Dirt & Sprague Thursday July 12th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Thursday, July 12th
The guys wonder if a minor league baseball promotion poking fun at Millenials crosses the line, plus Swag offers up another bag of plums, Charles Oakley gets busted in Vegas and when did the Oakland A's get good this season.

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Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to the podcast of our show brought to buy less Schwab tires doing the right things since 1952. It's doing this final hour during spring honey Thursday. But it Thursdays ago well thanks it what does Saddam pro sports leader and needed a fans. It is flags plunged 1112 minutes. Charles Oakley get booted out of the casino. So I was thinking about Sunday near in the break. Zillow the exchange Regis and last segment. That wants to be honest here big guy. Was the last word here you have to come mind pertaining fan. Not done some stuff in between now and no cut I was curious now. Be joining golf. No I'm not so easy that OK I can live up like eighteen holes that's a work out. You get some good did some good steps an walk all eighteen holes in this seat today as if that's good. You got to change grant this setback. Deep drive folks keep drive. I've first down before we get in any staying Letzing giveaway family four pack of tickets to be Portland pickles game on Saturday. You can join myself and the fan at tickle fest starting at 6 PM featuring live music fifty Beers. Baseball game limited edition vinyl giveaway for all the details go to political baseball. Dot com column number 45032501080. UN a family four pack of tickets to the pickles game coming out. I think I'm gonna throw out the first pitch at bat saying. Are you really I think so you ask us -- find out officially today though I made that request let's get some dues if you're out of that game and our friend Terry bull laid over at. And to kgo Landon has decided to get hit by a pitch yes and get this we should entice us to you you're going yeah comes up because I got a better idea. And I go what's a better idea of a first pitch. Did hit by pitch. As he hit by pitch. Yep I'm an eleven hit me as what what do you remember futile game the first pitch for the hit by pitch. And I says I mean you're not wrong not wrong not wrong. That edit yeah he wants to get hit so hard. This stitches on the ball right. Imprint on his arm I don't know why anybody would think that's a good idea. That's not like a little lob you have to draw that it looks like fifty miles an hour and it's one dollar loss harder that fifty miles an hour would be a little mosquito bite it's got a 75 plus Danny some sort of a mark. I think you're gonna have to get a picture from the team to throw that because there's not many did Joe Schmo is out there I'm good. I'd rather not say I did tag eleven that can I ask to be fund took a fest I want to constituents third it's Ed. Little nerve racking but once you get up because they aren't but I just wanted to do I don't know if there's gonna be a radar gun on me but I want to have a fun poll question over under on Friday. If there is we can spread the line on it. Let's let's use my what can I head and PH of what did you get 64. OK can I top 64 miles an hour them to vote yes and capped. Bless opponent tomorrow a crack. So there was a video circulating online yesterday that a slam I dizzying tweet it out in it was just it was a tribute to Brandon Roy which is actually a lot of fun of punch. Don't forget about all the big moments he had no highlights only game winners it's a it's a fun trip down memory lane. And this guy you thinking you came up with the course like poll question of the day. Actor and spray on Twitter asking the question. Which player did or do you enjoy watching more. Now who's better not to you know better prairie that kind of stuff just wish did you enjoy watching more Brandon Roy or Damian Miller. This is not easy one it took with us trying to come up but my answer. I. Coming I have to go Rory and how really I know and you'd dame is amazing I'm so glad we get to watch him play here as long as we have so far. Roy it was somebody that I loved watching play. Easier to in college. I mean he was somebody that you watch for a while Washington. And in you realize they traded forming got him out of the draft with Minnesota. May seek what what is he he wasn't as quake. But what is dame. I guess the three point shots different series that's tough I just feel like he he had a little more. Didn't game. You know what I mean by that is I feel like he could in Bakke down he did hit the perimeter shot charm he can dunk on yeah. He can cry Shia opinion mid range and I think he had all of that. And I think dame has a lot of that is well. But I I just I'm gonna have to vote Roy here. Has he took you out of the emotional. Lol you were in with that franchise are no doubt about it in dame came in the Nike T eaten into the per out of the first round for the first time in whatever that was fourteen years or the first round twice. Right one of those was and out of the first round on dvd Easter wanted to attract. By. He can go and Roy. The enjoyed watching him play basketball little more I get the up tempo stuff is fun yeah I've argued the NBA now is entertaining is ever Ben. In terms of on court product but I still think I'm gonna vote Roy. I it also it is I think dame at times can be more frustrating than Brandon Roy because of the style of play Sunday and Jay and Dave how what percentage of shots DL your TV about with him. It's not a high percentage but there's no right. 910% among elected dude come on when they're going cold and he does that like 27. Run when he foot silo like okay nineteen seconds left on the shot clock and it seems on a 70 run right now and need that line out is settled down yet one game lashing I forget the team they were Plame but he was. I mean he was at one point one of twelve or something. And he shot a twenty footer and that was the first time I kind of heard a few little like. You know cut that was for higher heard that with him right on so there's no doubt there are times he can be frustrating yet had an android never really had netted a lot of that was because they're games for different you don't think Roy had games where maybe he didn't shoot enough for your liking I think that was always his criticism that why I was one for me why are you more aggressive right you need that combination so dame did you look at they would just call like the peak years of their careers solid use the last three years for game. Since he's been playing without LA he is not had a season where he averaged less than nineteen fuel attempts per game. Brandon Roy aid never had a season Maria averaged over sixteen fuel attempts per game yet on any other year is fifteen point age sixteen so. It there there're more looks there and Damon obviously a little bit more aggressive teams are built differently no doubt. It yet I went back and forth on this I think Intel last year if you ask you this question a year ago I would still say Brandon Roy a there was something about game. This year and the steps that he took on defense which to me was it was a big selling point of putting any effort on that side of the ball. Which was always his main weakness. But there's also an aspect of being able to take over a basketball game. In and not the royal IBC did Disney had some phenomenal games throughout his career. But to be able till I just flip a switch seemingly a dozen times in the season where your team doesn't have anything going your team's down by double digits in the fourth quarter. In you're doing yourself. A lot of it came late in the Internet urging him winning streak when their plane banged up teams but I can think of four or five games just during that stretch. They had no business winning and they would have lost if not for dame coming up in just. Being remarkable on the fourth quarter taking over a basketball game two yesterday on the show you would you know you can a lot. A guy year sports memory. Not calling you out I'm dissing how much of Roy's career do you see you don't mind doing is like a seven game by game specifically I don't remember a ton a bossy so and I I bet you dare kind of identical in the regard of the team's not playing well. And in branding goes off in the third quarter and brings them back now they have life he it's a couple big buckets in the fourth the clutch thing they're equal on that they are both extremely they're they're known for game winning shots initiative enables it on a month throughout the prime of their career share. And Roy adds some of those games like game did reveal that 52 whatever it was against I was against Phoenix. Did dame I'm trying to think in playoff wise I'm legitimately blinking did dame ever have a Dallas moment. No outside of the shots. I don't believe so. Yeah I'm gonna go back to last couple years playoff game sure and you know part of that was because he had played in. And it was kind of a feel I think within the stadium view to go back to the clippers series and Indian low. I gotta feel that it was gonna happen but the clippers series is tough because you were talking about a banged up short sure. I'll give you this one out about this big game that they won one every the clippers were still healthy was game three you can. They won that inning got blown out adversity came back they won game 396 to 88 did Griffin play that game I believe she did tonight Paul Griffin. Win out at the different juncture maybe I missed remembering that series winning game three dame had 32 points it was Tenet Tony from the floor now. That's a pretty big playoff night as narrowing answer with this question it was more just like hey I saw highlights and and I know his career like Lilith gonna pass him in everything from Yuri has. But you just go back to a motion. You know kind of time back to football college for the NFL. Emotionally. It probably ways you know a lot of people but who you enjoyed yeah. They're they're very different game very differing games very well once more old school traditional home beaded and much more of I guess diverse in what he can do I bring in general I I think the element of because dame gets recognition I always felt like Roy a was starting to get the recognition of the other great players in the league that you don't always see happen here in Portland. Where is times' Damian Willard is tucked away in the West Coast right unless somebody brings name up for a hypothetical trade Yahoo! and the size one is obviously a big part of it. Right just who were I was a bigger and there's respect factor there would dame because when you stand next to me realize how smalley is right and it's a may in mazes Uniroyal was a legit 66 to ten to take media he was a big guard com. Yet we well the results right up resemble question 66% of people go in recent C bias saying Damian Miller. That before recess he buys they could just feel as part of that don't say you're right into the game take over factor I remember all Brenner Roy's game winners. But taking over games you forget the regular season November game that he getting inside Toronto or something. Sheriff got a lot of thought to down on the end but he today text that is all 553 L five will seem like it's some of those at the bottom of the hour we also some weird news stories to get to. One including Charles Oakley and doing something you're not allowed to deal sell on its close coming up. At 230 but mistake politicize a lags a back up clumsily to do that next on ten in the San. That Charles Oakley you can't do that. It's Bakken in the bottom of the hour also is there any mechanics and doesn't know what happens if you leave a running car. All I a car running inside of a closed garage you know is very Hume six insert anybody other than does not know what happens in that situation I don't need you need somebody to tell you to know what happens in the situation today hell's going on it's that as well. Also some a baseball. Oddity if you allow it happened last night and I would like to bring out. The close out the show but slightly after 215 on Thursday that means it's time for some lags apply arms would be got this week's. Yeah keep it simple I bid kiss. And in honor of Henry David Thoreau who was born on this day. 200 some odd years ago but he was eight trans and analyst author and other sorts of things he tried to. You to take it all in keep it simple keep prospective team does that keep commentary on is that still saying to people still do that. Listening and paying those shirts and my mother and now teams and all that stuff and I think it's moved more and I'm a little angry at this to say this three years ago let's move more towards divide us. Prince survives. To deceive vibes. Tribesmen. The half Helms. I've never heard that you never a good buy out his never good vibrations dude I'm very I'm a big vibes guys you got a bad vibe I get away from you. When lemon do in bring in my vice down you get a five. Vibes the real thing. There's there's a quote that says the founders have used up from Soros is in proportion as he simplifies his life the laws of the universe will appear less complex. Solitude will not be solitude or poverty poverty nor weakness weakness. Without much simplicity. But your weakness is a weakness. I mean that's not your simpler not act. I don't care if you're simple menaced the weakness a weakness. I got so you know simplicity folks don't don't make things more complicated than they need to being. Also along those lines Saturday is national grand mar Newington to act at an angle and an aunt always stands why aren't. A simple and drank threatening but what is it like humans that we feel like we have to create eat. Bad circumstances that are like you really somebody people create their own bad circumstances. Create their own stressed yes and I think Giannone distressed about I do this right now with the wedding Ari you think the planning and letting with the fiancee you know we. You don't need to stress it's going to be okay yeah we got two years here it's gonna be hours and everything's a play one. If if fits. Backed creating as the trying to. Make yourself look like a victim. To seek sympathy to seek support. So you're not out there all by yourself. Just tells somebody that you need a pick me up. So who put the other one were you trying to create drama so you can solve it that is to make him elevate above others like you. It's just so it's so weird because that's family members that do this on a regular basis and they wonder why don't talk to was much anymore yeah. Hey why didn't shoot blanks you hang out for the extra hour on that one time. So wanted to leave now and then my life and I have that and I try to weed out mammoths like sometimes you can't escape the site. You don't need to live this way. Just go do your own things that slam but no luck Gramm RCA day because it was a French invention. They added so orange would cure to cognac that's how it came about. Fourteenth is also the steel day which is recognized as the beginning of the French revolution so that's how it goes hand in hand there we go toe was so yes so. At a little brand Barney eights in your life on Saturday. Whether it's Cosmo whether it's sale Margarito or. If you dare to be a little bolder. It makes a great addition to the egg wash for French toast a room. To good starts today. And in doing this one knowing my weaknesses my strengths. That's a different view in secret and sensitive as a delayed shrewd answer and then poverty is just poverty until you need 20000 are operation if you can attack ask. Very true. I saw this. This is for more regular alive I don't know where they got it from. Old wondering if you know as we look for Isaac can join hands and his two week romp through Italy. George Clooney. Was riding a scooter in Sardinia and got Clinton thrown airborne awesome Cingular now and like 45 to deny the impact to GAAP apparently is soaked today. And he got aboard a private jet this morning yeah now and all right no so is there are doing a TV series based on the novel catch 22. Which is what he's doing hanging over there and easier but has anybody heard from Isaac was he the driver of the car to keep click tune I'm not Citi name regarding social media and Isaac and a couple of days into shirtless photo. We had got away enemies take photo. Rather err on anger somebody who made constant fun of my co host here for a journalist Pollyanna. And tweeting out a said in a picture of a journalist I did take enjoy and that. He's had a couple ironic moments in regards to me and and the things he says it has Zain when you last year when you ran because now granted you did send out too many shirtless photo I literally only Santana and one on Twitter your tact and alana thousands I had to head to tagging usually I'm. So that I gray put a shirt on but. You can't you never elderly funny for that you're gonna see pictured me shirtless you don't got to worry about that that's not gonna make it out there. I just can't he can't throw rocks and glass house I I had no problems like let's make fun of it. Just live your best life. Updates resent out that he was on a boat a beautiful area. Do you live it up. Lived a life. I've no problems and I didn't think it was pretty ironic though yup they're ago and enacted that Tim. Now it showed us photos to end shirtless photo to a you know when he was in. Clearly believes the let's try again to ask for hot heat think dollar an hour on team now an idea to get everybody shirtless on its failure last week as part won't be seen swank shirtless although I know I just realize I have had a picture Misha was released. We did this segment for called for a cause like art and our shirtless so I guess I was further financial reasoning involved but for right right we were sure whatever we tend to do to you know help of those who hasn't been shirtless at the station. And never see Mike Lynch shirtless. Tell our hair is he Harry gas Gatti a hairy guy I haven't seen KM shirtless I know. Sure there are selling us champs and have one he is sent out from the heyday of his NFL career I don't know throwback Thursday he you're three NFL dispensed yeah yeah yeah and plus pitches like oh titled my dad. I was in this morning and he aligned we decide it's time to become mind. They had bench for sixty clean on Mike. Yeah you know much much time dude is CV. Most careless at the station. Yeah if you count head he beats and yet he beats me. If I didn't have a violent ball that I sign my name be careless in the hairless cap. The Oregonian also put out its a list of the tough forty restaurants in the city coolest number one pokey. Over in southeast Belmont. And so I have I have not either so. A little pigeon is number two which is wonderful. He government to pigeon great French food just Don yet is number three another standard I think I've been there before. I may have been the pigeon. Don't remember a couple some of these you know pigeons royal rumble inside just on the east side of the of the river Augmon and and yet I am an item. There's really gives food but it is a times all these great restaurants they kind of run together in your head and got a lot of great restaurants and an Israeli news featured the list is up on already alive duct dot com but there's a new features so they list each one. And obviously some of emerge in a more expensive firm you know kind of that fancy night out yeah but they give then. Kind of a T they caught a T shirt option but. Arrest and some of them have like the owner of the restaurant will have a different more casual. Establishment somewhere so if you want the same quality of food or similar experience Panetta much more or. Casual affordable price so quite as elegant out of those critical end the Emmy nominations came out today. Game of throne is your leader with twenty sure you. Probably win like sixteen to seventeen Harry start in my re watched journey did you as she then fiance and CNET subject as she watched all this you watched the last season with some recent as in she just to president without a hell we got here. So it's a perfect scenario for me realizing your request our season got to 121. And then there's some show on Hulu that won everything last year that I've never heard of that hadn't won here it was an all hands me tell you and ask that is supposed to be a wildly good show al-Qaeda. It's about the future and house some with a lot of women can't bear children son alone. It's supposed to have some really messed up what brings them together over the options for deep bench show. Drama I'm trying my computers are totally locked up next it's not like us dancing at all so I'm trying to click over to the Abbott we have fact I checking Inco keen is the absolute mess I'll track you go I mean trust factor act. Fact has no food. You know he got to judge grant who's coming out at restaurants I think if we went out we gave food advise you and me they just may morning don't you think so I think so I don't know vague de listed bury our rack of lamb crusted in black garlic that's that was I was ready to go all in on that sells only five times really five if we did a food video would you trust -- food opinion more than variety for surely. That's just human nature. Yeah odds I didn't right. You can buy Sami watch a guy and Jewish guy would you think enjoys food more. Well that's that's fairness skinny guy with no I don't watch when you watch her she showed us to complain about the ultra skinny. She asked. Are you a little bit more skeptical than watching my share roller Mario fatale absolutely I don't know Ramsey just lost like sixty pounds he's not a fat dude. Yeah and both the you know who is guy fury sit there and take your leader now. And. Always the best skinny then it they would probably end in England on your name again Bobby Flay and yes plays in good shape. I always think Bobby Flay in bond's garage it's always an intensely and with our he's wise for NRA's I had. Hello Bonnie he had some good little lines in there. Are needed now is accused of funny care Bobby united easier. Yes so far and her we trust of many said possibly said hell yes screw kale salad dude wow Anthony Cahill. Sprays TV properties to a team knows Collison did he sell what you a lot of and not listen to show spray doesn't need fish and assets history it has received food so that's that's not true I mean it's seasons regent. Yes that you're not you don't like most seafood I don't like salmon. Actually I hate salmon. Steve never have my salmon and makes him a U nine I guarantee at all I've heard that 23 times in my life into it until I'm not nuts salmon. I mean you can do a lot of different things are salmon but if you don't. Yeah you can't. Cover up it's too fishy it's it's it's got that fishy taste you can eliminate that completely. See now you're the one going in your favor ain't here actually to going to your trailer home let's go somebody sent out I'd trust Craig seems more picky dirt looks like he's paying all and that goes back into pitino's comment read or listen to what he knows is delicious sound. Seth that. And the other one down I just pray you know where the lots of them. May ask somebody else agree with you to. Other a fact heavily inning and think it's good trust the skinny guy with the now I don't that's very effective yeah c'mon now I everything's good days. The make of economic fun fact I almost make these elegant dog Perez give it to Andy jelly donut Paul Hill ER IX. Don't you just more on third 55305 Betty today tech slide the yeah Anthony good point I put my food on IG we do I used are doing a study to put my cooks on IG lives if you're gonna compete I sort of eligible analogy now like to not be allowed to eat I still do is she doing that now sing year due Schieffer doing and make icon and I don't you think. But you know I'd look like that one of the things of social media that bothers people to people bring up I was. Your pictures your food I've put among my story not my DOC uliassi enemies and you click you can argue you can click past if you want right it only delayed the whole ten sec I'm actually really good annoying ins to Graham guy because I will post on my story picture of food. And then I'll put a picture of my kids my regular picture I've written a two things that people bitch about the most on in across America. And to me said there it is husky not fat thank you appreciate it in some decision at the fishy taste out of San and until and I've tried a million different people salmon and they're all fishy at this mango how big year old theories that put on a nice spicy you make it reliant. I'm always willing to try anything's a brain NN. Heated up in the microwave for a except OK I whenever he did decade and I get a little. Is anybody not know what happens when you leave the car and it closed garage running. Because I know they do. But mechanic in his mistress did not when given that story also Charles Oakley doing something you're not allowed do those are next. I don't let other shows a baseball stuff and Arnie from last night. Also a city team be looking in the rear view mirror. It's those. Differing opinions coming into the very get a text and 55305. On who's a food opinions you would trust a way out. I want more than four Allman salting dirt. I've done a good job of making people think you'll need for omens. To an exception I'm giant and I really well market alive if I was a listener an idea I was in the day I die RP one all day and a I would think I age six solomons and I'm in a leaf the only thing I think I've Brandon better than that is bummer Brandon. I've I've branding our brand and pretty well. You also and I headed Sprague a lot giving credit for spring line pretty bad does that pretty get I mean I have an internal battle today. I almost dove into the ice cream bars in the freezer and he did he had done about it again that'd I'm like wait a minute I have another -- now and get again one more only number five today some is entrusting ND one rat beans recalled me ending the thank you want Brett grew up son of a restaurant critic best believe I'm fat pale stick together. I think I would just dirt and let the cat daddy got to take two until a team knows Pete has put together and make a pizza sandwich you assert. May or may not have done that my life. Can't confirm or deny him. I don't know if it's think that I got up and dirt actually tries food if you take you never Chinese saying there's a part of that I think would year when you don't like a certain John rock of food. Side. As a picking sang I'm taking his until recently you didn't need any seafood outside a sushi. Via you ate sushi. But here's seasons and regions is broaden your horizon attack load I'm not I'm not mean upon him from partnering with a right now but they legitimately a pretty damn good. What I would say on the seafood front though. I mean and I lived in a house reading eat seafood a lot but the move we went to friends' houses they would have it. I don't know I just never liked it I've tried it a million different times a million out ways and I don't know I don't like that fishy taste and somebody says Sprague chooses to like he chooses it's easy bets on a goal at the fact guy. Our son on that today you guys are lost a bet then didn't really tempted to China your money back. Yemen last three bash the spread to allow spread to the Mac I'm always look for the contact now button on the right side stay. Can I get like Ajax the money Jack looks like you guys stole a hundred dollars from me what's. You know I don't remember make you mad that I think I was tax Charles Oakley was in Vegas and he is behind bars now because he committed or attempted to commit a fraudulent act. And it gave me establishment. Through learn what the hell's that here's what he did he had apparently placed a 100 dollar chip. And making a bad mood into the middle of the table upon realizing he was gonna lose his wager. Grab this hundred dollar chip back. To dig my mind I want I want acting role now that actually ideal Wailea has slipped out of my fingers. He apparently this is considered a class B felony and if convicted. A me first offense the violator. Subject to a sentence of one to six years steep presidencies. And a fine of more than 101000 dollars. You do this selling much grander scale okay. Charles. I just ban them from that casino Bynum do it again Jerry attended the tank. Yet is is attorney give out toll is the end not a significant matter we expected to be resolved quickly. How does Jordan feel about this thing Alex how many times they tease each other cheating and a lot Jordan's like dude I told you been she all time try to clan that. I in I did most of differ Oakley because we've all wanted to do that. You place a bet you that you lose it immediately he could exist certain games or are different than others obviously but. The ones that you could lose it and like back we're gonna snap of the finger. Balanced tough to do. I had a friend that to know the real nuances at a casino I think we went to spirit mountain. And they had kind of tried to him that they were about to do something like this lesson to you don't you don't want to do not do that you can't take your money back and that that is in ways that hand goes over the table you don't try it and keep your hands off the day probably he has a so that's a Charles Oakley is up to if you're wondering out of this hole as quickly as. Well before we close Allison baseball stuff. Get this did it apparently M mechanic did not realize what happens when you read it leaves a running vehicle on a close garage. A gentleman by the name of collegial our Colleen Johnson. The seven in New Jersey. Told police. On Tuesday night that he found to be dead bodies of his wife in a car mechanic. In his garage. He got home he smelled gas any Trace the smell inside the garage in which she found the running vehicle there. The mechanic in his life inside the car. And on. A hole. And in carbon monoxide kills them. Apparently the woman had agreed to have sex with a mechanic in exchange for the work on the car. That's a hell of a discount a going to be you know going to be industrious rights that marriage pinching pennies was over that right and did he know about this to be say hey look we need work done on a cargo get it done. And I she'd just might decide to just go out now now let's leave fix the cup is called natural selection by the way I do not is due to mechanic in the would. And that they how the united to a point where you open the garage. Eight or turn off the car brave kid this I was to a kid yet right crazy somebody tries to go off in their own way battery okay yeah. Everybody knows this is a real thing you poll and you closed garage into the car off then you close garage door. Easy is that you get not only want the largest don't leave the car running as a couple co works for the show who don't know anything about cars. Hey if a pitcher to garage closed the door and then turn the car on. Inning that happening yeah scheduled die right then it's like Angela thank you at. There's your updated in darwinism today a couple of Eric should be a wife cheating on her husband and a mechanic in order to pay for the work being done on the car they left the car running in the garage closed the door. We're getting in on and other carbon monoxide guilt of the husband walked in and found that happened in. The wonderful state of New Jersey hey a couple of baseball oddities to close on the show also is one team look at in the rearview mirror now next on the fan. Did demons around. Yeah. And and then again and then as soon as and coming up after the hour. Renner fans get nervous at all. Paying their friends have been nervous for seventeen years I think it's in their DNA tests it. They tell the Oakland days winning again in his Bora and LA and he had DA is the a's play day game today. In Houston. And they want me 64. If they attitude they don't symbol hole that crazy ending at two nights ago yacht. They are now all and should not they are only you would see according in my crack mass five and a half. Games behind the Seattle Mariners ego they've won seven out attends the Mariners a minister playing the ball Myers one. On public last night they Mamas and three nothing and I think even so they got to wind down and Anaheim. But Oakland continuing to play good baseball only five and a half back and really outside odd that you got a goal honey bring up the wildcard series I believe that next closest team. Yes Tampa. So they have a nine and a half game lead on Tampa which is pretty solid you want and what the razor to do with the deadline that kind of stuff. That's amazing attempt was forty and 44 you realize had this year. And they got Oakland five and a half back at them so upset that there's not much competition but Oakland's one of those teams they similarly do this every couple years. Re write him off the beginning they don't seem to have much talent it's all bunch of young guys who never heard of before low payroll. They are once again come one of those. Seems to they do good job of getting a couple vets on the cheap. And then you mix in with the up and come in Canada and some years it just clicks really well and they have these runs where they might make the post season or they. They scared the living hell out of class and be in the wild card right and then mile times they are so damn bad and down their spring like sixty games that's a good combination because he got to restock the farm system every now and then would draft picks right. Saying I feel like there have perpetually a farm system that he got a team that's playing on the field now and they know to Portland melons for sure with. So that's out and right now they won again today they went for them in Houston how about this don't last night in the baseball world. There are a couple of big blowouts the Indians blew out the royals which was the first one and there was actually a funny thing. Where the fox sports Arizona tweaked. Sent out a joke that at least we're not the reds tonight. Prior to the Diamondbacks losing marriage came back poors field nineteen in two FF. But in that game this happen. I do is a German mark says her man Marquez Vermont Vermont mark has. I launched in this by the way if you're wondering who he is he's a pitcher yup for the Iraqis. He hit a home run off a Daniel this council. Who is a position player for the Diamondbacks they were down so much that pitch and their pitch and that was the first time a pitcher to homer off a position player. Since June of nineteen. 86 in a giants Padres game so I saw the highlights of this on sports center last night and it's hilarious because they show the pitcher. They they watch him throw his reaction. As soon as he threw robes that he carried his gets a look in his eyes he leans over onto his right side of dozens any of the smile lights yup I knew that when. Kind of nuts and on the other side the pitcher who hit this. It went 447. Feet it wasn't just like hey Ollie don't run in in cooers. He launched. That pitch in the state of amazing. That's. They also a funny and that's what of those things you never think you'll see of a tough for you after hitting a home run occasionally you get position players have pledged once in a blue little one of money game against that ugly. Or goes that long. This is now the second time that this is happening and ended Diamondbacks came because they just play the Padres the other day. And it went to sixteen and eggs and they had to use a position player on the mound because they ran out of the lead first yeah and now happens again they did yes because it is then no need him blowing out bullpen our minds will put the sky also out there and throw a couple of pitches. I'm not that that happened yesterday. Bodily shots one of our. Brandon is strong name. It sat in the dictionary. Right under Hercules. So just an FYI. That is some medicine. As dirty have a kid and you're already ready if you don't miss your first. Biloxi it's going to be the greatest. Moment of your life and nothing will come close these down and. Outlined nine make me disappear and calling me and it. What do you think of the Montgomery biscuits adding a millennial night's 65% of you think it's hilarious. Rooting interest out of the equation what sport is more entertaining college football 62% of you. The player do you enjoy watching more did you enjoy watching more 65%. Said Damian Miller over Brandon Roy and and then now what current athlete is on the prime of their career wasted the most by the organization 47%. Of what Mike Trout. There's your cores lets hope questions that day the results after this break. On a Twitter I had a press folks if you miss any of the show less truck tires podcast hitting the fan dot com is where you can find it looks weeded out activated fan. And after this break as well go give us all follow. Hope everybody beats the heat tonight thanks to be a part of our Thursday we will talk to you tomorrow at noon number one another six hazard edition is next. Listening to 1080 defense.