Dirt & Sprague Tuesday June 12th, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, June 12th
Sprague wonders about the virtues of summer homework for kindergardners, plus today's poll questions, and Kobe speaks up about what allowed him to win 5 NBA titles while LeBron only has 3.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. It's time to tee off with dirt and sprayed me the honor of teeing off if there's social hierarchy the most important person ghost this is dirt in spring game. It is for the fun leave too doesn't it on the verge of great social trends US open we tradition of dirt and spray. Rusty by area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to area heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train dirt and spray it on 1080 you can call. When they called golf shoes for him. Ride in his 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan brain and Sprague aviator Johnson in with you on this Tuesday afternoon. Feeling good. And 85 degrees outside today is gonna be a nice one I think is gonna rain tomorrow but NBC the forecast for next week I have not we are we are delving into temperatures we have not hit yet next week I don't trust a week out you know reach out guy help not fire believe the high temperature right now for next Wednesday is 98 degrees hurrying it on phenomenal band too by the way. Lot of hits back in the day yeah. Ninety degrees also is a good spin off show with him in just isn't isn't very now. Today is also my daughter's lasting as school this is an honest last day before summer vacation cakes and I don't know about all the east siders but the east side location now I'm mad that she goes to it this is the last day as a defining day it was more exciting in this for kids field day. They feel there's bad the last is gonna tell you that yes they do she does that feel bay last hour. Right day what your kids these days dealing field days at the same field activities same thing it's the parachute it's the red rover red rover to air issues in Nancy right over is the Tug O war games class first class. The last days hard to beat in the sense of you have no school after that rightly feel day I do believe kids enjoy more because your grad school. But everybody had it's like a party. Rice did giant party and and you go all you're just hanging out all day and then after the UI four days left to school and none of them know teachers cared nobody was specially for her age Dugas waging kindergartens to kindergarten yet so I don't think it quite huge huge you don't have quite the same summer enjoyment as the five or six year old. As you do maybe is a thirteen or fourteen year old I think it's sure it's a little more important the older you get you realize hey I now have three months off especially when you're in that window before you can legally work and do things. So you got nothing to do all summer and once you get the high school you're kinda screwed because most of us have jobs all summer and your and your work in. But when you're and that late elementary. Early middle school age range those of the glory days the only downfall is if you go to a good school. They will get summer homework. Now some of it is optional. Like the big reading lists slides you she got a call packet she's a kindergartners. I know a packet of homework for the summer. Let's gimme a break I have to play my odds here teller did lines would even at that age indulge me for sect Alka Bob books I have to play my odds here in this sense. There. I was I was decently athletic as a teenager in high school middle school right humble brag let's get out of your way as a decent I was greatness these guys. My wife is not. Who she's probably not going to be a real athletic kid I mean semis it's prize me got to get her playing golf man that's I get the scholarship she's not interest and right now I'm mentally to she's like he's got five. More years ago he's six but banks are now in addition to her she is 75%. Or no she 65%. Asian okay. I'll play the Smart cards here and I'm and do everything I can't make this human as Smart as possible. And rolled the dice on the academic scholarship. A year hole on the sun down all summer San do your homework not pull it down but we're gonna finish this packet. If she if she hits her reading goals she gets a pizza party. Also there's ways to entice a guy like you're giving her pizza party or is that a school pizza party know if you thought the form and we're really gonna do it because I'm sure some kids lie. Eight if not formally bring impact the first is school you get to be part of the big pizza party you know look at it adds to last year our early year pizza party okay bit of a horrible war to start the school year off and you got to think about it she started her first month off in kindergarten she won student of the month. So as she set the bar here please tell me you got a bumper sticker to put on your car for that. No I'd like it was student of the month last month fed buys their elementary garden would say student and I'd say your player Mack. I'll go whenever she wants to do more sports wise and and academics were absolutely going to be. Let's take that seriously let's focus there right if you wanna play soccer or softball or. Golf whatever the hell it is play what makes you happy right. I'm not can be overbearing sport parent I will be the kind of nudging academic there IK do your due you're reading list here this summer don't like your father's. Don't get to seventh grade ago middle school does it matter to my college education. The other question is whether stint in the month or did she steal it. Actually wanted to see what it was an upset me so easy snatch it out of some of the kids hands of bringing home they gathered but I want what was her name like typed in or was inseparable then. To the winner when are nameless so the funny part about this is when she told us the white legitimately goes to you think she's lying at this. And I go no I I think we're gonna give her the benefit of the doubt here and we went to school or mobile there was particular teacher was talking to us about now I don't mean this to be. Degrading to eighty kindergarten. Education level and when you go through at that age school share. What do you have to do to win a student of the month in kindergarten. Especially the first month I really wonder that. What kind of barometer are we setting here how do you set yourself apart from the rest of the class you're responsible. You poke the teacher okay. You are kind and caring about others. And you do your work when your told. And you don't meet the paste and you do not only people who donate to glue and you went on war yet OK may treatment those people who. Little glue eyes on your puppets make sure you put him in the right area he said look does that McKinsey and Lou. I don't know I never got into that is that it uses to battle the diary much glue and she said the old pace. That you put on the flight. Popsicle stick not not the squeeze it now we had literally it's Griese bottles. Now we just old pace you'd dipped in and that was yet. That's that's. What what did any yet we were the homers. Generation. I still think the best route to go here is golf censor my were my two cents is get a comment Jenny has to like being answered gymnastics or anything like that. She has some interest in gymnastics. I can I save this 'cause I might there might be somebody listening. Let's offend. I know. People. That are in. That kind of dance gymnastics staff you know you could put like other sports there's categories of bubble and guide. They do that and I contemplate. Wanting to. Scream about how dumb ideas. Oh with like this stage Brothers and stuff yes yes I've been to a competition and I'm not exaggerating. I went and I said hey when are they up they said oh not for another hour and a half and I said why did you tell me to get here by this time. They said because it's a team thing and their age range goes from six. Tell fourteen daddy's temple hold day so it is a whole day's worth and sometimes it turns out to be a whole weekends were because you've got to go to Seattle and you've got to go to band and you. And they got to know him and I got amazing in his wide sport has the worst parent. Com because I get a dance moms pretty bad but we here really awful we had some bad stories we're all softball softball parents from -- bad I was on the fire and a coach and I have mild personal stories of like good little football dads that verges you know hard ass coaches still like fifth and sixth graders like their. What sport has the words 'cause because I I I get what you're saying about dance mom and be in there and that kind of stuff. Every kid's sport has that right unfortunately there are too many parents like that in this world you know that's a tough one. Because I have to mixes with my life and then what I've seen. In my adult life. And I have experienced everything is like from an adult perspective so like I haven't experienced football Brian brag brag but I remember my coach when I was in fifth grade. Why is deep frying definition. Of what you would see on YouTube. Of which would never wish your parent was like none of us grab his kids Baez mask as he was then head coach they'd be crying because their hurt. And he would tell him two shots the bleak up. Take their Tampa on out oh blow and throw them by the helmet onto the field of all all all and I was in fifth grade going out thousand tenths of a let's go let's go look at somebody nowadays I think somebody would have to physically re train that yeah I had I elected to put in jail now a days softball I don't think is as bad but again we heard some pretty bad stories. I'm gonna maybe vote basketball eight you'd add. There must slimy. There's a slimy nature days you. But does a little bit older and page sure this is more on taken more long lines in elementary school kids were you know we're talked an eight year old dude you know act can age. Based there's a little bit of baseball my Q is better you should be playing him more time batting leadoff you've mastered yet my nephew went through got a little I think I'd probably go football parent I think football parents pretty bad football players for about what your putting your kid out and tackle football that's a whole questionable thing anyway. And then to. Are you com parent watching on the sidelines is saying oh that's cute they have big helmets right are you screaming. Vijay. Did the bong and you know how are you was a fair I hope a fire grandkids some day I do not delve into that. That brown my hope I have the self controlled and not turn in an apparent that's like my one goal in life don't be that guy it's not very hard not to be that guy. Our let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing and I'm not page to be told by McCain to be crying there's a lot of sporting and as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on tap. Ford by intelligence. In government more and had the bleach blonde Jenny yeah. What's on tap project the fan buys pelican group. Brewing company award at the beach online at pelican brewing dot com. Justin Thomas doesn't like he's tough I don't like Justin Thomas he's jubilee Tweety kind of has that lives then. Ralph Lauren a country club shares here by Asif ritzy don't make any noise when I hit my golf ball. You know I don't I have no. I've no opinion on this one and his reading somebody text in club lacrosse parents you'll clubs sports parents seem like volleyball when he gets an a club level soccer. It can probably get pretty ugly. The good question you brought up that's. You got me thinking as I know dance moms pretty bad I've seen TV shows and I'm firsthand experience with duplicate lied and save but I was kind of hinting towards cheerleading here. SA same thing out and I hit were in his friend's name to cheer your hands lag twirling it sits in that category. As the getter and that you get a scholarship to do that like within the band when their performing in to get the gals out there twirl the flags around. Obviously get more like Vince I know Will Ferrell character and its global equity does the audience and expected streamer you're one of those golf back up. Rhythmic gymnastics and there you go out nasty that are out that no joke I and it's only done as best we can and you know gal. She just shoots an average 85 golfing answer average score of golf only. Why did you know she kind of for a scholarship to a deed to school. That's because of what college golf since July that's on sand tutored at getter in the mid eighties we got a future here kid might have to do that. Assays and genetics can kick in well she's Smart you begin to golf. Folk is let's do this aren't we got a good show today. We'll get into the end of the Golden State warrior run yes we actually have some light at the end of this tunnel will be so using. I actually am totally buying into this. Kobe Bryant giving LeBron james' advice and some people don't. Like it other people think he is dead on will bring that to you today. We got Kevin packed rod. Of nfl.com. We've never had him on before he's nfl.com writer covers of the league. And I he just wrote a story 28 story lines for NFL mini camps who wanna go around the National Football League so we saw that article. And we got that B funds of Kevin Patrick is gonna join us today nfl.com 1 o'clock. Good news for NFL fans with a video that's surfaced we've got Julio Jones holding out we'll talk about that NFL a true or false. Brett Favre created the RP though and it's quite enjoyable listening to him describe it. We've got Heisman odds and I don't wanna talk about the odds per say I wanna talk about more. How the pac twelve is kind underrated in this cents so we'll talk about that today at 2 o'clock. Bronco Mendenhall doing something no college coach ever really does and I love its. So while phone went down one war on tour actor and spray at Peter Johnson and operating Sprague that's what's on tap for today show. And we'll start with the warriors. The light at the end of the tunnel that dynasty to be coming to an end. And it's exactly how people thought it would you enter this rate on 1080 the fan. Art stores like whole question of the day. But there is great listeners engaged on the fan that Twitter page of Mars actor and Sprague. And at 1080 the fan and respond to our daily poll question we put up multiple usually. So this is is almost we should make his plural are Coors Light pole questions of the. And I am sad organ state fans I apologize in advance my mind is dozens of my mind doesn't go to certain events that I am not as engaged in his you are. Well I didn't know you are doing this question in my able to help you here you cut up and down by you're not College Baseball guy so apologies to College Baseball fans out there beaver and husky fan they have they have received five. Tweet writing those so I think got a couple right and opportunities on that play each other by the way if they win their series which is actually pretty fun yeah that'll actual action the pac twelve go into the championship on the line. So it's not and there are so apologies let's start with that when actor and Sprague let's rattle off the ball questions we have our cooers like poll questions of the day that one is what event are you most excited for the next few weeks as we mentioned forgetting the college World Series is three options we gave you were the US open. The World Cup the NBA draft which I believe or not is next week and that's gonna sneak up on all of us as it ever is it does every year. So does your options we also as what championship parade would you rather be out right now the capitals the warriors among lie 16% voted for the warriors. And then the last one is what pactel player would you lay your money on right now with the odds out to win. The highs and Bryce love at five to line I just in Herbert or Khalil Tate at fourteen to one or Jake Browning at 221. At that right now. 40% gold price lovers the top answer like I think Bryce love is worthy of them. Conversation in a way I think we forget that he's coming back by the way and shockingly so far 37%. Of people saying the US open is the event they're most looking forward I think this US open you know on not super golf guy get up for the majors I think this US open has he really. Really good feel I know. The same feel you've had for the other majors but I just think when you get to this point of the sports year. You know baseball's going on the football's kind of dad basketball. A offseason story lines are nothing actually being played. People people enjoy this tournament and I think you look at the feel right now in golf this is as deep as they've ever van and and I think for that reason it's pretty exciting to think about who can win pusher plan on one of the most iconic courses in the United States are doing on the East Coast. It's right up there with with pebble and should a cock. Should cocktails and wreck right out there on Long Island might lays on my eyes in my be stupid and Andy's throwing it down a drain on considering playing some money on tiger this weekend's. He doesn't have an ally when he was born into the masters and his value is the odds on favorite kind of stuff that was way over is Italy's. But when he total one I mean there's decent value and that he played well in the last term he was in. He seems close to putting together four consecutive good rounds of golf as long as it complied. And I'm entertaining the notion and next when he for hours but I don't know if Dustin Johnson's in the top ten in. Fairways in regulation. I don't know who can beat them coming where he played last week he won it last year correct. No Jane are now it was a Brooks kept us up yeah last year what twenty that he wind the masters. Or the PGA I would say DJ one need the US open two years ago he was in Africa and NET three years ago Lee chambers bay gas and adding it was two years gentleman back to back unbelievable he does really well US open. I will word kept at least for myself as so there's a poll questions are cooers apple questions they go vote at turns right. Can I read you a quote quick and targets of the warriors this desire almost none this is non sports related this is a life question. Now. I find it both helpful and corny. When people. Put out quotes from successful. Or. I'm very wise individuals. Motivating quotes like sometimes quotes like FIAEA Yankee Miguel and Barack and it doesn't like okay. Cool and it's eagle from about 36 hours you forget about it go back your lazy ways this might be one of the dumber ones I've ever ran OK this is from Warren Buffett rule I actually quite respect a lot. He said read 500 pages every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up like compound interest. All of you can do it but I guarantee. Not many of you will now laurel not read 500 pages. Has time to read 500 pages a day that's a long time and less serious speed reader well. It's the average. Total length of re elect how long does it take the abdomen just one page speed reading 500 pages still takes still but it's a long time 500 pages that's like a game at oral book you can mean who's got eight hours to set to try to do that house the I 38 pages and I fall asleep. And even stay awake through 500 pages that's ridiculous the response this has been quite comical how many tweets equal per page you can shut up. Yeah how many online articles guy count towards that text messages yeah I mean we don't read emails we don't read like that many we are eager don't we rely articles for a job and 500 page I was thinking how long would that even take me if I really set out I ignored fatherhood. Job and I just welcome Vincent I'm reading 500 pages today and I are at 8 AM what time do I finished trip 500 pages. Yet they need to get it done in a work day I'd give you 5 PM. You give me eight hours if you stayed consistently kept going I think he could do it innate hours can read our daughter in law and that's a long ass time to be reading died. I think he gated down and work day out on and I think I'm out on that it's sorry warm profit. My compound interest of knowledge is never gonna happen that is one of those I have the away by the way he does acknowledge guys he's a crappy parent. Now there's no way more not buying it that is one MIE New Year's resolutions I'm not a big resolution guy that is one I always trying to tell myself that wanna read more. And every single year falls by the wayside. I can usually get one book in Michael fine a book that I'm really interested in all dive into and I'll read the whole thing in the public eye you resolve off to a good start. And then I won't buy another one Earl final and stay on the nightstand Earl put it in the in the Dresser and it will come out next thing I know three months ago by an average page arts I've by. A book. At the start of pilots because I've fine. Reading a book on an airplane a physical book makes the time seemed to go faster when an endearing about a video or music or anything else. Some about burying your head in a book for some reason the flight seems to go faster. The only time I read consistently is when I travel now every time each rally got to have a book yeah I need a movie because like I can't I don't wanna listen anything because I'm afraid of flying. So when I'm reading even if I'm really into the book I was still here decide noise. Andy turbulence and all that stuff I can't deal amazing the F 500 pages takes at least three months of fund focused. Only these three mind as you ever read a 500 page book and I am probably one of those Harry Potter books is probably like 800 pages towards the end those things are damn long. I didn't read it once in a row. When I read last season and it was pretty it was pretty thick it was the guy who was the head of the NSA and CIA during George Bush's presidency. And because I'd I don't to fix and iron I love nonfiction and yen up like that and that was really interesting about. How the intelligence community actually works and not what you hear on yeah and and Fox News and all that's Aniston. The last I read it was probably that long was Lincoln's. Even doors trigger will look out at Dallas probably the last and that almost close to thousand pages and it took me four and ever you know the solutions year resolution from Ilia. He's united this year you join a book clubs. Now created a tough not gonna do that why. And I start a new book right now now and activities that I've read for books this year it's been great that's good for you. Well then I guess you don't really have released these. Guys are Smart that asset. All right let's get to this lets you Kobe Bryant of the Kobe Bryant for the warriors Kobe Bryant has some words of advice for LeBron. Should Kobe really be the one pointing this out and saying it will tell you what he said next on 1080 the fan you were still trying to get to. Howard makeover leads records you wrote a article about LeBron James and greatness. And he went to a few different people for this Johnson felt Paul Pierce Kobe Bryant. I to name a few. And CoBiz comments are really standing out in this article. One question back asked all the guys LeBron has three rings has been more finals than any player in modern times when he's three and six after this series. Does that matter to his legacy Kobe said all I thought about as a kid personally was winning championships. That's all I cared about that side valued Michael that's I've valued bird that's high valued magic it was just winning titles. Now everybody's going to value things differently which is fine. I'm just telling you how high value mine if I'm Ron you've got to figure out a way to win it's not about narrative. You wanna win championships you just got to figure it out. He also was asked about supporting cast and if LeBron. Does LeBron get credit for caring Jordan Clarkson Smith this far or penalized for losing with them. Kobe said Michael Jordan gave me some really good vice after the await finals you've got all the tools which you got to figure out how to get. Get these guys to that next level to win that championship going in between ten series I said listen. Boston they got Ray Allen yeah Paul Pierce Garnett they got she'd. Talent is there. They're stacked this was the first super team Michael kind of heard me lament about it and he just goes yeah well it is what it is she got to figure it out there's no other alternative. And that's the John LeBron had ship pieces that you have to try to figure out how to work with excuses don't work right now. It has everything to do. With how you build the team how do you motivate Dem leadership is not making guys better by just throwing them the ball. That's not what it is it's about the influence you have on them to reach their full potential. So LeBron James according to can be prior with says stop making excuses just got to get it done got to win titles. Edit a Goddard LeBron all right come on I'd get it done beat this Golden State warrior team and everybody seems to believe is unbeatable. I read through this piece I thought it was interesting that the peer reviewed a handful of former players somebody else I mean Vince Carter was in his Isiah Thomas was in his. To Jo Berry and it was an Angel Barea John Barry is a handful of guys that are in this and some that are in need the all time great category of players and every single one of even Paul Pierce who is about as anti LeBron is anybody on this planet. Even Paul peers like owned up to the fact of I mean what's he supposed to do I get a gimme a break I mean it is not gonna win this series is that this doesn't fall on his shoulders. Kobe was the only one that really took shots throughout the stake of saying it's about your alternate finals record that's all I cared about yeah all I cared about was winning I don't care if you just get there you have to. He had to seal the deal and you have to when an NBA championship. I just. To me that that reeks of one of the guys it's in the all time great conversation it's trying to make himself seem better than LeBron because he had a better NBA finals record. His name's really dirt you bring up the all time great stuff and I know LeBron can be nowhere near for some another people journey be there. But the Coke stuff has really been picking up steam I'd say for like the last year and a half I don't handful of Kobe fans and Laker fans in my life. And Nate they send me stuff all the time these dumb means pointing out what Kobe gate and how he's better than abroad. And in some players are leaving go vote gasp at the fact you don't think obese in this conversation and right. But if we're being real is really an error this is a guy that. God she killed the only won three straight championships sure that was a dominant core and we know it is blazer fans because we saw firsthand right eagle back and you look at the teams they beat in the NBA finals none of them come anywhere close to the Golden State teams that LeBron is had to play now. It was a four consecutive years whatever. And the San Antonio teams that he had to play when he was in Miami and the first time using Cleveland beating New Jersey Indiana and Philadelphia. The niners would have slept all three of these schemes are in the same loan league as well as some of these at LeBron has had to go against and the fact of Colby that is undeniable against him is that he had Shaquille O'Neal they won three straight championships and then it came crashing Gallagher Gary Payton and and Karl Malone and loss to Detroit. Then Shaq goes to Miami and what did Kobe do. What are the what are the lakers do in that window before how Gasol came over he called his teammates bombs he quit in the Phoenix series and and I finally defeating get better talent Alex finals appearances day may without Shaq before how Gasol got there zero nod then they get out Gasol what happens all the Sunderland is there a legitimate team again and it just simply proves. You have to have talent around you if you wanna have a chance to win championships. You go back and watch especially the line they got Orlando that in the second tower. The magic and then when they beat Boston a lot of answers especially late it was how he saw me he was in the prime of his career was unstoppable he can score from all over the floor. They Lamar Odom was a great point forward and in the prime of his career as well he had run our tests are great perimeter defender. Who to block anybody up all over the floor Derek Fisher was a great three point shooter and always seem to come up clutch when they needed him to. And you had a young superstar and Andrew Bynum was coming into his own at that moment that. That was loaded Laker team that was a very Laker team. And I I think it's important to know like this whole LeBron ladies and I get so tired of the conversation but the ones fact that you just have to point out. The guy's been a nine NBA finals in his career seven of the nine times he's been the underdog. The senate eleven Miami nets and the only one that is onyx it that is inexcusable that they had no reason to lose as the Dallas series right outside of that cease. All the makes sense those first teams that it dispersed in and he lost it was a comedy team was called I Leonard coming into is on the the first time around they had no chance. And then this Golden State team this team but he's not a play it in four straight NBA finals. They have the best winning percentage in the history of the MBA ovals over four years fan and might not even be clinically close and he's at its is gimme a break. Stopping Coby and the money Jones tweeted this out so I am of a room when my best friends is a huge Laker fan he's a bandwagon Laker fan which is why him so much crap. But I in primary telling him when they beat Boston. He was getting so mad because I was telling him like dude. You stand zero chance to win that series without Paul Gasol and I'll be honestly I think palace always does is valuable that series is Coby. Any it would really upset in this big cubby guy. The money Jones threw this out yesterday and is got a chuckle out of it after reading that Kobe peace fun fact I didn't know until now for the advance that types. Powell had a higher wind share and Coby each season from a way to twelve when he was on the lakers. From the first time and oh wait how was in LA he was ahead as well. I only say that to say Powell was better than many including me gave him credit for and I think that's that's the one there to go away from abroad from. That's the one narrative that that is actually may be cottages half on the side seeing all these Cody conversations. This notion that like he won two titles. With the same kind of roster is LeBron had this year it's a it's a joke it's an absolute joke he had a sixth man of the year Lamar Odom who I believe was a top five lottery pick. He had a MBA all star by the way was an all star Ron our test was their best defender lock down guy. And came up clutch in big in their game seven against Boston to win that second championship. As you mentioned Andrew Bynum it's unfortunate that he suffered the injuries he did in Wright who knows how long his dominance runs. He was one of the better young players in the league. When he was with the lakers and they were winning. Championships. Ending at how Gasol. How it's always really stink and go and ice to watch him in Memphis would Jason Williams and even after Jayson Williams is gone. Those grizzlies teams weren't talented man and he was taken them to 404550. Wins in the playoffs. And has pub assault. And Coby Karl Coke deserves is credit for it nobody would take out a way. This idea though of comparing like he beat Boston right be what people consider super team sure he did. Let's not act like his team was chopped liver and he he had this huge upset that's also not like the second year they beat them they were the favorites to win now series the at home court advantage. Tinder Perkins was injured freak thank you Ivan thank you and you know they do what age you but Kobe was 620 foreign neck games he. The other thing that's been bought bugging me to last couple days post the finals and I just it's it's it's interesting that narratives that form with some players like. The broad Hattig garbage game four we would agree on that right term not cut I think they all quit age mentally were done they could handle. You don't excuse a player for having a bad game I don't you have for anybody. But this idea. That because he has a bad game. He is now knocked down a peg from other great players because revisionist history from former players from former coaches and media types alike. Will all tell you know and those other great players in their day at bad games. Well I missed the Mark Jackson van Gundy like I don't Janet if Bob Dole down ongoing down swing it. Okay what does Kobe do game six in the oh wait finals are when they lost by like 800 point straight in tech at it all the Kobe goes down swing what did he do in the second half against Phoenix when they were up 31 in Los at series he did shoot the ball. Go look at it I think he finished with thirteen or fourteen shots demonic. But you know let's let's not remember that's a so they nitpicking is everybody has their own pride their own. A prerogative for war they wanna argue right Jordan Toby bird whenever. That's fine it's the is revisit his history with all these other great players. That we haven't just doesn't it's not real it's not a reality it's revisionist history. Had a with everybody in many we'll have a live LeBron Sunday miss the next guy comes around and we say LeBron never quit like data and our hobbies desolate parliament finals again LeBron never would dues and in my dad's a right now and he did because guess what they'll do I love LeBron James I also believe in being fair. And a fair thing is to point out that not all these players were perfect. Including by the way everybody's got Michael Jordan so interesting that the comments come from Kobe Bryant what do you make of it. Where do you put Colby all time five by a trio finds us in text line and also we might get to by the end of the worried dynasty looming. Because of this reason talk about those things next to defend him and Kevin Peprah. As an nfl.com writer wrote a piece going around on the the mini camps in choosing story lines like hold outs going on Andrew Luck and good news with him. The Seahawks are really excited about their roster Pete Carroll said it's such when he twelve times five with some. So we'll talk with Kevin Petrov nfl.com. Coming up in ten minutes and at some point debater I I do believe without diving too much into the politics. I think we need to bring up Dennis Rodman crimes on this needs to be on easy last I I don't know how anybody did not watch that. Height I got word on -- the Dennis Rodman was on CNN and I Bob garner was pitching yes I immediately change the channel to CNN to see when Dennis Rodman had this as learn a -- hat and it was also lying about the league umpires always laser hot selling yes CAA I have avoided it like playing all that was it was you didn't tune into the worm a fan I know he started bawling mourn a -- at acting upon the wind ending crying about the summit at. Well sick how it. It's if I would have allowed people to that it may be a little older than us I want you to honestly answer this. Is not a shot and aiming I just want your answer. If you would sell indulge us. What would 1990. Five or six. You guys have reacted if I came back from the future and said. Truck president. Had Dennis Rodman biggest supporter. In North Korea summit. Crying on national TV how are we say oh yeah I can kind of see Avalon is an eleven times it's I'm going you have via what is his pot calling you speak of and I think you need to lay off of it sometimes he just you watch the news. And you just kind of like yes wild Tony Robbins on TV president like all like CNN does those. Decades like the sixties and and he's and write the gold medals saying I I just. Wait until we get 3040 years down the line and they 2018. They're a year that laws. As it's been a hell of a year it has Dennis Rodman yesterday crying on CNN I want to read this dot at the fan techs like this which I'm a Kobe Bryant who. I'll say this to an expanded defense Kobe. I have appreciated him alive leader his career and I think more post career I can disagree with him which I do on this. And I think the narrative around his name is a lot of the times exaggerated. But I do appreciate blunt honesty. And I appreciate guys. That. I know a lot to like him for what happened with Colorado by taking out of its way and that's part of it Schroeder. I kind of just have come to appreciate. Who he kinda is as an athlete or ex athlete now if that makes any sense. I'm not on what's in there and I I get what he's trying to say I is the notion of major guys better. I guess his daddy's like just do more of LeBron final weight and there is a sad definitely was Parker not alongs. Does that ever the first two games about how many open looks LeBron created for his teammates in how terrible they were. It was a blazer esque stats of remember that number in the first four games all the open looks that they created Kazaa guys are double team and Damon CJ. And they just they were shot like 32% on those wide open shots which is the well versed in the playoffs. He had that kind of series where he was passing me guys they were open they just. That's I don't get a guy I noticed there's a lot of criticism that are fair view what do criticize LeBron from being in recent three and six in the finals I'm OK with shadows mr. putting things into context. You would criticize him for being passive aggressive or the tweets or some of the stuff they said throughout the course of his career or at moments being a bad teammate I am. Totally on board with all of that stuff I let. When you come out with a statement like he just needed to do more like I did in 2009. I just needed a trust my teammates. It's ridiculous did we not watch Jordan Clarkson. Yeah by the age of reason on that team yes forgot he was on that team to do it Cowell Korver where you in the NBA finals buddy catalog had one good game sure but. Yes it's Disney's best finals yet Egypt which is telling stat. But it's it that's where you lose me if you would criticize him for certain things that's fine but don't act like he could've done more get more of the town around. I don't believe it's a fair representation on all and I don't defendant because I actually think it's childish. I do believe LeBron. Passive aggressive social media stuff is funny as a criticism in the sense of I know family. And like friends of friends that's life now. That's how you operate people are passive aggressive let's go passive aggressive with a FaceBook posts lets her passive aggressive with a spinster Graham post. How many people out there honestly. Confront other people the way they may be once did not give me that he had to fight. But you have a problem with somebody. And instead of addressing them to their phrase you go on FaceBook and you basically write a post about them without naming. So I adding that one is much as I don't like hit her I think it's funny when people don't go over there skis on it because it's like that's almost society now he's in general. It's really a point that's how we all operate at the one thing that I will I will hold against LeBron for these NBA finals. I I didn't like the way he handled the end of game one in the overtime of game one the huddle and I understand being ticked I understand you had a moment to win that game and his teammates reform by missing a free throw in the JR Smith not knowing the situation and dribbling out the clock hot at the end of regulation. That being avenue were still going to overtime we all knew gold so it was good when it that lawmakers Cleveland let opportunity slip and they should have won at the end. But he he he he he seem to disengage at that moment and just say might throw his hands up and pout and stuff. And that's that's one all hold against him and I don't care according to game four guys put all the time they're down 30 I can't Lanny and I can win that series. But you had a chance to win game one and I didn't see that same effort in overtime as I did the first four. Courter yet one assesses the big LeBron fan that says Melton after game one was a huge bomber yeah break in his hand I mean you can't you can't do them and what he doing. You're supposed to best player in the world right in compose and all these are the crucial moments your life. And your breaking your hand somebody else saying Laker fan only cubbies top three all time Laker. Beings and Ali it was answer question honestly expect different response no I love it I can disagree with that's the beauty of it I can disagree with where he's coming from. But I have enjoyed Toby being honest I anytime Kobe Bryant is asked a question I will always treated. And try to listen to watch it so I can disagree but that doesn't mean I I write different answer somebody else says the Laker fan. All time Kobe fan he's top ten not top five top five is for Jordan LeBron I admire Kobe for his selflessness and his ability to hostage shot back that's another part of people love that selfish nature of basketball sometimes of get the ass out of my way I don't care which is why LeBron Zoller is always been more magic then in Michael Wright is a never was born what playing basketball that way Coby. Kobe is in these conversations because he had that same mindset as Michael. It he had that her moment in the finals restocking and rant you know it would of the Phil Jackson's Michael Gainey was dominant pass done in the past tragedy may second asset because Michael wanted to do everything on his own and so did Kobe LeBron is always bend. A Magic Johnson type of player where he is he's at point guard that that's that's what he loves most about playing out all right we got to look at second now is allowed to get to let's go to the national football league for awhile and a butcher of balls at 130. But we'll kick off our two wins with this. Kevin Petra nfl.com. Writer. We'll go around the National Football League mini camps all the big story lines in the NFL with Kevin Patrick next Ana FL dot com. Our tutors spring ahead on 1080 the fan.