Dirt & Sprague Tuesday May 15th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, May 15th
The guys break into the news that Robinson Cano has been suspended for 80 games, plus the Warriors made the Rockets look silly in game 1 of the Western Conference Finals...does Houston have the resources to make this series competitive?

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. I. This is dirt inspiration. First of southern and Western Conference final. And there's no one inch. Sandy der Johnson and Brendan sprayed. We waited forces started you know we want them hey you know what we're just fill the hole. We will tell you I'm up and down big guy for the sport so. Durden spray gun and maybe. I'll ride in his twelve to. Lou in the rose city it is time for durden Sprague on Portland sports leader. 1080 give me a grain and Sprague and Peter Johnson in with beyond this Tuesday afternoon at. How we feel that I think your film old Kayla as your mariner fan. Any any non mariner fans out there probably have an OK Tuesday that mariner fans. Not. Not so much. I added I got a text a buddy is a marriage fan you he left work and went to a bar with it's it's it's it really that big of a deal this is a bit this is a pretty tough you know like you signed is dead wood 200 million dollar contract he were expecting him to lead you to the post season and he is yet to do that not saying it's on him blesses your three him and here's a zero or five or your five F five in Seattle he's 35 and five yeah he signed right. No it as Jessica as we looked it up for the show he is 35 years old. And aren't right. So you get the benefit but it's worse yet and this year's ago the suspension doesn't kick in our day kicks it right away and I thought initially able may be don't kick in when he's off the DL so that would be a top bloke he's up for the rest the year one note that I did forget that I saw from Rosenthal on Twitter. No post season. So you are now faced with the possibility now I get the AL west is tough there is that chance that Robin's egg can help you come back mid August if they want him back and Rosie O'Donnell shakes out but. He could come back mid August hoping you get to the playoffs and break that sixteen year drought there wild card spot and you win an away game might not be able to play him in the playoffs. Yeah that's Sox that would be this good this is not is is market and. You wish you well I saw from TJ Quinn who works for ESPN. He's been on like that tweet storm because when it came out. That he tested positive everybody instantly goes always do and stare rides I got cut right and then he set out his own response which basically. To sum it up for you if you haven't read it. He went to a certified doctor in the Dominican and use a substance that helps him red flag but he says it wasn't for performance enhancing. Twits TJ Quinn then followed that up with his announcement. And said canal says he took it from a doctor and and realize what it was. But drug policies says Major League Baseball has approved in two and a mask. Which they apparently did. So he says it was to help them recover not to give performance enhancing. That substance that he took and I'm not gonna try to say in who cares. Is basically used to cover up that you did use some thank you yet and TJ Quinn says Majorly exhaust approval yes that's why you're using it right before they say you test positive yes or suspend you skis mean. And they did it was self. If you roast some mind. I'm hoping I'm not that some are trying to move on without us trying yeah and Sunday at the if you just Google what it used word is used to treat fluid retention and swelling caused by congestive heart failure liver disease. Kidney disease and other medical condition that is the medical use for let's kospi spray. The dude probably did steroids either artist Damascus to mask that's the funny they might like you lose me when you talk about the magnetic and when you go to the Dominican yeah you've lost me I do not believe what you're telling all sorts of red flags are going out. And I think it's a tornado that because when when it was initially reported your ride everybody's up he ED suspension he got Poconos on on steroids. But he did not test positive for a steroid so. The argument any merit fans are trying to tell themselves and I think every baseball fan would do this if he was you're a player you lie during guy on your team. Oh he just took a medicine that wasn't approved its on the van susteren substance list but he just made a stupid mistake. But the TJ Quinn stuff I think is great to point out because that's is it's not necessarily the case at all and keeping the Major League Baseball when they see this. Come up on a positive test they have to prove they don't freak out and in Italy is not an automatic ban at a sterile it is the steroid shows up on eighty and bam we don't want to hear any reason why he took it or what your reasoning was. But if this comes up Major League Baseball has to prove. That you're using it not any medical way that in a mistake away but you were using it to mask the use of steroids because that's one of the main users and it's the reason. That it is on the banned substance list and if major to baseball was able to prove its point the Robinson could no dropped his appeal. I I have a feeling may have a rather strong case against him Yasser Robinson to know he was already out with his broke in. Hand injury. For eight weeks and now he's been suspended for eighty games. It was reported initially that it wouldn't start until the end of his injury. To which I came in a work and you you fill me in that you had seen on Twitter. That no this starts now that's the bearish could be and should kick in after your off the DL he shouldn't be given ID games on games he's already get him as. All the games you're gonna miss of injury you don't start it until the end of that and and when you're about to play. Bone you should be out right because if you just got delayed 68 weeks is kind of the estimated he fractured a bone in his hand sell. Yesterday about six to eight weeks to get back from that. And what is up all our 45 games may be for the proud to close in them somewhere between forty and fifty games that he was gonna miss with or without the suspension he was pretty gonna miss after the ease. So if you would add that on top love you this is French and after the DLs that you're done for the year you're not coming back so they got doubt benefit but. This might be the most Mariner's thing ever of them like finally into the wild card and then very good year not having Robinson canal in the line like you're right that's a committing your own division which is tough with the way need is a played this year and the Houston Astros being used to Nash treasure in the thick of it. And your 200 million dollar plus player from time comes out breaks his hand and then a week later. Tests if the test comes out that he has a positive he suspended for eighty games. This is what I don't get about baseball players. You know I feel about steroids. I've I've never been shy about I'd I think we exaggerate this stuff so much or was fishermen are transit a gazillion Nelson Cruz indeed Gordon on your roster I mean that. I guess the out I can't believe he did. You're rooting for Nelson drew is indeed Gordon house he Droid in years and coincidentally different. Yeah I just let athletes try to be healthy whether that's HGH whatever it's gonna take I I don't care just put him out there. But the rules the rules and he has failed this test yes. Where at what I'm confused on with pro athletes and use of this stuff is. Your defense is that you use this to help you rights not all I wasn't doing anything of the medication medication. You'll have access to the most primo doctors in the world. And on the Dominican. Month that and the banned substance list is well known by every major remains sure but guess what if you go to one of the best doctors for treatment wrapped. There are Smart enough because they are the best actors today Null. You can't use this substance either way there's no excuse for this. And that maybe Alvin and have good doctors and have been and I've never been in the Dominican Republic's funding and we announced fans and many can we talk I day's rest says it's it's it's it makes you chop focus even if it wasn't a masking agent everybody knows in and this has been all over today. Major League Baseball makes every player aware of every substance that you cannot take weather necessarily whether it's a masking agent whether it's something that can be considered it a cheap whenever. Every player knows that things that they can and cannot take it yet he still took this drug and the doctor he visited if he's telling the truth and it wasn't a mask his steroid. If he's telling the truth and the doctor he'd be he went to it was terrible and didn't give any advice he needed well let's burn his Jersey today. In that the proper approach I will say I wish that there are mechanisms for teams to get out deals. For positive steroid tests. Well you would like you would wanna get out of this deal I think Americans who get out of this deal RP. He's still got it was an tenure to undermine our contract he's OS five is giving play until he's forty in Seattle what's he doing. Statistically this year is not his numbers are okay but why would you guys deal then we'll get back next year and he really want him another hundred million dollars the next five years guys make like 25 million a year what do they do what Josh Hamilton. They basically paid him off to go wait in that. Yeah with the angels hitters buyout mechanisms you can use oral or trading died when other team you can a lot of times you have to pay the bull that salary but it gets up your books and certain way action. But there's not like wave the magic wand I would like to seat up for steroid users though. Not just cut all but other users as well did you teenager out rated games we'd we don't want Cheney Mauricio later well good news mariner fans. Portland on baseball team soon let's find out what's on tap. What's growing and I'm not page to be bold and they need to be crying there's a lot of scoring and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on turnout. Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the reasons I'm Janet yeah. What's on tap brought to the fans by public him brewing company. Boarded the beach online appellate Gymboree dot com. And out there this weekend we gonna aren't isn't leading in two days ago I got pelican I'll be off on Thursday and Friday. They go hang out pelican. Find the June DB's things. Thought we got a good show I should have extremely late today. Locked into the building and on eleventh money yet feel your daddy day care to name I was on chaperone duty for my. My daughter's kindergarten class. Thankfully though there were twelve other chaperones. They're volunteers in my group was only two kids. I asked about it all my daughter in one of her little bite to pretty easy day as pretty easy. Let's see we'll talk God's warriors. I went there I went into it back and forth with a couple people last night on Twitter and it was interesting there angle. Because I put it to weed out that it indeed was insinuating what they were responding to. And nick kind of got into a whole other thing. As they take game one. Pretty convincingly. Mean outside of that hot start at Houston like Abumrad Mabry or whatever little back and forth you knew they were winning that game. Pretty big news for Michael Jordan. The documentary coming about image and I'm wondering how this is going to shape or changed. Perception even more for him. I think is is gonna help him even more and hanging it was possible but then I saw the trailer and I go oh my god at all yet here we go places actually released at the line line. The guy and he's not on TV doesn't do interviews now that you never hear from a well he doesn't say anything when he does throw so hopefully he does in this. Please run on a franchise in the program that your play with extreme these very Betty is Jason's right guard they're busy. Yeah I mean all the twentysomething NBA writers. I love that they have these articles out I'm just wondering how much of my. When Jordan games they really want to you can't find everything on YouTube. But going to find like five games does not gives you the opinion of saying you knew Michael Jordan planning rat. If you went back and you watched its full seasons. OK I got you but I think people like that are gonna benefit greatly from getting an inside look at Michael Jordan will talk of the NBA draft lottery that is tonight. Boy I wish the blazes were participating they were drafting 24 I. The draft lotteries fun and I love that I love draft lottery and I see what your odds are we gonna end up. We will talk a little bit of the blazers what needing a draft needs are and how big is the draft for a team like Portland or would you just like to see them be. Active in the trade market and I don't shortfalls at 130 may talk a little college football today. John Sina does a move that a lot of men can relate to. But are we buying and it's genuine because I'm not sure his ex fiance. Is and we got ideal on that when he was on The Today Show. I'm talking about that we gotta get shall talk a little Boston Cleveland as well got a good show run two or actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson and pampering and Sprague. Almost Golden State Warriors they beat the hell out of the at a Houston Rockets. And yeah its rapid they're gonna win a championship again it turns break on the fans they're seems to be true and schools of thought. Following last night's basketball game. Now much of an in between. That two schools of thought I would say are the people who resided in. Yeah. Yeah up. This is again and anytime soon. And then the other side. Watching this this is beautiful. Such pretty basketball. And I don't know where you resigned out there may be residing in just admiring and enjoying what you're seeing Golden State do. Or maybe you're tired of it and you know the reality of this league says is great is this in this league currently is with their players. There is not a team a quick enough. To stop what Golden State is doing. They have not had one series and Kevin Durant joined them last year go to six games now by yet I believe they've only lost three times. In her 283. When he and the relief now after last night's win so. You know I I don't know where a lot of people fall in but yeah I tweet last night TDs to when he eight. Dream on is 28. Staff is thirty. I Katie actually my between nine placed when he whatever but the big four all thirty or under. Any Disco the same in in any time soon and I love this league I will always obviously I'll watch regular season and I get a lot of joy out of it. When you get to this point in the season the conference finals and you got a team that's just so dominant sodium good and better than everybody else. You get a lot of fans out there that kind of look at this league and I don't blame them and going. Well what's the point. I'd I had that's a hard thing for me to admit is a basketball guy. But I don't blame people from last night seeing what happened last night and having an opinion. And then after I tweet that out I got people immediately telling me that I'm an idiot because that's. The most beautiful basketball ever played too which I never. Disagreed with that point they can both be true. I think when you're watching them in the moment and you see what they do last night to a team like Houston that 165 games and a lot of NBA fans believed. And a legitimate chance of winning this series and maybe some still do even after last night when your when your washing and in the moment. Yet here in all of how they moved the ball how they played defense how ages it flows sold perfectly. And you can have a performance like that were staffed curry didn't really make a whole lot of noise that was bad on defense and you still in the Western Conference finals game. By thirteen points but I think when the game is over the reality smacks you in the head like a two by four. Of reminding you this is what I've argued all year no one can beat Golden State I think we just we forgot it throughout the course of the year. Maybe we didn't want to believe it may be it was wishful thinking I don't know old but. All year I didn't understand this did you know this team can be Golden State or may be that team can knock off Golden State. I get that they were banged up I I get that they had moments where they slept block. Through NBA regular season games. But come playoff time when this group is healthy I'm sorry there's no collection of basketball players. That can hang with them and it's not just a fact that there are more talented than everybody else. It's the style in which they play and I thought that was in the the main take away from last night is that Houston. Can compile more stars and they can had arguably one of the best point guards and history the MBA and Chris Paul to their lineup. What they cannot match with Golden State. Is be the ball movement the style of play. And the defense in which there are able to go out and and have any game one of the series and all of those were on display last night. And yes it's a beautiful yes it's a lot of fun to watch in the moment. But it leaves you extremely hopeless as an NBA fan I sorry Iran signing Golden State. This will be good for the league if somebody beats them if somebody does the New York Giants knocks out the seventy you know patriots Bissell and a good for the NBA. And nobody sniffed them yet well. You know the other part of that like for the crowd that loves it and I get it I do as a basketball fan they played the most unselfish. Style of basketball you could ever ask any team whether they have superstars or not to play. They love to pass the ball. They don't over dribble clay Tom thing it's sixty points on like eight dribbles and again it's unbelievable cracked racquets everything James Dean Smith would. But it's pretty to a point what I mean by that is their style play can be pretty from the start of the game to the end when their when he points on a team. How many people realistically you're sticking around to continue to watch a beat down let's keep watch this blog or not. I like that that's has been really you're not your Netflix and chilling your HBO you're getting out the weather whatever the situation. That's a point we go okay what's done like I saw pretty basketball in Nan nobody stands a chance against what they're doing the funny part last night. The other side. I I thought he sent a shot to win game one it did and they play like it right away and Angolan state quickly counter eagle on mangled seats only down 31 half was a great back and forth half it was it back on and watch. What I enjoyed was seeing all these people on social media and listening to Reggie Miller Enqvist Chris Webber and even at halftime. You would think they didn't watch the Houston Rockets played basketball this year. Like that this the shock factor of them playing ice so. Did you not watch that's what they do the best team in the NBA. Dick did you miss that memo 'cause. I've watched plenty of he's a rocket basketball James. Houston not doing what got them so much success this year. And I chuckle I'm like dude this is literally what got them success this year Tino with a two leading players in the entirely dark. On frequency percentage of iso basketball and against Chris Paul and James Harden and you beyond 1000% right my man. Those two players I believe on the same team they led the league in iso basketball frequency and they did last night they traded off colon on someone's basic and you it's easy to see that now because came when this happened in say that's not gonna be Golden State in the post season. I would agree with that. But like being surprised by it how many times did Chris Webber or Reggie Miller run their mouth about. Hope all of whom an old old. Maher know all you. Bet. I know Reggie that's what they do they are predicated on mismatches. And iso basketball because they're taking advantage of their iso basketball great one on one iso basketball player is hard and Paul are minutes nominee people in the league that can stop on but. Then you go against a team like Golden State that does it. That there was a stretch I wanna say it was in the third quarter where golds they have felt like was starting to take control the game and cut out beyond that 910 point range of their third quarters have been amazing this run they cut at a lock remain as they blitz teams and there was a stretch five or six straight possessions where Houston would come down and I and whether it was hard and Paul Dolan one mile line that it was Gordon going one on one a couple of times a reseller and Bob Lou today talking up a shot. And it just wasn't pretty basketball and only other and you would get Iran to drive forgery Ahman Green to set somebody up. And it would end up and I could Klay Thompson wide open let me take three rhythm dribbles before I take this wide open shot. And the ease in which the two teams were getting shots off. It it would it my jaw dropped to the floor that here's Houston struggling with every look in the and a shooting 45% for the night never closed. But did you go to the other end and it felt like outside as I mean direct mail a lot of tough shots but ashes of Kevin Durant is well they're tough in the sense of may be the body angle remedies or eleven or 65 guarding him he's gonna get it over yet but at least there's there's a hand there. But then there would be so many times where there was just. Nobody within 56 feet is somebody in Klay Thompson taking a wide open three. What do you think's gonna happen with Klay Thompson's big wide open the right right he's Johnny jet Angela part of it is ball movement part of it is also. Really good defense that Houston can do that against certain teams in the NBA and get away would it be okay. You can't get away with that outside of picking on staff curry which they did a ton last night and James Harden took a lot of it took advantage of him. Outside of that there's not many defensive weaknesses on Golden State are great defensive team he can't get away with one on one basketball and that style. I thought it was like watching a cat play with its dinner in the house I thought it was a team that knew. We're not even playing Dak great basketball like they're playing good Basilan attack rate and they were tied half. They know they can step it up another notch. More from Mike did Tony somebody asked him. What it with the biggest concern for him is is it Kevin Durant in this series. And he had an interesting answer we'll do that next book. I 1234 in the band this summed it up pretty well I thought from Tom average stroke. Game one dribbles Houston 1105. Golden State 812. Game one passes Houston to 26 Golden State to 83. Sums it all up dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble though pass. No drivel ball movement. Heard be. Pretty well sums and amp. Also Kevin Durant is Chico for Golden State that he is we didn't forget that out last year. I think it's pretty evident at this point now in year two. Having Kevin Durant. I just don't know. It unless you get some idea of Kauai Leonard and LeBron go to Sony Simmons and am happy to cry. You really can't tell me how you combat this line up the double teams can't do it sure as hell can't do a triple team. You can maybe show but then even the way this team is discipline in the Ballmer and you show a double. There's still going to be able to kill you wanna show. Mike did Tony was asked last night about Kevin Durant. And how concerned he is about Acadia and this is what he had dissect. It discouraging to you to see James scored 41 points and you still lose by. Double digit now or Moses go to our communities and about 55 they're sound so this is an aberrant that take care of pauses after telling that. Well that is not. Mike D'Antoni talking about Kelly did you see James Harden its close today Yosemite was the one in Cady. No AM one about his team basically is a you know I can't do it all Obama's self. The other guys well he's not necessarily wrong I'm not telling you that the way they play is. Not fine by. It's led them to where they are this year so there's an element of what he's saying of you guys any shots share. Like Gerald Green got to go out there you got a shot stone Kitna found trouble Eric Gordon you've got to be four more consistent Hugh Laurie really big. Third member of this team. I click capella I don't know if he was under utilized. But click compelling user he has a big an impact on the game maybe that's a credit to Golden State. The thing I was gonna say about local and state. In reference to Mike Dan Tony is. There's nothing I think they can change if you wanna put Capello on Katie getting TDs and abuse them to go rabbi and green it doesn't matter. I I've seen a lot of people scream for adjustments to be made. And one listener says you know Brad Stevens labeled the genius because having game adjustments why can't Houston having game adjustments to which I I would just say. Brad Stevens and making in game adjustments against the Cleveland Cavaliers right making in game adjustments against Golden State. Is a far. Are tougher task and in I would also follow that up with. What adjustment would you make if I tell you dirt you're gonna have a seven month season. And you're gonna have success you had 65 games for six and three force of the season six months and 347 out of a seven month season. And then in that final quarter I tell you have to adjust and change the style your play. Do you figure even capable of doing that. No probably not I mean this is his style that's their system and you can't change it at this point you know good hearted saying he needs more help from other guys I've. I I I understand it because he had 41 end and the only other guy is a media company guy's daughters Paul cappella and Gordon Capellas were all around the rim Gordon made a couple of threes in Paul Paul was okay last night but. That a spectacular he only had three it says sit. Part of that is on hardens you finding guys and getting guys open looks and mating and maybe involving them in the game a little bit more I mean he does it really well with cappella but a lot of those are just lobs around the red eagle or on a pick and roll. You know somebody asked to show to try and stop Harden hard lobbed it up a cappella dunks it outside a bad. Of his seven assists I would argue five of those were capella dunks and he probably only had two other assists on the rest of the night so. Not everybody has the one on one game of the James Harden. And and that's writing part of that having other guys step up and play better. Falls on him for the Brad Stevens just venting we'll see what kind of adjustments he can make if he gets at least finals. Against Golden State because I'd be willing to Bonnie is nothing that there Ed if that's series will be a bloodbath that has blown out every game. And we will be seeing Brad Stevens as a genius in him well and that's the. Ideas the other particle the state is. If for all the people that tell me that. Local and state raises the ball our or Golden State should be making all these teams strive to be better I actually agree with that opinion. That they make other teams wanna be better that's great you should want that it's good to have that barometer. I think the way they came together is one of the bigger phenomenon that happened in pro sports he won 73 games with him most organic group. And then you lost game seven the finals and because you lost game seven led them to text Kevin Durant. The second best player in the league in this day come join us help us out after beating them by the way in the Western Conference finals and he agreed to it. You just not gonna get that very often pro sports. What I do you wonder is for all the people that tell me. This is great style basketball. And this is good. Is a core is it a beautiful brain yes it is. But it is Abbas single in the state how much to the ratings go down let's get a terrible I'd there's no need to watch that series there ought not even like your personal viewing pleasure just. I'm wondering if we can try to sum up sports fan. I think those ratings gonna drop at least 20% death. I do on about that no LeBron James factor no LeBron and and no carry no Gordon Hayward he doesn't know yet exactly exactly. People know that this is going to be a quick series if it's Boston racked it can be Cleveland again and then we'll see programmable know more about that tonight to getting eleven games I just think LeBron losing needle people hate him people watch him it doesn't matter you know he's gonna lose that series but you're still gonna tune in because it's his best parent flatly F 1520 tonight I don't know. Life and that's where you know I'd just look at the future of the MBA I I understand in only has to be able to lead us earlier asking you know is the diet we you know we are poke gorgeous Golden State bad for the MBA is Kevin Durant since he went their back is aiming at a series go to six games and it doesn't look like this one is going to. Or the NBA finals will. And and I understand that it that argue you know look they built through the draft. They convinced a player to take far less money that he can make and come join us. These guys are all unselfish or their salary needs soul. What what's their relate to hate you hate their dominance if it's your team that's dominating. Then you don't mind it because you're enjoying every moment on the we have this with every team in professional sports for the Yankees. Won all those World Series titles at the end of the nineties people couldn't stand up somebody else when Arizona one. Another it was strange because it was after 9/11 but it was like a relief that they didn't win their fourth straight World Series and it's hard to cut you off but I would just follow up what you're saying. I know the Yankees swept the Padres. But they also had a pretty good battle in some of those others. What was last time we sucking this dominant does that seem willing consecutively and Dayne being dominant while you're doing but that's where I I think we could be depending on how the rest of the NBA shakes out right this card this could turn into the most dominating run we've ever seen in the history league has even when Jordan won six and eight. How many of those series were less than five games. What an idea I ever swept anybody never swept somebody in the finals and I believe all of them one at least six. Arab anyone at least two games in the MB of Oz Oz blazers did I think a lakers did but they were really banged up sure I know this I tell you saw in Phoenix did and Seattle did so not a moment less than sixty unemployment less than they won last year and five they're likely gonna win this you're again in less than five animated series in sixty haven't in any row right in any round so I'm -- we're on the brink of one of these dominating runs were nobody can settlement that's where I think it's bad where I. Where this ultimately could end up being a positive for the MBA. The sad that we have to realize in Portland is there is no parity in this league and they're never has been carried out this league to complain about it now as ridiculous right that it's never existed. So unfortunately. The best case scenario now if your an NBA fan you wanna be more excited about this sport. Is to hope that this happens in more cities and on and we've already seen that trend kind of been an uptick. Of Chris Paul wanting you know I I can't went in in LA send me to Houston permit would James Harden may be I can what it is going to take. Basically the top thirty to forty players in this league acknowledging hey I don't mind not being the face of a franchise. I don't mind not making the super Max whatever Blake Griffin's Macon forty million dollars a year whatever crazy numbered as. My ultimate goal is to win championships and to be Golden State in if you have. A strong collection of the top forty players in this league all of knowledge that. There are teams out there that have a good base built that house financial flexibility that can add multiple stars. And then maybe you can entertain a conversation about stomach somebody beating Golden State. The sad part is that Berlin's charity for what 25 of the NBA cities but. That's kind of lady NBA is always bend and I am a at this point I kind of hope we go that direction that you create four or five super teams with the best players in the league and let them duke it out come conference finals time I. There's two Texas came in on centers I wanna read on and get to those and then we'll get to the Michael Jordan documentary that was announced today. Will do that next turns right on a fan. And I don't wanna read these two tanks. F 55 real time ago. Somebody said you discredit the Golden State run to hear their all star roster and I know for some warrior fans out there. Which by the way. I guess as happens with every team when they become really good is how sensitive the fan base can get embrace at eight and like our buddy Matt Sprecher is a big warrior Fannie huge huge I mean he's been a warrior fan forever these are the Bay Area is not a bandwagon guy. But lacy responded and one of my tweets last night was like three of the four organically but it's like OK but I didn't. And say anything about that right I didn't say Ollie created this super team I didn't say that they've done an incredible job you have to give them credit. And that's where I would say on that I don't discredit it even though they got Kevin Durant. I can't blame the team for that you've got to be upset about eating in that situation in Haiti had just thank heaven during because. I don't know about you but like when you grow up in your team wins in your kid playing pick up your always switching your teams like us is and fun anymore Kevin Durant basically did that he said. I wanna make a team that nobody can beat. And I'm going to be okay doing that that's on Kevin Durant Golden State drafted three phenomenal generational talent. That. Put them together and they have the right mental makeup to make that great team right. The 173 games with out Kevin Durant I don't discredited Diem thing that this team does. Even with the addition of Katie and then the other one. I think this could BA ranging opinion for some. Somebody said they are unbeatable. They're bad for the MBA. Now. As as defeated is I may sound as a basketball guy. I would pump the brakes on saying patch for the NBA in the sense of I know was bad last year I know it feels bad this year from. And as we pointed out the future could be this too it's all Blake is Noelle. But let's also not forget there have been other teams in the MBA. That have had long stretches of winning now dominance is a different thing I don't think we've seen a team meet this dominate if they go on to win every series in five games are less. And happens for the next year to. I'd only we NC we've seen answers since the Celtics in the sixties probably not now and how many teams were in the NBA in the sixties like eight cell. I think that's that's next level so we haven't seen but ask yourself this if you're old enough to remember. How many teams did you think realistically. We're going to be Jordan's bulls. X serious question did you really think Portland was gonna win Portland fan now pared that remembers the NBA finals in 92. Laker fan with out worthy and it's got here was different has enough banged up they were out so they no doubt. You didn't think dent Phoenix may be but that was Charles Barkley DN Marley arrive and Kevin Johnson and it was still Jordan going for is third on the second go around like I mean I'd I think I gave Seattle a new top punters chance they weren't the favorite I expect them to land Nate McMillan was banged up and Gary Payton had a calf injury and outside ending the had a chance and then you'd talk. I actually didn't think you'd talk to beat him 98 was their best pat and they would of got to game seven I think they could of but Dingell. Oh now they cut in two point one and I see what you're sand and that's a mean Jordan that's one of the most dominant runs have ever seen in the league that Chicago did in the ninety's and the big difference I think is. People still were interested to watch and care and a look at LeBron is in the NBA finals again this year than I'm sure the ratings will be great again at least for the first two games and noble staples amount back to back. And then slowly people stop watching. I it was never exists hopeless now are as good as Jordan lies in his dominant as Jordan lies. I I didn't going to seasons just basically saying what's the point we know Chicago is going to when I expected to Chicago to win I thought that they were going to win. But I did it please difference then because there is zero hope right now. Literally zero hope right now people have tried argue all season Houston's got a chance he's had a chance. No they don't they don't have a chance there is zero OO so what's the difference in hope. During a jewel and percent of zero is at at least there's 10% so you're saying there's a chance it's dumb and dumber and right now IE I refuse to believe any argument that any team. Can beat Golden State will take Celtics lakers in the eighties. Right I think was one or two of those years in that entire decade the lakers were in the finals every year minus two years it was the same matchup there is an a year but at least he had. And amid that was boring Hampshire for 90% of NBA fans of what it did and that's what made the league in doubt it's funny about it did it and Boris that the right word you didn't have a whole open 90% of NBA cities because you knew it was going to be Abbas in LA. But just what I'm saying can end up being good for the NBA right now. Is it was back and forth. I did it is silly ads coli letter to LeBron James in the off season. All right here we go lace them up let's see who could win that's gonna be your NBA's finals matchup the next five years are paid in Iraq and four. Are people gonna react that way the under because this seems to be in and a day and age where people lived through the Jordan era people lived through the eighties lakers Celtics era. And I don't know may need you know an outlet Ford but the big complaining and bitching and complaining about it. It seems like it just picks up now. Well Larry if LeBron goes affiliates going to be O'Leary go Philly clubs from Cleveland Philly and golden Golden State the finals here or I don't care. Well but the the ninety's were Jordan in Houston as asinine he's right there in a nutshell the eighties for the lakers and Celtics. Seer basically talking about four teams. 112. Titles the others I mean really three teams in twenty years and people revered those decades. As may be the best relief and three young teams. Yeah and it look I see what you're saying I I think it's a vocal minority for the most for the complains because the ratings Alaska blears in the NB a finals have been through the roof in the in the ratings in the regular season continue to grow. So the MBAs not dying it's not terrible for the for the product. Because you've at least had more people watching and viewing your sport the last couple years. That's read this year feels a little different to me if it's Boston and Golden State I just don't think that intrigues many general sports fan and I die hard watching people wanna Siegel and state will offer up. Possible rope and some national attention because they're the Celtics but. The ratings will go down without LeBron James. I did that there's just a difference I I think the last time I felt this way to be honest with Deion. And even they came close to losing some series. What was the Kobe Shaq lakers. I don't the last I had this hope was silly but even damn important push into a game seven I see in a conference finals he felt like there was a chance Sacramento. As a back to back years the conference final Sacramento on pointers chance of knocking him out. It was mainly when they got to the NBA finals and you know played Philly year or. Played Indiana in cal like now just the chance or was the only New Jersey who played the nets like Aaron this. There's going to be a bloodbath but you're an exciting conference finals and it felt like we're gonna have that this year and look made it her way overreacting to one game and used it comes back and wins game to. Baez says are nearly over reacting I'm not gonna believe it until I see it now and that's the tough part. Are we have a lot to get to an hour number two the NBA draft lottery is tonight talking about somebody trying to build their team organically. Somebody's over the ping pong balls bounced their way. If you can because the blazers draft needs would you like to see them be active during the NBA draft. Because the of the 24 pick in the draft this year we'll get to Dow little bit. We got NFL ensure falls well below its second hour during spring back with more important sports leader 1080 the fan.