Dirt & Sprague Tuesday February 20th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, February 20th
The guys debate the value of MLB's new pace of play rules, enjoy storytime from the Olympics, and are appalled by what Rae Carruth is asking for as he gets prepared to be released from prison. 

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. The probable. App is they don't know how to talk to look. This is dirt and spray you know what my problem is I am not interesting. Which endangered Johnson and Brendan spring when my spouse and I talked to magic camp I'm an accomplished until it was dirt and sprayed your intended. Hope I am. Three imperialists he'll he'll master. All. You delegate. Yeah you make sure they don't yell down. This win. Hey let's do this final hour dirt. Sprague UNAIDS Tuesdays the Tuesdays are on loans are gearing up for Sonoma again here. It's not a stepping into in the final hour I'll already have room for all of it. I almost forgotten story of the got authorities too much on the plane. But we haven't talked about your boy Tebow we haven't talked about Michael guy second race lead for yen as of Canada amount to write stuff down if we get snowed out to my you know I'd jam packed arsonist partial on Thursday is going to be we're gonna Mario crystal ball one on Thursday at crystal balls to be on the show on Thursday and want to find a way to sit in all that other goodness. It's gonna realize it was sailing into I do have a follow Olympic segment we'll do that coming up in a couple of minutes but. For the baseball fans out there there was some news here in the last 24 hours and I saw rob man Fred. This is a state of the union at spring training today taking questions from reporters he talked about all sorts of stuff from pace of play. Two teams openly tanking now money to sign guys. And it did the decision came down and this is banned as story looming over baseball offseason is how do you. Speed up the game last year I believe games to three hours seven minutes I was at the top I had that was the longest total in the history of baseball three hours. And seven minute sell it's been a solid do you do pitch clocks not let guys today you know whatever whatever the rules are going to be. The players you didn't really wanna play ball with them and I and it ended up coming to an agreement. That the pace of play rules. Will limit teams to six mound visits per nine innings now that includes. Teammates conferring with the pitcher. So it's not just sit coach go one out there and talking anytime a catcher goes out. There's a mound visit any time a third baseman or shortstop runs in to say senator pitcher there's a mound visit RBC pitching coaches or managers. Count as well when you put that against what the old rule was there was nothing against players ever talking to a page you can do when every one and how many times you wanted to. And a manager or coach could make one mound visit her ending the second one they knew would need. To remove the pitcher from the game so this is going to drastically change the way. Not only coaches the players addressed pictures gearing baseball games and there are a lot of players not happy with several change. Are you happy or okay with this Europe I mean you are an extra innings. Purchaser I am white guy on baseball man levies a baseball no I'm not happy with a case so I wanted to get your opinion on that before seated this. NFL games have been going up and on average the last four years three hours. Fourteen minutes. CU or seven minutes longer watch football game then you are quote unquote. Slow. Old. Boring baseball and quote college football. I've watched for our games. I know what they're trying to do I just don't know if they are. If they need to do you're trying to roping the younger crowd you're trying to rope meaning keep the attention span you're trying to dwindle this down to under three hours and I get a picture soccer fan will tell you it's an amazing achievement when you can have this. But you have other leagues out there and other entities like the NCAA. That put out products that lasts longer than yours. If for all is not is. Boring or tires some as a baseball game even though it's longer. In just tell me like full Pall mall more than any other sports is completely fair and I'd totally innocent no doubt and by reaching in trying big achieve that audience that you don't have. I just wonder if at some point you were going to alienate baseline not the point they don't watch wreck but the point of frustration and saying you're taking away elements of the game. That matter distracting. Taking out time out away giving a pitcher timed. Diaz in settle his nerves pitching changes mound I all of this stuff is now being thrown out there and they're changing that dynamic of it. And that is gonna change the way somewhat not to Grassley was somewhat the waiting game is played. Yeah and this is an ad did the other part of designing a long term thing for baseball is how has the players are on an end you know you understand it when you when you change something especially. When pitchers and catchers in in teams are already working out like the first game is on Friday night you have a week trying to figure out I had we won implement this in game. But you got the CBA coming up and a couple years there is already a huge divide over the owners and players right now because of the offseason that we just went through. May be that goes away in the next two off seasons and teams start spending money again and everybody's okay. With the system the way that it is but if that trend continues and you add this kind of stuff on top of that. That's not good for the business of long term baseball and I are you you've highlighted the point that I always made with this sport is. Minor little changes are not going to affect the non baseball fan they're just they're just simply not like. Is USA anybody why you don't watch baseball is the answer there's too many visits to the mound. They go out and talk too often. That's not usually there's just not enough action for you in whether you go from twelve non visits a game to six mound visits a game we gonna notice that different I don't really I don't really think you are but you know who is as the players and Lance callers is gone and he was up buster a lease podcasts this morning to analysts to Israel is really instinct. Input because this whole thing was the main reason why we have these non this is the biggest one that they're worried about taking away. Is the players because what happens a lot of baseball people some people knowledge some people don't wanna acknowledge it every team tries to steal signs sure that's a that's a thing. So when you have a guy on second base and you have to constantly change your signals from the catcher that day catcher. To the pitcher sometimes you get crossed up and you're like okay we got to make sure we're on the same page should just go out there and make sure you know what the right signal is there's a mound visit. Or maybe the shortstop notices something that they hitters doing to. Tip pitches to this guy or that guy he goes and there's a mound visit that's not counting times. Three to go change pitchers during a game articles praising pitchers one and I got downtown I don't go out pitcher mr. go out and talk and give a guy a breather Ers if he's OK you paid do you wanna give another batter. And is this is a role that's not gonna make any difference in the grand scheme. Other than offsetting the player I think the Dodgers and Astros both went over the six mound visits in two innings in the World Series because I was out later slid seven of the World Series. Yeah like yes you wanna make sure we're doing this thing right here. You know what's interesting is the NFL. And to some extent college football they have to deal with a concussion had next injury narrative right. Would you say though that they are making rule changes and changes to their game. That they think brings in the audience that they're not hitting even though that the number one entity do you think they made the rule change is say. There's four million other people out there we wanna bring in winning at them because argue they don't they're making rule changes solely based on saying. Oh look we care about the health of our players despite the Frontline documentary despite a movie by Will Smith. We care about their health and wellbeing of our of our players. Baseball seems to use basketball to idling basketball does anything. That says you know why we're number two sometimes the cub team a Red Sox are in their we're number three share in in sports. We're gonna make it change to our game fundamentally from what it wise that's gonna say will bring in an extra 34 million people. Baseball's been doing this and really beating themselves up on it. Post steroid era. In the last five years what can we do to cut the game down the NFL last longer college football last longer yeah MBAs probably close to three hours themselves. At some point. In a single line from from you or a guy like Johnson Kenny gloves the Mariner's. At some point you damn baseball. Or you're not and there's not any little thing that you're going to do beg gets that. Joseph somebody to go from going I don't like baseball is going well baseball now you touchdowns seven minutes. That's not gonna do you have for three hours seven minutes to three hours sign me up for our sinks they're still trying to skip back that was what 250. Not that long ago they they want those things down to 245 here's some feedback freed and stopped using the baseball's. Mean they were pretty out evidently Jews to stop here raising the base. Balls and you won't have as many home runs and you won't have as many mound visits and you won't have as many pitching change my own way but low scoring games aren't good for raiding a home run guy that is so you want long games with a lot of home runs yeah now you can't visit the mound. EU can't have a bulls well this year lowered the mound when it changing for you. Yes that's that to me is now we're not Lauren the dam around the game's not broken it's fine I don't get this like. Is there it like seriously frustrated a little bit with a man Freddie in your league I am like dessert uninspiring so much I just. Head man got his pitch clock I don't think this is an issue I don't understand what I want you to pitch clock he wants the pits clock. And which they had they already have to have in the minor leagues and one of the Big Easy but they don't employ all. Let's 'cause they can't get the umpires to do anything they want to do so. But it's. The umpires they tell a pitcher to pitch it takes forever for the got to get in the batter's box that was the world they try to have a couple years ago this is you can't step out of the box ness is a foul ball I think I'm getting to miss his start I I think I think of the umpire points to the pitcher you'll see a point. Whether or not back guys ready or not will stop you know as the pitches waiting for the battered against set the batters waiting for the pitcher the whole lot that's the crap they got to stop yet that's what ads on a lot of time of the game not my problem why. Why you're what you're ranch is about. Is not changing your viewership numbers you're ranting about something you personally don't like that's not bringing informing people who don't like baseball Yao said more people have been drove that's like crap they have to stop okay stop in and let's see with the number difference is I bet you it's no different the only reason that isn't being done is because. If people are entrenched in their habits right. It's not again vote one way their entire career and they're not right and Romo I've done that system my whole life now you'll need a change completely. It's I guess in NFL players who have tackle one play for fifteen years. All of a sudden now you can't tackle like Danny Moore of the guys are like are you kidding me of doing that since high school and I have to change so I know giving in the batter's box Ambien ready to pitch. When the other plays over and we're not asking you to anything different just ask you muted let's get on with it. Yeah I just I'm curious to see where this goes for baseball because the players and I and I can't blame them for for being upset about this because a day. And they know better than leave the armchair quarterbacks know how big of an issue sign stealing is in it that's undated they wanna be able to not take into law a big Brothers now listening on the telephone lines Cynthia if you for the video replay guys out you know if there really do it all the phone lines in the dugout as I say they're going to be able to hear that stuff in at edges are biscuit does anybody out and it's now saying you know I'm gonna watch for baseball now. Is of that hole doesn't exist and what the hell you do that is that's my entire argument wags argument. Your not getting that guy to suddenly change his mind by pitch count by mound visit. That's not what's doing it it's just simply. People getting too late so why are now retirement as early in the show during a break. He says he thinks that the NBA all star game has jumped the shark to which I would say. What's the difference in the all star game now overs is what it wasn't ladies of the ninety's it's still the same crap of no defense. The big name guys score you some cool dunks and at the end people care. But you have just grown into an age where you care more use delighted about other things you've grown out of it and that's fine. It doesn't need to be changed if you wanna mix up the way players are picked OK but that's not what's ultimately going to. Make a difference in viewership numbers. It's just some years it's not some years it's going to be down and I don't think any of these conversations we're having are making a big point into listeners one of the tax line. Soccer is two hours or less and it still has no viewership here and I'll enjoys a short and it's always the shortest did the soccer player problem time and you're done instead it's talent yeah it breaks down television wise and their talent the Premier League draws bigger than the MLS. Because they have the best players estimates that baseball and the pace of play rules are trying to speed up those long games and they say economic visit the mound now six times that is the new rule. Six visits to the mound whether it's a player or a coach changing a pitcher does not count. The mound visits Aran. Limited to a certain amount like 32 seed Elena the only two things I think helped baseball basketball. Our one that you hate and I totally I get why you hate it's cutting the season down by Dirk. You give people that say what you say he's like just don't watch as many gas you want to 81 mighty wind right picnic Jews Reich all our NLV which when he regular washed it in Friday's. Once Tuesdays Fridays so level see others were suffer baseball. And see if it has any impact on how long it takes to finish games in 2000. An eighteen all right let's go over to South Korea Shelly I have a Pope three age shortest board if you will. Of Olympic stories that we need to get sued not really talking anything of substance but some of these stood out and they cracked me up also a medal count. And is performing well that's coming up next on front. A lot of good putts coming in on the baseball stuff. That conversation. Odds for a spring training Angeles and will be glad. Students. I got a little I'd choose your own adventure with the Olympics. So we got wardrobe malfunction we have steroids we have husband of the year. And we have. Skier who doesn't know how to ski where would you laugh. Start I think there's a three way tie here and I'll let you quarterback which way you go between skier that doesn't really not a ski well nip slip. And hate steroid user in a sport that I'm not sure that every single Payer or it. Well for those let me get the husband of the year out of the way then as this is the other story that cracked me up so there was a curling match on TV the other day. And at the TV cameras panned up and they showed one of the competitors husbands in this in the stands he was. Geron is live fennel this team Canada gear on right. Well it was 9 AM and South Korea and you know what he had in his hands initially on TV. Nurse. It two Beers double fist it was double fist is an idiot and that literally was his answers somebody asked him if he was a jockey said no I'm not I am a Canadian thank you. Eight to stay out. Double fist and Beers at 9 AM watching her trunk now now is can he now I'm a I'm just a Canadian all right I like I quite enjoyed that that's how you support your significant other he had a handful of Beers they kept checking back in on him throughout the match he was pacing around a sample columns about the fifth husband of the year goes to the husband of an Olympic curler who is not a drunk he's just. Canadian the nip slip this was quite the this scotsman news over the weekend did you and SFW's. Yes picture US if you missed it alive yes I mean that's an automatic dividend is and it's as it was gone you know I I don't watch a lot of figure skating just noted I decide Kenton now when figure skating on I think it's human nature to have somebody to wage cats that -- look at if you instantly. Google Olympic candidates hit the when you type in Olympic decision to Google and then put in and in auto fills Korea's so it takes care of design miss this and the like put to the phones and it's an Olympic and it slipped it says what he's doing is to support house like. Now it is a skater of the day I'll get a weird our economy enjoyed my president stays or her name is gab brio. Happen date kiss. Yes no word on if there's relation to Petro stacked trust IIIICB's. Is knees percent and she is French she's 22 years old. And I she was ice DNC. With her partner. I'm not gonna chides his name. And her how her dress got unclear at the back in they got to a point in the routine where he cut adapter down she has her leg wrapped around his leg. Goal tank and bowl. There it is for millions of people watching at home. They saw this doesn't go out and up pretty quick she covered it up she got to dress it backed up and cracked me up from Ron they don't get the metal out of this they were. Yeah they were assume Norma silver medalists and not by very much which is pretty cool to have this out and urine and saying it was right at the beginning of the routine night I got I was trying to watch hockey and I lost that remote battle with that it would definitely be swam Anna and Anna she's like all these -- last as I CNN Atlanta that are so things can happen I didn't see it much live I mean it did. It was going. Quick the men their whistles there are pretty pretty fast and I got a guy was running as seep through assured total unveil more ice dancing read an ample other. I claim that. Hash tag. Other than the American siblings. So will set that aside that's a different conversation but I am convinced if you train that long. Where if a person. They have done the dirty at some point. All of whom I think siblings have I I don't like we limit data the sibling part because this has long been my contention. There are some sibling pairings you can tell Kate brother sister they're there to try to win. Other ones they'd you can see go out on of those they were strictly brother and sister did it look they never looked at each other during their performance that's great but there's others that Q and today I gotta get down Dele deep into the soul in LA there's something not rest I've done a look at each other's the payers are ideally users situation going on here. I'm convinced today well all at one point. It's about with your a specially if you get to the Olympics how much time he spent training. Far far away. You know tucked away in some. Ice rink kid who knows what you know parallel we have some of these individuals. Like Adam ribbon. That are openly. Game yeah season. What is it is gonna be that doubled due in tandem dancing the media Boeing is that partly to glory I'm not kidding I bet you they can they can do some bad as smooth as there are rule on that. I don't think so. I've I don't know if there's a specific role in the pairs or not this guy has won almost voted him one dollar and a couple of chicks right now there. In Iraq. Act today and sees its slayer to enter summer that was my follow oh Jews sent down that route their IS OS Reynolds let her French ice dancer that's they have to calm gab real happen daycare is it's that they are after her nipple popped out to cover it up and it went in a metal. If you missed it just do the little pop up and enjoyed. All right next up in your shoes your own adventure. We have a Russian athlete testing positive for PEDs at the Olympics and guess which sports yes so this is not a surprise that it's a Russian right well course not a sport it's. He's a curler. A Russian curl her Alexander crush of legends didn't skis yeah you nailed that dad sounds Barrett crucial and that's the gallery over drab reportedly tested positive for PED's. Yes. And isn't a mixed doubles and they won a bronze his well it and it's his wife who was getting the comparisons I believe they Angelina Jolie's smoking. That she is smoke and. His it had today won a bronze medal and not so fast and I ask. Really current and that's for and I. He also ruined Russia was gonna be allowed to come out with the flag this time they weren't in the opening yeah. And now because of that the athlete they might as you possibly ruin him and I mean these are and bad. Now well done this is seat like I am all for fun you can always dashed off to you they want their bronze medal oh yeah. They announced they take the metal away you have to at this point take the medal lightly like he's. Does he feel the need cheap for president make any sense loan to be enacted as shaved to be good curler knowledge you know look at the American seeing you right so let's deployed here you only got brought. You're cheated a sport that doesn't take cheating and you. Only got the bronze the fear is fear in Russia in the Olympic program I think that was Jim bell. Part of the protocol right after milk shakes there ego and lower here's your shot for today somebody save the dudes is sweeper in the row it can dealt with upper body just every aspect. As we usually usually spiritual. Eggs you have this guy have Russian curler test positive. For TDs he's gone and the last one in our Olympic story are she wore a sport of story. This one might be my favorite. If you've not seen Elizabeth Swanee. She's an American ski year. The yourself favoring Google going head to Washington video overseeing it looks like as friend or myself out there and if you're wondering what image she's Olympic skier that doesn't make any sense oh. But there's quite a back story here's so she is actually sort she's a Harvard grad student and graduate degree from Harvard she's 33 years old you know Ryan Fitzpatrick a and priceless he knows what she's doing. And she decided a number years ago that she started he and in her bowl. Was to make it to the Olympics that's what she wanted to do. Realizing obviously with American skiers never gonna happen in this country. So she instead decided to ski for the Venezuelan. Team which is her mother's home country. Before then switching over to represent Hungary. Which is where her grandparents from one. So she switched over to Hungary in 2015. And she did the math and realize that a lot of these events internationally especially at places like that. Nobody shows up and participates. So she did the math that as long as she shows up to enough international events and just compete completes a basic right without crashing. She would slowly score enough points to work her way up the rankings that make the Olympics. Lo and behold he or she is in the Olympics heave from very. And she literally like she goes up she snow plowing down I mean I've seen this well I'm as she goes up to have pride in turns around and goes back down now have fights thank you see these people collected ten feet air. She doesn't even get there and think four inches I don't sound maybe I did a 180 that was all she did she jet skis on the path by purveyors around she's all about she game the system stand a Linux coming to the Olympic half five. On believable are you. But what's the reaction it is like do we make fun of her hours are like hey I don't know I'm pretty for a guy I think I give a golf club up there on site yeah. You figured out loop all you gotta have it figured out and get the Olympics doing that if you were told me Sprague. There's a loophole you configure out to find your way on any NBA bench for how he's in his day out even if they required me to look like I can't make one lay up. I am gaming that system watches right just popped up on the MLB however he never showed right now and she really is just like out of the time liberalize it. So uneasy doesn't even get all the way up half I've she's got a big smile as she waves at the camera and she's all done I'm happy for hermit she got an experience of a lifetime figuring out something nobody else did. She South Korea believable and she's Olympic athlete nobody can take. Well from no matter how bad she was now she will always be what's her name Elizabeth Swanee Elizabeth Swanee Olympic athletes in the Olympics can't take that away from yet there's Tony four spots available for the Olympics but they don't go to the best week for skiers in the world the maximum number of skiers that a nation can send. Is four. Sold their amity in the US can have six or seven people the top money. Only the top for the for the qualifier are going to be the ones expelled so there's a couple of spots open for the other countries to grab up and she acquired enough points if you wanna be entertained collection was this one and a half I mentioned this was Shaun White I'm glad somebody Texas and pretty solid skier can handle the black runs pretty easy. Those have tides are asking insane I haven't been able to get more than one to two feet above it says she gained the system but the ones. As you know she crazy nights are incredibly. Talented yanish he can ski she just does the half pipe without tricks. She looked like me if I figured out how to accomplish growing up and down half idea. DoubleTree does that actors rate on Twitter the NBC Olympics. Got three feet Jason's good point did she sang out South Korea for a couple of weeks if you wanna check out Elizabeth. Swanee there you go your Olympic run down by the way Norway is the leader of medals they have 29 I believe at last check that is Germany and in Canada the United States is in sixth place they have all the medals in the world Norway's cleaning house Norway is dominating the Winter Olympics they raid curry oath. Is back in the news and you won't believe the balls of what he's trying to accomplish that's neck or. They have starter on an airplane. Thorsten emergency landing. Sign. It back coming up at ten minutes. Re growth. Carolina Panthers wide receiver first round pick and I do. Well he is back in the news because believe it or not he is getting out of prison he's been in. Been at these Sampson correctional institution in Clinton North Carolina for the last seventeen years he was originally sentenced to eighteen to 24 years. A back in 2001. After being found guilty of hiring two gentlemen to kill. His pregnant girlfriend. And I and the person who did the killing was sentenced to a minimum forty years the driver was released. In 2011. Now the if you don't of the back story Peters Max is she was pregnant. He hired you guys killer and on she in her son and actually ended up surviving. But his head is dealt was a cerebral palsy is entire life after the dramatic birth because he was prematurely. Obviously it'd be born because the girl died a month after. The shooting well he is getting out of prison as a mission on October 18 and it begs the question a wide but the the other part of this is he is a released a letter. Now that he's going to be out here in a couple of months and he is going to be fighting for custody. Of. His son yet who I believe has us three rules roles policy from the incident that happened because he was poor are born prematurely. I think one when you see at any rate could Ruth. You instantly go back to just one of the more wild stories we've ever seen from an athlete ever. And they knew you sacking and you go to a place of Howell are you even able to get out of prison. We talk about second chances often on this show from different athletes' perspectives on what they do. This is one that I'm I'm dumbfounded by you're not in jail for a minimum of thirty years. He's he's been in jail for 1718 years he's going to be out and does it make it out how is it any different to either acutely whether you're the person killing somebody. If you hire somebody consummated is no difference there remains dad that hired these people to kill as go from wise at different to doing it yourself not just his girlfriend the unborn child because he didn't wanna pinch high yield support dabbling in the letter he writes he said that's not the rays and he Murray's trying to defend himself yeah yeah that is misleading that's not why killed there. Is the reason he did it was because she refused to get an abortion. It's what's good all right Anna what's the difference you wanna beat you one in three PO abortion it's. I read the letter not all of it because well it's ray cruise but. You just you get through some of the other stuff like a grandma I guess the mother of the woman he had murdered. Has actually publicly forgiven him she's been pretty admirable she's helped raise his son he's raised a draw she S he's Israeli raising him yes sorry for that raised him. And she's is simply that there's no chance you're every getting. Custody. Which is another odd part of the story you wanted her aborting that kid you then hired somebody to murder her which would have aborted the kid. And now you after seventeen years I know you've quota was found god and whatever else you said Kenya rate now you wanna raise the child. No mother bleep in a way in any world should this happen nor should even be out of prison. Decade I kind of as any legal people to call an expert on how does that I don't get how that is any different than first degree murder. A dad it's I can't wrap my head around that like the person that he hired to pull the trigger. Got a minimum of forty years in prison if he was sentenced to eighteen to 24 he was he was the one that that paid big guy to go murder is pregnant girlfriend. It died Ed I don't understand how that works you mentioned the grandmother she has raised the kid. Fur is entire life she said I've forgiven re ready but to have any type of relationship with him there does have to be some repentance. I and I think this opens the door but I can say definitely he's not ever going to have custody. Of the kid. He said basically that the kids should be raised by means. Mission be raised by a stranger anyone else. He had a quoting in his letters saying that his mom should be raising him. While NBV and hire some way to murder she would have been regime would be around him she was so be around. And then he also in the letter and that this is as some weird way to go about it he'd be like pokes holes of what the grandmother is said for years. He said I've long accepted my way. A lot as these social pariah. But he wants to. Disapprove if you will certain things that people are set about him one of those. Is that about the relationship as you mentioned IE says they were never in a relationship that was just physical. He said Meehan your daughter this to grandmother were practically strangers. And that's why key. Decided killer 'cause you wanna strain your to have a kid. Is to make change hitting I'd changeable situation as mother was to be here I would be more IMAP. That's what I would change. I want the incident to never have happened. At all and I he said he is apologize for it on multiple occasions I'd I'd into doesn't make sense I was comeback like this can get out of prison and then. To have the balls to write a letter and release it to deduce that it was released to a Charlotte news stations saying do you wanna get custody of the kid you attempted to. Murder seventeen years ago. That the tone of her letter in the tone of his approach. He cites religious. Turn around in Danny's found god yeah he's he's a different person. The tonne of it still doesn't come across that way to me. It comes across as a me first guy for sure who thinks he's more then you know dealt with his punishment and he deserves a chance to raise a kid that he didn't want to exist. And that is a big problem to me is just. I I do something really rubs me the wrong way that he can come out and say anything negative at all. About the mother of the woman he had murder. I don't care if that woman has dragged your name through the mind all eighteen years of year. Op prison term I don't care if that woman is said every negative thing to you're. To your son. Use them hurts you it's of any murder her and you wanted to murder that kid. You don't get the right in my opinion to go out there I'm publicly try to pass a woman that is raised you were saying you do want to exist who's dealing with cerebral palsy. The whole tone of this thing comes across very poorly to me. And as frustrating as it is to even comprehend that he is getting get out after serving only 1718 years. That other part is it that tone in the weighty his approach is. It really pisses me off. Because there's a lot of flawed things with the justice system. This is one huge glaring one I don't know the differences between all of the counts of murder and how people. You know differentiate. This is one where a guy should minimum be serving fifty years of athlete of his life at least yeah let lacy and me a light of day as a but he was he 21. Tie out somehow I 97 yes and emirate him. Even seen the light of day is a sub sixty year old human doesn't make sense to me no doesn't make any sense to. Mean there's not only is he gonna be released. Not in early he was supposed to serve eighteen and 24 years so maybe he's gonna hit that eighteen year mark he's out in October. And on now he's fighting for 'cause eating kid to kid is not a minor anymore I don't believe eighteen is eighteen album because he has cerebral palsy and Yasser have a somebody around him I united ever read completely and that static ST percent of the kids I kid anymore why does he need aid. Wise easily have custody of them but I think it's because of the medical condition. Yes that's somebody around so there's your raid Korea's news of the day I eased back anyone's custody of his kids Kennedy tried to murder. Back in nineteen. 99 I was light it up a little bit we will talk Sonoma again and how are you dealing with it are you still a worker of the ordeal left also a affording passenger on a plane. Forcing emergency landing at some impressive gas rent their next off. Gala I think everything's about flying is. Kind of safe far sell and if you will know it's an Oscar. But you connect nobody can identify where a far comes when you fart on an airplane right you don't far on an airplane alive for a long time on airplanes and that's a little metal tube that everybody has to suffer through upon as some people on airplanes sic. I'd rather have I'd rather be breathing in farce in Britain and in somebody's cold for three I hate people that get on there and they're just confident the storm. That methane can be flammable lock you down and her point. I see our easy get out of here you guys hold your flowers on a four hour flight I'm not plan I don't Artie takes some being no damage done healthy and it's uncomfortable and Andy you're both lying on your team lion man. And they had to make an emergency landing because a fight broke out because one of the passengers could not stop parting the entire flight. As a gentleman. Are raised distinctive because he continued we continued and continued to fart during the flight now somehow made it there was noise and more involved they identified he was the harder. He did not stop so they complained to the airline drew the airline crew did nothing to. And then said the captain issued a warning to the two people who were complaining accusing them of noisy an aggressive behavior. And making threats. He continued to fart and continued to fart. The folks would not stop griping. Enough fight eventually broke out on the plane. Causing the pilots to decide to make it less urgency and banding. That's an intense cats right there yet I mean that's next level that that it's pretty intent to get to a point when your fighting about it. Physically it's. Yeah that's it's a moment that I hope to never encountered in my life and I completely. Comprehend why they would get to that point it at some point you reach the boiling moment of RI. Enough is enough. And I feel like you would be a guy that tests that limit. I I did Campbell you guys and you don't fight and I think I do not bar him outside that I don't act. 'cause since I got I'm not by an upper second. Get at your stomach hurts for whatever reason you're not feel good and yet to be in on a flight that day you discuss that they're actually at the restroom before the flight uncomfortable for what if it's a long flight when we talk a forty minute flight here what he's going to Seattle you wanna go to the rest Lionel across country you under the restroom let out some gas is your gallant you do you business. Sitting at your seed in doing it is next level disrespect. But he says bathrooms and put yes every study got a Fargas host walked to the bath from afar you can hold on to him walked back to your seat the when you get between his stomach turning you get up and you go to the restroom if you do that two or three times a slight. So be enticing people do that but do not sitting your seat next to me is Iran go fly Atlanta and lie. And apply that's that's that's the ultimate disrespect man let it fly. May set a British or a lot of flights earlier the fart or dirty look like two guys that far it's on an airplane I do have buyer beware you just don't care you get up in the words yeah hi guys got a funny actually is because it doesn't that doesn't make any noise there's so much noise on a flight he can't identify words coming from there is all of a sudden pads McCullough in the air and he galloped around like and what's going on here ma'am do you sit next to two Brando's Europe let's say here and I'll see you got a man on a window you have no problem that dogs is no problem. No problem that's unhealthy all that stuff then I got a stomachs can starter and nobody needs that. Let it go folks ago. Off slightly to eighteen guys that liked enemy can emergency lead six 'cause somebody fared too much and out fight broke out there are now a couple of gals I believe suing the airline because they had nothing to do that this may want an ally of their flight. And to make an emergency landing due to. Fareed or the snow is picking up again so looks like we're in June for us numb again slide our gave me the report to you and break it sounds like heaviest snow will be from six to 9 PM tonight. I didn't think it does it take from mark Nelson earlier in the day friend of the show and a show mark Dell's miss is the latest snowstorm I believe we've had since February 25 of 1995. Was the last time we got a late February snowstorm if you will about that and we got a little Sonoma again going on time in a poll question hagee handle work today. Good free of teach there on the just a day off and could have got a half day in because there was no snow. But dead tonight be careful because cited supposed to start sticking to the grounds to be cold. And we might have 67 inches on the ground by 10 o'clock tonight have buckle up folks. We'll see we'll see other commute home is ready to head out to our cars right away. Architects of the far. Good good little three day weekend good to be back we got a busy busy tomorrow all busy show tomorrow if we're here to snow's not too bad. And don't forget Mario principles gonna join us on Thursday at 1 o'clock lots of left over stories being get a chance to get to today. The blazers second after the season starts later in the week so Stoltz and get to this week if you miss city haven't today. West front tires by Castaneda fanned out commas re define it. We will talk to you tomorrow at noon number what is next listening to ten feet advance.