Dirt & Sprague Thursday May 18th, 2017 Hour 2

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, May 18th

The guys wonder how close Sean Mannion is to becoming the starting QB for the LA Rams...is Mark Cuban right in his belief the NFL to Vegas plan will backfire...why a Spurs fan is suing the Warriors...and is the 2021 Super Bowl needing to be moved.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I gotta catch against these blogs its regular. Going around the corner it's time for dirty and spray yeah true love is horrific time. Sometimes things you have to love and intensity early flight home. You go and a couple of new people tell about your bathroom mindful of the attendees Dirk Johnson and Brendan spray it's. Date because it's time you know socially glad to get dirt and spray on tan maybe. No soon. Come back cowards in the third straight year run. 1080 the fan. And some NFL nuggets to get to hear in the second hour. Yeah I I don't know why. It smells like go floor right throughout our hallways here in the building so they flooded the water. Remember the floor right you steps taken elementary school talent morning absolutely and it smells exactly like that nor homes. So it's either somebody's lunch and god knows what kind of food that is there was look at a lunch tools like Florida. Yeah or somebody's got to like him. Big thing of fluoride to its is sit wide open and it's smells going everywhere spilled some on the hallway and they still give kids Florida probably don't. My guess would be no they have there's parents that are against vaccines my guess would be there is I sat I infrared does take Laura and her or anything like that event. I did not do that for years. When you're I can't ever try agitator if it was just lay inches in the lottery is your way you have parents had to say yeah no my mom always said yes 'cause we didn't have great she's dental insurance and yet to tap water wasn't strong at the strain household and million of the flora item there little brown Waterville home. Not this little Fossett clean and will be good to go do we still do Florida in the water too would the city vote that down. Tina I don't know the city of Portland. 'cause I think the water no. Like way out Beaverton and a low and Hillsborough comes from a different source than it does in downtown Portland I just double lock he's got salt water. I'm proud I'm proud of my Malarkey rather very and only one reason or in the Lake Oswego was the actual lake itself. All right so we don't know anything about floor right now honoring him as somebody said some areas don't have fluoride in the water. That is those wells controversial things chloride a lot to get to hear in the second hour Mark Cuban has thoughts on the NFL. We'll get into that a conundrum with these Super Bowl. Pop it up today this morning we'll explain what that means but I want to start with that with this one. Could show on Manny and be close to potentially taking Jared costs job. As Jason Cole Bleacher Report is reporting. That many inside the rams facility have been impressed with minions progress and what he's improved on this offseason a one source told coal. That golf is if office struggling. For a large chunk of this coming season it wouldn't surprise said Soares and others. One bit. If Manny and ended up. Surpassing goth and starting for the rams as you should. I don't know why this would be controversial of folks you know a Jerry Johnson was thrust into the lineup last year the rams are awful case Keenan wasn't getting the job done and they made the decision that's by the rookie. And he was bad it was terrible it didn't do much do you look at the numbers in about 50% completion percentage or two more picks than touchdowns. Only about five yards per completion media at a terrible rookie year now eat you have to be fair to say a lot of guys have bad rookie years got to get some time. A to develop and see with they do in the off season going into year two but if you're running that organization and let's say generally we know geragos could be today one starter. You get eight or nine games into the season and the numbers are similar to what he was put up last year you're not move the football. He's not put points on the board and you're off to lead to win seven or three and six start as he football team that does have talent places. Why would you not make the move in see what you haven't shot a man and I think it's one of the big concerns. That that I would have as a fan whenever a team takes a quarterback with the top five or top ten take. That you feel like you're almost married to the guy for a number of years the you have to give him four or five years to see what he can accomplish and I think you'd you would be potentially missing an opportunity to have shot meaning come into play if he's sexy sexy go back to Jared golf that. It is the EU can't. Put yourself in that situation as an organization that you wait four years for a quarterback to tea out because you just don't have that much time to win world to go back and give you an idea again let's go back when the rams who are in Saint Louis they wanna. He did tear it off and what they traded. So they traded at Tennessee. The rams game their first round pick from toy sixteen. 22 round picks for Tony sixteen a third round pick in two when he sixteen a first round pick next year. And another third round pick. In 2017 the titans gave back. First overall pick in 2016. A fourth round pick in 2016. Any sixth round pick in 2060. You have to give this guy a full season temple I see what you're sand. It makes a lot of sense long term like you don't wanna sit here with a quarter Iraqi can't prove himself and two or three years and continue writing it out. You gave up enough of a package. If you were Owen fifteen key still starts weeks seventy. Idea and adding your hand shaking his problem forward a year it could be years they are too much Mandy gossip right now that's your play you can't live in the rearview mirror Jeff Fisher was your head coach and he made them move jury fired him and moved on to get a new head coach. I do I think this is almost it's like a Jacksonville situation like there's still married to Blake portals this is gonna be year five for oral Lee's had three awful years and one Goodyear also hasn't had a great coach no he hasn't yet now much help around him but if he sucks again this year that's four out of five years your awful in your back in the same position that you just were what one example that argues on the flip side. And I know injury played a big part of the look what happened Washington RG three came out he was in the quarterback they took. The you know with the with the high tech and Kirk cousins is a third rounder it would stash him away as a back up. And then a couple of years later Kirk cousins ends up being the better quarterback and you play an injury predicated I understand that. But it just. I don't know what you gain from continuing to trot him out there I think you your. Especially if if these reports are accurate that there are impressed by what shot minions doing and you're watching it day to day out practice like to discuss kill and our defense and on the scout team. He shred that Indy he's fit balls in tight places is arms strings Grady understands the offense. You can't always look at the rear view mirror just because you made a mistake which it was to trade all those picks to get Jared golf then you can't that allow it to affect 345 more years out. Just because you you use that number one overall pick to go get him well in. Yeah I just. I'd I'd like to see teams give guys chances and nine maybe 789101112. Is a long enough for some committee seven like I said is too short and you don't the only place I've teams last year fide bad game but he's mean he's a rock you tell what I expect from the I Carson it's what it car. In Winston the last 56 weeks of the season was great the first couple games after that he didn't do exactly defense is kind of tight caught on they struggled to move the ball offensively Dak is really the only exception the last year and a big part of that was the defense played surprisingly well. Any got a huge boost from the offensive line and run game. We knew it could shared goth and what they have with the rams. They're not gonna be good this year they're not up. Jerryd goth could surprise people or he can continue to suck statistically and his five weeks. Where he stacked up I mean it's it's amongst the bottom of the bottom guides as bad as good he's not top thirty in almost any category in just a five week span he struggled. But we knew give up everything that you gave up and I'm a big Sean meaning guy I hope the guy gets a chance whether it's at the rams are another team. I'd love to get them hit the SE and get a shot. You can't give him a shot this year this is the one year ICU same RG three but even RG three it was him coming back from an injury after going to the playoffs. And clearly not being held easily had to take him out. And in the year after that it was basically in this guy really can't cut and. Run Kirk cousins and playing good football that's why you also had to keep him in the lineup by. That there's a part of this to debt that it would is fresh data enemy of show on any not getting a chance like for as bad as the quarterback position has been for that team the last two years. Yemeni attempts he's made in his two years in the NFL. Who minions yeah. I'm less than 513. Okay he is attempted thirteen passes in two years Italy is that counting regular season action that that's those though that's just regular seasonal Seoul's most that's probably all of that is pre season. No yet know these are regular season numbers are getting garbage got it messier was six of seven as a rookie Ani was three of six last year I was at this deal that's always got. And I think that that there's a frustration infamy of but to what it would that you would see what you have an amateur you used a third round pick on you have a collect he was a free agent acquisition or undrafted guy Aaron seventh round just roll and on the depth chart. Stash him away in case of emergency it especially with how bad they've been at deposition. I guess he was sitting behind Aaron Rodgers and and add that many attempts I get it is behind Aaron Rodgers but. He's been behind some awful quarterback's knee hasn't sniffed an opportunity and I don't understand Brian at. 55305. To bridge for peers tech sign says the picture of her golfer sunk cost it doesn't matter what they traded form if he's terrible in camp when they need to try something else. Another text did you guys. No that's some teams combined somebody's that you start the best quarterback regardless. Of draft picks lost and somebody else saying that minions should do it has looks. I hear all that I do. Are they going to be good this year I just wonder what the approach for the rams is going to be and what the expectation is if this is a building block gear for McVeigh in year one. I aim AOK with him trot him out even if you use terrible and saying all right we give more full season. In shows much. Yet and I think this is to is to highlight your argument because I know there's a lot of people that agree with you like he's played five games that's not enough of the one don't know whether or not he sucks I can't have a full slash opinion don't I have a predetermined opinion because that body was a terrible number one taken and that was some improvement in year while but nobody knows the answer NTELOS careers officially old writing. This is that this scary part about making them take like they did with DOS is you feel like you have to play yeah. You know if you take a guy with its what do you take in the first round you like the browns with a Sean Kaiser or the cheese cheat on another little different as they have Alex Smith emplacement. If it's not this kind of situation with the number number number one or number two guy. You don't feel like you have to plan B and let him develop that besides she'll climb benching him. But because you gave up so much in Psycho. We just lost out on number five pick a number eight pick a third round pick a fourth round pick like. We lost all that EMA guys sucks even wanna give him more time anyone another quarterback impersonal and let deceit. Meaning get a shot this year on both from organizational standpoint I just I don't buy it they're really going to do that so we'll see which are god does and if goth is pulled from canyon dominion Sox. I guess time and time we bring in Cody Bass. Legal code of asset Cody Vaz save the day for me they want say they suck again next year they get a high draft of woody DeWitt the Ramsey the number one overall pick next year. You take quarterback. T give up on him after one year. Mean these terror you have to right now ya think about it I coming up next sticking in the NFL was the raiders are moving to Vegas a bad look for the league. That's next on offense. All right welcome back kid here on 1080 the fan coming up in twelve minutes. The sports fan when they a lawsuit because he's still playing great. And summing it involves the Super Bowl and in packs where it is going to be played. The thing we need to yesterday. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Who is never shy of giving his two cents on the NFL. They basically always indicated there too greedy. You know hogs are gonna get slaughtered at some point in a bubble will burst. Well he was talking with ESP yen. And he says that he thinks the NFL's decision all of the raiders leave Oakland just because Nevada is willing to build in the stadium is going to be a bad luck in a few years. Quote why. There's no better reason it's no disrespect to Las Vegas it's a great city and its five Rand. But they're going to be smaller market it's transient. And it's just another example of chasing every last dollar and that tends to backfire. Cuban said in quote. Bad look for the NFL moved to Vegas. No no I I think this has more to do with Cubans vendetta against league that it does actual logic. Fourteen that he try I'm buying. I thought it was too I didn't try to get in on a team it can't just let it can't try to the cubs and actually be I don't know if I'm not sure if he ever try to buy an NFL obviously the cowboys and government for sale so that's not an option and it could ease up on record as saying there's this ball that's gonna burst at the league in all there chickens are gonna come back to roost and in the NBA and in his opinion will probably return to being the dominant sport in this country are become I should say. The dominant sport I. I've said this report say it again I think every city works for the NFL it's the NFL analogy if you're gonna go by magic of will they have the best hometown support of any team now of course not which is kind of his point but does that mean it's gonna be about NFL market this is going to be the top tourist destination for every NFL fan. Well I'm curious if there are going to a different model now that this could be a big experiment to see just how big the NFL is. Can't we go to a market is there are enough money. And its people to come see the games if we build a stadium or somebody build us a stadium. Vet even if there isn't a bad traditional home crowd seasoned take yet. Sort of situation is it more like eight PGA golf tournament were. We're just you know we try to put the best field out there are put the best teams out there we can. And people who gorgeous fans of the game itself will show up in droves to take it and because if that if that's the case if it's not so much that there's this. You know die hard if raider nation doesn't you know transfer the black hole. But if you talk about moving more games internationally. Could they build a stadium could they go to Wembley in London and say hey. We're not gonna give UA team. Bo were gonna have won London game every Sunday one international game every Sunday or we build a stadium in Sydney Australia or we build a stadium in. Madrid Spain. And bring one international game every Sunday can they sell. Let out every Sunday well I mean can they sell out sure he does he has a point in this. Timmy it may ninth. It may not be a bad move going to Vegas. He has a point to this a bad look for the you know about this was the third move and allow that to add years yeah but that doesn't have any do it necessarily Vegas from its isn't that that is everywhere he step. Did the worst one is the chargers going to LA and it's not even clause that's that's the rest of the three that's specific to pour management not does. As well and handling your situation with the locals have a government at the raiders are gonna have a strong fan support and Las Vegas they've of any of these teams they could've moved to Vegas the raiders for the best option they have a decent following throughout the country and I I think it will be solidly in support him for them. In Las Vegas that though the more correct comparison of the of led a team or league going to Vegas in and out working for me is the NHL ID BFI Joe's gonna fall flat on it's nice in Vegas. 41 home dates for its about our dates you know granted you only need I don't know what the seating capacity and it's gonna be around. 17181000. I'm guessing kin they deploy 151000 and there are on average every night now that's the bigger question. They will be able to for maybe a year or two but it's an expansion team in that team's gonna sock in three or four years in when they're still not winning. People are gonna stop showing up by the outside a Jacksonville are there any bad NFL markets that you would label. As a digital. I'm reading an article right now that it misses from last year 2016 and it just goes into detailing attendance in the NFL in general. And how it is all kind of falling it's not like huge year you're still getting 85 you're getting 1993. Capacity. But you are you're not at a hundred a lot of teams are rat somewhere between. 78. 87 capacity so you are losing more and more people every year. A lot of nasty with price of the ticket the home viewing experience how much better that is for most. It's not like we're sitting here and they're selling out in every market they're not. They're struggling secondary markets have been higher than ever because fans are now waiting for tickets to drop and they're not outright purchasing like they used to. And you've seen in several markets San Diego who obviously not existent anymore. They were at a point where for four straight games they were less than 70% capacity there. There's no way and that's going to be the case never checked I think that's part of his point is this may do well initially is this really the best to move. For the league and for that team because he's a 100% on the trains apart it's transient city that is that could benefit them to. But. You left to a smaller market you left Oakland for Las Vegas. Which is not a movie you see sports teams do very often saying full days is unique though right I know but the only other eggs. Arguing it's out of his Seattle on us on yet they say but that was more about the only that it was capitalizing on a market down the Orleans Moreland the jazz back in the day went Salt Lake City. A long time ago home that was before I think even measure let me. Content at epic why I guess the question though is is there a minimum critical mass of population in the meat in the in the metropolitan area that you have to have this business is growing Vegas is yeah. A growing sense you're. If you're above a million and a half people in your metropolitan area then doesn't matter if you have 3000005 million is that enough. To support it so as long as there's enough. To draw from. Then who cares if there's two and a half no matter five million or ten million. Ad then that that matter at all on and I think that's that Vegas will be a great NFL city it's gonna take time great eye on a city will be a great NFL city I do Bolivia they're in terms of the local communities supporting them like they do in Green Bay or New York or Boston. With the patriots though probably not but I guarantee that building's gonna be sold on every single week probably my guess will be held a 75 to 25% split. You'll be you'll be able to scoop up 775%. Of it to fill with raider fans and then you're always get a get a ton of folks to travel led. To see their teams play in Las Vegas this listener asks a pretty good question regarding the raiders I wonder what the fan base is gonna look like if the raiders aren't good as they go back and let's say maybe car is on or he's retired or be he'd just said. Keep leading nomination trouble they make the wrong move. What's it gonna look like then what is your not gonna win forever so well Vegas like when a city and a team. So I think the answer to that is every city is about sports town when their teams lose how many cities or me Odyssey how many cities they're immune to that I think he's just wondering what it looks like. Yeah I mean and I think it'll look like every other city with their teams and they lose to Denver fans are probably good I mean you got out. Handful of them they have filed I think always we'll show yeah I was a lesser and in the end if you if you have the cowboys fans are notorious for that eagle three at east or three and nine in Denver next year they packed the week fifteen day old. Our cardinals think about the Arizona Cardinals that there are all when they plated Arizona Saleh content are awful terrible state all the cowboys came in it was another cowboys home game. So added there's a lot of markets outside the Packers the Steelers. Yeah you need to go the traditional it did in Oakland have to. Close off the top because they hang announcement. Our business did the same thing the last few years they they got their capacity reduced in order to lift the blackout yeah to. Years ago I went to Panthers and Buccaneers game in North Carolina Panthers were debt that was the year dating durable 500 and made the playoffs they were 781 or whatever it was at the tie. This is the towards the end of the elect week fourteen so there in the mix. It seems like game for like one box 'cause they were below 500 they weren't dominant team has a lot of markets that are like that there's very few that are Green Bay or Boston. Our New York it is isn't it common thing letting us know any we can hope right before all visiting Vegas and the winner of the NFL's there is a saying hey. Maybe they suck tickets are thirty dollars yep this is just a general take about three teams moving in the last two years or. Screwing their home towns like I I understand that aspect of it but just simply attacking Vegas and saying that's bad for the NFL I don't buy that one listener Texan I just saw this. You might be right swipe card it says that this listeners at least says he bought 10% of the cowboys. He owns a 10% stake I don't know duty by blunt all of dead he might you know terror Jerrold take his money. I mean he he's he's tight with the cowboys do they got a great relation so I didn't know we actually bought a small minority ownership truly out that I missed that one that was back in April was when it was announced. Finalizing a deal and he's 10% owner now for the Dallas cal was an art present for 455. Million welcomed the NFL I'm an app. Mark Cuban says Vegas a bad luck. For the NFL and not going to be as successful as they think are coming up next. One fan base is so upset by bad luck at their filing a lawsuit. Will explain all this and tell you which can be citi's. Once they're back at 134 on a Thursday. Coming up and ten minutes little issue for the what do tournaments of gold toilets going on pretty LA thing that happened. Off the hour NFL news and relatively brief visit to a summer classic coming up at 215 I will ask this question what's the have some subset you've ever been after a sporting event most outraged upset frustrated. Angry and everywhere you wanna use. Looking back I'm probably the only nine civil war more than 96 World Series okay. Look at just the outcome UT laws climbing league there's always had it all year then suddenly the media committee comes back it. That's a pretty dominant Roberts eleven and a half game suspensions are pretty common yet he announced that for the game didn't name. Well let's see I'm at a still bitter and Jim earlier it's. That's still irks me to Hillary yeah braves were the better team in 96 in the DM yankees and Jim Leyritz with Israel runs and game and I used Jews and got X 81 NFC title game got. The catch. And then then the bees round one when they were ranked number one in the NCAA tournament Rolando Blackman tasty now I'm out. Let me let me a citizen and jumper we all have those moments is fans right Regis angrier ticked year you're just upset about what happened in the outcome which viewers by the way. Did seven lakers as probably still my mull over a ducks lost the Auburn game. Yet probably while yet that give the wake is that team would have won the time at night while I am an ugly Michael Dyer was he down or not I mean that's so I don't get me wrong but I would put games blowing this exceed well because that was a game that organ Auburn game was there was a coolness of just being their first off. And they were trailing most again they scored like two minutes of those like I got a chance came out of nowhere. That gave nail they led by sixteen in the fork yet 2000 one's team and make they were gonna win yeah and you talk yourself into thinking for three and a half quarters they're gonna win this game and in laws. So let me as it is as mad as you are after those games did you ever contemplate suing the team that beat you the player than the eve. Now can't say that I have quite gone that far you know you don't wanna file a lawsuit against league era blunt from playing in the second half I moved on about after I don't know ten hours of Rolando Blackman did hear from your lawyers swagger. You know did and didn't didn't feel like suing Dwight Clark for jumping higher than he's ever jumped in his life. Tim Bailey all right well that's actually happened right on sports get this Izod as glorious today. We all know game one of the gold state San Antonio series Assad to Juliet he stepped on require Leonard dirty play no doubt about it. And I caught Leonard ended up leaving that game the spurs lost and he missed game two and got blown out. Well there is gentleman who is not claiming to be a devoted lifelong San Antonio Spurs fan. If he's filed a lawsuit. From the game and Zaza Pachulia. And the Golden State Warriors as the defendants saying. But his actions against coli lettered in game one quote. Devastated the quality of the spurs' chances of being competitive. And diminish the value of the tickets purchased by the plaintiff subsequent to their purchase. He's been thrown out yet and no it hasn't he's got his first state guess there's a legit lawyer there's an attorney has picked up this case the attorney says all are asking from the court is this type of behavior. They can and does 'cause serious or an injury to our team and those that love that not be allowed in San Antonio. Again this goes to more on atop the show sewer and get his money back for a bad first date you view your. There's a risk involved you you're paying a four to wit once you know explaining this to you. You must expect this so here's what you know what his demands are he's demanding and lawsuits. And damages no greater than 73000. Dollars any reason. Is these are so emotionally distraught that that's the number that really fixes everything that's the one makes map Diego's also asking for a temporary restraining order issued that requires that defendants to restrain the conduct described another. Relief the plaintiffs are ruled to be justly entitled to okay. All right that makes a lot of sets because some padlock and where he'd landed sudden how you feel entitled common. I don't know I hope that this gets thrown out no sooner than it gets filed in court. But that the lawyer gets disc ball because we are exerting this court's time with this. App yet the lawyers should be disbarred unwanted or they give you actually file this lawsuit you should no longer allowed to have any legal standing practice life. How about a look is this for spurs fans into the blazer fan did this I can't even begin to tell you on bears that would be like free throw guy. This stream of our Boise dog Guillen likes all Utah fan or some nonsense gather bluntly terrorism cannot spurs fans were better than that like an accident did you won enough for a ideally by the way that's a whole meta thing to leg of your organization it's never one you get to this point man happens to area. A set find it in filing a lawsuit just on hold nothing but. San Antonio OK let me follow up the best organization in basketball for twenty years. What's worse that. This sports fan doing it or the other sports fans starting a petition to ban this Cam Newton from CR stadium discus a petition has been a petition is not serious like double leg this isn't series and it's a series but he was just found a lot colossal way got a lawyer has. His attorney that picked this up saying that somehow there's some legal precedent are standing for them to allow this like I thought it. There has been in a sense and we don't want you to come here yeah I mean he says it's been thrown out I've Google they can't find it and yes. Yet because I didn't see anything out of but insane I think actually being thrown out as somebody I've member to the twelve is trying to band buck and Aikman they tried to ban but can make they also tried to ban Kim Newton. But it went Kim Newton to be able to play in the stadium because he heard a few legal access the suck like the twelve cabinet. How's my first part of this is still hold that level of crazy though. Like this is a lawsuit like a petition is one thing that I started a petition online to bring the NHL Portland now god it. It will allow Intel Paul I'll tell you play on track. Act man let anybody can go file a petition and give signatures it doesn't mean it has to be taken seriously. This like this guy filing if you filed a lawsuit. To say it's a banned Troy Aikman or out or Joe Buck from coming into century link field. That's that it's different than actually surname but you know we tried to get the guy that did the petition for Cam Newton our show didn't respond to request. I really wanna talk to one of these individuals. Just like what's going on out there first. Are you. So we can reach out to the lawyer and I'm sure the lawyers information somewhere and it looks like the did people probably would say I don't wanna talk to a radio station I just won in Knowles. What kind of person does this. This is gotta be some moron right. Yeah we'll screw somewhere else so yeah that's one thing if you do little you know petitioner had the Twitter sphere and you know which is kind of you know blow off some steam. But to actually go through the process and find somebody and sit down and have a meeting in. Go through points of law to establish standing in what I've never been to. This is this media says individual is a sports and I've never been driven to that point. No I just grab a dead. Stiffed tall drink after a loss like that yeah they are social media and you had a cold Deborah exactly McGee did you just handle it like a man give pound of have the Jack Daniels and you move on the next day go to the next season it now filing a lawsuit I love you father Ozzie do this series isn't even overly political light comes back and plays in game three and they win. Isn't that the game Eagles to be out keys yet you say buy tickets to game three game for the value of those tickets is now that they were. What if he plays a game very Tinny pullback in the lawsuit if it sticks in the lineup how are your ticket prices like to request this to be taken out again dear lord had just yeah how love talking about stupid people sometimes it's a lot of fun but well and some guys that you don't it's not fair it's one guy shouldn't categorize it is spurs fan is still fun man. But people do it people was say one guy. You still represent the fan base has somebody else so let's think you mean for the spam emails for that NHL petition you're welcome folks I still get those changed or emails still we're in this together people one of these days files gonna listen to me what did that Venezuela inflates drug got a hold on I have to bring do you have an up. If you could find the links to that petitioned the F for those just tuning in for the first timer don't remember Dirk did start a petition. For Paul Allen he wanted to get Paul Allen's attention so he did it change dot org petition galaxy NHL in Portland are all yelling at that 247. And what's that all main. It means we get more people vote on our Twitter poll question and tired about signing up you were changed dot org petition. They had 227 signatures menace that bag goes cited change dot org slash Paul Allen and Mitchell to Bora would go Friday Google it. Cent addition of site from the emails but maybe someday it'll payoff so yes spurs fan that's Andy's found a lawsuit that Zaza but Julian because. He was a mean mean man and stepped under coli letter date the some other location set for what eats what he won but that might be influx now because of rain concerns next on tending to defend. Pressure's on now you ask what's the difference in the past masters executed crunch time it was illuminating each moment. Greatest feeling in the world when you lose that's the lowest I won't be its current stuff. Tonight 95 for. Why would you ever pay more for a gym membership big drenched I'm rusty by crunch fitness always. Not I'm five months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership. The glorious us gains yesterday. It's no small. I was this morning iso morning work out. They coming up top of the hour NFL visit notes that mullah take a look inside swagger is back to plums at 215 Sunnis got cook for us today but. I do have a question to start the segment before I openly mock the entire city. And I it is for those of you who are out there listening working in the construction field if you two gentlemen could answer this that would degrade as well. How often does rain delayed construction projects in a place like Portland. If you're looking to pour concrete for the foundation quite a bit. We do need it to be drives and it depends on what facet of construction you are into but especially in a place that doesn't seem untrained. I think outside of the concrete thing I don't think it does that's an assay can be affected because get this the we all know the rams and chargers are moving to Inglewood write their stadium deal was supposed to be done in 2019. Open for the 2019 season. Yet they're not name or that at two point six billion dollars stadium is going to be gluten delayed almost a year is now scheduled to start for the 20/20. Season and the reason. As 'cause it rain too much. Well this is a big deal for the super hole two things usually yes of the Super Bowl is supposed to take or is it is supposed to take place in 20/20 one so that would have been after the 20/20 season. But the NFL has a role and placed at a stadium in their first season. Cannot host a Super Bowl so now the 20/20 20/20 one season. Will be the first year of the Inglewood football stadium and now it's up in the air whether or not they're gonna be able to host the Super Bowl that season I believe the rams have. Ortiz started the process. I'm seeing here right now pro football tucked the rams of Ortiz started the process. Because they are pairing with the chargers. Two get a waiver for the NFL because they want the NFL to say you know what tears is ridiculous you can do one year and then you can host the super wal. You don't want to miss the opportunity to appear the NFL. To have a Super Bowl in Los Angeles at a huge brand new venue. Ellie may not be great in supporting the chargers they may not be growth rate in supporting the rams. He's Super Bowl Los Angeles is for everyone else I don't care about the people on Los Angeles I care about if I wanna go it was super oval if you go to is suitable if Joe Schmo wants to go to a Super Bowl from whatever city they live in. LA is a great. Place to host a Super Bowl. I'd imagine the NFL is gonna grant them this oh they allowed Sher will find it's not missing out on now it's a brand new stadium the facilities are going to be gorges and how long out as a suitable booked right now. Do we know how far in advance they go. The usually two men two to three year clusters Szczerbiak has it because that that's what that would be an editing too straight leg of their bulletin 20/20 two and 20/20 three like they get to be willing to wait three or four years to get a Super Bowl in LA if they have to move at that year yet they don't have one for 20/20 two so that there is a solution you can move it back one year. If if you really needed to 'cause I wasn't sure if they booked out afterwards yet no I think tournament when you're going to be on the West Coast I mean you can always call Phoenix and go ahead you guys book teachings slated. To Phoenix I don't think that's a naming deal this is a bigger deal for the NFL too because part of the package with that stadium. Remember they're building NFL network's studio yeah it's all things on that hole it's like a campus almost by himself I'll tell restaurants and about 6000 seat stadium next to the football stadium yes of the NFL to me they're gonna wait this this waiver because like there's nothing you do about whether if you're trying to lay concrete it's pouring down rain which LA got a record number of rain last year or plus I think initially you're just. And a lot of dirt around here live in a lot of land around if it's raining and clay and muddy and he can't keep it where you want it then and yet the initial the initial foundation stuff. It is weather dependent once you actually have foundation and you can start you know. Putting in beams and frames and all that stuff then you can work in the rain yet my first up process it was all this is pretty LA. I think added the construction delayed because of rain to most amending his other. It idea and that's why ask the question that it when it completely make fun of the city Intel like you know of the construction folks have giant didn't take yet there's a lot of problems that income from this although some people are saying folks that were construction in California. Are not. Not as hard as Oregonian Lloyd's is why they can bill so high and live in a really nice houses and LA yes he is at a CDs and Khaled said to pick up tools when the rain starts until they notice nobody else's there's a on foreign announced on Farmington right by Murray they're redoing that whole road there adding sidewalks. And it's been going on what feels like forever but the real reason they can do it is because of side rank otherwise he beat Dallas yams as we said. Yeah I'm bad work in development inspection and Clark County water affects all aspects laying pipe rocking road rocky roads before trading moving dirt for. Compassion and building you can't work and mount a lot of projects have been delayed even here in the northwest some folks again as a plumber when island Dele. Drugs three and circle on the dirt as soon as ten range of films heritage house I was dismissed we'd never get anything built here. Yes prelates initiatives and I know you're not a big Los Angeles guy I mean that league that's pretty exciting to have us who ruled out there. But for sure is yeah yeah I know that this will last when they had an LA. I got a thing is somewhere in the nineties funny Callaway Steelers. I was at the Rose Bowl and are at the Rose Bowl Yankee was I I can't think of one it's been since that we're at Pittsburgh and Dallas play the last time Dallas won it. That's I says that's an area highlighted sedated opposite direct I was thinking bills Sunnis that Steelers which makes no sense but yeah that might have been the last one. 'cause they had a nice San declared when Peyton Manning wanted to thank yet that was in San Diego's hosted one and sitting on the same way what they've got a couple wanna say that was a Denver soup John Elway yes that Johnny layer one. They were double digit underdogs has been a long time yet though get a suitable date is got to figure out exactly how lob other gonna work this out does the NFL has a policy in place at a stadium in its first year of existence cannot host a Super Bowl. And now looks like the first year of existence for that LA stadium and Inglewood is going to be. The year that the Super Bowl will be played there but if you just joining us adding it would football stadium delayed was supposed to open in 2000 in nineteen led. It rained too much apparently down in Los Angeles at least the droughts over they got back on form in California. They got water again yeah MI out my cousin who lives in near Huntington Beach he shot me a Texan my buddies are. Complaining that it's to wet down here Mike because seriously no water seriously he's a gap but they miss so on them like it was like the Walking Dead down there are you kidding me. Rivers were dry go look at all the pictures before roster of the drought in California and it looks like to now it yet it's amazed at sun no no in nineteen Artie doesn't in nineteen opening going to be 20232. Point six billion dollars stadium at 2000 endowed that Tampa Oakland. Super Bowl was in San Diego. Oh is that the when I was in San Diego you know with the Super Bowl MVP of that team was U member. It was the safety for the Buccaneers and a what's his name Dexter Jackson Dexter Jackson as it was Larry brown and Dexter Jackson to a the most random Super Bowl MVPs maybe ever that they are crunch time rusty by drenched that is always not 95 months so why would you ever pay more free gym membership beacon find out more about our spread out work out. At crunch dotcom bust to get to in the final hour of our Thursday cut up at 230 we'll get back in the MBA playoffs just how boring have they bed. Is this a new problems for the NBA and get some news and notes going around National Football League Derek cars from running back news. Coming out as well and it feels like the first day as some are out there done that so. Let's bring back to summer classic at 215 loaded final hour don't go anywhere dirt Sprague on 1080 the fan.