA's and stakes baby hey. A new thirty for thirty announce that I wanna get to back coming up the top of the hour also a question to ponder for 2 o'clock. Is there an athlete that they have not done a documentary on that you wanna see one made on. But you wanna know I want to know more about that guy what was going on behind the scenes I try to sell you wanted to did not give me the behind the music sophomores now you you you said Tim Duncan and island. I saucy during a trailer nearly Duncan should. Now he's literally nothing about him is exactly what the trailer opens it starts with ease a lot of news the man would you watch a thirty to thirty on Tim Duncan 55305. I was feeling vast majority of peoples and now. And so on how good the accesses. Its its great access no great access at the fifth. Curious what's. Duncan Jack Erica fox sports he's you have for the turn into Bruton basically came the mayor channel least do that. Does that show called. I know you're talking about guild interview show you have we did they get no oil is like a thirty for thirty basically but they have the athlete collected in one on Nick Van Exel. It it won on whole BKG. And the hell was that show called early 2000 is that Babel a close might be now. I don't quite remember it I think measuring back behind the music. I think they should be doing implied this fuel live music was really get a bloodless on there like Kurt Cobain and Nirvana had one. Lauren hill had one. There was some really good performances that they got on blog unless John Allen. We dissolve TV problems during a regional O'Neal's dumb blonde about MTV you Kara music again it is Pate turns out everybody likes these we do. We do indeed as a look at the documentaries have coming up top of the hour. This this coming off parliament today an elegant people's thoughts on it as we are now on the brink of the NBA draft lottery being decided. And one of the guys likely to build a top five David's are likely in the top ten maybe in the top five is Trey young from Oklahoma. Very exciting player one of the best in college basketball last year OP Shays Nedney knee he needs to go balls that a lot of people say maybe he's an extent curry right small guy shoots from all over the place exciting case the next Seth Curry. Well this came on at Apollo was. Wrote wrote a piece on ESPN about this. That one of the brands it's gonna go laughter hand and looked to make him the face. Of their brand. Who thought. Yes. Whom issues to deal Obama is trying to strike at a basketball market now if you're singing currency yourself Dirk does truly do basketball well. Not since 1998 but they have done basketball before they're looking to get back into an I don't know of anybody remembers its they had Vince Carter Vince Carter was a plume athlete at the beginning. But he claimed that apparently he's ended the issues cost him payment hurt its feet the issues he was wearing so we got out of his deal. And I and Toomer then end up suing Carter for breach of contract and they were awarded thirteen point five million dollars so pummeled once bloody attitude that money is and we're getting out of the shoe business we made a profit they no longer made basketball issues but now interested in making. I don't know if it's the same man in aliases same powering these forming a guy Reebok. Home. And one shoes. They just use jet about stylish shoes basketball shoes while I don't know who was ever panel of the made NASCAR shoe was I don't know lists aren't they. Does Reebok make basketball shoes I would try to dig into it I know they do they still. But I don't know on LA gear lights on the bottom I don't care if your trade on how much money they have to throw you to do plume issues. Not dude you can't Simon Nike for just slightly I think everybody has a dear friend of Al Almonte they wind does he want to be the face oh Rand. That's just sit does he want to know who face of a brand people if he's an error nobody cares that that if he's good they would eventually yeah yeah habits you're not you're not acted in a big money deal right out of the shoot now. Well there are equal more concerned about longevity of the issue brand or the. I don't think so I think witness a bit of a check I think tray young you food aren't disciplined and I guess nice he's interested in one. Not having to fight for publicity within his own brand. It certainly basketball give it to him. And two yeah. I'm sure their will and offer significantly more trump hoping that he's the one that. Can all get them into the basketball IQ but here's here's my problem with this it is a two full tank. One. Go look at carrier ring. Carrier being signed with Nike and people thought wow he's going to be just another Nike athlete. Carrier ring becomes a really good basketball player and kind of lose up to the billing carrier ring she lies she was the only profitable shoot ninety I'm glad you brought that up too because it's only one we should discuss they're coming out and uncle drew movie. Yemeni that it might FEC it it looks kind of funny. Many kids in your Alabama and our kids in your art is that I think for kids are just here you're just an old it's wrong in my. Game that wanted theaters and act like I've seen every good movie ever haven't spent money in a bad move I have taste here okay. I would disease super troopers to and Ivan nine year old nephew did you start a flame as we associate CI I'm not been able to it is quite as much as you because I I I know that he's uneasy not I don't think he's going to be staff curry. But here's my problem this is the second part stepped Currie is step curry and nobody buys those shoes no nobody does the rock is the most profitable. Athlete slash celebrity for the under armour brand. The most profitable one of that whole regime Jordan's speed at that B bus that curry. I did even a Buster Posey was there and ideas anymore it's the rock. Now let me retirement as though when guys won two titles in two MVPs and it's the rock would people buy the shoes that they looked good. Now the only song now they look like George people are Bynum dude people still buy nineteen emerald line and ideas. Is he far seconds and then everything else is a crapshoot at a train engine pounce on Napoli deals get your money. Be the face of Paloma either for ten years. You and you sable. Be solid pumas all over the world see there they are known for track team and they have a decent strong brand there against him on you can't get uglier than when under armour there was no hurry sent an issue. LA they trail example Roma and lay out their own public basketball issues to the exist let us now and OK lots to get to any final out of the Shell Oil briefly give back in a Golden State's dominance coming up at 230 what does it do for the NBA and where does the league. Go from here now that it seems like once again it is inevitable they will win in other NFL. Our Jimmy NBA championship we'll have some fun with the audio John Sina begging for his ex back on national TV good or bad luck Will Ferrell Molly Shannon. New production class yet football news I don't know what this news is that you keep teasing I'll tell you it's actually came out an hour ago JC I searched on Twitter and I didn't see innings of that I was safe upon is out there recording is break. Outlets start the final hour though with the Michael Jordan news today ESPN and Netflix announcing. 830 for 3010 part documentary series. Was Michael Jordan wears the excitement level that let us know 55305. Final hour next on offense.