Dirt & Sprague Tuesday January 23rd, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, January 23rd
Sprague just realized Tiger Woods is returning to PGA Tour competiton this week, Chris Haynes of ESPN joins the guys to discuss his piece on the Damian Lillard/Paul Allen meeting and what it will mean for this team moving forward.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirty and sprained. What is endangered Johnson and Brendan spray. Did this time but Dave Miller led to a goal for the Portland trailblazers the organization. And done Manson being traded. There's a ladies and gentlemen and hope you all look and how the lazy. Dirk then sprayed. John Kennedy. Saw a ride it as well load zoom in a row. City it is time for dirt and spray on Portland sports leader ten gaining a fan brain and Sprague and Peter Johnson with the on this Tuesday afternoon. At. Do you think the Golf Channel realizes how much. They make us hate them when they air tournaments in the Bahamas and they they start they start with the in the shot. Along the beach. Waters crystal clear this and his Hawaii and doing it on purpose just to get as riled up. And it's also the only reason I watch the Golf Channel this time a year I don't care what happens on this Web.Com tour I don't know Macedonia doesn't matter now. But when I'm looking outside our new windows that we can now see outside and I don't see any blue I don't see any yellow I deceit grain rain. Look up TV screen as in Obama is it's nestled tree America alive makes you wish you you could take a nice little vacate for about two weeks despair. Follow consider. Tourism department of the bombers is the main sponsor of the broadcasts they know what they're Dolan they know with their view that was the first thing guys that I turn on the TV we had some weird ESPN thing on I always flip to the either the MLB network the Golf Channel if they're playing somewhere son entry is sunny and tropical. The first thing I said. I wanna go to the Bahamas man I re bay you're saying you watched this for that reason that actually makes me wanna turn the channel. That doesn't make me wanna stay and just say humanistic or I'm the kind of person and I are jealous it doesn't be there I don't want any part of that you can't. Paper and all of that warms your heart nobody cares about these tournaments like nobody now at about double the ten layers Lenovo yet you're one of ten. They care about these tournaments. They're only able to play because they go to these incredible beautiful destinations. I'm absolutely the person that is I for whatever reason accidentally flipped it on. And you start to coastline and it is. It's a calendar. I'm I'm change the channel. I play and I wanted to not participating in watch and somebody watching all these are the people enjoy their lives play in this is be happy with yeah people sit on the beach of the main reasons why watch a lot of spring training baseball too. But you just turn on and it's it's a sunny day in Arizona it's like 79 degrees. And I wish I was in that right now see I'm I'm I'm with you on the temperature Arizona doesn't like. Jimmy SI wow you evidently is and at least the TVs warm in my vehicle outside at least TVs. And I can appreciate that'll that's true are you gonna go to the Waste Management this year. Now now we're gonna do that I've always wanted to try to go down of the Waste Management line as Scott goes to right what he's actually not Cohen is here but I I got a buddy he's been like the last three years of real lists are Jackson yesterday saying that he was planning on going this year and sitting on the it was the sixteenth of the 717 yen does get hammered the whole time which I mean that sounds like a great weekend. But my eyes aren't all focused tiger's playing this week LT -- back east off I believe at 1040 on Thursday yes and that's what we're gonna be watching during the show on Thursday I definitely live updates every like fifteen minutes what did he do on the first and early hole or does he do it the last tournament and as you start out pretty strong out people on all he can win the mass I Erykah imagine the buzz that's gonna be created if he plays well this weekend. If he has a good showing for four days and he looks healthy he's swing in the I didn't win the tournament but if he has good showing. Proof. Sign me up for this year's golf season poll Irina was gonna happen if if that transpires. I'm missing here. And I'm gonna tell you that I'm taleo Hondo yeah regularly some money on and you're gonna tell me I'm on I'm royally idiot and you're gonna put food Tiger Woods entire performance he can win the tournament you'll still sit here and say. No chance he wins a major. That's how it's gonna happen as it while it's been happening like 56 years now it feels like it's a matter of time until they lands another honor is back competitive but you gotta see you got to see the back consistently the right you go there and that's fair and a if he goes on when the tournament all that changes everything in the back holds up to place two or three tournaments before the masters some back holds up. Are you willing to say. Maybe not this year next year at some point he wins at least just one more I'll absolutely DC stay healthy for it and ice and stretch that I play three or four tournaments over the course of six to eight weeks and not have any issues. I don't why do you need to play six to eight weeks. Well. You need. You the latest private rounds on your own course is you don't need to be what he's already I believe he's already released his schedule for this year like he's already yeah days and suddenly turn away and in this one he's gonna play in. He's not in the Waste Management I don't know he'll be in the Genesis switches the old LA open at Riviera. And no I'm guessing he'll play in is at bay hill usually plays that you. And one other one so he'll play like so he'll play three or four lines probably four tournaments before the masters I don't play all the majors that he can hold up if these days old the general three or forty looks good I have no problem go on now narrowed to think he's got a legit chance yesterday I found out that he was playing that he knew he was in this tournament and that's on me is tiger group beaten. I listen to a golf podcast who golf pod he I don't know why okay I stumbled across a golf podcasts and those like forty minutes of it. And evidently they conspiracy a conspiracy the thinking is he screwed himself up because he chose to go to Dubai few years ago. And he should've just stayed stateside. And not. Traveled. To another flight for like twenty hours to do any good bad just they that's kind of the thinking is him going to Dubai it was not a Smart move because you want to go over there right. Shake hands he's got to make some money's got to protect the brand irrationally. Well the UV European tour does offer appearance fees for. Then the PGA tour will not it's it's the one on one of the things they have held fast to but it. You can't get an appearance fee if. Part not to say yes to that at this point you're pretty hard to say and I've I've made a decent amount of money is Tiger Woods I don't need to go get an appearance fee Dubai I think I'll be OK financially right but if you're tiger you are a god in Dubai. Now that Dubai has been really good tiger Vijay is I bet Tiger Woods is broken laws in Dubai he's had some fun and device is there a pretty strict governor. And I bet is he's done things that if it was released publicly. He would be on the most wanted list for divided have those. Those floating police cars and they have now the drone cop are basically with people on them circling in on tiger yeah follow around weed allergy did in your hotel last night tiger. We we'd achieved yeah we saw that that's illegal to do here in this country you're not supposed to put that there are particularly with that I don't wanna see that in analysts about is now we have we're up to two listeners of Texan now saying they're going to Phoenix for the Waste Management open. That's it's a bucket list like this stories that I have further mud mud buddy's got Tony and his stories that he has set about that it sounds like such a fun weekend. Because it's not just your normal run of the mill golf tournament in talking as it is William party could make noise he was tell me about it they have this like they have like booths are tents that are like nightclubs on the course. That you walked in and you put headphones on. And everybody's you don't know what music people are listening to like everybody has different music so you have. Could you obviously can't have a loud music so your hanging out at this like bar situation everybody's listening to music and her headphones you're dancing your drinking your party and but it's like a quiet night club I think that's that's odd to me and the reason I say it is because. I do it your only golf course in the loud music thing. This is the one tournament we are minus the Ryder Cup you are allowed to. I hit air horns and scream at golfers so why can't we just have music. I don't tied and background and you can have a based on the whole time maybe that's little different yes nightclub music. But that's the kind of party scene that it is it's just it's not a golf tournament it's a party for four days and allow people to get drunk and scream I don't know what the differences between that and just having music and attempt somewhere what I've never it was I believe it was the last time yeah I was it was Seattle in knowing that was when they the also noticeable happening basically in the same spot did he go to the game. I didn't go to the game via the Super Bowl on Sunday and it all led up to the Waste Management all weekend and in the suitable with a number of a couple of miles from each other that's chaos over that much about sports weekend at duke pull bolt of those off. The Super Bowl and the Waste Management the same weekend I'll be knots. Are we got a good show today there is some laser stuff to get to only gets juicy blazers lead to some GC blazers stuff evidently deviant Willard is unhappy. Now he's finally voiced his concerns would have funk it this team is average and he's tired of it. Now just you know more than 70% of the fan base but whenever. So we'll talk about that Chris Haines wrote the story he's gonna join a show today at 1230. Get the insight from Chris Haines. And then at 1 o'clock Maxi Scion of a book this out because I didn't know little or story was coming thank god it worked out now Jackson is Tom Perdue G Sports Illustrated dot com and Dow fox sports. Dugout. PLC size is Doug dugout analyst Doug outright border share of the last of the terminology is longtime baseball man Kia really good writer. He's gonna join us at one and we're gonna talk to him about MLB expansion. We heard today that old Mikey bear it and the group whoever it is behind trying to bring based on a Portland. Was at the owner meetings. So that just makes this even more interested Tom birdie chi out 1 o'clock we'll talk about that my sports fans are tied we've got NFL true or false we got some good news for duck fans that may wanna win money next football season two and tell you what that is. Mike Vrabel was hired by the Tennessee Titans yesterday officially at a press conference. And he gave his two cents on college football. Correlated with the NFL and I'm just curious if it is a bad conversation for college football now if he's thrown out there. We'll tell you what we're talking about when that's the Philly guy that ran into the post. If you haven't seen this all over the Internet. Yelling get up right now there's a Philadelphia Eagles fan that's so jacked out of his mind that he's in the subway. And he's following the subway out are the sub as as it starts to go. But he doesn't see a whole. Any smacks right into locals all the fans are cheering he's going crazy running and only smacks ride to a poll falls to ground. The subject on every starts laughing they have found do we is. And they've interviewed him if he's got an explanation of why it happened so will hear from a Philadelphia subway man today. And then yes we how are things get too. So little shout it's our contractor and spray at Peter Johnson and nab brain in spring. Let's start with the Damian Miller news came out last night around 10 o'clock and Dane secretly met with owner Paul Allen. And it doesn't sound good for Neil shank. Get to that next year turns break come Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. All right 1218 welcome back in on the saying Chris Haines gonna join a show in twelve minutes. Of ESPN because he sent out quite a story last night about Damian Miller to. This guys came out about a half hour after the blazers lost to the nuggets a stone on how we lost that came but that's on other issues they're the blazers so they did. And he sends out a story. That little or met with Paul Allen for an hour prior to the Indiana Pacers game last week at the Mona senator. And gather some pretty good deed tells in this story first of all this is the first time they'd ever really had a conversation a while one almost a one on one I got the organization they mad they in the draft process through the years they've probably talked exchanged pleasantries but. They finally make a one on one conversation was just down and it was just. Millard although my money would be a Burkle was somehow they're still but he sits down upon Allen basically expressing his. Dissatisfaction. With the current direction the organization is. He's not happy with what a team is that he's not happy with what's projecting out for this team. And as chains points out the story multiple times. Nolan makes that abundantly clear he wants to play here he wants to win a championship year he does not want to leave. Paul Allen was actually initially concerned that the meeting was for Damian alluded to set up so we can request a trade. But that was not the case saw Regis the tidbit a juicy tidbit that I found at least you see from it. He pains right it's not unprecedented for Allen to meet with marquee players of his franchise he is also the owners Seattle Seahawks and frequently has sits down I sit downs with key players a source said. This was the first time Miller and Alan I've spoken and such capacity. The meeting which sources described as a productive opened formed to share opinions and express concerns. Can also lead to more sit downs in the future. Gearing to gathering. Allen also sought answers Allen acknowledged the roster imbalance but questioned why the team and suffered through an inconsistent first half. Miller issued a heartfelt vote of confidence for head coach Terry Stotts sources said. They also discussed players to target. The New York Times Marc Stein recently reported that the blazers are one of the teams trying to engage in trade talks. With the clippers for big Mandy Andre Jordan. But the clippers haven't had any serious offers. In addition Millard sought an explanation for Mallon as to why will Barton was traded to Denver in fifteen. Lilly and made it known he didn't agree with the move. Barton is a penetrating spot up shooter the type of player. Portland could use on the wing at. So he gives his support for Terry Stotts. He meets with the owner one on one and he gives players suggestions that the team should go get. Not involved in any innocent not getting backed GM Neil checked he had that was the ballot that was that to me the biggest take away from the. Articles that he wanted to sit down not the general manager he wanted it with the owner and when it was talked about why this team is struggling and that was the report the cannot allow back if remember pollen. Was hiring a firmer and bringing people together to figure out is it talent or is it coaching. Learn clearly put his two cents in that conversation and saying it's not coaching there's just simply not uptown on this roster we traded away the wing. That we currently could use and a guy like will Barton who could score and create his own shot they're tied down would back contracts and there's not much flexibility. I I love I love the Damian Miller did this ease turning 28 this offseason. He has a U wanna be realistic with a what 45 years in his prime coming up guys usually complain a pretty high level. Of the 32 with 33 years old Chris Paul's right around that range he's still playing at a high level so. I'll give him four or five more years. Athletes start to see that clock techie and if there is not immediate action to improve this roster. There's going to be growing frustration would Damian Miller and this is the way. The vast majority of realistic fans feel about the organization were all sitting here and asking the same questions what's the plan. Where are you going. What do you get a change things and what are ready to stop sitting on our hands and actually season change because. If there's anything that we know about this current roster at some places that it can't compete against the best teams in the NBA so what are we waiting for. And what does it it'd take to spur that action and I think that was. The did the the most exciting take away from me was Damian Miller feels that same way he wants to see something change and he's tired of just being on a mediocre basketball team. Yeah we did a poll question actor and sprayed he has four years remaining on his Contra happily be important for all four yup he'll stay committed or no frustrations boil over. I man I don't disagree with you one meeting with pollen in getting this off his chest if I'm Neal Shea and I saw this report and you know annual OC was given a heads up. Probably right before it was published date meal sums come down is sound like Paul hold team employees after the meeting Ned you know hey I'd by the way I sat down with Dayton tonight we still haven't seen needle say since the flip off. It's not just the game was at the fifth or sixth seventh game of the season it was early on in the air Blake Griffin had a game winning three we haven't seen him publicly since then I think he was actually at the PK eighty S on going down the stairs but he wasn't. Being interviewed or anything. This if I'm Neal Shea you're waking up today. I think you're scrambling. And I think your call and everybody you're trying to work as many deals are trying to get as much money off your books. People can tendon. Put this up however they want I don't think there's any other interpretation house. Other than reading that piece in going. Dame has lost trust in the GM he loves Terry Stotts he's been very vocal about that. But when they talked about this he gave players suggestions to the owner not the general manager did back then head coach not to GM Neal street today house to be the guy. On the phone right now doing anything and everything you possibly can. Because you know if you don't. You're time has done. And the tough thing for the blazers is. Do you make a move now Willard is unhappy. He he's had discontent with what what moves they've been making. I'm they also point out the players at Portland has brought in and basically they wave but they've stretched out the pay provision riding the contracts are on the books of guys and never put his secondly is beautiful Estes is going to be paid tell 20/20 some thinner whatever Zhao Andrew Nicholson. That's been brought up in this article. You have to make a move but if your Portland. In your all star in your superstar player comes to you. And voices frustration. Are you better suited to make a move before the deadline or do you let him try to make a move at the deadline. And then assess the damage and say not enough but combine all that sits up part of big did the doubles situation Collins and right now is how mistrust you have Daniel O'Shea. I it. It's it's difficult just hire a GM before a trade deadline especially when were what two and a half weeks away from the deadline two weeks away. But is coming up right around the corner so nothing's gonna change C trust him for two weeks but if he doesn't. If he doesn't make them move. It it makes me wonder how long he's gonna stick around. This upcoming offseason and and how long he can be in in Portland how long day Mueller's could give him. To try go out make that move but it's clear when you look at the structure of the roster that pains by the good point in the article. About when you look at the five biggest salaries on this team 305 you're just flushing down the toilet Evan Turner is not a good fit is what made it. As for my blazer by essentially is the most overplayed paid player in the NBA he makes a ridiculous amount of money did not dual lobby doesn't say it would Damon CJ. And any other two guys are in the top five you'll literally don't play. Meyers Leonard and mark was dull play anymore like mullah getting minutes here there and Myers is DMP every night and basically DMV every night a heartless as the ones that blew a little game against the lakers and and he goes back to not playing or are being in bad favor with Terry south. Those are three or five biggest contracts outside a Damon CJ it's Evan Turner Meyers Leonard Marcus that's money that you're just flushing down the toilet and that's where falls on on the low shake. You put yourself in the situation if you wanna keep your job get yourself. Out of this situation yet and I think aside from Neal Halsey because it feels like most of us all feel the same way have the same thought about him. I read this article there and when we've talked about Damon. The comments of being a blazer lifetime. This kind of reeks of brand management. And people in the year and you you point out you recognize the age race 28 when he years or maybe his prime ends at 33. May be 34 the most her. That's that's coming quick and he has four more years on this contract. When you become an athlete I I just see this stuff you can read about it. You become a brand like Willard. And you get these shoe companies in these sacks and he's had these handlers during your ears your your your guys they're in your ear your agent he's in your year. About not good enough in needs to be better you need to be better you need to think about you and at some point I think it wears on some guys I'm not saying it's worn on Damian Miller. But I think he's more conscious of this in this and we talked about the longevity here. This is what concerned me this. Is a little concerning from the standpoint of even if they don't get. Don't keep Neil O'Shea. Well who'd they go get and what move can they make because they need to make this team. For littler don't wanna stay the four full years left there without demanding a trade they have to be almost a title contender. And that is what's concerning to me this is almost a glimpse. Of in Edmonton the right moves year. I want out Brett you know he's not gonna say that publicly. He understands what he's tweed did what he is said and he reaffirmed Bonnie once to one year but he's also got very conscious that he is stuck in mediocrity and that is not acceptable for him camp went on and offer feel that way no glamour all you get it up winning occur this is the process every star goes through. They see the writing on the wall nothing's gonna change or not making any trades were an average team. I'm not gonna sit around winning 4243. Games the next four years go make something happen the man who wrote the story about dame meeting with Paul Allen Chris Haines of ESPN. He'll join the show next what does he think the future is for the blazers Chris Haines is next. Welcome back gender and spray with you on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan we were discussing the story. Written by adding guest is on the horn now Chris Haines ESPN about Damian Miller in the meeting with Paul Allen he is on to Iraq crispy chains. Formerly here in the northwest covering the blazers now national with ESPN. Good to have you with us Chris Mann now you're you're killing and on ESPN. Tom let's let's start with the story that you wrote about Damian though at meeting with Paul Allen. Do you know exactly how long this has kind of been festering would dame about frustrations within the organization. Own. I don't pick IQ and they're through he's. Say a law that has been restaurant. I just will say that. He's he's always. Expresses concern. We're real serious. Cult stops. You know basic awkward. But from here escalation aka recently. He just felt like when I was told he's just he just felt like. It was comical which of the top. Because it farther at least on this happened last where they actually. Salaam you know couple basically can order but. You know he he want to make sure. That. Everybody was saying what the plan. Couldn't legacies. You'd heard of before. I'm too good you know Taguchi. I want to make sure. Mr. Paul and little border as well you just you know express first. Expressed their voices concerns. And just want to build the plan of attack move forward and let them know that she's she's trying to compete for title. All while he has wanted to respond he turned 28 this summer. And so an Arctic is just dropped to between you know two quick check morally questionable. And does this mean what the organization has store. If she'd left and Arctic Paulo that feeling that it was it was a positive meeting. How should Demi mentioned GM there how should Neil O'Shea feel about this because we we heard the story a while back even palm was trying to investigate what the problem was is it. The roster is that the talent as a coaching what's the deal and in the article you say that Miller is fully threw his support again behind his head coach. That makes me wonder if he's pointed a finger a little bit Neil O'Shea how should how should the GM feel about this meeting not being involved in a. I don't know I don't know like. I don't know if it's useful to be involved in every meeting. You know like up here. Damon you know they they talk work. Good at this at this point. Being pain felt like he did you know you'd have a college social order chain industry where he stood you know if everybody's plan and agendas. If they were all the same page and you have to there was this look just the first time he's ever. Had to be with Paul Allen and intersections to be in their honor I do believe that poll. Matt wants maybe Max twice what LaMarcus when he was here. So. I do it is I just feel like. You know to ask you quotient I don't know what that means about. In the opium that sodomy. I just feel lucky eagle eagle and understand where do you stand. But now I just want to know where. Paul Allen stands and make sure he's on the same page and I would be surprised I would be surprised if it Milosevic. Is Paul Allen. Took more hands on approachable for our species are people I'll let them be a little bit more enlightened. About what's or don't and so. Wouldn't be surprised if it can be changes course. And try to really helped in the and accelerate this process. He's passing Diana's football team missed the playoffs twosome maybe he wants to see a winner again Chris Sainz ESPN our guest on where Krispy pains. You pointed out the roster where currently is that we know about the luxury tax and just how much money they currently have invested in this team. You're also very plugged in with players and how they feel in where the league currently is. What would you say in terms of flexibility. And maybe how being. The ability to move the roster around enough to put dame in the blazes in title contention is that even feasible within the next year. God will come. Not beyond those which are. I'm not capacity in you know that. Predicted that the captain understood god mr. and the base is not not try to learn as much much direction here. Butch just to look at that roster look at that. Three other top five highest paid players and it's probably laws is Evans or more modular. To those guys. Aren't even in the rotation. Just look at that that. I would not see. Pathways. For even a guy like beyond sort it out and I guess if a guy like young Jordan comes four. You probably have to attack took the approaching for the deal to make things work. Debian not possible with no rival executive. As late as last night. There are here and that Vijay came off the table. So if you are they could about the appointment to the public to move a mixture. Is that who present details CJ your pain I don't really picked up move without. And so it took action of course it is. It's got to be really is going to be very difficult to right the ship. It is. It in a timeframe to where. Jamie Lou won't lose. Our current a year off the spot vehicle lose their schools but. Tactic used if if there's all of that is. What is experience. If they're you know there's over a war that took you know it creator of and go outside the war. To go what normal is Paul Allen and so. Arctic. Topic Damian and Paul one out. More meetings in the future of peninsula because of good being put Arctic right now things or go you know what extra vote meant you know forced yes. About this last. If you want to see paying right to put the franchise and positioned to continue titles so Arctic morsel. She was just he's put apply pressure. And I picked up a PG justified dorsal. Now I mean you you mentioned that the disabled spot and his teams in ways not a lot of attractive assets outside dame CJ may be Dirk inched. Who's who's playing in a contract year and self and that it makes us all wonder is trading CJ the rivalry because that's what it will take to get something attractive back that may be. If you if you change the balance of the roster you can win in a higher level. How do you think that would be received by Damian Miller and you just said eighties these not currently available but if they get to that point of wanting to trade CJ. To get something meaningful back cut his Damian Miller responded that. Although most to build to a vertical I don't I don't know how I want to go. You know you're helpless CJ AppleTV was asked about it a couple top solution that would slash. You know he is responsible for your professional life and these medicines business. You know that he likes featuring go to prison and same pain knows it is. As far. I don't know how they had look at what the industry right now. There were familiar with the situation. Don't know how you respond to how you yeah so I don't know that. You know that there is no more spine as he put out which in his newsletter about. What you can pop exceed their you know this year. And one of the one of postings or. Either post to be a broken up this year because some I mean it makes it makes sense when you look at it like. If you're going to get a significant player. I have to give up from the employer. And I don't they. The organization won't Cuba game and the rest circuit that collier and in return. Soda and I happen and so I'll be the logical. The logical order option is future but right now I'm totally opposed to off limits. I'm gonna put you on the pressure cooker with this one Chris but I'm just kind of curious your two cents. If it's you or have to make a bet yes or no would you bet yes or no that the blazers do moves CJ McCollum. At some point in the 2018 year. Our own like this. I'd be in order for the home. To get a major players in return a player that is going to. Take them to the next level possibly. They will probably have to fly was sees it not just. Fugitive somebody else so. No Damien deflect dot org or call all huddled in the movement you know. You gotta you gotta give somebody. That people war. That you want her character and other online and then. First up put that out and while. To get some sort of value which not species used property. I've heard me saying. It is being you know to that nature poet and obviously epic allow people feel like she would be that lots. If you know that this is kind of clock you start to see ticked with a lot of these are players and franchises when they take over the hump Paul George got a similar point Indiana. And I know he had more success getting to an Eastern Conference finals but he wanted to go somewhere else and have a chance to win and look let's split a hypothetical that they may be armed making some moves but the lateral in the one and 424344. Games every year. It does Damien Miller stick out that the remaining four years of his contract or does he gets Opel every says you know what I tried now give me out here and I wanna chance to go went. You know what happened fees. What will definite fear mode just. I know I've noted he won't be happy with tennis. You know when you're forty games every year didn't doubt in the first round heritage. Vasco will what is now so. You know what he's been very loyal gosh in that we will allow then yeah you know. We are short of that is plan is that due to remain metropolis and but he also doesn't want this tropical waste. So. You know I think we'll have to work up the week helping us your put Arctic Cold War we'll optic what what we can glean from what after the beating that now. It Apollo. Speaker currently has ever been elected without dialogue and war in Africa in control of the foot over the best player appealed be on the right page. Now from your own now. Is there for the cease. And just try to field where they go from here. How hard are probably due to go to good control situation that could put force future. How did you have to wait to yup the course. You think you'll be in all started and I do. Aka doctor I'm. I'm a little nervous is because they see all these post coming out about NBA writers and some of them are on these mosques their their picks but will sink yeah. Right there gaga sub Chris Haines ESPN MBA writer columnist defined amount we're a Krispy Haynes. Formally hear the northwest the guy had to go national on us and be a big deal on the on TV and everything but thank you for coming comment we always appreciate the time. New York I'd there you go good stuff Chris Haines you as he and does what does that leave you. Irving dessert there's one really scary thing that whole interview. And terrifying thing kinder we'll tell us what that is a little more about that next on the fence. What's the percentage chance baseball will be in Portland in the next five years. We'll talk to Sports Illustrated Tom overdue chief of all laws idly fox sports as well yeah when I sent this email off. I'll I thought about who is active seniors smiling face in my head. If they get out. Third is gonna cry if we get number did she adds tax base right so you know we talked gains there. And to tolerance and stuff no doubt he's amazed protecting he gets information straight yet both cities protecting our camp when I'm not app I'm not surprised at some of that stuff now. But you said one thing. Really disturbs you urge it was troubling is what you said what would he target. 'cause it doesn't make any damn sense. How was CJ McCollum not available in trade talks. Someone please enlighten me on Howell a significant trade can happen. That does not exist CJ McCollum or Damian Miller because they still think that they think women with both of them and they're better off with that that it. Which is ridiculous fine but. This talk of like one big idea what do you think do you think the clippers are gonna give up the country Jordan for like Evan Turner in Meyers Leonard and insert any other outlaws player on this roster as it I don't imagine Dirk would be part of that DUK have never makes two million dollars a year you you got to really Andre Jordan makes 22 million dollars I understand but New York is going in that deal and then if you can get them to take one of those bad contracts back and Evan Turner then it works out so using the clintons have the clippers would take Evan Turner and Turkish for Dion Andre Jordan I'd say and they wooded when this is my. I'm saying and that's I think I think part of it is how it comes across in the media. Where your look. Cease all Shays fishing he's trying to see if there's a bargain out there to be had and so if you publicly say CJ is off the table. Until. You get a bite. Or in the course of a conversation and name comes up that you weren't expecting to come up. Then all of a sudden CJ might be available but publicly. You don't wanna Craig plus. You got us talking about it here. The first myth that CJ is specifically tied to aid trade what the hell's going on a practice for the next three weeks and you don't want that I. I had only that Jason cares why you're trying to shop from your shop yeah he knows about it anyway you have a frustrated star Lewis for years left on his deal and he wants to be here anyone's to win here and if your if your just simply. Changing the chairs around on the Titanic nothing is going to change you can you can trade Ed Davis or should bass Napier abuse dinner. Trade any of these players that you want that's fine. You know what it's gonna bring back it's gonna bring back as a player of similar talent in your gonna be stopped in the same exact situation you're only making a move like that in in terms of five trading out similar talent like to trade at Davis for whoever is the equivalent of an Ed Davis. You're only makes moves like that to dump salary. The problem with the thinking about that is. They cap has not risen to the point where they thought it would two years ago. These teams are smarter now. They're not gonna sit back what team legitimately needs Evan Turner right now on the MBS. Mean there's probably other teams that could use Evan Turner is now putting a team over the top but at seventeen million dollars a year what team wants that. And that is the problem if you're not willing to trade CJ and I'm still not sold rival exact hearing something right now can be different from a week. But if you're not willing to part with that. Use of meritage doesn't help you salary cap wise you have to dump one of those big contracts and eyes on who's willing to take that on right they are. In great Austin I'll go up on this show the first day possible and tell you. Neil assay. That was a bad contract a way to get the hell out of this like we did when they traded Allen Crabbe exact contract a great trade way to get enough people got out of it good job but Intel that happens we are left sitting here going. Your player is your star player is complaining to the owner directly something he's never done. And I know hey maybe Haynes had infill and doesn't wanna share was told not to share it. I am pretty convinced is no way you read that article and don't think that's bad news for Neil Shea. Does he talk to Neil Shea every day probably but does that mean those conversations are pleasant her great hey we need on the roster kneel where we don't. That doesn't mean emigrate relationship that's just a guy sing make us better yeah that's that's a. All he's saying and and you know for. I do you love the idea the palms all land and I know he's gotten a lot of flack as an owner but he's been willing to spend any continues to be willing to spend and you could do much worse. As a mid market team in terms of ownership of the U camel Paul Allen I. To a certain extent when you have this kind of salary situation your hands are tied it there's just only so much you can deal and in a silly sexy and I thought they were trying to get under the attacks now and trying to data to at a player. Let's point two million well you have to make the salaries match basically they do have the trade exemption. That could help them bring in somebody like the Andre Jordan if they needed to use it in this case. But did the sentiment from pollen was. This isn't a team and can compete for an NBA championship this is not a poster. That's better than Golden State Houston San Antonio Minnesota insert Oklahoma City is up there any of those teams or is it with DJ knowing it is it would DJ and and that was his mindset of wanting to get under the cap is why am I paying this tax if we're just gonna be a 500 basketball team it doesn't make Canadian cents and it still doesn't make sense so. That was it the sentiment behind. Getting back although the tax threshold but pains brings up the obvious point Douglas or senate in. If you wanna get something of value in return you have to trade. Something of value and end to me if you're gonna triangle for the next three or four years or Damian Miller. That's the only way that you can change it up to trying go do it is by parting ways with CJ McCollum because it's the only thing is the only PC you have they can bring an all star caliber. Player back and if you miss that interview will tweeted on after the show but according to Haines. Right now that is not even an option for we'll see maybe it's all just hearsay exacts like to throw around different things because they wanna throw teams off. But right now what Chris Haines is hearing of ESPN. Is that CJ is not on the table in any trade discussions are we have a loaded second now we're into our NFL it shortfalls. I've got some good news for organ ducks football fan that may wanna try to win some money next season we sent him we'll bring those to you but I wanna start hour two with Sports Illustrated hombre dude sheet. To talk the MOB expansion to Portland conversation. Edgar Martinez his chances of making the hall of fame a and other baseball topics Tom Perdue chi SI dot com Dexter and Sprague with you on 1080 the fan.