Dirt & Sprague Thursday May 18th, 2017 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, May 18th

The guys discuss the sun, bad dates, worse NBA conference finals series and some tangible hope the McGregor-Mayweather fight might actually happen.


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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is durden spray. We're attending Dirk Johnson and Brendan spread. Durden spray. Go and 1080. It is wow. Oh in the rose city time for dirt and spray on Portland sports later 1080 the fan branded spring alongside Andy Dirk Johnson. Feeling good feeling great. And the day and the dollar. Is taken care of business we were seventy degrees I don't know some in his report on the album we're gonna hit seventy degrees at some point today though it will happen I took the to the dog for late night block she goes on to big blocks today you know. And I'm out it was probably close to eleven. It felt great I T shirt on and some basketball shorts it was a raining it was dry in my neighborhood. I said let's find out and I'll lock drowning you out it's gonna be really nice tomorrow is right now it it feels are candidates like disease are part a little bit summer is feels like the first official this summer someone in front. It's here at the weather's gonna be turn him and I think everybody's in a good mood because of that I got agencies are ready to go little Nashville Predators are hockey tonight life is good yeah you would not be seeing me in shoes and tell October. And I mean you can't start restart that I did you know I try to dabble in the flip flopped here and then the rain came back academy with a vengeance quest in his organs he spreads tank top next week when I need but we do we do have some breaking news to start the show today I do you have breaking news we do yeah. Thursday breaking news. I can now have been reported 1204 on Thursday Maine whatever today is eighteenth eighteenth. Brandon Sprague is wearing forever 21 ladies don't. Correct yes lord I received multiple com rob was gonna say complements but I'm no Don we are forever anyone teacher one person I think I percent it was nice yeah. I don't know she knows he bought at forever 21 knows is that words again and I said the mall and its goal yes I'm aware and I walked away he didn't he you weren't that confident enough to teller of the tournament purchased you know it's that's OK Ellie Jack promotions gave via. That's an Accenture now yeah. Which is also the same person that told me she never questions when her husband wears it's like how does that make any at all but a cheap shot but the same store my son with a pinky ring shacks can add a here to tell and hey I read a story I want to ask you guys have a question about a story I read its non sports. I couldn't. I couldn't believe that this was real but it is and it's actually acts concluded several all I'll tell the story is and then I'll tell you what the conclusion was a guy like that. Some sent around numb doing some research for the shell you know this sports topic that sports topic got LeBron is amazing. I stumble across this little blog post. Man in Austin, Texas. A man is suing a round rock woman. Deaths per texting during a movie date at the Barton creek square feeder. According to a petition filed in small claims court in Travis County. Brandon Vaz mar which this is why enjoyed so much his name is Brandon 37 years old Austin filed a claim Thursday against his date. Yes the woman he dated yeah he is asking for seventeen dollars and 31 cents. Which was the price of the movie ticket to a 3-D showing of guardians of the galaxy volume two. He told the American statesman. Tuesday 8035 year old woman reached by phone since she didn't know that the claim eggs against her was a real. She asked that her name not be used with said oh my god. That is crazy and he then responded where if just explaining why you filed a lawsuit it was kind of a first date from hell. This is like one of the biggest one of my biggest pet peeves. Activated her phone at least ten to twenty times in fifteen minutes to read and send text messages. The woman had no real response. Other than saying I had my phone low and I wasn't bothering anyone that. It wasn't like constant. Texting. And to update you. The man was offered a seventeen dollar and 31 cent of car to settle the lawsuit. Yes he does so I actually saw this on the news and I kind of appreciate worries coming from a little bit I actually do because filing a lawsuit on the articulate the filing a glossy you're just grasping for headlines there but he took her to a movie as a DD pay both these are not cheap that's it that's a somewhat expensive date and I I also read justifying this crap. I also read that he would keep pretty shouts of the gal before instead looked. I ask because apparently during the movie of my records are correct year judge that he he asked her to stop texting your movie twice like guild put your phone away we're. On a date watch a movie this is it's disrespectful not only to the date but everybody else in the movie Peter to have your phone not during a movie. He asked her to stop she said I'm gonna go outside and finish my texting because whatever she was texting was so important folk art and she apparently left she just walked out she dipped. And he was on the hook for that money yesterday when a refund me for my seventeen dollars and she said no he. Called her. He Calder and said I would like Y money back she responded with no you took me out on a day. To which then he responded. Of calling her little sister multiple times and she actually had to file a motion in the restraining order to get him to stop reaching out to her little sister to get this seventeen dollars and 30% of credit card does the guy actually looks normal like I saw among the New Zealand. You would think like you picture what this guy would look like and it didn't really fit the description. Mug if she was a bad date that's a bad day April week. The further and further we get into society looking for guarantees. And risk free. No there's always a risk that a first dates get a go bad if you wanna go not to go nuts but why didn't all. Stop mix he added in the victories and wanna read one more quote from him now. In the petition. While damages Solder modest the principle is important as defendant's behavior is a threat. To civilized society all your book tour I don't know us well. Does everybody have a a bad first date story like all I have a pretty matters there's risk everything I am British efforts that feeds I got robbed on superstation. I would say yeah. Wait what. Yeah it was not yet. Do you tell. I mean it's pretty cut and dry at one point and and I did she Robby well ice it's it started off wrong by you like pulling come on yeah now not quiet. What about spreadsheet threaten me with her older Brothers. And we're both six fives 24260. Pound dudes. And it all got off to a bad start by needs is reaching out to her because I met her on MySpace I mean that's where we went wrong I arsenal's amazing day. We've seen your top aides friends no I didn't do the top three with girls I'd really dated but I picked her up. I took her to some weird scifi movie was terrible. We went to I had a camera where we eat dinner and next thing you know. We get to arouse and she goes all right we'll give me the rest a 150 dollars you have and it's you know I honestly don't CSI you open your wallet restaurant. And I can't give you my money again others weren't bad but get out here. She then proceeded to caller you Brothers they came out and I was not willing to fight for 150 dollar sun and it sort. And she got a car and I never saw her again I shouldn't laugh at life comes with risk exactly how I learn in him the ball I and that's a lot Tom the only part that I understand yours like texting during a movie that surpassed Scioscia went outside but he had he had asked her to go it's OK he was straight up texting during the movie that would really put us we're still talking during a movie is texting during my nine luggage aren't whispering to the person next and you are you talking out lout. Same amount of talking as you did taxed but you're whispering to the person. Not out out if you whispering that's the person that's fine you're there on a day I don't mind if you if you like it was comical scene but that's cool with me but if you have Deb bright light and funny arise old movie. That's an issue there's also an issue on his part you don't take a first date to a movie. Like best is not a good down the worst first date that's an awful for CA you're not talking might get into Nome on the first state to see if it works and that you could circle in the movies but first date as a movie that's that's. Felt like our let's find out what's on tap for the show. What's brewing I'm not paid to. Right there's a lot of scoring and it's you sale I gotta go do that this is what's on tap out toward my intelligence brewing company. Or that the breach on Jenny do you. Why what's on tap is brought to the fan by pelican brewing company will get to Eastern Conference finals game one. We got some bad first dates forget the text there at all. You guys didn't have bad for states every mile oil iPad but no I didn't offend some interest announced that. I have receipts hell I'd like to know both of these are against well. Why do I live line and organs as shows just gonna get cyber activities that I've had a first date with a girl her ex was there. She did of getting up going over to the table to talk to him and at city with him needing dinner I. Got through its that is brutal live. Yell get to the Eastern Conference finals. And also talk by the cavs warriors in nineteen you know in the playoffs. We've never seen that before in NBA history is that impressive to you or are you tired of it. McGregor and Mayweather of the fights that they've been talking about for what feels she were three years now. May actually be one step closer and that's our FaceBook posting to Wear poll question today. As kind of Macgregor signed his end of the deal as did USC. Now we displayed on Floyd Mayweather. NFL the Vegas was that a Smart move or bad looks by the NFL. Sean May Indian news yes we're gonna talk Sean Gagnon. What you may be asking about sun minions we'll. Tell you we get there. Crazy fan decides to act irrationally. And follow the model of what it's big guy that we just told you did this. We'll explain that. There's a stadium conundrum going on in the NFL we'll explain it involves the Super Bowl. We've got some NFL news and notes to pass around. And it's the re introduction. On this radio program since its start the closer and closer to summer. Around this time a year we like to introduce to you the listener. It's wags clumps. If you don't know it's wags plums are you did miss eating here last year ever gonna look inside his bag plums he's gonna open his. Bag plums and we're gonna check ally what kind of plums swagger our hats we'll certainly what that segment isn't it ripe for this hour. Number no it's early it's early we had a rough spring Lotto a lot of rain so I'm not sure what's. The early spring palms may and I'll be completely right about this when I went on a first sunlight date woman should have six months pregnant no mention of prior roles. Thought I got. A source or assaults Bertuzzi and I'm not too bad and that's what's on tap in its broad view of the semi intelligent brewing company born at the beach online at pelican brewing. Dot com. These are amazing. These first state tax armies at 55305 I wanna hear yours maybe not next maybe we could save it or hell maybe we just talked about it anyway. But we'll get to all that we got a great show today happy Thursday coming up next the bra was part of two Prius today. And it's already led to some wondering if the Celtics should be broken up I kid you not somebody really wrote about that. Unbelievable was does that next yet turn Sprague on 1080 the fan. Diana I personally don't know much about sound garden or audio slaves. I told you guys I'm not like big on recognizing your band names except her but. Chris Cornell passed away. Yeah I was about yeah I'd I mean I listen to some sound garden had a huge fan but I got a few I was doing a lot to college she in this. Write your stayed home are right in the middle of nerve on a Pearl Jam sound garden everything so so yeah they he couldn't have been bigger. Back when I was in college in its obviously does not the details your. No warning to yeah here yeah you don't wanna hear Alley but ended at the same point not an unfamiliar story and in the world of Russell or music in general so La all right. Great tax on first dates at the bridge for appears Tex signed 55305. If we get to the first dates of swipe guarding dirt that are bad experiences a trilogy as I got robbed on a first date. I don't I've wall the other side bag and I think that cost them the series what your experience was designed to be competition here yeah I had a trump. Well when it. But wind divorce date is no decried last year yeah I had I had a first date that was in Catalonia a group settings I decided to play his own incentive plan man to man in Seoul at 1 point in the evening I was slightly distracted. Talking with a buddy of mine that was there in the gal that I had on the first date proceeded to go through my phone. Read through my text messages and then yell at me about interactions and correspondence to text messages that I was having with other females okay that's a terrible first day that was pretty bad and then she proceeded to shortly after that I believe yell at one of my friends who what he had showed up had one beard much to say to somebody CIT was leaving. In she yelled at him in front of everybody at the bar about drinking and driving. For one beer yeah. That was day one of those lose that was that was that was at a set up or was that. It was no not necessarily set up it was I'm matter got a gut matter got a phone number and then this was the first official. Together now is that. Not gonna call you again at ten night tablets that she's a great why are you yell we're not. You're going through my text messages we of you don't know me that well yet so we may bring some of those text back a little later on it's why guards for state experienced. I turn on the TV yesterday. And I was hoping to see competitive basketball or somewhat competitive basketball in the Eastern Conference finals. And then LeBron James just cracked all over that dream and from the tip. Cleveland has dominated Boston I mean. It's one game I know a lot of opinions were thrown out about Houston in San Antonio wins Houston just steamrolled the spurs in game one. They're different on this LeBron James and this LeBron James locked in and it's yet another example as this series is to. Yeah I mean I was anybody really that surprised I dissident I. I ended up watching a decent chunk of this game because the hockey game was able op but not a lot came out square like three goals in four minutes and it was I was secrets kodama Cleveland and Boston and I ended up having an on for most the first half some of the third quarter. I continue to watch because I just enjoyed the people tried to talk themselves and it is being a series. A lot of people but I heard a few that just you know they Abbas is playing good and Isiah Thomas and Kelly Nolan a clip what you can do is a role player and Boston's had a great year in the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference because they had a great regular season. They're not in the same league when it comes to playoff basketball at Cleveland and and LeBron James I'd I had no doubt going into this series of Cleveland was credible not game wanna probably sweep on. And soul watched LeBron continue to play the way that he's playing he's. He is on a mission right now and it doesn't matter what happens in the regular season with him anymore he puts on cruise control he waits for his time and I guess I don't see anyway that they lose before the NBA finals is it safe to assume the flip has been switched for Clint Clint or are you think it. It's from the very first you know and that was the only thing that the only hesitation was I thought Boston you know could ride momentum of the crowd they didn't have to travel in between it was a short turnaround but they didn't have to travel they can relax you know get their own beds. The crowd was you know the energy of of Boston crowds is fantastic and so panic is that it was resentful yesterday meant Chris man excellent articles like this places 80% capacity right now what's going on that's a little weird yes I don't know what the deal was but it took Boston fans a long time to even show up to full capacity which is very positive return to driving downtown Boston I've never been deposited in Bosnia it's the build the world's biggest consistent construction projects are going on but you know you watch that matchup and you go. Yeah I was just impressed Vick Cleveland's. Like ten days off as a long time not to release play competitive game you know we talk about rhythm and that thing from shooting standpoint this is a team that. Heavily relies on three point shots. They understood that and it was like all right I'm you know LeBron just said they don't have anybody that can guard me I'm going to the paint. If all you know a three or four defenders collapsed somebody's got wide open shots. And early on and they also said we're gonna crash the boards and Tristan Thompson 'cause I didn't hit a lot of shots early. Tristan Thompson got offensive boards and put backs and second chances so they they did now the shots going early on. That came later but just understanding. How they were going to beat them and how the Celtics could not answer. Enabled to executed in game one this this is going to be one of the biggest four game sweep CeBIT machine. Yeah like LeBron even just in there is like moments of felt like he does even enjoyed playing with them. Idea that they had it was the first quarter was at all they came not to trying to guard him outside the three point line he turned his back to a dribbled between his eggs. And next thing you know he's finishing at the ratting on how disrespectful that is I'd just like a basketball game as you guys get to try and guard me and turned to the crowd put the ball jokingly between his legs with a one dribble and then turns back around it goes up taking your ass of the cup insulate them bring it on and what he got when he's locked in he. Is he the greatest player of all time he's locked in like that. Mean yeah it's hot take alert I Gary's in a conversation he's one of the best title that they got. Boy and it's just preference I mean if you're talking about him and Michael. And it's. Mean it lets his long Larry magic Kareem Abdul Jabbar I think you just get down to your preference of what style. Whether you appreciate a big man purses that somebody has the ball on their hands or she what he's aren't horrible in those days since no nobody can't in the same way. You know and a similar fashion Kareem was on portable for a right of fifteen and a crime with this Qaeda members or was it also notable if you got the ball on the block yup you're dead well one. The one I would make about this to end and look again as you say you don't want over we did overreact to game one between Houston and San Antonio this is different focuses on James some random play for Houston if you did they would pick San Antonio on the second round but. Big angle it reminds me of a conversation we were having the last two days about the future of the Celtics they're gonna have the number one pick in the draft. They're probably you know have an outside chance maybe getting the number one pick again next year. And the hope what I brought up about their offseason plans in the way they should construct a roster. Is how long is LeBron James gonna be around and I think last night was again pretty evident that. You're just not close again a great regular season you're not close to Cleveland. If they have Paul George last night sure that gives probably a lot closer in my picking him to win though not picking him to win this series. No so that's one other there are options this offseason as you can trade that number one pick to trying to get that superstar but. I think you have to keep this in mind that LeBron James doesn't appear to be going anywhere he he is. Breaking all sorts of barriers when it comes to guys that are supposed to declined that as many miles on their legs and he's like Tom Brady it's like an AF CE street trying to win this year not going to be Tom Brady good luck the bronze knuckle anywhere. Who's gonna play longer Brady or. LeBron LeBron locus on younger Brady's going to be done in a year to how low bronze got more miles on his body than Brady does yup the Brady's forty years old LeBron is not even 32 yet. Or maybe he's just turned 32 of them. He's 31 or he's 32 I know that might mean started when he was a teenager 3232. Yet power and he's in December 32 and December how many extra seasons as a played with Paul is an Olympics and this army seven straight NBA finals. He had them in which Osama forty year old athlete in the most physical sport in the world. I just think LeBron has so many other interests he might just you know get to the point if he know he wins or go more with Cleveland no no no no additional fees go on for says he would no he wants seventh if it would be damn sure he's. Having two nights and Natalie editing he might never get seven he may never get four or even five that dude is not walking away from this game until he physically cannot do it anymore. And last night is Justine another reminder where you bring it up dirt. How Boston held hostage did you hear Reggie Miller Chris Webber. It was like just tee it up real plus is really cottages to his schedule right now yeah. Is knowledge is great to try and correlate into the offseason huge there's a bleeping one C they won more they gathered they had home court I know that there are ahead of schedule quote unquote. There are still one seed and we're sitting here because the broadest sodium good going up. Well I disagree however it's all gravy premiere in London like China say you know I give picks up now this came to work on for deemed to find a matchup that you could succeed with Mike Nolan Athens go to work first up and also we should just remind ourselves at this point. That next year let's say LeBron because he's going to go through a struggle in the regular season and there's some issues in the locker Roma yeah divas stopped and maybe either of the two receded somebody else gets the once again next year can we just remind ourselves of this 'cause we do it every simply remember when Boston overtook him for the best record in the east. Higher on the Celtics. In the town via that doesn't doesn't matter how does it mean home court advantage let. Stock about the dominance for Cleveland gold assay a lot of people were taxiing in at 553050. Boring boring boring MBA playoffs Sox. These two teams are nineteen you know combined in the policies we've never seen a star like that from two teams it's got to be twenty you know after Cleveland win scheme to. Just what do you make of seeing something like that any league to teams dominating that way and also. One more little note on the broad and the impact he has on the league fills in next hour. Coming up in fifteen minutes. We can get kind of McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight action may be going down McGregor agreed to the deal. Excite you. Which you purchase. Talk about that little bit. We'll get in this Sean Gagnon news at 1 o'clock. Quick timeout LeBron is he just destroyed the bus and so Celtics single handedly yesterday. Cleveland wins going away Kevin Love played really well if Kevin Love is gonna play like him acts. Going forward in this series and well hearing it in the finals that is going to be huge problem for Golden State as well as that seems the inevitable match up they combine for what seventy points yeah I mean he was he did really well with the second unit when he went groceries and then Thompson in the front court had over ninety Thompson yet they combined for ninety Thompson didn't miss a shot seven for seven will Thompson is always kind of been that consistent role player they need Kevin Love to be like that that Kevin Love right there and they won they Beagle say last year without trouble of doing that. But now they have to rant so you have to have Kevin Love giving exact kind of production in my opinion. If you're gonna get past Golden State by it. Gold sitting Cleveland right now our combined nineteen you know in the playoffs. They'll move to twenty you know once Cleveland destroys bus and getting deemed too. And we've never seen this before in the NBA. And what you're getting a lot this year from people from fans from casual NBA fans. Lamy playoffs are boring it's boring it's Sox team these terrible this product bad. We've seen on the on Twitter actors spray we're seeing at the tech signed a bridge for appears to excellent five by Israel five. You hear it you read it's it's everywhere. And I just. Is there any party you to admit that this is kinda unique and cool or is it really does that sucks until we get terribly get their Alan jointly led. This thing when you get to the NBA finals it's the third straight are you going to beat each other. So I'm saying enjoying not enjoying but watching these two Tino just dominate the number not at nothing on I've Odyssey recent one I'm not quite sure I'll even watch a conference finals keep moving forward. Well why should I invest my time watching golden staters or Cleveland went well when it. I just wanna wanna CM both see if they can go through the running get both get their twelve and now. So I'll I'll I'll be checking out. What's going on I'm far more engaged to Ed and I said the strata have been far more engaged by the Stanley Cup Playoffs. One 'cause I'm a hockey fan but two I think there's it's been much more compelling drama on a night to night basis Syria on a percent. And it's too bad because of the two teams that look like they're playing the best did in there it probably going to be one of the worst. Raided yesterday NASA national and Ottawa targeted drug Madonna and have a household name between the two teams. As opposed to what is setting up for the NBA. Where. You know the for the third straight time if they can both get there at twelve I know do you have the biggest names household names. In the game and stuff Korean LeBron James happy. But down wake me up. Whether it and I think that's where like I'm jacks for the NBA finals some people can disagree with that I've I don't aren't necessarily understand that better deliver. It will sideline and I think it will just the way these two teams are playing I'd be surprised if one team beetle and it was a lopsided win one where the are you see in that locked in LeBron getting swept 'cause I'm not at all on the I'm not see him losing in five either and I do we forget that he single handedly carried them to a six game series two years ago without Kevin Love and carrier and a noble states got Kevin Durant. And that's a matchup that they haven't had to face yeah but. Objects for the NBA finals I think that the problem that the NBA has right now I felt this way really all regular season. Is everything outside and it does seem somewhat irrelevant unless you're a die hard NBA fan and you wanna go dive into Houston San Antonio good series of them. Toronto Milwaukee could the others there's good series along the way but my two cents is always been well yes if I got at an article on all lodge but. At the end of the day it doesn't do much for me because I know neither team stands a chance and I'm all of the finals in come finals time I'm at a forget about saying everything before this was a relevant especially if it's a good series but. It's they get there I think it's a black eye for the Lee's so. OK my question I don't necessarily disagree with. I either point you guys are making and I I love the NBA but I I get it likely I'm gonna watch Cleveland LeBron is one of the few athletes there's a there's a handful of in my lifetime. The brawn is always going to be one of those athletes he could be up by thirty I will watch as long as he's on the court. I don't have that for everybody in India will turn games off LeBron does that forming its crisis Golden State can do that for me win they crank it up when they go on that 20/20 428. Point run. I only do it if it's one player getting on I will turn them off. But when it's I'm more impressed when it's all of them. When clay. Hand staff and Durant are doing it and and dream on green as steel and you know balls blocking shots and they get out. And do it that way. And there's as many threes and then guys cut a wide open does that. You know LeBron overpowering somebody I guess there's a lack of grace to it that. I doesn't appeal to me the way that Golden State does when they're all sharing the ball Macon shy. The way that he police any keys since the most impressive he's sharing the ball he's dumb idea ball he's making shots he's dunking guys he's the best defender on the floor he's the best of generals like there's an there's something about the way he plays it just. He's the generational athlete. I wanna ask this though 'cause I get all the points and people are taxing it I don't watch the NBA the NBA needs Perry like the NFL. It's amazing I'm done I don't I've watched 12 I don't care. I get it I do I'm just asking this question. Why is this different than what we saw in the eighties between magic number. That was a every year when except for two that those two teams were in the final what I couldn't speak to is the level of balance leading up to the finals. Badges and I don't remember it I don't have those years of the top my head disable yet they just swept their way they dominated their way to the finals this is your first year that these two I'm not sure what their way I don't that's true but last if there was any doubt in my mind it was politically vulnerable. Is always in the within that each conference there was a major opponent or follow that each one of them had to do it wasn't guaranteed every year the sixers and Celtics played some knockdown drag out Eastern Conference finals. Early in the eighties and and the pistons started coming up late in the eighties. You know Houston have a Twin Towers for a little while. There were some suns teams Specter we're really good. So it wasn't a foregone that there were some spurs teams that were really get that wasn't a foregone conclusion that the lakers choose. You know. Counterweight to actually the bid the most dominant run in the eighties was the 76ers 83 team. That I think went 454. To get their wits with doctor. Now days and body they know what enslave drags out but that that you doubt your kind of proven my point always we are so. We're kind of overreacting to just like the NBA Sox. Haven't putted this young season yeah this has been three years now without they'll meet in the finals. Right and people are quote unquote annoyed and it's boring and it's not entertaining and it's about product of one and there and it's a bad product. But we saw this already in the eighties we saw this all of the ninety's when Jordan played. All the ninety's when Jordan that was Jordan six edited ten years Jordan was pushed like one time in the east through the whole run it was Indiana and like 97 he went to game seven -- the west was you had somebody come and outlook US west was never going to be Jordan. That was like gene that's my point is nobody is leaving got to do against us gold and it's it's revisionist history to sit there and tell you sell you really thought a Western Conference team was beating Jordan in the run that they had. You didn't want and I did what they say are you. Okay sir are you saying. That the whole process of the playoffs isn't as bad as as we're making it out to be I think this year is not good and I I would never disagree with that I think we're just saying like the NBA's in this bad place in this is so bad for the game it's like we've seen this for two other decades. We saw the Celtics and lakers got to a finals eight out of ten years and they met eight times this is the third straight year that Golden State and Cleveland will faceoff. The brawn is going for his seventh straight. But outside of LeBron we'd we didn't see this and stretched one from the Golden State Warriors for seven years yet. And and I like this session Leland does these I would say the NBA sucks it just kind of sucks right now. And I think that it just like watching this like you do you want it to be more competitive in the conference finals and I think that's where I would say I would never say the NBA's sucks as a whole yet this year I mean he's here I plan is you need is a minute or just being nice did you know say in who knows maybe a San Antonio Celtic while Leonard Cohen doesn't go down maybe get a six game series the Western Conference finals. And it's not that big of a complaint bosses is not ready to be on the same floor as Cleveland so I think that's been almost a moot point but. If we can all say that it'll look how bad the ambient product is but how higher the ratings get a B for the NBA finals. I imagine a record breaking putt for a third Matt I don't get why you went wanna watch them like we get like if your basketball fan sure this sucks right now you don't wanna watch Cleveland Boston I don't either I'm proud and I don't watch much of that series. Say they have quite as a playing game three you don't think Saturday am gonna watch that's gonna be a blowout. But come time for the NBA finals. It should be great basketball amount to be glued to my TV the entire time yeah season hasn't been great I can't argue that at all a lot of fuel dicing in just about. How they feel watching this dominant run between these two franchises nineteen are no Golden State in Cleveland never happened before never never had two teams go this far without losing and it feels like they're going to be combined. Other gonna be 24 know is they get ready for their third straight NBA finals matchup coming up next. Speaking of big sporting events. Were one step closer to one of the biggest sporting events at least it's being hyped that way we'll see how people feel we'll take what it is next are sprayed on the fence. Good thoughts of the Bridgeport Beers tax 55305. On it. For the instant. Is this year's playoffs not been very good clean clinical stage dominating. I think the only thing we can all agree on the one thing we all agree on. Is just give us a great NBA finals a tolerance for at least seven good games mental forget all about this nun says yeah and eight so some pretty big news in the sports world this morning. And actually came last night that a lot of people didn't see this maybe didn't hear about it you wake up in DC to headline. And it comes courtesy. Of Dana White on inside the NBA on TNT last night. There you know almost ran a business is there one death you'll engines are all well. Well does give you games a lot of sorrow at Macgregor or know others are happening and who's gonna mess was gone alone please let us know right now. The Macgregor side is done from start work on the Mayweather side now cool so the flu and flu school. I'm not saying the fight will happen but. I got one side done now it's time to work on the others you know if we can come to a deal with with with with payment of Mayweather. What's gonna happen. The rules be positive could be straight up boxer. Yet so Dana White on TNT announcing economy Gregor officially is agreed to the fight boxing style with Floyd Mayweather but Floyd house to sign his contract. God knows about and having his Floyd's gonna want 80% of the money is it what like a billion dollars is hitting a Lamar ball negotiation on us compete did treat. Or three billion if you've doubled in the early release so this side of the deals dollar three billion. But you know what. Pretty big step taken because some Saudi let Conor did agree to the financial terms nobody's ready to do it it is and I know we we disagree completely on this topic. Because this is this will be a guilty pleasure viewing from me I know I don't know why. It may weather's gonna mop the floor with them McGregor is not a boxer. And it's just going to be boxing so there's a bit I'll give them as it. You know point 01%. Chance to win this fight and hang around with Floyd Mayweather for nine rounds or whatever it is scheduled to be but. That there is a guilty pleasure and wanting to watch this in if I get ten guys together get some Beers and everybody ponies up 89 bucks for the paper view package. I'm gonna do it man I'd I don't really know why it's almost like a train wrecker sometimes you get roped into watching an episode of the card ash using you say to yourself why am I watching this right now. And twenty minutes goes by that's what this fight is for me it's not gonna be a good fight but for some reason I wanna watch it. Scott McGregor is quote was the first and most important part of this historic contract is now officially been signed off on a congratulations to all parties involved we now await. Al payment. And is boxer signature indeed coming. USC and says let's go get a sub boxing one now so. I'm McGregor is all about it but Floyd Mayweather yet to signing your saying that you're excited for them. So I don't watch it is this one where somebody in the room has to say. What we could I mean I can Symbian charged 12995. Or something like that but if they lowered it to something reasonable if he was 49995999. How many more. Casual fans want to watch would do on a watch would say fifty bucks on the weekends. You know rather than going out. You know it's a movies are going to want to borrow whatever I'll just I got friends over. And do that. And I could see him totally pricing themselves out of this you know and it just that becoming the story of just. It's we know it's greedy we know why this is happening everybody can make a boatload of money. But what do I do everybody a favor if you make it reasonable. And could get I don't know how many paper you buys by just the whole spectacle of the thing. Edges if it's something new for me I think that's the intrigue there that is new. Plus it's no in terms that I have we ever synagogue goals from the bottom of wrestling sport to boxing and just tries and a boxing I call him. We meet new when he started by professional boxing I mean. The rocky movies. Well no I mean in in real life from talking like an actual fight night and maybe I don't know I think it's 11 that's why they did if there's a new factor thereof edges die just wanna see we can do kitty hang for like four rounds kitty get a couple of good punches it all yet Floyd Johnny and I I knock off fighter I don't. Fifteen row I don't know I'm just did it this that aspect of it of what. What can he do against I just it's it's unique to me and that's YT to get my ball a problem for me is I've bought the Pacquiao fight and it I wasn't as upset as a lot of people ought to I think he never watched Floyd Mayweather you were really test. Because he's such a defensive fighter that he's not gonna go out there and swing in guns blazing. He's got and he's gonna have kind of Lolita sleet and he's gonna get a couple jabs in and he's gonna dance around that's who Floyd Mayweather has been for his career. So I wasn't as upset it's still wasn't worth what you paid for that fight back and it was a few years way too late this to me. I mean I probably you know watching it. Did you get Meehan in like a ten dollar buying here's a couple by any other possibility is to get out of guys together was some Beers ears hanging out on Saturday night eve everybody puts in seventy bucks for the paper view it's not bad. Are they Smart enough to have me come but is there a way to do a combined under card some UFC some boxing. When that would be a really Smart idea idea you get a couple of good by getting might have venue because you have to have an octagon on a regular boxing ring in the essence logistics to work through thereby right. But I would think for the big you know. Rather than compete if you're gonna bring you know the two worlds to gather then give each other's world a taste of what they may not know about. Yet I mean I think from just a card standpoint dirt a lot of people would probably more in your corner of excitement and intrigue. But from a boxing standpoint triple AG Alvarez wage yeah that's. We reject you're in a boxing that we are so I don't want a lot that's going to be an awesome fight for sure. But yet there's typical Texan about this and held. Some may say any O'Connor you don't bay a pack yellows will pass is prime Connors still in his prime. But I know not a box so incidentally is the chances that is when I see if Connor Rafik in Beatles and somehow did till some so I'm not an MMA guy or boxing guy but I'm super intrigued at page 7989. May weather's terrible even being that can't be said enough and I tend to agree with that in just. That did that and it. This zero point 1% chance of him landing a square punch in knocking it just attacks in the one yes that's enough to get by and that's what once they're just takes it just feels like a money grab it is but Connors got knocked out power if he just has the weight loss is catch him with one punch and you know only about how crazy would that PMP insane right an easy for blocks as he didn't buy that paper view fight you saw on MMA fighter knocked out Floyd Mayweather. It's worth every penny him. Yeah so Connor McGregor Floyd Mayweather a lot of talk but it feels like it's moving closer and closer to actually happening McGregor is locked up ready to go. Signing a deal it's just on fleet. Mayweather now a bit of a conundrum in the NFL will explain not one a ticked off fan with a lawsuit. Mark Cuban says the NFL's moved to Vegas wasn't a good idea. But will start hour two with this could show on man yen steal Jarrett DOS job. We'll explain next hour tutored Sprague on Portland Sports Radio 1080 the fan.