Dirt & Sprague, Tuesday 12-12-17 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, December 12th
Day 2 of Solo Sprague! What the hell is Bitcoin? What the hell are the Blazers, and the fans? And Baker mayfield pro prospects.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirt and spread it. With endangered Johnson and Brendan sprayed. Well same. Durden spray gun ten AB. We'll soon. Ride it as well 03 in the rose city it is time for dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brandon Sprague still going so low aviator Johnson back on Friday. And I'm rocky would mama. And Joseph Fisher today ward as a sub Jo fish doesn't must just restoring some balance to the show who is. It do beavers yesterday I know now we know where to buy as we have today even this thing out against some ducks on the show apple questioned kill me Merry Christmas season has been terrible. Like I did just I go back to that in. If there is here we would have done that segment. I would've actually loved to have done the segment with third to get his two cents we have talked about dissolved the air. Because we've been following for couple weeks now they're team is somehow a potentially get a make the playoffs even though there are road dog to the three when 49ers. She's been bad this year like dirt I've talked about the south fares is unfortunately wasn't here. And I'm sure Helm may be wanna bring this back up when he gets back here Friday but. Yeah that's good to have UN today buddy it's good good to do their radio show with these why guard will back tomorrow. And so would get him back in the C boy we got Joseph fish today I don't know about you I was doing some show Pratt. And my phone keeps go enough. And I'm sitting there I'm I'm reading this article and I'm getting annoyed because in just come on stop taxing me it's a group of friends I have. They know what I'm usually doing around this time and half the time they do this because they they know what annoys me. Some get these text messages from the group and I'm thinking OK they're trying to annoy me. Know what it turns out they're doing. Is they're jumping on this bit queen drain now now and in fact they're not jamming on the bitcoin itself they're jumping on this thing called like point which I guess is just like that going Newton. And my body sends me this hey I don't know if you Nolan like point is it was 97 dollars for one last week now it's 340. My other buddy's dad bottom bitcoin in now he's got 200000 dollars in bitcoin. It feels like this conversation especially last two weeks is just hit peak levels. And I'm just wondering anybody else out there how do you feel about the bitcoin conversation like what's your approach when somebody brings up. Dick coin as a topic do you engage. Do you sit back confused. You get annoyed may be or are you kind of feel like me. The guy who missed out on bitcoin. And basically just feels really pour one every. When everybody talked yet chalk me up to back category as well I think I spots we last week that said like. Big Koreans went for twenty setting box back in 2009. Or something in my very very cheap in once I saw that I just. Hung my head in shame and just like it there was there was the golden opportunity I found a golden ticket yeah I didn't mind. That's what it's kind of turn into now because you've got all the the mainstream media like all of mall networks run these stories on bitcoin that's all you hear about his. Let you invest in is it bitcoin is it is. And I saw video about a month ago. And it was this like eighteen year old kid but keep the he dropped out of school by the way eighteen years old. He's guy. Just the sickest downtown apartment in the city he lives in. Eighteen doesn't have a job like an actual job and they did this exposing on him and basically asked how did this all happened in. I guess is grandma left him money when she passed he'd take some other money that he accumulated from a couple birthdays. Were very generous with the money they gave him he took all that money. Against the wishes of his parents and he bot bitcoin really early. He's a millionaire now he's eighteen years old no high school diploma. He lives in downtown you've got a Lamborghini with his bitcoin money. Which I. It's a crypto currencies so much how does that happen I guess you can find dealers in places that accepted. Just live in the life is an eighteen year old. With millions of bit going dollars. That's plays I don't look down and anyone with the Dingell a college degree. Because each hidden somehow end up with a Dick Cohen and then don't have to go to college because your millionaire. That's insane now another used to be like a day cooling kiosk in pioneer play small. Where people kids do it cooling things I don't know what you do like I'd guess he just I am or. Like guys after this is obviously why we didn't strike it big with a big what we found no I can't sit near really confused seven years later Tim Hamulack what. How is this thing why purple poll question. On our Twitter page and I I basically said people talk about making money and Vick going make you feel wide. And I gave four options because that's all you're allowed to your options are pour. A half and if you know an AF means as. Blank. I jealous. Annoyed. Or you kind of lead going how does this work ethic a combination -- for kindness. I get it to a certain extent. By I also walk away still confused on certain things. And I'm sure there's a listener too out there that may be hit Dick coined. And you're live in the life for you're still working the you know you have a 100000 dollars in bitcoin. I just the whole comma da whole narrative the whole story the whole crypto currency thing it's just it's taken off. To a level where everybody's talking about it and it feels that you can't escape it. Yeah it's almost like stages. That conversation like when some says yeah I got to calling an account what's the sort learn about it. And they tell you what it is in years still confused and and like yes this that was available. Eight years ago for pennies and that makes you kind of angry. And then you realize that people have thousands of dollars often and and that makes you feel pouring yes you know I might my. Incorrect in tennis but I follow an individual who's really good on on NBA stuff this guy made his career pending MBA he has a hole. He has a whole metric that uses that helps engage with the favorite is every night any bets a ton of money this guy's. This dude is a millionaire he travels the world he builds houses where every once. Live in the life right. He also is a very big crypto currency guy like Dick coin and stuff she was tweeting about something called crypto kitty. And it sounds like it's may be digital cats. I I don't even X I yeah I I can't wrap my brain around like atomic got years yes I like atomic god she except biting people make money on now and I gated MI happy meal I I don't. I don't know but these are the things were left to think about as hope these other people. Are out they're getting filthy rich on things we haven't heard of or we don't understand all as somebody taxing into the bridge workers tech sign com. Never heard of bitcoin. I mean to hold that point and it will blow your mind. Yeah it's out like that what is it 15100 dollars to buy one right now. Autos more cosmic to grant you right maybe it is my guys like Tony Graham maybe I mean I had no idea seek. Obviously that's where this conversation back to I had no idea what the hell it is like there costs there are stories right now Joseph. Of people taking out second mortgages to buy this. Well that's a journeyman I'm not doing that the on the phone now now now now now I'm I'm in actual real estate market I'm not looking in the would you tell your life if what is the role Xenia what are we need a 350000. Dollar loan for volume just. You know we're gonna get a house some point. After a strike it big this big coin money and make like five million dollars man. I'm glad that somebody else is a little confused lost and feels somewhat. How dumb does the right word but just. Business opportunity Yang and missed opportunity to SI that thing back in like 20092010. And like that's unknown is so I'm not campaigning tensions in Nigeria are willing your younger than me so I'm kind of surprised you didn't start the shows they do it about like five bid queens eight years ago. All that makes me feel curse hawk from like the fact that you expect to meet Garrity absent big coins now I'm religious. Really upset with myself. Yet dusty told me the story that he was talking with some buddies I years back when bitcoin was. You know people knew about it but a lot of people didn't. And he missed an opportunity to invest a certain amount of money because he didn't understand it it didn't make any sense. I'm now and this story and get basically goes for him that he thome walked away eating do anything. And years later on the road some of those same people inaccurate data combo they did and now they're. Millionaires are right now I don't feel that. I know it is it is I didn't have anybody back in the day that was talking about it and Alex picking up more more. But yen you look back now and he just like. Little better address there a little bit of her granny and someone saying that pocket now mining it's like I've heard about this yet north koreans' mind at that. Like man I actual. Like. Taken hammer and every yet on digitally. I'm just I think they buy or not is what they're saying. Who are people had a bad game and understanding you just can't explain this weird just to morons that don't fully understand it which is obviously why we don't own any a breed technologically savvy that but it's amazing and the conversations. That my friends are having you see all over the news you see. All over online stories is just everywhere. It really just is. TI got sidetracked and ambulance show Pratt didn't. I'm brightens and stuff down and read an article also in this conversation pops up on him to sit there thinking like the last twenty minutes before the show. I just hate. I just make the dumbest decision not to do some things staring blankly at your computers and I want him mines. Gotta fight digital wallet now. We got a good show today I know Phil Steele unfortunately he had to re schedule. To Thursday his schedules crazy come bowl season it changes up which is why we and have them. Last week we thought him today but. The schedule system cannot allow actually have him Thursday for how. Half hour. We're gonna dive in with pac twelve bowl games stuff organs bowl game is this weekend we'll talk about the playoff all of that with Phil Steele for half hour on Thursday. We still I'm just not in this he's gonna join us at 1 o'clock for our ducks roundtable. And I'm hoping he can stick around for two segments because wanna wanna talk with a bowl game to a wanna touch on recruiting they had their big weekend three. The crystal ball Arroyo who else does he know about in Jim Leavitt watch 2017 is still a real thing. So like Justin Hopkins will join us at 1 o'clock and we've got our NFL a true or false but I kind of wanna start here because. I went out of what I saw some Christmas lights. That's a hot chocolate with the family did the big family thing last night right by the way I looked on and then I got home just in time for the blazer warrior game. I knew I was getting into. I walked away more upset both a little bit at the city of Portland. And at the organization. Talk about the blazers as they fought two wars to show off what that the actor was Sprague. On a Tuesday addition. 1080 the fan. This is third and sprayed around 1080. Those and you know I have to fully I think the listeners on this one for most of them being there without us Jones. Of not quite understanding. Bloody it is involving crypto currency. And and as some people even a little upset like what is this crap. Why are we at this point in our society where we're buying digital stuff in digital money. It's available it's an opportunity I mean some people saying you know and an opportunity they disguised as a rule I don't invest in things understand man coda. What do. Should preacher and that is from Smart there. I mean I'm tried courage is taxed during the break with a good buddy in my name ring. Shout out to my buddy ray who started this whole conversation. About just what this means is as girlfriend bottom one. And so analogies seed does that mean he's gonna make tons of money any year is six months say he should just like to get up to date on just given support. All the way through associate like does make it big name gets rich at Buick brand and you were always there for me sane they keep delight coin keeping Dolan baby is a Gramm now I got her for three million dollars hears ten to Randy for your troubles exactly I'm OK with that thanks frank for a but they'll watch the blaze a game last night I I fully expected them to lose. Golden State by the way if it says anything Golden State decided to sit dream mongering they need to they just wanted to sit and he's got a sore shoulder. Dream on didn't play Zaza Pachulia didn't play and stuff curry has been out he didn't place of their missing three starters. They're the Golden State Warriors there's still stacked with talent you have Klay Thompson you have Kevin Durant you have Andre Iguodala your fine. That game was never really in doubt for them and again I'm not sitting here as a guy that was surprised by any of it. I fully expected it I just sat on my couch. And we talked about blazers. I just I try to throw things out the window right I try to just be is honest has passed about where I think this team is and where they're going. They've lost five general. They now go on the East Coast part of their trip beginning with Miami. I'm so they may find a couple of wins here hey maybe they come back with an over 500 record on this road trip but there's still some thing. There's something amiss about this team. There's something I don't trust. Nor is it something that I feel very encouraged about. You know we had. And I think even to people like that that break all the numbers down and try to find as many stats is possible. There's something. This team is missing whether that's another player on a different team or rotations are wrong or whatever it is. The blazers just feel like a very weird team. Zach Collins got some good run. Biggie swan again couldn't play for whatever reason played him at the very end Shabazz Napier didn't sniff the court the court which I still don't really understand that. You're already in a dog fight your undersized against Golden State through your best players out there and I feel like Shabazz Napier somebody I'd much rather about their. Then Jake layman. And it continues to just be kind of a mystery to me of where this team is that where they're headed and who they are and I was talking with a body last night. Who's been a lifelong blazers and he's he's a few years older than me too in we're going back and forth on this and you know I was just lamenting the fact of growing up for me in this city what this organization meant and what it wise. And now where it sat. And I think it's clearly there's some things are broken would be the right word Ford but there's something they're missing. And I almost wonder for all the pressure that people put on stocks and talked about stocks is Joba line. I'm I'm more point the finger at the GM here the G Ambrose it's known and our station. And you can tell me stocks the rotations are maddening in. They're not playing this guy's not doing this Myers minutes and kinki condemning all that I think I'd wanna argue that you're right. But if you read some of the the tea leaves in the NBA. You're starting to get more and more an idea that Terry Stotts his job might be on the line right now. That at this team continues to. Sputter out. He might be the guy on the chopping block usually that's how it is in this league team loses out to the coach's thoughts not the GM it's not superstars coach. And I I just I I'm up I'm a big Terry Stotts guy I know he's not perfect. But very few coaches in this league are ya a handful of home he's just on the outside of that. And I think what he can do for a team when they're when they have good talent we've seen. So I don't I don't look at stocks in their situation I do look more the GM Neal O'Shea. And just. Whereas you leave no organization. And they have critical decisions to make. At the end of the year in the end of the year is so far off at this point like. You can't help but go here a little bit with this team they're thirteen and thirteen they're sitting at 500 they're slipping further down I believe that the seven seed now. In if you wanna play and a holy crap one way or the other if you go just by loss column they're closer to the worst team in the west than they are the best team in the last. So I am not sitting here saying they're going to think they're just not built that way they never will. The lawyer whereas this team headed because right now I just I just don't feel good about it. And I'm looking squarely at the GM because you can tell me to coach has been inconsistent but man if I put you on that hot seat listening right now. If I put you on that sideline. What are you doing are you sitting there playing the developmental game. Are you playing so wanna get in Collins a ton of minutes with Meyers Leonard a ton of minutes or you trying to play. The guys who are more ready. And can contribute now. On the floor more because you have to look after your job and when a ball game here there. I think there's some things to think about and consider when you think about Terry Stotts. And the whole hot seat conversation with his name is our right here I'm licking an article on sporting news. Coach is on the hot seat. He's more on the bottom of that but they are saying if this continues up. There's rumblings more a more. And and James avenue Goodyear ya tweeted this last night is. Is really my only feeling. You walk away from the team and you're sitting there and dame goes for 39 like it was in the most efficient night it wasn't the most amazing night with rebounds and assists but. I'd turn the channel and I just think to myself. I love watching Damien Miller play basketball. Is he the perfect player no he's not but he loves our city he is a star player. Multiple time all star he's a good basketball players guy you want on your team if you're gonna be good. And this dude sitting out here cleanup 39. Trying to carry the team against the world the defending world champions. And I'm just sitting on my couch opening god don't let us keep wasting more of his prime meters. Don't let this window of crime Willard who is having an incredibly efficient year. He's putting up similar numbers as solace from one of the blazers edge writers. Similar numbers what Iverson and rose did their rookie years when they are not their rookies MVP seasons. I'd Dan meringue who I mentioned earlier I mean you talk about what gave what he's been doing he's in a rare class by himself was stats. I mean he found this one yesterday. Since 4647. There have been thirteen players who averaged 266 and five and a season. He is one of those players. So. The blaze is really just going through right now man and it's it's frustrating. Because the thing mean my buddy we're talking about is. G get a vibe Julia yeah you can view your younger than me unibody Stockwell plays all the time. Does it feel like the city more as a whole I know we have our individual pockets of people like this guy like that guy. Want this one that does it feel like as a whole city is accepted mediocrity. I think and sends. Essentially the owing. Roy days when those guys went down it just kind of felt you fell back into the blazers woe is me kind of thing in balance a few years and no playoffs Scott packs the playoffs. But then you would have some discouraging series the spurs worked Q after you beat the rockets. That first round against the grizzlies they worked Q. If it weren't for Chris Paul going down against the clippers would have beaten him yet and then you add a warriors team to be and then last year worries BG and so it's. That this points become somewhat draining. And exhausting I think for sun. Dance and his keeper for this team. Win for what 1520 years straight it was playoffs. And now. It wasn't as playoffs and it was light headed and play you talked about contenders are organization in this city was one of them I'm not saying. That they get obviously human a title in those runs right with the Drexler Porter days or their Rasheed sabonis days but they were in the conversation they absolutely work then I mean date. We're always got to relive what happened in the Western Conference finals. And they came close twice against the pistons in the balls. So wasn't just that they made the playoffs it was also a mix of you've talked about title contenders they were French as you have to throw out there there's a sense of hope. I mean and in today's NBA landscape and people talk about it now assists like no one sees the blazers win in a championship you got a strike in the draft her know they they are literally Jose are the definition of India purgatory yes they are right smack dab in the middle and some people just disagree with the that's fine it is the worst place to be in this league and it's not remotely close gimme sucked in hope. With the chance of maybe getting the right talent and I know you can say will lead to ten pick last year and equity did with that. Well let's wait and see a little bit on Collins I'm not gonna see your bass sacked Collins finally got some minutes he produced some stuff he wasn't perfect. Lee played okay last night. But that's at the league is built on. You either are you art and just demand is maybe the worst feeling. I put a poll question now apply to related to the blazers who do you blame more for the blazers woes Terry Stotts or kneel all shake. You can find that actor and Sprague in the the other one has the city of Portland accepting mediocrity from the team. Your options are yes when did start know we're all pissed or I don't watch the blazers those are your options on two or. Ala I'll give you an update on those poll questions and dots that are coming in at the bridge. We visited when I'm going down. That excite great for your Bridgeport Beers tips aren't the Bridgeport appears tech signed 55305. Read some a few thoughts on that. And then now maybe talk a little bit about what happened patriots last night in the AFC playoff picture do that next first Joseph with the sports optic. Who who who. Whose home. Ooh this is. Durden sorry the unintended it's. All 35 welcome back in on the fan will be enjoying it choose day afternoon. Let's. Talk a baker may feel here in twelve minutes. We didn't touch on that yes daddy I didn't watch the Heisman thing that's college on Friday it wouldn't. And I think most people for the most part just aren't all that interested in it unless there's a a regional tie in but. I heard he gave a great speech I wanna talk more about his pro prospects he's a very interesting player to think about especially on the the next level. I'm so we'll get to that here in twelve minutes were tough but the blazers and just kind of where the organization is that where the city might be. Armed and not out of it I'm assured. Probably still make the playoffs the bottom of the west is not very good. Oklahoma City executive figured out the clippers you can't trust the grizzlies are in the tank the anchor in the lakers are horrible the suns aren't good. I think you can find yourself right there in the 78 seed. But again will see barring injury where all. Shapes up for them in the future but last night they lose their fifth in a row. And I just wanna read a few dots because I'm curious were blazer fan. How they feel about this organization. Do they think the city is accepting mediocrity just. And what I mean by that is not that you're sitting there listening going yeah I'm OK with us not being good when I mean more is just. We had Kevin art of its in your last season. ESPN and it NBA got in studio. And he kind of tied this to Portland in a roundabout way but he's a look at Memphis Memphis loves their team. Prior to this season Memphis has for the most part in a out of fifty win organization. That. Makes the playoffs but has never really title contender. And sometimes. That's is what you have to accept your lot in life may be that's Portland now but I think that was what he was trying to say is Memphis has accepted it. Portland should too now I should know Kevin are bits in and Neil is actually really good relationship. I don't know if you're really gonna hear him Bastille shape because of that relationship but don't worry she's. Outs on this nonetheless. Somebody says a 55305. It's not accepting mediocrity it's more an aggregate sense of apathy how many bad moves can a front office to make and not learn from them can't land a freeagent have missed on some lottery Dixon of made. Gotten in bed with awful contracts over and over again. Somebody else's I blame Paul Allen easy only one who's not willing to go through rebuild he fires any GM tries to convince him that the blazers need to take a dive. Somebody else with their thoughts I think I've accepted we will most likely never be great no significant freeagent lever come here we have to be great and be lucky in the draft. Which we have proven we are capable of somebody else's why we always say wait and see we've been waiting and seeing for the last. Six years and that's that's another thing to think about too because. You know use of Americans missed another game he's dealing with a ankle injury he missed the end of last season after he had such a great start here. He's been a little banged up and you know the old. The old kind of thought with big mini MBA once they get banged up they don't get healthier. You know that's kind of who they become. I hope that this is just a slight bump in the road and he can come back and play the rest of the season. But you know just some of Mike Neal O'Shea he has to think about this. And this is what I'm talking about is making the moves sometimes that make you unpopular in the moment. And are really uncomfortable to do. The rockets did this. The rockets made a move this offseason. Where they went and got an incredible talent in Chris Paul and we could city journals that's a no brainer move Sprague. You're probably right for some. But what was the narrative when Chris Paul got traded to the rockets or agreed to sign and trade. It was how they gonna figure that out Chris Paul dominates the shot clock James Harden was bald dominant last year. Both have high usage rates like houses can work. And it's it's worked out really well but that team at one atomic deems last year they were in a position. Where they necessarily had to make a move. But they're sitting in Houston going we wanna win and we have a talent like James Harden who is probably the MVP leader right now. Let's do what we can and take a risk. I admire that me MBA I admire GMs that take a risk. Or understand it the other way we're nowhere near championship one moves not gonna solve that. Sell sell sell sell sell. We're gonna build around this with this vision. Right the trust the process type thought. And some cities and some organization. They really can't wrap their brains around that like it really angers and frustrates him to another team's actively. Not trying to win games Phoenix is doing this this year. Because a Devin Booker they're gonna win some games. Obviously we know but the sixers are what their process was because you've seen it play out now with some of their talent. But all she's gonna have to think about two wanted to use a thinner it's just that extension. And are those three going to win you a title. The NBA to me should be solely built and I think the great GM's run it this way. Solely built on what is the best title possibility for me. And as you can't walk away convinced a 100% or even 90% they use of American CJ McCollum and Damian Willard. That's when you have to have soul searching that's when you have to consider moves that a lot of the fan base is is outraged and frustrated by. But sometimes your job is to not care about that you have to have the thick skin. We know the GM at times can have thin skin we've seen tougher stand here on our station. But. You know you got to look in the mirror sometimes and say look at just I wish it would work it doesn't work. This is what we're going to have to do and then have a plan and execute your plan. And I think the blazes are really close to being if not there right now. In that position. Because of I ask you right now about your next paycheck on the blazes winning a title within two years. You would never but yes to that. Even with use of our church. And that's the frustrating part. I just wanna get back to what it was. When this organization cared about winning and did whatever took at all costs to win. There's a lot of flak for former GM's in this organization for guys I brought in. But I'll tell a man at least they made efforts to go get the talent. The screw it will take back John Tim what if he loses 25 pounds and starts get a jumper. He gets a jump a little bit. Take that chance doesn't work dump it. You might hold onto it for too long but again my larger point. Chance chance chance Boston's the same thing. They took a chance. They got a free agent now we can acquire free agents I'm well aware of that but it's just about what are the moves you can possibly mate. To put this team in a better position. I think the pressure is solely on you'll shed Terry Stotts coaches and what he's given. Develop young talent. Rotate guys play guys don't play guys and he only does so much we've seen that guy win games we know. He's capable of leading a fifty plus win organization we know back. He would lose that. But neo shenae. I'm telling you that's rom look at just as as a sports fan myself a blazer fan. That is where on look at. So we'll see we'll see what they do. The blazers lose five. In a row are let's get to some football baker mayfield wins the Heisman has a great speech. How does he do as an NFL quarterback how would you project baker mayfield. As an NFL quarterback. 55 through final talk about the next on the fan. This is. 1080 okay. Coming up big twelve minute duck wins we have just knocked in scooped up dot com will join us hopefully for two segments. But talk about what a boy Hopkins. As we at crystal ball higher on Friday we've got the royal higher officially extension of his contract is DOC. Yesterday. The bowl games coming up did you notable game was Saturday just kind of creeped up on everybody yeah and I'd. I knew it was the sixteenth but then I didn't realize it was the sixteenth was the Saturn I know I would this morning I was outside her house Jeff Joey and I was like. Politico dot bowl game is this week any exit. And we look to the schedule that I'm Mike doubted visits Saturday at tourist that he does like five games on Saturday. The vaguest old Ashley be the best of them believe yeah well I think there's it's and interesting match up because some people really like the ducks' chances there. But you know the Boise State Broncos before we see him in bowl games when people don't give me a chance sometimes are able to rise slowly opponents are just not into would join us. I wanna talk we'll talk some ducks with that just knock it. Baker may still won the Heisman did you watch. The presentation or did you skip I skip did I knew is gonna win I'm not using a big thank all kind of watched the Heisman presentation you know the catch everything on Internet afterwards anyway yeah I mean if you want to seed I don't know odds and ends of the speech it sounds like he got. Real emotional. Which doesn't surprise he's such an emotional player on the field. But I wonder not so much about the Heisman or how he's gonna do in the play awful we'll find out we'll get to that a little later on in the year. I sing about the pros stuff 'cause I was reading an article about him a house scouts are very mixed on him sometimes. In my sometimes I mean just the last two years. Where in and I fully end he comes back for another season. And even though he put up monster numbers yet again. It's a fairly is a very similar thing is your first round talent is what they wonder. And you just our scouts gonna get stock. Looking for the prototypical guy. We've seen before and in the past they can't and they make the wrong decisions. We've also seen scouts try to go against the prototypical thing. And make the wrong decision. Since Johnny Mann Zell. I had a young guy that that that that small guy can play football well now we can't not on the NFL level. But this is almost the Rossum Wilson dilemmas when I call because Russell Wilson comes in. Not. You know highly projected to be this stud quarterback gets the gig boom takes off now we have Russell Wilson in the league. And because of the way he plays. People are always looking for the next him. I never liked that because you only have one Russell Wilson. But when you look at taker may feel I'm curious if people. May be root against him because they don't like him or they think that's why he's not going to be good because of that the on field fiery he kind of cocky attitude. Really a big baker may feel fit I love watching me to play. I love passion even when a lot of people don't like it I love it. The Philip Rivers yelling on the field I don't mayfield has a little bit of that money and when he got in trouble for staff suspension her first half benching whatever was. For the whole. Crotch grabbing the crotch graphics desk it's it's a key policies like it's raised got a derby kid no doubt young. I really like what he's done and the numbers are actually very startling so not saying he's going to become because again I'm not. Really keen on this but if you just look at some of these numbers. Russell Wilson's last year rate in college at Wisconsin. 33 touchdowns four picks. Baker mayfield 41 touchdowns five picks he's thrown at 369. Times Russell Wilson to a 300 in nine. And completion percentage. Is almost identical. In fact baker baker mayfield college career he's had a better completion percentage. You read the pro football focus stuff the real in depth breakdown of players. Baker mayfield is graded out as the best quarterback in college football the last two year gays and one of the most accurate for sure. He's great and arrests we've seen them improvise. I think he's got incredible pocket awareness. And he kind of just feels like the quarterback for all the Rosen tock the dharma and tock the Allen talked to Wyoming. For all of that. I kind of like time in my age. My hopes are my age takes where everyone a column to baker may feel I think he's going to be a good NFL quarterback. I think you'll be middle of the road this thing is and it's always it applies to every player drafted anywhere assess where they end up going. What team much quarterback coach which often is a coordinator I mean look injured golf obviously that's just a one year. Coach change and he's a completely different player. I'm looking at Al Walter football dot com which I'd stress this website the last couple years to as they kind of put me on the Carson winds going number two overall yet how long time for anyone else damn I was like really and sure enough. He didn't have Cohen number two and they have him right now going second round Arizona. Bruce Syrians if he's still coaching that's not a bad coach to have four to learn under. And then Carson Palmer again if he's still they're both pretty old old guys there on the Iraq on the team. But I baker mayfield I just love the fact A he's an accurate passer. And when he is on the run any doubt out of the party into arrest he can make place. Pressure it doesn't seem like he gets to him and obviously just the way he carries himself. And we solid diamonds out how he carried himself and feel very cocky swagger attitude that I think got baker mayfield as far as football skills goes in more accurate. And meanie you can't you can't stop them meaning diocese it's really pretty incredible launch obviously. We got a couple people saying you know baker is just Johnny man sell two point aus amazes he'll be the same. Another one says he is man's self somebody else went on is the point Big Ten defenses verses. The big twelve weeks he we saw the Oklahoma State game big twelve defense is at times there. Pretty pretty flaky now very good not not as consistent as some of the Big Ten teams no doubt about that I'm. I'm not senior Chinese you know when multiple super balls are anything but. This debate with him it's very it's interesting to me and I really think this is the Russell Wilson conundrum of teams saying is he kind of the next bad. You know he's listed at 61 realistically he's probably closer to 511. Russell Wilson's about five tennis stood right next to warm very close in size. And he's just going to be one of those players man that people either he will succeed. Or he will not succeed you have some people like you John middle road not bad but not. This great NFL starter and that was a poll question I put about her and Sprague today just eating he's a bust middle of the road. Stud quarterback. And it's just I think the baker mayfield. Dynamic going into the draft with some of those other names and where he is going to end up. Is incredibly interesting to me I love to watch and acted play most definitely I love the text machine it's like to compare since joining in Zell Doug Flutie like asked India small. White quarterback. That field goal can be compared to. You know because you know he's a small like quarterbacks that means he has to be. Like at the other small white quarterbacks in the NFL great and I know but it's a listen you know they love the show but do not compare him to Willis I'm not I'm not saying he's going to be Russell was I'm just simply pointing out. The Russell Wilson conundrum has been real for some teams because of the undersized thing and when you look at some of the college numbers. Ever similar players they really work and Wilson had incredible rolls polian a blues and but. He was really good that one year Wisconsin not bad at NC state but upped his played Wisconsin. And I got mayfield back in the playoffs. To have last three years and he's going up against a really good Georgia team. And man if he likes of George I think you just gonna flip more and more people to it but. He's an interesting one man he's an interesting player. To see the ways he's gonna be viewed by Fay in media and NFL exact our we have a loaded second hour there's a ton of stuff to get to. But we're actually gonna kick it off with our ducks roundtable just an opt in scooped up dot com. Will join us next earns break our two on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.