Dirt & Sprague Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, January 23rd
The guys applaud new Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel for his candor regarding what college football is to the NFL, plus the Eagles fan who hit a post in the Philly subway speaks, and the guys rehash their conversation with Chris Haynes of ESPN on Damian Lillard's meeting with owner Paul Allen.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The problem. Both men have is they don't know how to talk to win. This is dirt and spray you know what my problem is I am not interesting. And injured Johnson and Brendan spring when. So I talked to magic camp I'm an accomplishment Philip list durden spray gun 1080 I hope I am. Three imperialists he'll he'll master. All. Younger. Yeah tell me could hear they don't yell down. They soon. At least at this final out orders spray on a Tuesday at which his physical well being of others throughout Portland sports leader Tony the fan here. He does follow until raptors rate will follow you back. About the final lollar. A-Rod got a new gig. And I asked the question is anybody gone from hate to love. From like playing career to post playing career faster than Alex Rodriguez have an answer for you okay you've consummate okay so we'll talk about his new gig the avenue answer Foreman appreciate that as well 55. Israel fives and get to that and get back into the game similar situation as he requested a sit down meeting. The owner Paul Holland to discuss the future of the organ and organization and the direction that things are heading in also we already had a couple of funny alleged accident about. The dumbest thing you've done as a sports fans either before or after game just jacked up being caught in the moment. Animal he revisit the Philly fan. Who ran into the hole the subway station. In Philadelphia but. Mike Vrabel has been hired as the new head coach of the Tennessee Titans and this is a move that was. That was some raised eyebrows among chemical the defense of minded head coach what's the game plan your houses sold gonna look but so far people are pretty jacked up about. The way he's handled it in yet his first opportunity to talk to other media at his press conference just about the situation regarding. Mario did development what the offices that look like college football translate into the NFL and he had some things to say. With coverage figures Mike Vrabel at his press conference now. A settlement bruise on my arm. That is the know about it. Okay fit that is the that is the Eagles fan no. They're both the same kind of okay cash okay so yes there radio that was the Eagles fan ran into the pole let's go ahead and read off some of these clips that. A cell was hitless during his interview. Talking about it and this physical it got some folks fired up. Because he was speaking of Kosovo a transit Indian athletes at the NFL has the greatest farm system in the world we pay those coaches ten million dollars. To be our farm system Nick Saban. Is our farm system Urban Meyer. Is our farm system. So we've basically missed will be on old it is the farm system for the NFL we pay coaches develop guys for the NFL and the reason why some folks were. If taken aback are curious about his quote was saying does this league more folks to say hey why aren't the payers being played from playing in the farm system for the and a it is I think it kind of run. Some people the wrong way eaten if he's pointing out the obvious he's not even saying anything controversial he's not telling us something we don't already know. But when you see a coach at a press conference. Announcing the high here in what his plans are in the future in any acknowledges college football what it means for them. And then to go off and spout out well is judge may ten million a year because we know that they're they're developing these kids the people that are pro player being paid. Sit back and they just chuckle like of course. Of course you view it is your minor league system mr. Blair baseball and you get away with nobody Macon a dime. That neck that's kind of like the overwhelming thought I think when you when you hear that cut new. Listen to that quo but to me. I was also happy be here in the knowledge that college football what it means you know because for some reason. You know when you come up in the media and as we have the last 78 years. There seems to me like this divide almost. Well wire two quarterbacks better well accounts games not get ready there are now prepared yet they're not done that whole hoddle little cult LA those systems are not built for the NFL and I Canada's view it is like come on it's a joke. I was happy to hear re able basically acknowledged. College football is there minor league these guys are doing an incredible job in getting a lot these kids ready is every player that's a high index drastic ready. Now but that's a weighty NFL has always been. Regardless of running a know how to regardless of doing hurry up now. College football was built. To basically establish a pipeline of talent. And have the kids be ready some aren't some more and I even though that close sounded great through my high pitched and easily boys let's gonna play it let's see if it's any better through Vrabel. And the NFL has the greatest farm system in the world. We pay our farm system coaches ten million dollars to to develop players we. Nick Saban is our farm system Urban Meyers our farm system so. Those are the types of players that they're developing those types of players are. That that are playing a high school that's where the games back in Tyler's tamed and have a tight and in the school let alone won on the the roster and so. We're gonna find those types of players. But that's where the games that you know you have to try to be creative and what you're doing just cause conflict that's what these guys are doing there. They're taking great athletes and put him in good positions. To succeed and so we're gonna do similar things. But again we're we're never gonna put our quarterback and arms war. You can put an email dirt about how old. He kind of impressed a little bit press conference that was impressive it was that and part that I actually really liked him what he had to say that you mentioned a farm systems I mean we knew that it is funny that we hear somebody admit it like Richard we hey these guys yet ten million each imagine that system a AAA baseball the coaches in Tripoli baseball make ten million but the players don't make anything. Able it was the idea of taking things from college. And putting them in the NFL like when when you look at all levels of football there's one out liar that's not the same as all the others it is the NFL. That's seal everything else is on the same page on eagle watch pop Warner football high school football. The vast majority of college football when they do on concepts of the same spread know how old gay guys sold blocking schemes that's the way that all of the levels of football works and that's why like he said. As a farms as of these are where the kids are coming from so we're training them to put the ball one way drafting them and then asking them to play football a different way. It doesn't make any sense to me will be you had mentioned as we are imam back and forests and B we briefly mentioned re able yesterday bite in thinking about Mario and in a future for him in Tennessee you liked it in listening to his press conference because he seems progressive he's going out right or former Chip Kelly assistance. And and I think that's the most vital part right is they went out and hired a guy cool. In my opinion EV stacked up Reza maze like qualifications. He is not near your top no he's just not. One year is a DC the defense was terrible you can tell me he had injuries but so what his defense still give a ton of points. Before that he was just a position coach for a few years. But he got decked dig because it probably most of his interview and what he sees for the future. All leans on Mario Mario Mario and he's going to be if he's gonna succeed right how can he develop that and if you look around this league. Wiest we see a few teams in it right now that are competing. And teams they got close this year that when defense of minded because those defense of coaches knowing understood how important Mike Zimmerman is as a great example. One of the best defense of mines and an end of the NFL or what edu he went out and got patch or her offense that matched up perfectly. With all three of the quarterbacks that were on their roster. They went develops and talent boom the offense is pretty decent it's not just defense of Lee driven Doug Maroney. Went and took over Jacksonville. We all made it made fun of homes under going to be terrible at defense was legit. But it was dug moron is an offensive guy that went opposite and said. I'm gonna lately portals consistent not great. Consistent. It's about finding the balance and maybe the imbalance really is for able for defense and go get that right ovens of my for markets Mario gaffe. Yeah I in you know and it's not a Malarkey was a terrible coach it was that he was simply a dinosaur stuck in his ways that was this issue and only talk a lot about that hire and where they needed to go it was a mile leave thought process was just get somebody that's progressive in their thinking about football. That's not stuck in 1994. Once or on the same offense they've ran for thirty years. As long as you're willing to adapt and change things are gonna be okay and and Malarkey so far. Eyes signified that in outlined it is a defense of coach because the first car that he tried to make is is offensive coordinator the guys' names escaping me but he was the offered to coordinator Ohio State. He went after a data coaches and runs a college offense and Ohio State similar to what he wants to run you mentioned the next guys who was to get is that. A coach it was a under Chip Kelly in Philadelphia and San Francisco so obviously is familiar with the same offensive Marcus Mario and ran in in college so. That's the direction that he's going in and and I love that our league is gonna work I don't know but. At least you're giving him a puncher chance running the offense he's most comfortable in. Up Peter King putting this NM QB that a lot of exact some people are on the league. Although they question higher they compare Vrabel to build counting is the next book power and if you give okay our. You gonna be a cash apps always says that I got to be creative have to 'cause conflict taking great athletes and put them in similar positions to succeed as a college teams are doing. Those are the players that they are developing and those of the players on that they're gonna go get so interesting stuff from my dribble. As he was introduced as the new head coach the Tennessee Titans select agent. On his office coordinator. Situation we'll get back into the little or stuff at the bottom of the hour what's his future in Portland after a sit down meeting with pollen A-Rod got a new job that's still to come but. Next what's the dumbest thing you've ever done as a sports fan Justin and getting caught in the moment of the big game. Before afterwards willows what is it because one Phillies fan. As revisiting his moment of glory running into a pole that's next on the front. What's the future Damien load in Portland after a sit down meaning upon Allen we had Crist names on the show earlier if you missed it. About that what it means for the blazers moving forward. But what I highlights the NFC championship game because that was that was a snooze or basically from start to finish outside the first couple minutes and had some intrigue. This news there in Philadelphia's so one of the highlights in a lot of pilots actually we're just Eagles fans the way that they acted. After they won that game. And there was one video that went viral about a fan at the subway wearing a Brian Dawkins Jersey running after us but strain. He ran into a pole. And got put on his on his rear end and it was a phenomenal video really funny coal areas so this guy is days become quite the Internet sensation people are calling him a hero slept pretty Philadelphia. Now to find out it was actually before the game that he ran into the oldest was not post game celebration. This was pregame pumped up he was so excited in wanted to get one last illegals chanted at the train he decided to run after admissible but. A local TV station fox 29 caught up with him. And they asked them a couple of questions here's the first one. About just the injuries that he sustained no. I have a little bit of bruise on my arm. The I put my days was a bit. Look bad are Ahmed might you know a little bit of soared as the magic thankfully my face was a happy you know the target of at the moment you realized that when Byron I found out after the game when I was heading back. Ironically on the on the roster and I try to get back my brother's place calls and I got it all goes full circle I think is sort of getting text messages from friends. He's 38 idex from print so the funny thing is as we was asked about it and then why he was doing it it's a it's story about line of fire to eleven had me cracking up because you know we all thought this was post game. And at the fact it was pregame makes him fun Ares that he was tailgating basically his brother's house or wash in the AFC game. And they wanted to head down to the link has he calls it to to get to get departed on. And he saw Philly fans and on the subway train wearing Eagles jerseys any said it just ain't got his blood Balkans so much. That he wanted to get one last go Eagles chant in before the subway took off. And that's what caused the infamous video of the Eagles fan running into people and I thought at first when I saw the video of that it was fate. Think I just look like it was fate of the size of the pull is so big you decide how do you not see that running for bush elected. If you had a couple. He got a couple cold ones and knock them down in. Your adrenaline going knew where to Brian Dawkins Jersey has arousal disease rock in the dock in New Jersey because whenever I put it on I just lose my mind is that he wants to be like Brian Dawkins when he puts the Jersey on and Brian Dawkins probably gets through that pullback guy landed straight on ski Easter well this got me thinking and I ended when you told me your story I I immediately remembered it I started tackling. And leery of some gummy NC designers and of Fatah Israel tried with the Douglas saying that. Is being jacked up at a sporting event pregame more pose gave the dumbest thing you've you've gone to deal so I don't have like a lot of really dumb ones. I kidding some seeing or getting hurt the only one that comes to my mind because mainly most of my teams have not been very good. I went to mean Crawford went to an Oregon State basketball game. I wanna say where is three years ago believe it was to eagles' first year it was singles first. First year yeah yeah and they played Arizona who was number five in the country. And organ state had team that was half walk on how scholarship players and GP two. And we went to that saying we watched and they beat him they upset Arizona it's the craziest upset I've ever seen in person. And we lost it so much in the moment. There was a group of individuals. Special individuals and hindsight island back now and it's it will rejoin. We lost it so much we have like hurling over them hurling over people who kind of hitting an in the shoulders. You just not having any respect really like in the moment we got cut out NN. As we went down there grab a good time it was a work night. We like to pops at some pizza American dream we thought I would just go to a game whenever. And we arrange for an upset and and so and our way to under the court Kazuo legacy doc Parker. Indeed we plowed through a couple people that we behind stated that. I heard the saints are gonna bring a pole and teach their quarterbacks had a hit ouch. Mainly might enjoy that mainly mine invited them by the way side note on the saints did you see them trawling the vikings on Sunday there were a bunch of saints players that were making fun of Minnesota for losing the way they did in the NFC title game. We're going to make fun of for. A way to shall thanks Phil Leigh no miracle today Cindy's response thanks for watching our game Nate scoreboards you can plan thanks for letting us beauty gets the that was weird anti demonstrates. Mine was easy mine was after the 2011 Rose Bowl. When Oregon beat Wisconsin as a good game that was a phenomenal game and down when it was sealed there at the end a fumble on the sideline and organ one. We we partied quite a bit and when you go to the rose what you do a lot of college games you cannot drink in the stadium. Rolls bully and it's extremely expensive but you can drink in the stadium is like blazer game expensive I. Dollar beer nights it's pretty bad yap for just your basic domestics and we pounded quite a few basic domestic back throughout the course that bogon. I got back to the tailgate and I proceeded to just a celebration project I'll vomit over the tailgate. Over the tailgate Amazon. Sports. Her reference beer now my finest moment but it really sorry did you rally for all I rallied it was the first Rose Bowl and like a hundred years you get me a Witten on nine when they want lost Ohio State I went to the national title. When they lost. It's Auburn in this was like hey we got over the whole lot of big game this is kickass the Rose Bowl champs illustrated ago. You projectile vomiting you turn around and keep parting and he just kept on Louisiana game they're playing up delegate anyways can speak to sign and move on and the next they're written. I feel sorry for anybody eating lunch loosening. Some stories in from listeners and I was young stupid before the NBA became a joke I destroyed my bedroom door when freaking out. Oh win freaking John Elliott buried at three Memorial Day weekend the memorial day's shot and I am only at the tip toes on the sideline that is now legal or not this stadium Halloween night we just the US CM hammered its full load in the post game celebration my sister calls and asks where's the moon. I turn up to look for the load and of course I go down I grab my buddy we both go down and heat. And land on an elderly couple in the row in front of us nobody was hurt but extremely. I'm embarrassing. Somebody said minorities it was six and only 2012. Played at Washington and by and all my friends fan I want to watch the game beavers lost. I threw a fit slash tantrum on the floor of the entire second half in front of people I invited. 90% of which did not care about sports they went away thinking it was the most immature person and never meant for sure they didn't get it worse birthday party ever I've been dating Janet by I don't think it takes somebody to get any -- still we're immature but that happened that sports he brings idea got to react like that highlighted not start Tony that's I don't know I thought -- as you know on whenever somebody said just very simply I punched a guy undecided ahead after Orton lost Ohio State. Hopefully so far got tackled for Eleanor if it was first timer a second time in Boston at the state. Which I can Elena and Rose Bowl or 2014 national title I've questions I hope it's the title. Bears fan your Super Bowl 41 vs the colts ahead coin with a buddy on Hester returning the opening kickoff he does it I celebrate by jumping up and down. Didn't consider the ceiling fan it took my beer and smashed it through China cut class noble and owls. East though is still on the that the scale one that bad speaking and it's laboring in did you see what he's doing. So Devin Hester is teamed up with pizza hide key holds the record for quickest score and a Super Bowl fourteen seconds if that's beat. Everybody that's part of pizza hut's loyalty rewards program which are millions of people write all get a free pizza. So there's an opening kick off and it happens quicker than fourteen seconds we got tackled for us you get at Pizza Hut pizza mr. wars from him. One last one dumbest thing I did as a sports fan a college or a friend sounds ceiling was about eight feet tall watching the Seahawks play the Packers in the failed merry happened I jumped. And shot my fist in the air and punched a hole in the ceiling broke my hand at the that's all. In the ceiling yeah. I've gotten really upset and I think that put a hold a door but it wasn't over sports it was resuming really dumb like losing. My teaser something out earlier that angry punch all the Dora where it was like I was not having a good day times take in your late. You're way behind I can't go anywhere occasion ivory keys you're searching everywhere and you just lose it. One of those you scream. And I let it out on the door if I had a passable. These killers who wants to USC team president and I went behind a dumpster and cried. It's muddy picture of how I was sick to see that. Somebody record that did anybody recorded TV news. Does that petitions are said to refuse annual game. I don't know but I originally vibe with that one Maldonado missed the Google's yeah yeah yeah. He missed a lot of field goals that was just one of the time he missed a lot of Google's. Philly fan ran into the polling says he's doing okay faithfully he is still of good health. It did not happen post it was a pregame jacked up Manny was just it was sites for the NFC championship game. And Lendl at the load the poll know about it one Margo birds and then down he went after running into the boy did me a little bit at a sit down meeting with Paul Allen. About the future of the organization. I was a play out we tech Chris saints earlier and get to that next. Alex Rodriguez got and again does anybody hate era anymore is he cool and our books. He's also. Doing the dance with jail every night Eddie is Mack guys live in the life post baseball he's got things figured out. And he's got a new job out of it's they would that is. Also the instinct contract situation goes on around it. They do is really the day in Portland and his game last night from Chris Haines is that Damian Miller these are of your Portland Trail Blazers had a sit down meeting with Paul Allen. Prior to their game against Indiana this past Thursday. The meeting took on went on for about an hour. It was the first game of the year by the way the Paul Allen had attended and the calendar year 2000 on 1818 and I guess in season knowing at the end of 2018. And basically the meeting was about where are we going once the direction what's going on here his. Message was that I am turning 28 years old I have four years remaining on my contract I do not want to spend. The remaining years in Portland on the forty something win team that will make no noise. And the playoffs and it appears that's the direction that they're headed with this upcoming season. But he did say it that night I want to win here I don't wanna go any laurels and when. But it felt like gay including the organization on notice that the clock is ticking. Let's go out and make something happen and that was basically did Chris hands on the show in the first hour and he basically reiterated that saying. That meeting was just about getting on the same page and they both left with a positive take away about what could be accomplished well and. You know I've seen some people say this is nothing but positive news this is a way for Damon Paul Allen on the same page and now things can maybe work themselves out. That may be so in terms of relationship between owner and player but I still look at this and say. You've got a one of the clock is ticking and and getting near the end their Furl Nielsen I just don't know how you read this article. And have any other opinion. To me it feels like game aside just about enough of Neil O'Shea and a lack of moves in the moves he has made it. And he's looking around landscaper league east and west and stacking himself up with this team and saying where like I'm in that well you coming in near the bottom. If if you were to say this is an economical class you are lower middle class that's it you are in the India. Annual long ways to go before you get to that that upper title contending level. And so he easily but voiced frustrations with rookie stuff I'm he mentioned how he. Any support sacked Collins and swan again been gone from this team for a while rat but you'll really like Donovan Mitchell. They could grab Donna Mitchell he's in Utah dominating. I you look at other rookies around this league that maybe they had the chance that it does not Dick who asthma could easily glare that can score I think it's a bunch of things that have. Fester within him and that he's also seen the blazers miss on and it's led to this and now you just wonder Disneyland the trade deadline to work with. And is that his last hurrah. Do they move on from kneel before the deadline out. We haven't heard any rumblings in terms of app but I don't know I you don't read this piece walk away and say Neil Shays time is taking. Yeah and and that was is the inching part of that you'll say not. Present in this meeting it sound like Alan afterwards let folks in the organization know about the meeting in what they discussed. And as of yesterday Marc Stein was reporting the blazers were kicking the tires around on DR Andre Jordan zealots you're wondering if Shea got the message. Go make something happen those trade rumors Mickey will. Believe yes he got that message and now he's trying. To find a way to get a deal that there's two other parts of this that I find interesting. One is that negative backlash that I have seen from some blazer fans about this and it is an extremely small sample size and I I grant you that. But you put a face a post up today ten negative fan. On our taste entries on page. About this in the meeting in Damien alert and how fans were reacting to it. And the number of folksy chimed in something negative. Was pretty surprising to me people saying basically dame should stay in his lane he doesn't know about balancing the finances of an NBA team. I needs to worry more about basketball and worry less about the structure of the roster. I could not disagree more with any of those fans I'd love on his star player is frustrated about mediocrity and the reason I suppose says that Izod because you tweeted a down I'm like amen finally. Because this is the way the vast majority of blazer fans feel were all sitting around asking the same question Damian Miller has been asking now is. We're going to plan what we need to do evil then are we staying pat are you sticking with all these back contracts are you breaking up Damon CJ what's that direction because. It might not work to make a big swing in trade and see if you can dolls roster he could lose and that's the reality of it we ought to live with. The one reality though that we know. Is this roster is constructed is not going to do anything meaningful this season. Last night was further example of food they are. Should've won backing and no excuse to lose it of course they find a way so the fact that he agrees would mean as a fan of wondering what's the direction literate to change things up. I love that is ablaze at trinity took it upon himself to sit down and now. And we had Hanes on you he basically said that he's talked to rival exact suit who are saying CJ is not available. Damien CJ not available in trade talk. Sure maybe right now applied even with trading CJ if that's the route they end up going and they say business is the only way we can one get some. Financial flexibility loading and dump a contract and two it gives us the most returned on sci U. Even if you're willing to do that. You're still not changing this year's team right to meet a meeting with Dane was more about. What can you do trade deadline summer going into next year. Because next year and I have three years left on that deal he'll be 29. Potentially going on thirty. And it will continue to be building up for a more and more about where they're at as a franchise. There's nothing wrong with star players doing this LeBron James is a master he manipulates it he fires coaches. He changes everything they waited he wants it up star players in this league have long been. Granted this power it's just over the last I'd say ten to twelve years star players and this is primarily in my opinion based on LeBron James. Realizing more and more they control everything that dynamic of those teams are controlled. By how happy and what a star player wants Dame's not a superstar but he is your star. And if you're not willing to trade him he is everything you wanna continue to bwic dame because he wants you in return. What are you gonna do to accommodate him because having a team where me deeper to see Jake but people role players around him. That's not changing a damn thing now here's the same team it feels like they have a few moves to make too freely wanna get back into that conversation. Was in the western counts especially with Houston and called state going nowhere. Yeah and and the part about CJ. And just where he's heading with this team they cut me a little off guard and maybe you should double me at pains on we were talking about the likelihood of trading. CJ McCollum and how dame would react to that. And he said that as of last night Haines had been talking to other general managers are on the NBA. And they are all hearing mid CJ McCollum is off the table at the blazers are not willing to listen to any trade offers. At this current time and that's where. That's where I got really confused and maybe that's undated they're just keeping close to the best they don't want people don't know that he's on the market and they don't want the team to know they is on the market and energy is simply hiding it and if that's the case and I'll apologize but. If that is the mindset of this team. I it's it doesn't make any sense to me and we all know you have to give up something to get something in return. They're there is not a lot of attractive pieces on this roster. I know we've done this segment a million times about the trade value of certain players and bad contracts. That that's the thing that really took me aback though was. You get this message there it's like OK let's find a way to improve the roster let's make it a big move did to satisfy Damian Miller so he's happy over the next four years. But learned marketing training to get anything so nothing is going to change guys kind of. You would too it's an opportunity to make everybody happy I mean dame clearly doesn't like the roster is if you asked him do you wanna play with CD he's of course he has he has their friends. But if you told him return your team can be this much better. I think he's always gonna wonder whatever takes to be better and then flip the team and CJ CJ hasn't been as vocal detox value likes Portland he likes of your lie he signed the contract. Accelerate Serra. But siege you have an opportunity to go to the team and shiny even more. He's already being recognized exact low road in is all star his all star picks they have no bearing on the open road is also a fixed. CJ's name isn't it says CJ is one of those borderline players she's right they are. On the right rosters CJ McCollum probably ends up putting all star numbers up. Even more so than he does now any gets a chance to be looked at as a dog guy to shine even more so. Sure he wants to be in Portland but you don't feel quite as much as you do when Dayne talks about in game tweets that it's kind of one of those situations that may be long term I think everybody ends up happy you know OK with it definitely has a book question today littler had to sit down meeting with Alan. The raise concerns over the direction of the organization he has four years remaining on his contract will he be in Portland. For all 467%. TI is to stay committed and I've done a million trade machine scenarios. I try machines that I've I get wrapped up into all the time I don't think. It's. Even possible logical. I would do doing everything if I'm meals a day fearing that my job is on the line with the next move by mates. I'm doing and doing everything I possibly can minus dame to see if San Antonio is remotely interested. If Jalen rose's coming out on national TV in proclaiming coli Leonard is a guy that wants out. And Adrian wards now ski is going on ESPN shows in saying this has been building for a few months. He's kind of disconnected there's some validity behind it they can refuted all they want that to him in a San Antonio Gates value San Antonio does not wanna be beholden to a player CJ and there are a couple of first round the next little steal or I'd take it all you can have I'm not into the no chance and high opinion of happening but I'm saying like I am making a call and trying to do. Anything I possibly. Yeah so that was one of the one the other story lines of the NBA today but teller meets the pollen now frustrated about things but according to Chris Sainz everything is on a positive note will seek. If any traction happens before the trade deadline if you miss that and be intentional tweeted out. As soon as were all done here there was one other NBA no outside of the glide Leonard being unhappy in San Antonio. That I wanted to bring up in the final segment also A-Rod got a new gig. It just like everybody loves him now closed show with that next on the fifth or. It's funny drama in the NBA this year and I just continues you mentioned it last since the end of last segment. That's Jalen Rose reporting while Leonard wants out of San Antonio he's unhappy there and that was on the heels of the load report. So watching where that goes will be fascinating in the other thing that I saw yesterday that badly charred little little bit. Is the kettle situation in Cleveland so they got blown out they give up 150 points over the weekend. To Oklahoma City and catalog blessing game because he said he was sick and didn't show up shootaround on Sunday. And the cavs had a team meeting a player only meeting on Monday. And it sounded like villages rich Kevin Love a new one from being soft enough. Lake through the flu sounds like they ripped each others those two I just love you know daddy too yeah Kevin Love got the Tron event and Isiah Thomas reportedly is the one that let it I thought they were really good friends a little story on them and take a picture together and high school but. Or as a team if you told me their roster is. Half turned over within the next few weeks I'm not going to be shocked chains and all of you got one more chance or the bronze chilled bowl and try and get somebody there. They get how about I saw that Devlin may be tag kennel level always be connected to Portland and elegance of tradable ever ever happen but. Just thought I'd like that out that the cavs had a players only meeting. And yelled at Kevin Love and each other time on the laughed about it to head coach cast. He said his teammates are not doctors they don't know how sick he was. Beck such as Allen Allen Allen left little bits well is he gonna get fired too you wonder. Says that LeBron had enough of Tyler I won the bronze had enough of Erica to think LeBron if you. The bronze we're chatting general but as he told them he could be the owner GM coach am player I think he would sign up it would do all think. Whatever I don't LeBron by the way we are LeBron fans of his game at least let admin at times to be little sushi he did something. On his sake Graham that. Deserves to be made fun of now he's on the brink of being the youngest player to score 30000 points in history NBA sixteen points away which is it's a remarkable feat it speaks a player in the trinity sad. LeBron James put up in its Graham post last night. Congratulating himself. On reaching 30000 points. Before he reached 30000 points. Yeah I will never defend LeBron James social media and so I'll defend LeBron James the player I think people are really stupid if they have opinions about where he stacks up with certain players. But I'd I won't defend that that was the most. Strange. The only statistical. What are you doing a put up a picture of himself highs please recollect gradually you reaching this milestone they I can't remember I may have been somebody on towers of itself hired somebody else's like. Let somebody else posts that we're going to when you get to 30000 points it's like oh my god you're glad you did what a great career or you know we knew actually accomplish its say and a crazy to get to this feed never would have collected from Akron Mike Kiely likes to say. It duo asked her. This is what you called scored ten points field it's fifty couple insure you tweak an ankle he had to leave the game early you know that's your short. So now we just sit on that posed for lately won't listen. All that he'll get there eventually. So LeBron did that last night and he deserves to name made fun for that I as you to question before they shell as anybody. Gone in their playing days to their post playing days. From hate to love. Faster than Alex Rodriguez. See hate is a strong word people hated Alex Rodriguez as a baseball player I don't think people hated Tony Romo but I'd also think people love to make fun of a crab tees and disliked Tony Romo and I think in one season of play by play he's turned a lot of people around on and that's not a bad answer it there ascent about one because the he was it was announced today hired to be the new color commentator for ESPN's Sunday night baseball. And he's actually gonna have a contract that allows them to both work for fox in the post season. And ESPN during the regular season the power of A-Rod as the real thing why you mentioned. Who is doing the player I'm an ad test version is doing a play by doing both as well he's still is gonna do stuff for foxy MLB network and he's gonna be to play by play guy for ESPN I mean ESPN's already airing MLB network. Television shows that they are the rock like a different a Sox won for A-Rod was unique as is there anybody else and broadcasting and as a deal like that. I don't know now I don't know I I've ever baseball guys not taken any sport. Like this would be like Barkley being hired on on ABC to be there in game commentator but all I think it. There are couple of announcers that it first soccer that work Bakken for a million that soccer yeah I know you guys think of that but I don't know. I don't know enough about publicly stuff like that. I'll just say it is semi after this Booth man it's gonna be investors and A-Rod in Mendoza will still be. In the Booth I'll Mendoza still around she is she is there and buster role only will be the sidelines like a backlash she was getting mixed reviews. She's she's been up and down for people. That with the whole blues has been unique of just where I mean it started with her and Schilling I think in and it was like current bankrupted. Some games that of this bill and it's. It's it's been a patchwork group but you give me vast version and A-Rod together calling game. That's ultrasound and a Huskers can call games right now it does yeah it doesn't wanna work ran on the network companies Canada's secondary dive for fox games. When it's not my style but what does that tell the re were when they go regional when they have like six games at once or something I'm guessing here and call playoff games and stuff he's there is their secondary guys assault clip that label is so we'll see if A-Rod can be as good. Unlike. More regular basis calling player I've played them breaking down a game in the documents allowed district there much different game than just being your studio analyst some. Iran's got a new game. Our data still. There are no bill showed it if you missed an analyst rob tires podcast to his agenda Lane Kiffin. It's a great mortal that's a fantastic one people made fun of and dislike that you so much he left famine in yeah one year because of Twitter a lot of people love Lane Kiffin also the way he got yelled that there was some sympathy there. Let's but he went to a Nick Saban. That's a ridiculous sulphide. If you missed it we had Chris names on the show he wrote the piece about Damian Miller sit down meeting of Paul Allen. We also had Tom for duty on speaking of baseball and Sports Illustrated and fox sports we asked him about Major League Baseball Portland the hall of fame vote coming up. And expansion in Major League Baseball so go find both those less front tires podcast any defense. That come to about as well after this break. And at 1080 defend apple do address today thanks to be a part of our Tuesday we will talk to you tomorrow at noon number one is actually distinctive and eighty the fan.