Dirt & Sprague Thursday June 21st, 2018 Hour 1

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, June 21st
Everyone concerned of Sprague and motocycles, plus Meyers Leonard and Cam Scarlett get into a twitter fued and Casey Holdahl joins the guys for all the latest Blazers rumors regarding tonight's draft.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I. A live. Have my vote. This is good drive which edition of dirt and spray got you nicer way buildings and here's summer after a project and remodeling story online at SH YW a Y dot com third and sprayed on ten maybe some breaking news is both fair and. I do in his 1202 in the rose city it is time for certain spray on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan. Great it's great indicator Johnson in with you on this Thursday afternoon half the NBA. Draft day means. Third game. I. I got a lot of feedback yesterday on Sunday I didn't I didn't think it would really create. Much of any name. That's not to be quite the yes storm for us off the air yeah more so for you reasons to Athens for me apparently because I just pain in. Motorcycle riders and one bad stereotype which I didn't think that I did on the air but apparently I dead candidate. Let us see MS not I I I will defend myself here he said where is your leather jacket. You know being DNC here a year is all that I said was I just said simply for the sake of the show if you become motorcycle guy I want you to be the stereotypical motorcycle guy. That's all that I said that the stereotype of motorcycles yes picture motorcycle guy your head right now what you picture my own goal. What is team is you that kind of guy. He does have Indiana and OK and thank you Jack. Progress in the all got to be that way but I'm just saying I think you're get a deal that I want you to go wild hogs public you. To a block a for the public juju and crazy guys the apple taxes he has a target of additional torque is to be hilarious to discuss on the show I didn't say all motorcycle guy source and Willie beat. Seed Tim Allen is he William H. Macy job. I'm John Travolta usually NH mesa well I think I'm more Tim Allen on the Dennis to places safe and acts like he's tough but not wasn't Travolta the one that started the whole thing. Yeah so you're kind of starting units some sort of biker gang we could become wild huh. You know that I miss yesterday this quite the opening segment let's say it tonight is can I say this too before Phil and you can only in the case. So we talked a motorcycles on the show yesterday as the wild dogs we got off the air and this is for I'd never seen this before from boss man. And I actually appreciated it. He legitimately. How emotional concerns into asking not to be motorcycle guys like you learned yesterday that your boss genuinely is concerned about your wellbeing and normally I'd say television possibly IP it tolerates mean teach her about how. He nodded. Calming and his family he's got a Hispanic guy got mine Merck said yesterday he got a little choked up he was like if you know this is not an easy thing for media experience days I don't want a new Ian latest story and yeah Lotta people had like bad motorcycle stories of people that they know they've got in accidents before London to see mechanic in ice and Casey Janet you know what did you mean by crash C a getting hit by a car and oh yeah you're gonna crash it's gonna happen here and they'll lay out on the loading right occur you're gonna crash it's got to be put down there was a gallon sales down on the office and told you to think about your kids yet another. Army and goes this got intense after the show Cheney. If you wanna get a motorcycle Leonard should go talk to Cody one of our co workers. Yeah coyotes land upright now that he was in a bad accident at a best motorcycle accident had multiple surgeries she's like think about your kids. And I liberties. Trying to house like like. One of those like I've seen Michelle intervention and it's a little awkward and intends to be like just watching it on TV. That's what it felt like yesterday in the office that was like to have them I was like six different people ride afterwards and it interventions with you in the hall way yes about the life decisions that you're making and data didn't stop there it kept going. After the show with people that I know that heard it. Pay I know you're really thinking about doing this are you sure it's really dangerous. Here's some stats on and down well okay. Does rain all over my motorcycle parade this beat rained all for it may have just live my life now which is why guys have the same reaction of I decided dabble in the cocaine. Now we just found that okay see. As a motorcycle riding bad right cocaine which by the way is it legal battle now not that bad ass ragged piece for legalizing cocaine and allowed him actually for legalizing cocaine do they realize man that's a whole other conversation now mileage on a ballot CN this is why are you how I got on it is I don't know if anything generates as much concern for my well being is that. No. No like say you got to the edge I've always dreamed about and one in two even on nothing about them I've always wanted to own a boat. It feels like a waste of money I feel like I probably wouldn't use it but the ability to how mobile taken out and go places I've always wanted to do that. You don't get that kind of reaction if you wanna buy a boat like if that was your you're its yesterday have you starting to show it there I decided I'm a viable. Nobody's Tony to be you know I run for your life don't do this it's terrible decision which is interesting in itself because if you're going on the river you're going in the Oceana pay. It's that it can be dangerous to be on a vote especially given no experience say on a boat or pay is dangerous have you been in a bank. I think Ali crabby and they wanted and they cramming those waves at big waves they can sneak in there tracked. Don't underestimate the bank and obeys or dangerous based can be. Anything in deep waters dangerous. Are ranked please take your breath ran it rip tides under toes here yeah and he's my guy Erica Erica don't underestimate that you respect the water. Average check the water does to our dazed curious how many people die in the series is go back and have no clue and lots Z museum verdict yet but it sounds like against those giants home runs or does Diane left and right out there and and sharks and updated and come to tell others follow her life jacket well yeah. That's arms and that but they hear us primetime those gonna make me swim alama river but Ted Wheeler said it's clean so yeah wait there were were actually a Utah. I just and I don't think coming out again that river at some point yeah instead you console across that I ever ever in fact he said it would be easy. Yeah you very Cooper who dat and that that don't look I said it would excursion easy mildly man is a not a big deal not a big deal. What it's still say oh let's say it's amazing it's easy cannot begin. Can you do sky Ali jump shot no big deal if it does or does seem that easy. I don't know dirt says he can drill threes that the NBA level. Yeah well theology would get me a week of practice I don't knockdown six out of ten let's go wide open looks brilliant on I think it's a little simpler this woman across the river yet. No the the mrs. was in the car when we heard that segments. From from Suk on prime time yesterday. So yes she was more concerned about me catching some weird germ out of the filled Willamette. And when she heard that it was clean she didn't. We are I was worried about like a pilot boat knocking me and conscious or defense is just worried about me bring inched germs back to house just. Get far enough away from give foreign escalation in the rainy season and we just has some more rain is getting you give yourself like a long and July August whatever week it is and it's a hundred or something. You now try to for the dead bodies in floating bump Lou the only man did I happen. And Hudson here we got to make sure we're doing is gearing our shell and we need to do a live remote from the banks like literally outside drag ourself out there and we can just also updated every segment on how. How much progress you've made where your math. We got a puts you can like a little putt putt you know dean he's somewhat and a tiny outboard motor something and yet they have final on a play by play and yet make sure we stop now so the votes can give buyers the end up be out there as you're going on yeah. But yeah any any long way of getting to and I guess I would just say you could say you're gonna get a boat and I don't think anybody would. Warn new stuff he I think everybody would be supportive and it's interesting that that's not dangerous to people. And motorcycle. Writing is substantially more dangerous is seventy Texan you were over the bunches snowflake Nancy's get a bike and enjoy yourself you find out if just for you learn how to ask you forgot snowflake and he's. The only thing I thought Cink had the best advice though of saying dull. Sink a ton of money into this right away while yeah yeah you know like his book is you're thrown out like Ames yesterday that were nice spikes India is slowing and an operating knew their. That are that bike for like to grant sure I'm in on I thought it was devices go buy a piece of trash that you could kind of John gobble bit yeah and if you crash or whatever it's not that big of a deal and then you can say is start from there and CO accounts is probably the the words of wisdom that I need our let's find out what's on tap for today show. What's growing I'm not page to be cold and pain to be crying there's a lot of swearing in as you say oh I gotta go do that this is what's on turnout Ford by intelligence. Our government more and had the breach on 1080 yeah. What's on tap right there with fans by telling him growing company board at the beach online appellate to bring dot com. It's the NBA draft so we will get to a lot of draft stuff today we'll talk some football baker may feel responding to some questions some people had not just Colin Cowherd. We'll get to beaver baseball they had quite the showing down 63 and atop the eighth day going 80. Who runs street scandal is a great game last night run UNC right there hell out of the college World Series and you know life. They've won back to back elimination games he had yet to get a solid pitching stark. From Lou kindly at some point that's gonna have to change your view on when the series especially in the team they're facing next whose playing really good baseball out. So we'll talk about Peter baseball today Mike Riley had made it official as a press release came out he is in San Antonio. And he may or may not be trying to be consultant for elation you I don't like that. I'm okay with them leaving I do not like that so we may get to that today. IE should curry. Is being sabotaged. If you had seen this story it is it's freaking fantastic I wishing it dropped an F bomb on this but if I can appreciate patrol level on this one. They would happen there. Bend Oliver's gonna join the show won thirty SI dot com Casey hold off Ford Center dot net will join the show at 1230. And now we will talk draft the blazer rumored. We'll get to this at some point. Do you get excited if I tell you blazes are gonna draft another white player today. Because that's the rumor and I don't know how that's gonna play out here groups it wouldn't have it any other way can we get the white player the rumored. Two dead and in play him Myers signed pact condit's in. And put Zach Collins and you severe pitch and all five white line up don't forget about Jake layman. Waging claiming his six and. That guy's got springs does any other team have more than three white players know I think there's only like eleven men in the league and I believe the blazes at this point six of them had you taken her to jobs you can you don't wanna count European white snow right. We have five we went out at five American born wife players can setting a league record since 1971. Neck it. It unbelievable White House. Once they would that rumor is so that's is on to after today's show onto rector and spray at Peter Johnson apparatus break out we'll start with the basketball. Is this a good look for Meyers Leonard and what do we make of athletes that do this we'll tell you what it is next or is. Raid on the fans again. I was slightly JC all laws gonna join the show here in twelve minutes. Inside on the draft with him tonight and they musical nineteen is about to break out. Mean. Imagine dragons. Oh yeah forgot about that or Patrick reed just won the masters again. Remember that time but it looks up what it felt those they have three blind welcome to new age welcome. To the new age did say that did right after judge agreed won a masters in that time the Vegas hockey team started their French has got to the Stanley Cup final idea remember that time remember that wild. Wild stuff that was wild. Interests seeing tweet yesterday. From one Meyers Leonard let's Myers up to this offseason well Meyers Leonard is working very hard he's lifting weights every offseason man he's always he's he's a grind picture and he had to tweet. Something to the effect. Of working hard. Doing this doing that the weight room. To which Cameron Scarlett who I believe is still on Stanford's football team former central Catholic football player leads and you might know of that name. He Tweety respond to the tweet. You can grind your butt off on out of here. In response hunts the Meyers Leonard Myers Leonard and saw that we. And quotes weeded it and said 00 well really cheating via Twitter. That's nice pal I make more of an impact on people in the community than you ever will. In more successful then you can dream about being and to be honest I'm surprised I'm replying to someone as worthless as you. But I guess I'll leave it at that. Now this is almost kind of caused a lot of friction but this sad divided some. Was Cameron scarlet in the wrong here. Or Meyers Leonard in the wrong here or iPod just both. Yeah. Yeah and it adds that's probably as setting aside my feelings of Meyers Leonard answered this question I would say both are probably in the wrong here. That this is a a dirt drop of I didn't do it's on a research gone wrong has I think flags Leonard believed. That he was responding to your generic NBA fan whooped up for the most part is right there he's gonna be more successful. Have a bigger impact in the communities gonna make a lot more money than you're just run of the mill blazer fan there's no doubt about any of that. But when you take that shot at a kid who's from here. Grew up here. Is going to Stamford mind do you who is going to graduate from Stamford and not on any ads you don't 400 yards last year in his second year at Stamford so. I don't know what is NFL future is but he's got two more years left of college football's so conceivably could be playing in the NFL's Sunday. Had to say this is not a good look I know it's easier said than done and even you and I. I ties older roped into this stuff people send a taxable respond to it it's impossible to avoid every shot the people wanna take you. But if your Meyers Leonard and you have the track record of the last couple years you have where. Every Aussie easily go through this is the year he's going to be in Portland he's worked on his game look how good she peace and and then you come out you obviously points per game minutes he basically free goodies on the roster doesn't even play median on the higher time now to take shots like that it just is it's a really bad luck you know he is not he's not alone. In this there's no doubt what you're saying about the offseason. I believe this is gonna be your seven for Myers right in mundane came in the same draft was in that seven years ago. Yeah they were this season six and eleven or whatever they were in that draft him so spare me the feel good Meyers Leonard is a good basketball player stories be writers I'm tired read about and I don't wanna read about it anymore if he does something great game give him his props right about that game. Don't try to sell me that you're seven he's magically going to be some different kind of player. By the way if it's your six apologies but it's somewhere in that vicinity. So the Mars or story is what it is the offseason the crying as he calls it that we know he works are on his body we know he does train is in great shape as some guys that fit might not be good or he might not just getting it during a game you know he might just be one of those players it's a really a basketball player and it just doesn't work for him in the lead. He's not alone the responding to this stuff though. And I know a lot of other pro athletes but I think there's a teammate of his that does this all the time in a very similar fashion and at CJ. Now it's bad it's easier proceeded to get away with doing this stuff because he goes out and averages twenty points per game. But CJ McCollum does this just as much as Meyers Leonard if not more he will respond to these people he had won about two months ago. And people were elected this is not a good look for use somebody had said something dumb ya and equally tweets and has actually just chill and him are Rolls Royce what are you doing rap. You know is it's a flawed seeing in all my life style as much better than you and I makes a season or you don't need to. Go down to people's levels if people are getting on Twitter can make you. And I I'm learning this talking to more more younger is people like early twenties. I'm convinced. Half the people they do this. Are literally just doing it because their board and they think it's Germany and it is funny and are looking for attention some route they want you to respond to it and I know trolls have always kind of exists in the social media landscape like to the extent of when these people tweet things. They're doing and when they get the response they just like last like as funny BAC cared about that right where is they don't really care what their sank. We can say don't like Myers on the team. Probably need to clean slate can we please move on and I mean that. But I'm not gonna go item personally I don't know anything about him now. So I just they need is from pro athletes and you mentioned sometimes like will do this on the tax line. To die Vince is the minutia with people whenever we do we always regret it has huge I violent Liam I waste a minute and I'll say Terry and Diana's ultimately do the same they know each other houses frank don't delay its hours and they'll respond that kind of stuff busy getting 88 settled tax and randomly get give people that Liu and back down if you respond to Alter some people go I hate east side -- An air racquet actually just you get nine from responding to it. Now I I just adds yet am I it's hard to say because a lot of times these guys go through people putting them down. I didn't when you're in the position of success in his back and forth from when you're that guy that's making ten million dollars in your living in a mansion. And you basically set for the rest of your life when when you go last somebody. Looking down from your call eight years your position of power. That it that's the part of it that I don't quite enjoyed you know we you know what does this really well. What I think makes it a fund saying in sometimes he takes personal shots but never to that level. Is Damian Miller if you look personal sometimes no deal also I don't know you don't like it is somebody goes out and he basically just tries to clown the person Mike to look at their profile he'll point out something about the lack of followers they have. A there was one guy that had like weird eyes said that tweeting him and he said go get your eyes Chad's like. He eBay he makes it funny I guess in that regard any kind of does the same thing back to the person that they're doing to him. The the part of that I don't like with CJ in myers' when you do this. IE I will be more six successful in my entire life that you'll ever be and borrowing the money I learned more money I don't like that you ever well and CJ doing the same thing about driving around in his fancy car ideas that don't like that looking down on other people because they're not as successful as you if you wanna take shots at him back that's fine and an I know it's tough because there are getting it constantly and it's it's easy for us to sit here and say. Don't respond to it as we don't go to Lebanon for a criticism that they do I just simply don't think it's a good look form. Melissa says miers to talk to Katie about how to set a burner accounts. You respond that's fine get faked out what do I AEA we got three interns in here right now we're actually training them and we're gonna they're gonna dispersant the different shows. What do they call those fake accounts you die for this yesterday when they called guys. Sin sin stirs since deaths since assassin stabbed like they've been on these are all we guys are all twenties right early Torre's. These are twenty year old Zandi since does that count they make fake accounts they pose like naked pictures to friends and talk a lot of crap now not these guys particular 'cause I don't I hope to god they're not doing now and a naked pictures dudes c'mon you don't put down on the Internet Internet never forgets trust influences he never forgets but that's what people do now. We end area to be just the twenties I think you find people all the time they're Bieber fans that I know of that tweet me all throughout the football season they hate me. They want me to go way not talk about content and then I find out I see pictures there like eighty year old doing some like you and god. What are you doing it's on which you just going jello and enjoy the rest Eli chief Peter what I am deal and somebody else said dad did know Myers did dat. So disregard my last text he's actually very notorious for blocking people all he blocks on the court but on social media doll now. Now he doesn't block a lot of shots that he will watch you on Twitter I. I think the reality of Meyer is career is he. Is a guy that was always bigger and stronger and better and everybody because of the size and that's lettuce is and I don't think he really ever was a good basketball player. And I think that's what's been shown in seven years now on the MBA I its. I don't think he has the IQ I don't think he understands the game like other people do he doesn't understand spacing and where to be. Rotations help that kind of stuff any just I I think he always benefited from being the big strong dude in high school when you're seventy you're gonna dunk on people deeper gonna say you're the best. I think a great example that isn't a misty Neman Zach Collins but he'd just watched them on the floor night does that mean Zack calls did turn into an all star but. There's there's a night and day difference in basketball IQ righteous no one word being no one how the flow works and understanding your role and not looking over the bench at every moment and wondering is treating appalled or taken out if you did something wrong. And it in Collins is light years ahead on and that shouldn't be the case for a nineteen year old rookie. All right there's rumors about the blazers in this draft the NBA draft does start tonight around 430 is so what the blaze is gonna do if anything we will talk with Casey hold all Ford Center dot net. He'll join the show next trillion point by listener we have three interns we may have just. Hired and so they can run burner accounts for us here at station has Syria just Gil and our detractors say anytime somebody to be some bad blood does seem cam are sure to prime time we respond right away counterstrike or great we talking about is best show out there NBA draft tonight blazers sitting at number 24. I think a lot of us out there were always clamoring for the draft rule is curious or wondering with the future of the franchise going to be. So while let's see the latest for Portland with our friend Casey holds all TrailBlazer beat writer he can find him on Twitter at C hauled. Kind enough to give us some some time today in a very busy day for him. Casey was the blazers move from 24. Yet they well up or down. I don't know I've been involved on is actually my third. But if I had to pick up or down. Up yes I I feel like with more likely is that they try to to use septic. Along with but the player and there are exceptions and equipment that are backed up I expectation I think I feel like that's kind of their their first goal and that they're not able to finish to get that done that I can keep them trying to move up stick together like that would be a part of that too is that. You know it seems like everything after ten is completely up in the air right now though I mean it it's also possible that. If they do like a guy who is maybe in the big news the Beckham might be available 24 I think it probably that it stretched it's just it just huge to the fact that. During the strapped this year that it can to be a whole lot broke all the intelligence. Saying you know where guys after those first enters the picture they'll. Now let that would make tonight a lot more adjusting to the deal like that happens a lot let's split I've available first on cities stick into when he formally for some of these names that have been. And a circle and guy you know I know that this Simon's gain comes back for a second work out that's always sending you keep an aisle which. Which players have stood out the most to you I guess during his stretch of the of work outs. Cure and I think obviously you know we we don't get what kind of work out to go until I got that were so you know it. Basically everything we can't just from talking to the players. And I mean there's a couple things one I mean it seems pretty obvious that kind of players that are looking to draft. And Dick. Equally apt when he fourteen like eight guidance is another. A Tweeter -- -- Reid who could sentence you to three obviously two things it was being so you know I think from ethnic toward brown I think it evidently is a relevant options simply is still around Arctic and 24. I think I think he concerns over the island group I mean I think there's or rocket explosion trying to look up to him I think he's got to be achieved 24 I don't know about. BP has pitched at but it steadily possibility. And you know it's hard to I'm gonna I think. To me that feel more like gay. If there is if we're able to get a second round at an early second round pick make you got to wire on. Believe it was George Clooney and in this mock draft at the Simons was was. In at least in BA ready player in the draft which makes it considering that out yet that up pretty sat out last season hasn't played against college players or or even you know European talent so. I don't think those kind of probably some of the places they're looking right now again. If they're peaking at 24 for themselves at the bit surprised that discount going back to history today life is or at least it was. Four kicking me in the last two draft only one of those tic camps want it actually them for the blazers I mean they do let habit of of a swing those deals in the picture of the jeans and and chemistry and we're. Now Casey hauled off for senator dot net is website blazer beat writer and you can find him on Twitter at see old. Let's take Bagley. Heighten. Jarron Jackson and dodge it's let's take them out of this trapped. Is there a player even though it's unrealistic is there a player in that lottery. Dec EC or that you've read about or that maybe you just watching you really like that you think fits so well with this team. Well I mean you know that there's probably a couple guys that what he should it happen soon you know. Go to range he'd pick that since an eight come Greta body date you know can defend three positions. I think you know look at those guys that it would work well for the team and guys that are gonna change Cortland. Fortunes you know and next we're probably not that I mean. I I think. You know that there are bad and I'd like look although obviously it is which are really looking at right now in India is going away from I think he's a guy who grew up with a pristine in the terms of a rib protection and potential becoming you know something else at the moment archer to another guy who is implicated an undervalued them. I think you know. Can multiply scheduled again for purposes of review state because you don't know I mean quickly particular rookies yet got a project out. Where's he gonna yet in terms of players that. Or the way. B is going seeing as how there's a lot of and of small ball into an adult being guide to an arc that I'm not a complaint and an ability and Angie green at the Muppet. That's permit more doubt. Skilled at. At that point in one particular player can't shoot and defend multiple positions well I mean those particular convinced that the blazers are really efficient and right now and indeed to address this offseason and the draft is one of the few opportunities and then they actually do something so. And that's what an unexpected fireworks night because this is it is basically the best chance at. Well let let's play the other Smith funds fantasy GM game go back to your original statement by you think it may move bed and maybe another player trying get you know something about you were in return. A veteran they can plug into the lineup fantasy GM Casey old all what would you be trying to get if you move and efforts from ticket something else. To go get a veteran player. Well let me First Act I don't know any players in particular that would warrant in again at permit. Guys who have salaries that slot in to that trade exception which certainly was about thirteen million. And on teams that maybe are rebuilding our team stay you know guys on that there were so I mean that a couple of bit. Marc Stein throughout mark Todd was with her not him but that was greater I don't think it barking or not. That they would have a clear what they're looking toward you know one year until summer rental wouldn't be awful but. It's also really not company typically need to let Eric or to epic capital markets. But that's the kind of deal that I think you're here looking forward into the Portland trailblazers now what kind of player is that again. I mean. Everyone wants to bring you got to look kind of hard to say yet on the again grabbed thirteen million dollars. Clues achieved a lot more but an inept that they need and that's what they would have to go for. And you know on public out there and just in general if they're able to bring back. You know really quality talent he does not in the position to date necessarily look at it articulate about a topic but you know just to that notion that. They have a check with the things they want to get accomplished ends you know as. As draft goes on you kind of start to a couple of boxes of things that can work and it's done and and I think there's no finding of a solid wing. We can trade exception. And I it would be Chrysler number one thing I would if I was Abidjan on that group of which are not and it's not. And I. To be fun though for a year I am out. Evidence. And then you do an agreement maybe I do examined in this. My pilot my personal favorite this is not related question earlier respondent my personal favorite in being around the sleep last couple years and talking blazers. Just the opinion they need a three Indy guy yet the committee and so funny yeah actually I'm. That is Evan Turner to be on this roster at the start of next season. I would say yes. And moves. I mean I would imagine that. I don't even at this point that it will intended to consider basically. Everyone at that point now granted noses and over and over again. That is what trade TJ but I mean you know at a certain point and after you only capital the only of that that you have been out but then click on. An idol I don't know you know and I think that's the question I'm not sure exactly how they improve because you know you have guys the while they're there. Piece of players where they're not bad to where Tikrit sought after around the economic as well and that's really good contract in the recent term outlook but Turner's so. You know it's it's really it's a hard question to answer because I. I mean I'd have a hard time kind of coming up with of theoretical. You in my head that it's you know Evan Turner's somewhere else or they get to Mars when it's sort of get you know what to look at my heart was somewhere else well. You know I. Again which is why are they in the development but I. You know the number they are in a spot for reason and it is hard to doubt that spot sometimes and I think we're seeing now and again. I think it's media questions that are asked tomorrow. Let you know that the draft in their their best opportunity to acquire talent and meant it if you don't conductor tonight I would imagine cooking on the team. Come opening night. Now that you were really they're out on the on the Dirk his decision that's kind of ambivalent looming over this offseason granite idiom of the draft didn't end trays act at all effective divided into a film about that on right now. I mean if you look into whether it but at that. Bosnian I don't have to follow whatever it is important that they were to get them than ever uttered something that would that would with some of another I think that it's. I think it really does condolences to enter any offers give it Adam. And you know at that I think economic hard times seemed so I probably if they can. And efficacy effect particularly thank him for them around smoke that you don't see them technically going to do it. In other income and that I think it probably become a bit more the discussion. And ticket an asset column on an achievement. Well and I notice that they're very excited about that Colin to the other part would do is not present a more long term view which I've which have debt is probably not going to happen. You can sort of wonder what that interpret that as a lot of potential so you know I think is shorter deal with media higher curt court. He's in the might like it also an option but I would imagine. You know if it's if it's similar on those those who are looking up I'd go and do it. Are we are we're way against Chicago exact way over the clock and this is gonna be kind of unfair to you but you have a podcast you do the ritzy resort just correctness a unity event there if you need to expand upon the answer here. We like to dabble in this CJ conversation do you deal on do you not deal Lama. Yes or no you think the people that want CJ traded this off season are crazy. People who want deep hatred of the subsidies or create yet ergo you know I would definitely agree with but it's it's definitely not a creep up. I'll act there ago Casey old you can catch the podcast and Joseph Freeman a just. Release an episode I believe is yesterday day before ritzy report. On iTunes for senator Dodd says the website he's on tour at C cold case we always appreciate the timing to catch W endow Wilkins of the down the road. The real good stuff Casey hauled off things they do not pick at number 24. And does believe you're gonna acquired different talent for your team today is the data do it so they may be busy. And we may have a new Portland TrailBlazer fight or against it will allow will pick it up there Portland on the clock at 24. When he opened for example question on that I've got to the course like full question so with that next you entered the spring on the forum. Well I don't know about you enter the laser about a lot tonight. Barak's. I in Ohio say there's Casey Elise got me and my excitement was gonna scale out one at a ten ounce probably at a 2.4 were. And I think Casey just ticked me up till like four point nine while he knocked me down from Asia anti Nazi death count and I went to you for that except for the blazers in tonight's draft and I hate to admit this action don't. I Deke out on the draft. Eric you're seeking. He got in the draft is totally fine right I'm excited for the Geraldo with the blazers I don't care in not accident when he fourth pick does nothing form the last time they had this taken this range that was packed can't attend but it's not just pat it's not just the 24 pick it's the idea of sure they know they need to do something December so what the hell are they gonna do one that's where many exciting got me sending aid picking a player to try and bring something back taking air using the trade exemption of about thirteen million dollars. Amir you're slowing and for a decent player that's ocean exemptions are exception exception when I say you keep saying exemption I was exemption intact. About that path and every guy the Texan again that on the M fans and I whenever we explain to me is I have yeah two minutes motto around me that's that got me more excited and I was originally. Soviets in the rumor Casey kind of mentioned it there but one rumor out by NBA draft dot net. Which is I enjoy that they care so much. I also get it a kick out of their comparisons with the players. They just use players that looked just like the college kid sure so Aaron holiday for example his comparison is Lindsay honor. A Google and 300 air Holliday got like the same size as same bills racially they kind of looks somewhat similar or identical Dade that's that they do on draft dot net. They did tweet that they're hearing rumblings. That the blazers and the pacers are looking to move up within the top twining. To draft. Donte'. Decent chin Zell who catch the fever he is white Dante from Villanova. Who won them player of the final four whatever had a huge title game so you know some people think he's gonna be good player other people think it's nothing more then. Maybe a middle of the road spot up shooter who really knows. But that is the rumor the blazers and in pacers are mentioned getting into the top twenty because he's a teen you know mid teens type talent. And they are looking at Donte'. Also again it didn't have much first round buzz at all until the tournament he had to DC your last year our Ed did decent season and then obviously as you mentioned was the big guy in the tournament. That that is a little concerning to me I was the only point two years. Two basically two full seasons of Villanova playing decent minutes. That that reeks of Hedo Turkoglu kind of guy a guy that lit it up in the finals for the magic and all the sudden everybody wanted him in the NBA all eyes on talent on you know turned out on a guy who via I guy who had one big post season and then Portland cores double and wanted to sign him and then the end Debian and a flop the rest of his NBA career that's concerning to me when your main body of war is a small sample size. If you're trading up to get Dave this is a guy you may be taken its when he for this is a guy you're taking early in the second round. I have no problem that take a flier on but you gotta move sums tended to get up in the high teens in the draft. If you're getting rid of an asset to move up to go get a guy like that not a huge damage. Mrs. sounds like a total blazer takes six foot white guys that nobody else wants six foot 5200 pounds he's into our liberated in six yeah he's knocked a six foot B six I get good could he averaged thirteen points per game lives handled Iraq. And I I'm not mandated I will admit the white guy factor on our team is quite high fight that none on in the medics. Do you think tonight is kind of over by sending that's why you brought me down a little bit not dead they're not gonna move. To get a better pick put its more. He dropped that line dating since they're going to add talent tonight's nights doing. Yet which is why Johnny movements moves in free agent semester I mean that's the true gimme he's still with the exception of the thirteen million you can use later in in the offseason. So maybe there's some do you play with down the role but. I I'm kind of with Casey which is concerning because if they don't make a drastic moves tonight are there is no big noise and they just send up. Sitting around 24 or moving slightly upper moving slightly back. That kind of tells you there is your only move of the off season there's not to be many more fireworks to follow it summons is everyone in Portland is ginger find mine as well ginger by the blazers as well. And some details on the on the MJ of Delaware ease the MJ of Delaware yeah okay I guess it is just Texan is one pick in its Brunson son. The point guard from Villanova did assets up the second around town this Ira guy and that's that they know with a lot of these names and they've been linked to a 24 X is not moving the needle would you be mad if they got Troy Brown. Kind of now. I have watched it decent and on about basketball last year I'd look at raw is similar to Zach Collins because he played one year Ernie definitely needs more college basketball got good size though bodies lengthy passages in blood a lot of stood out to me and that one year college hoops I I'm getting more or more on this and lower against him go loaded our two. Being dollar's gonna join the show won thirty. I am more or more are turning into. Not caring as much about what I see from college players as I once did four years ago. He sees some of these players in your like the underwhelmed. And then they get to the next level and they surprise you I just don't know how many people really care while playing college basketball. That's sure of you know you can swing is that he's had this LSU they're anemic determine the idea he did not care yeah but you could see it though. Sure about a united game against buddy Gil and Oklahoma yeah you'll took over the game in Simmons basically just shy away did not care and you could that all you can be better. Benson is clearly a better player the sometimes these guys don't eight iTunes going through this people think he didn't care enough in Arizona was wasted because he dominated stretches of the season right they're right as you need to care policies on the MBA. Are we allowed to get to in the second hour and Oliver will join us but let's start beaver baseball. They were down 63 in the top of the eight. They going to win 116. Well it's great to be home are they going to be able to pull this thing off. B baseball next hour tutor and Sprague back with more on 1080 the fan.