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Dirt & Sprague
Tuesday, October 17th
MLB in Portland?!? Pac-12 not entertaining? Those questions, Phi Steele, and impressive football out of the Arizona schools.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is dirty and spray it. We're sending there Johnson and Brendan sprayed. 52. Third and spread it. I'll ride it is well well three and around city it is time for dirt and sprayed on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Brandon spray Alonso idea leader John say in the happy to be here on this Tuesday. Afternoon. And I wanna start here dirt. Not seeing if nothing. Ropes Meehan more in sports. Then MLB. To PDF is nothing doesn't more than it's not even close urine NHL guy and I'd be all for hockey just to have another pro sports scene it's not remotely in the same Dow exe as well baseball to Portland does for me is a sports fan. And I got roped in in effect at the yet again you're welcome because we got seized in 2003. And everybody's has been to hang on a cliff. Waiting and waiting and waiting and act like an abandoned puppy that's now at the humane society and wags tail when it sees somebody is waiting for an owner and here comes rob man Fred. And a potential ownership group blocked him by the can on here. I am with my tongue out my tail wagging is going to meet me he's teasing me to me. I did this. There's a story enter force fans are so tied right now dirt tweeted this out at the eater johnsons where you can find this an act. Act any the fan is well Joba desire to. Tracy. Wrangles be easy rider for a mlb.com. Baseball America. And he put opposed out yesterday. Talking about MLB interest in expansion and legitimately has been talked about for a long time Sanford wants to yes and we know that they wanna go to 32 teams and he mentions Portland Montreal and that's the same thing rob Manfred said we put that out probably two months ago when that came out. And of course everybody in their car everybody in their office everybody listening on the opposite their roll their eyes Sprague Shawn up and move on we've heard this before. Let's pump the brakes so your brakes I don't have good breaks right now you get it done like essential back it up. None none none and and I had that breaks out and say stop my point has to anonymous and that that's elegant dying miner remains glory should sound like that I have a 2004. Under Alan what he army deal. Before you roll your rising completely dismiss. Everything about this conversation. Arm and or read the third at blurred down of Tracy story here. A buckle your pants and I because they're gonna get tight we're comforting to get him on the show. And this is what he wrote I'm reading this word for word. And there is a legitimate. Ownership group in Portland. That has the necessary. Financing. Along with support for stadium which will be. Partially funded by that 150 million dollar grant the one we got no three they said eleven to does it last time Portland trying to get a Major League team we all remember they set up a 150 million dollar grant. And that money is still there it is it's old news area is sitting there and tell they ever against the point where they are trying building Major League Baseball stadium at which point the 150 million dollar grant Brady is so nobody listening nobody on social media is ever gonna believe this stuff because it's been brought up. So many times how many times can you beat a drama before you stop hearing a sound I don't know. But odds this idea. Nothing gets me back in in this conversation. And it changes everything this is I'm pretty realistic about this have lived your mile life as you have you you like to throw water on my flames here when I get excited about this which is guess I need that from time to time in this topic and I'm gonna remain realistic until I hear or see anything further. But I will say if there is no ownership group were financial. Group set up and this writer knows it and at that's accurate. Changes. Everything everything changes everything it flips a completely I'd set it really does because up until this point. As your mentioning amending the conversation is then whenever this segment comes up it's rob Manfred used expansion. And Portland in the same sentence like the last time we did a segment on this. He was up in Seattle was the end of the Major League Baseball season he was going city to city. Wanted to go you know holed like a town hall with reporters for every Major League team in every city in Jason pocket a friend of ours up in Seattle had the quote of him saying yeah I'd look at Portland. As an expansion city that was as far as it ever went it was just simply having the two words in the same sentence mentioned by rob Manfred. This is the reason it changes everything is because he's claiming there's a legitimate ownership group in place that has the financing. Radian ego and also saying that the stadium of the financial support for the stadium is there as well so not only to bide the expansion. Franchise because there's going to be a feed or to bring the team to Portland and then also if you Leo 150 million dollar in grant. There's gonna need some private money to build a stadium it was at least 800 million dollars or you know maybe they look for more form more public money I don't know by him saying that there's financial support for a stadium as well. In using the 150 million dollars in grant money. It changes everything so I blood and we get the author on that would be awesome but I clicked this headline because it's on a couple of different outlets today. Am I I rolled my eyes at first because I thought here regal again I don't don't wrote me and we do this every three months we get excited and nothing comes of it. And then I said all right let me go right down the rabbit hole let's let's read the article won't find out what's going on and that's the third paragraph in the article if you go created. Is what we're talking about here we know that baseball wants to be on the West Coast we know that they want to expand we know rob Manfred is mentioned Portland. The changing aspect here is saying there's an ownership group in place with the finances in. Late so MLB has a 200 million dollar expansion fee the NHL as a 500 million dollar expansion fee. How much does a league that make substantially more money than both of those leaks charge for an expansion team. How much do you think they charge and are you talked in 700 million. Are you talking 500 million I'd I'd I'd guess about 500 so it's on par with the NHL yeah. CD five C basically you need one point three billion probably just a little more depending on the Tennessee and you want to know it depends on the stadium you wanna build words out and how much private money that you can get they I think there would be more public money would be needed at some point I I don't I can't for CNI I I want to believe this and this is where this all stops. I wanna believe that it would happen but I've lived here long enough to know wouldn't. This would all have to be private yeah that's the part of living in Portland that Sox. And I'm on that I don't like cities being. Basically held hostage like the Marlins were to build that big billion dollar venue. I would hate I would never vote from Portland to do that as much as one of the pro sports team amount on that. But if you're talking in. It's 200 million dollars the city of Portland has to give. I'm wondering at what number people in the city and around the metropolitan areas say OK that's too. Already paying a damn our tax might as will pay estate taxes out on top of it let's hope of what do you how high easing back I mean I I don't know why that is that's already in 200 and people are okay I'm not shed blood were where we're getting way too far yeah and that is doing this again we're going down that rabbit hole. I looked this up in that people are saying is never gonna happen I understand that sentiment I usually have the same thing allow myself again. Excited about it for brief moment and then inches it Peters out and it goes away the ownership group thing is what changes as saying that there's an ownership group in place and the money's there Isa Isa and the monies their for the expansion team in the money's there for the stadium because those were the two answers we never hatch. Like you could always throw out all with the rays moved here. What DA's move here it was always all first who's gonna by the DM team and how are eager to build a stadium doesn't make any sense where's the money gonna come from. And now we have those answers we don't know with the ownership group is we don't know who all the private funding. A parties are blood. If it's incredible baseball writer is saying this on a credible institution baseball America. I'm gonna put some credence to and I don't think he's just thrown it out there to get folks in the city of Portland excited all right nominee. Let me try to move on from this and ask you one final question scale of one to ten. Hope it does it change an article like this yes my hope was probably in a one and a half out of ten just because that's what I would cling to think in its never gonna happen yeah. A bit this as optics intellect for a while you haven't even heard if you add is that you know or he's just assuming that he's here why what is right that is like it if this was a local columnist and we all know one that just throws crap against the wall to see if the stakes are and I never daily basis is never ending verify your behind it like yeah we we all know that if it was something like that being thrown out I would laugh out and say gimme a break like we had the crackpot awhile back. Sadie is Google would stadium member back guy you know handle the whole baseball stadium out look let's use the timber industry it's like whenever I. I was on fire he's just has not gonna happen let's go people focus realities okay select those aidid and those kind of things I would not allowed to get me more excited this is different. It's as a credible case all right I know around for fifty years. Is not just throwing stuff against the wall to see if it's to and I can't believe you went to a loss for you we haven't even Adam on the as a middle or Stacy. What if he goes sometimes you need hope that your life spring I'm with you optimism is the best thing it's the best medicine alive by. What if we were to bring him on right or let's say he comes on dusting camera prior or what comes on the station. And they asked him point blank. Can you reveal who it is. And he goes. RC no the group I just know Portland the way it's growing economically than that it is it's different because background I don't think he would write it has articles there's a group ready. He would say I think there's people in LA there's enough institutions or there's an established over their now. Armor is going there I give that was the verbiage in the article I'm was yeah I wouldn't buy into what he's saying it's bear the groups who plays the money's in place let's go make it happen. How wanna be where your rat and I can't. I just like here I'm stopped. I'm stuck at the one I'm stuck on the one bridge and I'm looking over you in your. Has weighed in on the floor raids like dead ass it's a June evening at 75 degrees first pitch is about to take place and I'm drinking a cold beer that's right. Matt right now why would you do that to us why would you do that to us and by the way most people. Yeah most people are not in us and I get a man like a consensus. Not happening again we've been murdered. We were badly that at the Washington Montreal. Situation really hurt very Major League Baseball Portland I I almost put it in the same. I was put in the same category is like the 2000 Western Conference finals game seven on that hurt we thought it was gonna happen we we thought that was a championship. Team about to beat LA coming back from that series abdominal rivals beat the pacers. Just like in 03 win or 0203 when. Now we thought we are getting exposed honestly casino Landry to build a stadium it's gonna be on some of the Expos are going to be here it's just got to figure out a name now. But hey let's sell itself to your optimism. Is what ultimately wins attacked I just wanna pass on story. It is one of those that continues to rope us in a sports fans. We will effort to get Tracy wrangles be on the show. Authored a story I put this up on face the deserted town a reaction to it. You can chime in with your comment there or you can text bridge where peers sex out of 55305. We've got a great show today. On very upset the story. Was tweeted out by you because you railroaded by NBA opening night segment nobody cares as the opening that in the NBA I don't I don't like that I like an opinion getting there's a lot of enthusiasm about watching tonight what's gonna get higher ratings I am curious the NLCS ALCS of the opening NBA games are out of the LCS right isn't isn't pretty big NBA games is like this isn't like bucks and raptors is yells yes on TBS it's ones on CBS the other ones on SS one I'm assuming. I'll lean baseball because you have the Dodgers. You have the Dodgers lead the Yankees as vault again yeah I probably I'll lean both the archives. Yeah both Poconos three. Those three markets come through big they beat MBA opening night attacked the happy. Enjoy your evening we got a good show and a Phil steele's gonna join is that he does every Tuesday for our 1230 segment. Why ask him out Washington Washington State playoff hopes and all ton of college football stuff. Justin Hopkins of scooped out dot com is gonna join us at 1 o'clock in his thoughts on how bad the ducks looked at him and just the hopes of organ going forward is a bull team. And then at 2 o'clock ten dollars gonna join the show we will get an NBA season preview with our friend and Oliver of Sports Illustrated. Dot com's it's gonna be good one Rod Wheeler at Bertans rate at Peter Johnson and app Raymond Sprague. Let's move on to some football coming up next. Is the pac twelve the least entertaining conference in college football. 55305. Is a bridge where appears tech sirens are about that next winter and spring a Portland sports leader. An 80%. Yeah. This is observance birds and dogs and it it's yeah. Yeah 1220 welcome back another band filled steel. ESP NN's bill steals dot com is gonna join us. In 910 minutes. It is dots of college football is biased you the most or I should say this if I ask you least entertaining college football conference out there. Dirt who would you say. Add staff I would I would probably have a split vote. Between. The SEC and Big Ten. And I think a lot of people are brutalized and ten I would go the SEC in the Big Ten I had the SEC the coaching in that conference is awful. The quarterback play is awful the offenses are anemic and I do is at a lot of times you sit back and you watch like a Tennessee South Carolina game. I wanna dodged my eyes out even even a head coach of the team. A Butch Jones came months and we did everything we needed to win except for score touchdowns allowed teams in the SEC. They can't score touchdowns on nothing is not a good conference but just from my inner team the value. And I I think we kind of way over our skis on the Big Ten last year. And they were there right now I don't think Wisconsin is an entertaining team to watch Nebraska northwestern Iowa Purdue. Illinois Indiana Rutgers Maryland those teams do inning for a no thanks Bob Michigan's struggling offensively this year you got to Ohio State Penn State what's drawn me in but even Michigan with their quarterback concerns. Are struggling offensively as well site but surprises about probably go Big Ten and SEC. Well they sir give me one answer their marks late bock of espn.com. He gave his two cents any stack the conference is up from entertaining the least entertaining. He couldn't disagree anymore number one is the Big Ten. He says the big tennis three teams ranked in the top six of the AP top 255. In the top twenties has the best rivalry game Michigan Ohio State. The best collection of coaches and coaching rivalries and the game's most electrifying. Player sake while Barkley. Number two for so a slave bock. Is the SEC golf courses YZSEC's so entertaining well the SEC as number one Alabama number three Georgia they're the only remaining unbeaten teams in that conference. And he also just. He kind of likes seeing the the coach gene craziness that goes on within this country likes watching bad coaches he likes to watch guys like puts Jones used excuse after excuse ending continue to Lou Anna thanks he's got the men servers pupil thing was Saban and Kirby Smart. It costs more he's a time of the coaches contracts now all these coaches are on the hot seat to be fired. Someone eleven million as Arkansas five point nine does smells on six point seven Butch Jones eight point four. All of foam could be acts at the end of the year so there's just more intrigue for that reason it's a fun talking point that I don't need to watch Tennessee because Butch Jones is gonna get fired number three is the big twelve. I I think the Dow twelve is. We thought that was going to be the least entertain I have loved the big twelve this year it's been really good idea vote them the most entertaining and a bunch absolutely number four is the ACC. And which leaves he thinks the pac twelve is the least entertaining conference to watch in college football. Back to was healing power front conference without an undefeated team. And every team except USC Washington Washington State has lost more than once in the SEC east be called parity in the pac twelve it's now called mediocrity MI right. I. Dear lord I leg we don't need eagle on this hole tangent again my greeted guests today about respecting the tactful but all I know but I'm just telling each I don't think it's the least entertaining conference shocker somebody from the East Coast doesn't like watching the factual even ESPN came out with headlines today you were tell me about its argument much turmoil the state of Washington is in their pouncing on those losses is this is their opening story on their NFL page for espn.com. And I don't read espn.com as much as other sites. But I saw this story from slave bock and to scroll to and a solid top story. This is the top story with a husky fan pictured. Bottom ten. State of Washington in a state of despair now talk about a rotten apple cup. The Huskies and cougars were undefeated and harboring serious playoff hopes. Then they went on the road is big favorites in humble as a nobody needs to watch the apple cup anymore because they both have one loss Iraq well apple Yasser they both won that game tenant one I mean who wants to watch that crap fast ready kidding me with a chance when the north com. Since news or at a plug in the tax does not the most entertaining conference nobody's gonna argue that to say that Italy's I think is Riddick. As well if you wanna look at his last weekend you had yeah upsets you add the USC Utah came yes that's those are three of the best games this weekend at Arizona GC oh Arizona's been fun to watch is critically ill take a run for another tour here is like what you want he's pretty entertaining to me. I am what's the job like to thank I get you wanna have Dominic. SEC game of the week in Alabama and Vanderbilt wants 59 and I think. No that was the most dominating game I've ever seen in my eye you know thanks Bob that Tennessee team that he thinks is so entertaining you know what they're an underdog to attack against Alabama this week. 35 points. There's 35 point guard against Alabama this week and it Tennessee's entertaining to watch will Butch Jones can be booed off field that's entertaining each hitting may or UT anyway like no no thanks I'm a stay away from the SEC the coaching bad the quarterback play and the offenses are bad. And I just I don't I. I'm I disagree with a lot of folks on the Big Ten I just I don't find the Big Ten that interest in I don't disagree you LaBella big time dodges I don't buy into the west maybe filled disagrees and some do on Wisconsin. But Nebraska right now is the second place team in the Big Ten west that tells you only need to know about that division. You mean you got stacked in the east for the Ohio State and Penn State let those two teams play it's going to be a lot of fun to watch and see how it shakes out. Two and a division I ditch in there and I think there's good coaches a top of that conference and Antonio and Franklin and Harbaugh and an Urban Meyer but. On outside of that I just that there's not many compelling story lines in grand and I think this is all based on where we live and our interest in watching football but. Then there's the you know that 9 AM game between Illinois and northwestern does that ever rope UN no and never does for me but you know what I watched a decent jump up on Saturday. Brand and again I'm a homer but I watched a decent chunk of Arizona UCLA as your home it's 'cause I like the pac twelve conference it's entertaining to me the offenses are good there's going to be a lot of points and there's a certain value there of not knowing what the hell's gonna happen need to end. Washington is supposed to be a lock right. Hope Washington State is right no that's the duty of the conference. Yeah where they'll want that has the after dark thing. We're crazy things usually always happen if you of the seven or 730 typed text Jack rabbits front row feel you wanna look at the bottom of the conferences last week to you or say in Colorado had a elementary and do a good game when they get everything ready to go. Now right. I wouldn't say pac twelve is least entertaining. I'd say big twelve for sure is the most entertaining I'd I hope I'm OK with that data like an offense is run in the pac twelve we love that kind of offense and a really good players I think the coaches are pretty good. At least thus far with guys like Lincoln Riley in Tom Herman taxes have been competitive which is always good for the DC I'll do all we know how good they are military tatters West Virginia Texas Tech and score points and Obama's state Hillary bright dairy I've had a big twelve is the most entertaining. I also I mean I'd still throw like a Florida say I give the past because the quarterback situation like if they had Francoise this year they're uneasy ACC's the worst UT VA CC's the worst at least entertaining for me as CI am I wouldn't go there Joseph Georgia Tech always roast me in somehow someway a Miami's fun because of their history seeing if they can hold on to win every week NC State's been a political team to launch is your defensively. Clemson is great and it'll Mark Jackson and the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. And Florida State is got to kind of throw out the conversation because they wouldn't be your friends Wallace still healthy. OK in my talked me out of that so I'm like Georgia Tech Miami is always in every game right. And Lamar Jackson even if their start to lose his stuff is on the wise to put up 350 yards and five touchdowns yeah. Yes you're right and Clemson when Kelly Bryant's healthy and bang they're a good team to watch steal and a SEC might be the worst city. And I abide into it well I already kind of I that was gonna put them like fourth. Big 121 is Michael big 12 pac 123 SEC for earth. Our ACC fours and in the SEC SEC lies nobody needs he SEC and who needs that right hey let's Ascap powering the conferences and asked about washing washing stay with our friends fail steely joins us every Tuesday no join us next the first Joseph with the sports update. I welcome back endurance greatly happy Tuesday afternoon what a crazy weekend in college of 400 it will I mean you got four top ten teams that go down in. We went into the week with no top not top 25 match ups and then chaos ensues well that's what college football is all about that's why we're gonna bring on our friendly college football guru ESPN's Phil Steele dot com. Phil Steele he is joining us now he joins us every Tuesday for the 1230 segment to talk about the chaotic weekend that was. Though good to have you back on mail Wendy what is Phil Steele made a four top ten teams following in one weekend. Yeah you you could see earlier in the year when they are so many top ten verses you don't like vs ranked matchups I don't think anybody saw it coming this weekend and you know have a team like Clemson which was stopped to be it's almost a lock it could be Clemson Alabama in the championship game that two undefeated teams and attacked. Twelve quotes out I think they're really expressed. Just one of those we get -- he sort of had a good income and some. Funny stuff could happen in the weekend but to get it but it herself for captain and team's gone down. Yeah you get a Friday the thirteenth may extend their you know wild stuff can happen right enough. And I wanna focus on as we talked a lot yes it is all about these tax on teams that loss in Washington State Washington in differing opinions from people but. I just curious were using both programs are out right now and if that loss this past weekend. Is kind of enough to end the college football playoff conversation for them. No I don't think so and you know the fight agricultural policy it all the time wrote articles and magazine every two weeks and years ago called snapshot. At which you think is absolutely clear today in college football generally three weeks from now you're like well that didn't make any sense at all and I think to completely wrecked at twelve office ridiculous because Phillips let's go to the big twelve for example. Got Oklahoma with one loss Oklahoma State which while mosque and TCU wins zero losses well they're all playing each other upcoming what's happened just two of them have two losses and you've got a one mosque Champa that the whole conference is sort of to a topsy -- there's going to be a lot of tough games in the big twelve come up and if the pac twelve team gets through with one boss will say to Washington USC which you re my two favorite stick. Disputed her plush partially true. Washington State because it would have to beat both Washington and USC again. I think that they would still be a lot sought tot trot out to pectoral whatsoever I think as the weeks go on his August wash your Washington State the again and you see continue to win the actual strike. Conference as that streak will show. Yeah we're joined by Phil Steele feels still dot com he's on tour at Phil Steele 042 inning catch him all over ESPN as long as well I should say. As the strong as steel podcast. You know sticking in the pac twelve which which part to a team is surprised you the most this year. One of what might have to say it would be terrorists on. And Arizona. Since it's surgically located quarterback spot just it was unstoppable run run through Colorado -- UCLA the last two weeks and you have to think your retractable Semitic play as long as ceased continue to play at that level and even look at their two losses this year the cue stick game they'll lots earlier this season always a three point game the Utah game their actually and a 107 yards urgent to gain and and Europe who's about six I think as far as surprise out of the blue beer zone I think you're very pretty much expected to finish last in their division and then the surprise in the negative side would be used healing and not only about one particular aspect to particular aspect he still likes. The first would be to run defense work tactical which more of this aspiring would oversee it but thought he was extremely and the defense supply and he hasn't given up six point six Hertzberg carry 313. Yards per game rushing but that's not good and then the other side would be on the offensive side Josh rose and seventeen Dutch shell that's a pretty good stat. About seventeen interceptions think it's a record here I'll be cute story interceptions the way here as I coming into the seat that would have expected decent way to have a much better run defense. That would expected judge rules and act more like a quarterback that's been here three years ended his previous two years combined had thrown sixteen interceptions. Paris gets seventeen ready this year. Why am glad you brought a BC allay their because they're playing organ this weekend in new you know that we've seen Oregon now for two weeks not just in Herbert the offense is not clicking they can't throw the football but. There's still running the ball effectively and I UCLA coming off that loss is it to a TV mention as well. In Arizona. How do you see that one plan on an easy CLA's run defense bad enough to keep organ in this game. Where you take it where discretion waiver scrimmage run the football this year he's an average of six yards a carry. Again it's completely under the radar prob because cable if you urge short of a thousand lectures habitually talked about I personally Cuba over the conversation a couple of weeks ago I thought for a super much were committed to a good job quarterback candidate won four ratio hasn't worked out and the offense scored just seventeen points the last two weeks on certain scratching my head there as well and effected their offenses drop off as much as it tests are going to the F a cup quarterbacks but and that's one of those games that's where animals electable against bowl teams sickest did you pull it both of the disappointment the last couple weeks so so the whole team and so we end but yes I do it gorged can't run the football at UCLA and it should be an entertaining game. Now Phil still acts Phil Steele 042. And Phil Steele dot com is where you can find his website. How does a power five conferences stack up for you personally from best to worst. You know. You've got to do it all the change in the Big Ten the top you know on the top ten of the the rankings with and state to state Wisconsin and Michigan not far behind and a lot of folks like a Big Ten but they do get the benefit of playing teams like workers in Illinois. And you know teams they get teams like at the bottom of the big twelve on a weekly basis column lobster quarterback and they've they've been channel themselves. When you look at the big twelve there's a lot of depth there are you looking good out of the eclipse teams like Texas Tech and Iowa State they're played pretty get. So I think there's good deft but now doctors had dominant team Oklahoma. You need to recapture their form could potentially get there the ACC. You were look at it climbs they NC state. But other nabbed a lot of mediocrity there and the SEC still report at this point number wanted to kick goes down to them once again the bottom of the conference. You look at each teams like Vanderbilt and Kentucky Mississippi and Mississippi State the weakest teams in the SEC those are all bowl caliber teams and that's warriors and some get backed off and I think diplomatic benefited from effective they'll issue has come back a little bit they've got Robert Jorge L. A to hear CC's problem right now he's slim number one but that's pretty cropped close cross country. You know we've had a lot of fun the last 48 hours or so trying to make sense of the four best teams in the country are because he got some teams that are undefeated but they don't necessarily have quality wins Wisconsin Penn State. Come to mind that a team like Clemson always deal beaten up on everybody Brian goes down they lose so. As far as he right now a week ahead I believe that a week from tonight is when the first college football playoff. Ratings will come out who are your top four teams in the country. Well now the decision interest signature bring it up because I've got two different places -- one I'd vote in the football or super sixteen poll and that one that takes into account the words actually tickets he should be ranked based on you know wins and losses. How they've done this season so actually adapt poll but have teams that have one mosque down below achievements or losses so inept poll I voted Taliban one Penn State to Georgia three in TCU for right now but then. And espn.com. On the insider have got my biggest power ratings now this is where actually think the teams are in other words if they lined up and I get that number from the streets. About FT miles that's a power ratings merger ball together at demean this one set of what I call big star chart out Alabama of course be favored over Telstra I think you'd find it interstate the number two team an apple. It's Ohio State because hostages that blow and everybody awake relief when they host and state they'll be favored if they were playing clubs and a neutral field very delicately Bryant's injury they'd be favored if they were played Oklahoma again at a neutral site at that we've seen enough improvement in our state and up weakening in Oklahoma where six would be favored number three would be and state and ever for B clubs and so it's you've got two different ways of looking at but if I was in looking at how the votes gonna come out went out a week from now it's going to be Alabama Penn State Georgian TCU must say get upset. You know Phil Steele ESPN's very own Phil Steele at Phil steele's 042 infill steel dot com. You you brought up the Big Ten and you rattled off the teams and doing really well thus far. I'm series what do you make a Wisconsin because for all the talk that we had easier out here on the West Coast. About Washington losing and in Washington strength of schedule now they've played nobody Wisconsin hasn't played a team over 500 get what do you make of the badgers. Of this this is the best team but part of talkers put on field it looks to his first year and you know this it was capped a team that every year averages. Five point 56 point two yards per carry in his first year three years ago or two years ago I should say it's always averaged three point eight yards per carry Russian 150. Yards per game Russia Malek that's how Wisconsin. Why should they improve to. 203 yards per game rushing four point three yards per carry once again. Atypical numbers sure Wisconsin will this year they're back to that power run game job that Taylor some virtue urgent seven point eight yards per carry their chopper up opponents that you mentioned weaker opponents put 264. Yards per game five point five yards per carry it got to capable quarterbacks out sort of perked at 66%. With an eleven. Six ratio. This year and that deep possibly church opened her opponents who are 23 yards below their season average which is number ten in the country. I think Wisconsin went out a picture quality team that it would probably do place on Michigan the second last week a cease and you'll see them play extremely while it keeps our I'd be worried if I was a ticket out Wisconsin because there really are complete team. I'm not dabble in the Tina has it a chance really to throw a wrench into this whole conversation is Notre Dame is they're sitting there. And thirteenth in the AP poll. I'll five and one that only loss came in a by one point to a top four team. In Georgia they're taking on USC this weekend intimidate a lot of people are still wondering who are they I had to come back and beat Utah on Saturday in the two point conversion. A sailed for the utes but. I'm when you look at that USC Notre Dame game what are your thoughts and anybody like in that match up. Yeah I actually like the Irish in this one USC is just so banged up to look at data entry lists that they happen it's just keeps growing by the week it started about twenty guys on her injury list once again this week and that that doesn't help but -- you brought on the road played this out and actually the temperatures are going to be this little chilly dirty areas you'll see we'll see what there's a -- and here for that game and that and I you look at the radio -- run in the football which over 300 yards per game while six point nine yards per carry I think it will be a rock at a bank that PC USC defense and their only loss this year was to Georgia at the time your ticket well it's dirty lost at all but -- -- very good Georgia team to beat Michigan State by twenty if you handle the bunch of other weaker opponents of the underperformed this year but where I learned a lot about both teams were at this point I do like Notre Dame become moderate to want. There you go did Johnny on this one Phil as we do every week we are big degenerates so do you have a pick an underdog that you really like this weekend. About search tool will match a little yeah. So. Person ought to be one of those marquee games Utah State is playing UNLV their catch in about four on this one I actually think Utah State's stronger team watched the Utah State while we game last week he top pro Utah State probably deserved to win that once they got the better defense and I have to pick to go on the road police percent of ULT and then the other one is more marquee matchup and it just goes to that problem. Herman calmer when he was accused and was an underdog five times mostly SEC Houston team a group of five team into vs ranked teams and it polled five I'll write upsets this year the first time in his underdog was against your receipt USC was much healthier than. And yet USC needed its freshman kicker to kicker he'll walk into the game just to force overtime and beat of my three in overtime last week Erica should not teen from Oklahoma. And is a neutral site and only lost by five and backup played a meet up this week achievement against evident at home against Oklahoma State government as a perfect seventh and always an underdog backcourt against government I'll take the touchdown and a seven and a half points here with Texas. Yeah I know injures proven to be pretty good quarterback for taxes there you go phils still Phil's still dot com ESPN. A strong as steel podcast in on Twitter at Phil Steele 042 joins us every Tuesday. Good talk what you felt good stuff and now we'll catch up next week. Sounds great lot of fun as always guys get older we get. There we go good stuff thank you have a good weekend as well Phil I we're way over but we always go or Phil Steele because well he's college football guru. Let's talk about the surprise teams in the fact of how much Arizona. And Arizona State kind of the sleepers in this comments about them next on the fan. I'm going. We'll. And TomTom dot ED it's. The only game this news is third and security guards Kennedy and also ran his CD you're saying. Justin options of school doesn't dot com will join us out one to kick off our two for our docks around table every Tuesday it is Tuesday remember that this time next Tuesday. It is it is says strategy in Almonte all I have a our act Tuesday other Mac him I couldn't I couldn't go off like that I want to fill sealed have a proper entered accent I do held it together he's still steal ma'am. I wanna talk letters are a little bit real quick because I think Arizona and they issue by the way just three and three. Both schools deserve a little recognition because we thought and the collective Wii is in most media watching pac twelve football. Kind of just assumed a Rich Rod and Todd Graham were watching ducks. And these two programs had no chance. And now we'll take comes in the quarterback wonder for Arizona. The former USC. Recruit who wanted to play quarterback really badly for the trojans it was told though you're only a running back. Lee does Arizona fills in for Brandon doc ins and has been lights out. Nobody can stop him 200 plus yards on the ground back to back weeks 500 yards of offense. And they're foreign to meanwhile rich Ed Graham I was gonna say had a hand in Tempe. There's three and three but there are three losses are to see any state. To Houston are not used in two. Texas Tech Texas tax in Stamford those are all three very respectable losses. And I think those are two programs right now it's at second and third in the south. And have chances going forward that maybe they should. Get a little more respect from putt on terms of what they're doing they're gonna have some missing about the Glaxo south race. It's crazy ending their balls still live in the south the two and one in the conference and I'm with ya on both of their losses and you look at Arizona. I watched it a good chunk and you tied game a net loss that was a Friday ninety remember they lost by six they out gain him as Phil Steele just told us by over a 110 yards and I game. They were bear that is and make it plays they needed blend Ian towards the end of the game and the animal was to use in is equality football team you lost by two points early in the year trying to figure out your identity out all that stuff against teams and I felt like for awhile now. Two good teams so watching Arizona State a handful of times they continue to get better and play better football as the year goes on and Arizona's on to something now with luckily updates to one I. If Seattle watched Arizona in the last few weeks you're missing probably one of the more entertaining performances that we've seen over two weeks Bamba clear takes done through the air. Efficiently and then just exploding on the ground. We all I don't like there was no way he's gonna matches performance against Colorado. He came out against UCLA rentable for 230 yards and 71 yard touchdown run you Selig could not tackle him. All the while he went nine of thirteen through the air like he's the cornerback that you want to run that offense for Rich Rodriguez and if I'm in the south right now I'll look at it both these teams Arizona stake as they figured it out a little bit defensively. I still like Wilkinson in the weapons that they have on the outside and Akeelah rarely end in blodget backfield. And then also Arizona because this is Rich Rodriguez is dangerous when his offense is clicking and if if colonial taking keep this up. I think there's many teams the facts rather nebulous slow down. Yeah no I I I I think it's going to be did you see what Arizona to do is going to be very interesting colonial Tate at quarterback somebody has retried today about reigning Dawkins coming back when he played for position Rich Rod yet you know he's he's a quarterback. But he's going to be a back up because there are back yet our new starters running for 260 yards every week your offense is more electric was Khalil tape there I guess is that what an addiction and it's these two teams consider mean probably going into the year in May it may be Jim Mora. But outside a gym or these idiots who coaches People Magazine hot spots mammogram and Rodriguez they got to figure it out in any they are four and two and three and three balls look at my friend to a bowl game aren't we got a packed second hour there's a time to get to it got our NFL a true or false lead to the LCS matchups. And now we hear from Willie Taggart already kick off our 20. With our ducks roundtable was just an opt in scoop duck dot com he joins the show next certain spring back with more important sports leader 1080 the fan.