Dirt & Sprague Thursday May 18th, 2017 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, May 18th

The guys work through the latest News & Notes from the NFL, Swag shares his first harvest of plums for the summer, and who are the best football coaches in the Pac-12.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for takes some time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I want these pills and I want them right now. John I have no place to go. This is dirt inspiration to. Month the lord of life is allergist call. Attending Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray. You think you're ready to run. Snapped a mix of cash and checks looked round and here's the thing is to Catalina wine mixed up and producing. Instead of dirt and sprayed John Kennedy. Sorry sir drive C. CNN now. Did he do this final hour certain spring on a Thursday. Dave yeah Thursday to the F. Of Iran to harass or just regular as a follow we will fly you back hope you're enjoying the first sunny day feels like it's been six months since he has sons guy. Is that nice steak couple weeks ago and now I just don't feel like it I know really nice guys are hitting I just walked out again it looks absolutely gorgeous out there man and now we're all excited gathers hopefully have a good day out there in the sun it looks like this summer hopefully is officially here. But it led to the whether in the next ten days or so let's dig into here in the final hour coming up. In a twelve minutes or so to take a look inside swagger back a plumes. One of our favorite summer segments we did last year had a lot of fun with an on Thursdays we're bringing that segment back. Yeah I'm looking forward to the clumps we'll see what he's got his back would do that coming up at ten to fifteen. And judge changing gears a little but at 230 idea of a ranking list I want to bring him we'll get your thoughts on that would do that coming up. Bottom of the now I'm wondering if in the palms without saying what it is if there's something specifically regarding science in problems. For swipe art. And ass it's pretty special day from a science stay. Point I did not put that I know of what you speak out kind of four that was right in my youth I believe occurred before both of view. Came to me guessing helens erupted 37 years ago today does carries he's gonna put that the clumps no that was not portable farms OK okay let's get to come up here at two fifths. Divas do little and a Philip brown Shelley. Yet in Fontana Phillies and on at the whipped around Atlanta. Car TU. Let's do it. I we'll start in Oakland. Or Las Vegas and it's a place are still open. Could sit in Las Vegas. They're starting quarterback Derek Carr. You know happy right now. The reason he's not happy. Because he wasn't a contract and he's playing good 26 years old Adam on the brink of deep playoff run last year before he got hurt. And adding that he went down and he wants to deal because when you look at the amount of money is gonna make this series on the last year of his rookie deal in Derek target this must put argued touted quarterback in the league right. Yeah doesn't make a base salary of 977000. Dollars as upcoming season. And he wants to new deal the raiders are apparently dragging their feet when it comes in negotiations well that's. Is this any different than what we saw with Russell Wilson and Seahawks. You know people striking up fake panic like oh yeah they're they're not gonna give the contract achieved when. You gotta do it now he's he's upset. That it's never really as bad as it's ever recorded. If people love it is the agents want to throw this crap out there managers. He just throws up against the wall because they know stick Derek Karr is upset. Derek Carr probably hasn't really thought about this he's leaving it up to the team of his to figure this out. And yes sure the raiders are sick you're going yellow gave it 27 million dollars a year make you guys paid quarterback or player in NFL history. You wanna get them and make any good price it's fair while also rewarding him for being the franchise guy this stuff is always exaggerated. It never turns out to be as bad as you think they will get a deal done. And everybody will continue. Being half. In a sad day is grown frustrated told Mike silver the NFL network he's grown frustrated with the slow pace he said there's been no significant communication agency with the agents so far. And the reason this is an issue is because he wasn't a first round picks so there's no fifth year team options on this if form. It's gonna get the deal yet some folks are on the NFL though are estimating is to get him make more annually than Andrew Luck. Yes right so I mean the highest paid player in football so Oakland could have to figure that out do you move that salary around Cassandra let's make it about 25 and a half million per year. I'd dare try this year may just shy of a million dollars wallets. I mean not like it's new. But we're gonna continue to see these prices go up. And up. An up and every franchise quarterback think it's a new deal still on the primary entering their prime yep will be eat out the last get their car is that said he once say and you contract elsewhere in quarterback news Alex Smith. Has spoken to the public for the first time since the chiefs traded up and got Patrick Holmes of the tenth overall pick in the draft. And it basically say he sees the writing on the wall give out the vote setting the chiefs are committed any only through this year as a nature of it you know Galanter performed. Coach Reid and the quarterbacks coach been very honest got to go out there and do your deal we all afternoon. So whether or not they drafted Patrick that doesn't change to not good enough you don't get it done you know I could be around too long and he says it feels similar. The situation in San Francisco he said their similarity I'm an older quarterback they tragedy kittens come an end they're looking to develop. Police seems to be taking it in stride and understanding this is probably a friend in Kansas City on I had the writing was on the wall when they moved up to get the taken by the way beaded column and let them know that that was what they want. It was go get a young quarterback. It doesn't have to be this year Patrick Holmes has struggled somewhat in Tampa albeit still early. To pick up the playbook. You know understand what eighty Reid wants to do with it now offensive system. They could still be really good this coming season which I would kind of expect they should be disintegrate defense they do and outs of this really really good quarterback. You don't have to next year go all Patrick Holmes needs to be starting yet millionaire Roger's situation where you sit him for 234 years. And announcements is clearly not the guy anymore for then you move on that's set to test spot for them because he he hasn't been competition to win the division every year. They make the big one playoff games they they've had the best record right in the division I wanna say the last four sizes are always there they got a great team. And maybe they were close to beating Pittsburgh glass in the playoffs they work. They can't get you over the how. Well I think it's it's accessible daily diet does and they lay does assured we've talked about this ad nauseam and outside of four or five quarterbacks. Everybody else you need. All part she needed defense to play lights out you need. Get a wide receiver or running back to step up when it becomes a need in May go let's say twelve and for next year he puts up again solid Alex Alex Oliver numbers Tony touchdowns he picks whatever it may be the get rid of and then if he gets to the second round of the playoffs again be able bon. No gamble with a review of its up and Alex Smith says he sees the writing on the wall is got to play this year. And elsewhere as we Elin take a look at some NFL news and notes in contract news out of Atlanta devolved to Freeman one of the best in back to the NFL. Say is blackened hole at a campaign. But he wants new contract dammit he told ESPN I wanna be the best when it really paid whatever that is flat where I want to be. Straight at me in nineteen Leary said what we expect to what we wanted so there's no need for me to sit around you're saying my my contract not done why this why that I don't have to do that I don't have those draws because realistically I'm under contract are ready I have to play my fourth season so it's no big deal. But he wants a leak money man he once a leak running back money's worth it. I tend to believe yes he is his size and ideals. And he got to a point that super. Where he he kind of wore down in New England was able to contain him. But back to back thousand yard seasons he's going into his fourth year. I mean his production from year one went from 248 yards to a 1056. Ani sad by the way back to back years of eleven touchdowns and threw he's averaging well over four yards per carry. I don't know what he means by the illegally illegal here's a leave money odds they would leave money in media running neck lead money lady unveiled his franchise tag values just over twelve million a year. Next after that he had Jonathan Stewart LeSean McCoy and their long term contracts making eight million dollars per season Doug Martin about the little over seven million Lamar Miller. Six and a half million cease somewhere in between that Jon Stewart number. And the who's the first when he's sorry the first when committee on bell lady M he's somewhere in between their suit you get him at nine. A contract I don't that's a really big number in you can maybe. Make the argument that. Is land has been one of those places where running backs have gone in they've had success and in the next one comes in it has successes Denver life. But Dovonte freemen still really young. He's a power back but he's also got that speed. I can you give nine million a year. That's what it wants anyone sleep money's gonna make one point eight million dollars to fund to three minutes this year last year of his contract a couple of fund notes to wrap up our NFL news and notes here. Michael vick's back in football. He's got to play. And a trial game for the American flag football league that's going to be unfair. Mike bacon flag football duplicate those ones gathered trying to launch a league an eight league owned franchises in 2018. Their hosting a deemed featuring Vick. Justin Forsett at a stadium and so. San Jose on June 27. Yeah I mean I'm good for him and I that the other one I saw to it there's a Canadian Football League teams they Hamilton tiger cats tiger casts a solid mascot name. Hamilton tiger cats they all the rights just in case you never know what's gonna happen. The giant n.'s Al calling cap Riddick and RG three boom. Bill of rights to all three of those players really if all three of Millen sign nail wanna play in the Canadian Football League they're all three get to go to the Hamilton tiger cats how about that you didn't mention your boy. The boy passed the blind man play alligator blood any sign in been an inside but he gets at picked up by Philly. It to Philly and a million to point eight millions of good NFL career path yet. Yeah it was that somebody said something about his current good of a disappointment entirely area concluded that's what it was we were really really. Average career is like three years he's almost tripled its forgot about bellies are now for a while seeming to do with that Carson once in his thirtieth he's thirty years old man. Barriers only been around for about ten years now. Indiana played us a bit of a losing those for Yoni Thursday catching up on what's going on inside the National Football League. A ranking of pac twelve. Coaches coming up bottom of the hour was the best coach in the pac twelve to do that coming up. At 230 but accounting is like the first day of summer doesn't it that means one thing. It's time to take a look at sites wags bad aplomb who's next on the campus. Hey just stay out public service announcement. It TV no nacho cheese and Sacramento gas station recently could you subject out. And after a five people have been hospitalized after eating nacho cheese sitting Sacramento gas station. I'm not sure cheeses and one for me at Indian PM or something I don't mess with ambient to village staff Benny let me ask this question. Was the most questionable thing you've ever eaten at a gas station. Minds Louisiana chilly down from a gas station one time I don't think I've ever gotten anything that would even event data hungry centered on grass if I was getting some I guess the it would really be like a bag of chips or something that I knew her was. I'm I would probably be eat pizza rolls hot dog. Yeah it was like a pepperoni cheese combination that was ruled over a hot dog and I got halfway through my bird started getting home eat the bad guys and and I Haas it takes to. It sticks I was like I'm out I know it's gonna lead so I had to say just wanted to get the heads up man if you've mini and cheese at a Sacramento gas station lately. Give yourself the hospital five people have been hospitalized as he people do you think that actually getting answered she's a Sacramento hospital are gonna have health insurance is. My guess would be zero I guess I'd guess here I go Ireland on that bottom of the hour of best coaches in the pac twelve. I'll bring Alicea coming up here. And today but it we we did a segment last summer as you know things in the sports industry always slow down a little bit but we enjoyed his time a year because it gives you freedom to talk about things you know sometimes outside a sports you gotta be creative. In other topics aside laid out for you day in and day out like they are probably in football season of one of the topics we came up with or segments I should say. We came up with was a segment called swank clubs. Mainly because like our displays this awesome bad music twelve minutes is not a dancer out the studio but just so accidents and guys. He's got a lot of got a lot of interest things into. Is just a piece securities act in its political listeners he's not the normal individual but not out now is not reason why only wanna screw this is it when have you ever called me whiskers serious lake cabin it called whiskers. That one of those things you said it without thinking about it yes and how excited I just I don't know what's from a movie in I don't know and acumen that time. He's curious to. Somebody help me with a problem behind this seriously Dick chats on the com whiskers yes. I humbling can on that Malone I'm off to a terrible start here but broke Wikipedia shots listener admitting they had sushi from a gas station what needs. That's a bad idea yeah that's not a kind. I didn't. I've beaten. Hard boiled eggs out of our bounty marketplace. Yet you have some questionable purchasing habits at our vaunted mark let us up a I keep those coming five cents or forgets that we we just gotta give the Florida's lifeguard and yet he tells us what's peeking his interest year. Pretty they say Katzmaier guy as the course in all you'd kind of see it headliners seeds. Some here but has little careless hairy Cary. He's carries a cat oh yeah and thank idealism. But. Have either of you ever been to the pro football hall of fame and can Ohio always wanted to go no no I meant. Well if I can't eat isn't on your list of summer destinations. A piece the Pro Football Hall of Fame coming to the West Coast actually appeal Washington historical. Museum okay aspirin which is in Tacoma there this spring and summer will be a exhibit the best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame it opens may 27. And so they're bringing out significant. They exhibit some pieces of history and there will be a special sexson has section dedicated to the Seahawks at Super Bowl announcement stopped by at. I know for a lot of people you know keep that up but let's just gonna go. And and that's your destination you don't really find yourself falling through cannot have very much what. What coliseum would you most want to go to. Probably the NFL. NFL I don't know baseball's got laid more history I get that. But I'm I'm kind of obscenities while with the whole bonds such class act back yet disguise that should be in the are not inside early I'd probably go NFL. I thought I'd come into two Compton. Doubles towns and there was I was at a wedding in Kansas City two Summers ago when they did this it was something like this it was in the summer and they had a leg a big thing at the train station and I didn't get a chance to go check out the exhibit but they they do this constantly in the off season. So yet Pro Football Hall of Fame now in its 5050 years so there'll be all sorts of stuff going back to move to the legends in the you know. People in names employers that helped form the league way back when so I thought that was pretty interesting. And I think for a lot of people out here on some northwest and getting to the Pro Football Hall of Fame may not be so it'll be there all summer long. All right through opening weekend of the NFL seasons so. This is the let me get that it's watching tin history dot porridge. Is the website and see more Bowden as he wanted to felt they brings some really old stuff. I think it's going to be let her illness is gonna Selena from yeah from throughout and then a lot of interactive think as many interactive things as they can bring for you as well to absorb so yeah. All right. Big story Israel entertainment the up fronts were being done from all the big networks to the advertisers. Previewing. What television is going to be in the fall both sport I mean that's when we found out right canceled his planned setup. But one of the things ABC is going to retool Roseanne. In the original cast I. I saw this again there is coming Roseanne back you guys rose and fans I some what was I'll admit yeah I never lashed Roseanne and her kinda mean we were proud. Trashy family. So Roseanne was right up our Alley and fits you. So that makes sense there and apparently they've got the whole cast is now the question is. In the final episode. Day and John Goodman heart attack and heart attack and a soul. And quite know how they're gonna work that in in the were to bet he's of course but they're saying John Goodman's going to be back in it I don't think she officially diet. Pages and Atlantis I don't know hearted I leave snow. I might be wrong on that and architects to say right we'll see how they bring that in but what's. What TV show from from that you know. 80s90s. Late this year revamp of the same cast it's easy easy year where he gone Santo. Seattle think that would work. I think I think Seinfeld's always relevant again and lately just societal observations. And Larry David's right and it's you have to do is grow it as easy as that which you have to advance the characters I mean that was having an outside studies he never really had a character and about I mean they were stuck in the same guys. You know all I know but I mean. And all little people try to do stuff I don't know if that would work the same way it did you wouldn't wanna see Jerry Stiller I don't know just three years old still yelling George but I don't know well and I don't know if I could to bring Michael Richards back I don't know if it was should Curb Your Enthusiasm did they play on that and play on it but they wanna hear about it rubio vs NBC. So that's a really good questions why guard and you know every gonna have their easy answer because you have your go to television too but there's so many good TV shows. But since there's so many might be more specific like you can never do happy days again now well and shots and Joni is dead yet. But I mean even if he tried to recreate it with a hole the past. Q couldn't go back to that Milwaukee in the sixty Eads is you couldn't do it you know once showed that. Gosh text and so far is married with children I would wanna see and nine and O'Neal married with children though would you. It's busy Christina Applegate like you wanna see. New characters of that I'm no dummy no idea you'd have to fit in but yet their listeners are mania by that what Roseanne's doing bring the casket back. That would be cool that they did this a full house and analyze an episode of Poehler how's she on Netflix and I watched the first episode and it was the nation. I couldn't get it was kind of strange feeling just because I had so many memories from the original. That this one was kind of like. Superman and be a show that. That was kind of you can just do week to week so I think if they redid the Love Boat now. It should be awesome put it on Cinemax. Come down and put much years. It shares a lot of folks timing and cheers just folks JC could still do not jiving and friends home improvement now friends wouldn't work the wonder years. Friends are home improvement would be a improvement could work and he lived in Allen's available census showed just I can't let and that's basically a new version of Al Arab men have been outdoors he guy and they did cancel on the thing about them I like people the outrageous Tim Allen is appealing that show got canceled because he had an anti liberal thing on -- down. No he just wasn't getting ratings getting ratings that show was on the fence the last two years they just finally said you know what we don't wanna take the mound almost a million a year assay and Stephanie is up tops are nice and Fuller house. Oh yes she. She blossomed. She's my kids and that's not creeping. Power I think so yeah. So dirty generally differ. Eight jeopardy for a Louisiana come back at our Allan Bloom DM I knew there would be some sort of abuse involved yes there usually is so yeah I saw this. This who did this report are elegance he did in this report. It was from my Deutsche Bank analysts. Who were providing clients various services. Research reports of what things cost around the world and one of them was beer. So the average cost of a pint of beer in world cities. And the cheapest place is Prague in the Czech Republic. So the average and this is just you know going down in the neighborhood. You know. Whatever pike average price a dollar thirty a pint TC US to leave. I Johannesburg South Africa buck seventy Lisbon Portugal at two dollars OK now I don't need anybody out of this the most expensive. Protect new York and your was four. The most expensive in the us all these guys to Paris. No Paris was sixth. New York was the most expensive US cities was the most it was a non US city. Some like Pyongyang North Korea. Ministry were not on the service. I'll talk Oslo Norway at nine dollars and ninety cents per pint of beer AK that's called a blazer and a I Singapore. Dollar is the voters that are death Hong Kong 77 the average price of a plan appear in New York City 740 Boston was fifth at 720. Tens I heard Prague is actually cool since I've heard it's there's an underground brewery tour that's apparently unbelievable. If you ever want to have had their but I've heard Prague is if you wanna go and nightlife and have a good time and not to break the bank I've heard Prague is an unbelievable you know I'm old I'm a pretty big like each guy for vacations. But I've been watching this TV the TV show on Netflix master of none and it starts out with a season saris character and Italy. I really am starting to get more more of like a European. Type feel like I really wanna go to your dressing like him so. It. Even her son in France today. I would like to also along the did consumption lines apparently. May twentieth with. Which is what it is what it is Saturday two days away Saturday and that is world whiskey dad who. So enjoy your whiskey on Saturday a current world was today. And finally. We talked about big families earlier in the week in the show and Sprague still not apparently done. Ivan you I'm done on it and steps nipped and that may agonizing minutes I'm likely to remind I don't know delegates nip that's my problem and who knows dirt maybe one day maybe one day and I got a bumpy. These Social Security put out the most popular names for babies are signed in 26 team and I haven't for the state of Oregon. Allied NC state of alert had broken down by states of the most popular boys name. In Oregon and 2016 is all over. I'm a leash you'll like that and for females it's Olivia. Thank Allen ABC the most popular in America I believe was high low high low from staff reports. Al-Qaeda got so many nerds are out there. The nerds have won this just look at accent. The birds have won yes I've I've read that I Lowe was the most popular name. Carla did not appear on the 12016. List here in the state or ged book dot org or else all over Henry William Benjamin. Henry's make gonna come back on Lee on the why it's colon Enola Mason analyzed showed that top ten boys names leave them as an American named and it's odd to me. Why I just think like eastern European think he should she have an accident you're name's Lee on the you know I I know Leo my thought was like Scottish or Irish or something riady got down we're dealing with does that essentially on. With names baby names yeah. It's fun it's a remarkable how many people. Get upset when somebody else chooses a name they don't like. You notice that there what are you wanna call you kid brat. Why why would you naymick and Brad it's my kids acted exactly in memory I want. It's just you know Miley thing was something fairly unique and something that would be hard for other kids too easily make fun of Allende in my I category of not doing a lot of research it was the most popular just made the biggest jump of all the names and it made the highest growth from years previous Tyler let's the Oliver Olivia where did that come from Oliver's backed him. I don't know like guys I just read I think coincidentally on names you know Mike is going away people aren't naming their kids Michael anymore or Mike. Mike needs a resurgence. Salary of I likes that's a good segment Alex likes that a plum position go plunged today they tasted delicious thank you for opening aplomb that were right there juicy not sour tell our two really good in my hand he had good stuff it's like mega plans rid of that segment servicing authors day. And 215 Intel the football season. A begins a question for you who's the best coach in the pac twelve. Next. There on the back into 38 feet right on the clock. And finally a correction here a lot of listeners pointing out Allen Tim Allen show was pretty well read it yet Husseini was top three in the ratings on ABC. But this is ABC have done owning a modern family ask that's a big gap that is going to be big dog I don't watch any network television I don't really either anymore. I don't like to see that I read a thing that said ABC had was in the right maybe that's our. HBO and Netflix are good that I don't need a license and on CBS. The laugh tracks are weird to me as soon as this little bit if I just have a hard time believing that. Are you canceling somebody show because they give one rants a citizen or sand. Politics I guess spending I've I had heard much about that I just know there was some controversy around the cloud is coming knew he was a conservative like damn fool cares select the gusher back in the day for me if I see guys who's the best football coach in the pac twelve what's your answer. David Shire Chris Peterson. Properly David Shaw is to let David shop yeah. Good David seller Chris Peterson. I don't I was on tie you go to come on top offense there are now I'm just take on the best coach I think they're both great for different reasons. In his CP gender a notice on BA Chris Peterson ramps but I I know he you shouldn't go down this rabbit no I'm not understand though the Athlon Athlon sports that precedes this every year I just stumbled across this was curious they put out a ranking of the best coaches in the pac twelve heading into the 2017. Season. And I know shocker Chris Peterson was number one on this list. They say in just three seasons Peterson transform Washington into one of the back toast up programs 86 in his first here's seven and six in his second year. And then now of course had a great year that they had last year's mid Chris Peterson number one after his three years. David shot coming in at number two I would still say David Schaub escalation in conference in just a longer track record. What he's done in this conference there's 64 and seventeen. Under David Johnson's 2011. Yeah I mean we don't know who their quarterback's going to be this year and you're still not sitting their questioning whether the compete they'll compete for the tax nor unbelievable David Shaw coming into number two Kyle Willingham number three ranked that coach of the pac twelve. OK that's fair and went 28 games the conference and coming in in 2014. They've had a winning season each year the last three seasons. A non conference play though their first two years or any sub 500 congress two years I believe they were yet so they got Kelly yet because my guess where Willie Taggart and Gary interesting comment on this list Jerry Anderson somewhere in the eight. 109 range of elderly Taggart ten to twelve because he hasn't done any unproven completely unproven there Willie Taggart will be probably ahead of Justin Wilcox who's never been and coach before. That might be them the last on Cox's tall task list. Ben and Jerry Anderson somewhere seminary and I'm guessing well. Yeah under sold both of them Gary Anderson comes in at number six on this list about tackle Beattie is behind the top three that I mentioned Mike Leach is number four Mike MacIntyre number five. Then comes in Gary Anderson at number six talking about the year he had last year on of course going back to track record we did at Wisconsin and Utah State. And Willie Taggart. Comes in at numbers says that while coaching a game in the conference headed Jim Mora junior how he's ahead of Todd Graham his aides rich Rodriguez's nine clay Helton is ten. Click helmets test Shimomura is eleven and I mentioned Justin Wilcox is number twelve. Athlon is always suspect with the rankings I don't know how they. Come to the conclusions they do. If you're gonna go back and count of Wisconsin for Gary Anderson. Peterson's number one in the conference with her Mercedes is that he's he was they did have a man number one in the they did break him. You said Shaw was number one dogs at all just liberal yet Peterson was number one on this I don't know I don't know how you determine if Willie Taggart is a top. Eight culture nine coach positive since I'll say the same thing that I said about that Peterson when I'm ranting about this a few years back. How how do you put him ahead of it Rich Rodriguez has been to a packed holes I shouldn't Taggart and will both be eleven and twelve they said they've never pushed to game in the conference they don't have any taxable funds under their belt. So he's already higher higher ranked then now health for to death his aura yes mister Aldridge is always lower our analysts is always like ten throws always down there and say I was against it dissing the Athlon rankings of the best coaches in the pac twelve Chris Peterson number one David shot to Kyle winning in three. And Gary Anderson comes in at numbers six and Willie Taggart comes in. At number seven hey we got a S special announcement to make four yeah. For some and it's coming up next week election village that is on the other side of the break also the best burger in America there's been a changing of the guard at love did you. On the poll questions all next on 1080 the fan. It has been a changing of the guard. It's not LeBron over Jordan. Some radio over Montana. And it's five guys over in and out. Five guys burgers and Fries. A great name server plays physical name. Has officially been ranked as the best burger in America. The median. Yeah he. Loses. This is the defense team. Made. It needs but. Like five guys. Yet the -- pressure fast food as the rest the top ten was the shake shack yeah okay Wendy's Colfer is lot of burger. McDonald's sonic America's drive and smashed burger and Steak N Shake. That's your top ten best murders he's in America need not eaten into those that call overs and and smash burger you've had a Steak N Shake ya. What is that never sent daily in the midwest there at the end there well there's got to there's some me out in the midwest out Kemp. Yeah I five guys burgers Fries a solid and I still am upset that the northwest represented a burger bills not on this list. Yeah adds if I was is that they belong in this category it's a. Don't know if third a big enough change. Because they're only bought in Oregon Washington and Idaho. You getting those the three states saw and what however big the survey goes I'm sure there's not enough if you had a cheese wine like you're on a road trip are eagle and five guys are in now. Our goal of five guys in two seconds no drive throughs that's fine. That's I mean that's got to. Counts for something right I'd probably go five guys over in an Albert and upset a lot of Californians on this we are you people saying we're on cracking and I didn't I didn't even saying anything yeah. I did yeah I'd say I don't like all that extra stuff for my burger so like people within about did say it's all about the sauce and though the idea I hate all that crap well the sauces delicious. It's good sauce come on. The greats I. I'm I'm one of those I'll admit that I believe we're going depth. Burger mill will be is always gonna be better than in and out yet. But let's not act again helpers are not delicious so there are their grades are good they're great burgers silly asking how is how like castle on this list well if you Durbin the white castle in Vegas let's bring and I tell ya don't go to it don't do that especially after a night of drinking and we've had. Let's say I don't know yeah yeah we've had listeners tell us coated if you go to white cows go to and East Coast one. All the Vegas locations not get it now Batman and it was it was terrible but you know five guys is good. At its basically split for me in and out five jazz missing thing yes that's changing of the guards do Asian bin decision been in and out there always voted via best burger joint in America but it's five guys burgers and Fries the over ticket this year in and out does command. At number two some curious what spray gives doing tonight without an MB a playoff game. Lack gem I'm back. She was huge huge huge huge huge huge laundry list of things to do with the house. Because they got family coming in for my youngest first birthday tomorrow right to find a venue so yeah gonna have its sister in law's house easy go to. We've got spies paperwork usually don't have it in a park yep we got my dad coming down my older brother coming down and my step sister is coming down with her husband. They're all staying in my house and they have about a fifth 150. Pound. Our Rottweiler start us staying in my garage that's going to be full on and they are my garage and I get home I've got a full laundry I've got to make sure everything's dusted sweats. Clean because my dad comes to my house and then ridicules me. Human dog who white don't your employees while Mel bleeding clean forming a team effort Cisco knock yourself out the lives of the I go far you want a clean bill Fuller manner you know you can deal. Look at clean my house you don't seem to have anything to do fess up and not bug in me you good DD yourself. Rice a good luck good luck clean and tonight it's going to be an all night excursion number I'm ready do you have one programming note for next week so we're really excited next Thursday if you Curtis open the show yesterday is our coolant for a cause the fourth annual cost her house are gonna be out of the jacksons on being eroded Lake Oswego already benefiting the Salvation Army veterans and family center. You make donations over the phone and on site with us. And other cities and representatives from these Salvation Army out there you give final the details intended to defend dot com that you need. And it's fronted by trust through course like whatever your mountain climb on but the other cool note any breaking news part of this still. Is next Thursday. Have a special guests coming to cooler with us you ask first segment is gonna come in for a segment deep one the only. Wine tingle math got to hop in the cooler with us his dad was a bad he's all about it he's going to be in town for some stuff and we were able to work it out. And we're gonna convince swing tingle the hop into the beer cooler where thus it failed to expand raise some money for a good Gaza is he still sweats through the twenty degree temperature is. And will get tingles sniffles aren't that's going to be a lot of fun at the end up we will update you on if he'd. Does or does not sweat in the irregular with flat out asked him are you sweating right now a December we'll have lift the arms at the end of the segment all the. Also I mean he was head coach at Montana and so it's not warm in Montana there over the winner mine so I'm I'm curious if you just comes and you know golf shirt and just shows you guys up. Just kind of goes man style you know when I I one segment you can pull that off now that's a little different because we're in every three hours yeah but he's an effort to all the minutes I could pull off Poland told minutes so we agreed went shirtless and we went percent flag. Nice trip down last year and just a heads up we're still kind of finalizing everything so we can't tease too much we we've got some really good things to auction off awesome prizes for sports fans out they're coming from potentially or again the blazers organ state. And a couple other goodies as well. So stay tuned for that we're gonna tweet amount actor and spray will give you a heads up show he went looks like him but we're really trying to do this thing the best that we've done thus far it's our fourth one I missed it last year due to the birth of my daughter. And I selfish we're really excited looking forward to this one it's going to be a lot of. Fun at it in last man fourth annual Cologne for 'cause it next Thursday just keep that in mind we're gonna take donation items are gonna have some awesome sports memorabilia for you too loud. To bid on gonna be out of the jacksons. On being eroded make us legal bills and so they Johnny saying the next really hot man's going to be identity and a cooler gonna need some refreshment there's any Trace of course lights that's for sure it's gonna be awesome next there's a course like to colon for a cause our fourth annual late tonight there's no NBA playoff game. Their goal what's the predators stay perfect on home ice is Fred's the ducks folks scheme for in the Western Conference finals and ES Danica play out on your former winner hawks Brian Johansson and Cody McLeod range into seventy series go check that out. And enjoyed should be a lot of fun though don't trust those folks. In this and you should get a less rubbed tires podcast 1080 the fan dot com is where you can find it allows tweeted out after this break on Twitter an act. 1080 the fan on Twitter we will talk due tomorrow at noon ready to go enjoy some sun sunshine. It's been part of our Thursday number one is next listening to 1080 the fan.