Dirt & Sprague Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, January 23rd
The guys chat with SI and FOX TV MLB writer Tom Verducci on the possibility of Portland getting and expansion team, and Edgar Martinez being voted into the Hall of Fame, plus Swag has a new edition to NFL True or False, and a longshot to win the Heisman Trophy from the Pac-12 in 2018.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and. Ray and other news. Prime minister of Sweden visited Washington today and my tiny little holes went to France. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spring in my notes that are slightly no I. I did it around with the doctor. Well there are small a lot of pressure along with a lot of pizzas. It was good to them dirt and spreading beyond 1080 hour party which you. I've been through it together. He had a little soon. I welcome back to an hour tuned earns break with junior rob. Portland sports leader 1080 the fan we've got her NFL ensure falls coming up at 130 A crunch time. I will tell duck football fan how that when money next season if they're Smart and I think they should take advantage of this tip okay I'll like lending money you know like being Smart I know I spray the line a lot but I'll give you that info at all of that is coming up but first we must talk. With the prestigious the always respected the incredible somber duty Sports Illustrated. And fox sports as well kind enough to take couple minutes with us out here in the northwest any joins us now how you do a job. I and great thanks for at. And I think so much for joining us man I kind of wanted to start here it is go with the big one. Is it a pipe dream for us in Portland to be thinking about MLB actually coming to Portland Oregon. I think it means you're here today yet but it got a lot of patients that the than you did maybe he admired ever held out little by. You know look right now Major League Baseball looking at situations Tampa Bay at Oakland. Where they really can't solve these issues for a very long time. And it for summary and that one pick up stakes will be the world market it helped see happening right now in the Portland was 801 of those cities and output Montreal there as well. That happened get the attention of people at. And all being but obviously they've committed to those markets working something out for a long time I don't think they'd rather patient yet. But there's no doubt that Portland is an attractive option if they ever do get it. IE you mentioned a pipe dream and immoral hoping it happens at some point will what will be the timetable you think for Major League Baseball. To consider expansion because we see all these quotes from man Freddie he wants at a market north west. He wants to expand the testing to more teams even things out. It how long do you think that would take it is it all just depending on the Oakland and Tampa situations. Why did they get pretend that getting those situations resolved because it doesn't make sense to me that. You know they'd still be resolved in terms stadium issues and long term future of the franchise and you're expanding other plate so. And they've wrapped up. Boat somehow some way then you know they're probably looking at maybe 510 years from now where. You can actually think about yeah I actually liked the idea of adding two more teams and and having even numbered and I'm not a big Anthony's that kink in week we get an early clay every day's been I think he's really taken away from being attracted incidentally games and it took it. The novelty of war office been worn down because we do get the ball for up to speed up look at the situation maybe get sport fourteen division. I get away with fifteen can legally do that obviously that it. Tom Stoppard EG sports illustrator I guess fox sports as well. I'm gonna tell me here because I'm sitting here in Portland I love sports a deal ides why do Sports Radio show. And I can't help but imagine it would be like to have the Portland athletics how to l.'s Oakland got. How can figure this out I don't understand it. Well now you guys. In the back you need it want it is good and Jose AM VP talk about you know corporate sponsorship of where the money is it easier building an inch at its own copier. You would go there but there is history you know what you want to make sure that you know and respect and history of the people who bear. Facility terrible I think everybody. That they've not themselves silly China on a good place to move within the area. Oh yeah at camp. I'm at some point where you start looking elsewhere about I'll get it then stuck in the MLB people. It has stranger now bigger and it is cabinet this forever I have not gotten that they're closed today all right let let look at that you bury it. Well when needing the ownership would get to that point because I know they recently were trying to put a stadium plan together and info like everybody was really optimistic about it and fell through. At the last moment does the ownership it's an appointment they see all we're tired of trying to figure this out and Oakland. Yeah wouldn't surprise that they did you know you have it in like they did privately college complex than than you know for a lot of reasons base in the community. Didn't want the ballpark there. And it would probably at least I think Erica when they thought they had something that was workable and the other trap door got pulled out though. I had. Beat frustrating prevent but it's not a decision obviously any ownership would take lightly in terms of picking up stakes and moving it and it's been there especially one that's been at that is long now. Okay Tom this is the last question about Portland in in baseball and then we'll move on to some others I. Just try to help me here in my lifetime in Portland. Will Tom birdies in your lifetime will you see a baseball team in Portland Oregon. Why you put me on the spot. You know all there yet because they didn't think that Portland and Montreal community. Are the unlikely places ago. You know I thought a few years ago war. Want at a don't know I guess for a lot throughout expansions. Are that there were few different places where we go by. Involved lose to New Orleans and Carolina. I do think though that you prohibitive favorite thinking well I'm at Major League Baseball it's period and that. Any other like yet expansion mighty and at some point in the apartment that are down. Well when you're working your first up Fox Broadcast for the Portland team Beers on us okay. Yeah just make sure you put a roof on the ballpark and younger and I just well a lot about or baseball but any eight by. The tag you guarantee. 81 armed eight. The big eight and make sheet and place it on the web and that that the technology that was so good at. I don't see why don't like it should be industry standard for baseball the Big Apple has. Right now RA announced it rains all over the venture with you I you know I wanted to get to that the free agency situation is somebody falls baseball closely. It's been really weird I mean your weight after the winter meetings like OK maybe this Oka and now nobody sign in must stands got to get traded first of ties got to get signed. Not a sacrament. How concerning is this impasse between the the teams in the players and how do you see it playing out with like a 150 free agents remaining unsigned but when he some days doctors at his report. Yeah I think there's going to be some people spring training start we don't have jobs and the others who out of my eight panic. But realized hey I'd better take it steel and being like a cut rate deal. I mean at that point again that they have gone so long that most leverage other than that pop star player the blog about the Darvish isn't. Posner Martinez I think people will be well cut 45. But in the middle level guys and they're between a rock and a hard place the clocks are pick on them so. It's interesting to me. I would make you decision about the market until it's over listed. Again thank couple these top guys will get real good money. And also I think next year will be completely different issue and create a lot really star players out there we will be talking about maintaining separate out. And they're legitimately something going on your terms of market correction you know a year ago we'd love to black Steelers general managers should be dumped reciting these guys in the long term contract you know big pain need guys currently there is Leonard declining. Well now they're not doing it everybody that are considered app you not handing out these ridiculous contract. I think it happened did some of the general manager talked about this so much more information began today and the very Smart people running he'd now. Eight they're very patient about how to go about their business that valuation of players now as. Entirely empirical you'd be somewhat appeared all but somewhat emotional beyond that he would you know Scott Boras is greater calling it an owner. And you know unique value added that can't it's not an employer beyond the numbers whether it is you know. Leadership club out a way to make a career came up to deal. You don't put together these booklet he's saint attribute that binders. In which he's older client really really well. About every Major League team. They're all blinders and work and certain but I you declared that interest gotten smarter more efficiently and spending money. And I hate players the agents that then. Lower realized that new reality they get away on next year we get great corporate and it challenge out there and talk about how efficient air. You know that's that's when he too now going to change next year with all that money Tom for dude she is our guest Sports Illustrated fox sports as well. You know we're about to find out the hall of fame vote and not everybody in this region is a mariner fan but I think a player we all respect and love to watch play was Edgar Martinez. Is that you're gonna get in. He can't be right at that 75 parts per cent threshold. It will be one of the all certainly get it bits here in terms of where it came from last year. That is definitely a surrogate played here enough to get all over I think it's been really really close he's a guy I do boat war. I recognized in the borderline hall favorite fact that early is not a peek into component to talk about. The fact that he did have the longevity that a lot of the candidate avenue like estates. But means that you wore for DH is named after you. You know over 300 batting average or writer on based pot and slugging. They've had them out there ma is eaten there. They really got the all over the top in the fact that so many pitchers and Eric talked about anger at being one of the purest. Best hitters in the game and I don't mega marry a Rivera said it up as batters he faced. The opinions matter to you appeared not about you in that regard. The Yankees got involved in law but it means that the respect of his peers to me is what put Bogota. In your hall of fame voter and and you mention your voting triggered it feels like the process though is so convoluted and and confusing for some of the way. Guys leave certain players off their ballot because they have a couple of more years years left to vote for him. If you could change the way the voting system would work with what changes would you make. Well I was actually out of committee. Baseball writers that went all pain in the years ago look and immediately expand the number of people we vote or content to well. I saw her like edit via either considering the fact that it intends Ratner baseball. And expanded there's a lot more players in the universe to consider for all and candidate they. You know it's their right. In the voting procedures they had about like where is it Reid changes. Not a problem for nine years now like I you know a lot of people fifteen or sixteen people. I do respect a lot of people who do you want to vote for more than candidate and they don't have that opportunity personally I don't think it would change at all any. Yeah it might bring the bottom that are up a little bit more. But it's probably one changes I don't have a problem in the again I expect. Most wired not most but a lot of raiders now are bumping up against Specter and limit and all of that tradition I'm not sure why we should be fixed content. And dejudder on this one time you you mentioned the voting process the hall of fame how has palace Tom Perdue G. Changed his views of the quote unquote steroid era over the last few years if at all. Latin changed at all is pretty simple for me at this and that look at it almost like sitting on eight jury. Not a criminal case on the civil case we look at a preponderance of evidence. As the meat on the continent that speculation or ears saying or rumors. Well you know it could give me what is now publicly what is the evidence. And it the evidence showed pondered that and that shows the bodies there I don't care either of their first then Major League a lot in the Major League. There's no way I would vote for that today tomorrow or twenty years now I cannot understand why guys he's back in the day. But there's no way gives them on a high honor a big game on an interview going to all change. But I know that they used steroids yet people like play at Armstrong in the bike and all and though. It's pretty easy army and I tell people can actually about it but. You do the best you can put bell and. No I'm during a good stuff Tom Perdue G Sports Illustrated great writer and he Izzy. He call yourself a visiting dugout reporter sideline reporter I don't know what you call him. I don't know I don't want to come up with a title warm it bull but it didn't title. And does not it does dug out orders number did you suffice or. Hey Tom thanks so much that we appreciate the time here's hoping baseball is in Portland at some point Andruw Jones doesn't get dropped off the hall of fame ballot got. You've got some extra guys. There you go get stuff from our friend Tom Perdue UT Sports Illustrated got so you're telling me there's yeah. He's crap on our dreams and he kept him alive he did it was amazing he Torres down bid to build those back essar that interview ended. Over under fifteen years old rule until we see is all rule is carries a appeals that next on the fan. Like sands. Screw the hourglass these are the days of our products when last we left off the clouds some good tumultuous season were partying and a new day was gunning. Questions remain. Little spring football and lawsuits the defense remains totally and one about the coach and I had to express. Answers to me is another question that's join us for the next exciting episode of days of our doubts only on channel 1080 IR news I'm. Shannon they can't hear the bone chilling cold is here and if you wanna avoid a busted furnace or jacked up energy bill need to call my friends that area heating before everything's frozen and the entire city goes into panic mode. Whether it's a quick fix during new train system area heating does it all does it right and will never sell you something you don't mean and with thirty trucks and Portland and Vancouver area will be their fast go to areas heeding dot com your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop a train. Are you ready for the big game spirit it was important biggest. Is the heads of the forests are working part Sunday February 4 at the spirit about this and what so what's the one that should give. You giant fourteen by twenty foot inch screens enjoyable. Mark we've seen growing tickets to win NFL's number. Doors open at 230 kickoff is at 330 tickets are on sale now go to spirit mountain. Were short tickets today touchdown. Like lightning cares everybody charged up the whole CD with the good to explode critics are calling it a show that nobody wants to say it's it's a new. The CW's new smash hit golf clubs I won't let you get this is live. That light with an answer to upgrade my my name's hope it's time. Can change your. This book. Like game tonight but first I wake up everyday in this just not. Until the flash goes 3 seeping central city didn't call me a new sexier model of superhero has a new and it's a stretching and this is. That is really bad that's a terrible and it's Q it's a can't miss new flash right before an all new episode of black lightning tonight on the CW. Two hours of action starts with a flash today followed by black like you did nine. Tonight only on Portland's CW. Cable three channel 32. But you take. Charge if your future and your master's degree from her school. Top ranked graduate university in Portland to choose from nationally recognized programs and art therapy business administration. And assistants. And teaching. Are pursuing masters and mental health counseling are creative writing yeah. Find out what makes our grad programs unique take him out of Merrill Hearst dot edu slash grading. Well. One listener that is not about baseball Portland. There's ample amount there I would Portland one based on something that's only get a benefit a few we need to focus on the infrastructure. Infrastructure I think it's auto corrected very happy not correct and infrastructure yes I I agree we should focus audiences like Ron Burgundy there I just read what those are on the teleprompter I'm Romberg. The infrastructure and building our future not some boring. Hobby that is dying I. I it's dying and then they also added fifteen years never gonna happen over by infinity baseball doesn't belong in Portland people don't want it here we have other needs roads schools. Homelessness those those are all needs. Does that numerals solve them if we don't get baseball that's what's keeping us from solving our roads and homeless list. Homelessness issue is the desire for baseball team I don't know those have been issues here for quite some time and we're not doing in ending to deal with them right now. I didn't league baseball was the issue. And I know what's coming on the pipeline to change some of that stuff yet new I don't either. I did I don't like that the people that think they can speak for everybody in Portland. We don't want it here easy for everybody in the city I can say we wanted to hear I don't speak for everybody in the city I wanted to hear you don't want me here. We can't we can't be the voice for an entire city an entire region saying. Because you don't like baseball you don't want your doesn't mean people don't want it here USC for the show. Because they said if we got quite Leonard I tried we were joking look at it while hundreds unhappy Jalen -- Zealand's trade united started I'd I asked you if you cry more about a coli letter trade. Or baseball here and IE as much as I hoop homer as I am ice as a baseball. To get another pro sports team like that. It is not something I would've ever for scene especially after the whole nationals to balk. And knowing there's a group out there and take it for what it's worth right there's a group out there. Mike Baird is kind of the voice and face and we were told prior to show that that group was at the owners' meeting yes they were I don't know what that means if anything at all. But then you also bring on a Tom for Dynegy. And dad. He kind of calls it a pipe dream but then also says at some point in his lifetime meetings he will see if you import life why it's tough because it's it's and it's a two of our problems for based. They want to expand they want two more teams and Montreal and Portland. According to everybody in and baseball circles are the two markets that they're looking up one on the East Coast. And one on the West Coast anyone even 32 teams don't want to fifteen team. Divisions of fuel cell. Baseball once at the problem remains inverted she pointed it out and did there's still no evidence that they can solve that in the short term what do you do with a Oakland and Tampa. Those are two or situations that are not long to feasible long term there's stadiums are awful nobody goes to games and in relieve their market. DA's have had some great years but. When you have sewage flowing through the ballpark and it's tough to pack fans. Into the stadium especially in a a low budget team like they've been for a long time so in telling you solve those issues. I don't know of baseball's Wilmington bulls want it how do you solve that tell Oakland doesn't wanna village was stadium you're not right now if I answer to preach in the choir are now one and and that's right wish baseball was a little more of I'm progress of their takes of those cities are just saying S or get off the pot. It cut come but the deal Oakland and Varejao played out they've had three or four different things now were felt like this is it. All critical they found in a location they're gonna put it this community college all right sounds good opens gonna stay. There goes deal fell through no stadium in place. What's gonna change it's almost the same situation we go through it to the coyotes in Phoenix they want a new stadium they need a new stadium. But Phoenix doesn't care they don't wanna build you one you're not gonna build on what Arizona State. What's gonna change here and I feel that way bubble of Oakland and Tampa I wish that they would just bulls simply move so baseball could move on from both of those mark. He's gonna take a a runner diving in the second stealing a base and he comes up with a face full of feces that that can what is is doing on the on the field leaking through the infield that changes everything stadium is a hundred years old cern. We haven't had anyone we can't fix leaking and Tampa's a semi Tampa's ballparks terrible I don't know I just threw a number out for the break fifteen years. Would you but the over the under of that I would bet the under I think so too are more optimistic than some I don't think it's gonna take ten years to figure out the Oakland and Tampa situations. At some point it will come Jill crossroad roads where they say it'll let the market lower tier we need to look for another situation. And I think once those two ballpark was those two teams either move. Or get a stadium deal done it's moving to Portland baseball's immediately got to look to to expand that's their next step but they just have to get through those first priorities was to simply a matter of how long does that take how long. Is baseball all them to figured out he did have led did suggestion of San Jose. Moving in the San Jose. I don't know if that's feasible but he seems to think maybe that's upon the giants have a problem with versions it's technically their market Yad Sarah problem yeah. That's the problem and having to Bay Area teams yes. Yet his right eye at least in west manes bay writes on enemies are separated you remember how long the battle over TV market networks went on between Washington and Baltimore. I know that it ever still was fully settled. Over you know territories and you know and therein. Women find over territories since the beginning a man. It's true and alienate since the dawn of man this is a nice hairdo I don't know Madson the giants would there it looked echo without that was either getting a serious pay off. Or heard taken to court one LSU and it was floated out whether it was lasted a year before that it would just share AT&T park. A move and I would want to know on the giants I wouldn't that get out now and giants' ballpark and I did it give up your ballpark for dealing games equal under reading is to understand it's not a public ballpark now the giants did that on their own beds. I've given up their real estate for Oakland lady during the first guy cave man or whatever that fought over territory. Killed the other in the realized. I ended somebody's life over the sexual land this is my under blankets Yakima I'll loses her I own this now this grass is is my dared mind Bernie's gone. Whenever the names were back then you have the burning hot Brad was the name of the other guy killed that's probably not old enough feed reading George or something's jewel yet. As they get more legs of the nets and the board nordic and kind this listener says mark it dude oak to Sacramento that takes West Coast and Portland up list. Now that's a good thing is it doesn't sound like if Oakland finds a place whether that's an Oakland or Sacramento based browser still wants to expand wanna expand yet wanna expand in the northwest to the West Coast and and that's the thing that end it is the reason why continue to be optimistic outside of just simply wanting it here I know people people always disagree with me on that will never be able to know for a fact whether it works you're not until we get a team in Portland. But one when the report was released and there is a group in place Mike Berry is the face of that group and as you mentioned we were talking to somebody before the show. Who said there was down a deal owner meetings recently on talking to Major League Baseball like that. That still exists whether Oakland moves here or whether Tampa lows here whether they bulls stay in their same markets with a they moved to different markets. That doesn't change the fact that there is still a group here. Others still to grant money in place that was passed way back when we try to get the nationals a longtime idol it doesn't change a fact of baseball wants to expand. They want two more teams they want sixteen in the Yale sixteen in the NL maybe they shake up the way it did did the league's exist but. They want to more organizations in Major League Baseball. They're just not willing to create two expansion cities before they solve the issue of the a's in the race and this is senator says today I learned that are two choices are getting a pro baseball team and helping the homeless. Sign up what side you on what side you love and homelessness are we get the baseball team. Yeah that I AIM all four of fixing our roads getting better infrastructure sauce and a homeless issue there's a row Larry David was in me that says. Stepped around this summit go to this ball game baseball would be the deed for the for the practical to the upset you with his steroid stance on voting. No articulate that a path as long as. As long as you're you're not voting for guys. Voted guys in their probably. I'm just go back dancing I am to go back and look at his ballots then and because I don't have a problem with that stance he just can't. Pick and choose the guys it penalized for. I played like he did he vote for pudge Rodriguez evil for Bagwell city both for Jeff Bagwell is if you did. Then I got an issue of the but if your staunch about it nobody connected. I'm I'm all for that opinion yeah so actually we find out tomorrow gets in all right that we do bond that we do I gotta be announced runs the show starts at noon and Edgar Martinez violators a guy who's been tracking all the ballots. Just to see all the publicize bounced. I believe Edgar Martinez that last track was at 73%. Tighten rules he is 2% to lane has run right he feels like getting Janet. If he doesn't this or he's gonna get in next year's celebration anger tomorrow on the shows and makes it says last is less John about next years and that it'll be a tenure reward will also do a segment on Andruw Jones getting the shaft but that's tomorrow. And somebody else's an idea fill the roster with the homeless Obama now they have jobs take. Yeah hired to work the ball Arctic so the concessions. Take the tickets in the parking lot and the security portraying John is made signs of a cardboard this year I don't now. Like Happy Gilmore hire the guy who Washington's windshield they're both very god created the job steals the the nickel off the green eats the cracker. They can about who upon. Whatever whatever it takes. All right it's time for our NFL and true or false. And I look back at 134. Two days ago while. Coming up in ten minutes breaks get an idea for practical sense to make money. I'll listen and I want to make some money. My dribble hired as the do echoed the titans he had some things to say yesterday that we found interstate we'll talk about in Ghana. Top of the hour and then also a question upon her as we'll get to the the Philly fan who ran into the cold sub like eight. At some point the final hour. It's a dumbest thing you've ever done after a big sporting win I'm not proud of mine but mine isn't that dumb okay. Much as it was it's irrational. It's it's been a big sports which makes you. Alcohol is usually able bad decisions follow. It's got a sample in the final hour as well but it's Tuesday said he after 130 let's get to NFL. Sure falls what do we got this week's Ryder. Well let's jump right then. Patriots Eagles meet for the second time in the Super Bowl rematch of Super Bowl 39. This Sunday February the fourth New England opening as a five and a half point favorite. Tour false the winner of Super Bowl 52. Will not have the lead in the game in the fourth quarter begins. This would be the you know into New England is become Mac team. The good ones this mighty when he better once you've ever done. Because I don't know how to answer this. I'll say true. Ideal I think this game is gonna be really close okay I think their defense is gonna keep minute netting Foley probably have a turnover but for the most part BOK. New England is New England the comeback kids their last four playoff games have become. Come from behind. Well kind of against Tennessee down some not and that first still trailed. I mean I could vitamin this game though because that I defense. I was listening to Mike Lombardi. Who knows the patriots as well as anybody yet and he's a really bad matchup for New England based on what Philadelphia does defensively and what their offenses. But that's new here nor there to answer this question I say this is true the winner will be trailing campaigning in the fourth quarter this is going to be a big gold falls for me Bob I'm. The patriots are just Jenna. I know you don't have to leave they lean on number. And Tom Brady's enough for four quarters did to have a lead I don't think philly's defense as good as Jacksonville's. Jacksonville as you mentioned statistically one of the best defense we've seen in a long time and they were able Brady down for three quarters and doubled for three scored fourteen. Don't see that happening I think they have lead going into the fourth inning when in the fourth this falls so what do we do real quick so I guard. What do we do the Monday after the Super Bowl sniffles is the the Super Bowl champion wherever he is this guy cross the way here. I think if people Pete's been more anti polls. Did you like what do we do you have to do something. But let's not also act like I'm alone in that opinion. You pick Minnesota won the game right now some think that the Eagles to cover three point spread did and you put food in Sydney were gonna get ten race you did but you also picked them to lose again that's not the point did anybody did anybody on the show and end of the regular seasons they Philly was gonna win the NFC. While not in a season ago. But is anybody was anybody other than our guys are voice video on the station now probably not. I think if he wins you you got to be something seem to Philly fight song or something I'm okay I'm ready for Philly when it's game. Oh really yeah I would love to see Philly when I I think you just change your opinion yesterday I know and root for Philly and so does that and Israel. I can't root for films flags just goes against everything that's right you're rooting for the patriots know. And I'm not if you're not rooting I'm hurting for the Eagles to lose the defense dot com and this is false by the way. I I think to the patriots will get a handle on this one and taking a lead in the fourth quarter and not relinquish it. Speaking of the patriots Tom Brady the only player in NFL history to of one before Super Bowl MVP awards tort falsely player other than Tom Brady. Will win the MVP award for Super Bowl 52. Our medical falls on this one as well at the basically you're gonna say true you think that philly's gonna win the game none of the mindset the Phillies going to win this game. So I in new England's Tom Brady is going to be playing good enough against that defense to medium BP was another one. False. It think the riders to just be bored of Brady. I don't know bored I'm Brady can be game but. If summit in a Deion Branch like game we see that they're not willing to give it to the same player all the time they like to mix it up. Maybe a player for knowingly gets to picks may be a Philadelphia eagle has. 22 or three sacks and a stripped fumble I don't know what it is but. I'm just going falsity some meals twenty MVP. I think it will be false as well I think yeah I think it's going to be tight defensive game is likely to go to a receiver or defensive player. Would be my hunch. We'll hurt this point hurts me hurts could could do it alerts M and dole. He shows up like he did the NFC championship games and that's tricky what cooks got him and he's got to not drop potential touchdown passes we dropped. And he was good night's game. Prevent up next the vikings in jags both reached the conference championship round of the NFL for the first time in years came up short their quest to get to the Super Bowl tour false neither team will return to the playoffs following the 2018 regular season. False. Return back to the conference championship bound above that. But I think Jacksonville's defense can get them back it's just about how do you stack up with the rescue division of the quarterbacks are healthy. But I still think their defense is gonna keep around in the vikings' defense is going nowhere right there I don't did you QB but I I say this is false. Especially when you look at that division to Chicago I don't trust a whole lot next year at Detroit is Detroit at this point and of them not really banking on them to. It drastically improved team going into next season signing Minnesota can pick up one of those wild card spots at least if not when the division depending on health. The very Rogers and this is false at least one of them will make the playoffs but I think bold naked. Knowing that turn over the we have been knowing. All of the uncertainty at quarterback. For the vikings. And knowing what teams will judo school with a Jack's I'll say this is true about them. I'll continue to make the playoffs finally Pennsylvania and now battling down did you jog back in my when I got to check on the only get ten minutes gonna take a long time to check in on apple and I know in the first season weeks. And see if we're still all three here in a year from now. Reports indicate Steelers Pro Bowl running back Levy on bell set to hit two free agent market looking for the highest bidder. Tour false the Steelers will have a rookie starting at running back for the opening game between eighteen season. Only it's once juicy. You have what's being called the one of the best running back classes to hit the draft in several years about it on your saint Samie starting over James Connor yeah. Who I. On the picks now can begin. Yeah I would have to trade up make a move. And it depends on if they're willing to. Call his bluff and now franchise tag because he said he second plan of attack do you believe them that will hold out and I don't know that's still to be determined. But I have I don't know live on this one. And I'm gonna say that this is true I think they are tired of his antics. I was reading a story that David he was basically a a no show it to their final walk through before the Jacksonville playoff game. It was voicing his discontent during the week of the playoff game that's not the way to Steelers like to operate business they've tried a lot of money and into Antonio Brown. I think they move on and they'd take this literally back in the draft and O'Donnell and it's it is true I'm gonna say this is false only because even if they move on formally beyond bell I think con. Or is there starting running back next year not a rookie. Does it is false I think this'll be false I think there'll be a rookie in the rotation but I think you'll be good the secondary. Rang back at least to start this season. Could be there towards the end but I definitely believe the Steelers will be looking for and not afraid to trade up I don't know if they'll get in the top ten but I could see him moving up to 1516 if one of those running back slides. With a run on another position. Quite frankly so but definitely be all lay biamby go home. It is easy money back what team picks him up about San Francisco the raiders have been rumored to be very very interest did. And lady on bell not getting what they hope to get out of Marshawn Lynch shocking again at retired was over 31 can give you thought surprising. Yeah May Day duties he seems to fit that where they'll they'll pay wise because I know the car the contract of where they out with Cooper. I know some of their offensively. Line men that Lille Mac it's gonna take a lot of money to get me I didn't isn't the highs I don't mean and he cares about winning he's made it evident he wants to get paid what team needs a lady on Mel the most take that next step. Tampa Bay. You don't like the muscle hamster mouth to stay on the field and they have bigger issues than just running back. It's a lot of money you're spending for that guy that takes a few active players are off to Amos right now James Shields in war room though just the week of the entire world on him and he doesn't feel like you. He had somebody deadly be a bill to turn I unity were dumping off to you know what team I think would be really good but it's gonna get broken up because well. They wanna go a different direction QB. Jordan reed healthy I think Washington may be on bell and a crew nonsense. That's a good mix with Colt McCoy. No I mean that's what I'm talking I don't know cornerback situation in these two teams that come to my mind that I would love to see him as a fit and neither rumor gonna happen but really intrigued Seattle Seattle unease on. On and how about finally getting Aaron Rodgers a weapon outside of the draft. Woo him English you imagine him paired with I mean it's never gonna happen in unsigned free agents to contracts like that well they fired their GMs of the may have been saying we're signing free agents to contracts like that maybe they will can you imagine Aaron Rodgers finally was some help in the backfield. Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers lay beyond bell. The other Rogers the tight end Randall Cobb and Randall Cobb at. Makes you picks up the offensive line in the draft about stomping mad in defense is still questionable but that's not about offensive unit. And then oh Dovonte out to attack the basket over Dovonte analgesic weapons aren't able Siri goes obviously to follow that that'll be another piece Leary actor cousins it sounds like and the free agent market you mad. A lady Bob Dole that poof Sammy up it's going to be a fun NFL offseason they ain't bad for taxable fans. Could maybe possibly when you some money next year president is next on the set of pressures on. You ask what's the difference. Past masters at security crunch time in history illuminate when. Wind this greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest I won't be its current stutter I look at the hottest topics in sports. You might crunch should. Is 995 per month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership. I pressed rusty by prejudice always not any other month so why would you ever pay more free gym membership I was out at the glorious housing gains yesterday after shell. I work out all my trainer Nathan. We'll talk some Crable coming up top of the hour he admitted something we've all alone and I'm curious to the changes the landscape at all but also a very. Should I say it is progressives take about college ball sits in the NFL that I think more coaches should follow. What about those coming up top I think they do they just don't voice it. High interest not only airlift out there available at the saints up the arm in a way we like to make money. They like to gamble says. Dragon attack like lace my discipline on sports and are also big packed all junkies and that's lined this. Has got our attention today Sobel Todd Yahoo! bull Bob. Has released the 2018. Heisman Trophy odds for college football as they have if your taxable homer this is a good sign to the top three players on that list. Our pac twelve players a shocker Bryce lobos the runner up this series returning for another season. He is the favorite at 71. Jun of the Taylor that was Johnson running back is second on that list eight to one and then coming in third place at the third highest odds to womanizer next year. Is Khalil tape use add nine to one running Kevin someone's offense he to Kosovo honest by storm. It all makes sense one comical note here I understand why they dated it just may be chuckle. Two the Alabama quarterback who played one half of football this year an amazing apple off he has the fourth highest odds to win the Heisman Trophy. So just to throw out there I'd. And brought it out there might be the most dynamic quarterback they've ever had India is it playing in an office it will allow him to put up the production numbers and it will take to win a Heisman hot take yes okay hot take I disagree with I think he's got a lot of yards on the ground and he'll throw for just enough yards for a minute conversation. But there was one that out there. Move this players. For years old that you look at and tea as. Nestle pay out if you lays one on this guy yet not a bad payout for old Justin Herbert of the organ ducks who comes in at fifteen to one odds fifteen to one liberal justice Herbert he's got the same odds as Kelly Bryant that's why Kelly Brian has fifty nuanced it anybody want to play last year. Also we're not even sure if he's starting next year closest I'd like one of the best quarterbacks. And the country in his class of people are wondering if the freshman to start over him. Well I think the thinking there is they have a good season if he is the quarterback you'll probably be put in the conversation that's my only logic okay. On the he's got fifteen to one he's got better eyes than some pretty did him good players in college football and he's just behind will Greer. And shirts did a Matt Auburn I really like that peck on its not my favorite one but it's pretty close to my favorite one of the reason it is. Is because of what we have addressed already their schedules joke. They only have like a couple of tough games all season play anybody non conference. They have a legit chance I believed to start something like five and 06 and no. And in that span. According to what we've heard from mark is not from markets are open about markets Arroyo his offense. He seems to like a little more. Pass dynamic within his offense than we've seen the last few years with an organ. If that's true your plane scrub teams your but not monster numbers and if you start. I don't know Nazi six NL. You're going to be where in the top twelve probably in the country right EST why anybody yeah they'll rise up so I think with that mix stats he's absolutely going to be within that conversation is just about what he does when he plays you've doubled. What does he do against Stanford at yeah that's when it comes down to continue continue get your team to a pac twelve title even. LEI I think this out onto her entered Sprague we will pull out their highs nods off for the 2018 season because their four players that show up to send a general vicinity of the top odds. And we asked what pactel player would you lay your point on Bryce Lovett seven and one Khalil Tate at nine to one just in her murder of fifteen to one in the the other player that showed up was Jake Browning. Who of course is coming back for another year Washington he has 22 to one odds. Two and Heisman and intake is of the grain of salt because it'd territory were in just harbor was toppled in her 43%. So they will put their money on Herbert 36%. Said Bryce love and 18%. Mentioned Khalil take now the push back that we got from a number of folks and I think this isn't fair concern is because the the way to conference's perceived right now. A wondering is is it any player get a BA. Good enough and be on a dynamic enough team to win the award next season. Again I I want I think it's fair and if you're really unbiased here I think organ house to be in the conversation now they can easily get themselves out of that conversation when the season begins he's such a dark homer. I I no Madonna on a hot and now I think organ can be there and you know Stamford Keller Chris just transferred nags transference I don't know what their quarterback situation is but a stamper has something of consistency a deposition. Sampras gonna be right there with price slump. My favorite bad though is Michael Tait not Herbert it's not love it's got its down there are a little bit and it's because of how good I think the team is going to be. And that's miles Gascon. Miles Gaskin a 75. To one right now in the Heisman Trophy conversation. Really productive player now and I think want to balance going to be better. And I think for that reason if there representing the north in the pac twelve and he puts up. 1415100. Yards he's going to he's going to be in that conversation yeah ha that's a pretty good that. Right there like did the national player that I saw and I enjoy the odds on where Trace McSorley. That's a good one to me that he was down they're like some twenty to one he's behind me you know guys like Herbert. And that to me ism is a pretty decent. The value bad and we sub it was obvious your priceless priceless added an historic season phenomenal 2000 yards after the bowl game. And he won nine games stamp from 19 games that was a good enough to win the board not saying he should have won it over baker mayfield. That's the tough part is yet to cross that threshold of not only having. A dynamic season in my opinion if during the pac twelve a some guys get away with us throughout the country if you're in the factually Natalie yet to have a special season. Yet to play out for special team in mentioning organs scheduled there was a national college football writer either a week or two ago. Who took a look at all of the power five schedules and ranked them from easiest to hardest for the upcoming season yap and of every school in power five football. Just the power try schools Big Ten big twelve SEC ACC pactel. He said Dorgan had the easiest schedule of every single one of them you have the easiest one of all I think your 66 or government teams in the. In the power five yeah I'm looking at it right now and their first five games Bowling Green Portland State San Jose state all at home. Stanford at home so that's your first big game yet in your mad cow. Never easy and then beginning kind of the meat of the Washington at a home in your act at your in Pullman. At Arizona chip cum says Eugene. At Utah and then you get a issue and Herm Edwards and then John Smithson beavers. They're scheduled stacks everything they mean they need to window washing game in Stanford but does the tibia. Boy you start five and knowing and the confidence is going to be through the roof for them five the first six or on not a bad schedules so out pac twelve. Our players who showed up in the highs been odds according to bull on a priceless 71. Uncle they'll take 91 just in Herbert 51. 22 to one the odds are you're gonna have somebody Lisa money in Vegas like Herbert a trust Glen on Herbert sling around race Freeman's gone he had a great year this year when he was healthy was dynamic no reason to think he can do it. Get next year now I think Brooks James is better out of the backfield anyway. Of heartache and single screen receiver man mailed veteran pass it. Chris ever had to buy grinch and as always not any trouble on celeb would you repeat more free gym membership to find out more about respect gonna work out. Actress are coming lustig it's the final hour of the show why did the Phillies fan run into the pole so why did the chicken cross the road. We'll tell you he'll tell you why and what's the dumbest thing you've ever done. As a sports fan after a big win A-Rod continues his hate to love tour with the new gig of goods that at some point. I'd give back into the Millard sit down meeting of Paul Allen what it means the blazers will be for a but I wanna solid Mike Vrabel to do a coach the Tennessee Titans. Yesterday admitted something we've all Null and ruffling feathers a little bit and as modern take out college football should intact the NFL that's starts a final article in order to spread on 1080 defense.