Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 12-12-17 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, December 12th
Mike Mitchell doesnt hold back, and neither does SDSU Head Coach Rocky Long! The Ball family is on a Eurotrip!

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I want these hills and I want them right now. John and I have no place to go. This is durden spray into. Others model or life is a logistical and is eloquent but this this will handy under Johnson and Brendan spray you think you're ready to rumble of them for. Snapping necks in cash and checks but ran it here's the thing is to Catalina wine makes it okay. Stay home instead the dirt and spray guns and maybe. Sorry start slight damage you can stand there. No sale and cool all right welcome in our three the. Final hour third straight year. On 1080 the fan base. I have some really good news for sports fans coming out he's like I think everybody is going to be ecstatic about this news. And I just got more. Inside an info on it and I'll pass that along here in twelve minutes. But. I want to start the the final hour winning get to this last week. We recorded it in there we ran out of time. And then I didn't have time yesterday. So. Last weekend the Steelers played the angles. It was an ugly Thursday night football game ejection and suspension and think like three players died rate broken back. Or spinal cords and aren't honestly that's funny joke this year easier. The she easier thing is. Kind of a weird. I don't feel like we know enough information via it's just kind of like yeah he's in the hospital were working on Amanda and yeah yet has been no real appealing his career done is it not to run walk for God's sakes I mean exactly. Arms so that that'll happen right. Well Mike Mitchell. Is a pretty good player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and I know they have played a game since but I still think this is a very relevant thing to bring up. This was similar locker room he was addressing the media at his locker. And he just had a real rant about where the NFL currently stands with penalties. Kids targeting all of that and any had a two cents on the commission league. They've this is football. You wanna see flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to Wear head. Give us flights for me to pull off that way I know what we're plan. Who do not signed up to plate full speed contact Obama we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me to hit you right now before it's that's crazy. I'm gonna mess trying to get hurt trying to protect and I'll with the player because he's on and an overall. Then I don't quarterbacks in the food and promised them that happened two years ago about I I'm I'm not open at all. And you don't go bullets other driver two years ago however had to dive where I was in the fourth gut. But if he don't dot you don't get that's fifteen grand out of my pocketbook because any growth of the ball. Make that makes sense. And it person taken our money but now you know you got. Like Matt Hasselbeck calling me a dirty player and I try my character we've never met before but I donate more money and and and underprivileged kids to public think people on the big. So don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I think all that person you don't know me never had a conversation or B don't judge doesn't always feel about the football my competitive side. None of this though is just so I was going on in the game and now yes obviously I'm a little closer but. Mean we've got to do better we got to do better off that yesterday we got do better as players we saw on the next night we got to get better leadership as well run in the league and obviously everybody from Spain is owners players all disappointed and Rodrigo. We just we just got to do better we can't have a guy where you just. Handout this went on how you see fit their needs to be a sec guideline of how we do what we do wish. It's. Houston. And I was impressive. I mean yeah yet you followed what he was sand clay and you agreed with it yeah most definitely I mean I don't know I'm on the big South Park fan. And they did an episode a couple of years ago called Sar cast the ball. It was basically about this lake. All right nears the kick off in all the players are running up to give each other a hug and a pat on the back and now the other player is going to make sure that he can't tackle and first and I cinema complement all these added to and it's like yeah I mean deep and play defense NFL as. You can hear the frustration in my credentials voice like what Thelma supposed to do lake. I and eSATA perfectly I signed up to plate full speed. Contact football you know you get in practice armored once every 5%. Think when it's game time it's a 100% in it players or feel like they're having to be held back in ninety's semi five of the dudes going to well around Atlanta. And I think the other part two is they are playing for the jobs every week I mean it's only had a certain number of individuals I can have bad weeks. And they're OK where you have a lot of the other players in this league week to week have to give everything they have and do everything we possibly can. Because they're in fear they lose their job that's also savage ads like it's. Next man up and and it happens all the time I mention the concussion protocol stuff yesterday with Tom savage and just how the NFL it's not perfect but. Damn man like let's try to make it where you actually show you care about concussion protocol. And so they just saying we have concussion protocol. This kind of seeps into a little bit for me to. Where. I want argued I or anything the rules and and owning his argument but you see the rules and how they're in favor the offense have long argued I'd like them to approach some of these things. And radio the defense out. You know for example some of these penalties they call their five yard penalties and they give them automatic first down. C'mon where's the offense commits a penalty it's only a five yard penalty. And it's a repeat of that down it's not like all it's a loss of down on all these calls. Yet there's little things they can do to tweak but he's right on the money thing like these defense of players are losing thousands upon thousands of dollars. For hits that most of these guys I don't think have the intent. But they're trying to jar the ball loose. Trying to make sure that has its. War all the come off the field a good example of that was last night I was watching that dolphins pats game with a buddy and we remember the Kiko Alonso hit from earlier in the year with Joseph Flacco. When he went side and he knocked him out of the game can custom. But late in the game I think it was last touchdown for the patriots teams like caught that little. Side pass and was sort of falling to the ground before crossing the goal line in Kiko Alonso is go one barrel and add and as he's going to the ground trying to hit him. I tell my dad Mike Jacki Tony's death holed up in that players go into the ground he doesn't need to go flying in like that. Obviously sarcastic. Yeah that's exactly what a defense players and did he sees a guy going to the ends and he's gonna fly and trying. Try and stop them like it DC player going to the ground you're not. Oh he's going to the ground to file lower and trying get that you don't have enough hype to think about that stuff. On the field in an NFL game and everybody's flying a million miles per hour. As if you're the one guy that is trying to get let out you're gonna end up on the sideline and now as we said next guy up. Yeah man I thought it was really well said by him though doesn't yet beautifully crafted yeah and that's you're gonna if you gonna have a point or. Something a frustration. It's hard to say much better than he says that dad especially when your fresh ready don't always mean to say that things Nino will. Instructor sentences the way will trip up on your word stunt or something no meaning he had that EU is. He was angry about composed angry at him and he put his message very clearly. Hustlers Mike Mitchell and his two cents one dot on this some of these is the bridge workers are such. That's her with you know supposed to do when they just let dudes play the ended up getting sued by players about the league didn't do enough to protect the players. Now they are trying to do something to appease the players the players are complaining about that too. So very good point your kind of stuck in a catch when he too. And was would just see what the ramifications of this whole thing is going to be for the league I I think the CVA. Negotiations and that's not for I think five more years that is something to circle in and watch for with Ted the weighty NFL. Currently as are some really good news for sports fans I mean you're all gonna love this trust me on this and we got more information about it. And then also coming up next do you participate in your office survivor pool. Because. Tell you to be careful. And I'll tell you why next on offense. The burdens for. OK so I'll get to the really good news for sports fans here. This is one that we're all just get that you're gonna hear it in your own going to be jumping for joy and you'd be pumped about. To brace yourselves. It turns out. We no longer will have to deal to do with the ball family as much anymore as the ball kids are headed off to Lithuania. Own known unknowns no yes yes yes yes. I am confident in this and let me tell you why Alonso is not going anywhere. The VAR will still be in the headlines from here. A year in the air because Alonso. You will get an initial report on these kids. And then you they will they will fade out of the headlines. These kids are not MBA players. His second all this is not an MBA player. And he's youngest. Is not an MBA player. They are not Alonzo they will not be gone Zo they will be in Lithuania. May gene may be 500 a month if not playing for free because they wanna travel the world and you pop up shops. And I'm ecstatic about this. We get the ball family out of the headlines we don't have to hear about him as much anymore. And this is just a jam. That I wanted to pass along and this comes from friend of this show Fran for Sheila. Prominent former American player who played. For ball brothers' new coach had insight on this the coach and Lithuania. Wine competent coach with freewheeling pick and roll offense speaks no English. Screams the entire game. And my favorite part he sold meat out of his car trunk to his players. After practice. That's the ball family that's in the mall for a chilly yes. Yeah a young Sam Elliott beef Mourinho that is what the ball family is doing now they're playing with the meat salesman her. I'm ecstatic eat handler I mean handler. Man I'm Tom Ford and I think sports fan should be I'm telling you launches in a BN. And Lamar from time to time. But I when these kids go to Lithuanian the stories and they're gonna realize they're not they're not Alonso. And there's only one ball kid that's worth really interviewing Jumbo on the big Boller brand website and they're selling stakes now how they'll be the star very. Greta good internationally nobody buys them game a 500 dollar issues and a nice Tebow while you add it into an act. Yes I thought I'd pass that along right do you participate in an op is survivor pool I do not now to sum you'll maybe worried about admitting this. But evidently there was survivor pool the feds just busted. They shut down a two and a half million dollar NFL survivor pool operation. There's a couple co workers in mind that locker on this office. And I think they spend. A fourth of their day asking people what they think about who they should pick and there's a driver pool. But we got a couple people in the office you do is not like this one but there are involved in a survivor pool of some sort. The feds busted up one. Of a web site called Ron in Mike's football pool. Yet ESP and learned that two pools blue and red or each cap to close to 101000 entries with the costs of 100 dollars per entry. Those filled up so quickly that a second chance pool was created at 200 dollars apiece. A high roller survivor pool was also offered at 500 for entry. And another pool started midway through the season was a second half pool. And cost 100 dollars per injury. All the pools combined had more than 23000. Entries players and knowledge of the contest said with a collective value. That's surpassed two and a half. Million dollars. So Ron and Mike it's try to create a web site. And the reasoning up buses because they broke the law of taking money this actually says. If he just ran a pool and took no share of the winnings it's not illegal. Per New York State law however if they did receive a cut of the winnings. Which was around 10%. They get charged and bookmaking and profiting from the gambling activity. Tends this is what happened. So these people participated in a pool they thought it was a really cool. Yeah it's ten dollars get a collective wind. Ye should just I'm not senior office pool set up this way. I'm merely saying. Be careful. B careful well it's like trying to charge people at the door when you've thrown a carrier or something like that you know you by the cake for how government can cause I don't know I don't and then you're you're basically selling the alcohol now the agony just keep. He changed keep the left over yeah. That's not that's not looked upon. In high esteem olds don't like that oil CC does not like that now the Ol OCC does not like that. It's amazing read to their website idea to send out a thing please be advised that Ron in my web site has been forced to shut down at this time. It is unlikely to open again to slug their creativity for the web address to. Ron and Mike. So this is I just need to get to a point where I've so much money I can play a 500 dollar survivor pool and is Iran and Mike not the most like typical office do you games to start a pool. Like a player pool Ron and Mike. Yeah that's. It sounds like a movie Mike in sales and on what was that you what was that movie with. And he needed wedding dates yeah I just came out idea I ended up watch in this it was one of those ran those it was on I watched 34 summit. Mike in something need wedding dates it's like the same thing Ron and Mike survivor pool. And it's too down on their luck guys that have jobs they don't really care about. Andy and upset now some operation they take money the movie doesn't end with him in the Fed's. But real life does Mike in days Mike in day that's what it was. Really funny scenes and also kind of terrible news. The app. 35% Ron tomatoes yeah I don't always stress try to make it enough horsepower ready to mania yeah analysts like Dana is a popcorn tipped over the audience like it or not I'm I don't know what percentile gets you this glad he tomato. Vs the tipped over popcorn honestly. Usher wed distinguishes those two. I need to I need to. I need to rethink all of this stuff man because as people know listen in the show on the degenerate. And I like to gamble. But she's just get you gotta be careful you think it's legit ending you going you sign up and you pay the money. Next thing you know. I'd be really honestly I don't problem with this actually wish they wouldn't go to prison. Says the fact that they're keeping some of this is done let him run the business they got it do they grant a really good operation is in the business. Like it is a did they got 23000. People to spend their money honor. On their their web site. If you started a business shelling you had 23000. People interest in your product when you say you're running a business I wanna see that LLC okay well. My my point is simply yeah that's these guys came up with a really good idea they created a great survivor pool they have thousands of consumers and yes it's it's spread. All over to friends and friends of friends to 23000. Different people who wanted to play and all they said was. We just take a small percentage of it that's how we do because we're the ones doing a website that's gonna get him to prison. But ultimately I would be. A okay if this was a lead negligence. I didn't know. I don't remember. Hard to say you don't know when you do you know that's the unfortunate part about it. Some is designing a website name can tell you it was a legit yeah Ron and Mike dot com. Sounds like yes tells us sports blog. Does sound like a tired. A weird website sounds like a cheap. Firm. Like they couldn't afford but their last names on it if you told me to go to Ron and Mike dot com I'm asking at least eight questions before ago and probably still not go. Mean. I mean it's that your camp survivor pool I'm probably interest it. I'll take each. Dirksen a survivor pool. How they don't form bag he's and one of those like you know nobody takes any money any percentage on it he got eliminated week 10. Driver pulls a lot different though. Most survivor pools that you got to pick a different team became be the same team break his ways you can pick the same team every other week. And then eats like week fourteen I think in you can't pick the same team anymore. And he Will MacKenzie cheese are only with the patriots week one against the chiefs which obviously. When against. I. I know men and knocked all right so there's some good news for is somebody saying. It's in the ball kids steal anything over there they opinion of being sold as meat out of his truck that's. At your. We said the ball fairly well now I just have more opportunities creates. An international incidence and some is pretty sure registered NBA experts say the mellow balls a top ten pick a few days ago. I would love to know who that is if you detects that aims to remember. I I've read some things on these kids neither one of them are really that interesting. In terms of Indiana at NBA eyeballs from what I've seen I've felt like a mellow doesn't play defense sludge is Jackson a million shots than he did that blanket have a ninety point game or something yeah I see it look like 78 shots. In mighty mean more now. Policy. Okay all right well let's get to this one college football coach. Really not a big fan Jim both this year. And the whole salary conversation in college football coaching. And he doesn't hold back. Let's say who and what he said next the first Joseph woody sports update. 234 of the fans. I think it's his coming up by just under half hour. As somebody says so let me get this straight the youngest ball kid is sixteen he just floats around overseas for three years where you can think of entering the draft. Great dad. Yeah I mean that basically is how it works. And let I'll say this. I just so we wouldn't talk about the ball famine and I'm stuck right here do when it I do wanna get to the the football beat us say it one last thing. We knew we near already established as a busy he had these pop up shops. He did in China with early well he did one in New York line was open toward people were waiting hours to get him. When you establish a business. That may be able to reach another level internationally. I'm not advocate for taking your kid out what they clearly have a vision of what they wanna do in and how they're gonna go make money I mean say what you want about him but. It's worked right people like me all over the country have talked about them. Put him on interviews or written about him like he is done what he needed to do his kid is in the NBA now. And he feels it's right is the parents pulled kids from high school. Have him probably home schooled but more is a good joke. And just. Start the company you know to the other kid makes the MBA and adding this is kind of what is right now. There's a little bit going on in college football. Jim Lowe Fischer who leaves Florida State for a now ten years 75. Mean million dollars just. Just blows your mind seeing that kind of money. Screaming amateurism amateurism amateurism no money for player is no way we cannot stipends. And then coaches are given that I believe are designed Justine cam when you first made that move. Dad a and M had 200 plus million dollars. Invested in this coach search. In terms of what they were willing to spend it how much they were spending to love. We need that kind of money for one position it's just crazy. And at least a lot of people just not feeling good about it you know it's it's a real sour taste in its not that it's surprising that he left that's been happening. Decades not even that he got a big money contract that's been happening. For a long time. It's just that's another level that. Some people didn't think we would see. For a little while longer but we're here so Jimoh Fisher gets tenure setting five million rocky long is the head coach at San Diego State. Really good coach he was on extra it was a thirteen sixty in San Diego yes Sports Radio thirteen sixty extra. Is what he was doing an interview on and they asked him what he thought of Jim Lowe Fisher in the contract. Actually I'm embarrassed. That coaches are making that kind of money I mean obviously I'm making good money here. Nothing like death but I'm making good money here and I appreciate that because when I got into coaching there was no such thing as coaches make in the kind of money that will make an album. Any time of football coach gets a ten year contract for 75 million dollars or whatever that was four. That embarrasses me because guess what I'm sure that their program makes money and I'm sure that he does a great job but. He's got to make one tackle he can catch one pass it and score one touchdown and whether or not only in this shall we were in this to develop young man so it's embarrassing at times. But. We'll send you moon. Moon send my men. It could agree the more he can't vote Jimoh official I think offered in the contract anybody gets offered a contract they're taking it. But on the point. I love dates. And this whole thing no coaching thing. It all started from just people loving the game. And men touring. And helping young men. And it's still that for a lot of coaches. I think are some that it's a lot of it is about money now. But I think you also like a Nick Saban to meet you say nick Sabin. You're not gonna make another dime you still coach college football. I think after he is. Initial reaction of WTF. I think he is going to do he strikes me is a guy that even though I'm not the biggest Fanny does have the greatest personality. I think he's a guy generally loves to coach football right he cares about football. And he doesn't on the college level. But man some of the money these coaches or make him I had just. You are making it more more difficult. For. The argument of we don't have the money to do what we. Think his right with student athletes you can scream at me all you want to get an education just shut up. That's fine. I'm not even advocating that they eagle make six figures each I'm just simply saying. We can change summit this right if we can if we can pay salaries that that high. We can change some of what we're doing. We can up stipends. We can make stipends. May be dependent on the CD live in. Righted the kid living in Corvallis. Gets the same stipend as a kid living in Columbus downtown LA. USC then it's the money's not going on the same way it's just not cycle and as far. You talk some of these players'. Families gives him a one dime play because they can't fly out. I think we can change some of that if we're willing to pay these coaches 75 million. What is it Saban making nine. Harbaugh on nine. Urban Meyer eight all these also like the highest paid specials of their state yeah I'd Jim Leavitt. Jim Leavitt might stayed organ and he might make more than Mike. One point four million. If he told me Jim Leavitt gets a new deal from Morgan which they reportedly offered him and he stays and he makes one point five I'm not surprised at all. One point five million to coach one side of the ball. If we can do that. I think you can open conversation out. And I like rocky long's point this is about mentor and those kids at the end of the day. A lot of this is coach seeing in putting kids in good positions. Some of these other coaches in what they benefit from. They benefit greatly from what the kids end up doing on the field. So. Aaron and I think it's crazy adding that kind of money. Again not faulting Jimoh Fisher or his agent NM is the one that stepped up the scenario will pay 75 million. There very. Scott would word used to media media Washington. He wanted to he wanted to pay him. Are you wanna begin on a fifteen year contract. He's the keys when agreed to a fifteen so we only got a ten. Yes it was a bit what the reasoning you you wish you could got any I think he said we wanted him for fifteen years. And I'd imagine is fifteen it was going to be more in Napa. Not at some point you look at that and I think giving jumble Fisher's much as you want that money. Can you imagine being rolled out a gym both Fisher new head football coach. Fifteen years. Ninety million dollars that's an uncomfortable feeling is it not yet you're not delivering a national title for ninety million ha should not worth it. Yeah with years six and seven are like eight wing's season seven win seasons you know. With the landscape of call triple Clinton coached against fired after two seasons now. To me says the end of the day college athletics is just a straight up a racquet. At one from maiden Samir says yeah I'm more annoyed at the highest paid public employees. Our coaches. They've done that studied numerous times yeah. What is well what is the Ohio State gave valued at their football program was like valued at one point two billion dollars or something. It's easy did the valuations for these programs is nearly impossible to really do but I think it's something around their for a couple these programs yeah. So you can't fault the coaches acted these deals jealously the universities but I. It's laughable to me as somebody else at six spray giving financial advice he's all we all know he's broke. GE's. That's up from our old friend Bruno and happy valley is hey. We're talking about the guys open and a second mortgage to get some bit coins are a yeah Craig knows what he's doing that's what I'm doing I'm opening a second mortgage because I got to fix it to a I. Like yeah I do we get coaches that Colin out Colin how they see it play you don't get a lot in college football two segments in this are we got two different guys speaking the truth. Speaking out F Mike Mitchell in the NFL yeah and rocky long in college football is right we'd love the those candid answers. So be says seven million won't be squad in fifteen years. That's crazy honestly I'll spend the Fisher got back on track that I could this morning he was like late fifties. And I thought I was like ten years like the man's not in the C the end of that because he might just die and then turns out he's only like forty something. Like this one just of this is I'm 35 years old fifteen years. It's a long contract to meet and we'll listeners have looked for appears to excellent 55305. Hockey guys get those kind of contracts sometimes raise your seat those deals mostly ate your deals for a player nine years ten years adding one goalie. I actually December I think there's a goalie it signed for like twelve or fifteen years once was like holy cracked half my would you sign that kind of deal. Hey anything's better than frozen seed in the stay here now speaking of money. You get a kick out of this one player. Not benefiting from snow financially until you and one of my favorites. Leaving the game I'm gonna miss watching this player I have missed watching his player table those next on offense. Dirt and spring. And 1080. Yeah here's the story now is. I was talking about some of these taxing coal would shock. I soon know doses first or last name kids' hockey. But tell listeners is called the chuck signed ice like a seventeen year deal with the doubles cheeses. Yet you remember that this was a few years ago this actually if you told me it was like a decade ago and he shocked. By iron members that this that happened. And I remember seeing it on like this sports center ticker. And I was just thinking holy crap man. Fifteen year deal. That's knots. So now sometimes you get these guys who sign long term deals but. If somebody else's rocky long makes like 800000 dollars a bit he's barely paying his mortgage payment in San Diego right now. They they just got a bonus though thanks to mr. penny and a yes they did. As speaking of money I want to pass this along. Last season a kick that went right eight wide right in week seventeen. Cost Adam Bennett Jiri. 500. Thousand dollars. This year. This no game that they played against the bills. Might also. Keep him from collecting. An additional 500000. Dollars. So his field goal percentage dropped to 88%. After he went owing to on field goal attempts during that team last week in in the snow. And he would receive a 500000. Dollar bonus for making 90% of his field goal attempts this season. He went into Sunday's game having made 95 point 6%. Of his field goals up because he missed two in the snow. He is below ninety. And if he stays there he doesn't get 500000 dollars. That that wasn't snow that was the plain cloth I'm pretty sure there planeloads straight blizzard homey I have you seen the video of them coming out of the tunnel. Yet there's one Joseph Webb is like DN seeing he had any comment and I'll be Ozzie actually get too jacked up to wish you could play again. Now yeah most definitely and he's like dance in hopping hopping back and fours and then they come right out of it tunneling you can barely see anything wolf in a field goal posts and that's about it they're like fired off the smoke. And you think that smoke still going there then they get farther out of the talents like no that's the snow that it's now turned into an SSY eight. Clouds everywhere it's is not Seattle. It is wild while I was texting a friend who knows Jordan poirier. Employers on the bills now actually in a really good year for the bills. And I guess he just is like you said it was not the plane in. Like it's a mix of fine. Chaos EA 88 just a big mix of emotions and feelings about it like it seems. Really awesome from your home where your warm on your couch. But in it you get excited and name your emotions changed is now you're freezing and now you're wed and it is just a whole broad range of how you feel about playing in snow like that. SII and I thought that was that was pretty cool. It was very cool I just I aides refused to believe that Michael linemen indeed Lyman I don't Wear sleeves. Art like someone affected. You know yeah there were a couple of them to. That were not wearing my lips are all your arms are beet red okay like hiking you might die of hypothermia on the field here. Yeah. Pace some. Not that this is a shocker because he is in done much in a few years now but Devin Hester officially retired from the NFL Yankee I believe was. Let's Seahawks last year for like that split second you need. You know his career stats he might have been trying to make that team but he's now officially listed. Ravens is where you lastly last season falcons for a couple of years and then he had that really good run for the bears which started in 2006. And obviously known as the kick return guy he had let's see this. Yeah he was on the Seahawks last year just Wear short stint you popped in between the Seahawks in the ravens last year. Yeah NFL icons not listen to see Auxerre but I'm. Yeah I take your word for GAAP pro football reference Adam split their last visit said that after one of their games with the Seahawks last year he and then playing too much and kind of alluded to the fact that it was his final gain so. Regular season stats here. If you say Devin Hester I think you automatically say kick return specialist right Alia. Regular season only as you remember those who rule kickoff. How many touchdowns did you guess that he returned. For TDs in his regular season career in the regular seasons because I've been saying the numbers are. And some of my updates. But I don't know if that is playoff and regular season via this one right here is just regular season. Okay common mistake was that. Corny because fourteen Popper turns five kick returns and and one missed fueled any return to schools I'm going twenty. You are close my man. 19195. Kick returns and fourteen punt returns. Amazing career. I loved watching Devin Hester play like I said nineteen between the kicking in the upon seeing that there is one missed field will that he took back also. You know I'm I'm cal Mac somebody's is he'll set a punt return for a touchdown in the playoffs for the hawks but he got called back and changed the game. Carolina remember him for the Seahawks. Again nfl.com. Yet played for an all played for Seattle in the playoffs is what people are sand. So if that's the case then that makes cents. It's a Devin Hester officially hangs in not loved watching him play I know he wasn't quite Devin has the last couple years but. He was one of the more exciting once art let's recap real quick poll questions it'd forum today we open the show bitcoin. How does that make you feel 41% of you say. How does that work. There other full question what will baker mayfield be in the NFL 45%. Of you think he's middle of the road 25% think his career back up. Only 9% say absolute stud. We've blame for the blazers woes dots are polls say 84% of you say it's meals say not Stotts. And has the city of Portland accepted mediocrity from the blazers. 44%. Say yes when it's dark. When did we is a city start except in mediocrity. 37% say no we're pissed 19% say I don't watch the blazers. The best they can't maybe M well I could be thing. All right well good job jump it showed today. Good dots at the bridge workers tech senate 55305. Hopefully Mike Parker tomorrow I'd like to get him back now we have now with had him on a couple weeks talk a little organ state. And swagger was back with us as well that's data story. I have scheduled for our show. Will we act tomorrow at noon prime time is next on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.